sambaXdwolhello _Techie_00:23
sambaXdwolhello every body00:23
Raggshi sambaXdwol00:36
sambaXdwolhi Raggs, how you doing?00:37
Raggsa little warm, you?00:37
sambaXdwolDo you use gnu/linux, specially xubuntu?00:38
RaggssambaXdwol, i use ubuntu with xfce installed00:38
sambaXdwolcan you say me what happen when my computer say that it can't mount the filesystem00:47
sambaXdwolhow can i resolve that fail00:48
RaggssambaXdwol, when does it say that?00:49
sambaXdwolwhen it's booting00:50
sambaXdwoli can accessing to the terminal as root00:50
sambaXdwolbut my X server doesn't work00:50
RaggssambaXdwol, i am not sure what is wrong, i am sure in time someone here will be able to help. is it a new install?00:51
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sambaXdwoli've already re-install my Xubuntu, what i need now it is understand what happened for preventing me loose my files and documents another time00:54
sambaXdwolhello simplicity~00:54
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sambaXdwolhello Techie01:00
SineDeviancehey guys... how can i add a launcher to the xfce menu?01:09
SineDevianceer, the applications menu, sorry01:09
sambaXdwolhello every body01:27
sambaXdwoli was in trouble with my electrical connection01:27
mattiscoollots of people i see01:31
mattiscoolhi =D01:31
mattiscoolxubuntu rocks.01:44
sambaXdwoldo somebody here is a linux technician?01:45
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MindVirusIs 256MB enough to run Xubuntu?03:28
bigredradioIs there a way to change the load order of the applets?05:25
bigredradioThe applets in the panel05:25
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Guest45681i'm having trouble with streaming. can someone please try this: http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/national/ckpt/2010/07/08/moko_the_dolphin_mourned09:27
Guest45681if it streams for you, then what the heck app are you using, and with what plugins? this is the only thing that doesn't work for me09:27
nikolamanyone know how to add document (Oo.org) templates to thunar? (so that one can make new documents and edit them instead of starting OO.org and then navigaving back to that dir) ?10:11
bazhanghi slow-motion10:17
slow-motionhi bazhang10:17
CuriosTigerHowdy all. So, the keyboard preference panel in xfce lets me select a Norwegian layout, but to do so, I have to unselect "Use system default" and the change is not persistent across reboots. How do I permanently change my keyboard layout?10:39
Sysiwoah, i made netboot-xubuntu install usb-stick with unetbootin12:36
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steuzehy guys14:33
steuzdoes someone knows how to swith alt and ctrl in xubuntu 10.04?14:33
lozonXubuntu is being weird - I installed an update about a month ago and now when it boots up, the panels don't show up but the terminal and xchat start. I looked at the startup settings, and nothing has changed. It's like its always remember some old session.14:34
steuzlozon, happens also to me14:34
knomelozon, alt+f2, run "xfce4-panel" without quotes. then, close all apps you don't want to open on boot14:34
knomelozon, then logout, and when logging out make sure the "save session" checkbox is checked14:35
knomelozon, login again, and on the next logout, uncheck the "save session" checkbox so you are always getting a "clean" session14:35
lozonOkay, I understand what happened. I just don't understand sessiosn properly.14:35
steuzknome, don't you know how to swap alt and ctrl?14:35
lozonThanks Knome! Will try right now14:36
steuzknome, anyway, when i launch xfce4-panel it tells me is already started14:36
knomesteuz, i don't know if you can swap them completely. is there something specific you want to change?14:36
steuzi would like to use alt instead of ctrl and viceversa14:36
knomesteuz, completely, everywhere, or specifically somewhere?14:37
steuzi'm used to mac keyboard14:37
Sysixmodmap is some kind of solution14:38
knomethere's also xkeycaps14:39
steuzare this programs?14:40
knomexmodmap is a command line interface, xkeycaps is a GUI to create xmodmap stuff14:41
Sysixmodmap -pke > .Xmodmap ;and then edit that file14:42
steuzknome, the gui is fucked up :D14:43
knome!language | steuz14:44
ubottusteuz: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.14:44
steuzit was made by the ass14:44
steuzsorry knome14:44
knomesteuz, stop swearing please14:44
steuzknome, i'm working on a eeepc, i think this sw is not good for it, it can f*** up special keys14:45
knomesteuz, please, even ***'ing is not appropriate14:45
steuzah ok :)14:45
knomesteuz, you probably have to edit with xmodmap directly14:45
knomesteuz, it shouldn't be TOO hard if you're somewhat used to terminal14:46
steuzi'll look for a guide on the net14:46
Sysii think it's easiest to edit that file14:46
steuzSysi, i have to replace wich file?14:47
steuz.Xmodmap? and place were?14:47
Sysihome directory14:49
Sysiit's hidden file14:49
Sysixmodmap -pke > .Xmodmap14:49
Sysithat creates it on current settings14:49
steuzso I just need to edit .Xmodmap?14:50
Sysiand set xfce to use that14:50
steuzhow can i set?14:51
Sysii think removing "use system defaults"tap  is enough14:53
steuzsorry Sysi, where i have to remove that?14:54
Sysikeyboard settings14:56
MindVirusHello. My notifications are on the bottom right and ugly instead of transparent and top right.15:39
MindVirusAny suggestions?15:41
onaoghhow can i uninstall AbiWords & Gnumeric spread sheet, and does it affect my system if i remove them ?15:46
Sysithat should be rather easy to do with software center15:50
AraneidaeWhere are the menus stored on Ubuntu?  I want to find out which program System->Administration->'Startup Disk Creator' runs and I'm not running a suitable desktop!16:09
AraneidaeYes, just found that by poking around in synaptic16:12
AraneidaeStill, it would be nice to be able to dig through the menus themselves...16:12
Sysiubuntu or xubuntu menu?16:13
AraneidaeWell, the reference was on the ubuntu.com front page, so it'll be the gnome menu.  I've just been pointed to alacarte which is the gnome menu editor16:14
Sysiwe don't know about Ubuntu at #xubuntu16:14
AraneidaeAren't the menus a shared resource?16:15
knomeAraneidae, partly yes, but not completely.16:15
AraneidaeAh, it seems that way.  Seems to be a bit of a mess on the whole16:15
AraneidaeOh crap.  usb-creator-gtk just says "Installation failed."  Very helpful of it16:17
AraneidaeMaybe it needs to be run as root...16:17
AraneidaeNope.  Does xubuntu have an equivalent tool?16:21
knomeusb-creator is for all ubuntus16:21
knomewhat are you actually trying to do?16:21
Sysibut iirc there's also kde-version16:21
knomeSysi, don't think that has different code than the gui16:22
AraneidaeI'm just doing this: 1. $ usb-creator-gtk; 2 click on "Make Startup Disk"16:22
AraneidaeThe message is less than illuminating, and nothing comes out on the terminal I launched it from16:22
knomedid you select an iso?16:25
knomeand disk to use?16:25
AraneidaeYes, in fact it came up with the right ones by default16:26
knomehave you looked at ~/.usb-creator.log16:27
AraneidaeI hadn't, but all it has is the boilerplate "DeprecationWarning: object.__init__() takes no parameters" message16:28
knomehave you asked #ubuntu, as this isn't xubuntu-specific?16:28
AraneidaeYes, I'm there as well, but didn't any response, so...16:29
AraneidaeGoing to try doing it the Debian way instead: http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch04s03.html.en16:29
Sysiare you using ubuntu .iso?16:29
AraneidaeYes, I'll just check the md516:30
knome(has to be a *desktop* iso btw)16:30
Sysiyou could try unetbootin16:30
Araneidaed044a2a0c8103fc3e5b7e18b0f7de1c8 ... now to see if Ubuntu publish md5s16:30
Sysialternate disks *sometimes* work16:30
knomeSysi, so does win16:31
AraneidaeHmm, ok, I'll try unetbootin, then the Debbie way16:31
AraneidaeOh: it extracts all the files?!  I was expecting the iso to be installed as is16:33
AraneidaeWell, unetbootin has *looooong* pauses, but it seems to have done the trick!16:34
rsyringcrap...how do I unfullscreen a window?  I hit some key combination and now everything but the window itself is gone.17:54
rsyringno window bar either17:54
ridintry f1117:54
ridini don't know '-'17:54
rsyringthanks but that didn't work17:55
Sysialt f1117:55
rsyringSysi: thats it, thanks!17:55
ridinpff, right when i came back i was going to say it :<17:55
pteagueok, this is weird...  my local audio is dead & i can't figure out how to restart it... however, everything coming in via the line-in is working just fine18:02
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edakiriSome apps are not in the XFCE menu.  Must I install something to see the Debian entries for example?  Also, Is there a handy search tool to find things in the menu?20:43
edakiriOr an alternative menu implementation?20:44
likemindeadSomething you installed didn't automatically show up?20:44
likemindeadHmm... I don't think I've had that happen in Lucid.20:44
edakiriI'm running lucid20:44
edakiriI installed XFCE after a base install, and do not have everything in the XFCE task, so I may have different packages20:46
likemindeadI've installed quite a few programs, some from the repos, some from .deb files, and some from PPAs, and all show up in the menu.20:47
edakiri'nitrogen' is missing20:48
likemindeadHow'd you install the program?20:48
edakirilikemindead: aptitude20:52
likemindeadThere's surely a file you can edit... somewhere...20:58
likemindeadI just don't know what file!20:58
magic_ninja420yo yo21:07
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SineDeviancehi all22:33
SineDeviancecan anyone explain to me why xubuntu 10.04 is using 400 megs at idle? i see nothing 'odd' in htop, but it's certainly reporting 400meg being used.22:33
SineDevianceuh, of ram, that is.22:33
SineDevianceright after i installed this system it was using ~200 megs of ram at idle. i updated all the packages. now it uses ~400 with no explanation.22:34
SineDevianceit is certainly USING it too, if i even open firefox, it starts cutting into swap22:34
MindVirusAnyone here?22:39
MindVirusMy Xubuntu installation on my other computer is stupid slow.22:40
MindVirus2.4GHz processor with 256MB RAM.22:41
MindVirusAny advice?22:41
Sysiget more ram :)22:42
MindVirusIt's a laptop.22:43
knomeget a new laptop.22:43
MindVirusThat is a really stupid suggestion.22:43
Sysinot that stupid, but bad22:44
MindVirusI mean, what do you think I'm going to do?22:44
MindVirusGet a new laptop?22:44
Sysifor a start see settings → sessions&startup22:44
Sysitake off autostarted apps youu don't need22:44
David-AMindVirus: do you use firefox for browsing? that will normally use a lot of ram in my experience. other than that 256MB should work fine22:44
knomeMindVirus, many times you can also increase the ram in laptops. but seriously, 256 is REALLY little ram noting that the os is from 2010ish22:45
MindVirusDavid-A: Firefox uses the least RAM out of all mainstream browsers, no?22:45
MindVirusknome: So let's put the OS back into 2002.22:45
knomeMindVirus, you are free to install windows 95.22:45
MindVirusknome: That's not free or open-source, so no I'm not.22:45
Sysiwith that kinda machine you can't get *fast*22:46
knomeMindVirus, the latest xubuntu is not designed for ancient pc's, even if it's targeted for low-ram systems22:46
MindVirusknome: Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it. You needn't bother further.22:46
MindVirusSysi: Yeah, I know.22:46
MindVirusHowever XP responds relatively quickly.22:46
knomeMindVirus, there *are* alternatives to xubuntu though, which don't quite meet in the feature list22:46
Sysiwith AV?22:47
David-AMindVirus: i tested ram usage for a few browsers a while ago. i'll search my notes, wait...22:47
MindVirusSysi: Negatory.22:47
MindVirusDavid-A: I need something that an average Joe can use.22:47
Sysiopen applications from panel? get lubuntu22:47
MindVirusSysi: Lubuntu?22:49
MindVirusI assume that's not official.22:49
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu22:49
MindVirusIt's pulling in xchat as a dependency and I don't like that.22:50
knome!minimal | MindVirus22:50
ubottuMindVirus: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:50
MindVirusAs well as xscreensaver, abiword, and chromium-browser.22:50
David-AMindVirus: first, can you see if it is firefox that is the culprit when your laptop is slow?22:50
MindVirusDavid-A: Gimme a minute.22:50
MindVirusOne thing I love about Xubuntu: the support channel isn't flooding constantly.22:52
MindVirusDavid-A: Right now I'm swapping 62MB and have 41MB of memory free.22:53
MindVirus(Total 244MB.)22:53
MindVirusWhoever packaged lubuntu sucks.l22:54
Sysiwhy, there are very reasonable packages22:54
Sysicompared to xubuntu in some cases22:54
MindVirusSysi: lubuntu depends on transmission-cli.22:54
MindVirusTell me why the operating system won't function without a command-line torrent client.22:55
Sysithat won't affect using it22:55
MindVirusEven with --no-install-recommends.22:55
MindVirusSysi: I don't want bullshit on the computer.22:55
knome!language | MindVirus22:55
ubottuMindVirus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.22:55
knomeMindVirus, you are free to use the !minimal cd or some other OS22:55
David-AMindVirus: sorry i dont find my notes. have you tried the epiphany browser?22:56
Sysiarch is very light22:56
MindVirusDavid-A: Yes, it's decent.22:56
MindVirusSysi: I might use Arch.22:56
MindVirusI've used it before; pacman's almost as good as portage.22:56
MindVirusI just don't know what desktop environment to use.22:56
MindVirusI guess LXDE or XFCE because they both use GTK+ and are lighter.22:57
MindVirusOnly thing is that arch doesn't have the support of Ubuntu.22:57
Sysithey have good wiki22:57
MindVirusThat's not what I meant by support.22:58
MindVirusThey don't have the amount of packages nor the freshness.22:58
knomeMindVirus, Sysi: please reming that this is a Xubuntu support channel, not ##linux22:59
MindVirusAlright, I guess Xubuntu isn't for me.22:59
pteagueany particular reason totem was chosen as the video player over any of the others?23:03
Sysiit's gnome's, so propably that way23:04
knomepteague, that was discussed, and iirc parole was the best competitor, but it was too alpha/beta23:05
pteaguedon't think i've ever seen parole & doesn't look like it's in the repository <heads to google>23:07
pteaguegeeze... parole has to be the worste name for a video player... you know how many google hits there are for "parole video" ? ;)23:08
knomepteague, http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/parole23:09
pteagueany suggestions for web browsers beyond firefox & opera? i noticed kazehakase isn't in the repository for lucid :(23:11
David-Aepiphany, for firefox compatibility, but not quite the same, or dillo for very fast startup but no js, no css, no nothing, but it has tabs.23:14
pteagueepiphany, that's what i was looking for... not heard of dillo, but sounds good... doesn't seem to be in lucid repos so guess i'll need to figure out fltk223:18
SineDevianceanybody have any ideas about my problem?23:27
David-ASineDeviance: I have no idea, unless you tell us what the problem is :)23:29
SineDeviancelet me repeat it because it's a little back in the chat buffer. i just installed xubuntu 10.04 yesterday. after installing the system, installing nvidia drivers, and booting the newest kernel, it was using ~200 meg of ram at idle with just xchat running. today, it's unexplainably using ~400 meg of ram at idle with just xchat running.23:30
SineDeviancei only have 512 meg of ram so this is a problem. any time i run firefox or exaile or pretty much anything it starts eating into swap and system performance suffers.23:30
David-ASineDeviance: if you check ram with "top" it report cache as used ram, which is unfair. chech with the "free" command (the +-buffer line). what does it say?23:32
SineDevianceDavid-A, -/+ buffers/cache:     380320     12771223:33
SineDevianceso it's right.23:33
SineDeviance373 meg or so, still too much for the system to be using methinks.23:33
SineDevianceespecially when it was using roughly half that doing the same stuff yesterday23:34
SineDevianceit's odd23:34
David-ASineDeviance: I have -/+ buffers/cache:     378064     13138023:34
David-ASineDeviance: but i have a lot of browser tabs, an emacs and a lot of other program open.23:35
SineDevianceDavid-A, exactly. i have nothing open except xchat and a terminal running htop23:35
pteagueok, i'm having some problems with audio & i just rebooted... amarok just said that the device phonon uses isn't working...  any ideas?23:35
SineDevianceconky is running as well23:35
SineDeviancei killed conky but it only brought the usage down by a couple megs23:36
pteagueaudio was working yesterday, wasn't working today... so decided to reboot... did an aptitude safe-upgrade before reboot though23:36
David-ASineDeviance: yes, conky is probably light. firefox usually use the most ram and cpu on my system23:37
SineDeviancebut thats not even running23:37
knomepteague, probably something with pulseaudio - you might try reinstalling, if it's installed23:37
SineDeviancei thought maybe it was a fluke so i tried rebooting a few times, but the same problem occurs23:38
pteagueyep, it's installed... wondering about just getting rid of pulseaudio23:38
pteagueearlier i was at least getting audio from my line-in... after reboot i'm not even getting that23:38
knomepteague, you need to do "sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio"23:38
knomepteague, my line in is not working in lucid either.23:39
knomepteague, never worked in lucid.23:39
David-ASineDeviance: oh, if you start "top" and press shift-O and "n" and Return, then it order programs after memory use23:39
knomeDavid-A, SineDeviance: i prefer htop over top, it's a bit nicer :)23:39
pteaguei'll try a reinstall first... after reinstall do i need to reboot or just kill pulse audio?23:40
SineDevianceDavid-A, i know, i can do that with htop. but it only shows mem percentages, not ACTUAL memory used by each program. and the numbers are NOT adding up.23:40
knomepteague, i don't think a reinstall makes really a difference23:40
knomepteague, if you are not installing a previous version or so23:40
SineDevianceone odd thing23:41
SineDevianceit shows every program twice in htop23:41
pteagueguess i need to remove pulseaudio-esound-compat & pulseaudio-module-x11 as well23:41
SineDeviancebut if i kill something, it closes both threads shown23:41
knomeSineDeviance, they are just pids. don't worry if something appears more than once23:42
SineDevianceknome, okay, thanks23:42
SineDeviancestill, for my amount of used ram, the numbers dont add up23:42
knomeSineDeviance, have you looked at system -> system monitor?23:43
SineDevianceknome, yes. i see pretty much the same.23:44
David-ASineDeviance: i guess the duplications in htop is threads within a process, knome: do threads have uniqe pids in linux?23:44
knomeSineDeviance, what do you have running there then? :)23:45
SineDevianceknome, screenshot coming.23:45
knomeDavid-A, yes, afaik a new thread always creates a new pid :)23:45
SineDeviancethere's a list of pretty much everything big i have running23:45
SineDevianceas you can see, it's pretty much just X, xchat, and the XFCE4 stuff.23:46
knomeSineDeviance, xfce4-mixer seems to take somewhat much23:46
SineDevianceat this point im just killing stuff to see if anything changes23:49
pteaguegeeze, still no audio after removing pulseaudio :(23:49
SineDeviancehey guys23:52
SineDeviancei just killed X23:52
SineDeviancei'm in irssi now23:52
SineDevianceokay, something is seriously wrong here23:53
knomeSineDeviance, ?23:53
David-Apteague: (just a longshot) sometimes on a system with pulseaudio i have to open a mixer, select another audio system, and check that a controls are not muted.23:54
SineDevianceall of the xfce stuff is closed now, and i do mean everything (gdm, X, so on) and i'm back to TTY, but this thing is still using 300 megs of ram23:54
knomeDavid-A, he's gone :)23:54
SineDeviancebrb, let me try killing some more processes23:54
David-ASineDeviance: does "free" say 300 megs??23:56
David-Agone too, oh well23:56
SineDeviancehey guys. lost it there for a sec, sorry23:58
pteaguestill no audio... how do i play an audio file from a terminal?23:58
SineDeviancefree says i am still using 300 megs of ram23:58
SineDeviance200 free23:58
SineDeviancesame as htop says23:59
SineDeviancehow is this possible!?23:59
SineDeviancethere is no GUI running whatsoever23:59

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