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LaserJockdoes anybody know what I need to do to get the unity sidebar to recognize an app?15:05
LaserJockI'm guessing I need a .desktop file somewhere15:05
* LaserJock blows into the mic, "is this thing on?"15:16
jcastroit's on, I just don't think anyone's around, heh15:17
jcastroLaserJock: my unity isn't running very well at all so I've been on normal desktop for a bit15:18
seb128njpatel, ^15:22
seb128should Jason be on this channel?15:22
seb128LaserJock, it's using bamf for it15:22
seb128which I think need a desktop entry to do a nice job15:23
seb128LaserJock, but it works for others applications which don't have one15:23
njpatelLaserJock, it is a bug that should be fixed with Monday's releases15:24
njpatelLaserJock, you shouldn't require a .desktop file (although it helps to have a nice icon etc), but the code to deal with the "no desktop file" situation had a bug in it15:25
LaserJocknjpatel: oh, ok, awesome15:35
LaserJockis #ayatana and ayatana mailing-list still the best for Unity?15:35
seb128I guess it is yes15:36
LaserJockI really wish there could be some sort of ubuntu-netbook channels15:36
seb128because that one has so much activity it's hard to filter topics? ;-)15:36
LaserJocknot so much on IRC15:40
LaserJockbut I avoid the mailing list like the plague15:41
LaserJockAyatana is way more than Unity and ubuntu-netbook15:41
LaserJockbut you're right, this channel isn't exactly #ubuntu15:41
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mxpxpodI installed the application menu yesterday and it worked pretty well, but then I did an update this morning and now no menus get sucked into it... is this a known problem?19:30
jcastroafter you update did you log out and back in?19:32
mxpxpodI just did it19:33
jcastrowhat versions of indicator-appmenu and appmenu-gtk to you have?19:33
mxpxpodindicator-appmenu: 0.0.8-0lucid119:35
mxpxpodappmenu-gtk: 0.1.1-0lucid119:35
jcastromxpxpod: can you file a bug please?19:38
jcastro-appmenu didn't change so please file it against "appmenu-gtk"19:38
mxpxpodjcastro: sure... do you need to know gtk versions and all that?19:38
jcastromxpxpod: yeah report it with ubuntu-bug and it should grab all that19:38
jcastroubuntu-bug appmenu-gtk19:39
mxpxpodit's telling me it can't be reported because it's not a genuine ubuntu package19:39
jcastrobah, that's right19:40
jcastrook just file it by hand and include the information that you think is relevant19:40
jcastromention that it was working until appmenu-gtk: 0.1.1-0lucid119:40
mxpxpodaha, wait19:41
mxpxpodI have the gnome-shell PPA installed, which looks like it overrode the une PPA's gtk19:42
jcastroah yeah19:47
jcastrothat'll do it19:47
mxpxpodI'm in the process of downgrading as we speak ;)19:47
jcastroboth -shell and unity are pretty fast moving and their deps are fast moving, mixing the PPAs is probably bad19:48
mxpxpodyeah ;)19:49
mxpxpodis there a quick way to downgrade these packages?19:49
jcastrothere's a tool called ppa purge in one of the xorg edgers PPAs19:50
jcastroymmv, etc.19:50
jcastro<-- lunch, good luck!19:50
mxpxpod:) thanks19:50
mxpxpodjcastro: ok, that did it20:11
mxpxpodjcastro: thanks for the help20:15

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