QuintasanRiddell: I think I will have project neon qt tomorrow01:17
QuintasanI just need to work out dependencies01:17
JontheEchidnadebfx: basically, my problem is that when the qaptworker is spawned by dbus as root, locale is set to C02:16
JontheEchidnawhen we want it to be the system locale02:17
lex79JontheEchidna: is there a way to don't allowed an upload with ~ppa or ~lucid~ppa to the archive? do you have something in your dput to do that? :)02:21
JontheEchidnawell, I don't have a way02:21
lex79oh ok02:22
JontheEchidnaI usually have to do more work to tab-complete out a ~ppa02:22
JontheEchidnayay, tray context menus have their decorations for the application names back \o/02:30
lex79ScottK: FYI right click on quassel doesn't work anymore with the recent updates02:48
macolex79: set your default dput to null so you dont accidentally dput to archive03:10
lex79maco: thanks :)03:12
=== emma_ is now known as emma
vorianlex79: you are awesome04:25
micahgis there any chance of KDE 4.4.5 making it into -updates, or only -backports?04:26
lex79hi vorian :)04:27
voriancongrats on kubuntu-dev04:27
lex79vorian: thanks :-*04:28
lex79vorian: if you want to do something, there is kdebindings for you. Your old love :)04:29
vorianbut i'm having trouble with my pbuilder :(04:30
lex79oh :(04:31
vorianyeah, two days, and I'll be all set04:32
voriani still have my chroots, I just have to adjust my pbuild04:32
vorianunless you want to remind me pbuild 04:32
vorianpbuild X -S -sa04:33
vorianor something>04:33
=== Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz
apacheloggerkde rev 112205407:45
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1122054&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 1122054 | Work around a QtDbus compiler bug. It wants the annotation for an out value to be .In1 instead of .Out1 :S07:45
* apachelogger does not think that this sounds right07:45
=== hrw|gone is now known as hrw
jussiyou know I was on gnome yesterday, and I noticed one thing that could be nice for us to pick up. when requiring a restart, the power "button" on the panel actually changes color. and when you hit the button, it has "restart required" asx one of the items. 08:22
jussiperhaps something along these lines ais a good option?08:23
apacheloggerjussi: if we had a button on the panel :P09:04
apacheloggercould be considered for plasma-netbook I suppose09:04
jussiapachelogger: true... I keep forgetting I add that09:05
apacheloggerOTOH ... why would I restart where I usually would shutdown?09:05
jussiapachelogger: its a power button, so you do things lyke turn off power, cycle the power etc ;)09:05
apacheloggerI mean, there is certainly a point to having the restart button jump into your face, but "replacing" a shutdown with a restart just because it might be good to restart is bogus09:06
QuintasanI don't like this. Totally makes no sense.09:06
Quintasanwhat apachelogger 09:06
apacheloggerit sort of enforces that you need to restart where you would usually do a shutdown, possibly suggesting that restart is ultimately necessary and one should not just shutdown09:07
apacheloggerit is a bit of a paradigm break :)09:07
QuintasanIt's like you go on holidays, hit the power button and two weeks later you find out that your computer was sitting on login screen all the time09:07
* apachelogger is wondering why one cannot debug libqapt properly -.-09:08
apacheloggerQuintasan: yeah ^^09:08
QuintasanYesterday I got Broken pipe when building Qt09:08
QuintasanI should have started compiling it in screen session09:09
apacheloggerit would seem that someone broke my qt creator!!! :O09:10
Quintasanapachelogger: sually, it is your fault09:11
apacheloggerthey introduced python09:11
QuintasanThis is preposterous!09:11
apacheloggerqt creator 2.0 does python scirpt0ring to gdb7 AFAIK09:11
apacheloggerto support inspection for complex types09:12
QuintasanI assume they were too lazy to implement it in c++09:12
apacheloggerI think that is coming from gdb09:12
apacheloggergdb -> gnu -> brrrrr09:13
Quintasanhow the hell gnu has to do something with qtcreator using python?09:13
apacheloggerbecause it is used for gdb09:13
apacheloggerand now breakpoints seem VERY broken09:13
apacheloggeror maybe some setting is incompatible :S09:14
* apachelogger starts crying over broken qt creator09:14
apacheloggerI set a bp in main and that thing just ignores it09:14
QuintasanThat's python for you.09:15
QuintasanWorks always, but not as expected09:15
apacheloggerI can set main as function bp09:16
apacheloggerthen I can debug in assembly ^^09:17
apachelogger0x080517d8  <+32>:            call   0x80520ae <_ZN10QAptWorkerC1ERiPPc>09:17
apacheloggerfor some reason even in asm it avoids going through stuff step by step :/09:18
QuintasanI'm going to play DnD09:19
QuintasanQt is building and I should upload it to Project Neon PPA soon09:19
* apachelogger should play metal gear solid -.-09:19
apacheloggerthat is way too depressing09:20
apacheloggerand I wanted to polish the ubuntuone-auth code today -.-09:20
apacheloggerOTOH, maybe my Q_GLOBAL_STATIC is at fault09:21
apacheloggerthough that does not explain why gdb walks past breakpoints09:21
apacheloggeroh my10:05
* apachelogger cannot put up with jontheechidna's license headers10:05
apacheloggermakes you wheep when you need to change stuff10:05
CIA-33[libqapt] sitter * 1147838 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/worker/ (CMakeLists.txt debug.cpp debug.h) voila aptDebug(), logs to /var/log/qaptworker.log, no rotation no size limit (TODO)10:08
CIA-33[libqapt] sitter * 1147839 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/ (workerdbus.cpp workerdbus.h) Do not add files that are built by CMakeLists anyway.10:10
CIA-33[libqapt] sitter * 1147840 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/worker/ (org.kubuntu.qaptworker.xml worker.cpp worker.h) Introduce Worker::setLocale(QString) to set the worker's locale using setlocale().10:12
CIA-33[libqapt] sitter * 1147841 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/backend.cpp Set worker's locale from the backend (assumption is that the backend is used in the user's executable and the user's executable has a sensible locale, otherwise worker is C).10:13
CIA-33[libqapt] sitter * 1147842 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/worker/worker.cpp Get really all indexes -> this makes localization of package descriptions etc. work :)10:14
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100709091616-brwukj19ew75uam1 * src/auth/AuthApplication.cpp cleanup10:16
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100709091621-f3yj0ia7ipwxd814 * src/statusnotifier/StatusNotifier.cpp typo--10:16
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100709092400-pgnkawkwl1cqbudp * src/auth/ (AuthHandler.cpp AuthHandler.h) formatting++ memleaks-- const&++10:24
apachelogger (s→((k→(¬h→(g V e) V p))) V (g→(¬h→e) V p)) ↓ ((g→(¬h→e) V h) V e)→e 10:40
apacheloggersomething along those lines anyway10:40
apacheloggerand that is supposed to make authing working :S10:41
steveire_Riddell: ping?11:06
Mamarokwhy do I have to ssh-add my key on restart every time? Why doesn't the agent keep that information and how can I make this to work?11:12
apacheloggerMamarok: supposedly the agent will only use standard named keys11:12
apacheloggerjust a random guess though11:12
Mamarokapachelogger: well, I don't think I sue a non-standard named key, it's the same since years11:13
steveire_apachelogger: Do you know if the lokalize package is broken in 9.10 ?11:13
steveire_I don't seem to have any plugins in my ui11:13
apacheloggersteveire_: dude, can you upgrade already :P11:13
apacheloggernothing reported though11:13
apacheloggermaybe a dep is missing11:13
apacheloggerRecommends: krosspython, python-kde4, gettext, translate-toolkit (>= 1.3.0), python-lxml, python-dbus11:13
apacheloggersteveire_: check that those foos are installed, if they are then I have no idea :/11:14
steveire_apachelogger: I had to install libkrosspython0, but it still doesn't work.11:17
apacheloggerQA fail11:18
steveire_I also tried to install libhunspell-dev and install from trunk, but cmake doesn't find hunspell.11:18
steveire_That might be a cmake issue.11:18
steveire_lokalize starts, but the ui is almost empty. There is no "Go to next translated message" etc11:18
apacheloggerQuintasan: python ^ :P11:18
steveire_Ran kbuildsycoca4. No change11:19
apacheloggersteveire_: any debug output (possibly with kdebugdialog ->  everything on)11:20
apacheloggermehhhhhhhh include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk11:22
steveire_Doesn't seem to be relevant.11:23
* apachelogger loves how krunner is 300% more useless in beta2 -.-11:27
apacheloggersteveire_: packaging does not look much different from what I have on 10.0411:29
steveire_and lokalize had useful menus and toolbars? I'll post a screenshot of what I have11:30
steveire_There is no go menu. Toolbar actions are missing etc11:32
Tm_Tapachelogger: beta2?11:36
apacheloggerof course kde does not work from inside a chroot without first breaking your neck11:37
Quintasanapachelogger: how does one fix that crap?11:41
apacheloggersteveire_: are you sure that stuff is avilable in 4.3.2?11:43
apacheloggerQuintasan: by not using lrelease-qt4 in the rules file11:43
apacheloggerKross: "Action::setInterpreter: interpreter not found: python" 11:44
apacheloggersteveire_: I do not have those entries in a clean chroot with just lokalize installed11:45
apacheloggerwell, in 9.10 anyways ^^11:46
Riddellsteveire_: ping11:52
Riddellhmm, no, pong11:52
apacheloggersteveire_: with libkrosspython0 installed the interpreter warning disappears and the create new project entry starts working11:55
steveire_Riddell: Read up :).11:56
apacheloggersteveire_: problem seems to be that /usr/share/kde4/apps/lokalize/projectmanagerui.rc does not contain the go menu entry at all11:57
steveire_apachelogger: Problem seems to be solved11:58
steveire_I use a separate kde-devel user. That one has the issue, but my regular user does not get a useful app11:59
steveire_The question of why the other user doesn't have useful ui remains a mystery.11:59
apacheloggerpath problem most likely12:00
steveire_I don't have a trunk install of lokalize.12:00
apacheloggerlooking at wrong ui rc or some stuff12:00
steveire_I guess that must be it.12:00
steveire_CMake doesn't find my install of hunspell, so I can't try trunk lokalize12:00
steveire_I'm not sure how to solve that because I have libhunspell-dev installed.12:00
apacheloggerRiddell: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/ubuntuone-client/stable-1-2-lucid+kwallet/annotate/head:/debian/patches/01syncd-kwallet.patch12:01
apacheloggersupposedly I could do the same for desktopcouch12:02
apacheloggersteveire_: well, you probably can define the lib path manually12:02
steveire_Possibly. Got to catch a train soon, so I'll have to try that another time.12:02
apachelogger-DHUNSPELL_FOUND=true -DHUNSPELL_INCLUDE_DIR=/foo/bar -DHUNSPELL_LIBRARIES=/foo/lib/libhunspell.1.0.012:03
apacheloggersomething like that12:03
steveire_Cool, cheers.12:04
Riddellapachelogger: yay12:11
Riddellapachelogger: but shouldn't the try: be above import gnomekeyring?12:11
apacheloggerRiddell: there are 2 imports12:11
apacheloggerif kde full session is set12:12
apacheloggerit will try to get a password from kwallet12:12
apacheloggerif that raises NoAccessToken12:12
apacheloggerit tries to import gnome-keyring (assuming that the user does not use ubuntuone-kde)12:12
apacheloggerif that fails we are out of options and pass the previous NoAccessToken along12:13
apacheloggerif the import succeeds it goes ahead and ends up with the try         try:12:13
apachelogger            items = gnomekeyring.find_items_sync(12:13
apacheloggerif kde full session is not set it will go to the else and import gnome-keyring without regards to whether that throws an exception or not12:14
hrwbug 331192 hits again - can someone look?12:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 331192 in kdeadmin (Ubuntu) "KDE printer configuration app stopped working on Lucid (TypeError in set_widget_value())" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33119212:19
CIA-33[u1-client-lucid-kwallet] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100709112045-nofp6dsuwmns5wkx * debian/ (changelog patches/01syncd-kwallet.patch) KDE_FULL_SESSION must not only be set but true12:20
gunsofbrixtonhi, sorry for bothering, when can kde 4.5 rc2 packages be expected in the beta ppa?12:23
gunsofbrixtonok cool12:24
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I've run in to the same QtDBus bug12:38
JontheEchidnathat was my commit :D12:39
JontheEchidnawell, it definitely won't work as generated by qdbuscpp2xml12:39
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: did you report that12:40
apacheloggerbecause I am not sure it is right the way it is12:41
apacheloggerthe thing is12:41
apacheloggerthe direction of the properties is out12:41
apacheloggerbut the type name is InN12:41
apacheloggerthat does not seem right12:41
apacheloggeralso, it only fails for signals12:41
apacheloggermethods work just fine12:41
JontheEchidnaI hadn't reported it yet12:42
apacheloggermaybe talk to a troll first ^^12:42
JontheEchidnabtw, thanks for the fix \o/12:44
JontheEchidnaerm, sorry for caps12:52
JontheEchidnastupid caps lock12:52
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: would you be opposed to turning those compiler warnings in Debug.cpp to // TODO: comments?13:34
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: if you wish to do that :P13:34
JontheEchidnaok, I will13:34
apacheloggerthere is a 100% chance of me not fixing it though :P13:34
* apachelogger barely notices the TODO comments ^^13:34
JontheEchidnaI think libdbusmenu-qt needs less qDebug: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/i0-plasma-desktopzq1498-jpg.jpg13:36
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147956 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/backend.cpp Silence a few qDebugs, also some style fixes13:49
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147958 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/backend.cpp (log message trimmed)13:51
CIA-33The current approach won't work, because the worker could very well time out13:51
CIA-33between the time the backend is constructed and the time the user checks for13:51
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147960 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/utils/qapt-batch/qaptbatch.cpp Set locale in qapt-batch too (we aren't using the QApt::Backend)13:56
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147961 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/worker/ (worker.cpp worker.h) Some style fixes13:58
QuintasanQt takes a long time to build14:01
txwikingerQuintasan: get a faster machine :p14:09
Quintasantxwikinger: It's Riddell's machine14:15
Riddellit's showing its age that machine14:34
Tm_Tif it builds Qt faster than in 2 hours, it's far from slow in my point of view14:35
RiddellI doubt it does14:38
Riddellyum, rekonq 0.5 is the goodness14:39
Riddelloh, hum, crash14:40
nuovodnahi, when will be available kde 4.4.92 on lucid backport ppa '14:40
ScottKnuovodna: When it's ready.14:41
ScottKRiddell: qt4-x11 on armel had an ICE, so don't expect any armel goodness anytime soon.14:42
txwikingercompiling is mostly I/O anyway14:43
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1147982 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/worker/ (worker.cpp worker.h) These lock functions are unused, since we are not a browsable package manager that wishes to not have its contents changed. Our various other functions lock the stuff they need to lock14:50
ScottKJontheEchidna: I looked again and libktorrent went to New in Debian.15:00
RiddellScottK: fooey15:06
Riddellnuovodna: 4.4.92 is a source only release, so upstream doesn't expect distros to make packages.  We will do so of course but no time set yet15:07
nuovodnathanks Riddell15:07
ScottKRiddell: The updates you uploaded yesterday helped with the menubar.  I'm thinking maybe we ought to try it as default in netbook and see what feedback we get.15:32
ScottKRiddell: I'm thinking put it on the left side (like in my blog post yesterday), turn off autohide for the default panel, and reduce the default panel height to 24 pixels.15:32
shtylmanone day I am gonna go to kubuntu.org and see the new site15:39
shtylmanhopefully... one day before I die...15:39
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1148020 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/ (backend.cpp package.cpp package.h worker/worker.cpp) Theoretical support for package downgrading/general forced version overriding15:41
JontheEchidnanow it just needs a gui...15:42
yofelbug 600481, hm... what happened to the point release permission for -updates?15:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 600481 in meta-kde (Ubuntu) "Please update KDE to 4.4.5 on Kubuntu 10.04" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60048115:42
RiddellScottK: yes I agree with all that, it needs javascript initialisation for plasma netbook to do added to kubuntu-netbook-default-settings, we also need to add back the lockout applet as part of that15:43
JontheEchidnayofel: waiting on KDE release policy changes, I believe15:43
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1148023 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/ (package.cpp package.h) Better API15:51
RiddellScottK: internet getting shut off here, can't be at release meeting today, if you want to say something for Kubuntu please do, I've not prepared anything15:54
ScottKRiddell: Got it.15:59
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1148038 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/package.cpp Actually return something. :/16:16
ScottKRiddell: On the off chance you still have internet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus16:17
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1148040 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/package.cpp Also, formatting.16:18
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
oxymoronKde4.5 RC2, is it compiled for Kubuntu Lucid? :)16:43
ScottKshadeslayer: New rekonq doesn't work with Launchpad.  There's an error after you save a new comment.16:44
ScottKoxymoron: Not yet.  Being worked on.16:44
oxymoronScottK: Approx time to be released (No rush, just want to know)16:44
ScottKNot sure, as I'm not working on it myself.  When it's ready.16:44
oxymoronI just want to know if its, days, weeks, months, years, minutes or hours weyre talking about :P It released yesterday so I guess it COULD be out today :P16:45
jussioxymoron: probably couple of days16:46
oxymoronjussi: Alright :) (Not sure if you say so because I dont gonna be frustraed if not and happy if earlier) Anyway, sounds good :) Hopefully some more bugs fixed so my desktop get more useful :P16:47
oxymoronbtw, whats the difference between kubuntu-ppa/ppa and kubuntu-ppa/beta repository ppas?16:49
oxymoronMostly I dont understand whats inside the kubuntu-ppa/ppa :P Beta one is more logic ...16:49
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100709155048-3fgaap0kbn40aern * src/ (30 files in 8 dirs) Formatting++16:50
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1148060 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/src/backend.cpp We have to use the candidate version to downgrade things17:01
jussioxymoron: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuPPAs17:01
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100709160537-zt3omm26mm82lvq5 * src/libs/ (SyncDaemonDBus.cpp SyncDaemonDBus.h CMakeLists.txt) Move SyncDaemonDBus adaptor to magic, erm, build time ;)17:06
CIA-33[ubuntuone-kde] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100709160629-d24fk2frwzg2m1tf * src/statusnotifier/ (StatusNotifier.cpp StatusNotifier.h) My member shall be called m_member \o/17:06
simulacrumoxymoron: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuPPAs17:24
shadeslayerScottK: not much i can do about it :P17:25
ScottKshadeslayer: Talk to the LP people about it and figure out the exact problem, then talk to upstream.17:26
ScottKOur default web browser needs to work on LP17:26
shadeslayerScottK: okies...17:26
shadeslayerScottK: will get to it in 30 mis17:26
simulacrumoxymoron: I think one of those PPA's is useless but nonetheless..17:28
shadeslayerScottK: btw whats the exact error?17:33
shadeslayeroho.. new authentication stuff works.. password dialog comes on top17:33
shadeslayerScottK: btw who has the authority to set bugs to wishlist status?17:44
shadeslayerScottK: lp is silent as of now ;)17:52
QuintasanRiddell: did you turn off the machine or it moved again?17:52
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: his internet got shut off by his ISP17:55
Quintasanoh my17:55
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: whut?!17:55
* Quintasan hopes it wasn't caused by pulling whole Qt tree 4 times17:55
shadeslayerRiddell: sue your ISP :P17:55
* Quintasan hides if that's the case17:55
JontheEchidna[10:54:59] <Riddell> ScottK: internet getting shut off here, can't be at release meeting today, if you want to say something for Kubuntu please do, I've not prepared anything17:56
shadeslayeroh wow...17:56
Quintasanoh god, I'm getting a paid service17:56
QuintasanNo point in abusing Riddell's internets17:56
JontheEchidnayay, package downgrading works \o/17:58
JontheEchidnanow I just need to make the GUI more permanent17:58
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: now.. why would anyone want to do that... ? 17:59
shadeslayerits not even supported :P17:59
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: say you don't want the version of an app in lucid-backorts anymore. You could then downgrade and disable lucid-backports17:59
JontheEchidnasynaptic does this, and now libqapt/muon can18:00
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: uh... what about other packages that have to be downgraded and the user doensnt know about them?18:00
shadeslayerlike the new version has a new dep which got pulled in18:00
JontheEchidnathat is why both synaptic and now muon come with a big fat warning that you can break things :P18:00
shadeslayeroh goody...18:00
* shadeslayer shuts up and goes to break some muons18:01
JontheEchidnaIt's a "use this if you know what you are doing" type tool18:01
QuintasanJontheEchidna: Just to make sure, it should mention things can "breaK"18:01
shadeslayerhehe :D18:01
Quintasanand the K should be xbox hueg18:01
QuintasanJontheEchidna: Besides, why Muon?18:02
* shadeslayer hopes people wont troddle into #kubuntu about broken stuff after using muon18:02
JontheEchidnaBecause the latest KDE naming trend is to name your application after subatomic particles18:02
shadeslayerQuintasan: its kool... thats why :P18:02
JontheEchidnaor other particle physics terms18:02
JontheEchidnae.g. phonon, plasma18:03
Quintasanname it Quark18:03
shadeslayeralso.. muon looks good in the new ubuntu font :p18:03
JontheEchidnanaming fad overl0ad18:03
* shadeslayer does dirty stuff to apachelogger on #project-neon 18:04
QuintasanJontheEchidna: why don't you add something like small trollface showing up accompanied by an error message when critial error occurs?18:04
* apachelogger feels dirty18:04
JontheEchidnahmm, lionface looks weird with Ubuntu Beta font18:05
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: thats not a big fat warning.. thats just tenee weene18:05
apacheloggerI call the font weird in itself18:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: nooo... ubuntu font ++ 18:06
apacheloggeryou bun too font18:06
shadeslayeri find it insanely hot18:06
apacheloggerWindows Font18:06
apacheloggerFedora Font18:06
apacheloggerI see a pattern there18:06
apacheloggerthey do not have such names18:06
shadeslayerapachelogger: fedora font?18:06
Quintasanbesides, OPEN FONT with closed beta18:06
apacheloggerpossibly because it is narrow minded18:06
apacheloggerbut oh my18:06
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: happy?18:07
apacheloggerwho would think that one might want to have a new font18:07
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: still loading18:07
apacheloggerwe can always make it you bun too font two 18:07
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: muon is eating my crappy connection to download upgrades :P18:07
QuintasanJontheEchidna: oh god, leave the message as it is now!18:07
apacheloggerthere, my theory of mind just solved a future problem 18:07
JontheEchidnaI don't think kde-l10n would like XBOX HUEG very much.... :(18:07
* apachelogger feels all better now and goes on to reply to queries -.-18:07
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: maybe you could start a 4chan translation in LP18:08
JontheEchidnalike they did with kligon18:08
* shadeslayer kills muon18:08
QuintasanThey did Klingon translation? :DD18:08
JontheEchidnaat one point they had one18:08
* apachelogger thought that JontheEchidna was refering to translation via IRC (channels)18:08
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: Much better :D18:08
apacheloggerthat would be handy18:08
apacheloggerhave a bot tell you strings and you reply with translations18:09
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: still missing a space between mostapplicable18:09
apacheloggerthat could avoid stages of silence in here18:09
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: thx18:09
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: oh oh.. make the text bold :P18:09
apacheloggerand sparkly!18:10
apacheloggercoloring also adds a nice touch to it I suppose18:10
apacheloggersomething orange mabye18:10
shadeslayerwith a little pic of apachelogger dancing naked... :P18:10
QuintasanJUST PLAIN OLD NO18:10
apacheloggerI once proposed nakid picture deployment18:10
JontheEchidnado not want18:10
apacheloggerpeople did disapprove18:10
apacheloggeras always18:10
* apachelogger is just too innovative18:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: theres a packaged called pornviewer in universe :P18:11
shadeslayeror something similar18:11
apacheloggerI am like the van goh of nowadays18:11
JontheEchidna!info pornview18:11
ubottupornview (source: pornview): Image and movie viewer/manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2pre1-11ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 211 kB, installed size 624 kB18:11
* shadeslayer has never heard of van goh18:11
shadeslayersee... told you :P18:11
JontheEchidnasilly name for a media app18:12
shadeslayersaw it being discussed in #ubuntu-motu few days ago :P18:12
JontheEchidnait is GTK anyways, so it fails :P18:12
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: there was hotbabe as well.. 18:12
shadeslayerright ...18:12
apacheloggergee tee kay18:12
apacheloggerit got a kay in it18:12
apacheloggercant be that bad18:12
JontheEchidnakay dee eee18:12
shadeslayerapachelogger: you stole my thoughts18:12
* shadeslayer thinks apachelogger is thought hunter18:13
shadeslayerkthoughthunter ? :P18:13
apacheloggerat least I am not searching the repos for p0rn :P18:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: i wasnt searching for anything.. someone bought it up on motu :P18:14
apacheloggeryeah sure :P18:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: check the logs if you like!!!!!!!!!18:14
shadeslayerlex79: hey :D18:14
apacheloggerI do not, my truth is superior anyway :P18:14
apacheloggerapachelogger > irc logs18:14
apacheloggeryo lex7918:14
lex79yo yo18:15
apacheloggerpeople where asking for the kde :Pd18:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: nope... i package truth 1.1 >> apachelogger >> irclogs18:15
lex79Riddell: are you working on Qt beta2 ?18:15
QuintasanRiddell's connection is dead18:15
shadeslayerlex79: Riddell has no interwebs18:15
apacheloggerwhy would you be streaming from me on irclogs? :P18:15
apacheloggerI am not even sure that is implemented18:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: rofl18:16
apacheloggeryour compiler possibly will eat you for that18:16
lex79shadeslayer: what about your packages?18:16
apacheloggerunless it is made by Microsoft18:16
lex79are you doing?18:16
shadeslayerlex79: im working on them ;)18:16
apacheloggerin that case it will implicitly create that stuff for you18:16
lex79shadeslayer: go go !18:16
apacheloggeroutput will be: "sls......1111"18:16
apacheloggeror similarly useful \o/18:16
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: will it implicitly share what it creates?18:16
JontheEchidnaor does it like to nom the memorys?18:16
* lex79 grabs qt beta 218:16
shadeslayerlex79: go go !18:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: depends on the humidity18:18
apacheloggerpossibly also on whether it is cloudy or not18:18
apacheloggerkubotu: weather redmond18:18
kubotumultiple stations available, use 'weather station <code>' or 'weather <city, state>' as appropriate, for one of the following (current temp shown):18:18
kubotuRedmond, OR (Redmond, Oregon): 81 F / 27 C ; Redmond, UT (Redmond, Utah): 81 F / 27 C ; *Redmond, WA (Redmond, Washington): 78 F / 26 C 18:18
apacheloggeryou people have serious naming problems over there...18:18
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: oh btw muon is wasting space when installing stuff18:19
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: wasting space?18:19
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: use for something usefull :P18:19
apacheloggermuon is wasting RAM!18:19
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: http://imagebin.ca/view/gbhBwJO.html18:19
apacheloggerstarts worker at startup, instead of first use :P18:19
shadeslayersee the amount of grey matter around the blue bar :P18:19
apacheloggerso if I just want to browse a bit a worker will be running for no reason18:19
neversfeldeit should waste some temperature18:20
apacheloggerwhat is that silly font there?18:20
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: that's because you set the worker locale in the QApt::Backend constructor, svn up :P18:20
apacheloggerneversfelde: not liking the sauna mode?18:20
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: it did do that before?18:20
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: btw theres a feature request from arch users... make muon use different backends for downloading packages :P18:20
lex79neversfelde: guten abend :) poor Germany :( I hope win the Holand now18:20
apacheloggerthat bonkery shit should not be in the ctor eitherway!18:20
shadeslayerlike axel,wget,etc etc18:20
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: nope, only when you send it a dbus signal. Creating the dbus adaptor doesn't start the app18:21
neversfeldeapachelogger: no at the moment, trying to cool down with a drink now18:21
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: some nice init() function, then have if (adaptor == 0)18:21
neversfeldelex79: guten Abend, no better not the Netherlands :)18:21
apacheloggerlex79: dude, germany...18:21
apacheloggerthose germans are such cry babies18:22
apacheloggerthey where like all "OMG"18:22
neversfeldeespecially when it is too hot :)18:22
apacheloggerOMG with ad breaks18:22
apacheloggerI decided to not watch tv :P18:22
lex79neversfelde: is it hot in Germany  ?18:23
apacheloggerkubotu: weather germany18:23
kubotumultiple stations available, use 'weather station <code>' or 'weather <city, state>' as appropriate, for one of the following (current temp shown):18:23
kubotustation 10501 (Aachen): 91 F / 33 C ; station 10553 (Altenburg Nobitz): 90 F / 32 C ; station 10954 (Altenstadt): 82 F / 28 C ; station 10291 (Angermuende): 86 F / 30 C ; station 10755 (Ansbach): 90 F / 32 C ; station 10091 (Arkona): 81 F / 27 C ; station 10425 (Arnsberg): 91 F / 33 C ; station 10460 (Artern): 90 F / 32 C ; station 10644 (Aschaffenburg): 90 F / 32 C ; station 10575 (Aue): 84 F / 29 C ; station 1085218:23
kubotu(Augsburg): 84 F / 29 C ; station 10542 (Bad Hersfeld): 88 F / 31 C ; station 10658 (Bad Kissingen): 86 F / 30 C ; station 10627 (Bad Kreuznach): 88 F / 31 C ; station 10430 (Bad Lippspringe): 90 F / 32 C ; station 10526 (Bad Marienberg): 88 F / 31 C ; station 10325 (Bad Salzuflen): 90 F / 32 C ; station 10971 (Bad Tolz): 84 F / 29 C ; station 10725 (Baden Oos): 90 F / 32 C ; station 10675 (Bamberg): 91 F / 33 C ;18:23
kubotustation 10180 (Barth</a>18:23
kubotu<tr bgcolor="#ddeeff">18:23
neversfeldelex79: 38 degrees Celsius here at the moment and I have to work :(18:23
apacheloggerparsing fail!18:23
lex79oh :(18:23
apacheloggerhtml warser ftw!18:23
lex79cwp plasmoid says here 30 C, feels like 36 C18:24
apacheloggerdoes anyone know them k3b people?18:24
Quintasankubotu: weather Lubin, Poland18:24
kubotuWeather info for Wroclaw, Poland (updated on 7:00 PM CEST on July 09, 2010); Temperature: 84 F / 29 C; Humidity: 30%; Dew Point: 50 F / 10 C; Wind: SE at 5 mph / 7 km/h; Pressure: 30.18 in / 1022 hPa (Steady); Conditions: Clear; Yesterday's Cooling Degree Days: 3 approx.; Sunrise: 4:49 AM CEST; Sunset: 9:11 PM CEST; Moon Rise: 1:56 AM CEST; Moon Set: 7:19 PM CEST; Moon Phase: Waning Crescent18:24
shadeslayerkubotu: weather Gurgaon,India18:25
kubotuWeather info for New Delhi, India (updated on 10:30 PM IST on July 09, 2010); Temperature: 91 F / 33 C; Humidity: 71%; Dew Point: 81 F / 27 C; Wind: North at 0 mph / 0 km/h; Pressure: 29.56 in / 1001 hPa (Steady); Conditions: Haze; Visibility: 1.6 miles / 2.5 kilometers; UV: 0 out of 16; Clouds: (FEW) : 4000 ft / 1219 m; Yesterday's Cooling Degree Days: 26 approx.; Sunrise: 5:31 AM IST; Sunset: 7:22 PM IST; Moon Rise:18:25
kubotu2:39 AM IST; Moon Set: 5:07 PM IST; Moon Phase: Waning Crescent18:25
Quintasanfeels like 40 C18:25
* neversfelde will go to a music festival in August and listen to the incredible Gaslight Anthem18:25
neversfeldeso it is a good day, even it is hot :)18:25
lex79too hot for my flavour18:25
apacheloggerkubotu: order chewing gum18:26
* kubotu slides chewing gum down the bar to apachelogger18:26
* apachelogger now can do the haxx0ring18:26
shadeslayerScottK: oh oh.. since lex79 is now uploading a new Qt,maybe we can get rekonq to recompile and maybe the bug magically disappears?18:27
lex79which bug?18:27
* apachelogger doesnt know what to haxx0r and ponders watching some futurama18:27
neversfelderekonq seems to be very unstable lately18:27
shadeslayerlex79: rekonq doesnt properly save comments on bugs18:27
shadeslayerneversfelde: it haz gtk in it18:28
lex79shadeslayer: we ship rekonq for that reason18:28
lex79so users can't open new bug18:28
apacheloggerlex79: oi, that was meant to stay a secret!18:29
lex79ops sorry18:29
neversfeldeso if it is working, please pass a patch upstream that prevents users from using launchpad 18:29
apacheloggerso, rekonq comes with GTK?18:29
lex79I make a patch to don't depend on gtk18:29
apacheloggerthat might improve translation quality :P18:29
apacheloggerI leave it to you to decide what would improve the quality of those two patches :P18:30
lex79*I made18:30
apacheloggersomehow my wording seems more off than usual18:30
apachelogger2010-07-09 18:10:50,500 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - ERROR - The request 'oauth_authenticate' failed with the error: 2010-07-09 18:10:50,500 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - ERROR - The request 'oauth_authenticate' failed with the error:18:31
apacheloggerdoes anyone find that useful?18:31
* apachelogger does not18:31
neversfeldelex79: do we have cwp twice in the archives? I just remembered that I had this suspicion, but then I got drunk and Germany lost against Spain and I forgot.18:33
neversfeldeplasma-widget-cwp and plasma-widget-customizable-weather18:33
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: http://imagebin.ca/view/lm5jlH3T.html :(18:34
apacheloggerneversfelde: lol18:34
lex79neversfelde: yes18:34
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: hmm, two?18:34
JontheEchidnawhat are the details for the other one?18:34
lex79plasma-widget-customizable-weather have to go18:34
apacheloggerthe other one fails in post-inst18:34
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: still an accumulated error might be better18:35
JontheEchidnaI wonder if I could compress fail events, then report all at the end18:35
lex79neversfelde: can you open a bug to remove plasma-widget-customizable-weather? binary and source18:35
JontheEchidnaotherwise installs with massive fail would be dialog overl0ad18:35
apacheloggerwhy did this fail to begin with -.-18:35
neversfeldelex79: yes, probably not today, but tomorrow18:35
apachelogger/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/main.py:330: Warning: 'as' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.618:36
lex79your love18:36
=== apachelogger is now known as pythonlova
pythonlovaI do not get this18:39
JontheEchidna~karma python18:40
kubotukarma for python: -1018:40
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1148086 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/ (12 files in 2 dirs) Add a Versions tab where you can force specific versions. Also, make changes so that whenever a package changes, all tabs will properly refresh. (This matters now since we can change candidate ver)18:40
pythonlovalooks like as is not supported in 2.5, but you bun too one also builds for 2.5 \o/18:40
pythonlovahttp://docs.python.org/tutorial/errors.html of course you would not want to mention that, python haxx0rs only develop and deploy and support one version anyway18:42
ScottKpythonlova: You shouldn't have any Python 2.5 in Lucide or Maverick.18:42
pythonlovaScottK: well, it is in the archives18:42
ScottKpythonlova: Not for lucid or maverick it's not.18:43
pythonlovaI wonder where that is coming from then18:44
* Quintasan prepares some fire18:45
* Quintasan throws pythonlova into fire18:45
QuintasanBURN BABY, BURN!18:45
* pythonlova tunes in live version of that song \\o/18:46
pythonlovaScottK: cheers18:46
pythonlovawithout python2.5 it does do the workery18:46
_Groo_hi/2 all18:53
_Groo_anyone doing the qt4 beta2 and rc2 ?18:54
Quintasanhmm crosscompiling vim for armel seems like a hard task18:55
lex79_Groo_: yes18:56
_Groo_lex79: nice :D any ppa i could check?19:01
lex79for lucid we will upload in kubuntu beta ppa19:01
pythonlovaoh oh oh19:05
pythonlovamaybe dbus is screwing with me too19:05
ulyssesJontheEchidna: From where gets Muon the screenshots for applications?19:08
JontheEchidnaulysses: screenshots.debian.net19:08
ulyssesAh, then I understand why are they so old:)19:09
_Groo_lex79: is it building as we speak?19:09
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1148094 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/DetailsTabs/VersionTab.cpp A few layout improvements for the versions tab19:10
lex79_Groo_: be patient, when all it's ready you will know ;)19:10
_Groo_lex79: k :)19:12
ScottKJontheEchidna: Did you see anything like Bug #603711 before?19:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 603711 in kpackagekit (Ubuntu) "Crash while trying to install debug packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60371119:17
JontheEchidnaScottK: not that particular traceback, no. (It a backend issue, so I've pushed it to packagekit)19:18
ScottKJontheEchidna: Thanks.19:18
JontheEchidnayup, hopefully we can switch to aptcc this cycle, once it gets dist-ugprade support19:18
ScottKOver 200Mb of debug packages to get a plasma-netbook traceback.19:20
pythonlovaand that is with lzma19:20
pythonlovaenviornment is clean \o/19:21
pythonlovanow why would you want to a user's environment when you launch a dbus service as user19:21
pythonlovalet me think19:21
pythonlovamaybe because you need one flipping env var19:21
pythonlovadid not think of that19:21
* pythonlova looks for setting to change that19:22
* ulysses loves Muon19:22
CIA-33[libqapt] jmthomas * 1148102 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/TODO Update TODO19:22
pythonlovathere is none! \o/19:23
JontheEchidnaSo I'm making a roadmap for the first stable release of Muon. I'd like to have 1.0 out a little bit before Ubuntu feature freeze19:24
JontheEchidnaulysses: is there a recommended amount of time before release to string freeze/notify kde-l10n?19:24
pythonlovaJontheEchidna: mind the easter egg :P19:25
pythonlovamay I say that this is all very full of shit?19:25
shadeslayerno apachelogger? 0_o19:25
ulyssesJontheEchidna: I don't know about string freeze, there isn't anything in the release schedule19:25
shadeslayerwell... JontheEchidna will have to do then :P19:25
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: ruby poke19:25
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: do you have why's poignant guide to ruby around?19:26
pythonlovakubotu: google poignant guide to ruby19:26
kubotuResults for poignant guide to ruby: 1. why's (poignant) guide to ruby: http://mislav.uniqpath.com/poignant-guide/book/ | 2. Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby: http://mislav.uniqpath.com/poignant-guide/ | 3. Why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Why&apos;s_(poignant)_Guide_to_Ruby19:26
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: one sec.. lemme give you direct download link19:26
JontheEchidnawhy do I need it, if I may ask?19:27
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/Books/Whys-Poignant-Guide-to-Ruby.pdf19:27
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: i need to ask a ruby question,if you have the time ;)19:27
JontheEchidnapythonlova is around. I do not knows teh rubies19:27
shadeslayerpythonlova: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/Books/Whys-Poignant-Guide-to-Ruby.pdf <<19:28
pythonlovapysons vs. rubies19:28
pythonlovakubotu: karma python19:28
kubotukarma for python: -1119:28
pythonlovakubotu: karma ruby19:28
kuboturuby has neutral karma19:28
JontheEchidna[13:36:44] *** apachelogger is now known as pythonlova.19:28
pythonlovaworks for me19:28
pythonlovakubotu: karma C19:28
kubotukarma for C: 30519:28
shadeslayerpythonlova: hehe.. anyways.. page 19 ...19:28
pythonlovawhat does one see there?19:29
shadeslayerpythonlova: there wont be any karma for C++ tho :(19:29
pythonlovakubotu: karma C++19:29
kubotukarma for C++: 519:29
pythonlovathere you have it19:29
shadeslayerpythonlova: the |http| variable.. where is it defined?19:29
JontheEchidna~karma C19:29
kubotukarma for C: 30819:29
shadeslayerpythonlova: right19:29
pythonlovashadeslayer: exactly there19:29
shadeslayerpythonlova: Net:HTTP just calls the function right?19:29
shadeslayerpythonlova: 0_o19:29
pythonlova{|foo| ... } is like do |foo| ...19:30
pythonlovasee top of that very page19:30
shadeslayerpythonlova: you can define variables without a declaring a type?19:30
pythonlovait is just a more readable way of writing it19:30
pythonlovashadeslayer: http is that Net::HTTP thingy19:30
shadeslayerpythonlova: yeah.. but how can... 19:30
shadeslayerhow the hell do you define a variable with no type!!!!19:31
pythonlovayou never define a type19:31
pythonlovawhen did you ever define a type?19:31
shadeslayerpythonlova: whut? like int a; 19:31
pythonlovayou do not do that in ruby?!19:31
shadeslayerwheres the int thingy...19:31
pythonlovaa = number19:31
jussidoes anyone know who is responsible for our testing images?19:31
* shadeslayer points to channel19:31
jussiparticularly the names of them? 19:32
shadeslayerjussi: well.. i do test some images..19:32
* shadeslayer fears jussi's wrath19:32
pythonlovaif (&shadeslayer == this) return 0;19:32
shadeslayerbut i didnt test Alpha 219:32
jussiits kinda frustrating to have ubuntu and kubuntu images named the same....19:32
pythonlovashadeslayer: is that code clear now?19:33
shadeslayerjussi: 0_o19:33
jussishadeslayer: no, Im just after who names them19:33
pythonlovajussi: the script19:33
shadeslayerjussi: that would be the script19:33
pythonlovajussi: go poke cjwatson19:33
jussipythonlova: yeah, and who wrote the script :P19:33
pythonlovacjwatson is overlord of the cdimage script last I checked19:33
shadeslayerScottK: oh btw can you check if the issue is with arora and konqueror webkit part as well?19:34
shadeslayerpythonlova: im reading it once again ;)19:34
shadeslayerpythonlova: btw whats this? 19:34
ScottKshadeslayer: Not easily.  I don't have any of those installed.19:34
shadeslayerScottK: not even konqueror webkit part?19:35
ScottKshadeslayer: Nope.  Just stock konqueror19:35
pythonlovakonquer the world!19:35
ScottKshadeslayer: That and I'm pretty allergic to the LP web interface, so I try to minimize my use of it.19:35
pythonlova<3 konqueror19:35
shadeslayerpythonlova: 'this' as in this->func() ??19:36
shadeslayerScottK: hehe...19:36
pythonlovathis as in this :P19:36
shadeslayerpythonlova: you make strange code.. :P19:36
pythonlovahow so?19:37
* pythonlova does not do loads of inline code in .h :P19:37
pythonlovaalthough I do that at times ;)19:38
pythonlovaJontheEchidna: ^ afraid now? :P19:38
shadeslayerhehe... :D19:38
pythonlovaalso I am not dbus and strip whole environments19:39
* pythonlova has no clue how to reliably check whether to use kwallet -.-19:39
* lex79 finished to refresh Qt patches19:40
shadeslayerpythonlova: whats the first line of ruby code? something like usr/something/ruby...19:40
shadeslayerwhy's poignant guide is silent on that stuff19:41
lex79shadeslayer: instead of chatting, do your packages :P19:41
pythonlovashadeslayer: #!/usr/bin/env ruby19:41
pythonlovatechnically you do not need that stuff :P19:41
shadeslayerlex79: just uploaded kdetoys :D19:41
pythonlovaone can also run ruby filename19:41
shadeslayeroh please ... someone patch dolphin so that it just asks for passwords once when opening ssh locations19:42
shadeslayernot everytime i go in a folder -.-19:43
ScottKpythonlova: I think subversion has some magic to know if it should use kwallet or gnome-whateveritis19:43
CIA-33[muon] jmthomas * 1148116 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/main.cpp Make Muon a KUniqueApplication19:43
ulyssesJontheEchidna: If I can report a bug in Muon, the Hungarian characters are wrong on the Dependencies page of a package: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ulysses/images/dependencies.png (However I don't where they come from…)19:45
JontheEchidnaulysses: I fixed that shortly after alpha1 ;) (The translations in that case came from apt)19:45
JontheEchidnaI was just getting the text from apt in the wrong format19:46
ulysses…and the apt translation came from Debian, which answers many questions:P19:47
Quintasangod damnint19:47
Quintasancan't I modify vim's rules file so that I get it compiled statically?19:48
lex79shadeslayer: update the wiki when you upload a package19:49
lex79thanks :)19:49
JontheEchidnaulysses: What are your font hinting settings? They look really good19:49
shadeslayerpythonlova: ok so we can declare stuff in ruby without telling ruby what it actually should contain? like http='name' automatically sets http to contain a string? 19:49
ulyssesJontheEchidna: It's the new Ubuntu font from the private PPA19:49
shadeslayerlex79: ill update all of it in one go19:50
shadeslayerless noise that way19:50
JontheEchidnaulysses: yeah, I have the beta font, but yours looks better than mine19:50
pythonlovaScottK: supposedly it uses the env var to check for a KDE session19:50
pythonlovathough IIRC there is also a binary for that19:50
* pythonlova doesnt wanna look at this anymore today19:50
pythonlovashadeslayer: yes19:51
* shadeslayer gets it now19:51
shadeslayerpythonlova: thanks ;)19:51
shadeslayeralso.. ruby++19:51
lex79shadeslayer: I don't like, the wiki is here for that, to check the progress19:51
shadeslayerlex79: well..if you like more noise.. sure ;)19:52
lex79yes I like the noise, thanks :)19:52
shadeslayerlex79: btw are you splitting kdenetwork?19:54
lex79no, we have not decided yet19:55
shadeslayerlex79: wiki updated...19:55
ScottKAny volunteers to do a MIR for plasma-widget-menubar?19:56
shadeslayerScottK: aha! its a issue with webkit19:58
shadeslayerScottK: in konqueror its almost the same behaviour19:58
shadeslayerit saves the comment without any error,but doesnt show the new comment19:58
* shadeslayer fears jussi's wrath again..19:59
shadeslayeri closed one of his bugs :P19:59
shadeslayerBug #588160 20:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 588160 in rekonq (Ubuntu) "Rekonq hangs on finding printers in cups web interface " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58816020:00
jussishadeslayer: did you fix it?20:00
shadeslayerwhats the cups port again?20:00
shadeslayeri dont know the username and pass :P20:02
shadeslayerwhen adding the printer20:02
neversfeldereinstall :)20:02
shadeslayer0_o.. you cant ctrl+C apt-get remove :D20:03
shadeslayerAfter this operation, 156MB disk space will be freed. << whoa20:04
shadeslayeruh... After this operation, 131MB of additional disk space will be used. << on reinstalling all of the removed stuff20:05
shadeslayerjussi: so right now it doesnt hang at add printers :P20:06
ScottKshadeslayer: Did you file bugs on the LP/webkit thing?20:06
shadeslayerScottK: uh.. file bugs ON webkit or file bugs WITH konqueror webkit part ?20:07
JontheEchidnathe kerning between - and other letters seems off20:07
ScottKshadeslayer: On.  Need to get it fixed.  Filing bugs is step 1.20:07
shadeslayerScottK: hmm.. i guess it should be fixed with lex79 new upload :)20:08
ScottKshadeslayer: Why do you guess that?20:08
shadeslayerScottK: because i cant be sure :)20:08
shadeslayerScottK: ill file the bug...20:08
ScottKshadeslayer: then you'll have time to work on the plasma-widget-menubar MIR while we wait to see.20:08
shadeslayerScottK: whut! no no... please no more MIR's "{20:09
shadeslayerive filed 5-6 already.. :D20:09
ScottKIt's only one wafer thin MIR.20:09
* shadeslayer yeilds...20:09
shadeslayerScottK: fine... 20:09
* shadeslayer will have to work all night now ... something he was already planning to do :P20:09
shadeslayerok.. now i have to please ScottK and lex79 ...20:10
ScottKshadeslayer: Eventually you become a developer and get your own minions.20:10
shadeslayerScottK: why do we need it tho? :D20:10
shadeslayerScottK: right.... :D20:10
ScottKshadeslayer: Part of the planned default install for netbooks.20:10
shadeslayermmm... ok20:11
shadeslayerlex79: btw for each distribution upload we have one source tarball right? like one tarball for lucid and another one for maverick?20:13
shadeslayer( of the same package )20:13
* lex79 doesn't understand the question :(20:17
shadeslayerlex79: suppose i want to upload foo package,in maverick and lucid,do i upload the sources for maverick and lucid seprately?20:18
shadeslayeror just upload for one distribution 20:18
lex79two uploads, one for maverick with debuild -S -sa (with source)20:19
lex79another for lucid with debuild -S -sd (without the source)20:19
shadeslayerright.. that answers it20:19
shadeslayerScottK: do you want a detailed MIR , like every point on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements explained?20:29
shadeslayeror just a simple one,with the basic stuff20:29
ScottKshadeslayer: Yes, although it doens't have to be a long explanation20:29
shadeslayerScottK: ok... so detailed with small explanation ...20:30
shadeslayerScottK: no package in debian 0_o20:30
ScottKshadeslayer: No.  It's developed by Canonical.20:31
ScottKIt's fine.20:31
shadeslayerScottK: bug 60373120:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 603731 in plasma-widget-menubar (Ubuntu) "[MIR] plasma-widget-menubar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60373120:43
shadeslayerfeel free to edit the description20:43
ScottKThanks.  Looking20:43
shadeslayercorrect the stuff about notebooks...20:43
shadeslayerloads of typos today ..:P20:44
* shadeslayer shifts to merging kadu while artwork builds20:55
pythonlovaJontheEchidna: IMHO kerning in general is off with that font TBH21:02
ScottKshadeslayer: MIR looks good.  We'll see what they say.21:04
shadeslayerScottK: kewl :)21:04
ScottKThanks for taking it on21:04
shadeslayerScottK: sure np21:07
shadeslayerScottK: look at this https://merges.ubuntu.com/f/freej/REPORT21:14
shadeslayerits fricking huge :D21:14
ScottKIt'll be easier to do that one by hand.21:14
shadeslayeryeah.. but still .. look at the conflicts :P21:15
shadeslayerthe sheer number of conflicts :D21:15
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shadeslayerScottK: any other stuff that needs to be done?21:17
ScottKYes.  No idea what though.21:18
shadeslayerScottK: hehe... like any universe + KDE stuff?21:18
shadeslayersince i cant find any :D21:20
shadeslayerall i can find is gnomeish stuff... which im forced to do :P21:20
shadeslayerCopied from ubuntu intrepid in Primary Archive for Ubuntu21:26
shadeslayersince intrepid!!!!21:26
* shadeslayer wonders if we have had a new upstream release since then21:26
ScottKshadeslayer: For some of us Intrepid seems recent.21:27
shadeslayerseems not21:27
shadeslayerScottK: really?21:27
shadeslayerwe have packages predating intrepid that were being copied?21:28
ScottKActually we have a few that haven't been updated since warty I believe.21:28
* ScottK is out for a while.21:29
shadeslayerScottK: btw bug 248879 can be closed safely i believe?21:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248879 in fprint-demo (Ubuntu) "fprint and libraries have unmet dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24887921:29
shadeslayeruh ok :)21:29
shadeslayerlex79: poke21:38
shadeslayerlex79: can we ship a new bangarang?21:39
shadeslayerits alpha build21:39
lex79is it sync with Debian?21:39
shadeslayerdont think debian has 2.021:39
shadeslayerlemme check21:39
shadeslayerdebian has 1.021:40
lex79yes the package is sync'ed with Debian21:40
lex79so, wait Debian maybe21:40
shadeslayeroh.. you meant it that way :P21:40
lex79yes, sorry.... :)21:40
shadeslayerlex79: ok so wait for debian to package new version?21:41
lex79ryanakca: ^^21:42
shadeslayerlex79: ??21:42
lex79ryanakca is the maintainer of bangarang in Debian21:43
lex79iirc.... :)21:43
shadeslayerright :D21:43
shadeslayerryanakca: new alpha of bangarang out,any ideas if debian gets shiny new alpha,so we can ship it with kubuntu ;)21:44
shadeslayerlex79: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2010/07/blacklisting-drivers-for-some-kwin-effects/22:07
shadeslayermight want to take a look22:07
shadeslayerlex79: around?22:29
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lex79shadeslayer: yes now23:01
shadeslayerone sec23:01
shadeslayerlex79: do we use dh_desktop and  dh_icons ?? or are they depreceated?23:01
shadeslayerin debian/rules23:01
shadeslayernot in a kde* package.. its a package in universe that needs merging23:02
ScottKshadeslayer: You should ask on #ubuntu-motu then so people there get to know you too.23:02
shadeslayerScottK: channel is dead or they dont know :P23:02
lex79I think dh_icons is deprecated but not sure23:02
ScottKshadeslayer: Not anymore.23:03
tsdgeosshadeslayer: ping23:04
shadeslayertsdgeos: pong23:05
shadeslayeraah aacid23:05
tsdgeosthat'd be me23:05
shadeslayeryeah i just sent a mail to you :P23:05
* tsdgeos wonders if others will be offended if we start a kde l10n discussion here?23:05
shadeslayertsdgeos: would be better in #kde-in23:06
ScottKtsdgeos: As long as it doesn't involve cursing about Kubuntu translations being crap, I think it's OK.23:07
tsdgeosi can try to contain myself :-P23:07
* lex79 is uploading Qt beta223:09
shadeslayerScottK: hi translations are in the dump upstream :P23:10
ryanakcashadeslayer: I can look into it :)23:10
shadeslayerryanakca: oooh23:10
shadeslayerryanakca: awesome :D23:10
shadeslayerryanakca: please do notify when its uploaded 23:11
lex79Qt now is 192 MB23:11
ryanakcashadeslayer: I'll update it at some point tonight or Monday, I'm gone all weekend. Will do.23:11
shadeslayerok :)23:11
shadeslayerryanakca: no rush ;)23:11
* lex79 thinks we have some troubles with Qtwebkit packaging23:13
shadeslayerlex79: uh oh23:13
shadeslayerthat means rekonq will be affected as well23:13
shadeslayerwhich means ScottK will be after me again 23:14
lex79dunno exactly, I don't test it so much23:14
lex79I tested it only with youtube and other flash sites23:14
shadeslayeruh.. right... flash...23:15
lex79shadeslayer: so, we still need only to do kdenetwork and kdebingings ?23:24
Quintasananyone knows if there is an ncurses build for armel?23:24
shadeslayerlex79: seems so23:24
lex79shadeslayer: great, did you push your changes to bzr?23:25
* shadeslayer is tied up with kdel10n + ninja packaging + MOTU + REVU + Ruby23:25
shadeslayerlex79: not yet :)23:25
shadeslayerlook at the amount of multi tasking :P23:25
shadeslayerlex79: ill push now...23:25
shadeslayernone of them need changes tho23:25
ryanakcaScottK: I've found another groupware server, (package: citadel-suite). I've only glanced at it, but I'm hoping that it will be less of a PITA to setup and run than eGroupWare (which was less of a PITA than Kolab). I assume people are still interested in it?23:36
ScottKryanakca: I'm particularly interested in Kolab because it's well integrated with kdepim.23:36
ScottKOne of their developers was at UDS and trying to get it working better in Ubuntu.23:36
* shadeslayer has never understood the concept of kolab23:37
shadeslayerlex79: do we want kdepim beta in archives?23:39
shadeslayersince pim devs have furthered the beta 2 release23:39
lex79no, only in experimental ppa23:39
shadeslayerlex79: then i need help with kdepim beta :P23:40
shadeslayersome of it..23:40
shadeslayerill poke when i get to it in 20 mins23:40
ryanakcaScottK: Ah, according to their website, Citadel integrates with kdepim too, but I'll give Kolab another look, maybe it's better now than it used to be...23:40
* lex79 uploaded Qt23:41
* lex79 can screw up kubuntu now23:42
neversfeldelex79: great23:47
lex79neversfelde: still hot? :(23:48
neversfeldeshadeslayer: I read about postponing kdepim to 4.6, so u23:48
shadeslayerneversfelde: 4.6 ??? \o/23:48
neversfeldeupload to experimental23:48
lex79maybe 4.6, but they are not sure for now23:49
shadeslayerneversfelde: not 4.6 .. its just been postponed by a few weeks 23:49
lex79depends if the source are stable23:49
neversfeldelex79: yes, really, I cannot remeber that it was so hot in Germany, ever since I was born23:50
lex79:( I have to go to Hamburg Monday :(23:51
* lex79 starts to cry23:51
ScottKshadeslayer: If you have any experience with Qt programming, konq-plugins needs porting to Qt 4.7 and it's pretty trivial.23:54
shadeslayerScottK: Qt programming skillz == 023:55
ScottKOK. Me too.23:55
shadeslayerbut i know some basic stuff23:55
shadeslayerQWidget stuff and connect23:55
lex79shadeslayer: btw the priority is kdenetwork, you can do kdepim in the next days23:56
lex79and kdepim-runtime23:56
shadeslayerlex79: runtime is done :)23:56
shadeslayerits in bzr23:56
lex79awesome :)23:56
ScottKshadeslayer: You may know enough then.23:56
shadeslayerlex79: yeah.. kdepim is a PITA tho23:57
shadeslayerScottK: 0_o23:57
ScottKshadeslayer: If you look at one of the logs, you can see that there's a small change needed because of new features in 4.7 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/konq-plugins/4:4.4.0-2/+build/1844855/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.konq-plugins_4:4.4.0-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz23:58
ScottKIIRC JontheEchidna fixed one of these already.  He might have a hint for you.23:58

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