judaxnyavuz: I typically use dist-upgrade all the time, have you added the sources to kde 4.5?00:00
nyavuzjudax yes i added source kde 4.500:01
nyavuzi did00:01
judaxnyavuz: go for it, you should be fine00:01
nyavuzjudax but dont have kde 4 newspaper activity  :) i wanna use it :00:03
judaxdonaldbrasco: sorry, I know there are lots of apps that manage media, bulk rename and organize, but I don't personally use them00:03
judaxnyavuz: ah, very nice00:04
nyavuzjudax :)00:04
donaldbrascojudax: thanks anyway, I'll keep searching :)00:04
nyavuzah 200:04
nyavuzjudax and other thing before iam install my dvb card driver here,  after update dont work with new kernel 2.6.32-23-generic00:06
nyavuz if later again have a kernel update i am re  install dvb card driver??00:06
nyavuzjudax tnx for help :)00:07
judaxnyavuz: yes, you probably will have to reinstall that driver with a new kernel00:07
nyavuzjudax tnx a lot :)00:08
judaxnyavuz: have fun!00:08
nuovodnawhen will be available kde 4.4.92 for lucid ?00:10
macozegenie_: oh? i thought it was instead of that zooming in and out thing that you'd set a desktop to be a certain activity and so you could have a certain widget set on desktop/activity 1 and a certain other set on #2 etc00:10
nyavuzjudax (: i am dont understand linux but i am so like it , a bit difficult but really funnny operating system00:11
judaxnyavuz: just a little bit different way of doing things, you will be an expert before you know it!00:12
nyavuzi think same as you (: yes ,00:13
judaxnuovodna: http://www.kubuntu.org/node/15700:14
nuovodnajudax: i m referring to kde rc2 not rc100:14
judaxnuovodna: ah, ok, sorry00:15
nyavuzjudax again tnx for help,,  i am reinstall dvb card , and hope with new kernel automatic install mantis dvb card on kubuntu , now i need reboot comp.00:15
nyavuzgood night for now00:15
nuovodnajudax: ;)00:15
judaxnyavuz: good night00:15
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blainis there a package manager in kde that shows the package tree?00:25
burr__im having a problem with panels -.-00:42
burr__how do i make panel spacers invisible?00:46
mikisidhi all how can i install gui for clam antivirus?00:53
burr__can anyone help?00:57
lucas_Boa noite!01:47
lucas_Alguém na linha?01:47
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JohanSJAany both Ubuntu and Kubuntu user here? I wish to see how they differ.04:29
dan_____so I just installed freeciv from the package manager.  But, I can't seem to find it in the menu.  Any guesses as to what that might mean?04:59
jerry_need some help guys, i can't enable my desktop effects in kubuntu 10.0405:45
jerry_error: Failed to activate desktop effects using the given configuration options. Settings will be reverted to their previous values. Check your X configuration. You may also consider changing advanced options, especially changing the compositing type.05:46
thenappyhi every body05:58
thenappyso z can u help me05:58
thenappyi wan install skype in ubuntu05:58
thenappyplz someone help me05:59
AzureDragonHey, I've got a weird audio bug. Sound works to begin with, but after only a few minutes of being logged in any new applications that I launch don't have sound. If I lanch Amarok a few minutes after I login for example, it gives me a Phonon error saying the sound device is not working.06:27
AzureDragonBut anything that was lanched beforehand still functions just fine.06:27
AzureDragonanyone got any ideas?06:28
poyntzwhen I try to install new splash screens using the GUI install fails. is there anyway to fix this?06:31
poyntzi tried installing kpackagekit but the program doesn't work in kde 4.4 anyway i don't think. either that or all the reps are out of date :/06:39
* AzureDragon solved his own sound problem. :D07:01
Shadow_sunДобрый день! Тут есть кто-то из Украины?07:45
maco!ru | Shadow_sun07:46
ubottuShadow_sun: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:46
jussiIm trying to convert flv to swf on kubuntu, anyone have any idea on how?08:37
bazhangffmpeg -i input.flv -acodec copy -vcodec copy output.swf may well work jussi08:39
jussibazhang: thanks. :D I think I just found same thing on the forums :)08:39
jussibazhang: hrm, that does strange things. I also have wmv of the vid, is it the same or similar command to do it from wmv?08:49
bazhangjussi, not sure, never tried it with ffmpeg (need an ffmpeg with all the supporting codecs) works fine with jdong's PPA of handbrake though08:50
bazhangie wmv to mp4 etc08:50
deusranyone know tell me if the driver sis 671/771 is engaged the effects of kubuntu?08:56
bazhangxserver-xorg-video-sis deusr this?08:57
deusrbazhang: want to see the contents of xorg?09:03
bazhangdeusr, are you setting a custom one?09:03
deusrbazhang: I try to activate and says he can not, ask to check the xorg, but this board is védeo sis I said09:05
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=347451&page=2 there is a sample xorg.conf here deusr09:09
deusrbazhang: I know what I need to put in xorg to enable desktop effects in KDE09:13
bazhangdeusr, did you check that link?09:14
deusrI read everything09:15
bazhangdeusr, you know what you need? problem fixed then?09:16
amichairanyone know how to get rid of video tearing on TV when using TwinView? or in which channel someone might know?09:16
bazhangamichair, twinview is dual screens? such as in xrandr?09:17
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1209:17
amichairbazhang: yes, it's nvidia's dual screen thing09:17
deusrbazhang: I'm still reading the forum09:19
amichairdoesn't look like xrander12 is supported on my board09:21
gunsofbrixtonhi, are kde 4.5 rc2 packages coming?09:32
liquidathej there...10:21
fantiwhy does the java build-tool 'ant' depend on gcj  while sun-java6-jdk is already installed?10:21
liquidatfanti: Are the alternatives set? Maybe it is a file depedency and not a package dependency (is that even possible with deb/apt-get?)?10:32
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thefishi have nvidia twinview set up and "almost" working with kubuntu 1004, but the secondary display has no background, i dont get r-click menus, and i cant place widgets on it - anyone have any ideas where to look?11:44
thefish^ i can drag windows to it fine though11:44
hrwsomeone know where in Kubuntu I can really configure printers? SystemSettings->Printers do not work11:48
Andrew9hrw: they do, i installed two printers. no problems at all11:49
hrwAndrew9: not in 10.1011:50
hrwI have printer connected to one machine and need to configure few others to use it11:51
Andrew9hrw: it's an early beta so you should expect a lot of problems..11:51
hrwAndrew9: I know, but I do not know why I have a feeling that if soemthing is not working in ubuntu then there is nearly no docs for it11:52
hrwsince 6.10 cups web interface asks for password but no information which exactly method is needed to get it working (for example)11:52
Andrew9hrw: linux operating systems can be very expensive. maybe you don't pay with your money but you pay with your time. so you should know if you really need to waste your time on that..11:56
hrwAndrew9: tell me something new please - I use Debian since 1999, Ubuntu since @canonical (so few months)11:57
Torchhrw: using pre-release distros and then complaining about lack of documentation doesn't go well together.12:00
starslightshi Torch, has the workaround i give you, has helped your friend with kernel and nvidia problem fixed ? :p12:01
hrwTorch: there is no docs for that for 10.04 either12:02
Torchstarslights: you must be mistaking me for somebody else. i have no friend with kernel and nvidia problems...12:02
starslightssorry m8, yep, it was another guy :/ i appologize12:03
starslightsi have right see the log ;)12:04
hrwbug 331192 hits again12:06
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TazzypillarHello! I am new to KDE and wanted to ask..where exactly do I change my desktop background? xD;;14:04
nuovodnais there any packages for menubar plasmoid for KDE 4.4.90 ???14:04
TazzypillarI also wanted to know if there was anything like DockBarX for KDE; to make only application icons show up like in Windows 714:05
nuovodnaTazzypillar: for a plasmoid similar "DockBarX" i suggest you plasma-widget-smooth-task14:06
nuovodnait s a great plasmoid!14:06
TazzypillarWhere do I get it? u:14:06
TazzypillarI'm /really new/14:06
nuovodnaTazzypillar: if you wann change desktop background u can right click mouse on desktop and change as u want14:07
nuovodnayou can install smooth-tasks using kpackagekit14:07
TazzypillarOkay, thanks~~14:09
nuovodnaTazzypillar: have you solved?14:18
Tazzypillarthis is very nice :D14:19
Tazzypillarthanks so much~14:19
dexHello. Anyone got experience of using b43 driver (bcm4318)? Having some trouble with it.14:23
TazzypillarOne question, nuovodna; is there anyway i can pin applications to the applet?14:24
Tazzypillaroh, it's  widget14:25
TazzypillarSorry, I'm still used to gnome14:25
BluesKajTazzypillar, yes just right click on the app in the kmenu and choose , add to panel14:33
TazzypillarAh, alright14:34
TazzypillarAnd another one(i'm sorry i'm being so bothersome), the only real problem i've had with KDE so far is  with KDEwallet and my  wireless; the wireless asks me for my password while it's connecting and KDE asks for my password for...lots of things14:35
Tazzypillarany way I can make the security relax a little?14:35
BluesKajyeah Tazzypillar , i thought I would give the new gdm 2.30.2 a try on maverick . Nice , but tnot my cuppa tea.14:36
gunsofbrixtonTazzypillar: you could change the password to blank...14:36
nuovodnaTazzypillar: you can use kwalletmanager to set up the wallet behaviour14:37
BluesKajTazzypillar, yeah the wifi wallet pw request seems to not take the settings one chooses14:37
Tazzypillarwell i can't set the password to blank, this isn't really my internet14:38
gunsofbrixtonTazzypillar: your kwallet password14:39
BluesKajnuovodna, I've tried to make the wifi pw not bother me each time by choosing always allow , but the setting doesn't seem to register14:39
gunsofbrixtonyeah the wifi pw thing is a pain in the butt :)14:39
nuovodnaBluesKaj: here seems to work (kde 4.4.90 on lucid)14:40
BluesKaji think the wallet s nothing but a PITA anyway14:40
Tazzypillarand if I set the kwallet password to blank14:41
TazzypillarDo I still need it to log in?14:41
BluesKajnuovodna, I recentlu updated to 4.4 as well, but no difference , still the same here14:42
Tazzypillaroh gawd, i dont even know if i have the latest version of KDE14:42
Tazzypillarhow do I check that? i'm running lucid right now14:43
BluesKajnuovodna, sorry I meant 4.4.514:43
nuovodnaBluesKaj:  perhaps with 4.5 series they have fixed14:44
TazzypillarHow do I find out if I have 4.4 or 4.5?14:45
Tazzypillaralso; how are they different ;w;14:45
BluesKajnuovodna, here's the repos I used to upgrade kde , deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu lucid main...do you have one thatwill bring me up to date ?14:45
nuovodnaBluesKaj: kde 4.5 is not the final version is in release candidate phase now. You can try it using this ppa https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta14:46
nuovodnaif you wait some days the kubuntu devs will update to 4.4.92 ( KDE 4.5 RC2)14:47
TazzypillarSo uh, what's different between KDE4 and 4.5?14:48
nuovodnakde 4.5 is kde4 !!! ;)14:48
nuovodna4.5 is the new 4.x release14:49
nuovodnait will be official released in the beginning of august14:49
TazzypillarOoooh, I see14:53
TazzypillarSo it's not like the jump between Gnome2.3 and Gnome 3, correct?14:54
TorchTazzypillar: we haven't seen yet what that jump will actually look like14:54
BluesKajwell, nuovodna , I'm presently updating so we'll see what happens .I'm in a gambling mood today :)14:54
TorchTazzypillar: but it's not like you're missing massive new features and earth-shattering innovations if you don't upgrade today.14:55
nuovodnaBluesKaj:  good luck!! :)14:55
BluesKajTazzypillar, I was under the impression that gnome 3 would be the default on maverick. I was disappointed14:55
TazzypillarSo was I, BluesKaj14:58
TazzypillarI'm going to go for Gnome3 when Maverick comes out anyway, though14:58
TazzypillarSo I don't mind14:58
BluesKajthe talk over at #ubuntu was that gnome3 is the default desktop manager ...guess I was mistaken14:58
MaVetry not to nickalert me14:58
TazzypillarMaybe it will be for linuxmint14:58
Tazzypillaroh thats14:59
Tazzypillarwow, that's unfortunate14:59
Tazzypillaranyway, linux mint might do Gnome3, though i doubt it14:59
Tazzypillarbut i can hope D:15:00
TorchTazzypillar: maybe you can hope for gnome somewhere else though, and not here in #kubuntu15:01
BluesKajnuovodna, heh, I have 48 conflicts after upgrading to 4.5.... oops15:02
BluesKajnow we'll see if this thing will reboot15:02
TazzypillarOkay; new question, is there any way to make the smooth task applet use the icons I have set as favorites?15:06
BluesKajwell, the dumb wallet still wants my pw to connect wifi...I see NM was kept back in the upgrade so the problem won't go away until the suspended packages are upgraded on the repos/server15:07
igorsnhello !15:09
TorchBluesKaj: did you do a dist-upgrade?15:09
BluesKajand I'm still running kde 4.4.515:09
BluesKajno Torch , just a kde upgrade15:10
TorchBluesKaj: after adding the repo for 4.5 you'll need to do a dist-upgrade15:10
Torch(a dist-upgrade is NOT an upgrade to a new kubuntu version)15:11
BluesKajdist-upgrade used to install the version of the OS iirc15:12
TorchBluesKaj: no.15:12
TorchBluesKaj: no15:12
TorchBluesKaj: it's used to pull in dependencies15:12
TorchBluesKaj: if you upgrade KDE you'll need that or you'll get no end of blocked pacakges15:13
TorchBluesKaj: resulting in an incomplete update15:13
TorchBluesKaj: the name is misleading15:13
BluesKajsudo do-release-upgrade is the new command for upgrading to the next release15:14
TorchBluesKaj: look, i don't want to argue about this, i was trying to help you.15:15
BluesKajI'm aware , but i remember when we use sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:15
TorchBluesKaj: if you don't want support, that's fine with me ;-)15:15
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.15:15
PiciBluesKaj: People used to do that in conjunction with modifying /etc/apt/sources.list with the new release name, but thats not really the supported method anymore, although it might still work.15:16
TorchPici: as long as ubuntu don't break apt and dpkg, this is guaranteed to work15:16
BluesKajyeah, that's what I was trying to say Pici , thanks15:16
BluesKajPici, yeah, it doesn't work in conjunction with changing the repos to the new OS , tried that afew dists ago and ended up as Torch says with no end of probs ...I still think erroneously about dist-upgrade as a "distro-upgrade"15:20
* Torch just updated his notebook like that a couple of days ago.15:20
Torchworks fine.15:20
PiciBluesKaj: Thats why I made the factoid, lots of people still think that.15:20
nuovodnaBluesKaj:  how kde 4.5 works ??15:20
BluesKajnuovodna, not there yet :)15:21
BluesKajTorch, upgrading kde as we speak, no probs yet15:22
BluesKajthis dist-upgrade is confusing for a lot of ppl , why wasn't it changed to something less so.15:25
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TorchBluesKaj: all this is debian stuff15:27
TorchBluesKaj: you can't just go around and change that15:27
BluesKajyeah Torch , but I think that's almost unforgiveable, ppl can really screw their systems because of that oversight , or is it just neglect ?15:29
TorchBluesKaj: people shouldn't use the command line if they're not competent enough to do so.15:29
BluesKajTorch, that's not a fair statement , being compliant is one thing but using a command that used to do one and changing it to do something else is wrong.15:31
TorchBluesKaj: huh? no one changed anything.15:31
TorchBluesKaj: apt-get dist-upgrade does what it has always done on debian.15:31
BluesKajthis is kubuntu, notdebian15:31
TorchBluesKaj: it's a debian-based distro15:32
TazzypillarIs there any way to get the applications pinned to my panel to work with the smooth task widget?15:32
BluesKajno matter15:32
Misterio!debian | Torch15:32
ubottuTorch: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!15:32
Tazzypillarso I don't have the applets hanging out on my windows twice, i mean15:32
* Torch gives up and goes back to coding.15:33
BluesKajTazzypillar, do you mean as quick launches and showing in the taskbar simultaneously ?15:34
TazzypillarThat would probably be optimal, yeah15:34
BluesKajMisterio, good point ,I think ppl just drop in here to show off their linux chops and troll around looking to correct others mistakes rather than helping15:35
BluesKajTazzypillar, did you add a taskbar widget ?15:36
Tazzypillaryeah, smooth taskbar15:36
Tazzypillarthe one that's just icons instead of the text boxes15:37
Tazzypillarit works well except even if I have an icon on the panel it makes its own icon15:37
BluesKajthat's what a taskbar does, it shows what's being used ...sorry Tazzypillar idon't understand the problem15:38
TazzypillarUm, okay uhh, how to explain15:39
Tazzypillaryou know how on windows 7 you can pin the launchers to the task bar?15:39
Tazzypillarand if you click on it it won't make an icon to show you it's being used15:39
BluesKajit highlights the icon instead15:40
TazzypillarWell, that's basically what I want, and it mostly works except the widget isn't meant to use pinned icons from the panel15:40
Tazzypillaryeah, exactly15:40
TazzypillarSo what I have is the icons I pinned to the panel15:40
Tazzypillarand then the icons of the apps which are being used15:40
Tazzypillarwhich right now means I have eight icons where I could have four15:41
BluesKajTazzypillar, sorry i dunno , maybe someone elase knows how , if it can be done .15:41
gunsofbrixtonTazzypillar: I'd ask in #kde15:50
daniel__how can i know if the graphic's drivers are installed right =16:01
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solifugusdumb question, perhaps, but how can I get a snapshot of an application window?17:21
slinker1prtscr button?17:21
James147slinker1: ksnapshot (launched via print screen button)17:22
TeslaTonyA screenshot?17:22
James147solifugus: ^^17:22
James147solifugus: once launched it allows you to take a screen shot of the whole screen, the window under the cursor or a region of the screen17:23
TeslaTonyOr just trim with Gimp17:23
solifuguscool.. thanks17:24
James147TeslaTony: its easier to take a shot of just a window... then editing a shot after :)17:24
James147TeslaTony: any cleaner and quicker :D17:24
TeslaTonyI'm a fan of making my life difficult17:25
marlindoes anyone know how to use "keep" backup?17:37
marlindoes anyone know how to use "keep" backup?17:39
James147marlin: launch it and add a directory then start the deamon :S17:41
marlinThanks james... I can backup and restore just fine.  The problem that I have is what if i reload the system.   And  i need to restore from a backup.  there is no choice to import from a different hard drive17:42
PlasmastarHi, my kubuntu installer crashed last time I attempted to install Kubuntu. I pulled it out of a sleep like mode before it happened. Any way to prevent this from happening?17:43
marlinPlas.. try to update hardware drivers17:43
PlasmastarI got it on once, but apparently unhibernating Windows can cause problems. :)17:45
marlinany thoughts on that James?17:45
James147marlin: there is an option to "Use a custom back up directory" i suggest using that :S17:46
marlinI copied the backup from a hard drive to a thumb drive.  I browsed to the thumb drive and the "next" was greyed out17:47
James147marlin: sorry, not sure never used it before and I cant seem to get it to backup anything to test it17:52
marlinAny other backups that you like?  gui?17:52
James147marlin: try "luckybackup"17:53
marlingreat name!  LOL are you lucky or....... not??17:53
marlinI will try that thanks James17:55
KDeskhi, do you know where to find package for kde 4.5 RC2 ?18:30
ridini'm not sure, someone said it's in the ppa18:30
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James147KDesk: I think they are still being built they will eb anounced at http://www.kubuntu.org/news when they are ready18:32
James147slinker1: ^^ thats rc1 not 2 but that ppa will be used for RC2 when its built18:32
slinker1oh sorry didnt see the 218:32
KDeskJames147: ah, ok, thanks for the info.18:33
James147so if you add the ppa from the link above you will be prompted for an update when RC2 is ready18:33
KDeskIs the RC1 like a release candidate, not many problems?18:34
James147I am not have any major problems with it18:34
James147but its never recomended to upgrade till its released18:34
slinker1what james said but no issues here wither18:35
James147and the fact its called RC... means it 'is' a release candidate so yea, its 'like' a release candidate :D18:36
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solifugusUsing this Quassel, does anyone know how to connect to irc.freenode.net?18:42
solifugusI'm stuck on kubuntu irc18:42
bazhangsolifugus, you are on freenode now18:43
bazhangsolifugus, try /join #channel18:43
ridini recommend xchat as your irc client18:43
ridini hate quassel -_-18:43
James147solifugus: setting > networks... but freenode is there by default18:43
solifugusok.. little confused as to why it says kubuntu irc18:43
James147solifugus: its just a name quassel gives it :S18:44
solifugusridin: quassel is doing one thing nice for me--making it clear where someone said something to me..18:44
James147solifugus: look at settings >network to change it18:44
solifugusI got it now..  I was trying irc commands and they weren't working...18:45
solifugusI mean, to connect to freenode.. the gui way works.. and i guess i was here already, too18:45
starslightshello, i have a question about a folder under lucid LVM, i have running rkunter and it said a sucpicius file are found in "/dev/shm/ecryptfs-xxxxxxxxxPrivate" it's a  ASCII text with only the number 1 in the text file, so i just want to know if it's a false positive,, thanks for any help :P18:52
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judgenI know you guys and gal's know more than me on this topic, so i want to find a default gtkrc-2.0 rc anyone got one? that is able to post it to a pastebin. As amiwm reverts back to fail if not present.19:34
judgenall kubuntu users have one appearantly, but i do not.19:36
judgenso all revert back to gtk default in amiwm19:36
macoer: whats that?20:04
erone site to game cod420:04
macowhat does that have to do with kubuntu tech support?20:04
ernothing sory20:05
ubuntuHow can I find files and folder in Kubuntu 10.04 with a gui program?20:41
ubuntuI cannot find "find files/folders" in the startmenu.20:41
James147ubuntu: open dolphin: crtl+f  (or use the search bar at the top for a nepomuk search)20:42
ubuntuok, thank you!20:44
solifugusHow can I get rid of the ugly desktop window/box thingy on the upper left?20:48
solifugusWait.. there was an X and that did it.20:48
solifugus(just not where expected)20:48
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nebulashelp !21:26
nebulasHow to Fix Ubuntu logo as restart gives me a black screen to fix it irritates me a lot21:26
slinker1video card?21:26
slinker1try there fixed up my nvidia splash21:27
nebulasgeforce 6600TD21:27
slinker1using nvidia driver?21:28
sleepwlkerHello Kubuntu users!21:28
slinker1on that page are two fixes for nvidia worked well for me ymmv21:28
slinker1hiya sleepwlker21:28
sleepwlkerSo I've got a few questions21:29
sleepwlkerI just installed a 2nd gig of RAM on my dad's laptop21:29
sleepwlkercause he thought it needed more21:29
slinker1ok shoot21:29
sleepwlkerbutI think what would really boost it's performance is using Kubuntu21:30
sleepwlkerI don't think my dad would get entirely away from his windows XP though21:30
sleepwlkerso I need to know21:30
blainwhy it's not possible to connect to a wireless network which ssid is not broadcasted?21:30
sleepwlkerHow much HD space does the Kubuntu partition take up?21:30
FloodBotK2sleepwlker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:30
blainsleepwlker 20gb21:30
blainto be safe21:30
blainyou can later increase it21:30
sleepwlkerBut 20GB is the minimum?21:31
sleepwlkerIf he doesn't like the Kubuntu21:31
sleepwlkerI can just reformat the partition21:31
FloodBotK2sleepwlker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:31
slinker1i am using 15 gigs with virtualbox winxp vixta 7 images all apps and some data21:31
sleepwlkerand make it FAT32 again right?21:31
sleepwlkerand he can then use that for Windows file type storage21:31
blainwell 10gb will be enough21:31
blainhe can later extend the partition yes21:31
blainbut that works better with ntfs21:31
blaininstead of fat3221:32
blainyou will use the space you free for 3 partitions21:33
sleepwlker3 partition?21:33
blainswap, /, /home21:34
blainon top of lvm21:34
blainbut won't be seen if he boots into windows afterwards21:35
sleepwlkerWhat is lvm?21:35
sleepwlkerLinux Virtual Machine?21:35
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto21:35
blainforget RAID21:35
blainlvm gives you more freedom if you need to expand partitions21:36
sleepwlkerWell I think his harddrive is only 60GB21:36
blainusing chunks of disks21:36
sleepwlkerAnd I think Windows + Files are taking up like 30 right now21:36
sleepwlkerI'm deleting everything of mine off of his laptop21:36
blainand then free up 15gb21:36
sleepwlkerand getting rid of programs21:36
blainusing the kubuntu cd during installation21:36
blaindon't free in windows21:37
sleepwlkerSo if he has a 60GB harddrive21:37
sleepwlkerAnd I install Kubuntu21:37
sleepwlkerhe should have 40GB left afterwards21:38
sleepwlkerFor Windows that is21:38
dietessHelp: What program(in shell) is to hot load kernel into ram and to load into it21:40
blainsleepwlker http://inetpro.org/pastebin/839021:41
blainmodprobe? insmod?21:41
dietesssomthing as k***21:41
sleepwlkerAlso, the only difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu is the GUI right?21:42
dietessHelp: What program(in shell) is to hot load kernel into ram from disk in linux(from bash as example) and to load into it21:42
blainthats a big differnece sleepwlker21:42
blainthe GUI is what you work with21:43
sleepwlkerI know21:43
sleepwlkerbut how much different is the GUI on Ubuntu?21:43
blaini mean it depends on what you do21:43
blainbut it's like21:43
blainthe monitor is what you see from the pc21:43
blainso it shouldnt be the cheapest part21:44
blainhang on21:44
sleepwlkerI just googled Ubuntu21:44
sleepwlkerI think my dad would be more comfortable with a Kubuntu21:45
sleepwlkerKubuntu seems more like Windows than Ubuntu is21:45
blainyeah it's more similar to wdinwos21:45
blainsnake documentary on TV, brb21:46
sleepwlkerWelcome back21:55
blainthank you21:57
sleepwlkerI love visual studio21:58
sleepwlkerbut it installed so many little components21:58
sleepwlkerthat taking them all out21:58
sleepwlkeris a pain in the ass21:58
FloodBotK2sleepwlker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:58
blainlinux is like that21:58
sleepwlkerIs there a good C/++ IDE for Linux?21:58
sleepwlkerThe only IDE I have in my Linux partition is Netbeans21:59
olskolirci installed openoffice.org 3 and i can't find it in my office menu list - im on Intrepid Kubuntu how do I fix this21:59
sleepwlkerI thought Open Office came preinstalled with Kubuntu22:00
blainolskolirc did you install using the repository?22:00
olskolircno blain i couldn't find it or the pgp key22:01
sleepwlkerFromw hat I have learned in my very inextensive using of Linux22:02
sleepwlkeris that most things can be found in packages22:02
sleepwlkerand it is not wise to install something not in a repository package22:03
olskolirci wanted openoffice.org 3 sleepwwlker22:03
sleepwlkerSo your Kubuntu came with Open Office22:05
sleepwlkerbut it wasn't V322:05
sleepwlkeris that what youare saying?22:05
sleepwlkerThe same thing that makes Java great22:07
sleepwlkeris also its greatest weakness22:07
sleepwlkerSo sad22:07
blainmarine@tesla:~$ apt-cache policy openoffice.org-writer22:08
blainInstalled: 1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.122:08
blainCandidate: 1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.122:08
FloodBotK2blain: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:08
blainseems version 3 to me22:08
sleepwlkerThe stupid FloodBot always attacks me when I type too fast22:08
sleepwlkerCause I type at up to 80 WPM22:08
sleepwlkerIt's frustrating22:09
blainyeah, you're like a sleep walker22:09
sleepwlker10/infinity Visual Studio components uninstalled22:09
sleepwlkerHopefully I can get my dad's HD space to be between 30 and 35 free gigs22:10
sleepwlkerthen I can try to convince him to let me install a Kubuntu partition22:11
blaindont forget to defrag first22:11
sleepwlkerWhat I really want to do22:11
sleepwlkeris reformat this little pile of crap22:11
sleepwlkerbecause I'm fairly certain he has never reformatted it22:12
blainunless there are serious problems22:12
blainthere's no neeed to format22:12
sleepwlkerHe's been using this thing for atleast 6-8 years22:12
sleepwlkerI'm sure hes built up all kinds of viruses and spywares and crap22:12
sleepwlkerI think I'll keep the .NET stuff22:13
sleepwlkerIncase he everneeds any to run any .NET apps22:13
sleepwlkerI still had WampServer and MySQL installed22:16
sleepwlkerThose are from so long ago it's not funny22:16
sleepwlkerbut yet it says they've been used frequently22:16
sleepwlkerI deleted tonsof stuff22:17
sleepwlkerand it says I went down in free space22:17
sleepwlkerWtf man22:17
sleepwlkerI'm gonna start the defrag now I guess22:18
sleepwlkerOnly 60GB so hopefully it won't take all day22:18
sleepwlkerThis compy has like22:18
sleepwlker250 on it I think22:18
sleepwlkerand it takes forever22:18
FloodBotK2sleepwlker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:18
sleepwlkerGTFO ME22:19
sleepwlkeron my Linux partition22:22
sleepwlkermy DL speed is so much faster22:22
sleepwlkerbut it is kind of unstable22:22
FloodBotK2sleepwlker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:22
blainthat's weird22:25
blainmust be some kind of overhead22:25
sleepwlker12% defragged22:25
sleepwlkerGonna install some bug fixes and whatnot for my Linux22:25
sleepwlkerI don't think he's gonna let me put a linux partition in22:44
blainsure it will22:44
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