Mezwhy can't I set a bug as "Won't fix" that is filed against Debian?00:24
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list.index(x): x not in list (https://launchpad.net/bugs/491839)00:24
Mezit recognises me as Maintainer.00:25
wgrantMez: You need to be the Debian bug supervisor or owner.00:26
wgrantYou're in the DD team, but that appears to be just the members team.00:26
wgrantAnd that doesn't have any privileges.00:26
wgrantDebian also obviously doesn't use LP for bug tracking, so it's not terribly clear whether you should be changing the status manually in LP. Is there not a BTS bug to link to?00:27
Mezbecause it's a failbug00:33
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Quintasanjames_w: I still can't get the revno to work, it won't expand no matter what I do. Buildlog (with -v) -> http://wklej.org/id/362175/ , changelog (the one I created) -> http://wklej.org/id/362176/  ,  recipe -> http://wklej.org/id/362177/01:00
lifelessMez: what do you mean a 'failbug'01:01
james_wQuintasan: that is odd01:05
james_wQuintasan: do you have work/debian/changelog ?01:05
Quintasanjames_w: hmm no, the debian/changelog is in project-neon-1.0-{revno}01:06
Quintasanshould I move it there?01:06
james_wQuintasan: hang on01:07
james_wQuintasan: what's the ls of your $PWD?01:07
Quintasanchangelog  nightly.asc  project-neon  project-neon-qt.recipe  qt-ubuntu  work01:07
james_wQuintasan: and work contains project-neon-1.0-{revno}?01:08
Quintasanwhy on earth changelog landed up in my home?01:09
james_wQuintasan: and there is a debian/changelog in there?01:09
Quintasanjames_w: yes01:09
Quintasanand it contains what I sent you01:10
james_wQuintasan: ok, thanks, let me read the code and see if I can work out what is going on01:10
Quintasanjames_w: by the way, with the current recipe, will it work like this: grab code -> grab debian dir -> create new changelog entry -> *changes file ?01:11
james_wQuintasan: yes01:11
james_wQuintasan: so, your changelog has a syntax error, I wonder if it is that01:12
james_w-- Michał Zając <michal.zajac@gmail.com>, Wed, 30 Jun 2010 18:37:43 +020001:12
james_wthere shouldn't be a comma after your email address, it should be two spaces before the date I believe01:12
Quintasanhmm, it was generate by my dch I belive01:13
Quintasanlet me redo it01:13
james_wI don't see why that would give you that behaviour though01:14
Quintasandamn you, colons and semi-colons01:16
Quintasanjames_w: such a trivial issue :(01:16
james_wQuintasan: it is fixed?01:17
QuintasanI think yes, I get Building the source package and it does something (probably)01:18
james_wQuintasan: good01:18
james_wQuintasan: I will file some bugs01:18
Quintasanyeah, worked01:19
james_wthanks for your help Quintasan01:19
Quintasanno problem :)01:19
Quintasanwell, back to hacking Project Neon01:20
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spm*** FYI. restarting the lpnet production (not edge) app servers for a Cherry Pick ***02:34
lifelessis that user visible, generally ?02:36
lifelessjust curious02:36
spmmaybe. if you manage to time it just right, sure.02:37
wgrantHeh, yes, it is user-visible.02:40
wgrantApparently back now, though.02:40
spmwell. sorta. still restarting them all.02:42
spmand should be done.02:43
spm*** FYI. About to restart ppa uploads for a Cherry Pick ***02:47
spmand back02:48
wgrantThe archive restricted families one?02:51
wgrantI don't see why edge is excluded from that.02:51
wgrantIt still needs it.02:51
spmit does, I was just going to rnu a manual auto edge update tho; not a special02:51
wgrantAh, right.02:52
spmwgrant: shoulda mentioned sooner, edge should be groovy now too03:31
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sluimersHi there! I've got a problem with uploading/building my personal package, it keeps saying it's unable to locate crtn.o .11:55
sluimersCould anyone help me with this?11:56
jpdssluimers: It seems to be in: libc6-dev: /usr/lib/crtn.o11:56
sluimersYes, but despite adding that as a build dependency it still can't find it.11:57
sluimersBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 7), libtool (>= 2.2), libaudiere-dev, libwxgtk2.8-dev, libsdl1.2-dev, libpng12-0, libpng12-dev, libjpeg62, libjpeg62-dev, libc6-dev (>= 2.10)11:58
sluimersThere, should be clear now wht the problem is12:02
yofel_hm, is it intentional that https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+expirable-bugs shows all incomplete bugs and not only those with can_expire set?12:31
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deryckyofel, it shouldn't be all incomplete bugs.  there is a set of requirements for being expirable.  having said that, bdmurray is doing some work in this area of the code, and possibly there is a new bug now?12:35
deryckcan_expire is going away, for example.12:36
yofelah, thx anyway, I'm just irritated as that list shows bug that were changed minutes ago too, or mabe I'm misunderstanding what that list is supposed to show...12:40
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[diablo]afternoon all13:08
[diablo]guys, I registered a project we want to develop, and later a team13:08
[diablo]I wish to change the ownership of the project from me, to the team13:08
[diablo]anyone know where I can do this please?13:08
[diablo]ah sorry, got it13:10
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Phantomashello, if a user commits a bug, which is more like a feature request, or some improvements, with a code tarball attached, how should I handle the bug? I mean, it's not really a bug, is it?13:37
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nuovodnaKangOl: hi14:41
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yofelhm, can someone else check if they see the comments from 'lau' on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/283168 ? They aren's shown on the main page but only in the full activity log here.15:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 283168 in Ubuntu "gfloppy write permission denied with external usb floppy (affected: 1, heat: 7)" [Low,Incomplete]15:34
warp10Anybody around available to help me a little with a daily-build recipe issue?15:39
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bdmurrayyofel: can you elaborate on what is wrong?16:41
bdmurrayyofel: the list shows bug reports that *may* expire if enough time passes and the can_expire attribute is the same thing.  If you look at the list of expirable bugs on production and edge they are not different.  If you want to find out if a bug is eligible for expiration right now, using the default date criteria, you can use bug.isExpirable().16:56
bdmurrayyofel: The content of +expirablebugs should not have changed at all16:57
yofelbdmurray: ah, thanks for the explenation17:08
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prafullaI am unable to view the above file17:32
prafullait says "there was some problem connecting to server"17:32
prafullacan some admin at launchpad take a look ?17:32
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shadeslayerhi ...  any lp admins around...17:48
shadeslayerrekonq is going to be shipped as the default web browser for kubuntu,unfortunately,when adding comments with it on bugs.lp i get a error,but when i refresh the page i see the comment was added17:49
shadeslayerthis needs to be fixed asap17:49
shadeslayer( im part of the rekonq team + kubuntu member , so i took this responsibility of fixing this bug :P )17:50
shadeslayerfor eg. i just commented on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/k3b/+bug/32843217:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 328432 in k3b (Ubuntu) "k3b in kubuntu 8.10 freezes at 16x and does not trottle down (affected: 0, heat: 5)" [Undecided,New]17:50
shadeslayerLp said : The Following errors were encountered <Ok> : no actual error was listed tho17:51
shadeslayerand when i refreshed the page.. the comment was there17:51
shadeslayersetting the status seems to work fine tho17:51
shadeslayerno help contact as well...17:55
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rockstarshadeslayer, asking a question on the Launchpad project would be the best way to get an admin's attention.18:23
shadeslayerrockstar: uh... sure.. the question would should be assigned to launchpad right? ( like bugs are assigned packages and stuff )18:24
rockstarshadeslayer, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad18:25
shadeslayerrockstar: right.. thanks ;)18:25
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dspstvhia all,19:03
dspstvi want to make a copy of a built package but is not clear to me the difference between19:03
dspstv Rebuild the copied sources Copy existing binaries19:03
dspstvi will select copy19:04
dspstvbut im trying to get a lucid build into karmic19:04
dspstvim guessing copy won't work19:04
dspstvam i making a mess or is not clear enough for non native english speakers19:05
dspstvbtw, im reading this:19:09
dspstvand it has not mention whatsoever to my question..19:09
dspstvor is it here:19:10
dspstvIf you only copy the source, the corresponding build records are created in the destination PPA immediately.19:10
dspstvuhmm really not clear for me19:10
maxbdspstv: Are you trying to copy a package within one PPA, or from one PPA to a different destination PPA?19:16
dspstvfrom one to another19:16
dspstvorg is lucid dest karmic19:16
maxbOK. "Copy existing binaries" will result in the exact same .deb files simply being made available for download under a different distro series.19:17
dspstvmaxb: then that will be faster19:17
dspstvmaxb: thanks19:17
maxb"Rebuild the copied sources" will cause the source package to be rebuilt in a karmic environment - however, I strongly recommend against that in most cases, since the resulting packages will have the exact same name and version - the potential for confusion is high.19:18
dspstvi think it will be nice if there is a small description in there19:18
dspstvor no options should be offered19:18
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dspstvmaxb: now, is there a way to cancel a rebuild?19:20
maxbIt is not possible to cancel a build in progress. If you upload a new version that supersedes the old, or delete the source package, before a build starts, then it will be cancelled.19:21
dspstvok, too late though i noticed that for karmic i will get the lpia version that was not built for lucid dunno why19:22
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maxboh yes, that happens when you copy from a distro that has less architectures to one which has more19:34
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dspstvmaxb, yes, i now i have to wait for 4 hours to have a "copy"20:25
dspstvor more than 4.. who know20:25
dspstvim sure in not the first one choosing this copy options in the wrong way20:26
dspstvif only there was a small note...20:26
MTecknologyis it not possible to assign a bug to a certain person?20:37
lifelessunless you are their manager, no.20:38
lifelessthats reality :)20:38
lifelessuhm, I don't recall how lp models 'manager' - I thinkts 'bug control for the product'20:38
lifelesswhich is slightly surprising :)20:39
jonafanhi guys20:45
jonafani've been working on/hosting a project that i'm thinking about moving to launchpad20:45
jonafani currently have it broken up into 3 different branches20:46
jonafanshould i open 3 branches on launchpad, or should i merge them and put them in one branch?20:46
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shadeslayerrockstar: seems its a issue with webkit22:34
shadeslayernot rekonq22:35
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