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mythripkogra, Can you please share your tree , I suspect that you dont have necessary patches.. so for lag setting hdmimode is not taking effect06:00
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lagMorning sebjan08:47
lagHey hrw08:47
sebjanmorning lag08:47
lagI noticed some odd things about the current kernel08:47
mythripklag, can you please share your tree , I suspect that you dont have all the HDMI patches , Thus you setting omapdss.hdmimode is not effective08:49
cooloneylag: i download the image and dd it into my sd card08:49
cooloneyit boots from SD, as i saw x-loader and u-boot08:49
lagHello everyone! :)08:49
cooloneybut after u-boot loaded kernel and initrd.gz,08:50
lagmythripk: Yes, give me 1min08:50
cooloneyuncompressing the kernel is done, nothing happened on my serial now08:50
cooloneylag: need i connect a HDMI display to test that?08:50
cooloneysebjan: morning,08:50
lagcooloney: From he archive?08:51
sebjancooloney: morning08:51
cooloneylag: yeah, the image is from the url you emailed me08:51
hrwcooloney: wrong console?08:51
cooloneyhrw: oh, console=ttyO208:51
lagcooloney: You need HDMI08:51
lagSerial is turned off08:51
cooloneylag: that's what i'm guessing. i need to order one08:52
lagmythripk: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-omap408:52
lagcooloney: Don't order an LG08:52
cooloneylag: is that possible for me to get a working root fs which supports serial console?08:52
cooloneylag: -:)), i know that's your display, mine is viewsonic, but i don't have HDMI cable08:53
hrwI bought hdmi cables to <2€08:56
lagcooloney: Yes: dd the card -> mount it on your PC (before inserting it into your Panda) -> open boot.scr in your favourite editor -> Delete the u-boot header -> Place in console=ttyO2,115200n8 and save it onto your PC as boot.scr.clean-> Then run:08:57
lagsudo mkimage -A arm -T script -C none -n "Ubuntu boot script" -d boot.scr.clean /media/boot.scr08:57
cooloneylag: actually, i saw that console=ttyO2,115200n8 in my u-boot env09:03
cooloneylag: need i modify that?09:03
lagcooloney: That is ignored09:03
cooloneylag: oh, really. ok09:03
lagYou have to edit the boot.scr09:04
cooloneylag: cool, got it09:04
cooloneylag: and emmcsaveenv doesnot work in u-boot09:04
cooloneyi wanna store it into SD card if i modified something09:04
lagThe boot.scr is on the SD card09:05
cooloneyright, since i found a command named emmcsaveenv in u-boot09:06
cooloneyi assume i can rum emmcsaveenv to save my modified env values to SD card09:07
cooloneybut it does not work09:07
cooloneysebjan: is that true?09:07
cooloneysebjan: 09:07
sebjancooloney: yes, that's true09:08
sebjancooloney:  the emmcsaveenv can be used if you have a board with an emmc, so store the environment variables on emmc09:08
sebjancooloney: this works for a blaze (but not for a panda that does not have an emmc)09:08
sebjancooloney: so you cannot save the env variables to the SD card. You'll need to use the boot.scr.09:09
cooloneysebjan: thanks, got it09:09
lagsebjan: The kernel I tested on and subsequently did a request-pull from worked09:16
lagBut the current ti-omap4 branch does not09:16
lagI'm in the process of diffing the teo09:16
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lagsebjan: Is your tree public?09:41
sebjanlag: yes: git://dev.omapzoom.org/pub/scm/integration/kernel-ubuntu.git09:43
sebjanlag: I did not push the syslink patches yet on it, waiting to be sure the patch is functional09:44
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lagThat's what I wanted to see09:44
lagWhat tree are you testing the patches on?09:44
lagYour own?09:44
lagCan you paste the last 3 entries of your git log please sebjan?09:45
sebjanlag: I just pushed my current working branch to the for-ubuntu-2.6.34 branch, for you to see (note that I may re-order my patches in this branch later)09:59
lagDo you have a gitweb?10:00
lagsebjan: I see what's happened10:07
lagUnfortunately, Tim has chopped off the device_initcall(omap4_syslink_init); from the patch10:08
lagI'll speak to him when he gets in10:08
lagTake the patches from my tree10:09
sebjanlag: http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=integration/kernel-ubuntu.git10:09
lagsebjan: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=lag/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-omap4-syslink10:12
lagTake those two patches from my tree for now10:13
lagI'll speak to Tim when he gets in10:13
lagAnd get our kernel updated10:13
sebjanlag: ok, I'll update my patch with the device_initcall()10:17
lagNo problem10:17
lagI'll get it straightened out our end as soon as I can10:17
sebjanlag: ok, thanks!10:17
lagsebjan: np10:18
lagsebjan: As long as they keep paying me, I'll keep fixing bugs :D10:18
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ogramythripk, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=roc/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-ubuntu-2.6.34 it think its mostly identical to sebjan's tree10:43
mythripkya i got it from lag , I checked it looks ok.10:46
lagogra: Try not to use cooloney's tree10:47
lagUse the ti-omap4 branch in Maverick10:47
ograi thought they are the saame10:48
cooloneyogra: no,10:48
ograoh, ok10:48
cooloneyogra: rtg merged several patches from our mailist10:48
cooloneyogra: ti-omap4 in M is the one you wanna10:49
ograunder rtg's treeset ?10:50
lagorga: ?10:56
ogralag, where exactly is that tree11:01
lagIf I haven't made any spelling mistakes11:03
ograhmm. you apparently do11:03
ograi thought there are no unpersonalized trees11:04
lagchange http for git and it's the correct git URL11:04
ograah, snap11:05
ograi dont want to check it out, mythripk just asked for our tree above :)11:05
* ogra doesnt touch git if he's not forced to ... git is masochism imho11:06
lagI already gave it to her11:06
ograah, k, i didnt see that11:06
* ogra sees it now11:07
ograsorry, i'm a bit off track today11:07
* ogra just had one of his cats dieing in his lap 2h ago11:07
lagSorry to hear that ogra11:07
ogratrying to distract me with work11:07
ograits ok, better than suffering11:08
lagYes, much11:08
ogra(which she was for a week)11:08
ograi'm happy i didnt have to put her down which i would have done tomorrow ...11:08
lagDo you have any others?11:09
ograone other cat11:10
ograits a weird week11:10
ograwe also have a bunch of guineapigs11:10
ogramonday i found one of them dead in the cage11:10
ograat the same time the cat got sick ... vet could find anything11:10
lagIt's not your week is it?11:10
ogratotally not11:10
lagWell, these things are sent to test us11:11
ograwell, the cat was special, we got her from a special shelter for mistreated animals11:11
ograshe was never really healthy11:11
lagWhatever doesn't kill you will make you a stronger/better person11:11
lagI'm sure you gave her the best life she could have hoped for :)11:12
ograthey found her near a sports airport ... she had long fur that was so filthy that it had turned into plaster11:12
ograso she had broken all four legs trying to get free and broke out most of her teeth trying11:12
lagGet free from what?11:13
ograthe plastered fur11:13
lagHow did she break her legs trying to get out of her own fur?11:14
ograit was like a plaster cocoon when they found her11:14
ograwhen we got her the legs were ok again but she was shaven naked11:14
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ograintrestingly she fell immediately in love with me ... always bein on my side11:15
ograusually cats dont like me much and i dont like them much11:15
lagI changed my search from "naked pussy" to "naked cats" which sort more results I was after11:16
ogra<- dog guy11:16
lagI want to get a dog11:16
ograyeah, she looked similar, the head wasnt shaven though11:16
lagBut it's a lot of responsibility11:16
ograi kept from getting a dog because she was scared by dogs all her life11:17
ograi'll get one again now11:17
lagFrom the home?11:17
ograthough i'm not happy about the price i have to pay for that11:17
ograeither from a shelter or from a lab11:17
ograwe have some labs around here where you can get former laboratory animals11:18
ograwhich they put down otherwise11:19
* ogra had dogs for 19years until my last one died 2 years ago11:19
ograthese lab animals need some person with experience, they usually have never seen the outside world11:21
ograyou get something like a two year old puppy11:21
* ogra loves the challenge as you might guess :)11:22
ogralag, can we have something like http://gitorious.org/beagleboard-validation/linux/blobs/beagleboardXM/arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3beagle.c#line561 for the panda kernel ?13:11
ogra(to have one of the LEDs bound to MMC I/O)13:12
lagFor the Beagle?13:13
lagogra: It's already in our kernel?13:16
ograin omap4 ?13:16
lagOh I see13:17
ogranote the "for the panda kernel" in the sentence above :)13:17
lagYeah, didn't see that13:17
lagThought it was the remaining vomit from the URL13:17
ograbeagle shows me when the SD is accessed, would be nice if panda would do the same13:17
lagWhat does it do? Flashes on an IRQ?13:17
ograsomething like that, yeah13:18
ograyou can override it through sysfs13:18
ograthats a similar thing from userspace13:18
lagI see no reason why not - the two LEDs are seemingly unused13:18
ograogra@panda:~$ ls /sys/class/leds/13:20
lagPut a request in to TI13:20
ograapart from the fact that we dont seem to have enabled the triggers at all13:20
ograi see the modules though13:24
ogralooking at my dmesg i see a lot of:13:25
ograBUG: scheduling while atomic: mmcqd/48/0x0000000213:25
ograswapper: page allocation failure. order:3, mode:0x402013:25
lagOne thing at a time ogra13:28
ogratell that to my dmesg13:28
lagAre you going to put a request into TI for flashing LED13:28
lagIf you do, I'm happy to test and get it into our kernel13:28
* ogra wishes it would only expose one bug at a time :)13:28
ograi'll bring it up in the call today13:28
* lag can only actively work on one bug (per board) at a time13:29
ograintrestingly the panda didnt crash yet ...13:29
ogranot using X seems to help13:29
ograogra@panda:~$ uptime13:29
ogra 14:29:09 up 1 day,  1:09,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0013:29
ograso i think the hardlocks are realted to the framebuffer driver13:30
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hrwlag: you also do not know anything about LED subsystem and LED triggers?13:50
lagWhy do you ask?13:50
hrwyesterday it was ogra who needed informing13:51
ograhrw, i just carried forward my request with the patches koen pointed me to13:52
ograhrw, since its kernel team job to implement it13:52
ogra(though effectively its TI job, so i'll ask them)13:52
hrwbasically it is both13:53
hrwTI to make LED drivers for panda and anyone (TI or kernel team) to connect them in some way13:53
persiaHow do you mean "connect"?  Isn7t that just a matter of having a userspace utility?13:55
ograyou can do it in kernel13:55
ogradoesnt need any userspace, just sane defaults for the driver13:56
ograuserspace can override though13:56
ograthrough sysfs13:56
rsalvetilike the common definition we have for beagle13:56
laghrw: Why did you ask me your previous question?13:59
hrwlag: 14:18 < lag> What does it do? Flashes on an IRQ?14:01
hrwlag: that made me suspicious14:01
lagI see14:01
lagNo, the only time I've used LEDs within the kernel is directly14:02
lagWhy was it important to ask?14:02
hrwLED subsystem was written to make use of them easier. no need to know which gpio/etc needs to be switched because driver takes care (there is gpio_leds one).14:04
hrwso when board has leds then adding drivers makes them available for user to do anything14:04
hrwtriggers allow to use LEDs for many functions. there are ones which show access to mtd/sd/network, other for simple heartbeat (with regulated freq etc), other for 'default on'14:05
hrwso you can for example build laptop, give it 6 leds and by default set them to "hdd, wifi state, battery charging, AC, user1, user2"14:06
hrwand user can change it anyway he wants14:06
hrwmulticolor leds are exported as set of leds14:07
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gcldavidm: ping15:58
davidmHi Grant15:59
davidmgcl, did you just get my email? :-)15:59
gcldavidm: yup, just replied.  Today is a busy day, but I've got some time right now15:59
gclskype or pots?16:00
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rsalvetihm, need to set up a package proxy, rootstock is taking too long to download the packages21:11
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GrueMasterrsalveti: I'm using apt-mirror here.  I have ~88G for lucid & maverick.  Only Maverick source though.21:20
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yeah, apt-mirror would also help21:22
mpoirierdavidm ?21:35
davidmhi mpoirier21:39
mpoirierdavidm: daisy chain issue got fixed in rc4.21:40
mpoiriercompiling a patch for revert my hack.21:40
mpoirierwe can finally move to something else21:41
GrueMastermpoirier: let me know when you have a package to test.21:41
mpoirierGrueMaster: I'll touch base with you shortly.21:42
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