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thorwilkwwii, vish: http://www.foopics.com/showfull/93cd850ceff3f28cdc977cbd3da06fbd12:50
thorwilit's for http://www.ubuntu-mini-remix.org/12:51
kwwiithorwil: what is ubuntu mini?14:16
kwwiithorwil: looks nice though14:16
thorwilkwwii: it's a ubuntu stripped down to the essentials, to have a base for custom editions.15:01
vishthorwil: neat! ... but really UMR? ;p15:15
vishnot your fault though ;)15:15
kwwiioh well, time to go the airport....back online tomorrow15:43
kwwiihave fun15:43
thorwilvish: ty. well *shrug*15:52
thorwilnext round: http://www.foopics.com/showfull/8a8e94172ef70cc5296823bb4d1c307f17:12
vishthorwil: hmm , is it intentional to not be a reference to Ubuntu?18:43
thorwilvish: huh? how is it not a reference to ubuntu?18:44
vishthorwil: if we remove the "Ubuntu" , the logo would hardly be affiliated with Ubuntu , the CoF could be taken for a wheel with spokes18:45
vishor just a segmented circle...18:45
vishoh , Iron Man core :D18:47
thorwilvish: i don't see much value in restricting oneself to staying very close to the CoF. the width of the segments and the width of the gaps are derived from it. there's the ubuntu orange. that shall be enougjh18:47
vishthorwil: cool , I dont see the need either. but was just checking ;)18:48
* thorwil hits the road18:58

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