collinHaving an issue with fglrx and my new ATI Radeon HD 4670 card.00:21
collinWhen starting X, I can certainly hear the GDM login sound, but there is no visual output.00:21
collinPressing Enter and entering my password, then enter again apparently loads GNOME like normal. Still no visual output.00:22
collinAfter logging into GNOME, I can run fglrxinfo and glxinfo without issue.00:22
paultagcollin: psst, I see you00:23
collinpaultag: ohai.00:23
paultagdon't run!00:23
paultagcollin: did you start or do any work on whube comment stuff?00:23
collinpaultag: Not yet.00:24
paultagcollin: righto, thanks00:24
collinCurrently trying to get my graphics card working :P.00:24
paultagcollin: OK, now what's your issue00:24
paultagcollin: what do you mean load without issue?00:24
paultagcollin: like it will be a sole window on a black screen?00:24
collinpaultag: As in, they actually output something other than "segmentation fault" or "Cannot open screen"00:25
collinI can't see anything, though.00:25
paultagcollin: how are you running them?00:25
collinBoth of those commands are terminal-based commands.00:25
paultagwell yeah00:25
paultagcollin: are you running an export DISPLAY or something?00:25
collinNo, I'm not.00:26
collinI tried it, same issue.00:26
paultagcollin: so how are you running them?00:26
collinpaultag: I can use the keyboard to log in to GNOME through GDM and they run after that, terminal output.00:26
paultagcollin: how do you see the terminal, if you can't see GNOME is my question00:27
collinpaultag: virtual terminal00:27
paultagcollin: and how do you run the app? I asked if you had to use the export DISPLAY hack to run it00:28
paultagcollin: you won't connect to X unless you do that00:28
paultagit should "Error can not open Display"00:28
paultagunless you `export DISPLAY=:0.0`00:28
collinAlright, hang on.00:28
collinfglrxinfo only works after I use the keyboard to log in to GNOME.00:30
paultagcollin: still, it should fail unless you export 100%00:30
collinAnd after using the DISPLAY variable.00:30
collinor, var.00:30
paultagcollin: anyway, no big deal. So, the X session is active, but you can't see it00:31
paultagcollin: did you try a dpkg-reconfigure on xserver-xorg ?00:32
collinJust did - no effect.00:33
paultagcollin: what about the ati xserver config tool -- sec, I'll find it00:33
paultag/usr/bin/aticonfig --initial00:34
paultagcollin: does that run?00:34
collinYeah, I did that.00:34
paultagcollin: grr/00:34
paultagcollin: manually edit xorg.conf and try using the vesa driver00:34
collinI used VESA before - works fine.00:35
paultagcollin: I'd chalk this up to a crap ati driver :(00:35
* collin sighs00:36
paultagcollin: the xserver folks broke it around 9.04 or 8.10 ish00:36
collinThis should be a fairly common card.00:37
paultagcollin: but it's the nonfree driver00:37
paultagcollin: and iirc upstream is just jerking it, and not doing much00:37
collinDoes the free driver provide the same functionality?00:37
paultagcollin: I'm not sure00:38
paultagcollin: can't hurt to try00:38
collin"2D modesetting only: <snip> 4xxx"00:40
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FanshaweHello everyone. Me again. Wondering if there's a solution to the 'Failed to Suspend' error gnome power manager seems to give me everytime I close my laptop lid.02:35
FanshaweIt seems to successfully suspend, but gives the error upon coming back to the desktop.02:35
damo-manX is trying to load an nvidia module, but i have a radeon card- i can't find any mention of nvidia in any of the X config files - anyone have any ideas? I can't use Xorg -configure because it complains about the nvidia module not being able to be loaded02:36
damo-mananyone have any ideas?02:38
stlsaintFanshawe: not sure about your issue02:39
stlsaintdamo-man: what drivers are you using?02:39
damo-manwell, i'm not sure, but lspci gives me radeon ati express 20002:40
damo-manRadeon Xpress 200 that is02:40
damo-manso i assume it should use the radeon drivers02:40
damo-man"radeon" is listed under "List of video drivers" when Xorg -configure starts up02:41
damo-manxorg-server 2:1.7.6-2ubuntu7.2 is the one i'm running...02:41
damo-manCurrent Operating System: Linux jupiter 2.6.32-23-generic02:41
stlsaintdamo-man: what is listed in your hardware driver list?02:41
damo-manhow do i get my hardware driver list?02:42
damo-manlshw - ok.. hang on...02:42
damo-mandisplay description: VGA compatible controller02:43
damo-manproduct: RC410 [Radeon Xpress 200]02:44
damo-manconfiguration: driver=radeon latency=64 mingnt=802:44
damo-manso it looks like i'm using radeon as the driver02:44
damo-man(i'm thinking?)02:44
stlsaintdamo-man: no look in your System>admin>hardware02:51
damo-manI'm not running X, coz X is broken :)02:52
damo-manwhere else can I look?02:52
stlsaintaye, nevermind that...yea do you have another system to use?02:54
damo-mananother system to use?02:54
damo-mani have a mac (which is what i'm using now) - is that what you mean?02:54
damo-mani don't have another linux system - no..02:55
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nuboon2age_kermiac_: ping05:51
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kermiacanyone here use glipper?08:27
sayresanyone here use glipper?08:28
duanedesignkermiac: huh, it looks interesting. Do you?08:28
kermiacsayres: hi... trying to find someone else who uses it for you08:29
kermiacduanedesign: nope, sayres came into my loco chan asking about it - I've never used it08:29
kermiacif noone uses it I can install and try it08:29
duanedesignkermiac: i thought you might be working on a bug or something :)08:29
kermiacduanedesign: i am, but not a glipper bug hehe08:30
kermiacso no takers?08:30
kermiacok, sayres can you please run "apt-cache policy glipper" (without the quotes) & pastebin the results?08:31
kermiac!pastbing > sayres08:31
ubot2Factoid 'pastbing' not found08:31
kermiac!pastbin> sayres08:31
ubot2Factoid 'pastbin' not found08:31
kermiac!pastebin> sayres08:31
ubot2sayres, please see my private message08:31
duanedesignkermiac: did you send a pm or is ubot just crazy?08:32
kermiacduanedesign: that made ubot send the pm (after i fumbled typing the factoid hehe)08:32
sayreswhere insert apt-cache policy glipper ?08:32
duanedesignahhh some ubot-fu08:32
kermiacsayres: sorry, please run that command from a terminal08:33
sayresi insert yo run application08:33
ddecatorduanedesign: comes in handy :)08:33
kermiacduanedesign: yup, ubot is great :)08:33
sayres  Installed: 1.0-1.1ubuntu108:33
sayres  Candidate: 1.0-1.1ubuntu108:33
sayres  Version table:08:33
sayres *** 1.0-1.1ubuntu1 008:33
sayres        500 http://ubuntuarchive.eweka.nl/ubuntu/ lucid/universe Packages08:33
sayres        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status08:33
* kermiac patpats ubot208:33
kermiacsayres: !pastebin08:33
sayrespastebin ?whats mean?08:34
kermiacsayres: sorry, the bot is having "issues". it was supposed to pm you08:34
kermiacsayres: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:34
* kermiac kicks ubot208:34
kermiacsayres: what flavour of ubuntu are you running? ubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, etc08:35
sayresubuntu 10.408:36
sayresvery nice gooooooood08:36
kermiacsayres: ok, please right click on the top panel & select "add to panel"08:37
sayreswhat else08:37
kermiacsayres: in the list you will see "clipboard manager", select that & click "add"08:37
kermiacsayres: than you will have glipper on your panel08:38
sayresyes ok08:38
kermiac!pastebin> kermiac08:38
ubot2kermiac, please see my private message08:38
kermiac!pastebin | kermiac08:38
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:38
* kermiac hugs ubot208:39
kermiacmuch better08:39
kermiacsayres: ok, did that work?08:39
sayresim tryin':-/08:40
kermiacsayres: ok, please let me know how you go :)08:41
kermiachi xiaogui :)08:41
xiaoguii download some Chinese .txt files, and unrared them, but then i found all the contents are unreadable, does anyone know the possible reason?08:42
sayreskermiac: how can i paste it?08:42
sayreskermic ???08:44
xiaoguihi, kermiac. :D08:44
kermiacsayres: left click the glipper applet, select (left click) the text & then right click, paste wherever you want to paste it08:44
kermiacsayres: please be patient, sometimes my old fingers dont type as fast as they used to ;)08:45
kermiacxiaogui: i do not use chinese fonts, however my google-fu says you may want to look at this page - http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/HOWTO:_Optimise_Ubuntu_for_Chinese_desktop08:46
kermiacanyone else here use chinese fonts?08:47
ddecatorkermiac: for having "old" slow fingers, you beat me to that one :p08:47
hobgoblinxiaogui: try looking in System - Admin - Language Support08:47
kermiacddecator: haha08:47
ddecatordang, and hobgoblin beat me to that suggestion..08:47
hobgoblinkermiac: plenty in here with old fingers08:47
ddecatorevery time i'm about to hit <enter> you guys chime in, haha08:47
sayreskermiac: i copy tow files....but i cant past none of them??08:47
kermiacthanks hobgoblin :)08:47
hobgoblinand fat fingers - it's not that I can't spell ...08:48
kermiachobgoblin: I use that excuse too hehe08:48
sayresit just for the text???08:49
kermiacyes, sayres it is just for text08:49
hobgoblinit's a clipboard sayres08:49
kermiacsayres: what are you trying to do exactly?08:49
hobgoblinif you want to copy files use the file manager08:50
sayresi want copy tow or more files not text?can i?08:50
kermiacsayres: do you mean two or more?08:50
hobgoblinuse the file manager - Ctrl +left mouse08:50
kermiacjust double checking that I understand08:51
ddecatorCtrl+left click08:51
ddecatorhobgoblin: darn, again..08:51
kermiacsayres: yeah, what hobgoblin & ddecator said08:51
xiaoguihobgoblin: I can read and write and write chinese in vim.08:52
sayres kermiac:its not my mean...:-$08:52
ddecatorxiaogui: maybe the file got corrupt during compression/uncompression08:52
hobgoblinxiaogui: if you already have chinese language support then I would assume that ^^08:53
xiaoguiyou mean there's problem in my unrar software?08:54
sayres kermiac:i want copy one file and next page copy the other copy  then tow copis past the onother page ....can i say my mean?08:54
sayresonother = another08:55
ddecatorxiaogui: not necessarily. maybe try downloading the file and uncompressing it again. it could be whoever compressed the file corrupted it08:55
sayreshobgoblin & ddecator &  kermiac:i want copy one file and next page copy the other copy  then tow copis past the another page ....can i say my mean?08:56
hobgoblinsayres: you want to copy files from more than one folder?08:56
sayres hobgoblin: yes08:57
xiaoguiddecator: ok, thanks, i'll try08:59
hobgoblinsayres: I'd use cp in a terminal then09:00
sayreshobgoblin: is this work possible?09:00
sayreshobgoblin:whats mean?09:01
hobgoblinyes - but personally if they are important files and you've not used cp then I would be inclined to just move them one at a time in the file manager09:01
sayresso the work that i wanna do impossible:'(09:03
sayreshobgoblin:so the work that i wanna do impossible:'(09:03
hobgoblinsayres: you can copy more than one file to a new destination with cp09:04
sayrescp by terminal?09:05
sayreshobgoblin: cp by terminal?09:05
hobgoblinno need to repeat :) I'm watching09:05
kermiacsayres: 'cp' is a terminal command, something you type in a terminal window09:06
sayresi know but i want use gui program09:06
kermiacsayres: i don't think it is possible with a gui program09:07
sayresforever thanks09:07
kermiacno problem sayres, i wish we could've helped you more09:07
sayresall of yours09:07
hobgoblinsayres: hang on a moment09:07
hobgoblinsayres: sorry - was looking at a different file manager09:12
hobgoblinsayres: might need to use the terminal09:12
sayresok tanks09:23
meindian523no 007, no 86, what happened to yer tails?09:30
xiaoguikermiac: Thanks for the website. I just solved the problem. with  "iconv -f gb2312 -t utf-8 < file.txt" command. :D09:49
ddecatorvery nice :)09:50
kermiacxiaogui: good to hear :)09:50
meindian523what does that do?09:52
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duanedesignmorning all12:49
philinuxo/ duane12:55
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paultaghey philinux12:56
philinuxok how's tricks12:56
paultagnot bad, how are you philinux?12:56
philinuxok, weasther really dull here going do some diy this aft12:57
paultagaye, what on?12:57
paultagrebuilding an engine?12:57
paultagmaking a table?12:57
paultagplaying FOOBALL?12:57
paultagalthough that last one was not really DIY12:58
philinuxSome wallpaper needs fixing in kitchen12:58
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paultagah yes, outstanding12:58
paultagphilinux: I don't have anything to fix :(12:58
philinuxoh well lazy day for you then12:59
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philinuxMy sis os over tomoz so I gotta clean up too.12:59
paultagOh, nice! :)12:59
paultaggoing to cook up something nice there philinux?12:59
paultagnice :)13:00
philinuxBig pot with garlic bread. I'll freeze any left over13:00
* duanedesign is getting hungry13:03
* philinux just had two boiled eggs, with mayo13:04
* paultag just had oatmeal13:15
paultag<3 oatmeal13:15
philinuxNo-one needs any help then, must be all running smoothly out there. lol.13:23
Silver_Fox_Good to see you bgs100  :)15:36
bgs100Hi Silver_Fox_15:36
zkriessemornin/evenin/afternoon folks15:37
zkriesseah hello Silver_Fox_ and bgs10015:37
bgs100Heya zkriesse15:37
Silver_Fox_How are you bgs100  ?15:38
bgs100Pretty good, you?15:38
Silver_Fox_Good enough15:38
Silver_Fox_Doing some work with PERL!!!15:38
Silver_Fox_Think I messed up an escape characted somewhere15:39
Silver_Fox_ And now it is fixed15:45
Silver_Fox_\/ and \" is allowed in PERL also :)15:48
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darknemesisWhen butterflies are in love, do they feel humans in their stomach???20:06
smeag0lhaha darknemesis ;D20:21
darknemesisanyone in the uk want to rubber neck the moat thing? on bbc news now - with gun to head20:47
LiplolExcuse me...how can I get my whole monitor to be used? There is a half inch barrier on all sides. I have the resolution set at the size of my monitor, but its still not taking up the extra space.22:08
LiplolAnyone have any idea as to why that might be?22:14
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