ddecatorkermiac: ha00:10
* kermiac waves at Dray... I'm still waking up hehe00:12
* ddecator waves at Mitch00:12
maxwellianDarxus: So what do you think, do you have time to look into this further?01:49
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bbordwellHello, I have a bug with update-manager that causes xorg to use 100% cpu usage for minutes at a time, but I am unfamiliar with triaging update-manager or xorg. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could provide helpful information?05:23
bbordwellI will be right back I have to restart my computer05:25
TakyojiAnyone heard of an issue of the pointer going hidden in 10.04?06:08
TakyojiAlso, what would be the appropriate logs to file for a bug report?06:13
TakyojiConsidering it seems X11-related, last time I remedied the issue by having to reset the cursor theme system-wide, yet the issue is back again..06:14
trinikronoddecator: ping06:25
ddecatortrinikrono: pong06:25
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bbordwellIs anyone here experienced in triaging update-manager bugs?07:27
bbordwellmvo, can you help me with an update-manager bug?07:29
mvobbordwell: hey, sorry for the delay. yeah, I can help with that08:01
bbordwellmvo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/59584508:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 595845 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "During "Building data structures" when starting the update-manager Xorg takes up 100% cpu (affects: 4) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:02
bbordwellI have no idea how to debug problems with update-manager though08:02
mvobbordwell: that is a interessting one - can you reproduce it?08:03
bbordwellmvo, yep on my maverick install08:03
mvobbordwell: nice! that is a great first step08:03
mvobbordwell: could you please do "bzr get lp:update-manager" ? I will add a little bit of code and we can see if the problem goes away then08:04
bbordwellmvo, I am going to boot into my maverick install realy quick.08:04
bbordwellmvo, alright I am back, could you please resend that last message?08:06
mvobbordwell: could you please do "bzr get lp:update-manager" ? I will add a little bit of code and we can see if the problem goes away then08:07
bbordwellIt says fetching revisions....08:10
bbordwellahh done08:10
bbordwellmvo, ^08:11
mvobbordwell: ok, now cd into update-manager and run bzr pull08:12
mvobbordwell: I'm pushing some new code now, but its not yet on the server08:12
mvobbordwell: but once its there you can run "PYTHONPATH=. ./update-manager"08:12
mvobbordwell: now its there, rev 186708:13
bbordwellsays now on revision 186608:13
mvobbordwell: please run the bzr pull again, probably a little bit of lack on the server :)08:14
bbordwellmvo, 186708:14
mvocool, please run that and let me know if it helps08:15
bbordwelljust run update-manager, no compiling or anything?08:16
mvoPYTHONPATH=. ./update-manager08:16
mvothat should be enough08:16
bbordwellmvo, well it made building dependency tree much faster but I still got about 1 min of 100% cpu usage on building data structures08:19
bbordwell(before it took 8 min to build dependency tree, now about 15 sec)08:20
mvobbordwell: ok, how much items is it displaying for you?08:20
mvobbordwell: 8min? *jesus*08:20
mvobbordwell: so that looks like a good improvment :)08:20
mvobbordwell: what graphic driver is this?08:21
bbordwellitems? you mean updates?08:21
mvoyes, sorry. how big is the list?08:21
mvooh, ok08:21
bbordwellJust from starting it up, not checking for updates08:22
bbordwellthough it does the same thing after i check08:22
* \vish wonders if this issue is the same as Bug #35535508:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 355355 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "Update Manager causes high Xorg CPU usage when checking for updates (affects: 9) (dups: 1) (heat: 31)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35535508:24
\vishbut the package was changed since the user mentioned it was synaptic.. maybe its the "progress bars" causing the havoc08:25
bbordwell\vish, synaptic works fine for me08:26
\vishoh well..08:26
bbordwellalso command line and software center work fine.08:26
mvo\vish: I think its something with the progressbar being called to often08:27
mvo\vish: at lesat part of the problem08:27
\vishyeah , i notice similar spike in CPU with the progress bars in firefox when using tabplus08:27
bbordwellmvo, on building data structures the progress bar is all the way full, if it is not moving is it still calling it?08:27
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mvobbordwell: I just commited some profiling code, could you please pull (r1868) and run it again? it should print some timing stats08:30
bbordwellmvo, If its relavent this is on an intel e5200 (2.50ghz dual core 2mb cache)08:36
mvobbordwell: I commited another performance fix, it will not affect you because your list is empty, but it helped my system a great deal08:38
bbordwellinitCache: 301.42823505408:38
bbordwellUpdateList: 0.038158893585208:38
bbordwellsaveDistUpgrade: 0.20151805877708:38
bbordwelllist.update(): 0.95644307136508:38
mvobbordwell: thanks! (and thanks for the cpu info, the important bit of me is that its pretty modern)08:39
bbordwellmvo, I am afraid you are going to lose me soon I have to go to work but i should have about 10 more min.08:41
mvobbordwell: that helps, so the initCache is the culprit, I send you more update and then we can continue anytime you want :)08:41
mvobbordwell: I'm usually around in irc at european hours08:42
mvobbordwell: r1870 is comming08:42
bbordwellwell I may be back in around 5 hours I will check to see if you are around. Otherwise my launchpad Id is ~benbordwell so feel free to send me an email I will do what I can to help08:45
mvothanks bbordwell, I think the original bug that Xorg takes too much cpu is worked around now08:45
mvobbordwell: bye08:45
BUGabundo_remotemorning, spiders09:12
trinikronochilicuil: ping10:24
chilicuiltrinikrono: pong10:25
trinikronochilicuil: did you install qa-tools package?10:25
chilicuilyep, trinikrono why?10:25
trinikronoare you just not closing bugs for the hugday then10:25
chilicuilI'm trying to help in the hug day, as a first step to become more involved with ubuntu, trinikrono10:28
trinikronodo you use hugday close ######10:29
trinikronoafter you hugged the bug10:29
chilicuilyep trinikrono10:30
trinikronodo we have anyone that deals with kernel bugs online10:42
BUGabundo_remotetrinikrono: the kernel team? try #ubuntu-kernel10:53
OwaisL hey, I'm working on this gmail notifier with support for multiple accounts. I am facing a problem  I'm opening Gmail in the browser using python's webbrowser module and gmail logs in the user automatically based on previous/current session....desired behavior is that Gmail for the notified account should open....so i need a way to logout of gmail, then login to the desired account all inside the browser...any ideas?11:16
chilicuilhi, I'm still trying to triage for the hug day, I wonder if I can assign the bug #368551 to the initramfs-tools package11:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 368551 in ubuntu "Ubuntu 9.04 does not run vgchange before mounting filesystems (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36855111:33
chilicuilmarking a bug as "fix releases" is the same as closing the bug?, I'm trying to close the bug #37101212:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 371012 in ubuntu "Unable to lock screen using Ctrl+Alt+l if "Show pointer when Ctrl is pressed" option enabled (affects: 3) (dups: 2) (heat: 16)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37101212:03
^arky^hi mvo12:03
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^arky^what is upstream of emacs-snapshot package?12:11
chilicuil^arky^: not sure, but I think it could be http://emacs.orebokech.com/12:23
^arky^chilicuil, thx let me check that out12:23
chilicuil^arky^: np :)12:23
chilicuilI've found that some of the bugs listed by $ hugday list --filter open $ should be closed, can I close them even if I didn't triaged them?12:26
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chilicuilsince using $ hugday close #### $ would "close" that bugs giving unfairly the credit to me, I think I'm gonna go to modify the wiki directly...12:40
chilicuildo you think I should assign the bug #601036 to the kwin package?, it's a mixup between an incomplete report (in my own opinion) and a support request, should I convert it to a question instead?13:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 601036 in ubuntu " Compositing problems on each login! (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60103613:18
micahgvish: you know chromium is supposed to be part of the default netbook install, right?13:19
vishmicahg: yup13:27
micahgvish: so why did you say chromium isn't part of the default install?13:27
vishmicahg: "desktop".13:28
vishhmm , did i miss that word.. baH!13:28
vishmicahg: btw , i wanted to ask you why is firefox description in SC odd , in list view the name "firefox" is below13:29
vishand doesnt have the icon13:29
micahgvish: I don't know what you mean13:32
vishmicahg: search "firefox" in software center13:32
micahgoh, it seems like the description and name are switched :(13:32
vishyeah :s13:32
micahgvish: can you check in Maverick to see if it's fixed?13:33
vishmicahg: i'm on lucid too , will check in VM13:33
vishmicahg: yup , seems fixed in Maverick , but the description is different from Lucid mentions packagin bits13:49
vishrather branding bits13:49
vishmicahg: can we get Bug 602820 fixed? improve the description for firefox? or is that not allowed?13:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 602820 in hundredpapercuts "firefox description in software center is geek and not at all complete (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60282013:55
micahgvish: that's not firefox though, it's the branding13:57
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vishmicahg: hmm. but seems to show up first when we search for "firefox" , which is the firefox one?13:58
micahgvish: firefox13:59
visheven searching for "abrowser" , shows only firefox13:59
micahgvish: I get abrowser when I search for abrowser14:00
vishmicahg: oh ! wait it is hidden in M14:00
vishmicahg: the problem is not solved , the description problem is not solved. , the wrong item is being hidden14:01
micahgvish: which problem now?14:01
vishhmm , let me get the screenshot14:02
vishhehe , SC and its new features! ;p14:05
vishmicahg: it appears as the browser > http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot.png14:05
micahgvish: that's in maverick?14:05
vishmicahg: but when i click the "technical items" > this shows http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot-1.png14:05
micahgvish: which package is on top there?14:06
vishmicahg: by default the technical items are hidden , see just above the SC status bar  "20 other technical items" in  the first screenshot14:07
vish that is the branding one on top14:07
micahgvish: k, go ahead and open a firefox task and update the title to show it's the branding that has the issue14:08
vishmicahg: however ,the browser one shows up only when we select the "technical items" , it has the problem of the reversed deccriptions14:08
vishmicahg: sure thanks.14:08
vishmicahg: do you want 2bugs . one for the description switch and one for the branding package showing up?  or both can be dealt in the same?14:10
micahgvish: no, I think the branding package should be hidden by default at least for Firefox14:11
om26erqense, I closed the bugzilla bug then at irc was told to not. and now the decision is "Chat on Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, and many other chat services." is it fine?14:18
qenseom26er: That is fine with me.14:19
om26erqense, and its committed now :)14:21
qensethanks for looking into it14:21
km0r3what to do with bugs that were nominated for older releases but never have been triage, like this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/360743 ?15:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 360743 in ubuntu "screen flickering with enabled "Scale In" desktop effect (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]15:26
pedro_km0r3,  may you ask the reporters for reproduction of the issue on Lucid or Maverick?15:31
pedro_km0r3, looks like a video driver issue to me, what do you think?15:31
pedro_km0r3, the nomination needs to be rejected though, have a look to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates15:32
pedro_km0r3, i can do that for you since it needs special rights (being part of ubuntu-drivers team)15:32
km0r3pedro_: Yes, I can ask if it's reproducable on newer releases.15:37
km0r3pedro_: I'm not sure. It seems to be hare-specifc, tough15:37
km0r3pedro_: I would be grateful if you could reject the nomination :-)15:38
pedro_km0r3, ok ill do that for you now15:38
pedro_km0r3, right nvidia-XXX15:39
pedro_km0r3, also please re assign it to nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 ; if that's reproducible with a newer release it needs to be moved to the current driver package15:41
pedro_km0r3, thanks for helping :-)15:41
km0r3pedro_: ok, I will re-assign it.15:43
km0r3pedro_: Oh no, thanks to you pedro_ for helping! :-)15:44
ograpedro_, could you do the arm team a favor and approve Tobin Davis for bug-control ?16:22
ograhe is our main QA guy but cant triage our bugs16:22
ograi think he applied for ubuntu-bugcontrol quite a while ago16:23
ograor bdmurray ^^^16:24
hggdhogra: LP id?16:24
hggdhogra: looking at it now16:25
ograwould reduce the worload on other team members a lot16:25
ograsince he always needs to ping us for adjusting status etc16:25
pedro_ogra, added , thanks for ping us16:26
pedro_hggdh, beat you! :-P16:26
ograpedro_, thanks a lot16:26
hggdhpedro_: quickest draw on the west ;-)16:26
* ogra hugs pedro_ and hggdh 16:26
* pedro_ hugs ogra 16:26
hggdhogra: our pleasure, sir16:26
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hggdhpedro_: wouldn't it be a good idea to add ubuntu-mobile-dev to -control (as we have core-devs)?16:45
pedro_hggdh, not sure on adding teams to the bugcontrol would be good16:48
pedro_though the team is not big and there's only one person there which is not member of the bugcontrol16:49
hggdhpedro_: yes, and they are, sort of, core devs also16:49
pedro_well two actually16:49
vishpedro_: hi , did the meeting reminder go to the BC list as well? some mentors might be only on BC list16:49
pedro_vish, ooops16:50
vishpedro_: thanks16:50
pedro_vish, sending it now, thanks for the reminder16:50
pedro_hggdh, right16:50
pedro_vish, done16:51
hggdhpedro_: but, anyway: we would have to have an agreement here, and then contact them and ask about it16:52
pedro_hggdh, is there any policy for becoming part of that team or you need to be a canonical employee?16:54
pedro_if there's a clear policy about it, i guess i'm ok16:54
pedro_like for core-devs16:54
hggdhpedro_: I am not aware of any hard policy, unfortunately. This is why I raised it to you in the first place ;-)16:54
pedro_otherwise i'd prefer them to apply to the ubuntu bugcontrol team like everybody else16:55
hggdhbut this is a new team, and I am not sure we ever thought about this type of scenario before16:55
pedro_hggdh, ah well i don't know about that :-P16:55
pedro_we can always ask though and then take a decision about it16:55
hggdhpedro_: let's leave it aside for a while, then. We could discuss (perhaps offline) it on the sprint16:56
pedro_hggdh, sounds good ;-)16:56
nigelbpedro_: poke?17:11
nigelbcan you give me the last if bug squad pages that talk about patches?17:11
nigelbI want to add information about patch review if those pages turn up17:11
nigelband if I can make it I'll probably bring it up at the meeting too :)17:13
yofelthe main one should be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Patches17:13
nigelbI love dholbach - he already got to them :)17:15
yofelasking again as #launchpad seems asleep: can someone else check if they see the comment from 'lau' on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/283168 ? It isn't shown on the main page but only in the full activity log here.17:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 283168 in ubuntu "gfloppy write permission denied with external usb floppy (affects: 1) (heat: 7)" [Low,Incomplete]17:18
pedro_yofel, i don't see anything from 'lau' there17:20
yofelin the activity log I get:17:21
yofel2009-02-21 14:20:31  lau (lbives: 0)  None: status  New  Incomplete17:21
yofel2009-02-21 14:20:31  lau (lbives: 0)  None: statusexplanation  you also get the issue using the command line tools so the issue is not a gnome-utils one17:21
yofelI was irritated first as the discussion had a hole somehow17:22
pedro_is "Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi" around ?17:22
pedro_yofel, yeap , the message didn't make it to the bug report ui...17:23
* yofel goes digging through malone bugs...17:24
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hggdhpedro_, bdmurray: can you please review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl and correct/reprimand me as needed?18:37
ddecatorhggdh: <<#Generic-reqs>> isn't supposed to be visible i'm guessing?18:38
hggdhgood catch, ddecator, thank you18:40
nigelbhggdh: whats goin on?19:02
hggdhnigelb: we are adjusting membership to bug-control to accept teams19:18
nigelbhggdh: Oh19:18
nigelbhggdh: thats nice19:19
nigelbthat way development teams can have access immediately19:19
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nigelbhggdh: one smalll change made :)19:27
hggdhnigelb: thanks19:27
vish " Requirement 4 can be waived if you are an upstream developer / bug triager or if an Ubuntu developer vouches for you and your ability to triage bug reports. "19:29
vishhggdh: is that or if , or and if?19:29
vish" triager or if an "19:30
vish" if an Ubuntu developer vouches for you and your ability to triage bug reports" could just mean anyone can vouch one in if they are a U-developer19:31
hggdhvish: missing a comma19:32
vishhggdh: oh , didnt know that U-developers can just vouch for BC members , cool!19:33
nhandlerMight be worth defining what an Ubuntu developer is (probably a member of ~ubuntu-dev)19:47
nigelbJust link ubuntu developer to the launchpad team page19:47
bdmurraynigelb: I'm not certain what you are trying to link to at UbuntuBugControl but it isn't working20:43
nigelbbdmurray: I'm try it to not be a link20:44
nigelband it is working20:44
nigelbbdmurray: also new subscription script seems to be a bit agressive.  I'll give you specifics in a mail soon20:45
bdmurraynigelb: okay in the other parts of the page I had used the term "Ubuntu Bug Control" to avoid any confusion.20:45
nigelbah, thats why it happened only once!20:46
bdmurraynigelb: the new subscription script isn't doing anything afaik20:46
nigelbI get 2 sets of mails20:46
nigelbI'm guessing one set is the new one20:46
bdmurrayin your email please include the full email, including headers, for each message20:47
nigelbok, will do20:47
hggdhbdmurray: thank you for the revision21:48
bdmurrayhggdh: thank you for writing it ;-)21:50

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