doctormoEvening gents03:50
nhandlerHey doctormo03:51
doctormoEnjoying this education conference :-D03:52
doctormowhat are you up to this evening nhandler?03:52
nhandlerdoctormo: Working on taking some ClassBot code to automate a section of the UWN03:52
doctormonhandler: Does this mean an easier time to organise our classes?03:55
nhandlerdoctormo: The script I'm working on will automate the Upcoming Meetings section of the UWN. The classes/meetings will still be organized on icals03:56
dholbachgood morning07:24
ddecatormorning dholbach07:24
dholbachhey ddecator07:25
kim0Morning everyone :)07:29
dholbachhey kim0 - how are you doing?07:30
kim0dholbach, enjoying this fine day sir :)07:30
kim0How about yourself07:30
dholbachI must say I'm quite a bit tired :)07:31
dholbachbut I went for a run this morning, so I'm a bit more awake now07:31
dholbachI hope the breakfast will fix the rest :)07:31
kim0hehe :D07:32
ddecatormorning kim0 :)07:33
kim0ddecator, Morning :)07:33
dholbachakgraner, pleia2, nhandler: if you find out who added the UDW slots to the calendar initially, please tell them to not make them a recurring event of something else - it's what crashed lernid08:08
dholbachbug 603248 (and https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12415)08:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 603248 in python-vobject (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "lernid crashed with ParseError in stringToDateTime() (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60324808:08
ubot2bugzilla.osafoundation.org bug 12415 in Import/Export "Import of Google Calendar ICAL file fails with "year is out of range" parse error" [Normal,New]08:08
dholbachI'll recreate the event in the calendar now08:08
dholbachI hate it when I feel like I could be replaced with a script :)08:15
=== \vish is now known as vish
dholbachdamn, lernid still crashes08:31
pleia2dholbach: if you're still adding, I think you want to add Event: Ubuntu Developer Week08:31
dholbachpleia2: where do I add that?08:32
pleia2in the Description08:32
pleia2all you want is:08:32
pleia2Event: Ubuntu Developer Week08:32
pleia2Instructor: dholbach08:32
dholbachthe old one didn't have that either08:32
pleia2and if there are helpers, Helpers: akgraner08:32
* dholbach tries that08:32
pleia2look at the User Days ones on Saturday :)08:32
dholbachI'll try that, let's see if we get it fixed now :)08:33
pleia2and "Where" should be the only place you put a location (there is no Location:)08:34
pleia2"Where" should just be #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net08:34
pleia2(ClassBot reads that, so it knows it's #ubuntu-classroom rather than the spanish classroom or something)08:35
dholbachdoes it understand "#ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat on freenode.net"08:35
dholbachthat's in there right now08:36
pleia2I don't think so08:36
pleia2-chat might confuse it08:36
dholbachso "#ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net"?08:36
dholbachor just " #ubuntu-classroom"?08:36
pleia2#ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net08:36
dholbachwe should have a script that does this :)08:37
pleia2pull Agenda: too, not sure what Classbot will do with that (it should just ignore it, but we haven't throughly tested)08:37
dholbachtoo easy to get wrong, too much manual work08:37
pleia2yeah, I agree08:37
pleia2I only get it right because I've done so much testing, all stuck in my head now ;)08:38
dholbachand for the time being at least documented :)08:38
dholbachpleia2: ok, so you need to do it! :-P08:38
pleia2I can doublecheck things tomorrow (both the schedule and the syntax) and fix anything that's astray :)08:39
pleia2should get some sleep now08:39
dholbachdo it or document it ;-)08:39
dholbachpleia2: yeah, I was wondering why you were still awake :)08:39
dholbachpleia2: good night :)08:39
pleia2yeah, or that08:39
pleia2thanks, have a nice day :)08:40
dholbachthanks :)08:40
* dholbach hugs pleia208:40
dholbachI hope it'll work now :)08:40
* pleia2 hugs08:41
pleia2good luck!08:41
dholbachok, still no dice08:48
* dholbach dives into the code :-(08:48
dholbachhola randa_09:19
randa_hi dholbach09:19
AlanBellis it just me, or is http://planet.ubuntu.com/ looking a bit light on logos at the top?09:24
nigelbhola folks09:55
nigelbAlanBell: something is missing.  I'm guessing the ubuntu logo09:56
qenseWas it already using the new logo?09:58
AlanBellno, don't think so09:58
qenseMaybe a good time to fix that now.09:59
nigelbI think they are fixing it now10:04
nigelbRiddel's blog post is awesome btw10:04
dholbachakgraner, pleia2, nhandler: whoever added the recurring ubuntu app developer events in september, please tell them not to use those recurring events, I deleted them - it kills python-vobject10:13
* dholbach creates an account for upstream bug tracker10:15
dholbachhi czajkowski10:27
czajkowskifolks liked the ubuntu cds i gave out yesterday10:27
czajkowskifew even trying the live cd10:27
czajkowskiseems matthew barker fropm canonical will also be here10:27
nigelbrocking :)}10:29
czajkowskianyone got the link the open source cartoon made ?10:35
vishhehe , today's new fun trivia  dholbach just accepts hugs without any questions :p11:08
nigelbwhen? what? where?11:17
vishnigelb: there was a flash group hug in -desktop , and d-holbach was mentioned in the hug , but he wasnt in that room , someone just popped into -devel and hugged d-holbach  , and dam! no questions asked d-holbach hugged back :D12:05
nigelbvish: when you say dholbach and hugs, I remember that video from one of the uds's12:13
vishnigelb: me too! :)12:13
nigelbgah, what the heck, I decided to hold an Ubuntu hour :)12:31
paultagnigelb: :)12:32
paultagnigelb: grats, my friend12:32
nigelbpaultag: :)12:32
paultagMan, I'm bored.14:00
dholbachpaultag: I wish I had your problems14:00
qensepaultag: When sending that mail to our LoCo, please also elaborate a bit about what tasks a LoCo can have. Some of the fiercest resistance against opening up is coming from a few moderators who feel Ubuntu NL == forums.14:00
paultagI'm working at Boston College. I am almost done with a degree in Comp-Sci, and I do research in algorithms for fun.14:00
paultagGuess what they have me doing? Writing up text for a website14:01
paultagdholbach: :/14:01
paultagqense: You got it :)14:01
nigelbdholbach: me too!14:02
nigelbpaultag: hahaha14:02
paultagit sucks nigelb14:02
paultagI have a degree in comp-sci, not english14:02
nigelbpaultag: Its much more intersting to write the functionality of the site14:02
paultagnigelb: they asked me to write a progress tracker for recovering servers14:03
paultagnigelb: I had it done in less then a day14:03
nigelbpaultag: give them some time14:03
nigelbthey pr14:03
paultagnigelb: I said "What's next?" They told me they thought it would take me the whole summer, so I should just work on teh website14:03
nigelbthey probably never had a kid just out of college who started speaking C before english14:04
paultagnigelb: I guess so. So here I am, sitting at my desk, writing about frak I don't know14:04
nigelbdon't reveal your weakness :p14:04
czajkowskijust to note: mojitos and cider do not mix at all14:05
paultagqense: sorry it's taking too long RE email, we're down two loco council members for a few days.14:05
paultagAnd that there is council person #114:05
paultagdown and out because of Cider. I thought you were irish czajkowski?14:05
qensepaultag: Doesn't matter. It's almost World Cup final anyway, so it's not like much people are payinga ttention.14:05
paultagqense: true!14:06
czajkowskipaultag: yummy english cider14:06
nigelbGermans are hunting for octopus recipies I heard14:06
paultagczajkowski: I could use a stiff glass right about now14:06
paultagnigelb: >:(14:06
czajkowskievil mojitos14:06
czajkowskifeckin mint14:06
qenseThe octopus said Spain, but during the Europa Cup it was right all the times, except for the finale!14:06
qenseLets hope that pattern will repeat itself this time.14:07
qenseThey're already preparing the homeboats in Amsterdam.14:07
czajkowskioff again14:07
nigelbqense: probably that is a pattern/14:07
paultaglater czajkowski :)14:07
qenseby czajkowski!14:07
qenseIf you actually pay attention czajkowski isn't even that hard to spell!14:07
paultagWhoh, wait, what?14:07
paultagI can't even pronounce that14:08
nigelbpaultag: amen14:08
paultagIf I ever met czajkowski, I would just cough and say kowski14:08
nigelbor Laura14:08
qenseLaura is probably better.14:08
qenseThe cz is probably a ts(j) sound14:09
paultagsomepeople can't pronounce my name :)14:09
nigelbits a cha sound14:09
paultagTagliamonte, it's not that bad if you slow it down14:09
nigelbha, I have trouble with Nigel all the time14:10
nigelbpronounciation and spelling14:10
qenseMy first name is Sense! It is so hard to tell people it is not the English word!14:10
qenseAlthough Jono is always trying really well.14:10
Pendulumpaultag: polish spelling of Tchaikovsky14:10
nigelbqense: its more like sensay right?14:10
qensePendulum: is she familiy?14:10
paultagPendulum: my last name?14:11
Pendulumno, how to pronounce czajkowski14:11
nigelbpaultag: Pendulum meant laura's last name14:11
paultagPendulum: that makes a lot of sense14:11
qensenigelb: The last 'e' is pronounced like the the letter 'a' in the British pronunciation of 'above'.14:11
qensepaultag: No! My parents made Sense! hah14:11
qensebad joke14:11
qensepaultag: Polish write 'Tchaikovsky' like 'Laura'? :S14:12
nigelbI'm off for the day from work. catch y'all when I get home14:42
paultagl8r sk8r14:50
nhandlerdholbach: No clue who did that. The learning calendar really shouldn't have : a) recurring events or b) All day events (they should be set to go from 00:00 to 23:59 instead).15:08
dholbachnhandler: I hope vobject upstream fixes it15:08
jonohi all15:53
paultag'lo jono15:53
kim0jono, morning jono15:54
jonohey :)15:54
dholbachhey jono15:54
jonohey dholbach15:55
dholbachjono: I can't make our 1-on-1 next week15:55
dholbachjono: just replied15:55
* kim0 has 50+ tabs open and reading like crazy :)15:58
nigelbkim0: irc?15:58
kim0nah browser15:58
kim0if it were irc, I'd be a bot15:58
nigelbthen I may be a bot15:59
kim0lol :D15:59
jcastrojono: you removed your menu bar right? (the old app,places,system menu)15:59
jussikim0: I have somewhere close to 150 channels....16:00
kim0jussi: ehum :)16:00
kim0I think that's really too much eh16:01
nhandlerI have ~100. I found the cost/benefit ratio of being in more channels not advantageous16:01
jonojcastro, yep16:01
jcastroI start with ~15, and over the course of weeks it turns into over 50, that's when I know to restart the client16:01
jcastrojono: can you try to add the menu bar back? Tell me if that works pls.16:01
paultagGod forbid I boot up xchat16:01
jussinhandler: see thats where you need quassel's chat mointor :D16:01
paultagI overran the c char * that they used to store channels16:02
jonojcastro, hang on, I have a call about to start16:02
jcastrooh no worries16:02
paultagturns out it's a malloc(sizeof(char)*300) :/16:02
jcastrojono: whenever you get a chance16:02
jcastroit's not urgent16:02
jonowhat is the applet for the main menu again?16:02
jcastro"menu bar"16:02
jonoGNOME Menu Bar is my current one16:02
jonook works fine for me16:02
jcastro"main menu" is the logo with the down arrow16:02
jcastrohmm, thanks!16:03
nhandlerjussi: What does the chat monitor do again?16:03
nigelbpaultag: that beats all of us16:03
nigelbnhandler: gives you preview of all channels you're in16:03
paultagnigelb: not channels, chars16:03
paultagnigelb: nhandler beats me without a doubt16:03
nigelbpaultag: you had a channel name bigger than that?16:04
nhandlernigelb: Yeah, that wouldn't help me16:04
paultagnigelb: they are all on the same line16:04
paultagnigelb: #foo,#bar,#baz16:04
nigelbnhandler: I think its nice16:04
paultagnigelb: idiot programmer imho16:04
nigelbpaultag: haha16:04
nigelbpaultag: you can submit a patch16:04
paultagI filed a bug, but to no avail so far16:04
paultagnigelb: I don't care enough for xchat16:05
paultagnigelb: I'll just start using irssi more16:05
kim0can anyone using irssi heavily share his auto-start scripts (especially notification stuff) .. I wanna play/switch to it16:09
* nigelb doesn't use notification16:10
nigelbkim0: do you have iphone?16:10
nigelbif so there is some script for it16:10
kim0nigelb, nah Android16:11
kim0but I meat PC notifications16:11
kim0like jumping tray icons and so on :D16:11
nigelbkim0: nhandler had some stuff for it16:12
nigelbkim0: nhandler.wordpress.com16:12
kim0cool checking it out16:13
pleia2jono: User Days still isn't showing up in Lernid and it's tomorrow, how do I get this fixed? :)16:33
nigelbI wonder if we could get rid of the need for config files16:33
pleia2or give the classroom team access16:35
paultagGRRRR, user days :(16:35
paultagI just lost my slides16:35
pleia2I'm not even sure jono is the right person to be bothering about this :\16:35
paultagI have my stuff backed up, but the images are gone16:35
nigelbits on his server I think?16:35
paultagI spent hours on them16:35
pleia2paultag: aww :(16:35
pleia2nigelb: I think so16:36
nigelbpleia2: I remember doing a config file for last time16:36
paultagpleia2: lucky I backed up the text, but loosing those images is a shot in the gut16:36
nigelbI started using git at work16:36
paultaggit rocks so hard16:36
paultagnigelb: I use it 100% ( unless doctormo comes up with a crazy idea and wants to use bzr )16:36
nigelbYes, bzr is more awesome, but awesomeness is tied into LP, so can't use it that well16:36
paultagnigelb: nah, github rocks.16:37
dholbachpleia2: I have no idea - they look just like the UDW entries16:37
dholbachpleia2: might be worth mailing ~mbudde16:37
nigelbpaultag: github rocks16:37
dholbachpleia2: (the lernid maintainer)16:37
paultagnigelb: I track whube on it16:37
paultagnigelb: http://github.com/whube :)16:37
nigelbpaultag: but what I meant is that the awesome features of bzr are built into LP16:37
paultagnigelb: Yeah16:38
pleia2dholbach: thanks, I'll do that :)16:40
jussi01dinner + beer is a good thing :D16:40
paultagjussi01: mmm, what kind of beer?16:40
jussi01paultag: only the best finnish beer for me, Olvi!16:40
paultagjussi01: mmm, sounds good. What kind of beer is it?16:41
nigelbjussi01: I see you're enjoying weekend16:41
paultagjussi01: ale / ipa / stout etc :)16:42
jussi01paultag: sorry, looked elsewhere for a sec. pale lager.16:42
paultag*shudder* pilsner16:42
paultagjussi01: ah, nice :)16:42
nigelbpaultag: git makes it eassy for an office environment when you want thinks private and lets you host it on your own :)16:43
paultagnigelb: you can do the same for bzr...16:43
nigelbpaultag: wait, you wan?16:43
paultagnigelb: and LP is open source, so if you even wanted an internal LP instance16:43
nigelbthere are far more sucessful instances of git than bzr :p16:44
paultagnigelb: because git is braindead to use16:44
paultagnigelb: bzr takes some arguing :)16:44
jussi01git is very cool16:44
nigelbI wanted something very easy to use16:44
paultagit's my vcs of choise16:44
nigelbnaturally cve and svn got ruled out :p16:44
paultagerm choice16:44
paultagnigelb: cvs ?16:44
paultagjust making sure there was no fancy new vcs :)16:45
nigelbI love what linus says about cve :P16:45
paultagnigelb:wtoo many vulns ;)16:46
paultagit's mussle memory, eh?16:46
paultaggrrr, god I hate this lag.16:46
* jussi shares a peice of connection speed with paultag16:46
paultagjussi: thanks :/, I'll need it.16:47
jussipaultag: I am getting scared of when I move - have to go to 3G only :(16:47
paultagjussi: oh noes!16:47
nigelbjussi01: when are you moving?16:47
jussiabout 3 weeks16:47
paultagjussi: hope  you have some neighbors with wifi where you go :)16:47
* dholbach calls it a day - have a good WE - see you soon again16:48
paultaglater dholbach :)16:48
jussipaultag: my nearest neighbour will be over 300m away... ;)16:48
nigelbdholbach: have fun!16:48
paultagjussi: totally worth it16:48
dholbachthanks guys16:48
jussipaultag: yup16:48
jussipaultag: and the house is still only 20 mins from the main cetre of Oulu, and 5 mins from a shopping centre :D16:49
paultagjussi: how did you manage that?16:50
jussipaultag: motorway is only about 3km16:52
nigelbjussi: getting ready for settling down?16:52
jussinigelb: yeah, getting married in sept so all related I suppose16:52
nigelbjussi: :)16:52
nigelbjussi: congrats in advance (again)16:52
paultagjussi: grats :)16:53
jussiso, who wants to see a pic of said house :D?16:53
jussiits a log house, so thats nice :)16:54
paultagjussi: nice! That's really cool :)16:54
jussiyeah, its a pretty nice place16:55
jussion 2Ha, so that makes it even better16:56
doctormopaultag: Use bzr for what?16:57
paultagdoctormo: project versioning16:57
doctormopaultag: Explain some more please.16:58
scott-workjussi: that house is a log cabin (of sorts)!  that's freaking cool!16:58
paultagdoctormo: explain what? Nothing to explain -- you prefer bzr over git16:58
* scott-work always wanted a log cabin in the woods16:58
paultagdoctormo: so when we collaborate, I don't care, so we end up using bzr16:59
jussiscott-work: yeah, our 2HA is mostly birch forest, but the surrounding land is farmland16:59
jussioh, and you all need to see this, its taken from near the gas station about 3km from the house :D http://imagebin.ca/view/Yio6_ac.html17:00
paultagjussi: nice :)17:00
doctormopaultag: I don't really like git :-P plus it's half perl, that's freeky.17:00
scott-worklol @ doctormo17:00
paultagdoctormo: it works better, and I love the branches in git17:01
doctormopaultag: Git is faster, bzr is easier to use and has a project management concept with it's intergration of launchpad.17:01
nigelbjussi: its worth the distance and being only on 3g17:01
paultagdoctormo: I don't think it's easier :/17:02
doctormopaultag: Even if wanted to try and get GC to use git for instance, it wouldn't fit because it doesn't understand 'projects'17:02
jussinigelb: certainly is.17:02
paultagdoctormo: you should try using it for about a month17:02
doctormopaultag: I have no projects I want to be in that use it.17:02
jussiIve an option for a different wireless technology as well, but its expensive and not very fast (up to 2Mb/s)17:03
paultagdoctormo: so migrate one to git and try it for a while17:03
nigelbI liked git better than bzr for project stuff17:03
doctormopaultag: And what in return will you offer?17:03
jussilets start a flamewar... oh wait... moving on...17:03
paultagdoctormo: Humm. I'll say Basil your goofy way and call it Coriander17:03
paultagdoctormo: for a month17:03
paultagdoctormo: bbl, think about it :)17:04
doctormoYou also have to say biscuits and jam, you can't use p&j as a phrase and you have to ware a monocle for at least 3 days.17:06
* JFo goes shopping for monocles17:06
pleia2jono: we need http://www.jonobacon.org/files/lernid/ubuntu.lernid updated for User Days, how do we accomplish this?17:31
jonopleia2, just give me a few mins, I need to finish an urgent mail and then I will ping you and we can get it sorted17:32
pleia2thank you :)17:32
* nigelb hugs jono 17:33
* jono hugs nigelb17:34
nigelbjono: can we move that file to some place controlled by canonical where classroom team can have access? that way we don't have thse bottlenecks?17:36
pleia2yeah, I have access to strontium and neodymium already, so either of those would be easy17:38
pleia2just need to add a couple others17:38
paultagOh doctormo17:44
jcastroground control to doctormo17:46
jcastroground control to doctormo17:46
jcastrotake your protein pills and put your helmet on!17:46
paultagmajor tom to ground control....17:46
jcastroThis is ground control to doctormo, you've really made the graaaaaaade17:46
jononigelb, sure, I would like to move it away from my server17:48
nigelbjono: we'll get things done and can you do an apache re direct for us?17:48
nigelbthat way you're happy and we're happy :)17:49
JFodangit, now I have to listen to that jcastro17:49
* JFo queues up rhythmbox17:49
paultagoh bowie.17:49
jcastroJFo: I have some questions for you! wanna mumble later?17:49
jcastrodid you guys fix the print screen key yet?17:49
jononigelb, well we need to know where to host it17:50
jonoand who gets access17:50
nigelbjono: pleia2 has access to servers.  classroom management team will have access17:50
jononigelb, ok cool17:50
nigelbclassroom management team = nhandler, cjohnston, and pleia2 :)17:50
nigelbjono: we just want access to be given to nhandler and cjohnston too so we don't get bottlenecked17:51
nigelbOnce you finish this UDW, I'll work with mbudde and you to get things done :)17:51
JFojcastro, not sure17:55
JFocould be breakage from upstream17:55
JFodid you file a bug? :)17:55
jcastroJFo: it's open already17:56
jcastroI was just giving you smack17:57
jonopleia2, ok, are the events in the calendar18:12
jonopleia2, can you email me an event block (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lernid/LernidEvent for how to create one) and I will add it18:13
nigelbjono: can I patebin you?18:14
pleia2jono: sent18:14
nigelbgah, she's faster :)18:14
pleia2thanks nigelb :)18:15
nigelbpleia2: you rock :)18:15
jonopleia2, added18:16
jonobut no events show18:16
nhandlerjono: While you are here, think you could implement https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/lernid/+bug/533279/comments/218:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 533279 in lernid "Remove need for .lernid configuration files (affects: 2) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:18
nhandlerThe ical URL is: http://www.google.com/calendar/ical/canonical.com_qg6t4s8i7mg8d4lgfu9f93qid4%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics18:18
jononhandler, I don't hack on Lernid anymore18:18
jonoyou will need to speak to the maintainers18:18
* nigelb goes to check18:18
nhandlerjono: That isn't a change to the code. That is just a workaround involving a config flie18:18
jononhandler, I don't understand what the change is?18:19
nigelbnhandler: bug jcastro instead.  He has commit access ;p18:20
pleia2nhandler: that is the calendar link I gave him18:20
nhandlerpleia2: Yes, but the .lernid file in that comment would basically add an "event" that extends the entire year, so sessions that are not part of true events would show up under it18:20
pleia2jono: I think maybe there needs to be an empty line between [Ubuntu User Days] and homepage = https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays18:21
pleia2nhandler: ah, gotcha18:21
pleia2but Homepage comes up ok in lernid.. hrm18:21
jonopleia2, shouldnt matter18:22
jonoit is a problem with the calendar18:22
pleia2nhandler, nigelb can you debug? I need to get back to work18:22
nhandlerpleia2: Let me make sure I have lernid installed :)18:23
pleia2jono: thanks for adding it :)18:23
jonofound it18:23
jonoone sec18:23
jonoit didn't have :00 for the seconds in the times18:23
jonoyou said 09:3018:24
jononot 09:30:0018:24
pleia2ah, oops :)18:24
jonothat is a bug18:24
jonoall working now :-)18:24
jcastrojono: mumbles?18:24
jonojcastro, sure18:24
jonoone sec18:24
jcastroI meant JFo18:24
jonoahhh cool18:24
jcastrooh hey, your gimp bug is fixed18:24
jcastroUNE on monday, not this week, no didrocks18:24
nhandlerjono: Can you add http://paste.ubuntu.com/461217/  ?18:25
jcastrothis mutter bug is affecting the menu. :(18:25
JFojcastro, sure18:25
jononhandler, what problem does this solve?18:25
jonothe user experience of Lernid is to allow people to select an event18:25
jonoselecting Ubuntu Classroom is not useful in my view18:25
jonoI agree we need to move the config away from my server but I don't believe this is the solution18:26
jonowe could have the entry as All Sessions I guess18:26
jonolet me add that18:26
nhandlerjono: It allows lernid to be used for all Classes. Including the one-off ones that we organize. Like I said in the bug, it isn't perfect, but it is a workaround until the bug is fixed18:27
jononhandler, I added it but it doesn't show sessions18:28
nhandlerHmm...Neither is the UUD event18:28
jonothe others events work for me18:29
jonojust not all sessions18:29
jononhandler, I have removed it - do some testing and I can always add it later18:30
nhandlerHmm...UDW works, UUD still won't give me a schedule :(18:31
nhandlerQuiting and restarting lernid fixed that18:34
jcastrojono: can you doublecheck you have the latest appmenu-gtk? (check with lp vs. what you have installed just in case your mirror is behind)19:24
nigelbI sincerely hope that one day Robbie will learn to send mails correctly :p19:29
jcastrohey nigelb19:32
jcastroif this week you have another slow week then I think we should post again to -devel asking for more help19:32
nigelbjcastro: yes19:35
nigelbAlso, I'll pick up this week19:35
nigelbwork gave me laptop for until mine comes back19:35
jcastronigelb: well, the idea is for a team based effort, heh19:40
nigelbjcastro: yes, I intend to do and then say how easy it is and encourage others to do19:41
* jcastro nods19:41
nigelblike dholbach did last week or week before19:41
jcastroleading by example ftw19:41
jcastro<-- lunching19:48
=== scott-work is now known as hot-sales-woman
=== hot-sales-woman is now known as scott-work
nigelbyay, one person marked time for ubuntu hour20:33
nigelbso I won't be alone :)20:33
paultagnigelb: woot20:55
jcastroit's megadeth friday!21:02
scott-workjcastro: do you like the latest megadeth?  i think i miss dave when he was out of his mind on drugs.21:32
scott-workit's a slipknot friday for me21:32
jcastroscott-work: mostly, It'll depend on how well the songs stand up live21:32
jcastroscott-work: How The Story Ends is my fave21:33
scott-workjcastro: ah, i'm old school, i still think peace sells... is their best21:34
scott-workjcastro: but i had just left the sheltered life at home to go to college in '87 and discovered metal at that time, it holds a special place for me21:35
scott-worklike metallica's ride the lightning21:35
jcastro<-- phone21:36
scott-workseeing 'ftw' cracks me up, because when i see it i think of motley crue and nikki sixxs writing it on his arm in concert, he didn't mean 'for the win' though ;)21:38
jono_Technoviking, around?22:27
jcastroend o week, cheers everyone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0i-whGHf-Y22:38
popeypleia2: Penn & Teller on BBC now!22:42
pleia2yeah, I caught them before they skipped town for a bit22:44
popeythey must have been coming here :)22:45
JFosomeone told me I reminded them of Penn the other day popey. I'm trying to remember where... and why :)22:53
popeyI think the same thing!22:54
JFooh dear22:54
* popey huggles JFo 22:55
JFoheh, thanks22:55
JFobeen a rough week22:55
AlanBellJFo: when I saw pleia2's blog my first thought was that she was standing with you!22:59
JFoAlanBell, do you have a link to it?22:59
AlanBellthe hair is too long22:59
JFoyep, just a bit though23:00
AlanBellI saw the pic before reading the words and figured it was at some linux conference or other23:01
JFothat is too funny23:01
JFowell, it is beer'o'clock23:01
JFoI must go and have one or three23:01
* AlanBell has just returned from the pub23:01
JFosee you all later :)23:01

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