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Frankie1I just asked this in #ubuntu but it looks like I got missed.  Has anyone here used Ubuntu 10.10?  My mouse pointer disappears after about 3 seconds of inactivity.  Is there a setting for that?01:28
TheMusoI get the same thing in maverick here, haven't checked for a setting, as it doesn't bother me personally.01:43
Frankie1The only thing is tooltips disappear too fast for me to read them.01:45
RAOFIt's the “unclutter” package.01:45
RAOFI'm not sure if or where there are settings for it.01:45
Frankie1Hey, that's great!01:46
Frankie1I saw that package in Scroogle searches, but I didn't know I had it.01:46
TheMusoAccording to the startup script for unclutter in /etc/X11/Xsession.d, it checks to see if there is /etc/default/unclutter, which is not shipped in the package by default.01:55
TheMusoubuntu-desktop depends on it.01:55
TheMusoLooks like there is no GUI for it.01:56
TheMusoFor starting/stopping, or changing settings.01:56
TheMusoUnclutter is a recommends of ubuntu-desktop, so it can be removed safely.01:57
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Frankie1Oh, good.02:05
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pittiGood morning05:44
TheMusoHey pitti.05:54
tremoluxhello pitti!05:54
pittihey TheMuso05:54
pittigood morning tremolux, how are you?05:54
tremoluxoh, I'm fine, how about you?05:55
pittiI'm great, thanks05:55
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vishAmaranth: hi , got a min to review alacarte patch?06:17
vishAmaranth: Bug #39569206:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 395692 in alacarte (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Drag-and-Drop behavior in the menu editor is inconsistent and confusing (affects: 3) (heat: 27)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39569206:19
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rickspencer3good morning desktoppers08:32
RAOFrickspencer3: Good evening, Europeman!08:32
rickspencer3hey RAOF, how is the future? looking bright?08:32
RAOFLooking full of promising kernel SRUs.08:33
and471does anyone know how to use a custom template file in glade-3?08:35
and471rickspencer3, I think quickly does it ^08:36
rickspencer3and471, what is a "custom template file"?08:37
rickspencer3can you tell me a bit what you're trying to do?08:37
and471rickspencer3, it is where you define custom widgets for glade, I am working on a papercut for shotwell, and it uses them and I can't remeber if you can supply an argument on the CLI to use a custom one.08:37
and471rickspencer3, I thought I reme,bered quickly doing it, so I thought i'd ask to see if I could get a quick answer ;-p08:38
and471rickspencer3, don't worry if you don't know I'll stop being lazy and go on #glade308:39
rickspencer3and471, so you have a custom widget, and you want it to show up in Glade?08:39
and471rickspencer3, it is something that shotwell uses, I don't really know why, just need ot be able to open the glade file08:40
rickspencer3I see08:40
rickspencer3and471, look in the data/ui directory of a quickly project, you'll see the .xml files you need there for each custom widget08:41
rickspencer3then you can look at the quickly code to see the cli switches you need to load them into glade08:41
and471rickspencer3, yeah I was just wondering how quickly uses them ({as then I could copy this arg)08:41
rickspencer3in design.py08:41
and471rickspencer3, ah yes :)08:41
rickspencer3and471, here ya' go08:42
rickspencer3cmd = "GLADE_CATALOG_PATH=./data/ui glade-3 " + " ".join(files)08:42
and471rickspencer3, you rock08:43
and471rickspencer3, launchpad is being slow, thanks :D08:43
and471rickspencer3, hehe in the end, the stuff I wanted isn't in the glade file :)08:44
and471rickspencer3, oh well it is good to know for in the future08:44
rickspencer3oh well :/08:45
RAOFWhy are all the computers around me so slow all of a sudden?09:12
RAOFIt's like they realise it's 6:15 on a Friday evening.09:12
* mvo twiddles thumbs while waiting for LP to answer09:14
and471mvo, at least lp wasn't just slow for me09:16
mvovish: I uploaded something that may fix bug #355355 into maverick09:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 355355 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "Update Manager causes high Xorg CPU usage when checking for updates (affects: 9) (dups: 1) (heat: 31)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35535509:18
mvovish: if you can reproduce the problem, then I would be very grateful if you could let me know if it fixes it or not (we can backport then)09:18
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mvoand471: :)09:21
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and471using svn makes me appreciate bzr...09:23
and471vish, I am working on the shotwell icons papercut09:28
RAOFand471: Install bzr-svn09:30
and471RAOF, what does it do?09:30
RAOFAllows bzr to interact with svn repositories.09:31
RAOFEssentially it turns bzr into an svn client.  But a really kick-arse svn client.09:31
and471RAOF, sounds awesome, thanks :)09:31
RAOFSimilarly, bzr-git.09:31
and471RAOF, how do I run it?09:32
RAOFbzr branch svn://svn.debian.org/whatever local-whatever09:33
RAOFIt basically just means you can treat an svn repository as a bzr branch.09:35
and471RAOF, ah okay09:35
seb128pitti, did apport stop to count crashes and bother you after 3 times getting the same issue?09:48
pittiseb128: "stopped counting"?09:48
pittino, it's still doing that09:48
pittiat least, supposed to09:48
pittiit's testcase'd, too, so it ought to work09:49
seb128pitti, it doesn't there09:49
pittiseb128: after the second crash, do you get a CrashCounter: in the .crash file?09:50
vishmvo: hi , I'm on Lucid now ,can i just try the maverick version on Lucid?09:50
vishand471: cool!09:50
mvovish: I think that should work, if not I can build you a backport09:50
vishok. on it09:50
* mvo hugs vish09:50
seb128pitti, yes but it's staying to 109:51
seb128pitti, it's not raising on next crashes09:52
seb128I get rhythmbox crashing on closing in maverick09:52
seb128but I got it to crash 3 times in a row now and the counter still say 109:53
seb128pitti, I will open a bug, thanks09:53
pittihm, weird; let's discuss it there, right09:53
and471vish, part of the bug is removing custom icon references and replacing them with stock ones10:04
and471vish, the other part is replacing icons that need  to be custom with good looking ones :)10:05
and471vish, could you do something about that?10:05
vishand471: new icons?10:05
and471vish, yup10:05
rickspencer3does anyone know where I would find python gio reference documentation10:06
and471rickspencer3, google python gobject reference10:06
vishand471: not sure , already this is turning out to be a handful :( and i have other TODO witing as well.. not really sure , but i can try at some point :)10:06
and471vish, sure it is not urgent10:06
seb128rickspencer3, /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/pygobject10:06
and471rickspencer3, it should be on that page (strangely enough I was looking for it yesterday)10:07
seb128rickspencer3, /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/pygobject/index.html10:07
vishand471: for now just replace them and we can add new icons later whenever that is ;)10:07
seb128rickspencer3, "PyGio Class Reference" there10:07
and471vish, sure, they are not THAT bad, but, not great either10:07
vishand471: hehe , they are actually ours too , from breathe ;p10:08
and471vish, when you do have time, they are redeye, enhance (like a magic wand), crop and adjust (colour bars)10:08
and471vish, oh :D10:08
seb128pitti, bug #603503, not sure what informations would be useful though10:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 603503 in apport (Ubuntu) "doesn't increment the CrashCount over 1 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60350310:16
pittiseb128: thanks; I'm upgrading my maverick netbook now10:19
pittiseb128: in the meantime, could you clean /var/crash/ and run /usr/share/apport/testsuite/run ?10:20
pittiseb128: please paste the failures to the bug report10:20
seb128pitti, ok10:20
seb128pitti, done10:22
pittiseb128: hm, do you actually have apport enabled?10:23
seb128pitti, I guess so, I get it poping on screen every half an hour for a week10:23
seb128$ grep enabled /etc/default/apport10:24
pittiseb128: ah, and please attach /var/log/apport.log after your gconf-editor test10:24
pittiseb128: ok, seems it's getting confused somewhere then; I'll test on my mini once it's done upgrading, and stare on the code10:24
seb128apport (pid 11127) Fri Jul  9 11:18:29 2010: executable: /usr/bin/gconf-editor (command line "gconf-editor")10:24
seb128apport (pid 11127) Fri Jul  9 11:18:29 2010: this executable already crashed 2 times, ignoring10:24
pittiright, that's expected10:24
pittifirst crash -> no crashcounter10:24
pittisecond crash -> counter: 110:24
pittithird and further crashes -> ignored10:25
seb128right, but it displays display the "gconf-editor crashed" dialog10:25
pittiyep, that's the bug part of it10:25
pittiperhaps the new kernel changed something with mtime/atime10:25
seb128it's not new from today10:26
pittibut the test case failures are weird10:26
seb128I have the issue since start of the week10:26
kiwinotemvo: hi!10:26
kiwinotemvo: I'm looking at ubufox code atm because it uses apturl to install plugins, but have two queries..10:26
kiwinotemvo: atm apturl sends a signal on exit with the state of installation (ie installed, aborted, error, etc). Is the correct thing to do here to adapt ubufox not to care about the status?10:26
kiwinotemvo: also ubufox sends apturl an http-proxy argument. Is this something that s-c deals with anyway without the argument, or do I need to look into how this works and allow s-c to deal with this?10:26
seb128ie since apport is running again10:26
mvokiwinote: hello! the proxy should be picked up automatically, however if firefox <-> gnome-proxy-settings disagree then having the proxy is a good idea I think10:28
mvokiwinote: its a corner case though I think10:28
kiwinotemvo: thanks, so that means that apt (via s-c) should use the firefox proxy settings when available, rather than it's own proxy settings?10:31
mvokiwinote: I think firefox should use the gnome proxy settings IMO its a bug that it has its own :)10:31
kiwinotemvo: ok ;)10:31
mvokiwinote: as the signal, you mean that it uses the exit codes to communicate if the install was successful or not?10:32
kiwinotemvo: yep10:32
mvokiwinote: I think we need to support this10:33
mvokiwinote: one way (if s-c is already running) is to make apturl-gtk just send the right dbus signals to the SoftwareCenterDbus controller and collect the status. when all is finished, that bit can exit, while the main s-c can keep running10:34
kiwinotemvo: via exit codes, or something else?10:34
mvokiwinote: what do you have in mind? we could use dbus, but then we need to port the apturl-kde to that schema10:34
mvo(make ubufox use dbus instead of spawning a process)10:35
kiwinotemvo: I wasn't really sure. Exit codes on s-c itself won't really work as people probably won't close s-c straight away (and firefox is not usable in the meantime). If we don't have apturl-gtk installed (which we shouldn't need to), then we can't use that either..10:38
kiwinotemvo: so then getting ubufox to use dbus sounds the most reasonable solution (be it that I would need to look into dbus and js ;) )10:39
kiwinotemvo: or we  don't return a state, and get s-c to prompt to restart the browser after installing certain packages?10:40
mvokiwinote: well, if apturl-gtk is just a thin wrapper that calls a SoftwareCenterDbus thing and collects the status, then we can use exit codes. this app would exit, s-c itself would keep running10:41
vishmvo: tried synaptic 0.63.1ubuntu10 , but no luck :s  , its the same cpu usage as with the lucid version10:41
kiwinotemvo: yeah, suppose so10:41
mvovish: thanks a bunch, its actually https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synaptic/0.63.1ubuntu11 (ubuntu11) that has the changes10:45
pittiseb128: I get the three "no such file or dir" errors as well on maverick10:45
mvovish: what architecture do you have? I can send you direct links, its build for amd64 and i38610:45
vishmvo: yeah , i was wondering , where the new version was :D10:46
seb128pitti, ok, "nice" I guess ;-)10:46
seb128pitti, i.e easier to debug for you10:46
pittiseb128: just to fix the title, the real bug is that apport pops up for repeated bugs, right?10:46
vishmvo: no worries , got the deb for 1110:47
seb128pitti, yes10:47
seb128pitti, I wrongly assumed that the count limit was 3 and that the issue was the counter not incrementing to it10:47
seb128not sure why I though it was 3 though10:47
mvovish: thanks! looking forward for new results10:47
pittiit starts from 010:48
* pitti hugs mvo because it's Friday and sunny10:48
* seb128 hugs mvo just because mvo rocks10:48
* pitti hugs vish as well10:49
vishaernt we all lovey dowey today :D10:49
mvowoah! flash-hug10:49
* mvo hugs pitti and seb128 and dholbach and vish and kiwinote10:49
seb128mvo, no dholbach there :-(10:50
seb128he only joins us when he has desktop issues nowadays :p10:50
mvoseb128: ha! I just went to #ubuntu-devel to hug him :)10:50
mvohe can not escape!10:50
pittiseb128: hm, I have u-n running (UNE), but it's not popping up at all10:54
seb128do you have apport enable?10:54
pittiyes, it's writing reports and logging properly10:55
seb128I guess run u-n --debug...10:56
mvoif someone could sync bug #603512 for me, that would be cool10:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 603512 in gtest (Ubuntu) "Sync gtest 1.5.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60351210:57
pittiseb128: will do10:57
seb128mvo, doing it10:57
mvothanks seb12810:57
pittiseb128: in the meantime, I followed up with some questions10:57
seb128mvo, done10:58
pittiseb128: oh, *cough* -- just a focus failure of unity10:58
seb128mvo, pitti doesn't get apport dialogs showing up10:58
* seb128 hugs pitti10:59
pittiitz not mvo bug, itz didrocks bug10:59
seb128the "claim for attention" is sometime buggy10:59
pittiyou don't notice at all that there's a new window10:59
seb128I've opened a bug about that a week ago10:59
seb128well it should be moving in the launcher10:59
seb128it works in some cases10:59
seb128but it's often broken10:59
pittiseb128: followed up again; I can't reproduce, so let's take a look at your stat output11:03
pittiI'll have some lunch and check out the test case failures after that11:03
pitti  * debian/rules: don't break build on the testsuite it has issues on buildds11:04
pittiit worked before?11:04
seb128not really11:04
seb128the new gdbus testcases seem to not like the buildds11:04
vishmvo: for synaptic ubuntu11 , i had to new install libept1 , while i have libept0 as well , should libept0 be removed?11:04
seb128pitti, it seems gdbus can't connect to the bus on the buildds for some reason11:05
seb128pitti, it's a workaround for now, we need the new version to build and I've no time to debug buildds11:05
seb128pitti, the testsuite works on local builds11:05
pittifun that it works on armel11:05
mvovish: yes, it should appear in the autoremove list once aptitude is updated for libept111:06
* pitti &11:06
seb128pitti, enjoy11:06
mvovish: for now you can just keep both, that should be fine11:06
vishmvo: yeah , i tried with that , but still no luck. :(  the same cpu usage... thats why i was wondering if it was the problem.11:07
mvovish: hrm, hrm. thanks! that is odd. it happens on "reload", righ?11:08
vishmvo: yeah. only during reloads11:08
OwaisLhey, I'm working on this gmail notifier with support for multiple accounts.11:11
OwaisLI am facing a problem11:11
OwaisLI'm opening Gmail in the browser using python's webbrowser module11:11
OwaisLand gmail logs in the user automatically based on previous/current session11:12
OwaisLdesired behavior is that Gmail for the notified account should open11:12
OwaisLso i need a way to logout of gmail, then login to the desired account all inside the browser11:13
OwaisLany ideas?11:13
seb128OwaisL, hi, you seem to have made a mistake in the channel11:13
seb128this channel is about organizing work on the ubuntu-desktop builds11:14
seb128try #ubuntu-bugs for bugs11:14
mvothanks vish i debug further11:14
seb128or #ubuntu for user questions11:14
OwaisLjoin #ubuntu-bugs11:15
vishmvo: thanks11:15
mvovish: silly me, I think I nailed it down, expect a new upload shortly11:22
mvovish: but lunch first11:22
pittiseb128: *sigh* heisenbug :-( I'll still look at the test case failuires, though11:44
seb128pitti, yeah, sorry about that, it was doing it for a week and now it stopped11:44
seb128 Traceback (most recent call last):11:48
seb128   File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/aptdaemon/gtkwidgets.py", line 508, in _on_download_changed11:48
seb128     iter = model.append((text, progress, uri))11:48
seb128 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'append'11:48
seb128mvo, ^ known issue?11:48
pittiseb128: ah, itz kees bug11:57
pittiseb128: test suite can't core dump due to ptrace protection :-(11:57
mvoseb128: not a known issue, is that reproducable?12:02
mvovish: I uploaded yet another version (ubuntu12), once that is build, could you give it a try?12:16
vishmvo: sure , thanks.12:16
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pittiseb128: test suite problem in maverick fixed in apport's trunk, FYI (rewired the test code to get along with ptrace restrictions)12:20
seb128pitti, re, sorry I was getting something to eat12:25
seb128pitti, thanks12:25
seb128mvo, not easily but that's not the first time I get it12:25
seb128mvo, I did click on "installing updates", entered my password switched to something else and did esc when the "installing update" dialog was displayed12:26
seb128mvo, seems there is a race, you can manage to get update-manager in a "waiting" state but with nothing happening12:26
mvoseb128: that is really a bit odd, model should always be != None12:28
mvoseb128: let me try that12:29
seb128mvo, I've the feeling it's a race and you will not easily get it12:30
seb128mvo, oh in fact it's trivial to get12:30
seb128mvo, click on "update", enter your password and do "esc, esc, esc"12:31
seb128ie keep hitting it until the dialg comes and is dismissed12:31
seb128then apport triggers12:31
seb128update-manager gets stucked in a busy state12:31
seb128and you get a zillion apport crash report12:31
mvoseb128: about the None has no attribute … issue?12:32
mvoseb128: or about something else?12:32
seb128pitti, ^ I got 6 extra "apport crash dialogs" about it12:32
mvohave it12:32
seb128mvo, it gives the stacktrace I gave you12:32
seb128pitti, oh!12:33
seb128pitti, ok, I was wrong with my bug12:33
seb128I didn't actually got the issue with gconf-editor there12:33
seb128I just use that one to grep for the counter value12:33
seb128pitti, the counter seems to not work on python exception issues12:34
mvoseb128: thanks, I can reproduce, fixing now12:35
seb128mvo, it did install the updates!12:35
seb128mvo, ie it didn't take my cancel12:35
seb128I restarted update-manager now and I've no update listed12:35
seb128mvo, thanks ;-)12:36
pittiseb128: ok, please reopen the bug then12:36
seb128pitti, done12:37
seb128mvo, did you change update-manager to not display the names of updates on purpose or that's a bug?12:39
seb128it's there ignore me12:39
seb128it's confusing to have the title first and the package name behind ;-)12:39
seb128chrisccoulson: hey12:40
seb128chrisccoulson: shouldn't you be in a swap day rather than updating firefox today? ;-)12:40
mvoseb128: aptdaemon issue is fixed in bzr12:52
seb128mvo, you rock, thanks!12:52
joaopintomvo, hi, is there a plan to have apturl integrated with aptdaemon ?13:14
pittihave a good weekend everyone, see you all on Monday! need to leave early today13:17
mvojoaopinto: yes13:21
seb128pitti, have fun!13:22
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mvokiwinote: I fixed the enable component problem you mentioned yesterday in aptdaemon13:55
kiwinotemvo: thanks!13:55
kenvandineseb128, i uploaded gwibber to lucid-proposed, waiting to be approved14:45
seb128kenvandine, I've noticed you fb post, nice14:45
seb128it will wait monday I guess14:45
seb128we need pitti and he called it a week earlier14:45
kenvandineok, thx14:46
seb128or trying asking cjwatson if you want14:46
desrtseb128: hey?15:24
desrtseb128: what's the story of this gconf package conflict?15:24
seb128desrt, hello15:24
seb128desrt, what conflicts?15:24
desrtthere's a package conflict on my system that's preventing gconf from being installed15:25
desrtsomething about some .gir file conflicting with the same file in another package15:25
desrtthing is, i rebooted with my system in that conflicted state15:25
desrtso uh... heh15:25
seb128sudo apt-get -f install15:25
seb128you mean it broke the install in middle in a broken state?15:25
desrti tried to do the -f install thing15:26
desrtor at least the update manager tried on my behalf15:26
desrtthat fixed most things, i think, but somthing is still toasted15:26
seb128having the package names would help15:26
seb128or the file conflicting15:26
desrti just realised that it's possible that this is caused by the gnome-shell PPA15:26
seb128those should be in logged in /var/log/apt15:26
desrtwhich i t15:27
desrthink that i have installed15:27
seb128it's likely yes15:27
desrti forgot about that15:27
seb128I don't recommend anybody to use it right now15:27
seb128with the gir abi change15:27
desrtis that the canonical company position? :)15:27
desrt"don't use gnome shell!"15:27
seb128don't use rebuild of tons of system libs from a ppa15:28
seb128the guys having the ppa has been taking the new gir abi15:28
seb128so he's basically doing packaging changes to everything building a gir15:28
seb128I'm not really surprised it creates issues15:28
desrtya... almost certainly the blame lies there, then15:29
desrtPPAs are a bit scary in a way15:29
desrtyou install them for some small purpose15:29
seb128but yeah, all those transitions make updating g-s challenging now15:29
Sarvatti think you just summed up xorg-edgers to a tee there seb128 :)15:29
desrtand they have the ability to take over your entire system as the guy who built it increases the number of packages in there15:29
jcastrowhen you remove it doing "sudo apt-get install packagename/lucid" will get you back to the level you're supposed to be at15:30
jcastroor /maverick or whatever15:30
seb128especially that walters and jdhalin said the abi and typelib will break15:30
desrtin my case i didn't even realise what was going on until i considered how unlikely it was that ubuntu substantially changed the packaging mid-release15:30
Sarvattsudo apt-get install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppaname15:30
desrtseb128: walters is talking about switching the typelib to be the same file format as dconf :p15:30
jcastrodo we put ppa purge somewhere common or is it still in the Xorg PPAs?15:30
seb128well we will not transition until the abi changes settle15:30
desrtit's a good file format, dude!15:30
seb128no discussion ;-)15:31
seb128I'm just saying Debian and Ubuntu agree to wait a bit15:31
seb128but it means we can't get new g-s builds easily15:31
seb128since they depends on those changes15:31
Sarvatti think he copied it to the gnome-shell ppa if its ricotz's one15:31
seb128so the ppa has to divert a lot15:31
seb128Sarvatt, he's the one doing the g-s builds yes15:31
Sarvattyeah ppa-purge is in there15:32
Sarvattsudo apt-get install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppa:ricotz/testing then :)15:32
Sarvatta lot easier and safer to just jhbuild gnome-shell for now15:35
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vishmvo: w0000000t!!!!! it works ubuntu12 no constant cpu spike  ...  :D16:02
mvovish: \o/16:02
vishthe https alone has a spike but that drops in a couple of secs16:02
mvovish: thanks a million for testing that16:02
vishmvo: np. thank *you* :)16:02
mvovish: please keep using it, if you see no regressions over the weekend I think we should try to get it into lucid-proposed16:03
vishmvo: sure. will keep an eye out .16:03
mvogreat, tahnks vish16:04
and471vish, how is this? :D (more tango than humanity style) http://imagebin.ca/img/YqT84wY.png16:16
vishand471: looks good. humanity is tango with a different palette and a few minor variations , this should fit well.. btw which icon is it for?16:18
and471vish, if you are asking that question, I think I have failed16:19
and471vish, :D16:19
and471vish, it is for adjusting hue saturationa and brightness (I think)16:19
kenvandineand471, that gnome color thing?16:19
vishand471: nah , it looks like some adjust .. i dont remember all the items in shotwell :)16:19
vishand471: see:)16:19
kenvandinefor shotwell :)16:19
and471kenvandine, yup yup :)16:20
and471vish, I think the papercut needs to be split in two16:20
and471vish, 1) use stanard stock icons for those that are applicable16:20
vishand471: feel free to split it..16:20
and471vish, 2) make the icons that have to be shipped with shotwell better (and generic tango style)16:21
and471vish, merci beaucoup16:21
and471does anyone know if shotwell has an irc channel?16:22
jcastroand471: "yorba-jim" stops by in this channel on occassion16:25
and471jcastro, thanks16:25
* and471 just used the new Opinion status on launchpad16:28
LaserJockis that supposed to be a "terminal" status?16:31
and471LaserJock, :)16:31
LaserJockto me it sounds like an Importance status like a bit below "Wishlist"16:32
vishand471: where is the preferences in shotwell? are you on Maverick?16:56
vishi cant seem to find it in Lucid.. :s16:57
and471vish, should be edit> preferences, I am on the svn version though16:57
and471is this the bug I filed?16:57
vishand471: cool , probably not in lucid16:58
vishno prefs of any kind16:58
and471vish, don't worry about that bug, it is set to opinion, so unless anyone has an opinion on it, it is wont fix upstream16:59
and471vish, yeah must just be in SVN, you want a screenshot?16:59
vishand471: np.. i was just confused :)17:00
kiwinotemvo: warnings and errors should now be handled nicely by appdetailsview-gtk17:14
kiwinotemvo: enjoy your weekend!17:14
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