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zkriessehello epic9304:08
zkriessewelcome again04:15
mdkejussi01: I think I've amended the entry message now07:55
jussi01[09:56:44] [ChanServ] This channel is logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com. Use of this channel implies acceptance of the terms at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfService07:56
jussi01looks like it :)07:56
mdkeok, good07:56
jussi01mdke: would be good to add the ircc to the access list also, if you would be so kind.07:57
mdkejussi01: do I need to add each individual or is there a group I can use?07:58
jussi01mdke: /msg chanserv flags #ubuntu-doc UbuntuIrcCouncil +votsriRfA07:58
mdkeI'm not strong with irc admin I'm afraid07:58
jussi01I make it easy :)07:58
jussi01thanks very much.07:59
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zazhello world08:59
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zzzazzzis there anyone that could modify a page from the ubuntu web donload page ?09:00
zzzazzza webmaster in some09:00
zzzazzzi found a mistake09:01
zzzazzzthere : http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download09:01
zzzazzzohh, i found a webmaster@ubuntu.com i test that, ciao09:03
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EgyParadoxIf there is an issue concerning the documentation where exactly it should be reported?13:48
EgyParadoxconcerning the official documentation13:59
trijntje_Hi, are the maintainers of the wiki in this chanel?14:59
trijntje_someone changed the links in this article to point to some comercial site: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/ShareEthernetConnectionThroughWireless15:00
zkriessetrijntje_: hello15:04
zkriessetrijntje_: what's the issue?15:04
trijntje_zkriesse, someone changed the links in the article to some comercial site, instead of the troubleshooting section15:09
trijntje_So I was hoping someon could revert it to an earlier state15:09
zkriessetrijntje_: ok what section is this link15:09
trijntje_"order essay" and "online resume writers"15:10
trijntje_*not* the troubleshooting section, I read to fast15:10
zkriesseok lemme revert15:11
zkriesseok trijntje_ go take a look now and tell me how it is15:12
trijntje_zkriesse, fixed, no more strange links15:13
trijntje_Thanks a lot, i'm off to reboot and check if the article was right ;)15:14
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jenkinsin case you have missed any of my other reminders, collaboration meeting on saturday 10th 8pm utc, if you are coming please add yourself to the list. http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/collaborationmeeting , you can also add agenda items there. If everyone can add the pros and cons for docbook or mallard as the content pool http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/prosandcons . Thanks :)22:46

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