saispocjwatson: hi, have you planned to update debian-installer to bump lucid to the latest 2.6.32-24 kernel udeb ?10:39
CIA-97ubiquity: evand * r4147 maverick-redesign/ (4 files in 3 dirs):10:49
CIA-97ubiquity: * Properly wire up the radio buttons on the first partitioning page.10:49
CIA-97ubiquity: * Show the default filesystem for the new filesystem to be created.10:49
CIA-97ubiquity: * Set the title of the partition from os-prober, if possible.10:49
CIA-97ubiquity: * Set the 'extra' field on partitions, showing the block device to be created10:49
CIA-97ubiquity:  on new partitions.10:49
cjwatsonsaispo: I already uploaded that to lucid-proposed yesterday.10:54
saispothks, will wait to push it in updates10:55
cjwatsonsaispo: -24 is still in -proposed too!11:18
cjwatsonit's not like they aren't matching :)11:18

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