voriantsimpson: am now01:56
nhandlervorian: Just to confirm, you wanted to replace your current cloak with an ubuntu member cloak?01:57
voriannhandler: true01:58
vorianjust ubuntu/member/vorian01:58
nhandlervorian: In case you didn't notice, you got your cloak :)03:21
vorianvorian: yeah, awesomess!04:06
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GryllidaI'm not sure that this is the right place to tell that, but in #ubuntu, some metabot joins and leaves with 'remote host closed connection' message about every minute or so.11:47
DJonesGryllida: Metabot is an official bot, its responsible for supprot question classification and reporting, I would guess its on a dodgy connection at the minute which is why its connecting/reconnecting11:54
yuerHi is the name Ship-It trademarked/copyrighted by Canonical?20:07

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