jenkinsnight all00:33
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nisshhjenkins: ill be doing some work on the dev manual in a little while, ill make a branch up and turn it into the trunk so you can also start working on it10:51
jenkinscool nisshh sounds great10:53
jenkinsI will be afk quite a bit today10:55
nisshhjenkins: ok, just work on it when you like11:02
nisshhim setting it up so the whole team can commit to the trunk anyway11:03
jenkinsthats good11:05
nisshhjenkins: just so you know:https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-developer-manual/ubuntu-developer-manual/trunk11:32
nisshhjenkins: thats the new trunk, which is owned by the whole dev manual team, not just me this time11:32
nisshhit also has the sample app in it11:32
nisshhgodbyk: ping11:37
nisshhgodbyk-android: ping11:37
jenkinsnisshh: branch is great, kevin will not be up for 2-3 hours yet.11:39
nisshhjenkins: ok, cool, i need godbyk to teach me how to create and edit stuff like the /terminal command and such, unless you know how to do that?11:40
jenkinsnisshh: have a look at the ubuntu-manual.cls file line 51211:43
jenkinswhat do you want to change about it?11:43
jenkinsI have never done it before but I can't be ahrd11:43
nisshhjenkins: i dont want to change anything really, but i just though we might be creating commands and stuff in the future so i thought i should learn11:46
jenkinsok i see11:46
c7pjenkins, flan under which license is the quickshot  released ?12:00
jenkinsc7p: GNU General Public License version 3, please point out that it is not worth forking/using as a code base at the moment as it is still mid rewrite12:02
c7pso for now it's only for the purposed of the manual ?12:03
jenkinsno we are working for multiproject support this release, I think we said that in the e-mail i liked to you12:03
nisshhjenkins: is the new version going to be easier to use12:04
c7pok, i'm just writing an introduction about the UM project and the quickshot in greek so i can motivate them to learn more12:04
jenkinsthats the idea, cool.12:05
jenkinswhen you are done can you link me it please, I will have a read using google translate.12:05
c7pok :)12:05
jenkinsthanks :), feel free to post it on the forum when you are done, I would jsut like to see peoples response12:06
c7pjenkins: do you have the ML url handy? if not don't mind I'll find it on google12:15
jenkinsc7p https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2010-May/014801.html12:16
c7pok ty :)12:16
c7pshould I add the link or quote the message ?12:18
jenkinsup to you, which ever you like12:18
c7pjenkins: http://forum.ubuntu-gr.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1316512:35
c7pi can clarify any paragraph if you can't make out google's translation12:37
jenkinsnope thats great,12:38
jenkinswe shall see what people think12:38
jenkinsthanks c7p12:41
jenkinssee you later all12:41
semioticroboticdoes anyone use Back In Time for backups?16:50
semioticrobotichaving a issue I can't solve16:50
dutchieooh, backups16:50
semioticroboticindeed sir16:50
nisshhsemioticrobotic: sorry, cant help you, i use a bash script that uses rsync16:51
dutchiemust get round to sorting them16:51
semioticroboticwell, Back In Time uses rsync as well16:51
semioticroboticI just prefer the GUI16:51
nisshhsome do some dont16:51
semioticroboticmaybe my issue is an rsync issue16:51
semioticroboticnot entirely sure16:51
semioticroboticevery two days, Back In Time does a complete backup16:51
semioticroboticregardless of changes, regardless of hardlinks, etc.16:52
semioticroboticit just backs everything up from scratch ... and it's killing my drive (not to mention using more space than I have)16:52
nisshhsemioticrobotic: its your back in time settings im guessing, you should be able to change when it does what type of backup16:53
semioticroboticI've tweaked them twice16:53
semioticrobotic(over the past four days)16:53
semioticroboticbut this hasn't solved the problem ... not yet, anyway16:53
nisshhsemioticrobotic: i would think that every 2 days is far too much16:53
semioticroboticbecause a single full backup of my stuff takes 4+ hours16:54
semioticroboticI don't mind doing that once, on initial backup to a fresh drive16:54
nisshhchanges only would be what you want16:54
semioticroboticand that's what I have it set to do16:54
semioticroboticonce very hour16:54
semioticroboticI save all backups for a year16:54
semioticroboticand it quits if the drive has less than 1GB free16:55
semioticroboticneither of those conditions have been met16:55
nisshhyea, maybe it has a default setting of full backups every 2 days, you should be able to change that16:55
semioticroboticyes, I think so!16:55
semioticroboticnisshh: Do you think a script would be better than this piece of software?16:55
semioticrobotickeep in mind that I'm somewhat n00bish16:56
semioticroboticbut would be willing to consider other options16:56
nisshhsemioticrobotic: well, if you know enough about rsync, then yes16:56
semioticroboticI've just migrated from Mac OS X, and this is the only issue that has me thinking of going back16:56
nisshhsemioticrobotic: there are heaps of example rsync backup scripts on the net16:56
nisshhsemioticrobotic: yea, scripts are the way to go for something like backups16:57
semioticroboticare they easy to set up and run automatically?16:57
semioticrobotic(Back in Time uses cron for its scheduling)16:57
nisshhsemioticrobotic: create your script and run it manually once to make sure it works, then add it as a cron job16:57
dutchie!info rsnapshot16:57
nisshhdutchie: real smooth :)16:58
semioticroboticdutchie: just looked it up ... reading now16:58
dutchiehello manualbot16:59
dutchie!info rsnapshot16:59
dutchieoh well17:00
semioticroboticdutchie: hmmm, well, I know this decreases my cred, but I'll need to admit that this looks just a little too complicated for my current skill set17:00
dutchiefair enough17:00
semioticroboticsorry :/17:01
nisshhsemioticrobotic: give it a go, you can do it17:01
semioticroboticsomething to work up to, of course  :)17:01
semioticroboticnisshh: Well, while I appreciate your confidence, I'm not so sure  :)17:02
nisshhsemioticrobotic: meh, well, maybe one day youll try it17:02
semioticroboticnisshh: of course, I'll continue to read and tinker .. but when it comes to backups, I like to be sure I'm absolutely comfortable with the solution I've implemented17:04
nisshhsemioticrobotic: yea, good point, are you really backup consious are you?17:05
semioticroboticnisshh: Yes.  I keep several external volumes filled with irreplaceable files17:07
semioticroboticnisshh: and I want them backed up consistently and thoroughly17:08
nisshhwork files im guessing?17:08
semioticrobotici just can't believe someone hasn't implemented a more n00b-proof backup solution for Ubuntu by now17:08
semioticroboticon the whole17:09
nisshhyea, well, rsync is pretty damn easy17:09
semioticroboticI have a 6GB research library -- 900 books and 2000+ articles -- that I've compiled over the last decade17:09
semioticroboticI would be devastated if they were lost17:09
nisshhoooh, id like to read those17:09
nisshhsemioticrobotic: as well as my backup script i also have 3 external drives i mirror too17:10
dutchiethere is a thing17:10
dutchiedeja dup17:10
nisshhplus my raid array17:10
semioticroboticdutchie: I looked at deja dup, too, but I forget why I ruled it out ...17:10
dutchiei've heard of it being discussed for the default install, so it must be fairly noob-proof17:10
semioticroboticwill look into it again17:10
semioticroboticyes, it is17:10
semioticroboticactually, I think I remember now17:11
semioticroboticDeja Dup only restores enture snapshots17:11
semioticroboticI don't think it can do per-file restores17:12
semioticroboticand when I only want to retrieve a single file (or pdf, something like that), it's a hassle17:12
dutchiehow does it store them? tarballs?17:13
semioticroboticum, let me check17:13
semioticroboticdutchie, not sure17:14
semioticroboticjust looking at the Launchpad page now17:15
dutchienever mind17:15
semioticroboticdeja dup uses duplicity17:16
semioticrobotic(as its backend)17:16
semioticroboticwell, thanks for the help and suggestions, folks17:17
semioticroboticI'm sure I'll figure something out17:17
semioticrobotic(in the meantime I've filed a question on Launchpad ... we'll see where it goes)17:25
nisshhdaker: hey17:46
* nisshh is compiling his own kernel :)19:00
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jenkinsevening all, how are we?21:54
jenkinsquite here tonight21:56
jenkinshello dutchie and c7p22:01
c7phey jenkins22:02
jenkinsgodbyk: ping22:21
c7pin about an hour godbyk should be available22:25
jenkinsk thanks22:26
dutchiedaker: did you ping the other day?22:26
jenkinshey daker great to here how quickly you will be able to do the quickshot site, where are you putting the branch?22:26
dakerdutchie, i don't remember22:27
jenkinsdutchie: that may have been me, no worries now22:27
dakerjenkins, there is no branch :)22:32
jenkinsdaker: cool if you don't mind can you do it under the quickshot project page :) please22:32
jenkinsthanks, just checked you are in the quickshotdevs team22:33
c7pjenkins: could you help me to find what's the error on http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/builds/ubuntu-manual-el.log ?22:37
jenkinssure let me look22:37
jenkinsfound it22:38
jenkinswhere is the latest tex file? in the branch?22:38
c7pi am not sure22:38
c7pi will send you lattest on mail22:38
jenkinshmm not what i thought22:44
jenkinsin case you have missed any of my other reminders, collaboration meeting on saturday 10th 8pm utc, if you are coming please add yourself to the list. http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/collaborationmeeting , you can also add agenda items there. If everyone can add the pros and cons for docbook or mallard as the content pool http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/prosandcons . Thanks :)22:46
jenkinsstill trying to work it out c7p22:46
c7pwhat's the uDocs ?22:49
dakerjenkins, http://imagebin.org/10470422:49
jenkinsdaker: \o/ :D22:50
jenkinsc7p: sorry where is that written?22:50
c7pjenkins: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/collaborationmeeting22:50
dakeri think it's Ubuntu Doc Team22:51
dakerno ?22:51
c7p"uDocs, Manual, and Learning  teams collaboration meeting"22:51
jenkinsc7p: i think i must have leaned on the keyboard with that open22:51
dakerjenkins, https://code.launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs/quickshot/website22:56
jenkinswow you have added alot how much, more needs doing?22:57
dakerwhat ???!!!!22:59
jenkinsc7p: I really can't find what is causing the error, it is usually an extra \ that causes that error.22:59
jenkinsdaker: you have added a lot of files all ready, how much more needs to be done before it is complete?23:00
jenkinssorry for the bad wording23:00
dakerit will be complete for this week end23:01
jenkinsthats great!23:01
dakerif you want to run the website23:02
jenkinscan I tweet the screenshot you sent? if i crop out the web browser.23:02
dakeri'll make one for you23:03
jenkinsit would be great if you could show me how to set it up I have no clue23:03
* jenkins notes daker uses the same theme as jenkins23:04
dakerhumpreybc too23:04
c7pjenkins: no problem, I can't find it either :P, kevin should be back in a few minutes so it's no big deal23:05
jenkinsits really strange I must be missing something23:05
c7pI typed the make ubuntu-etc command on my system, and on the log file there isn't any word error23:06
jenkinshmm wierd23:08
godbykjenkins, c7p: pong23:13
c7phi kevin23:14
jenkinshey godbyk, I forgot what I was going to say. How are you? busy i guess23:14
godbyknot too bad. just got back from a meeting.23:15
godbyk(seems all I do these days is attend meetings. makes it hard to get stuff done.)23:15
jenkinscan someone please confirm they got my meeting reminder on the mailing list?23:15
dakeri got it23:16
godbykc7p: the error in the log file on the builds site was the \dasho thing I mentioned to you earlier.23:17
jenkinsI am determind to do it I will organise meetings until we decide/ get people from every team23:17
godbykI haven't rebuilt the PDFs since.23:17
c7pok nice23:18
godbykjenkins: have people from other teams committed to showing up yet?23:18
jenkinserr nope :( , I have flooded irc enough on this channel and the docs one23:18
jenkinswell not on the pad some on the thread but not much since23:20
jenkinskevin, what do you dislike about the nexus one? I am tempted to get one once I start work23:21
godbykjenkins: My biggest gripe is actually with T-Mobile's crappy service coverage in my area.  The phone (and Android) is pretty nice, I think.23:24
godbykThe 2.2 release fixed all my gripes, I think.23:24
godbykI haven't had time to dink with it much since upgrading, though, so I don't know if it got them all or not.23:24
jenkinscool, I am going to have to think about if I can justify the cost23:25
dakerjenkins, http://imagebin.org/10470623:25
c7pgodbyk, are you available at this time ?23:26
jenkinsthanks daker, any idea how to tweet a photo :$23:26
dutchiejenkins: http://twitpic.com/23:27
dutchieor one of the myriad similar sites23:27
dakercreate an account on tweetpic23:27
godbykc7p: sure, I can give you a few minutes before I have to dive back into other code.  (so much code!)  :)23:28
c7pok :) thx23:28
c7pcheck this http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/3sIwez7O8A23:29
jenkinsthanks daker , should be up soon23:29
c7pconcerning the first item on the list, topo fixed the issue manually if it is ok with you we can overcome this way23:30
dutchienight all23:30
dutchiei will be back a week sunday23:31
c7pfor more about the topo's way : http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/YknjBKBNG823:31
jenkinsbye dutchie23:32
c7pnight dutchie23:32
godbyksee ya, dutchie23:32
jenkinsdaker: tweeted and facebook'd23:32
godbykc7p: what are some of the glossary entries that were messed up before?23:35
c7pgodbyk: actually it's their page refferences , https://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=1PVCof8xG_iEUwPNP_D4ya3s5O6G3i8diDWLe6iwLbTw&hl=en&authkey=CLTxr4UE&pli=1#23:36
dakergood night23:39
c7pnight daker23:39
jenkinsnight daker23:40

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