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lfaraoneIf a fix to a pacakge only requires a no-change re-build, does it need to be "fixed" in the developement release first? (in the development release, the package FTBFS for a different reason)02:27
micahglfaraone: I would think02:29
* micahg wasn't going to write that02:29
* lfaraone jeers at micahg. </smile!>02:29
lfaraonemicahg: but seriously, is it a problem?02:36
micahglfaraone: I was going to say that I don't think so, then I remembered, that I don't know the "official" answer02:37
RAOFIt should not be a problem.  The “fixed in development release” criterion is to ensure that we don't accidentally regress.02:38
micahglfaraone: what package?02:38
lfaraonemicahg: pyabiword. bug 60141502:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 601415 in pyabiword (Ubuntu) "python-abiword can't be installed on lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60141502:38
lfaraonemicahg: not sure if there's a better method than to rebuild it.02:39
micahgah, ok, a different one of those this morning :)02:39
lfaraonemicahg: hm? I mentioned it this morning but nobody replied.02:39
micahglfaraone: no, I meant one for gjs :)02:40
micahglfaraone: I'd ask mr_pouit if the dependency is meant to be tightly coupled like that and maybe SRU that fix02:41
lfaraonemr_pouit: got a minute? ^^^02:43
micahglfaraone: probably sleeping02:43
lfaraonemicahg: right, France.02:44
micahgI'm trying to make a patch for a package in karmic with CDBS as a packaging system, here's the README.source: http://gpl.code.de/gitweb/?p=nfdump.git;a=blob_plain;f=debian/README.source;hb=c2ee06bf5695f77ac2cf4f78e67978ebe3bd1c6f  I'm not sure what to do in this type of situation since there are no patches in this revision03:51
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dholbachgood morning07:24
dupondjemorning dholbach  :)07:25
dholbachhi dupondje07:25
dupondjedholbach: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pinta/+bug/603002 now build btw07:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 603002 in pinta (Ubuntu) "Sync pinta 0.4+dfsg-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New]07:26
dholbachdupondje: I'll have a look soon, first need to sort a few things out… like breakfast07:26
dupondjetotally no stress ;)07:27
bilalakhtarCan anyone help me with point 3 of comment 11 of bug #601865 ?07:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 601865 in krename (Ubuntu) "Please merge krename 4.0.4-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60186507:32
bilalakhtark got it07:33
Rhondapfff. someone files a synrequest for my package before I get around to it myself, what the. :)08:12
dupondjewhen a ftbfs just build without any change, it really needs a buildx increment? Or can it be pushed again to build ?08:22
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mr_pouitlfaraone: I don't really know, I've only rebuilt it once or twice ;]08:38
dupondjesomebody knows ? :)08:42
RAOFdupondje: If it's never had any published binaries, then there's a button that can be pressed to rebuild it.08:43
dupondjeRAOF: and who can press that button ? :D08:47
RAOFI _think_ anyone with upload priviledges to the package in question, but you might still need an archive admin.08:47
dupondjehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bug-buddy => build fine now08:48
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Laneyyes it does, giving back now09:41
Laney(morning all)09:41
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bilalakhtarHello. If I am merging using Bazaar branches, do I need to file a bug report and attach debdiffs as well?12:11
bilalakhtarHello. If I am merging using Bazaar branches, do I need to file a bug report and attach debdiffs as well?12:25
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EzraRi would think you would and link the merge with the bug13:09
EzraRor the branch rather13:09
EzraRbut not a debdiff13:10
Laneynot sure a bug is required13:11
nigelbNope, bug not required unless its in a packageset and bugs are part of that team's workflow13:12
micahgI'm trying to make a patch for a package in karmic with CDBS as a packaging system, here's the README.source: http://gpl.code.de/gitweb/?p=nfdump.git;a=blob_plain;f=debian/README.source;hb=c2ee06bf5695f77ac2cf4f78e67978ebe3bd1c6f  I'm not sure what to do in this type of situation since there are no patches in this revision13:13
bilalakhtarHello, people! I myself prefer merging using Bazaar branches. Should I do that? or should I go the old-fashioned M-o-m way?13:13
bilalakhtarI know I can go in both ways. Which one is better?13:14
nigelbbilalakhtar: bazaar13:14
directhexhand-packaging then plain ol' dput. anything else is voodoo!13:14
tumbleweedyou still have to dput with UDD13:14
bilalakhtarAnd, if I choose the Bazaar method, will I need to create debdiffs and attach them to bug reports?13:14
bilalakhtardirecthex: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/Documentation/UploadingAPackage13:14
nigelbnot necessary, but you can if only if you want to13:14
nigelbmost people have embraced UDD13:15
bilalakhtarnigelb: thanks13:15
bilalakhtarnigelb: I am going to become one of those "most" who have embraced UDD :)13:15
nigelbbilalakhtar: everyone is.  Also packages.ubuntu.com for maverick isnt ready yet13:16
bilalakhtarnigelb: why? whats the matter? why error comes?13:18
nigelbRhonda: what exactly was the problem with packages.ubuntu.com? I remember you talking to sabdfl about it.13:19
Rhondanigelb: Go to the page and follow the maverick link13:19
bilalakhtarnigelb: isn't packages.ubuntu.com based on packages.debian.org ?13:19
nigelbbilalakhtar: it is, but there is some kind of index file13:20
nigelbRhonda: ahhh13:20
Rhondanigelb: If you are a canonical employee, there is an internal RT ticket about it that cjwatson created with my instructions for the fix.13:20
nigelbRhonda: nah, I'm not an employee :)13:20
bilalakhtarRhonda: ok, can you briefly explain why is the problem coming?13:20
Rhondabilalakhtar: The config.sh.sed.in file creates the config.sh file. Through the VCS I was only able to update the config.sh.sed.in file - _not_ the generated one.13:21
RhondaThat last part is missing.13:21
cjwatsonRhonda: elmo asked me to ask you if you'd tried to go through djpig first13:23
VK7HSEThank you to all involved in merging xine-lib ...  Bug #60305913:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 603059 in xine-lib (Ubuntu) "Please Merge xine-lib (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60305913:23
cjwatsonRhonda: (our sysadmins try to avoid using root for managed services unless they need to)13:24
Rhondacjwatson: Sure, several times, IRC pings, mails, real life proxies, …13:24
Rhondacjwatson: Doesn't look very much "managed" to me, to be honest. :)13:24
bilalakhtarVK7HSE: good to see you here13:24
cjwatsonRhonda: OK, I'll follow up with that13:24
nigelbcjwatson: oops, you were on it.  I just poked elmo about it.  Sorry about that.13:26
VK7HSEbilalakhtar: hi  & thanks ;)13:26
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Rhondabilalakhtar, nigelb, cjwatson: http://git.debian.org/?p=webwml/packages.git;a=blobdiff;f=config.sh.sed.in;h=b8ecc8;hp=c75039;hb=b675bd;hpb=e36780 - crafted the diff for the file through the webinterface. ;)13:32
Rhondaeven shorter! http://git.debian.org/?p=webwml/packages.git;a=blobdiff;f=config.sh.sed.in;hb=b675;hpb=e367813:34
nigelbRhonda: is intrepid supposed to be missing there?13:35
RhondaYes, it's discontinued.13:35
RhondaEOLed April 30 201013:36
* Rhonda hands nigelb helpfully https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases13:36
* nigelb goes "ah" again13:37
RhondaThis is one of the parts that I consider exceptional well and prominently documented in the ubuntu wiki, btw.13:39
Rhonda… not that other parts aren't well done in there, mind you.13:40
VK7HSEOk before I head to bed ... can anyone review Bug #602981 as the broken dep. has been merged into maverick so thsi should now build without error  ???14:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 602981 in me-tv (Ubuntu) "Please Sync me-tv 1.3.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60298114:15
LaneyVK7HSE: did you actually test that it does?14:16
VK7HSEit builds here just fine ;)14:16
aboudreaulthi. If I have a debdiff file... how can I apply it on the first deb, which has been used to produce the debdiff?14:30
Laneyby using patch(1)14:32
aboudreaultha.. yeah, that's just what I realized..14:32
aboudreaultwill do a simple dpkg-source -x, and then apply the patch as normal.14:32
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micahgcjwatson: can you please accept gjs into lucid-proposed? gnome-shell is uninstallable at the moment14:58
cjwatsonmicahg: done15:01
micahgcjwatson: thanks15:01
micahgsiretart: are you around/available?15:02
sebnermicahg: I think we should have ask that already yesterday :P15:02
micahgsebner: yes, I thought someone would have processed it with the rest of the SRUs yesterday15:02
lfaraonecjwatson: for the same reason, could you take a look at pyabiword in lucid-proposed? it's blocking... well, python-abiword from being installed.15:05
cjwatsonlfaraone: I don't see pyabiword in the lucid-proposed unapproved queue.15:05
lfaraonecjwatson: apologies, I accidentally dputted to my local repository rather than Ubuntu. Reuploaded.15:07
siretartmicahg: sort of. what's up?15:19
micahgsiretart: wanted to ask you if you know about the status of xine-plugin upstream15:20
siretartmicahg: is there a particular problem?15:23
micahgsiretart: it seems dead, so since it's a xul rdepend I was considering dropping it15:23
siretartmicahg: I guess the status is like the rest of xine, mainly one single developer with not enough time :-(15:24
kreuterpersia: are you around?15:31
micahgsiretart: do you think it's popular enough people would scream?15:32
cjwatsonlfaraone: done.  I marked the bug invalid for maverick, hope that's ok15:33
cjwatsonoh, wait, it'll probably need copied into maverick at some point, won't it?15:33
cjwatsonlfaraone: please fix up the bug status to whatever is desirable based on your understanding15:34
siretartmicahg: TBH: no idea. but if you remove it, please check the launchpad bugs for it to close the respective bugs15:35
micahgsiretart: ok, I'm just wondering how much maintainance we'll need for the xulrunner major version changes15:38
siretartmicahg: I think it would be best to discuss this with darren15:42
siretartmicahg: please join #xine on oftc15:42
siretarthe does most of the work in both upstream and keeping the packages in shape for debian15:43
micahgsiretart: k, when's a good time generally in there to chat about this, I have to leave soon15:43
siretartI guess any time15:43
micahgsiretart: k, thanks, I'll try over the weekend then15:43
lfaraonecjwatson: that's fine, thanks.15:47
lfaraonecjwatson: it won't need to be copied over, since maverick has a later version.15:48
aboudreaultInstead of sending a patched version of a software that needs security updates, can we send the  appropriate bug fix release ? like 5.6.1 --> 5.6.4 ?15:51
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aboudreaulthmm... nvm.. I think it will be more work than just adding the 2 fixes.15:55
RhondaHmm. Do I need to join ubuntu sponsors team to be "allowed" to subscribe ubuntu archive for the process?15:58
Rhondasyncrequest that is15:58
RhondaIt's currently subscribed to ubuntu-sponsors.15:58
cjwatsonlfaraone: oh, I must have misread16:00
cjwatsonRhonda: for your own bug, or when sponsoring somebody else's?16:00
siretartRhonda: congrats! :-)16:01
Rhondacjwatson: Someone else opened the syncrequest. Found the wiki page on the SponsorsQueue what to do with handing it over to ubuntu-archive, though I don't see how to unsubscribe ubuntu-sponsors somehow. :)16:04
LaneyYou need to be a member of the team to do that16:05
RhondaThat was my impression too somehow :)16:05
Laneyteam admins can add you - I think persia and TheMuso are who you want16:05
RhondaI'm not too sure wether I really want to get added in general. %-)  Just doing my first steps …16:06
cjwatsondoesn't really matter anyway, you can just subscribe ubuntu-archive and not bother unsubscribing sponsors16:06
ScottKRhonda: You have to be a member of the team to unsubscribe it.  It doesn't generate any bugmail, so you might as well join.16:48
reya276Hey I'm trying to create a .DEB file for a driver using an application called Debreate and is asking me where should the files be installed?17:13
reya276it is giving me a choice of /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin and the defualt selected which is /usr/share/%project_name%17:14
reya276the driver I'm trying to built the .DEB from is this http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/17:15
reya276oh I can also create a custom directory where the files should be install17:16
reya276should it be /usr/lib since this is a driver install17:18
RhondaScottK: I'll consider it, thanks for the update.18:05
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micahgBlackZ: sorry, I should have noted it on the merge page19:22
micahgBlackZ: I can take care of the upload though, thanks for the merge19:23
BlackZmicahg: no problem: AFAIK there's not any comment on MoM which regards me19:24
BlackZ(for that merge)19:24
micahgBlackZ: right, I forgot again :)  I'm learning :)19:24
* micahg can learn how to sponsor as well :)19:24
BlackZmicahg: I read newly your e-mail few time ago and I noticed that before doing the merge, sorry19:25
BlackZops, after*19:25
micahgBlackZ: it's ok, I have plenty to do :)19:25
micahgand I wasn't the previous uploader19:25
BlackZmicahg: yeah, but you wanted to take the merge according to your e-mail sent to devel-discuss19:25
micahgBlackZ: it's ok, I was going to wait until I discuss the package w/the Debian maintainer as we might drop it, but I'll upload your merge over the weekend19:26
BlackZmicahg: nice, thanks for your time19:28
micahgBlackZ: thank you :)19:28
dupondjeThere are so many merges/syncs to be done in universe ... half of the MoM has a bugreport19:29
BlackZdupondje: yeah, there's a lot of work to do19:29
micahgdupondje: not too many, only 180 out of > 10k19:29
BlackZmicahg: heh19:30
* micahg is updating the merges I'll do :)19:30
dupondjeit just annoys me I need to make a bugreport for every sync etc :) wish I could do it myself but ok :)19:31
BlackZdupondje: go for MOTU if you have enough experience19:31
dupondjewhen do you have 'enough experience' ? :)19:33
azopwin 1219:34
BlackZdupondje: if you have any doubt "if you have enough experience" ask to another MOTU if you have (preferably somebody who sponsored some of your work), if they think yes, I think they could add an endorsement for your MOTU application too19:36
micahgBlackZ: I just realized, I can't upload xine-plugin, so I unassigned myself19:37
BlackZmicahg: if you haven't the upload permissions for that too, you can't for sure19:37
statikhello friendly motus, anyone around who feels like sponsoring a simple version update of a python GUI app? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~statik/ubuntu/maverick/magicicada/zero-one-two/+merge/2959619:41
dupondjeto hot for merges today :) damn :D19:51
hyperairhow many verifications are needed to replace the verification-needed tag with verification-done in a SRU?20:11
sebnerhyperair: one afaik20:12
hyperairah okay =)20:13
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LLStarksneversfelde, do you have a minute?20:52
LLStarksminitube still does not install any of its dependencies20:53
neversfeldewell, it should install all dependencies20:53
LLStarksit doesn't20:53
neversfeldespeaking abot missing libxine1-ffmpeg?20:53
LLStarksit needs more than just that20:54
LLStarksno backend is installed20:55
neversfeldeyes, probably, debian made gstreamer packages a dependency and uptream prefers the use of gstreamer, so I think we sould sync. I have to talk to them before20:56
neversfeldeLLStarks: really?20:56
LLStarksyeah, does work until installing phonon-backend-gstreamer gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad20:57
neversfeldeLLStarks: or just install libxine1-ffmpeg20:58
neversfeldeI got several reports, that it is working20:58
LLStarksit's only suggested though20:58
LLStarkslemme try20:58
LLStarksit should be a dependency.20:58
neversfeldeLLStarks: I think we will sync it and then it is20:59
neversfeldeunfortunately I have no time till mid of August to speak to the debian maintainer and upstream20:59
neversfeldefrom my point of view it would be better to stay with current verson and use phonon, but uptream prefers gstreamer21:00
LLStarksif gnome, use gstreamer. if kde, use xine.21:00
neversfeldeLLStarks: I have no problem, if you could speak to upstream and debian, I am all tied up with exams at the moment21:02
LLStarksi might be able to21:03
neversfeldesp if you do, please put me in cc21:03
LLStarkswill do21:05
neversfeldethanks in advance21:05
shadeslayerhmm.. just fyi kadu doesnt need a merge21:10
shadeslayersomeone else took it over from me.... i dont remember the nick before i changed the status :P21:11
shadeslayerit was  ari-  something...21:11
shadeslayerari-tczew <<21:11
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Laneywhere's an udt script which actually dputs?21:15
shadeslayerhey i need some help with fprint-demo21:30
shadeslayercurrently working on merging it21:30
shadeslayerdebian released a completely new package .. its a git snapshot... how do i proceed with the merge?21:31
Laneyshouldn't make a difference21:32
shadeslayerLaney: as in? do i package the new version?21:32
Laneyif you assess that we want it in ubuntu sure21:33
Laneypresumably they took a snapshot for a good reason21:33
shadeslayerprobably :)21:35
shadeslayerLaney: our package was copied over from intrepid21:35
shadeslayerso i guess its time for a update :D21:35
shadeslayerLaney: so .. i take the same original tarball , extract it and move the debian folder over right?21:36
shadeslayerand then merge21:36
Laneysame as any other merge21:37
Laneydunno what you mean about moving the debian folder21:37
shadeslayerLaney: hmm.. since the source has changed,ill need to use the new sources...21:37
shadeslayerthe ones from debian21:38
Laneylook at the changes ubuntu made previously and decide if you still need to make them again21:40
micahgshadeslayer: you can use grab-merge21:41
shadeslayermicahg: which is totally eww...21:41
* shadeslayer doesnt like grab-merge21:41
shadeslayeror rather.. idk how to use it properly :P21:42
micahgshadeslayer: why, it does most of the work for you, just need to check the files that conflict and list what was kept from the Ubuntu changes21:42
shadeslayermicahg: too many files and stuff... in this case there is a new upstream snapshot21:42
* tumbleweed finds the best way to use grab-merge is to get the relevent source paackages. After that, I delete its merge attempt and merge myself21:42
micahgshadeslayer: it applies the Ubuntu diff to the new Debian build21:42
shadeslayermicahg: hmm.. i might give it a try.. but im sure ill be banging my head over this later :P21:43
micahgshadeslayer: up to you, good luck, or you can always try the udd method21:44
shadeslayermicahg: udd method?21:44
micahg!udd | shadeslayer21:45
micahgshadeslayer: distributed development with bzr21:45
tumbleweedshadeslayer: wiki.ubuntu.com/udd21:45
* micahg thought there was a factoid21:45
shadeslayermicahg: what i usually do is pull-lp-source,pull-debian-source and look at MoM report21:46
shadeslayerand take it from there21:46
micahgshadeslayer: grab-merge does that for you21:46
shadeslayertumbleweed: This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates.21:46
shadeslayermicahg: yes i know,but it also creates loads of other files idk about :P21:46
tumbleweedshadeslayer: sorry, UDD :)21:47
shadeslayertumbleweed: thank :D21:47
tumbleweedshadeslayer: not loads of other files, just an automated merge, and two debdiffs21:47
* shadeslayer tries grab-merge21:48
shadeslayertumbleweed: http://pastebin.com/xL09mt0e21:49
shadeslayerthe list of files genrated21:49
shadeslayerim just going through it once21:50
tumbleweedshadeslayer: so, that is: previous debian source, current debian source, current ubuntu source, d->d debdiff, d->u debdiff, report21:50
tumbleweedoh, and the automated merge21:51
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shadeslayertumbleweed: poke22:30
shadeslayerdo we use dh_desktop and  dh_icons ?? or are they depreceated?22:30
ScottKshadeslayer: Why do you ask?23:03
shadeslayerScottK: ok so im merging fprint-dem23:03
ScottKDo we carry those as a diff from Debian?23:04
shadeslayerScottK: yes23:04
shadeslayerScottK: we have dh_icons and dh_desktop in our rules file23:04
shadeslayerbut debian doesnt ship any23:04
ScottKOne of those (I think dh_icons) does nothing at all anymore.23:04
shadeslayerok so that can be removed23:04
ScottKCheck and see I remember the right one.23:04
ScottKThere's a warning in the build log.23:05
shadeslayerScottK: dh_desktop is deprecated23:05
ScottKI'd look back in the changelog and see why we added them.  My guess is they aren't relevant anymore, but I didn't actually look at the package.23:05
shadeslayerScottK: dh_icons isnt i think23:05
ScottKOK.  Then that one we may want to keep.23:06
shadeslayerScottK: we added dh_icons to install the icons23:06
shadeslayerthat was a ubuntu specific change23:06
ScottKThere was some resistance to that in Debian.23:06
ScottKOK.  Keep that one.23:06
shadeslayerhehe.. ok,the rest of the diff is pretty much ok,i need to apply the debian changes23:07
shadeslayerand  merge changelogs23:08
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