qwebirc9854I have just installed mythbuntu and its found my wireless network card but wont recognise the password for wirelses network01:33
Shadow__Xhey guys i am trying to get my laptop to work as a mobile mythtv frontend but i am having alot of issues with my wireless card. It is detected and i install the drivers but it does not want to easily connect to my wireless network (it will try numerous times then eventually connect wpa2/aes). The laptop is a dell m6400 the wireless is a dell wireless 1510 wireless n(broadcomm 4322) ubuntu 10.0417:57
Shadow__XI am sure the wireless password is correct and i am able to connect to wireless on the same machine in windows 718:03
rhpot1991Shadow__X: did you install the restricted driver?18:04
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: that i did i installed the broadcomm sta driver it comes up in wireless manager and scans and it attempts to connect to the network and at times actually does connect but for the most part it just keeps retrying18:06
Shadow__Xi have tried reinstalling with the same effect so i am just unsure whats going on18:06
rhpot1991Shadow__X: disable authentication on your router and try then, should work better.  after that make sure its not using tkip auth18:06
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: uh its wpa2/aes though and everything else connects fine18:07
rhpot1991my one n network will establish a connection but I get a ! on the network manager applet18:07
rhpot1991the onther one is all good18:08
rhpot1991the first one tends to disconnect and refuse to connect sometimes18:08
Shadow__Xso what does that mean? its in my opinion not my router everything else connects fine( my macbook over n,my other wireless devices and this machine works fine in windows 7)18:09
rhpot1991I had better results once I forced aes, and broadcom told me it falls back to 802.11g if it sees tkip18:09
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: right i agree but it is only wpa2/aes18:10
rhpot1991and my networks above the problematic one is 5ghz, the one that works fine is 2.4ghz18:10
rhpot1991Shadow__X: positive its not aes+tkip or anything weird?18:10
Shadow__Xmine is 2.4ghz18:10
Shadow__Xyes i checked its wpa2 only and AES18:11
Shadow__Xnot aes and tkip18:11
rhpot1991disable your security for 10 minutes and see if that helps18:11
Shadow__Xbut i am not going to run my router without security. What are you thinking something needs to be flushed out or something?18:12
rhpot1991I'm apparently using WPA/WPA2 Personal (PSK) mixed mode18:13
rhpot1991Shadow__X: I'm not saying to keep it like that18:14
rhpot1991you do it for 10 minutes see if your connection is good like that18:14
Shadow__Xyeah i am not i am using wpa2 only18:14
rhpot1991then add security back, tweak some settings till its happy18:14
Shadow__Xhonestly i think its the wireless manager not liking wpa218:14
rhpot1991set it to mixed18:14
Shadow__Xbecause when it keeps asking for the passphrase it says wpa/wpa218:14
rhpot1991I think on my parent's linksys I had to do that to get a decent connection18:14
Shadow__Xwpa is crackable18:14
Shadow__Xthe sad part is years ago even with wpa2 and aes it worked with ndiswrapper18:15
rhpot1991you really at that much risk of someone messing with your wifi?18:16
Shadow__Xi rather not take the risk18:16
Shadow__Xjust like even though i live in a seemingly safe neighborhood i still use security systems18:16
rhpot1991well its worth a try to see if it helps at least you will be closer to a solution than just staring at a non working connection18:17
Shadow__Xor couldnt i try another wireless manager that has fixed my issue in the past18:18
rhpot1991you could18:20
rhpot1991I tried that as well little luck18:20
rhpot1991you could look at ndiswrapper, but it requires xp drivers, which may not exist for your card18:21
rhpot1991also streaming over wifi sucks, but thats a headache for later :)18:22
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: yeah i know i did all those things in the past i have had an n card since 2006 and linux drivers it seems like have come a bit since then18:24
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: interesting thing so i had an identical routeri was testing with and with encryption was having an issue18:40
Shadow__Xand what fixed the issue was unselecting wireless in the network manager then reselecting it18:40
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: it works now but is more like g speeds :(19:09
rhpot1991Shadow__X: how are you testing speeds?19:09
Shadow__Xcopying a file?19:09
rhpot1991whats "more like g speeds" ?19:10
rhpot1991Shadow__X: check out iperf19:10
Shadow__X3MB/sec instead of around 7-8MB/sec on the same machine in windows19:10
rhpot1991I used that to test, I was breaking g speeds on both19:10
Shadow__Xor 8-10 on my macbook with the same chipset19:10
rhpot19915ghz speed was quite a bit better though19:10
rhpot1991(when it worked)19:11
Shadow__Xi am getting reliable over 8.5 on 2.4ghz19:11
Shadow__Xhow should i test using iperf19:11
rhpot1991you install it on 2 boxes19:12
rhpot1991run the server on one, client on the other19:13
rhpot1991and it tests for you19:13
Shadow__Xah ok but its not like its going to be going at 7MB/sec because i care about xfer speeds i am moving files back and forth19:14

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