NCommanderScottK: I know why bindings are broken, I just am not sure how to proper fix00:09
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mvoslangasek: thanks a bunch for the aptitude merge!10:26
mvoslangasek: it appears you prepared the upload in bzr but did not upload just yet, correct? is it because of the missing google-mock? or is there another reason?10:30
slangasekmvo: I'm still preparing it, google-mock is the last outstanding issue, yes17:09
slangasekmvo: should be finished today and uploaded17:10
mvoslangasek: many thanks. I did request a sync for gtest so google-mock should build now17:41
slangasekbut it's still in universe; do you plan to MIR?17:42
slangasekI was going to ignore that for right now in order to get it built17:42
mvogoogle-mock has build on i386 already, nice17:42
mvoI can do the MIRs early next week, that should be trivial as its just the testing stuff (gtest and google-mock AFAICS)17:43
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slangasekmvo: aptitude uploaded; happy to revert the latest google-mock-disabling change once the MIR is approved20:32
mvoslangasek: sweet, thanks20:40
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