dfarninghey lfaraone welcome back02:49
lfaraoneyep. now to get back ont he right timezone.02:51
dfarninglfaraone, still waiting for your back to verify your account information....  website says one more day.02:52
lfaraonedfarning: thanks for the update.02:53
dfarninglfaraone, what are your plans for today?03:07
lfaraonedfarning: this evening? I finished unpacking. I was planning on continuing to work on python-elements (for sugar-physics-activity), and reviewing any more activities if they have them.03:08
lfaraonedfarning: so far I've reviewed all the suitable repos (one)03:09
dfarninglfaraone, today is getting to be a rather ambiguous term for me,  I now have one long day interrupted by two naps:(03:10
lfaraonedfarning: :( I try to keep a normal sleep schedule.03:11
dfarninglfaraone, the review looked great thanks.03:11
lfaraonedfarning: I mailed my review of sugar-flipsticks-activity to the list.03:11
lfaraonedfarning: sugar-logviewer-activity needs to be updated to v23 using the get-orig-source rule (since there are no tarballs I can find)03:12
dfarninglfaraone, me too.  within a couple of week I think the Seeta team will be productive so I can just be on line in the morning or at night.03:13
lfaraonenevermind, I lied. Dip just needs to import http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/fructose/Log/Log-23.tar.bz203:13
lfaraonedfarning: I've gottten into a workflow of 9am-12pm and 9pm-12am. I'd like to add an additl hour in the morning so I can sleep earlier :)03:14
dfarninglfaraone, that sounds good.03:14
lfaraonedfarning: re Log, should I mail dipankar about that (since he's not on IRC)? Should I cc the alioth / ubuntu list?03:15
lfaraonedfarning: and should I review it as it is in the interim?03:15
dfarningI suggesting emailing him with alioth cced as we are working on debian packages.03:16
dfarninglfaraone, what is the stand way for developers to ask that their packages be review?  Do they add a please review reply to their initial ITP bug?03:18
lfaraonedfarning: to be reviewed by me, they just ask, or wait till I notice they've pushed up. Alternatively, they mail either the debian-olpc mailing list or the debian-mentors list.03:19
dfarninglfaraone,   ok, lets stick with just asking for now.  Seeta is adding another developer today and one more next week.  So things might get confusing.  Just let me know if you need a more formal process.03:22
lfaraonedfarning: nah, this is fine.03:23
dfarninglfaraone, do you have other activities which need updating in debian or should be packaged from scratch to match SoaS?  If so, can you add them to the table on tasks?03:48
lfaraonedfarning: all of the Ubuntu activities and all of the soas activities are listed.03:49
dfarninglfaraone,  cool as far as packaging goes.  I think write should be at the top of your list as several activities are blocked by pyabiword.03:53
dfarningdipankar, good morning04:25
dipankardfarning, good evening04:25
dfarningHow are you today?04:26
dipankardfarning, I am doing good. I was just going through the report by Ankur04:26
dfarningdipankar, yes it is helpful, he will be posting it on the gettingstarted wiki.04:27
dipankardfarning, there are some changes that will be required.04:28
dipankardfarning, I am looking for those.04:28
dfarningdipankar, that is the beauty of wiki's they can be edited and improved by anyone.04:28
lfaraonedipankar: could you import Log-23 from http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/fructose/Log/Log-23.tar.bz2 into your git repo, make sure the package builds and installs, and then push up?04:28
dipankardfarning, actually I was writing a documentation too. :) http://docs.google.com/View?id=dczzmvjm_1g2j3xmcz04:29
dipankarlfaraone, I still have to finish works with the flipsticks activity that I couldn't complete yesterday.04:29
dipankarlfaraone, sorry. :(04:30
lfaraonedipankar: no worries.04:30
dipankarlfaraone, btw, Ankur mentioned yesterday something about ITP filing.04:32
dipankarlfaraone, he told me that the 'copyright :' should contain copyright of individual files04:32
lfaraonedipankar: well, that's not realted to the ITP04:33
lfaraonedipankar: debian/copyright should list the copyright of each file, yes. But the first entry (when you don't provide a "Files:" listing) it implicitly includes all files.04:34
lfaraonedipankar: you only need to specify individual files or file patterns (like "foo/*") in future entries.04:34
lfaraonedipankar: see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/04:34
dipankarlfaraone, thats what I thought. Ankur must have confused b/w debian/copyright and itp04:34
dipankarlfaraone, where can I find the year for copyright?04:38
lfaraonedipankar: go with "first year of release" or what is listed in the file.04:40
lfaraonedipankar: usually it says 'Copyright © 2001 Foo Corp.' or something.04:40
dipankarlfaraone, ohk. I think I found it. It is mentioned in the files like montage.py.. author: Ed Stoner (ed@whsd.net)04:41
dipankar### (c) 2007 World Wide Workshop Foundation04:41
lfaraonedipankar: yeah. So "Copyright: © 2007 World Wide Workshop Foundation"04:42
dipankarlfaraone, got it04:42
dipankarlfaraone, does the following mean that 'rest of files in root directory are copyright to OLPC' :04:44
dipankarFiles: *04:44
dipankarCopyright: © One Laptop Per Child04:44
lfaraonedipankar: "rest of the files anywhere in the package not explicitly mentioned elsewhere"04:44
lfaraonedipankar: so yeah, that and more :)04:44
dfarninggood morning kandarpk04:45
dipankarlfaraone, but I am not finding the year for OLPC copyright. Any hint?04:45
kandarpkdfarning: good morning04:45
dfarningkandarpk, how are you?04:45
kandarpkdfarning: I am good, thanks04:45
lfaraonedfarning: I've no idea. I'd say "2007-2009"04:45
kandarpkdfarning: how was your day ?04:45
dipankarkandarpk, good morning. Great that you joined us. We are working on the debian/copyright file :)04:46
kandarpkdipankar: great04:46
dfarninglfaraone, yes, sounds reasonable.04:46
lfaraonedipankar: see above.04:46
dfarningkandarpk, it was good.04:46
dipankarlfaraone, * I knew that was for me. not for David:)04:47
dfarningkandarpk, and lfaraone and dipankar are working on copyrights,  just what we were ask about yesterday.04:47
* lfaraone will be off in about 30 minutes.04:47
dipankarlfaraone, what about the following: (I found them in all the .po files):04:49
dipankar# Copyright (C) YEAR THE PACKAGE'S COPYRIGHT HOLDER04:49
dipankar# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.04:49
kandarpklfaraone: I couldn't push the package on alioth04:49
kandarpklfaraone: my [password wasn't accepted04:49
dfarninglfaraone, before you go can you clarify your intended working times so the seeta team can coordinate.04:49
lfaraonekandarpk: your username is kandarpk-guest, no?04:50
kandarpklfaraone: yes04:50
lfaraonekandarpk: how would ssh know that?04:50
lfaraonekandarpk: you should either specify it via the command line (as in "git+ssh://kandarpk-guest@git.debian.org/etc..."), or in the ssh config file per the alioth faq04:51
kandarpklfaraone: ok, right04:52
lfaraonekandarpk: http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/SSH#Howtohandledifferingusername04:52
kandarpklfaraone: makes sense04:52
kandarpklfaraone: thanks04:52
lfaraonekandarpk: any time.04:52
lfaraoneI'll be usually here from 9h to 12h EDT, and back again from 21h to 00h EDT. Tomorrow I've got a server to rack in the morning, so I'll be leaving a bit eary at 11h.04:53
dfarningkandarpk, ssh assumed the username you are using on your local computer unless specificied04:53
kandarpkdfarning: ok, will keep that in mind04:53
dipankarlfaraone, this is strange, there does not exist any debian/docs?04:55
lfaraonedipankar: you will need to create and add the file.04:55
dipankarlfaraone, so I need to add all the files I guess?04:56
dipankarlfaraone, *in the root directory.04:56
lfaraonedipankar: well, you only want to include documentation.04:57
lfaraonedipankar: which in this case is the "lessons/" folder.04:57
dipankarlfaraone, but here it mentions something else http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dother.en.html#s-docs04:58
lfaraonedipankar: "This file specifies the file names of documentation files we can have dh_installdocs(1) install[...]"04:59
lfaraonedipankar: isn't that what I said earlier?04:59
dipankarlfaraone, ohk, now I get it. For our case we only require 'lessons/' folder I guess.05:00
dipankarlfaraone, this is new to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460941/, need some help05:11
lfaraonedipankar: did you pull the changes I made before committing?05:12
dipankarlfaraone, yes, I pulled in the changes well before I started changing the files05:13
dfarningkandarpk, when will ishan be joining us?05:15
dipankarlfaraone, here is the history of commands that I used : http://sprunge.us/RGXi05:16
kandarpkdfarning: today05:16
dfarningkandarpk, great.05:17
kandarpkdfarning: manusheel sir has written to him a welcome email.05:17
dfarningkandarpk, Yes i read that.  I was curious when you were going to introduce him to irc:)05:18
kandarpkdfarning: as soon as he replies.05:18
dipankardfarning, I already sent him an e-mail regarding IRC usage. Actually I am guiding him currently :P05:19
dfarningdipankar, great05:19
dipankardfarning, he also wakes up late in the morning. Probably today evening I will tell him to be on IRC, so that you and Luke can meet him05:20
lfaraonedipankar: "git pull" and see what happens/05:20
lfaraonedipankar: "git pull /etc/default/grub05:21
lfaraonedipankar: "git pull git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-flipsticks-activity.git", that is.05:21
dipankarlfaraone, WOAH! see here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/460945/05:22
lfaraonedipankar: it seems you didn't pull in my changes before starting work.05:23
dipankarlfaraone, but I did :(. You can see it in my command history :(05:23
lfaraonedipankar: odd. well, those changes were not pulled in.05:24
lfaraonedipankar: try "git mergetool" to resolve the conflicts you encountered.05:24
dipankarlfaraone, debian/control seems unchanged.05:25
dipankarWas the merge successful? [y/n]05:25
dipankarlfaraone, but I guess I added a new dependency {misc:DEPEND}05:26
lfaraonedipankar: okay. well, cancel out of that and see http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/user-manual.html#resolving-a-merge on how to resolve a merge conflict, then commit your changes, then push up.05:27
* dipankar will be back in 2 minutes05:28
* lfaraone is away, sleeping.05:28
* dipankar is going through merge tool05:35
* dipankar is away: I'm not here05:36
=== cot is now known as ishan
dfarningGood morning ishan07:03
ishangood morning david07:03
dfarningWelcome to our irc channel:)07:03
ishanthank you07:03
dfarningishan, are you going to be our networking expert of the design guy?07:04
dfarningboth are critical:)07:05
ishanthis has not been decided yet07:05
ishanmanusheel sir has yet to decide my field07:06
dfarningok, so you will be working on general tasks for a while.07:07
ishanI think so07:07
dfarningishan, it sounds like dipankar will be bringing you up to speed. how is that going?07:08
ishanit has been good07:09
dfarninggreat, do you also work from home?07:09
ishanIn a very short time I have learned a lot from him07:09
dfarningor the office?07:09
ishani am also a student07:09
dfarningok, are you a summer intern?07:10
ishanNot ecactly , i work for manusheel sir07:11
ishanI do the work given by sir along with the colledge07:12
* dfarning often hires student because they adapt to the unconventional work process.07:12
dfarninggreat, please free to ping me any time you have question either via irc or eamil.07:13
ishanokay david07:14
dfarningishan, if you type my nick, dfarning, in IRC my computer will beep to get my attention:)  it is really handy07:14
ishank just getting used to using IRC07:15
dfarningMost open source developers leave their IRC client running in the back ground when ever their computer is on.  That way others can beep them if necessary.07:16
dfarningwhat channels have you joined?07:17
ishani have joined ubuntu sugarteam channel only07:17
dfarningI would recommed that you set your IRC client to join #seeta, #sugar, and #ubuntu-sugarteam when ever it starts07:19
dfarning#sugar is where all of the Sugar developers meet, #seeta is for seeta related administrative stuff, and this channel is for any thing development related.07:20
dfarningAfter that, it is just a matter of learning how to follow several conversations at once while different people are working on the issues.07:22
dfarningdid dipankar assign you tasks for today?07:22
ishanyes , I am learning python07:23
dfarninghow do you like it?07:23
ishanI have just started it today only07:24
dfarning:) ok.  please feel free if you ever have questions.  I am not big on formality:)07:25
dfarningI'll let you get back to work.07:25
dfarningnice to meet you.07:25
ishanokay, will definately do that07:25
ishansame here07:25
* dipankar is away: I'm not here13:42
* dipankar is back (gone 00:09:53)13:51
dipankarlfaraone, good morning13:57
* dipankar is away: I'm not here14:37
* dipankar is back (gone 00:00:16)14:37
=== ankur_ is now known as ankur
kandarpkankur: Hi16:05
dfarningkandarpk, how are you?16:40
kandarpkdfarning: Hi16:40
kandarpkI am good16:40
kandarpkhow are you ?16:40
dfarningI was very tired again so I slept longer than normal.16:41
dfarningkandarpk, what are you working on?16:42
kandarpkdfarning: making desired changes before pushing16:42
kandarpkdfarning: adding copyright info.16:43
dfarningkandarpk, great,  did luke clearly explain the copyright info last night16:43
kandarpkdfarning: I didn't get much understanding then16:44
kandarpkdfarning: I've pushed the package with most changes I knew of16:44
dfarningdfarning, ok we will have to ask again.16:45
kandarpkdfarning: what is debian/doc used for ?16:45
dfarningkandarpk, I am not sure the packagin documentation refers to debian specif documentation.... I am not sure what that means.16:48
kandarpkdfarning: hmmm, they seem very cryptic to me16:49
dfarningkandarpk, see http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dother.en.html#s-docs I think you just list the files Which provide infomation that is valuable to packagers.16:52
kandarpkdfarning: after we complete packaging, what will we be doing next ?16:54
kandarpkpyabiword ?16:55
dfarningkandarpk, fixing the problems we identified while packaging, and applying the bug fixes we applied to the lucid ppa to the debain as nesessary16:57
dfarningkandarpk, pyabiword is the top priority!16:57
kandarpkdfarning: ok16:59
kandarpklfaraone: I've pushed sugar-poll-activity.17:05
kandarpklfaraone: please review it whenever you find time, thanks.17:06
kandarpkdfarning: can you provide some pointers, I've just pushed the package and will be waiting for lfaraone's review17:08
dfarningkandarpk, can you please file the itp and fill int the poll line on the tasks table?17:10
kandarpkdfarning: I filed the ITP yesterday, will fill the table now17:10
kandarpkdfarning: do I need to work on connect ?17:11
dfarningkandarpk, as far as reviewing Jonas and lfaraone are the experts so I don't want to step on their authority.17:11
kandarpkdfarning: I was asking about packaging connect-activity17:12
kandarpkdfarning: you told it was rolled into presence-service17:12
dfarningkandarpk, yes please I think it would be a good idea to package connect.17:12
dfarningkandarpk, I was wrong:(  I was thinking of something else.17:13
kandarpkdfarning: ok, I'll start on it17:13
kandarpk*working on it17:14
dfarningkandarpk, connect is a game similar to connect-417:14
dfarningkandarpk, I thought it had something to do with setting up network connections.17:15
kandarpkdfarning: the name is confusing, I too was initially looking for it under network related packages17:15
kandarpkdfarning: there are two packages for connect :17:21
kandarpkconnect4 and connect4-2 player17:21
kandarpkdfarning: which one do I choose ?17:22
dfarningkandarpk, neither:) gcompris is a special set of activities.  I think the one we are looking for is on git.laptop.org17:24
dfarningkandarpk, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Connect17:25
kandarpkdfarning: oh yes, I've visited this page before17:25
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dfarninggood morning ankur.17:27
ankurdfarning:  good morning :)17:28
dfarningankur, how are you?17:29
ankurdfarning:  i am good :) , how are you ?17:29
ankurwell i received a mail from I.T. Daniher on ubuntu-sugarteam mailing list17:30
ankurhe was mentionong something about pyiabiword17:30
ankurwell i was studying that , if what he mentioned could be a workaround......17:31
dfarningankur, I am doing well.17:31
dfarningankur, let's ask kandarpk what he wants you to work on.  Finishing up the packages or getting started on pyabiword.  The thing with pyabiword is that It will take someone to make a long commitment to become an pyabieword expert.17:34
=== op_amp_ is now known as op_amp
dfarninggood morning op_amp17:34
op_ampdfarning: good morning :)17:35
kandarpkdfarning: I would prefer working on pyabiword from tomorrow morning17:35
kandarpkdfarning: weekends, so will be able to devote time to it17:35
dfarningop_amp, welcome to ubuntu-sugarteam.17:35
=== op_amp is now known as neeraj
ankur_dfarning:  he is neeraj :)17:36
neerajdfarning: sorry.. should have told u earlier :P17:36
kandarpkdfarning: it will help if you could provide some pointer now on working on pyabiword, so I'll be able to start working on it17:36
=== ankur_ is now known as ankur
kandarpkin the morning if you aren't available17:36
dfarningkandarpk, then should ankur finish up one of the remaining activities on the table.17:37
kandarpkdfarning: sure, I too am working on connect right now17:37
ankurdfarning:  sure, let me check :)17:37
dfarningkandarpk, I will be available in the morning.... and will need to look at pyabiword to see what needs to be done this afternoon.17:38
kandarpkdfarning: ok, that will be great17:38
dfarningneeraj, no problem -- I have added op_amp to my nickname database:)17:38
neerajdfarning: :) cool17:39
=== neeraj is now known as op_amp
dfarningop_amp, were you planning on working on memorize?17:40
op_ampdfarning: I was facing some problem while running git-build package17:40
op_ampI will work even after following all steps17:40
ankur_dfarning:  you were talking about turtleart activity?17:40
op_ampi will work with ankur and try to find out the problem17:41
dfarningop_amp, great.17:41
op_ampI followed all steps as mentioned in document(including git)17:41
op_ampI was able to build slider puzzle activity successfully17:42
op_ampwhich was assigned to ankur..17:42
op_ampso there must be some problem in changes which I made in memorize activity..17:42
dfarningankur_ I'll contact Matthew as see how he is doing.17:42
=== ankur_ is now known as ankur
dfarningop_amp, yes, each package is unique so you will face unique challanges and problems17:43
ankur_dfarning:  what was  i supposed to build as you were mentioning earlier?17:46
dfarningankur_ I would suggest xoirc.... It might be a bit harder than the first batch of packages.17:48
ankur_okay i will work on it, also were we getting started on abiword as well17:48
kandarpkdfarning: how do I find commit ID of the last commit on connect ?17:49
=== ankur_ is now known as ankur
dfarningankur_,  yes kandarpk mentioned that he was going to start on it tomorrow.17:50
dfarningankur, chat record and etoys with also be interesting ( and chalanging :)17:51
=== ankur_ is now known as ankur
ankurwell dfarning ,  while then with which one to start ? i think starting with xoric will good? what do you suggest?17:55
dfarningankur, Please start with XOirc... I think you might have gotten disconnected for my last answer.17:56
=== ankur_ is now known as ankur
ankurdfarning:  okay , i got your last reply abt etouys and chat record18:00
ankurso i will start with XOirc18:00
ankuralso,take a look at this  http://paste.ubuntu.com/461201/18:00
ankurdfarning: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/irc/repos/mainline  is this the same activity we are talking about?18:04
dfarningankur, when looking at activites we always want to start by searchin activities.sugarlabs.org .  There should be a reference to the upstream source.18:06
ankurdfarning,  well i checked and ti seems that it was the right link.Will you mind checking it before i package it?18:25
ankurin the wiki page , at bottom in course above link is given .18:25
dfarningankur, looks correct.18:32
ankurdfarning,  will procede with it, in itp and git i will be naming the activity as sugar-irc-activity , sounds good?18:36
dfarningankur sounds good.18:37
=== ankur_ is now known as ankur
dfarningkandarpk, that was fast.19:02
=== op_amp_ is now known as op_amp
kandarpkdfarning: thanks19:03
dfarningkandarpk, can you email me the .deb and I will install it19:03
kandarpkok, mailing you right away19:03
dfarningkandarpk, it installed prefectly.... but we need to fix some bugs in the presence-service stack before we can play against each other.19:08
kandarpkdfarning: oh19:09
dfarningso debugging the network stack is hard yet import task,  I think the best bet is for someone to become a functional expert in the network and presence stack.19:10
kandarpkdfarning: yes, we need to develop some expertise on networking19:12
kandarpkdfarning: I think I should wait for lfaraone review on poll-activity before pushing connect-activity19:13
dfarningkandarpk, I think manu mentioned ishan for networking.19:14
dfarningkandarpk, go ahead and push it. It will wait in a queue until luke or jonas get a change to look at it.19:14
kandarpkdfarning: but it will have similar issues ?19:16
kandarpkwill it help pushing it as well ?19:16
dfarningkandarpk, if I understood correctly you and your team will focus on the user experience side of the problem and dipankar and his team will focus on the then underlying technical issues.19:17
dfarningkandarpk, I suggest pushing it.  Maybe jonas will notice and review it. giving you another perspective.19:18
kandarpkdfarning: ok, that makes sense19:18
dfarningkandarpk, I am going to head to lunch.  I see you in the morning.19:19
kandarpkdfarning: ok, bye.19:20
kandarpkhave a good day :)19:20
dfarninggood night19:20
lfaraonedfarning: no worries about stepping on our authority, more reviews are always better.21:56
dfarninglfaraone, :)21:57

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