MTecknologynewz2000: you up?05:16
MTecknologyFor the Ubuntu themed websites - I'm curious about an acceptable logo.05:17
MTecknologyIs it OK to use the Ubuntu font for it and put "Community Website" underneath "Ubuntu"; then drop in in drupal.org for the world to see.05:18
MTecknologyI screwed up and uploaded the official image to d.o and I'd like to clear that up.05:18
MTecknologyhrm.. or was that addresed in the base theme.? /me checks05:20
MTecknologyok... it is addressed - but is it acceptablt for wider distribution?05:23
newz2000hey MTecknology, Ubuntu branding is for official use only14:40
newz2000not for general distribution14:40
stasnewz2000: ping14:54
newz2000hey stas14:54
stashey newz2000 , I wanted to ask you about the wordpress branch on lp14:54
stasI tagged it as stable14:54
newz2000ok, cool14:55
staswhat about merging it into official branch14:55
MTecknologynewz2000: if not using the logo provided (remaking it and adding text under that says "Community Website" is it still Ubuntu Branding?14:55
newz2000stas: I'm up for it14:55
stasok, I'm sending a merge request14:55
newz2000MTecknology: if it has the circle brand mark then it is ubuntu branding14:55
MTecknologynewz2000: ooooh.. thanks14:56
MTecknologyI'll make sure the version that makes it to d.o doesn't have that anywhere.14:57
MTecknologynewz2000: aside from color pallete, is there anything else that makes a website specifically ubuntu branded?14:59
stasnewz2000, cjohnston https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~sushkov/ubuntu-website/light-wordpress-theme/+merge/2955214:59
newz2000MTecknology: I think those two items are what get you into trouble, esp the logo.15:00
MTecknologynewz2000: and so much confusion for so long so easily cleared up now. :)15:11
MTecknologylotta work done on the drupal theme today..22:42
MTecknologyI just sat at work and didn't do anything else :P22:46

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