MichelleQvalorie: have him check out White House Custom Color.  www.whcc.com - they do *amazing* printwork.00:11
valorieI'll pass that along00:11
valoriefolks, if you didn't do security updates last night00:12
MichelleQThey do canvas gallery wraps - did a collage for my best friend of her kids, the size of her sofa.00:12
valoriedo them now00:12
valoriethere are exploits already00:13
macovalorie: thanks for the heads up00:18
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* darknemesis is on the front news of bbc news12:32
AlanBell15 minutes of fame!13:13
darknemesisAlanBell, yeah kinda13:19
* darknemesis is shamed in a way13:19
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pleia2czajkowski: you misspelled "geeknic" in your blog post :)18:03
darknemesisAlanBell, When butterflies are in love, do they feel humans in their stomach???20:08
AlanBellno idea. Ask a lepidopterologist.20:10

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