warewolfYES. I WIN.01:25
* RAOF considers opening up his laptop so he can help it push the bits around faster by hand. Less slow, more speed, damnit!01:27
warewolfnooooooooooo! the cursor doesn't track correctly when xrandr rotated! noooooooooo!01:27
RAOFFixed in xserver 1.901:28
warewolfRAOF: was that directed at me?01:28
RAOF(Although I think you'll need to manually set the input transformation matrix)01:28
warewolfI'm on a roll tonight, tell me what to do01:28
* RAOF tries to remember…01:29
RAOFSo, if you're using Xserver 1.9 you can set an input transformation on your input device.01:29
RAOFIt's a 3x3 perspective matrix, so you basically just want the last column to be 1s, the last row to be 0s, and the top-left 2x2 submatrix to be a rotation matrix for your xrandr transform.01:30
warewolfX.Org X Server 1.7.601:30
warewolfso I preusme I'm not running 1.901:30
warewolfso close!01:30
warewolfman I have been fighting with this t91mt and the touchscreen under lucid01:31
warewolfRAOF: so wait, how come xrandr under Karmic worked fine?01:35
RAOFAs in: it rotated your input device, too?01:37
warewolfinfact, I have a live usb stick I can test that on too. 1 sec01:37
warewolfyep works fine01:44
RAOFAh.  So the basic rotation case should still be handled.01:44
warewolfI'm not sure what the difference is01:47
RAOFI'm not familiar with what you've had to do to make it work in Lucid — in an ideal world, it should work as well as karmic (hah!)01:54
warewolfwell, the kernel in lucid blacklisted the touchscreen from hiddev02:04
warewolfso I unblacklisted it02:04
warewolfthen I had to quirk it with the multitouch quirk02:05
warewolfnow it works and reports correct axises, except when xrandr rotated.02:05
brycehRAOF, do you have a few minutes to chat?02:10
RAOFbryceh: Yeah.02:10
brycehRAOF, I want to talk a bit about handling X bug reports that are filed against lucid02:10
brycehI was going through the -ati bug reports looking for ones to test my new upstreamer tools on, and it struck me that the vast majority of bug reports are against lucid02:11
brycehin fact nearly all of these were reported post-release02:11
brycehas usual most are kinda low quality, but not all of them02:12
brycehin the past before we tagged releases, bugs reported against prior releases were always kind of a nuisance to me, but when I started tagging them and was able to filter them out, I found it quite helpful02:13
brycehas I could just ignore anything not tagged with the current development release02:13
RAOFSo we've got a bit of a decision tree here, right?02:14
RAOFDoes the lucid bug probably have enough information to fix it? No: ask for retesting against Maverick, Yes: go to part 202:15
brycehRAOF, I guess I've gotten kinda bigoted against bug reports against non-development versions, and consider them to basically not much more than technical support requires02:15
brycehRAOF, yeah that's true we have a tree02:15
RAOFPart 2: If this bug were fixed, would it be SRUable?  No: Ask to retest against Maverick.  Yes: … um?02:15
brycehbut what I want to talk about is if we could just lop the entire limb off?02:15
brycehIOW, when someone files a bug report against a released version, have a script close the bug with a kindly message, or convert it to a question, or similar02:16
RAOFThat's pretty tempting.  On the other hand, there may well be bugs reported post-release that we do want to fix *in that release*, particularly LTS releases.02:17
brycehso my question to you really is, to what degree do you care about bugs reported against released versions of ubuntu?  Do you think having them open helps you in some way?02:17
brycehhowever I get the sense that we defer from closing 99 bugs so as to keep 1 open that we want to fix02:18
brycehbut then, reading through 99 bugs gets tedious, so I'm not sure how often we actually find that 1 bug ;-)02:18
brycehRAOF, what's been your experience so far with SRU'ing X bugs to lucid?02:19
RAOFPerhaps what we want is to (a) auto close, with a nice message but (b) send them somewhere where we can periodically review them and re-open?02:19
RAOFbryceh: Mostly my experience has been: poke the kernel team to fix it.02:20
bryceh*nod* yeah that's exactly what I was mulling over myself02:20
brycehRAOF, ok yeah I think I've done a few SRUs but of those they were all either bugs that had been reported prior to the release which I had been working on, or ones I'd noticed myself02:21
RAOFThat matches my experience.02:21
brycehok cool02:22
RAOFHow would auto-close interact with regressions introduced in an SRU, though?02:22
brycehalright, well my time is going to be pretty chopped up this next month, so dunno if I'll ever get a chance to work on it, but I've got an idea on how to render this into a script02:22
brycehthat's a good question02:23
RAOFThat could possibly be incorporated into the script.02:23
RAOFActually, that would be useful regardless of auto-close or not:02:24
RAOFHighlight bugs reported in the 10 days after an update goes from -proposed to -updates. 02:24
brycehand it could verify that the user had the requisite version installed, so it still filters out unrelated bug reports02:25
brycehok cool02:26
brycehhey I have something cool for you :-)02:26
RAOFThat would be pretty handy.02:26
brycehRAOF, this is the bug upstreamer I demoed at UDS02:26
brycehit's now been generalized sufficiently that others can use it02:27
brycehonce I get a few people test driving it successfully (and have a couple other features added in) I'll publish it for general use02:27
brycehRAOF, mostly I've tested it with -ati and -intel bugs02:28
RAOFI'll give it a whirlygig.02:28
brycehthere may be some problems using it against source packages that don't have upstream bug tracker info set... but these should be rare (tell me if you run into one)02:28
brycehRAOF, thanks02:28
brycehone of the upcoming features (which is ultra cool) is sending attachments as well.  We've got the code to do it, but it needs some integration work02:29
brycehKamran, my GSoC student, put it together02:29
brycehhere's the evidence that it works:  https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2896902:29
ubot4Freedesktop bug 28969 in Driver/intel "[Intel Arrandale] Screen flickers" [Normal,New]02:29
brycehRAOF, I don't know if you've been upstreaming many bugs so far, but if so this'll majorly save time02:30
RAOFI haven't been upstreaming too many bugs at this point.02:30
brycehRAOF, also if while using it you have ideas on improving it let me know02:30
RAOFI most assuredly shall!02:31
RAOFIncidentally, pitti's new add_drm_info hook is a bit of a winner.02:31
brycehI've landed that change I was talking about to make launchpad show the first/last 40  comments on highly commented bugs.  Went in earlier this afternoon02:33
RAOFIn some respects its duplicates the xrandr output, but it's got the edid in an easier to use form, and is right there on the bug info.02:33
brycehshould show up on edge in a day or so02:33
brycehoh nice02:33
RAOFCool.  That'll be *substantially* more useful than just the first 80 :)02:33
brycehyeah that was on my todo list to get that edid info parsed better02:33
brycehyeah I hope so02:33
brycehaaaand I happened to make it 1.5% faster at rendering the bug page :-)02:34
RAOFYay!  Kernel's finished building.02:36
brycehRAOF, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/460901/03:03
brycehcopyediting appreciated (especially anything we could leave *out* to shorten the message)03:03
RAOFbryceh: Maybe http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/460905/ ?03:19
brycehRAOF, yeah that's better03:46
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
RAOFBah.  Die, cursor, die!06:32
=== \vish is now known as vish
SarvattRAOF: regarding the slowness, are they all on maverick? i'm hitting some really strange problems making my machines really slow too10:11
SarvattI/O problems with 2.6.35 after a few hours it looks like, goes away after a reboot10:11
Sarvatti can't get more than 1MB/second out of my HDD when it happens, haven't had it with 2.6.35-7 yet knock on wood10:13
RAOFSarvatt: Yeah, they are.10:27
tseliotonly I/O slowness?10:28
RAOFI suspect something might be leaking video memory again?  1.6GiB of gem objects, and although there was only ~200MiB of the 2GiB RAM used it seemed to be paging out to swap.10:28
Sarvattthere's ureadahead causing an extra 500MB memory load on all my systems too :D10:29
Sarvattoh boy things are leaking again?10:29
Sarvatt58MB here so its not a problem on edgers it looks like10:30
RAOFAfter restarting X it dropped back to 70ish.10:30
Sarvattsure it wasn't 160MB?10:31
RAOFPretty sure.10:31
scar_is there any incompatibilities with llvmpipe via xorg-edgers ppa on lucid?10:31
Sarvattwhat do you mean incompatibilities?10:31
RAOFI counted the triplets.10:31
seb128bug #603507, does anybody has seen similar issues?10:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 603507 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[intel] clutter views not updated correctly with the new clutter (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60350710:31
Sarvatti compare it to GTT total, if its got an extra digit it's gigs :D10:32
seb128not sure if that's a driver issue or a clutter one...10:32
scar_Sarvatt: I want to test llvmpipe but was wondering if lucid is supported, in other words if I should have to upgrade to mavrick to test llvmpipe10:32
Sarvattscar_: nope its on lucid too10:33
Sarvattseb128: any quick ways to test that bug?10:33
scar_ok great, then also is it necessary for me to use the xorg-edgers ppa or can I use x-updates? 10:33
seb128Sarvatt, run unity on maverick if you have intel10:34
seb128or unity --popup10:34
RAOFI'm running unity right now on Intel.10:34
seb128Sarvatt, or some of the gnome-games using clutter10:34
seb128the worms one has the issue as well10:34
seb128RAOF, under GNOME or an unity session?K10:34
RAOFIn a unity session - it needs to be run under GNOME?10:35
Sarvattnibbles isn't working10:35
seb128Sarvatt, working as displayed content?10:35
Sarvattquadrapassel is fine10:35
seb128RAOF, right, I'm unclear what the issue is exactly10:36
seb128unity session works fine10:36
seb128but running unity --popup under GNOME doesn't10:36
seb128nor does the worm game, it never displays the board10:36
seb128it works fine with clutter 1.2.410:36
seb128or it works fine on clutter 1.2.10 and nvidia10:36
RAOFThere is a known problem with fullscreen flash, which could possibly be related.10:36
RAOFThat'll be resolved when we move to intel 2.12.10:36
RAOFWhich should be soon!10:37
Sarvatti would say its a mesa or clutter bug10:37
seb128hey njpatel10:37
njpatelhey hey10:37
seb128njpatel added a comment to the bug 10:38
RAOFThat does sound like a very similar behaviour to the flash problem.10:39
seb128could you add a reference to that flash bug on launchpad?10:40
RAOFI'll hunt it down.10:40
RAOFhttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28573 is what I was thinking of.10:43
ubot4Freedesktop bug 28573 in Driver/intel "[i965] Fullscreen flash and windowed SDL games fail to update the screen" [Normal,Reopened]10:43
Sarvattdont suppose http://git.clutter-project.org/clutter-gtk/commit/?id=d50240f524870fd80b2cc5bb96a7bf9b8e10c754 might be related?10:46
seb128njpatel, ^ what do you think?10:47
seb128Sarvatt, it seems worth trying10:47
seb128let me try10:47
SarvattCLUTTER_VBLANK=none fixes it seb12810:47
Sarvattso it might be10:47
njpatelseb128, that clutter bug sounds like it could be the issue10:48
seb128thanks for the CLUTTER_VBLANK=none workaround10:48
Sarvatti cant remember the clutter debug option to only disable INTEL_swap_events, argh10:49
Sarvattit would make sense that it only affects maverick though even though lucid had 1.2.x because INTEL_swap_events are in xserver 1.8+ only10:50
Sarvattyep its stuck in event processing without CLUTTER_VBLANK=none 11:05
seb128ok, that patches to clutter-gtk fixes the issue11:06
seb128I'm uploading that to maverick, thanks guys11:06
seb128njpatel, ^11:06
Sarvatt\o/ good to hear11:07
njpatelseb128, awesome11:08
njpatelSarvatt, thanks!11:08
Sarvattscar_: sorry, missed your question, xorg-edgers is required11:10
scar_Sarvatt: no problem, just finished updating. If I break my x-server and can't get up back up after trying a few xorg.conf changes... do you suppose i can just remove the ppa and do update & upgrade to try and revert?11:15
jcristauupgrade won't downgrade11:15
Sarvattscar_: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge then just run sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers11:15
scar_ok thanks, hopefully I won't need to use that11:16
Sarvatti'd install it anyway now while you can and if things are broken you can just run it in a recovery console :)11:17
* scar_ sighs and holds down the shift button11:18
ricotzSarvatt, hi11:19
ricotzis the disappearing mouse cursor normal or is it a bug11:19
jcristauit's normal11:20
Sarvattits the unclutter package11:20
ricotzjcristau, so it is a feature?11:20
Sarvatt"feature" yeah11:20
ricotzok ;-)11:20
scar_can I remove nvidia proprietary via apt-get purge nvidia-glx ?11:21
jcristauapt-get has no purge command, it has remove11:21
Sarvattyeah it does!11:21
Sarvatthas for years, i haven't been using debian distros that long but i've used apt-get purge the whole time i have11:23
scar_any idea how I can pipe Xorg -configure to more? or even a file...11:24
Sarvattwhy are you running Xorg -configure?11:24
Sarvattif its for the blob you want nvidia-xconfig, if you're moving away from the blob you want to just remove it completely11:25
Sarvattxorg.conf I mean11:25
scar_before and after the xorg-edgers i had to use xorg.conf other wise my pc hangs on startup11:25
scar_my geforce 2 doesn't like nouveau11:26
ricotzscar_, you can use "COMMAND 2>1& | tee OUTPUTFILE"11:26
jcristauSarvatt: really? heh.11:27
scar_the famous stdout stderr redirections :)11:27
jcristauSarvatt: ooh11:27
jcristau  * cmdline/apt-get.cc: really applies Julien Danjou <acid@debian.org> patch to add 'purge' command line argument (closes: #133421).11:28
jcristau2007.  it's brand new!11:28
jcristauno wonder i didn't know about it11:28
scar_Kernel driver in use: nouveau, which is awesome, but still getting Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". Should I try creating xorg.conf again to force GLX to load?11:37
scar_also xrandr only shows 640x480 and 800x600, I think I need to change my monitor's verical and horisontal sync11:38
Sarvattscar_: you still have nvidia installed11:38
Sarvattsorry, since you have a geforce 2 its not nvidia-current that you have to purge11:38
scar_I think so tried to purge nvidia-current but it did nothing11:39
scar_I also did rmmod nvidia11:39
Sarvattits sudo apt-get purge nvidia-96 i believe?11:39
Sarvattalso what distro are you using?11:40
Sarvattif its lucid you want to sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.35-7-generic11:40
scar_ubuntu i368 lucid'11:40
Sarvattyou need the newer kernel to actually use nouveau otherwise you are using the fbdev X driver11:40
scar_I did aptitude search nvidia, it shows A next to nvidia-96-modaliases, nvidia-common, nvidia-current-modaliases and nvidia-settings11:41
Sarvattoh maybe it got removed on upgrade then, just installing the kernel might fix it11:42
Sarvattno i dont think it did if you're getting the glx missing error, hmm..11:42
Sarvattdoes purging nvidia-96 do anything?11:43
Sarvatti've got to run, about to pass out here. hope ya can get it going, removing nvidia installing the new kernel and installing libgl1-mesa-dri-gallium should do it though11:44
scar_I'm going to try that now, the other option is llvmpipe which i initially wanted to try out, but have no idea how to use/configure it, but yeah first going to remove all this proprietary borked drivers11:44
Sarvattllvmpipe is just swrast11:45
Sarvattif you get nouveau working you dont need it, but you can use it by using LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 yourapp 11:45
scar_after purging nvidia-96 I've now got 2d and 3d rendering via 2.1 Mesa 7.9-devel (still not nouveau)11:53
* scar_ rases his hands in the air and screams no more lag when scrolling !!! :D11:54
Sarvattwhats the OpenGL renderer string?11:54
Sarvattbecause that vendor string is the same as nouveau's11:54
Sarvatterr version string11:54
Sarvattsoftware rasterizer?11:55
scar_yes, Software Rasterizer11:56
Sarvattyou installed and rebooted into the new kernel too right?11:56
scar_I guess that's clasic mesa11:56
scar_I'm using 2.6.32-23-generic-pae11:57
Sarvattah no nouveau 3D because you are using fbdev and not nouveau11:57
Sarvattnouveau in that ppa requires a 2.6.34 or newer kernel11:57
Sarvattthats why you're using swrast too11:57
Sarvattyeah software rasterizer is classic mesa11:58
SarvattOpenGL vendor string: VMware, Inc.11:58
SarvattOpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe11:58
SarvattOpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 7.9-devel11:58
SarvattOpenGL shading language version string: 1.2011:58
Sarvattthats what gallium swrast looks like11:58
scar_I see, so obtaining the new kernel would you recommend using mavrick or is there a ppa i can use for that too?11:59
Sarvattlinux-image-2.6.35-7-generic is in the PPA11:59
Sarvattthe maverick kernel12:00
Sarvattits in xorg-edgers just not installed automatically12:00
scar_w0w that's quite a change12:00
scar_32 to 3512:00
Sarvattthe lucid kernel is a frankenstein of 2.6.32 and 2.6.33 parts :)12:01
Sarvattyou can use this PPA if you want automatic updates https://edge.launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa12:04
Sarvattwhen maverick releases that ppa will be directly in lucid too12:05
scar_deb http://edge.launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa lucid main <- does that look good to you or should I use mavrick?12:06
Sarvattyep thats right12:06
Sarvatti'm not sure what you install for the automatic updates though..12:07
Sarvattlinux-image-generic-lts-backport-maverick i think12:07
Sarvattor linux-image-lts-backport-maverick12:07
scar_I will try it soon..12:08
Sarvattoh yeah, forgot the copy-fb patch was broken pretty horribly in intel 2.12 :(12:30
tseliothow so?12:38
tseliotbroken as in buggy or as in "doesn't apply any more"12:38
Sarvattneeds major refreshing12:38
Sarvattdoesn't apply12:39
tseliotthat's better12:39
* tseliot -> lunch12:39
Sarvattjust merged ati and was going to do intel and remembered that I had a heck of a time trying to refresh it when it broke in git12:40
Sarvattdon't suppose I could bug you to sponsor ati 6.13.1 sometime tseliot? :) http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-xorg/driver/xserver-xorg-video-ati.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ubuntu          http://sarvatt.com/downloads/merges/ati/ 12:43
SarvattRAOF: about to submit sync requests for the updates needed for xserver 1.9, any idea if that really is going to be an option? i don't see fglrx updating in time since the abi bump is pretty significant this time around and they *just* introduced their new XA12:56
Sarvattricotz: some people reporting that your last ia32libs today broke flash?12:59
ricotzSarvatt, lucid or maverick?13:00
ricotzmhh, i am using the native 64bit flash plugin13:00
Sarvattthey didn't say13:02
jcristau'screw fglrx' not an option i guess? :)13:02
Sarvattprobably not since theres people paying canonical to make ubuntu work on hardware that only works with fglrx i'm guessing :)13:03
Sarvattbut i have no idea13:04
jcristaui would have thought those people would use an lts13:04
jcristaubut maybe not13:04
Sarvattdon't suppose you know an easy way to get a list of symbols that changed between abi's in the server by any chance? :)13:09
Sarvattlike nvidia fails to load because WindowTable is undefined in 1.9, just want to look over what the blob drivers are using thats gone13:10
jcristaua diff on /usr/include/xorg/* would give an idea13:13
jcristauor diff of objdump -T Xorg | grep Base, but that won't tell you if prototypes or structures changed13:15
Sarvatthttp://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/log/include?qt=grep&q=abi looks like its good enough since the commits are obvious, i just wasn't sure if there was an easier way13:16
jcristauanyway, uploading 1.9rc4 to experimental now.13:18
warewolfmorning Sarvatt 13:24
warewolfSarvatt: btw, ty for the help w/ the touchscreen13:25
warewolfSarvatt: the xinput axis stuff you linked me was the final bit I needed, I'm 100% set now13:25
Sarvattsweet, glad to hear it, thats the part i couldn't do remotely :)13:30
scar_my computer hangs in 2.6.35-7 even in recovery mode, it looks like it's trying to startx in recovery mode though...13:31
tseliotSarvatt: yes, of course I can sponsor the upload. I'm also using radeon and Maverick on my main machine :-)13:36
tseliotas regards fglrx, it will remain broken until they support xserver 1.9. I guess that's acceptable13:37
tseliotoh, nvidia would break too though, ouch13:38
jcristaumeh nvidia is fast at picking up new abis13:40
tseliotfaster than amd for sure13:41
tseliotfast enough? well..13:41
tseliotwhat is it?13:42
jcristaua mail13:42
bjsniderat one point nvidia released two drivers per year. then in more recent times they were releaseing two per week. now it's more conservative again. puzzling13:43
tseliotyes, I picked that up13:43
jcristaubetter? :)13:43
jcristaumid.gmane.org is ♥13:44
Sarvattjcristau: ack, did you already upload xserver?13:55
jcristauSarvatt: yeah13:55
Sarvattoh ok you added x11proto-xinerama-dev to xserver-xorg-dev, phew13:55
tseliotSarvatt: I assume you tested -radeon13:55
SarvattI have no machines to test it on but I compile tested it13:56
tseliotSarvatt: ok, let me test the package with my card here, then , if all goes well, I'll upload it13:57
tseliotah, good, I won't have to build the package13:58
tseliotSarvatt: also, I think I'll move the nvidia headers back where they used to be and remove the Conflicts with mesa-common-dev13:59
warewolfSarvatt: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9526140&postcount=514:00
* tseliot tries the new radeon14:01
tseliotthe new radeon driver seems to work well here14:06
Sarvatttseliot: yeah I got a complaint email about that header move14:07
Sarvattsilly people thinking they needed nvidia-current-dev for GL headers :)14:08
Dr_JakobSarvatt: did you ever manage to get vmwgfx running?14:08
SarvattDr_Jakob: without 3D yeah, my vmware trial ran out though :)14:09
bjsniderSarvatt, who was the email from?14:09
Dr_JakobHeh, just use player it should work just as fine.14:09
SarvattPaulo Dias14:09
bjsniderdid it have to do with mythtv?14:09
Dr_JakobSarvatt: I can see if I can't get you a ws key tho.14:10
SarvattThe following packages are BROKEN:14:10
Sarvatt  libgl1-mesa-dev 14:10
SarvattThe following packages will be REMOVED:14:10
Sarvatt  mesa-common-dev{a} 14:10
SarvattThe following packages will be upgraded:14:10
Sarvatt  nvidia-current-dev 14:10
Sarvattnoooo I deleted my VM, I thought player didn't work with the gallium stuff!14:11
tseliotI'll simply revert my change and everything should be back to normal(ish)14:11
Dr_JakobSarvatt: :-/14:12
Dr_JakobSarvatt: so all I need to do is install the xorg edgers and it should work?14:12
Sarvattdepends, lucid or maverick host? :)14:12
Sarvattactually that doesn't matter, its the guest i'm thinking of14:12
Dr_Jakoblucid guest.14:13
Sarvattif its a lucid guest you need to update the kernel manually, its in the PPA though14:13
Sarvattlinux-image-2.6.35-7-generic at the moment14:13
Dr_Jakobok whats that ppa called?14:14
Sarvattand all the normal decrapification of vga16fb and stuff :)14:14
Dr_Jakobkernel ppa?14:14
Sarvattits in xorg-edgers I meant14:14
Sarvattjust have to manually update the kernel14:14
Dr_Jakobah cool14:14
Sarvattoh yeah you need to install libgl1-mesa-dri-gallium as well14:14
Sarvattsorry if it all changes soon, I need to rebase all of my mesa packaging on what actually went into debian one of these days and its called libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental there14:15
Sarvatti cant use the mesa 7.8 packaging from debian/ubuntu as a base because the egl/gles stuff changed so much in 7.914:16
Dr_Jakobyeah sorry about that, it might change again.14:16
Dr_Jakoband there is no ABI rules between libEGL and the drivers so that might explode at anytime as well.14:17
Dr_JakobBut that probably isn't so much of a problem for you guyys.14:17
Sarvattyeah it's only really shipped for headers and testing stuff anyway at the moment14:18
Dr_JakobSarvatt: do you know Andy from VMware?14:20
Sarvattnope, sure don't14:20
Dr_JakobOk, nm then.14:20
Sarvattjcristau: do you guys not see weird bugs where the breaks: oldabi on xserver-xorg-core forces drivers not in xserver-xorg-{video,input}-all to be installed on a dist-upgrade in debian?14:25
Sarvattif i dont drop the breaks on the previous abi then xserver-xorg-core always gets held back and it installs stuff it shouldn't like nvidia and radeonhd here every time :(14:26
* tseliot uploads radeon14:27
jcristauSarvatt: what i've seen is dist-upgrade removing all of X14:27
Sarvattyeah that happens too14:28
Sarvatti think that was when i didnt have input and video all installed14:28
jcristauguess why i'm getting rid of the breaks entirely..14:28
Sarvatti can't figure it out though, some voodoo in apt ordering14:29
Sarvattright now on one box i have no packages providing video 6 installed, and i uploaded xserver with the breaks intact, the next dist-upgrade tried to install nvidia-current and radeonhd which had video-6 and that put xserver-xorg-core on hold14:30
Sarvattand if i apt-get upgrade first which removes input/video-all the next dist-upgrade removes all of X14:32
Sarvatti gave up trying to understand whats going on and just started dropping the breaks, driving me bonkers :)14:32
jcristauSarvatt: see the 'Xorg dist upgrade troubles' thread i started on the debian-x and deity lists.  maybe you can follow up there.14:34
Sarvattthanks tseliot!14:35
tseliotSarvatt: thanks to you. Videos seem smoother now here :-)14:36
Sarvatttseliot: did you see that fglrx 10.6 works with xserver 1.8?14:37
tseliotSarvatt: yes, the latest fglrx should do that14:38
Sarvattit just has a problem where BusID *has* to be specified in xorg.conf..14:38
jcristauah i've seen something about that14:38
Sarvattnot sure if they fixed that or plan to fix that but it didn't sound hopeful when i was following it14:38
jcristauhad to laugh.14:39
tseliotI wanted to wait for the new release and to apply some changes I've been working on, so as to allow delayed build of the kernel module (the module is built on next boot if the user wishes so)14:39
Sarvattway to make it impossible to package ati! :)14:39
tseliotthat BusID thing is weird. I doesn't sound new to me though14:40
jcristaubefore there was something about depth14:40
Sarvattthat's nvidia, ugh14:40
tseliotthe defaultdepth problem should affect both fglrx and nvidia14:41
tseliotas they don't support 8 bits depth14:42
tseliotwhich is why we set that in xorg.conf through Jockey14:42
jcristauthese things sound like they would be one liners to fix (not the 8bit thing).  good thing we don't have source.14:43
Sarvattis it? i got nvidia auto loading without an xorg.conf fine outside of that depth being required, it wouldn't be that hard i dont think to make the autoconfig logic just add that section for those two drivers14:43
bjsniderjcristau, you do have the kernel module's source14:44
scar_thanks for the help earlier14:44
jcristaubjsnider: no i don't14:44
bjsniderjust not the pre-built libs14:44
Sarvattno we dont14:44
tseliotSarvatt: yes, it should be easy to do that14:44
jcristauand the kernel module is irrelevant anyway14:44
Sarvattthey just have an open source shim interface to the actual kernel module blob14:45
tseliotthat's the wrapper14:45
jcristauSarvatt: adding hacks in autoconfig to work around trivial bugs in drivers considered harmful14:45
jcristaubut maybe that's just me14:45
tseliotI think we all agree that certain things should be fixed in the driver14:46
Sarvattwill all be moot with 1.10 where there's hopefully video xorg.conf.d support :)14:47
tseliothowever, if you want to get autoloading right with proprietary drivers, it's likely that hacks are needed14:47
tseliotyes, that would definitely help14:48
jcristaui guess that's why i couldn't care less about binary drivers14:48
Sarvattwell the BusID thing is nasty, jockey is going to need to grow some logic to determine that14:48
Sarvattaticonfig --initial sets it up but it has to be run outside of X14:49
tseliotSarvatt: do you have a bug report about that? I'd like to report it to AMD14:49
Sarvattoh they know, its on the amd bug tracker14:50
Sarvattwill try to dig it up14:50
ubot4Debian bug 587708 in fglrx-driver "[fglrx-driver] Driver crash after upgrade from 10-5 to 10-6" [Important,Open]14:50
Sarvattone of those 40+ page catalyst 10.6 threads on phoronix has bridgeman saying its intended that its required to run aticonfig after installing the driver always14:50
Sarvattand we should be lucky it worked without it before :)14:51
jcristauway to go there.14:51
jcristauor should i say way to make radeon more attractive by the minute14:52
jcristauthe debian bug points at http://ati.cchtml.com/show_bug.cgi?id=184814:53
ubot4ati.cchtml.com bug 1848 in X Server "Without BusID fglrx crashes" [Critical,New]14:53
Sarvattoh yeah 10.6 is also broken with nforce chipsets14:55
Sarvattdarn i dont see the main busid one on that list, guess i have to dig through phoronix14:56
ubot4ati.cchtml.com bug 1836 in X Server "xserver crash at startup with catalyst 10.6 on openSUSE 11.2/x86_64" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]14:57
Sarvattwell theres another but nothing really in it14:57
tseliotok, I've sent them an email, hopefully we'll see what the current status is14:59
jcristauresolved as fixed, really?15:00
Sarvatthttp://sarvatt.com/downloads/xserver.gdb.txt -- thats the backtrace I get without a BusID15:01
Sarvattlooked like something i could fix on the server side to work around it but then i sold that box and stopped caring :)15:05
Sarvattbug status Opinion?15:19
Sarvattwhee, that bug status closes all of the synaptics bugs just about then :)15:22
tseliotSarvatt: I'll take care of that fglrx bug. I'm not allowed to say more15:28
warewolfhaah not allowed to say more15:39
brycehSarvatt, yeah I think there's quite a few bugs in xserver that could be closed with that17:30
brycehSarvatt, the status is experimental and might go away in a few months if they find it doesn't do the job it's intended for17:31
Sarvattbryceh: remember the monster intel bug that led us to turn off automatic reporting? :)17:36
Sarvattguess whats back because its not upstream and the patch was dropped?17:36
brycehoh no17:36
Sarvattya upstreamed one that had an exact same hang dump as the monster one did :D17:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 603064 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[i965gm] GPU lockup 77c6dfe5 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged]17:37
Sarvatti'm guessing g-p-m put his monitor to sleep while watching a movie in totem like what was happening before17:38
brycehmm, yeah good theory17:39
brycehoh hey btw Sarvatt, I got my upstreamer tool posted publically17:40
Sarvattupstreamer tool?17:40
brycehSarvatt, http://bryceharrington.org/cgi-bin/send_upstream.cgi17:40
brycehthat's the tool I've been using all along to help me upstream bug reports, it's pretty handy.  I've made it so it doesn't require my creds to run, so anyone can use it now17:41
Sarvattdo you get to preview before it works its magic?17:41
brycehSarvatt, I'd appreciate it if you would give it a test on one or two X bugs today or early next week; I'm hoping to get it more public once I've had a few people kick the tires with it17:42
brycehyep, it populates the bugzilla page so you can see what it'll do before committing anything17:42
Sarvattsure thing! cautious about doing it because i dont know what it does :)17:42
Sarvattahh ok, nice17:42
* bryceh nods17:42
brycehI'm interested to hear of any parts of it that cause fright, so I can de-fright them :-)17:43
brycehif you like it a lot, I also have a greasemonkey script which will automatically insert a link into bug pages, so it's really easy to launch into17:43
Sarvattbookmarked it and will give it a shot as soon as I get back, gotta run and powerwash a deck now though17:47
* bryceh waves17:48
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jbarnessuperm1: ping20:12
superm1jbarnes, pong20:12
Sarvattscared him away? :)20:32
Sarvatti guess intel-gpu-tools is a good candidate for a get-orig-source rule making a git checkout since its never going to have releases20:33
brycehdrive-by jbarnesing20:33
brycehSarvatt, never going to have releases?20:34
brycehthat sounds dire20:34
Sarvattwell they add new stuff to it all the time and anholt said he had no plans to release :)20:34
jcristauSarvatt: well you could bump it and call that a release20:35
Sarvattgit clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/xorg/app/intel-gpu-tools && \20:44
Sarvattcd intel-gpu-tools && autoreconf -v --install && \20:44
SarvattREVISION=$(git show --pretty=format:"%h" HEAD | head -n1) && cd .. && \20:44
SarvattPREFIX=intel-gpu-tools_1.0.2+git$(date +%Y%m%d)+$REVISION && \20:44
Sarvatttar --exclude=.git --exclude=autom4te.cache -cf - intel-gpu-tools | gzip -9 >$PREFIX.orig.tar.gz && \20:44
Sarvattrm -rf intel-gpu-tools20:44
Sarvatt^ that works for now for ppa updates at any rate20:44
Sarvatthad to do the same thing for rendercheck packaging since that never has releases either20:46

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