Euphusyey the new kernel uppdate was a great one!! yeeey00:00
dugger5688wizard_: How did you install it?00:00
cameron242I have a question: If I download the 32 bit version of this (http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php), how would I install it?00:00
civixiermo__ I think we have lost eachother on the way. I have an xbox, connected to my computer via a crossover cable. I want to be able to fall asleep while watching something. Both the xbox and the TV turn theirself off when inactive, i want the computer to do the same thing.00:00
wizard_dugger5688, from a website added the repo and it installed00:00
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dugger5688wizard_: are you on 10.04, and did you use the ppa method?00:00
timemachine3030I'm looking for a command line javascript interpreter but i can't find any in the repos. anyone know of something I can use?00:00
pteagueany ideas on debugging what might be wrong with my audio? it worked fine yesterday & today it wasn't working at all except for line-in... i ran `aptitude safe-upgrade` before rebooting & now i'm not getting any audio00:01
wizard_dugger5688, yes ppa mate00:01
Euphusslidinghorn, ; why do not my tuxracer work ?00:01
slidinghorn!details | Euphus00:01
ubottuEuphus: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:01
Euphusinnstaled it two times, never works00:02
mo__civixier: ah yes ;) so .. hmmm... let sleepd watch the network device you use to connect to the xbox and set the --tx-min to something useful ... like more than 100kbit or so ...00:02
dugger5688wizard_: What graphics card?00:02
mo__civixier: why don't you manually tell the computer to shutdown / fall asleep after a certain time? that's what I usually do ;)00:02
jvaihey, i just upgraded to 10.04, installed on an ibm thinkpad z60m, with radeon x600 graphics card... x keeps stalling!  can i down grade back to 8.04?00:02
wizard_dugger5688, ATI catalyst00:03
civixiermo__ That was my original question, if the computer counts itself as inactive if the network is "running" :)00:03
Euphusslidinghorn, ; i have a lucid 10.04, downloaded and installed tux2 and racer twice.. when i click on it nothing happens.00:03
civixiermo__ but it doesnt?00:03
mo__civixier: I wasn't here back then :p but yes, that's possible :)00:03
cameron242I have a question: If I download the 32 bit version of this (http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php), how would I install it?00:03
slidinghornEuphus, run it from the terminal and post the error(s) to http://paste.ubuntu.com00:03
mo__civixier: you told sleepd to behave this way and it didn't work?00:03
dugger5688wizard_: closed source drivers or open source?00:04
civixiermo__ ahh, thank you ^^ so... how do I set the computer to hibernate after a certain time of inactivity? :D00:04
civixiermo__ I havent done anything so far00:04
mo__civixier: sec00:04
wizard_dugger5688, I've installed opengl, mfegg codecs and everything nothing wont play video nor did boxee how can I find that out mate, I installed ubunut and everything worked00:04
cameron242I have a question: If I download the 32 bit version of this (http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php), how would I install it?00:05
Loshkijvai: unless you made a full backup before you upgraded, you can't downgrade. Your closest alternative would be to reinstall 8.04 from scratch, or fix your x11 problem (easier said than done). Sorry...00:05
Euphuscameron242,  : google it00:05
slidinghorn!google | euph0ria00:05
ubottueuph0ria: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.00:05
slidinghornEuphus, see what ubottu said00:05
mo__civixier: man 8 pm-suspend  - you can use it like this ... sleep 3600; pm-suspend; that would let it wait for an hour, then execute suspend00:06
cameron242Euphus: I have tried everything. I am literally like 2 hours new to this stuff.00:06
cameron242I thought this was support chat00:06
wizard_dugger5688, it says opengl in graphics card info00:06
mo__civixier: ugly thingy is, that if you ctrl-c the sleep, it'll go immediatly to suspend ... hmmm sleep 3600 && pm-suspend should do the trick ... sry about the mixup before00:06
wizard_dugger5688, version 8.723.100:07
slidinghorncameron242, it is...ignore Euphus -- he's been trolling the room for the past hour or so00:07
civixierthanks mo__, thats awesome, i will never again need to disturb my beauty sleep ^^ im gonna look into that00:07
Euphuscameron242, ; broadcom is not linux friendly :(00:07
BoBsoNhow to lock updates of kernel?00:07
matydi just installed ubuntu 10.04 desktop edition to my dell dimension 2400 (yes, old) and it works great for a while.... after a while the screen goes black and the top half of the screen flashes white intermittently, i am not understranding it... To get arond this (for a very short time, since it keeps doing this) i just reboot and that works for a litte bit.00:07
cameron242So basically00:07
slidinghornEuphus, that's not true either.00:07
cameron242I can't even connect at all?00:07
mo__civixier: np :)00:07
cameron242I found a download: http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php00:07
dugger5688wizard_: Did you install the closed source drivers? Also have you tried many videos?00:07
purveshcan some one tell me how to say one thing togather two person at here like matyd, bla bla00:08
slidinghorncameron242, take a look here, it will tell you how to use the driver there with ndiswrapper (which uses windows wireless drivers on linux systems): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88584700:08
BoBsoNsome .... not so clever person from canonical allows update still with stupid bug disallowing Gobi2000 G3 modem. 10.04 is so loooking like still pre alpha..00:08
Loshkipurvesh: just put both names at the beginning, separated by a comma...00:09
wizard_dugger5688, don't no what I installed but it will play all video in mplay or micro tv but not in xbmc00:09
slidinghorncameron242, it's a little technical, but it should work00:09
Euphusslidinghorn, ; why use ndiswrapper?? oohh, because ikt is not linux friendly??00:09
slidinghorn!patience | matyd00:09
ubottumatyd: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:09
slidinghornEuphus, do you have anything positive to contribute??   If not, then leave.00:09
cameron242slidinghorn: Do I run that from Accessories>>Terminal? (Sorry this is the first time I've ever used linux)00:10
thune3matyd: what video card are you running? "lspci | grep VGA"00:10
slidinghorncameron242, the commands in that thread?  yes.00:10
cameron242ok, thanks00:10
matydthune3 one sec00:10
Euphusslidinghorn, ; why use apps to get something to work ? why dont get something THAT works, can`t i say my meaning?00:10
bobbytekAny have issues with thunderbird and 10.04?00:10
check3rwhen i click abort when the tool "systemtest" asks me for my password it freezes, is this normal?00:11
mo__bobbytek: no, but I don't use extensions.00:11
cameron242slidinghorn: it ways ndiswrapper currently is not installed00:11
Euphusi needed to use ndiswrapper for my Jensen-airlan .. made everything a mess.,,00:11
matydthune3: Interl Coproation 82845G/GL00:11
bobbytekmo__: thanks00:11
bobbytekmine crashes a lot00:11
Euphuscameron242, : sudo aptitude install ndiswrapper00:12
slidinghorncameron242, it doesn't come installed as a default program..you have to open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-common00:12
cameron242i am doing that now00:12
mo__bobbytek: 1.) do you use extensions 2.) how does it crash? does it freeze, crash on it's own - do you get an errormessage?00:12
dugger5688Euphus: Instead of trolling here, why not write letters to the companies that provide shoddy linux support? Requesting better support in the future.00:12
Euphusslidinghorn,  I helped :)00:12
bobbytekmo__: I had lightning installed, and it just disappears randomly00:13
cameron242at the end it says- E: couldn't find package ndiswrapper-common00:13
thune3matyd: i believe you are affected by https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes . the instructions under the section "Potential Solution: PPA packages" probably have your solution.00:13
Euphuscameron242,  trye without -common00:13
blainhow do i check which graphics driver im using00:13
thune3matyd: sorry that fix is only for 855gm chip00:14
slidinghorncameron242, are you connected to the internet at all?  (wired connection)00:14
matydi got happy for a second lol00:14
cameron242couldn't find packafe ndiswrapper00:14
iflemablain in a terminal       lspci | grep VGA00:14
cameron242slidinghorn: Nope00:14
cameron242I have no ethernet00:14
Jordan_Ucameron242: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43/STA%20-%20No%20Internet%20access follow this before trying ndiswrapper.00:14
slidinghorncameron242, oh...you'll need an internet connection to install anything :-\00:15
rt1hi, my system shows my sound card is chip/codec "VIA ID 441".  i have no idea what driver/module to use to get that to work.... im pretty sure its an hda intel card00:15
blainiflema does that output the driver im using or just the graphics card?00:15
thune3matyd: workaround A might do the trick for you.00:15
cameron242i can't fo it =\00:15
adacI have a wintv aero stick and I wanted to setup lirc. Unfortunately the stick or better the infrared sensor of the stick does not appear in cat /proc/bus/input/devices any ideas?00:15
matydokay thank you thune300:15
mo__bobbytek: oh, am not sure about lightning, sorry, can't help here if you don't get an errormessage. did you check syslog?00:15
matydreading up on it now00:16
iflemablain    sudo lshw -C video00:16
cameron242Jordan_U: I don't have a CD rom either, I used wubi to install00:16
dugger5688cameron242: You have NO ethernet port on the computer?00:16
cameron242i have a port but no cable00:16
blaindriver=nouveau :(00:17
cameron242My system is wireless00:17
Euphuscameron242,  do u have an iq-port?00:17
bobbytekmo__: no, not yet, will do00:17
cameron242a what?00:17
bobbytekthanks again00:17
IdleOne!guidelines | Euphus00:17
ubottuEuphus: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:17
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iflemablain  have a look under the desktop menu System / Administrtion / Hardware Drivers00:17
dugger5688cameron242: You're going to need one... what type of computer is this?00:18
mo__bobbytek: I'm not sure where it logs problems to ... grep -R thunderbird /var/log if you can't find anything in syslog00:18
cameron242a laptop, mini dell laptop00:18
cameron242no cd drive either00:18
blainusb pen drive?00:19
Loshkicameron242: can you read/write to the windows filesystem(s) from ubuntu?00:19
Jordan_Ucameron242: Ok, let me give you setp by step directions to get open source drivers working.00:19
dugger5688cameron242: You have absolutely no cable or ability to get cable.00:19
matydthune3: these workarounds are if your can't boot into GUI correct?00:19
cameron242everything is wifi00:19
matydso would i fall under the same bug?00:19
mo__cameron242: do you have bluetooth on another computer that is connected to the net? ;)00:19
Jordan_Ucameron242: First, boot into windows and download these files: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/b43-firmware-lucid.tar.gz and http://jordanu.dyndns.org/b43legacy-firmware-lucid.tar.gz00:19
claygI'm using a netbook and trying to install a few games through wine/playonlinux.       I'm having some problems that I think might be because wine/pol is looking for an actual cd-rom drive instead of the images im mounting with gmount.  Is there anyway to "fool" ubuntu into thinking a directory is the cdrom drive?00:20
IdleOnecameron242: follow Jordan_U00:20
claygLike on diablo it's telling me it doesn't have the play cd in drive, while the play cd is mounted - installation works, playing does not, same with WOW00:20
LinuxUser123hi i seem to be having an issue where the resolution on my insignia 22 inch monitor will not change to anything larger than 1024 X 768.  How can I fix this?  The nvidia settings will allow me to select something higher but then the monitor goes black.00:20
claygwell playcd image is mounted00:20
lwilliamsHi.  I did a system update yesterday night and when I turned the computer on today, my home directory vanished.  I think ecryptfs screwed something up00:21
KarthJudgen: ok, swapped cards, this one appears in the device manager, but not in sound options00:21
EuphusLinuxUser123,  sure you have the right driver00:21
mo__clayg: copyprotection & linux emulation is always a pain ... do you really want to bother?00:21
dugger5688clayg: go to winecfg and set one of the drives to the directory that the CD is mounted to.00:22
thune3matyd: the screen going irreversibly black qualifies as a lockup. You can hit shift on boot and add "i915.modeset=1" after "quiet splash" to the grub line. If this fixes your problem then you can make this permanent using the commands in the yellow box of 'Workaround A'00:22
lwilliamsI was wondering if I could get help recovering my home folder from .Private00:22
mo__clayg: afaik, with the latest diablo2 patch you don't need the play cd any more if you copy the MQPs over ;)00:22
LinuxUser123Euphus: no, but it does the same thing on the proprietary nvidia driver as the non-proprietary driver00:22
EuphusLinuxUser123,  and your card is a nvidia?00:23
Jordan_Ucameron242: Once you have them downloaded put them somewhere where they will be easy to find within Ubuntu, like C:\. Tell me when you're done with that.00:23
LinuxUser123Euphus: yes00:23
jairamcAm using Ubuntu 10.04. I recently installed the Bisigi themes. But as the screenshots suggest, my login screen does not change. Any help? Am a little new to Ubuntu..00:23
judgenKarth, that is usual due to the identifier only using 4bit space00:23
LinuxUser123Euphus: when i use a different monitor all is fine00:23
mo__lwilliams: did you write down the loooong password that ubuntu gave you after you first set up your encrypted homedir?00:23
LinuxUser123Euphus: its only this 22" thing00:23
EuphusLinuxUser123, ; then the monitor can`t handle it00:23
LinuxUser123Euphus: any way around it?00:24
mo__lwilliams: eh, k, I didn't expect that. let me check.00:24
cameron242Jordan_U: Ok. I installed Ubuntu on C:\00:24
lwilliamsI tried following some instructions to remount it elsewhere, but the mount came up empty00:24
EuphusLinuxUser123, ; get a new one ;)00:24
dugger5688LinuxUser123: Does the monitory support higher resolutions?00:24
LinuxUser123Euphus: yes.00:24
LinuxUser123Euphus: insignia ns-LCD2200:25
jairamcAm using Ubuntu 10.04. I recently installed the Bisigi themes. But as the screenshots suggest, my login screen does not change. Any help? Am a little new to Ubuntu..00:25
mo__lwilliams: did you try the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering Your Data Manually     ?00:25
EuphusLinuxUser123, ; it can`t handle it00:26
dugger5688LinuxUser123: That looks like a TV... It can't go higher than 720p I'm guessing (~1024x768)00:26
Jordan_Ucameron242: Ok, now boot into Ubuntu and run "ls /host" in a terminal and tell me if those two files are listed.00:26
LinuxUser123Euphus: says it supports 1680x105000:27
Euphusdugger5688, ; accel-innstaled?00:27
tertl3i use 1680x105000:27
judgenKarth, it helps if you priv msg me, as i do multiple things at once as usual00:27
cameron242Joradn_U: Still downloading :P00:27
LinuxUser123dugger5688; it is 720p but im not sure what that means, specs show 1680X105000:28
lwilliamsthe ones I followed were http://www.kaijanmaki.net/2009/10/26/recovering-files-from-ecryptfs-encrypted-home/00:28
lwilliamswhich look very similar00:28
lwilliamsafter I mounted it, the mounted home was still empty00:28
lwilliamsbut the .Private def has stuff in it00:28
cameron242Moving files00:29
jairamcAm using Ubuntu 10.04. I recently installed the Bisigi themes. But as the screenshots suggest, my login screen does not change. Any help? Am a little new to Ubuntu..00:29
LinuxUser123Euphus: is there a way to configure xorg with something to try and force a higher res?00:29
Euphusbrb man xorg00:30
ownlifeI'm at the end of the rope! I'm getting Gave up waiting for root device. This is after the ubuntu logo and before login screen.00:30
prince_jammys!resolution | LinuxUser12300:30
ubottuLinuxUser123: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:30
cameron242Jordan_U: Where do I add the files? Ubuntu is installed in C:\ubuntu00:31
EuphusLinuxUser123,  msg me00:31
prince_jammysLinuxUser123: try the suggestions involving gtf/cvt and xrandr.00:31
mo__lwilliams: looks pretty similar. darn ... can anyone else take alook here? I thought my loopaes experience might help ... but this looks quite different00:31
Euphusslidinghorn, : winehq was a quiet channel ... lol00:32
cameron242Jordan_U: Where do I add the files? Ubuntu is installed in C:\ubuntu00:32
ownlifeBah, nm, I'm going to consult the forums!00:32
Jordan_Ucameron242: Install them in C:\ubuntu then. (it doesn't really matter where they go, as long as they can be found easily)00:32
lwilliamswhat happened was I originally had encryption installed.  Then I disabled it somehow (I believe by editing some settings file, but I forget what).  I then copied my files over to a clean home folder (with no .Private) , and all was good for a few weeks.  Then last night, ubuntu did an update and I think overwrote a settings file and this morning, when I turned the machien on, no home folder but a .private folder00:33
cameron242Okay, rebooting to load ubuntu00:33
lee__Question, I deleted my linux partition in windows and when I reboot with the windows installation CD and select repair to fix the mbr it can't find the harddrive?00:34
cameron242gonna write that code you said00:35
mo__lwilliams: I'd try using a livecd to check the home partition directly, without ubuntu trying to mount the encrypted stuff. perhaps something got mixed up there. just a shot in the dark though ..00:35
lwilliamslike use the same instructions, but boot with a livecd first?00:36
cameron242Jordan_U: I ran that line and they didn't show00:36
lwilliamsis it possible to see if the key I wrote down is correct?00:36
mo__lwilliams: you think your data was decrypted - so check if it is there, unencrypted. if it isn't, try to decrypt it and then copy it over to a unencrypted filesys.00:36
cameron242Jordan_U: I ran that line and they didn't show00:37
lwilliamsI think the update from last night  somehow went and re-encrypted it00:37
cameron242Jordan_U: These are all files from C:\ no C:\ubuntu00:38
mo__lwilliams: I don't think it would re-encrypt it, but perhaps think it is encrypted and cannot decrypt it - althought it isnt at all. and therefore get mixed up..... dunno. livecd was just an idea.00:38
thebishopis anyone else having miserable performance with Rhythmbox and Evince?  I suspect it's a gvfs or fuse issue00:38
Jordan_Ucameron242: Since you put them in C:\ubuntu\ the proper command to check for the files would be "ls /host/ubuntu"00:38
lwilliamsah, yeah that makes sense00:39
cameron242ok they showed00:39
acaireHi, i'm having an issue with starting a KVM guest on a clean install of Lucid 64bit server - The entire machine locks up with no evidence as to why - The same setup works on a Desktop Livecd, what's the best way to troubleshoot the problem?00:39
Jordan_Ucameron242: Good, now run "sudo tar -xf /host/ubuntu/b43-firmware-lucid.tar.gz -C /lib/firmware/" and "sudo tar -xf /host/ubuntu/b43legacy-firmware-lucid.tar.gz -C /lib/firmware/"00:40
Jordan_Ucameron242: Be sure to type it exactly, and note that it's a capital 'C'.00:41
vulnHas anyone ever installed the last version of Ubuntu in a notebook ASUS Eee PC 701?00:42
cameron242Jordan_U: Seperate or same lines?00:42
Jordan_Ucameron242: Seperate.00:42
cameron242So I wait for the first00:42
cameron242then run the second?00:42
Jordan_Ucameron242: Yes, though they both should finish almost instantly (with no output if everything went properly)00:43
Out`Of`ControlHi, any one know how do i get transparant themes. Ubuntu 10.4 (64bit)00:43
chadii have an ir receiver on my hp lappy, how can I know that it is working?00:43
cameron242Jordan_U: I got ter: you may not specify more than one '-Acdtrux' option.00:45
chadithe ir receiver does not work out of the box00:45
Jordan_Ucameron242: Did you type a capital 'C'?00:46
cameron242xD my bad00:46
failsafe5000Quick question, is it possible to virtualize a preinstalled windows os on ubuntu?00:48
Jordan_Ucameron242: After this command you will be done :)00:48
acairefailsafe5000: yes - search for physical to virtual on wikipedia.00:50
burr__google isn't helping me00:52
burr__how do i make the panel spacers invisible in kde?00:53
lucas_hi guys00:54
andaihalp! flash is dead00:55
grendal_primejoin #openvpn00:55
loopidityif a hardware has no firmware, can it be reinstalled?00:56
Euphusslidinghorn, : can you give linuxuser123 a link for me when he comes back?00:57
slidinghornEuphus, what is it00:57
Euphusslidinghorn, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397300:57
Euphusslidinghorn,  thnx man, i will never troll here again ;)00:58
slidinghornEuphus, thank you.00:58
lee__Question, I deleted my linux partition in windows and when I reboot with the windows installation CD and select repair to fix the mbr it can't find the harddrive? But if I boot a live cd and look at Gparted I see the drive and the files right there. Anyone know what the problem can be?01:00
Euphusslidinghorn, can you help him with next step, config xorg ?01:02
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slidinghornEuphus, probably going to be gone once I give him the link01:02
Euphusslidinghorn,  ok np, its all at the link anyway01:03
failsafe5000i found a program made by vmware that does the conversion from physical to virtual, question though, on my windows install i have my programs installed to a separate drive, will the virtualized os still see that hard drive?01:04
Euphusbie folkz01:04
acairefailsafe5000: you can convert that drive also, and add it to the virtual machine - depending on which software you use, it might do it for you.01:05
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wizard_anyone any gd with xbmc01:06
wizard_tried everything for it to play video but it will just crash it01:06
slidinghorn!ot | wizard_ you can talk about xbmc in #xbmc01:06
ubottuwizard_ you can talk about xbmc in #xbmc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:06
failsafe5000acaire, ok, because that is the biggest thing that would keep me from doing it, if i can keep all my programs working that i would just run windows in a virtualized environment on ubuntu01:07
wizard_slidinghorn, no one talks in it or I would lol01:07
qrHow do I set up ssh-agent so that it runs when the machine starts and is available for every bash instance.  I'm using ubuntu server through ssh (it does what I want by default in ubuntu desktop)01:07
acairefailsafe5000: It should be fine, but you'd want to test it on a seperate machien first, before you make any drastic changes01:07
cameron242Im back01:09
DeadmanIncJSdo i need a program to turn on/off my internal webcam?01:09
cameron242You here Jordan_U?01:09
zenomWhat would I use to keep a ruby script running (make sure its running, restart it, if not etc.)01:09
wizard_anyone help with video issues in xbmc01:09
wizard_playing sound but not video ?01:10
qrSomeone here must have set up ssh-agent on ubuntu server; how did you make it so you don't need to run eval `ssh-agent` in each new terminal?01:10
wizard_xbmc channel is no help think they are all dead lol01:10
lee__Has anyone fixed there ubuntu 10.04 with the  Intel 82845G/GL/GE Chipset ?01:10
acaireqr: you can add it to your ~/.bash_profile or /etc/bash.bashrc01:11
cameron242Jordan_U Are you here?01:11
Sam_FisherHowdy Ya'll01:11
Sam_FisherIf Grub sees my 2 windows partitions what keeps them from being booted?01:12
slidinghornSam_Fisher, well...what happens when you try?01:12
NHebiLay alguien x aki01:13
Sam_Fisherflashing curser01:13
NHebiLkreo k noop01:13
FloodBot2NHebiL: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:13
slidinghorn!es | NHebiL01:13
ubottuNHebiL: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:13
Sam_Fisherslidinghorn, flashing cursor01:13
qracaire: that starts a new ssh-agent process each time I ssh into the machine.  I want one agent shared between all my ssh sessions.01:14
lee__Question, I deleted my linux partition in windows and when I reboot with the windows installation CD and select repair to fix the mbr it can't find the harddrive? But if I boot a live cd and look at Gparted I see the drive and the files right there. Anyone know what the problem can be?01:14
cameron242slidinghorn: Did Jordan_U leave?01:14
slidinghorncameron242, no idea01:14
acairelee__: were you able to see the hdd using the windows cd before now?01:15
wizard_anyone no xbmc :(01:15
cameron242I had to go eat dinner01:15
lee__acaire: Didn't try01:15
qracaire: more importantly, it also leaves them running when I exit the ssh session.01:15
PlasmastarI am not too happy.01:15
PlasmastarWhile installing Kubuntu, the installer crashed when I pulled it out of a sleep like mode.01:15
PlasmastarWhy is the installer going into sleep mode in the first place?01:16
acairelee__: if you're using a SATA hdd it's possible the windows cd doesn't have drivers for it - is it xp?01:16
lee__acaire:  Yes01:16
lee__acaire:  So i'm probably going to have to hook up maybe a usb floppy disk with drivers and press F6 right at the beginning of the windows cd startup01:17
acairelee__: you'll need to use something like nLite to slipstream the SATA drivers into a new cd - I haven't had too much success in the past01:17
acaireyes if you have a floppy disk drive that's the best bet.01:17
wizard_anyone know xbmc before I start to cry lol01:17
lee__acaire:  Oh that just sucks01:18
realubotcorespeedxxx: I know you.01:18
nikolaosHello Linuxers! I just introduced myself to Ubuntu via Wubi... A little reading showed me that a normal install of Ubuntu is more efficient - is there a way to cleanly and (fairly) painlessly convert my Wubi install into a full install?01:18
PlasmastarJust ranting into the wind.01:18
acaireqr: not sure to be honest - have you considered using screen?01:18
cameron242Jordan_U ARE YOU THERE LOL.01:18
Frankie1Has anyone here used Ubuntu 10.10?  My mouse pointer disappears after about 3 seconds of inactivity.  Is there a setting for that?01:19
nikolaosBy the way, I'm an idiot. Bear with me :P01:19
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lee__acaire:  So probably, when I first got my laptop if I had put in a windows XP cd, it would of told me it couldn't find the harddrive?01:20
lee__acaire: or did this happen because I delete the linux partition?01:21
realubotnikolaos: I don't think that there is a way to turn a Wubi installation into a "real" Ubuntu installation. the installation process is straight forward and if you haven't installed a lot of software and done a lot of customization then it would be very easy ton install Ubuntu once again from Live CD.01:21
hiexponikolaos,  yes fresh install start from scratch if you want tt right i would suggest01:21
Mqueuecan anyone help me mount usb drive for Panasonic (Matsushita) Lumix DMC-FZ10 Camera01:21
nikolaosAlright, sounds fine. I have only installed a few trivial, useless applications and I have a Live CD sitting right by me.01:21
nikolaosThanks for the quick responses!01:22
realubotnikolaos: Then  would suggest to install it from scratch booting the Live CD.01:22
realubot*Then I would01:22
nikolaosAlright, will do. I'd best get started now - thanks, and bye!01:22
hiexponikolaos,  kool live cd will walk u through it /// by the way use 9.10 if u want a smooth install and operating system 10.04 still has many bugs01:23
realubothiexpo: What kind of bugs, I haven't had any problems with bugs in 10.04?01:23
Sam_Fisherslidinghorn, any idea how to get this triple booter working without leaving Supergrub disk in the drive?01:24
nikolaosThanks, but I'm a Windows-user - I'd be freaked out if there weren't any bugs :P01:24
qracaire: yes I have, unfortunately it has similar problems. the separate bash instances in screen do not share an agent unless screen is a child process of the agent already.  The only option that leaves is to run all my connections into a shared screen session which is not very appealing.01:24
slidinghornSam_Fisher, no idea...never tried more than 2 os's01:24
realubotnikolaos: I use 10.04 and haven't got any problem with bugs but maybe hiexpo is right.01:24
qrI think I'm just going to give up and use a paswordless key01:24
=== MK-BB is now known as MK|BNC
hiexporealubot,  drivers etc01:24
realubotnikolaos: 10.04 is LTS and therefore has got support for more years.01:25
nikolaosI'll keep a few gigabytes in reserve in case I ever decide to roll back to 9.1001:25
Sam_Fisherslidinghorn, any tips on dual booting when Windows breaks?01:25
realubothiexpo: Ok, I haven't had any problems yet using 10.04.01:25
DeadmanIncJScould somebody refresh my memory on how to burn an album i downloaded from Ubuntu Music Store01:26
DeadmanIncJSi can't F'n remember, LOL01:26
hiexponikolaos,  there is no roll back01:26
sledI've just installed trickle to throttle the upload speed of firefox by 'trickle -s -u 20 -d 120 firefox'01:26
sledbut somehow firefox won't open :/01:26
hiexporealubot,  your fortunate01:26
realubotDeadmanIncJS: Maybe using brasero?01:26
DeadmanIncJStrying, but i can't locate the files01:26
realubothiexpo: Maybe. :)01:26
slidinghorn!burn | DeadmanIncJS01:27
ubottuDeadmanIncJS: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:27
bobbytekis evolution better than thunderbird in general?01:27
Mqueuecan anyone help me mount usb drive removable drive01:27
bobbyteki may switch if I can't get my thunderbird to work01:27
slidinghornbobbytek, depends what you're looking for01:27
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:27
DeadmanIncJSi have that program already01:27
DeadmanIncJSbut i can't seem to find the files01:27
amokpauleHello, can i set it that when i grap a window to move it around that it will be transparent while i move it?01:27
bobbytekslidinghorn: faster and generally more stable, at least for 10.0401:27
bobbytekIdeally more featured01:27
realubotDeadmanIncJS: http://gadgethubs.com/burn-your-newly-purchased-ubuntu-one-music-store-music/01:28
Agu10amokpaule, yes, you can. I believe with compiz01:28
slidinghornbobbytek, evolution's a full suite including tasks, calendars, etc.  thunderbird (without extensions) is strictly email  -- if you're looking for speed and don't need all the extras, I'd probably recommend thunderbird, as it doesn't have all the extras evolution has01:28
acairelee__: no it wouldnt've been due to you removing the linux part, it would've always happened01:28
realubotDeadmanIncJS: maybe you will find the solution in that link.01:28
bobbytekslidinghorn: thanks for tip01:28
realubotDeadmanIncJS: "One of the first issues you will come across is locating your music. You might assume the music to be in either ~/Music or ~/Downloads. It’s not. It’s carefully “hidden” in ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One."01:28
amokpauleAgu10, ty01:29
hiexporealubot,  many things that were available before are becoming obsolete as the distros grows01:29
realubothiexpo: Give me an example of that please?01:29
DeadmanIncJSahh there we go01:30
DeadmanIncJSok, thanks fellas!01:30
* DeadmanIncJS thank's everybody01:30
realubotDeadmanIncJS: No problem.01:30
DeadmanIncJSthat is kind of lame they have it hidden like that01:31
lee__acaire: Yea i'm reading about it now, this is crazy. This is the first time i'm trying this. the computer came with windows 7 but was downgraded to XP. I dual boot it with linux just messing around wanted to put windows back on it and now this problem.01:31
hiexporealubot,   like compiling many apps can't say that in here or i will get in trouble walking on thin ice  in here got in trouble a week ago for using lol  so minding my p's and q's but you talk to me in pentoo or backtrack01:32
acairelee__: now you see why we use linux ;)01:33
realubothiexpo: ok, nevermind. I was only a little bit of curious.01:33
Puffciowhat kinf of software can i install to upgrade my desktop? :D01:33
lee__acaire: Yep, this was a work computer. I just use linux at home.01:33
realubotlee__: i has to do with the bootloader I think?01:34
realubot*It has01:34
avi_hey, can anyone help me compile this app? It's hosted on git, and I've never used hit before.01:34
* hiexpo realubot no prob 01:34
acairerealubot: maybe if the fixmbr didn't work, but if the hdd isn't visible at all, it's drivers.01:34
lee__realubot: yea I know what I needed to do to fix the bootloader, but I just can't get the winXP CD to recognize my harddrive.01:35
realubotlee__: Ok, weird.01:35
wizard_can someone tell me how to kill a program that crash ?01:36
realubotwizard_: killall firefox01:36
acairelee__: yeh try nLite - you may get lucky and the standard driver pack will support your hdd01:36
slidinghornwizard_, find the process id by using top    then kill it with kill [pid]01:36
RickyWhhow can i check how much freespace on my ubuntu server?01:36
acaireRickyWh: df -h01:36
wizard_slidinghorn, how can I do that lol01:37
RickyWh/dev/sda2             147G  188M  140G   1% /mnt01:37
RickyWhdoes that mean 140gigs?01:37
acaireRickyWh: correct01:37
RickyWhwow, sweet01:37
lee__acaire: I'll try it tomorrow, Thanks. This is another problem with the Intel 82845G/GL/GE Chipset it doesn't work correctly with 10.04. All type of problems.01:37
slidinghornopen a terminal (menu>accessories>terminal) type: top                then look for the program and hit q to quit the monitor....remember the process id and type  kill    followed by the process id01:38
geowanyhow can I download ALL packages installed on this PC to /var/cache/apt/archives? I want to create a "perfect" cache disk.01:38
slidinghornwizard_, ^01:38
realubotwizard_: http://www.ehow.com/how_4505779_kill-process-ubuntu-terminal.html01:38
realubotwizard_: There you have info about finding the PID etc.01:38
acairelee__: does it flicker the screen when booting the livecd?01:38
hiexpogeowany,  you mean a backup cd iso ?01:38
wizard_realubot, thanks01:38
geowanyhiexpo, yes!01:38
realubotgeowany: you're looking for a way to get a list of installed packages?01:39
hiexpogeowany,  if you have not cleaned your system get apton cd    / sudo apt-get install aptoncd01:40
geowanyhiexpo, yes! I'm using aptoncd01:40
lee__acaire: thats whats interesting, the live cd works flawlessly, its once its installed. It never gets to the login screen, it show the cursor and then the cursors disappears and it just loops.01:40
acairewizard_: alternatively you can press ALT+F2 and run "xkill" and just click on the app you want to kill, be careful using this.01:40
ennui I seem to be unable to chown my external HDD from linux (I need to get write permission). GParted shows it's filesystem as hfs+. I don't want to reformat it as I have data on there. Is there a way to set permission at mount so I can write to this partition on my external?01:40
RickyWhhow can i see the whole output of top if it's too large?01:40
realubotgeowany: Maybe this is something that would be of interest: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/install-mintbackup-linux-mint-backup.html01:40
hiexpogeowany,  well it will show all this available before you save if you cleaned your system there gone01:41
acairelee__: you could try and boot with "nosplash nomodeset" and see if it gets you to a text login at least.01:41
shazbotmcnastyhey, how do I rip a dvd with dd?01:42
shazbotmcnastyis it just 'dd if=/dev/(device) of=~/name.iso' ?01:42
lee__acaire: I believed I tried that but that didn't work. I deleted the intel_drv.so driver then I was able to log on, problem was I couldn't change resolution. The highest was 1024x768.01:43
hiexpo!media | shaz01:43
ubottushaz: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:43
realubotshazbotmcnasty: I have found this googling: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=my_cd_image.iso01:43
shazbotmcnastyyeah realubot I did that01:43
shazbotmcnastyand it doesn't work01:43
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Ok. :S01:43
shazbotmcnastyso, I was wondeirng if that was wrong, or if I could add something to make it work01:43
acairelee__: yeh it's painful, i'm trying to learn more about Xorg but it just doesn't seem to play nice with Ubuntu like it should01:43
acairelee__: might just have to keep asking the oracle (i.e. google ;))01:44
hiexposhazbotmcnasty, - dd?01:44
wizard_never worked01:44
shazbotmcnastyhiexpo: what01:44
wizard_got 2306 then did kill 230601:44
wizard_still running01:44
hiexposhazbotmcnasty, - what is dd?01:45
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Maybe you shall try this: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2008-November/166489.html01:45
shazbotmcnastyit's a basic linux/unix util01:45
lee__acaire: so the way i'm talking to you now, I downgraded and keep watch for a fix, but its just not the later version of ubuntu, it also happens in the latest version of fedora. Yep I checked here and there.01:45
shazbotmcnastyoh poo01:45
Daekdroomubottu doesn't know something Oo01:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:45
realubotwizard_: There is kill -9 PID and killall name. You may have to look into that options.01:46
shazbotmcnastyDaekdroom: he doesn't know a lot of stuff01:46
wizard_found easy way right click and kill lol01:46
shazbotmcnasty!package dd01:46
shazbotmcnastystop pming me ubottu01:46
FloodBot2shazbotmcnasty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
wizard_found easy way right click and kill lol01:46
hiexpouh oh01:46
JoshmuffinHey i have a acer aspire pc connected to my pc through the white HD cable thing, theres also a vga output on the box but it seems not to work at all, ive tried it in conjunction with another monitor and by itself, does anyone know how to enable it.01:46
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".01:47
Joshmuffinshazbotmcnasty, just /ignore ubottu01:47
geowanyhey hiexpo01:48
hiexposhazbotmcnasty, - package dd never heard of it but oh well what is it /// is it a dvd back up utility ?01:48
geowany I've tried this: # apt-get install $(dpkg --get-selection | grep install | cut -f 1) -d01:48
hiexpogeowany,  hi01:48
lucas_Boa noite!01:48
lucas_Alguém na linha?01:48
freezwayhow do system76's screens compare to apples?01:48
hiexpo!fr | lucas_01:49
ubottulucas_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:49
Daekdroom!br | lucas_01:49
slidinghorn!pt | lucas_01:49
ubottulucas_: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:49
ubottulucas_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:49
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Maybe yiou have to use sudo: sudo dd if=/dev/dvd of=Name_of_DVD.iso01:50
realubotshazbotmcnasty: I found that at a site.01:50
shazbotmcnastyrealubot: oh yeah, that didn't work either01:50
shazbotmcnastyI remember this happened to me before01:50
shazbotmcnastyand I put something01:50
FloodBot2shazbotmcnasty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:50
shazbotmcnastyand it fixed it01:50
Daekdroom!enter | shazbotmcnasty01:51
ubottushazbotmcnasty: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:51
shazbotmcnastyi know01:51
shazbotmcnastyI just don't care :D01:51
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hiexposhazbotmcnasty,  oh it's a back up utility for hard drive01:51
shazbotmcnastysorry i forgot to anser you01:52
shazbotmcnasty dd - convert and copy a file01:52
hiexposhazbotmcnasty,  ok gonna have to investigate it and see how it works been looking for a good one01:53
realubotshazbotmcnasty: The command you hav used seem to work for many people. Could it be that the DVD is copy protcted? I don't relly know. Maybe that doesn't matter.01:53
shazbotmcnastyrealubot: dd ignores copy protection01:55
hiexposhazbotmcnasty,  - if u are looking to back up your dvd's the only app i have foung to be successful is dvdfab / but is only available for win so needs wine installed / bummer01:55
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IdleOne!info dvdrip01:56
ubottudvdrip (source: dvdrip): perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:0.98.11-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 1356 kB, installed size 2992 kB01:56
kreyhi, can anyone help with nvidia driver configuration? x works with nouveau (but compiz dies), but the closed source drivers won't even get me to the tty login01:56
hiexpoIdleOne,  will it backup or does it convert it ?01:58
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Yes, I thougt it would but I don't understand why it isn't working at your computer.01:58
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Do you get any error messages?01:58
shazbotmcnastyyeah neither do i01:58
shazbotmcnastyinput/output error01:58
IdleOnehiexpo: both I believe, haven't used it01:58
realubotshazbotmcnasty: What does the say then?01:59
IdleOne!enter | shazbotmcnasty01:59
ubottushazbotmcnasty: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:59
hiexpoIdleOne,  ok01:59
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=== MK|BNC is now known as MK-BB
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freezwayhow do system76's screens compare to apples?01:59
bazhang!ot | freezway02:00
ubottufreezway: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:00
shazbotmcnastyrealubot: input/output error...02:00
stercorI just did the Lucid update.  Baobab isn't there (perhaps it never was; I'm using a netbook)  I tried sudo apt-get install baobab.  It said that it (or something like it) is a part of gnome-utils.  What would be its replacement?02:00
* hiexpo IdleOne - what you doing hanging out in bt02:00
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Ah, I have seen that errors before reading about people having problem using dd.02:00
IdleOnehiexpo: I hang out in many channels,02:01
shazbotmcnastyI remember having that problem before02:01
shazbotmcnastybut I did something that fixed it02:01
hiexpoIdleOne,  oh ok never seen u there before is all / as why i ask02:01
MaRk-Ikrey: you get a black screen after splash?02:02
Savory_Snax_Can I disable hibernation while sharing a file/streaming to another computer?02:02
bastidrazorshazbotmcnasty: would you mind not using the 'enter' key as punctuation? it creates excess scroll when it can be avoided02:02
MaRk-ISavory_Snax_: power management02:02
realubotshazbotmcnasty: I found this explanation at ubuntuforums: "The dvd has structure protection which in most cases includes unreadable sectors - the dd command has no means to skip these sectors"02:03
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Maybe there is a copy protection anyway.02:03
kreyMaRk-I: yes, black screen with strange white pixels at the top02:04
Savory_Snax_MaRk-I, I don't see that option specfically in Power Managment02:05
MaRk-Ikrey: try this http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/02:05
MaRk-ISavory_Snax_: system/preferences/power management?02:05
realubotshazbotmcnasty: This command will not stop on errors but not all digits of the disc will be copied: dd if=/dev/hdc of=file.txt conv=noerror,sync02:06
kreyMaRk-I: tried xforcevesa and nomodeset already02:06
realubotshazbotmcnasty: "conv=noerror,sync - do not fail on errors and write zeros to02:06
realubotdestination sectors with cannot be read02:06
kreyMaRk-I: no success02:06
shazbotmcnastyrealubot: why as a text02:06
MaRk-Inomodeset is for nvidia02:07
kreythat is what I have02:07
realubotshazbotmcnasty: That solution wouldn't be a good solution though if data will be missing.02:07
Savory_Snax_MaRk-I, the option to disable hibernation while streaming isn't in the Power Management gui. I was wondering if there was a command line for it02:07
MaRk-ISavory_Snax_: ah no idea02:07
realubotshazbotmcnasty: What do you mean by "why as a text"?02:07
Milki can anyone help me with a boot up problem. my girlfriend accidentally removed power from the computer and everytime i boot up i get ubuntu is running in low grapics mode and i cant continue02:07
shazbotmcnastyrealubot: nvm, but I meant of=file.txt02:08
shazbotmcnastydvd as a text? lol02:08
ChaorainI:m trying to install Mythbuntu on another pc via usb. I am trying to use the program in Ubuntubut I can:t select the iso file02:08
shazbotmcnastyI changed it02:08
shazbotmcnastybut I was confused for a moment02:08
Chaorainit just gets cleared02:08
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Well, I don't know.02:08
kreyMaRk-I: I am trying to get the proprietary drivers working02:09
realubotshazbotmcnasty: I think you will loose data doing like that so you may not be happy trying to use the iso.02:09
shazbotmcnastyoh poo02:09
shazbotmcnastyI'll rip it as an avi first02:09
shazbotmcnastythen see if it plays02:09
shazbotmcnastyif it does, then I'll rip it as an iso02:09
beeftube!ubottu offtopic address02:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:09
IdleOneshazbotmcnasty: you see the ENTER key on your keyboard? use it less02:09
IdleOne!ot > beeftube02:10
ubottubeeftube, please see my private message02:10
seidoshow can I reinitialize my wifi "driver" or "module" (not sure of the correct language here)02:10
Niglopanybody recognize this icon pack?: http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/894/1277853924822.png02:10
realubotChaorain: Isn't Mythbuntu a operating system like Ubuntu+MythTV? Is it possible to install Mythbuntu on Ubuntu? :S02:10
beeftubeIdleOne, thanks :)02:10
IdleOnebeeftube: sure thing02:10
Chaorainrealubot: yeah02:11
hiexpoNiglop,  where's ya get it from ?02:11
Chaorainrealubot: more like MythTV + Xubuntu02:11
realubotshazbotmcnasty: Sorry I can't help you more than this on this topic.02:11
shazbotmcnastyit's aight02:11
shazbotmcnastythank you for your help so far :)02:11
Niglophiexpo:  an image board02:12
realubotChaorain: Yes. What are you trying to do then? Install it on a computer using USB flash drive?02:12
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: what exactly are you trying to do?02:12
Jordan_UCamaro_09: I'm back (for about 5 minutes only though).02:12
Jordan_Ucameron242: ^^02:12
shazbotmcnastyLoshki: rip a dvd as an iso02:12
shazbotmcnastydd if=device of=name isn't working02:13
bazhang!handbrake | shazbotmcnasty02:13
ubottushazbotmcnasty: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr02:13
shazbotmcnastyI am going to try that if this doesn't work02:13
shazbotmcnastythe noerror thing, because I've tried a whole bunch of different things, all with errors02:13
shazbotmcnastythey stop quickly after starting :/02:13
syntaxmanI'm trying to help someone with a brand new installation connect to his router at home (WPA-PSK).02:13
syntaxmanI can't find wpa_supplicant.conf02:14
hiexpodon't look good to me02:14
syntaxmanThere are shell scripts where the conf should be and no docs explaining it.02:14
syntaxmanWhere can I find it so I can see what settings it is using?02:15
Milki can anyone help me with a boot up problem. my girlfriend accidentally removed power from the computer and now everytime i boot up i get ubuntu is running in low grapics mode and i cant continue02:15
syntaxmanI'm using funtoo, so the ubuntu setup is a little foreign to me02:15
Jordan_Ushazbotmcnasty: If you're getting IO errors use gnu_ddrescue instead (note that there is a non-gnu program of the same name, that is not what you want)02:15
cameron242_Jordan_U: I'm back02:16
Jordan_Ucameron242_: Did you run those commands?02:16
cameron242_I have some questions:02:16
cameron242_The first one02:16
cameron242_is that the first code asked for a pass which I put in02:16
cameron242_the second didn't02:16
Othorsyntaxman, /etc/dbus-1/system.d/wpa_supplicant.conf02:16
cameron242_did I do something wrong?02:17
wreckcreationsQuick question: What would prevent me from changing the other's permissions on a folder that I own?02:17
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: dd should work but I find you need to specify block size, count and conv=notrunc to get a faithful copy. Also, converting to avi is time consuming, and you will lose quality by going to/from avi format. If you're getting read errors from the disk, it's because it's damaged or needs cleaning. Try using windex on it.02:17
Jordan_Ucameron242_: No, sudo remembers your authorization for a few minutes.02:17
cameron242_so what now?02:17
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
IdleOnecameron242: when you run sudo it asks for your password, the system also remembers it for 15 minutes so any command ran afterwards with sudo won't ask for your pass. you didn't do anything wrong02:17
cameron242_Was anything supposed to happen?02:17
syntaxmanOthor: I looked in there... that's not even /close/ to being a real wpa_supplicant.conf02:17
Loshkicameron242: stop pressing enter so much. Been taking lessons from shazbotmcnasty?02:17
cameron242_like more text appear?02:18
cameron242_sorry lol02:18
cameron242_I am used to that way02:18
IdleOnecameron242: the bot is gonna end up kicking you02:18
syntaxmanOthor: it's an XML file rather than what the manpage for wpa_supplicant.conf describes02:18
Loshkicameron242: I know, but it makes it harder for everyone to read because of the extra scrolling...02:18
Jordan_Ucameron242_: If the commands worked then you'll now have directories named "b43" and "b43-legacy" in /lib/firmware/. You can check that with "ls /lib/firmware/"02:18
cameron242_Can I get a full list of instructions?02:19
Jordan_Ucameron242_: If those directories exist then just reboot and hopefully you'll have wireless.02:19
Othorsyntaxman, yeah mine looks like XML too02:19
shazbotmcnastyLoshki: what would you suggest for block size, count, etc02:19
shazbotmcnastywhat do I put? :302:19
cameron242_Ok, lemme reboot then02:19
wreckcreationsBTW that problem occured when running PCManFM as root as well. The folder is shared by samba if it means anything02:19
cameron242_I am on my laptop now, it could be 10-15 mins02:19
trismsyntaxman: ubuntu uses network-manager by default, so there won't be a wpa_supplicant.conf, unless you disable network-manager and use /etc/network/interfaces, then you can create one with wpa_passphrase02:19
cameron242_brb then02:19
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: please stop typing enter so much. Let me look at my script and see how it does it...02:20
syntaxmantrism: OK.. I don't see where nm keeps net specific settings either.02:21
syntaxmantrism: I'll hunt some more02:21
trismsyntaxman: run nm-connection-editor02:21
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: first, I type: isoinfo -d -i /dev/sr002:21
trismsyntaxman: system connections are kept in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/02:22
trismsyntaxman: but you don't generally need to edit those02:22
syntaxmanNice to know it exists, though.02:23
trismsyntaxman: without nm-connection-editor I mean02:23
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: see the logical block size (almost always 2048) and the volume size (for my dvd, it's 3287649). Then do dd if=/dev/sr0 bs=2048 count=3287649 conv=notrunc > /disk/dvd.iso02:24
syntaxmantrism: It's empty.  That's weird.02:24
shazbotmcnastyoh okay02:24
cameron242_it worked!02:24
shazbotmcnastydoes the number 3287649 come from anything Loshki ?02:25
cameron242_Jordan_U: Thank you SO much! Can I get a wesbite name to tell my friends?02:25
jdolananyone else get black areas on your screen when using Thunderbird in the LTS?02:25
jdolanATI fglx driver.02:25
jdolani *think* the black areas go away if i turn on compiz, but that breaks OpenGL across the whole system so...02:26
trismsyntaxman: it only creates system connections if you run nm-connection-editor with gksudo or check the "Available to all users" box in the config, I don't know where the per-user connections are kept02:26
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: yes, it comes from the  isoinfo -d -i /dev/sr0 command. It's the size of your dvd in blocks. It's different for every dvd02:26
cameron242_now one more questiong02:27
shazbotmcnastyoh okay02:27
shazbotmcnastyLoshki: I got another IO error, and I already cleaned it off02:27
cameron242_I tried to install gimp using 'apt-get install gimp' but I got an error02:27
shazbotmcnastysrry, I'll use that thing that Jordan_U suggested02:28
IdleOnecameron242: sudo apt-get install gimp02:28
cameron242_error-Couldn't find package GIMP02:28
Milki can anyone help me with a boot up problem. my girlfriend accidentally removed power from the computer and now everytime i boot up i get ubuntu is running in low grapics mode and i cant continue02:28
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: it may be damaged, or scratched, or something. Some readers do better than others when performing error correction. Do you have a different drive you can try it with?02:29
shazbotmcnastyyeah, got the same error too:/02:29
IdleOnecameron242_: show me the exact command you are running please02:29
shazbotmcnastycomplete different computer in fact...02:29
maelwrythProblem Firefox + Facebook hanging on the static.ak.fbcdn.net server02:29
cameron242_is it GIMP?02:30
IdleOnecameron242: sudo apt-get install gimp02:30
cameron242_IdleOne: sudo apt-get install gimp02:30
Dmstrdji have a tower that i run all the time and i have been wanting to install linux on it, and i have been trying ubuntu, and several other os, it will not boot anything, from usb or disc, what could be holding it up from booting02:30
Loshkishazbotmcnasty: sounds like the disk itself is damaged. See if you can copy it using vobcopy, or dvdbackup.02:30
hiexpocameron242,  yeo02:30
Docteh_maelwryth: sounds like a facebook problem02:30
cameron242_IdleOne: That's what I am using02:30
Dmstrdjtried compatibility modes in bios everything i can think of02:30
IdleOnecameron242: can you pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list02:31
IdleOnecameron242_: can you pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list02:31
realubotcameron242_: Linux is case sensitive. Be sure to use small letters.02:31
cameron242_everything is lowercase02:31
LoshkiDmstrdj: does it boot windows disks?02:31
realubotcameron242_: 03:29 < cameron242_> error-Couldn't find package GIMP02:32
hiexpoi thought gimp came preinstalled02:32
Dmstrdjoh yes just fine lol02:32
IdleOnehiexpo: not in 10.0402:32
vmeranybody have any comments on VirtualBox vs KVM for desktop virtualization on Lucid?02:32
realubothiexpo: Not since 10.04.02:32
cameron242_IdleOne: I installed Ubuntu on Windows XP, will I have to boot windows?02:32
macovmer: vbox is easier to use02:32
IdleOnecameron242_: boot windows for?02:32
ddilingeranyone know a better extension for syncing bookmarks between multiple computers/browsers(firefox && chrome) than xMarks?  i want to drop this because i was looking at wireshark for something else, and saw that even though i turned off all the 'search assistance' it still reports to xMarks every google search i make02:32
* Maletor can't wait for gnome-shell02:32
Dmstrdjit has windows installed and i have been trying to dual boot it02:32
LoshkiDmstrdj: have you checked the dvd to see if the image is uncorrupted?02:33
cameron242_to get ect\apt\sources.list02:33
IdleOnecameron242_: in a terminal type  gedit /etc/apt/sources.list02:33
macocameron242_: forward slashes02:33
Dmstrdjbut it wont finish loading, and i have tried several operating systems02:33
realubotddilinger: Dropbox?02:33
Dmstrdjand the discs boot fine on anything else02:33
ddilingerrealubot: will that sync between firefox and chrome though?  i thought dropbox was just raw file storage02:33
IdleOnecameron242_: then open paste.ubuntu.com and copy paste the contents of the file to the pastebin and give us the URL02:33
vmermaco: how so?02:34
Dmstrdjthe bt4 i just installed on usb, is running great on my netbook right now live02:34
macovmer: there's a gui to get everything setup just like with vmware. kvm you have to use qemu on the command line and  i find it a bit confusing02:34
Dmstrdjgot to the loading screen in bt4 on the tower and it froze02:34
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:35
orangeyhello all.02:35
realubotddilinger: I meant sometinng like this: http://myubuntublog.wordpress.com/2010/05/19/sync-firefox-bookmarks-to-dropbox/02:35
vmermaco: i believe there is a UI for KVM too.  virt-manager, or something like that02:35
LoshkiDmstrdj: when you say 'several operating systems', do you mean different versions of linux, 'cos they all use the same kernel, more or less...02:35
orangeyis it possible to make a device that captures all my outputted stuff?02:35
orangeyI want to record all output02:35
orangeybut from command line02:35
macovmer: its not that easy to use, and i think its for configuring existing vm's...but its been a year since i last used it02:35
vmerorangey: tee?02:36
ddilingerrealubot: ahh, yea unfortunatly wont work for me:(  need to sync between linux, windows, chrome, and firefox02:36
orangeyvmer: eh?02:36
Dmstrdjwell im not sure but i have been a disc jockey for a lil bit, and bt4 is based on ubuntu 8.1002:36
cameron242_IdleOne:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/85BFUp2k02:36
vmerorangey: maybe i misunderstood.  tee lets you run something that goes to stdout and a file02:37
orangeyvmer: Indeed we may not be on the same page.02:37
IdleOnecameron242_: ok your sources.list looks fine.02:37
DarkXwould anyone mind helping me with a wireless networking problem i'm having?02:37
LoshkiDmstrdj: well, if you're not fed up with trying, I would try 8.04, as it's very stable & mature and runs most anywhere...02:37
Dmstrdjthe tower was running bt for the longest time and i just dont understand whats holding it up now02:37
Dmstrdji have tried every thing i can find02:37
orangeyvmer: so, I have my happy pulseaudio life. I want to capture the aggregate output and send it to an alsa or pulse or whatever device02:37
orangeyso that a command line program can access it02:37
orangeyjust like now I can access my microphone and line-in02:38
bastidrazorDmstrdj: maybe you should be asking about backtrack in #backtrack-linux02:38
vmeranybody play with eucalyptus?02:38
IdleOnecameron242_: it is important to remember that Linux is case sensitive. Anyway open Synaptic Package manager from System > Administration menu02:38
Dmstrdjwanted to use the new ubuntu, but i tried 9.10, and 10.4 now and nothing works02:38
Dmstrdjwill never boot02:38
realubotddilinger: Yes, I saw that. You probably will find another solution to sync between Chromium and Firefox.02:38
realubot*will have to find02:38
hiexpoDmstrdj,  yes backtrack is based on ubuntu  but ubuntu does not supply support for it / backtrack has it'sown support channel #backtrack-linux02:39
IdleOnecameron242_: in the search box type gimp and see what it says02:39
Dmstrdjyes i know im there too02:39
ugliefrogOcaasionaly through out the day with out warning the cursor starts flashing very fast as if a key is stuck...sometimes I can wait it out but most of the time I have to unplug the keyboard for it to work...Only happens in ubuntu...w7 no problems02:39
IdleOneDmstrdj: ok, good now be patient in there and wait for an answer02:39
cameron242_IdleOne: What file am I looking for?02:40
DmstrdjBut everything i asked did not have to do with backtrack02:40
IdleOnecameron242_: in Synaptic? search for gimp02:40
cameron242_IdleOne: Opened02:40
Dmstrdji was looking for answers not smart alecs02:41
cameron242_I did, there's a bunch of wierd file names02:41
IdleOneDmstrdj: sounds like hardware issue02:41
Dmstrdji have changed evetything but the mobo02:41
hiexpoDmstrdj,  i am in there and i do not see your  ?02:41
IdleOnecameron242_: such as?02:41
IdleOnecameron242_: look for the one named GIMP02:41
Dmstrdjwell look again02:41
cameron242_There is none02:42
Dmstrdji c u02:42
Docteh_Dmstrdj: does this computer boot anything?02:42
Dmstrdjboots windows only02:42
shazbotmcnastyJordan_U: how do I use this gnu ddrescue?02:42
Docteh_cameron242_: try gimp vs GIMP if you're apt-get install-ing stuffs02:42
shazbotmcnastyI installed it02:42
shazbotmcnastyread the man02:42
shazbotmcnastybut still don't get02:42
FloodBot2shazbotmcnasty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:42
Dmstrdjbeen trying to boot ubuntu on it for couple months02:42
DarkXanyone here use ubuntu wirelessly?02:42
shazbotmcnastyoh yeah, use enter less02:42
cameron242_I did02:42
DarkXdid you have network problems?02:42
IdleOneDocteh_: problem is that cameron242_ is getting package not found. this is his sources.list http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/85BFUp2k02:43
realubotcameron242_: What happends when you execute this: sudo apt-get install gimp02:44
Milki can anyone help me with a boot up problem. my girlfriend accidentally removed power from the computer and now everytime i boot up i get ubuntu is running in low grapics mode and i cant continue02:45
cameron242_Okay guys....I'm freaked out now02:45
treNeed help - why is it so hard to share file with windows?02:45
realubotcameron242_: Stay cool. :)02:46
IdleOnecameron242_: why are you freaked out?02:46
cameron242_It just worked02:46
IdleOnehehe ok good02:46
realubottre: You have to use Samba I think.02:46
cameron242_Because it just worked02:46
Fishscene1tre: What's the problem?02:46
trehow do I access a windows sharea02:46
IdleOnecameron242_: glad to hear it02:46
cameron242_I did it again02:46
cameron242_sudo apt-get install gimp02:46
trei loaded samba and its not doing much02:46
cameron242_for all the help02:47
=== slidinghorn is now known as SlidingHorn_out
IdleOnecameron242_: welcome02:47
cameron242_I might have more questions later02:47
Fishscene1You should be able to access it in the connect to server box. Put the name or IP address of the Windows box, then put in the name of the fileshare. You can leave the "folder" field blank02:47
Dmstrdjupgraded my tower and trying to use the mobo i had in another, but it will not boot any linux, ubuntu i have tried for a long time, so i tried other things and different versions of ubuntu, and it will never finish loading02:47
shazbotmcnastyJordan_U: oh no, it's not working02:47
shazbotmcnastytime since last successful read - 1.5m02:48
hiexpo cameron242  everyone here is more than happy to help u here02:48
Dmstrdjalways hangs at boot up, if i used an older version of ubuntu would that help02:48
realubotcameron242_: If you fel that Gimp is to complicated then you want to try Pinta. It's like a Paint.NET clone in Ubuntu.02:48
Dmstrdjinstead of the new versions02:49
treI can see my windows shares - but cant open them02:49
cameron242_I have used GIMP on Windows before02:49
realubottre: Do you see the files from Windows?02:50
realubottre: Then it may be due to permission settings maybe.02:50
trefor now I am just trying to see windows from linux02:50
cameron242_I need to go02:50
cameron242_Thanks for all the help everyone! :D02:50
treI figure thats easier02:50
realubotcameron242_: No problem.02:50
treI can see the machines but cannot browse the files02:50
thinklinghi. I have a disk partitioned by a NAS device and am trying to access it under Ubuntu 10.04. The fs is ext3+extents, and when I try mount -t ext3 -o extents, Ubuntu says "unrecognized mount option extents". any tips on what to try next?02:50
realubottre: Are you having file on both Ubuntu and Windows that you try to share in each direction?02:52
Fishscene1Tre, do you have permission to open the files under the username you're using to log into the windows machine?02:53
trewell - yes both machines have the same username02:54
=== horndog_ is now known as horndog
Fishscene1If I recall correctly, you can't browse shares. You can only connect directly to a share.02:54
treok how do I do that02:54
Fishscene1You must first know the name of the share you're trying to connect to02:54
realubottre: I don't really understand the problem. The only advice I can give you is to checkthis video and be sure yiou have done all this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89hjWOb8qmY02:54
Fishscene1When you connect to the Windows box, you put the IP address or name of the windows box. You should also see a field called "Share" put in the name of the Windows share. Case-sensitive.02:55
trewhen I connect where - file manager?02:56
bebo_dos any one know how show am/pm in panel clock02:57
seidoshow can I reinitialize my wireless kernel module?  I'm having a problem coming out of hibernate/suspend sometimes with it, and ifconfig up/down doesn't work.02:57
Fishscene1tre: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/Fishscene/ConnecttoWindowsviaubuntu.png02:57
MaRk-Ibebo_: right-click the clock select preferences/12 hour format02:58
kosharibebo under preferences, accessable form right mouse click02:58
Compilingbebo_: its in pereferences if you right click02:58
bebo_not appear02:58
bebo_u mean 12 h and 24 h02:58
koshariseidos rmmod > then modprobe?02:58
* MaRk-I do'h02:59
DarkXi got a problem where i can't connect to my wireless, its WPA-PSK, i read some threads about it, but i didn't really get what the fix's were, anyone mind helping me?03:00
BiggFREEIt is asking for the password ... DarkX03:01
MaRk-Iseidos: what if you just restart networking with:  sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart       ?03:01
DarkXya i put the password in03:01
cillyquestion:  Can I install firefox 3.0 or higher on ubuntu 6.10?03:01
BiggFREEIt is wrong though03:01
DarkXand then it sorta just does its thing in the background and then says you can't access it03:02
seidosMaRk-I, doesn't work.  I also tried force-reload03:02
DarkXno i know its right cause i typed it multiple times03:02
seidosMaRk-I, and I also tried dhclient, something is happening with my wireless, and only my wireless after hibernating and/or suspending03:02
DarkXand i'm connected to it right now using my other partition03:02
Compilinghow close are you to the AP03:02
MaRk-Iseidos: then do what koshari suggested03:02
DarkXi'll try the restarting thing03:02
xevhi, it's safe to remove "commun unix printing system"? because I dont use any printing device on my netbook03:02
BiggFREENo more hint :( Sorry :(03:02
Compilingxev, yes03:02
=== rt1_ is now known as rt1
* DarkStar1 is now back and offering help/advice03:03
seidosMaRk-I, all right.  And koshari, thanks, I'll try that next time03:03
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
astropirateIs there a keep alive option for the gnome ftp browser?03:04
BiggFREEDarkX: It is the password for your Wireless only03:04
xevCompiling, I can use synaptic package manager?03:04
bebo_cilly try this in to  software  sources     http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa/ubuntu03:04
BiggFREEAfter save it.03:04
MaRk-Iseidos: rmmod "module",  insmod "module"03:04
DarkStar1xev: ofc it's safe. Though if I were you I wouldn't. Just disable the service from starting. you never know one day you might need it.03:04
avi_Hey. Im going to set up my Ubuntu Lucid box as an SSH tunnel. However, I'm not sure how to get my computer visible away from home; that is, connect via an external IP address. How can I do this? Thanks!03:04
DarkX411my bad was about to restart03:04
DarkX411what'd you say?03:05
Compilingavi_ port forward or dmz03:05
Compilinglook for those router features03:05
trelubuntu is based on ubuntu but there is not folder sharing on the right click??? what do I need03:05
seidosMaRk-I, insmod, got it, thanks03:05
BiggFREEDarkX: It is the password for your Wireless only. It will ask only once time.03:05
avi_Compiling: Log into my router config and look for port forwarding configs?03:05
MaRk-Iseidos: yw03:05
xevDarkStar1, I want to gain freespace. I got 3gb only03:05
DarkStar1avi_: It depends on how long you'll be away from home for. I mean if you know your IP before you leave, whilst you're away the lease could expire and the IP change03:05
Compilingavi_ id recommend setting up dyndns03:06
DarkX411ya it asks me for the wireless passwod03:06
DarkStar1xev: I don't think cup takes any significant amount of space to be worth it03:06
DarkX411and then it doesn't work03:06
MaRk-Iavi_: just adjust your router to port forward the selected ssh port to your pc03:06
DarkX411here lemme try again then03:06
X3210.04 server ( just upgraded and NFS4 with extremely slow network connection, followed guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto#Installation but only getting 3mbit on 100mbit connection and I used to get near the max of 11.0mbit on 9.10 server nfs3. Any ideas?03:06
avi_Compiling: I'm in it -- I've actually got it config's for DynDNS. Perhaps it does actually work!03:06
BiggFREEGive it and ask it to save it for good.03:06
bebo_dos any one know how show am/pm in panel clock03:06
MaRk-Ibebo_: what release are you using?03:08
MaRk-Iok I told you already how03:08
bebo_but first03:08
avi_Compiling: I'm in dyndyns.com, checking over my IPs. I've made an ip like myip.dyndyns.org, but should I set it to reflect my router's IP, my computer's local IP, or my computer's external IP?03:08
Compilingbebo_ we told you already03:08
kameronis there a gnome music player that doesn't suck balls?03:08
bebo_i didn't see 12 h and 24 h03:08
Compilingsee this image http://www.zisman.ca/ubuntu_setup/Clock%20Preferences%201.png03:09
Compilingavi_ your router's WAN IP03:09
trefile sharing - why is that so hard?03:09
Compilingits not03:10
Compilingmy server has like over 10 facets to share files03:10
Maletorjoin #rubyonrails03:10
bebo_i know i know but 12 h 24 h not show in clock preferences03:10
bebo_like this03:10
Compilingsmb, ftp, scp, rsync, dc, torrents, etc03:11
avi_Compiling: WAN, that's external, right?03:11
Compilingavi_ whatever address you see here: http://whatsmyip.org03:12
avi_Compiling: Stupid question, it is.03:12
Compilingavi_ WAN = wide area network03:12
avi_Compiling: http://wanip.info/ Yup. Just never heard the term before strangely.03:12
X3210.04 server ( just upgraded and NFS4 with extremely slow network connection, followed guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto#Installation but only getting 3mbit on 100mbit connection and I used to get near the max of 11.0mbit on 9.10 server nfs3. Any ideas?03:12
avi_Compiling: I pulled up the Wikipedia page :)03:12
bebo_hey compiling not show up like this03:13
bebo_i just have panel display03:13
treI give up for now - linux costs 500x more than windows in my time thats all i can say03:13
Compilingbebo_ take a screenshot and show us what it looks like03:13
Compilingknowledge is power03:14
Compilingpower is money03:14
porjoHow do I configure services to start/stop at boot time. I've had a look at the 'bootup-manager' (bum) tool, but it seems to report inaccurate results e.g. it says smbd is *not* set to run at boot time, yet the smbd process is running on my system!03:14
Compilingwe'll see what your times worth03:14
treand linux desktop aint happening03:14
xevHow to disable or enable services ubuntu..any GUI?03:14
Compilinglinux has made me a fair bit so far :)03:14
Compilingno linux certs, all self taught03:14
avi_Compiling: Okay, I inputted it into my custom web address. Should it be an instant update? As in, will I be instantly able to SSH to my computer from that address?03:14
Compilingcurrently an admin for a large scale company03:14
webPragmatisthould i use the snakeoil.key for anything03:15
trecompil - whats on their desktops03:15
Compilingavi_ no you will also need to forward ports03:15
porjoxev: hey, I'm just looking at that myself...try 'bum' (bootup-manager)03:15
Compilingtre: all our servers are linux03:15
treand your desktops are....drum roll - windows03:15
Compilingno duh03:15
Compilingwe arent going to pay to teach over 500 people linux03:15
xevporjo, not installed. do i need to install?03:15
Compilingbut knowing how to configure it comes in handy03:16
Compilingwe have about 10% of our employees using linux03:16
porjoxev: yep, sudo apt-get install bum03:16
trecompil what about active directory all the goes away them your just using persmissions from linux?03:16
Compilingrunning simulations03:16
porjoxev: then you should see a new icon under the 'System'->'Administration' menu03:16
Compilingtre: google openldap03:16
avi_Compiling: I'm using a Linksys router. I'm assuming that I can do that under the Applications and Gaming tab, which presents a list ports I can forward to my computer's router address. Which ports need I forward?03:16
Compilingwe also use kerberos03:17
xevporjo, ok, I going to try.03:17
treGot ya - open source version of ad03:17
Compilingavi_ do you have teamviewer03:17
Compilingi will help you remotely03:17
Compilingtv hasnt made a lin client yet i dont think03:17
treI can get teamviewr :)03:18
avi_Compiling: Yes, actually I do.03:18
idkHello, Im looking for a webtool for applications. I mean some tool that can display my progress of some software development project. I hope you got it, thanks! =)03:18
xevporjo, thanks.. I got it.. now I need to select which one I need and vice-versa :D03:18
trerock on - I am out03:18
Compilingavi_ teamviewer is a windows program03:18
_Eighteensif i forgot the user and password used during a ubuntu install, do i have to re-install it again, or is there another way03:18
Compilingavi: unless you are running linux in a vm03:19
avi_Compiling: It's also functional under Ubuntu, I've used it before actually.03:19
Compilingavi_: pm me your connection info03:19
avi_Compiling: Nope.03:19
avi_Compiling: No, I'm not running it in a vm.03:20
Compilingoh ok03:20
avi_Compiling: Actually, I have to download it. Give me a minute or two. Thanks man.03:20
Compilingyou running it through vanilla wine?03:20
MaRk-ICompiling: yes it has03:20
MaRk-Iit's beta tho03:20
iflema_Eighteens there are a couple of methods, yes03:20
MaRk-Ibut workable03:20
avi_Compiling: Offical download from teamviewer.com. Yes, it does use Wine.03:20
Compilingoki doke03:21
Compilinghavent used it since 4.x03:21
Compilingbut thanks03:21
X3210.04 server ( just upgraded and NFS4 with extremely slow network connection, followed guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto#Installation but only getting 3mbit on 100mbit connection and I used to get near the max of 11.0mbit on 9.10 server nfs3. Any ideas?03:21
Compilingx32: any hardware changes?03:21
askhaderanarchy_ yes03:21
avi_Compiling: I'll turn off compositing effects. Be aware that my res is 1920x120003:21
Compilingim on a poor t4303:22
Compilingplease no03:22
Compilingati 128m03:22
avi_Compiling: I'll try to tone it down as much as possible.03:22
Compilingmaybe 6403:22
Compilingmuch appreciated03:22
Chaorainhey I need to repair/upgrade from Grub 1 to 2. Old Grub didn:t get updated03:23
X32Compiling, no03:23
idkhi, could i have some tip on what application to give my new VPS, i do know have apache and sbnc. i do program alot, so some application to display my projects would be nice. thanks =)03:23
Compilingidk: display your projects, how?03:23
avi_Compiling: I've got the res down like 15%, it's a tad blurry though. PMing info.03:24
unclemantisok i am really getting upset now03:24
Compilingavi_: ill be a min grabbing some water03:24
hypoHi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone is using multiple monitors (ATI)?  I'm having some problems setting mine up the way I want03:24
unclemantisi have spent 2 days trying to get a FTPSD running with no luck. I am then told to connect via SSH using SFTP so I did that and it worked! Now 5 hours later I try again and it won't connect. I then try to SSH into the account and I get the welcome to Ubuntu and the document url and stuff and then this "Connection to gigdates.com closed." WTF happened!?03:25
idkCompiling: i've seen homepages with structured source viewing, it was somehow easy to upload, maintain and publish =)03:25
Compilingidk: git?03:25
unclemantisi am a programer, not an admin so this really pisses me off :(03:26
idkCompiling: thanks! =) got any more tip on useful apps for my vps?03:27
unclemantisI AM able to log in using root03:27
orangeyhello all!03:27
unclemantisi do not have any other users, just one other03:27
avi_Compiling: You get my PMs?03:27
orangeyanybody know how to assign a pulseaudio "stream" to an alsa device?03:27
orangeyi.e., alsa_output.pci-0000_00_14.2.analog-stereo.monitor03:27
orangeythat records if I do: parec -d alsa_output.pci-0000_00_14.2.analog-stereo.monitor03:28
Compilingidk: shell access for me? :)03:28
idkCompiling: hihihi :D03:28
idkCompiling: could you recommend a ftp server, maybe optimized for vps?03:29
unclemantisok. so no instant answer :(03:29
unclemantisi am reading to check hosts.deny and that is empty03:30
unclemantisand NOTHING has changed since the last time i tried this and it worked until now03:31
racerdanyone know of an android irc?03:32
johngilbroughI've recently installed Lucid from scratch.  In the last couple of days, my system time is way off.  I've set things up via the Time and Date tool to synchronize with a time server.  But things are still off (by 7 hours) even after a restart.  Any suggestions?03:32
=== judgen_ is now known as judgen
X3210.04 server ( just upgraded and NFS4 with extremely slow network connection, followed guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto#Installation but only getting 3mbit on 100mbit connection and I used to get near the max of 11.0mbit on 9.10 server nfs3. Any ideas?03:32
DarkStar1unclemantis: sorry I just got back. What seems to be the problem?03:33
unclemantiscould you scroll up? I do not wish to repost. Thanks for acknoledging :)03:33
Compilingidk: I like pure-ftpd03:34
Compilingidk: I built an entire CGI frontend for it on the job actually03:34
Compilingidk: its all command based03:34
idkCompiling: could i get a url or something? =)03:35
Compilingi think its http://pureftpd.org03:35
Compilingshould be in repo though, no?03:35
suboneHow do I specify more than one path to search for files using the find command?03:35
Compilingthe best part is it supports quotas with virtual users03:35
Compilingvery secure03:35
Compilingmuch better than the common vsftpd in my opinion03:35
airtonixsubone, loop it using the "for" statement03:36
subonethats the only way huh03:36
DarkStar1unclemantis: tbh I'm not 10% SSH identified let alone 100% but I can try to diagnose the problem for you.03:36
judgeni want to talk to you, is is use key words like epson and printre---03:36
unclemantisdo you wish access to the box? I could really care less. I have no data and I can simply just rebuild03:37
DarkStar1unclemantis: You say nothing has changed and you can only log in as root?03:37
unclemantisCorrect DarkStar1 and please do not repermand me about not logging in as another su :) i will get to that03:37
DarkStar1unclemantis: Also as a foreward you might actually get better help from the #networking channel03:38
unclemantisWell I figured I was using Ubuntu and this channel usualy helps with ANYTHING in Ubuntu, I thought I would give it a shot03:38
DarkStar1unclemantis: the best security you practice is up to you. We can't all act the same way :)03:38
Compilingsubone: find /path1 /path2 -name filename ???03:38
Compilingno for loop necessary03:39
unclemantisDarkStar1 /msg me if you wish access and if you think you can actualy help out =)03:39
DarkStar1unclemantis: do you have physical access to the server?03:39
unclemantisServer is virtual and is hosted at RackSpaceCloud03:39
uRockIs there a vim pro in the house?03:39
Compilingim pretty good03:40
Compilingwhats up03:40
judgenAAAAAAAAAAHZ< to call attentio to my latest help victim that i lowt due to a reboot03:40
braxtonWhat's the way to reset the dock icons?03:40
CompilinguRock: whats up03:40
thune3orangey: i think the section "ALSA Monitor source" section of http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio is what you want (if i'm reading you correctly)03:40
X3210.04 server ( just upgraded and NFS4 with extremely slow network connection, followed guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto#Installation but only getting 3mbit on 100mbit connection and I used to get near the max of 11.0mbit on 9.10 server nfs3. Any ideas?03:40
Compilingunclemantis: how much is that / mo03:40
orangeythune3: thank you. Reading03:40
uRockI have a question about vi, Is it normal for the mark command to not work in Ubuntu's version?03:40
suboneCompiling, yeah i just realized my regex was wrong at that works, ty03:41
iflema!panels | braxton03:41
ubottubraxton: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:41
braxtonThank you, iflema.03:41
braxtonOff by a plural.03:41
CompilinguRock: works for me03:41
orangeythune3: HOLY CRAP!03:41
uRockkool, thanx03:41
orangeythune3: that's what i want!03:41
polleridoes anyone know where ubuntu 10.04 mounts the iPhone?03:41
uRockI guess I am not holding my mouth right when typing it03:42
escserver irc.bbs-scene.org03:42
Compilingpolleri: check under /media ?03:42
CompilinguRock try vim instead of vi?03:42
braxtoniflema: Is there a command that will tell me if I have bluetooth capability?03:42
polleriCompiling, its not there!03:42
uRockCompiling, does it show any clue as to it doing anything? Using VIM03:43
Alien_FX_Fiendwill i get banned for using a auto-greet script in here?03:43
Compilingpolleri: do you have it on the desktop?03:43
Alien_FX_Fiendokay i'm disabling it, not taking any chances03:43
braxtonAlien_FX_Fiend: Probably.03:43
braxtonAlien_FX_Fiend: Ubottu is the alpha-automaton in here.03:43
braxtonDidn't mean to scare him away.03:44
CompilinguRock: try :marks03:44
CompilinguRock: it should show all the current marks03:44
uRockk, I am just hitting "mb" to mark it with b03:44
thj房间里有几个人  ?03:44
ChaorainIs there a way to tell drive size by command line?03:44
polleriCompiling, yes i do. I know this is not the right place to ask but maybe you can help me. I am trying to copy some files in the /var folder. The problem is that Ubuntu only lets me see the Library folder i think03:45
Puffcioive installed a software on my ubuntu but cannot find it anywhere, where it could install?03:45
braxtonthj: #ubuntu-jp03:45
bastidrazorChaorain: df -h03:45
iflemabraxton do you see the bluetooth icon in the panel?03:45
uRockCompiling, thanks for your help. After hitting :marks, it show all of the marks03:45
Compilingno problem03:46
braxtoniflema: No. I'm guessing that means I don't have it. That sucks.03:46
Compilingpolleri is it jail broken?03:46
thj有中国人么 ?03:46
braxtonthj: /join #ubuntu-jjp03:46
bastidrazorChaorain: also sudo fdisk -l   ..will show drives not mounted03:46
polleriCompiling, yes it is03:46
braxtonCan I get a translator up in here?03:46
Chaorainbastidrazor: thanks03:46
Compilingpolleri try getting ssh working on it then you can scp in03:47
programmeboythj chinese03:47
DarkStar1Is there a command to check which users are created on the system as well as anyusers logged on?03:47
johngilbroughHow does one get their clock synchronized?03:47
polleriCompiling, what does scp mean?03:47
Compilingtry who03:47
Compilingscp is secure copy03:48
Loshki!cn | thj03:48
ubottuthj: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:48
CompilingDarkStar1 if you want to see created users check out /etc/passwd03:48
Compilingsome are system users03:48
DarkStar1Compiling: thanks very much03:48
bastidrazorChaorain: you're welcome.03:49
NighthwkCan anyone tell me how to bind a usb harddrive to a directory?03:50
Compilingmount /dev/sd* /directory?03:50
Compilingdepends on the device name its given03:51
NighthwkCompiling: it shows up in my /media directory03:51
Compilingit should03:51
Compilingthats what i said03:51
Compilingoh whoops, wp03:51
Compilingif its in media you can run umount03:51
Compilingor right click it and hit unmount03:52
Compilingthen remount it to a different mountpoint03:52
Moggai'm playing around with kvm for a few vms on my server... i've got the first one going, an ldap server, next i was going to do the file server... should i export the file system from the host or create a block level vm and export within?03:52
Moggausing karmic03:52
ThaloneHello everyone! I just installed ubuntu for the first time and have a small problem -- none of my NTFS partitions are showing up and when i launch disk utility it gives me the loading cursor and then eventually it just closes03:52
NighthwkCompiling: I can't bind it to anther location03:53
CompilingNighthwk what did you try03:53
programmeboyNighthwk: sudo03:53
Moggacan anyone offer some advice?03:54
DarkStar1Compiling: The last field in the /etc/passwd file specifies the user shall right?03:54
ThaloneAny help would be much appreciated... I used "fdisk -l" and you can see the NTFS partitions, but when I try mount - it doesnt see it03:54
CompilingDarkStar1: if you want to see the layout of the file, use man 5 passwd03:55
mobodosince I installed 10.04, vlc runs at a low framerate (~20fps) even though it's only using 2-3% of the CPU, anybody has an idea what I could be looking at?03:55
Compilingvideo drivers03:55
Thalonedrivers would be my guess03:55
mobodoI think it has to do with the detected refresh rate of my monitor03:55
mobodook I'll see if I can install other drivers, thanks03:56
NighthwkCompiling: I'm trying to bind one directory from my usb drive to a directory, not the whole hd03:56
Thaloneso anyone have any ideas for my problem? or anything they can refer me to -- google hasnt worked up to this point03:56
NighthwkCompiling: On my other computer i could put the bind command in the /etc/rc.local file03:57
CompilingNighthwk: mount --bind03:57
thune3Thalone: i'm not an expert. are you mounting automatically using gnome, using fstab, or manual mount command?03:58
CompilingNighthwk: you may also be interested in a symbolic link03:59
mdel_im having some ssh troubles at the moment03:59
Compilingsee man ln03:59
Compilinglook at the -s switch03:59
Thaloneif you mean the linux partition im assuming its being done automatically as i go from booting the computer to grub to login03:59
mdel_trying to connect from my mac to my ubuntu box at work, i get stuck at "expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP"03:59
Compilingmdel_ run ssh -v04:00
Compilingthat enables verbose mode04:00
Thalonethe NTFS partitions arent being mounted - mount doesnt see them04:00
mdel_Compiling: thats how i saw the error...04:00
mdel_well, not the error04:00
DarkStar1compiling thanks for your help04:00
Compilingmdel_ what version of openssh04:00
mdel_but where its getting stuck04:00
dsnydersHi all!  Is there a util that detects duplicate files?04:00
Compilingany time04:00
thune3Thalone: i'm still confused, are you mounting using command or using Places-> menu?04:00
mdel_on the mac, 5.2p104:01
Thalonei tried using mount from commandline04:01
mdel_Compiling: whatever the latest is in 10.04 at work04:01
NighthwkCompiling: Ok, that works now how do I get it to stay on reboot?04:01
MaletorIn ~/.mailrc I have 'set sendmail='/usr/bin/msmtp'. However, when I try to use mailx to send mail I get an error from msmtp that there are no recepients from this command 'mailx some@one.com04:01
CompilingNighthwk youll need to make an fstab entry04:01
minderaserI'd like to connect my 2 linux laptops with a crossover ethernet cablle I have. What's the most simple, direct way to do this? All I want to do is move files between the two.04:01
ThalonePlaces-> menu doesnt show the partitions, only the one linux partition and cd drive04:02
mdel_Compiling: any other ideas04:02
NighthwkCompiling: Ok,  thanks for all the help04:02
Compilingmdel_ ubuntu uses 5.4.x or 5.5 i believe04:02
Compilingtry updating04:02
dsnydersminderaser, assign each an ip address, eg and with subnet mask of
thune3Thalone: so after mounting, "mount" shows the mount but you cant access?04:02
Compilingalso check /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow04:02
mdel_Compiling: here's the thing - it worked yesterday04:02
mdel_Compiling: ive connected to the box a million times from this machine04:03
mdel_just all of a sudden, im hanging at expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP04:03
Compilingwell what changed between today and yesterday?04:03
Compilingdid you run updates on either machine?04:03
Thalonethune3: no i cant mount the 2 NTFS partitions at all... they are in /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 (i know because i see them using "fdisk -l" but I cannot mount them using mount04:04
mdel_Compiling: i updated ubuntu, but there weren't any updates to anything ssh/net related04:05
LoshkiMaletor: I thought msmtp was a drop-in replacement for sendmail i.e. you should pretend you're still using sendmail. What does ls -l /usr/bin/sendmail point to?04:05
mdel_also, i only get this sporadically04:05
Thalonethune3: i got them to show up! apparently in lucid it doesnt automatically install ntfs-3g after setup04:05
mdel_i can connect, use it for 5 minutes, then it lags out04:05
mdel_i try to reconnect, i get that message'04:05
Compilingmdel_ can you pastebin the output of ifconfig | grep -i mtu04:05
mdel_this is over VPN, the VPN mtu is 144404:06
Loshkimdel_: 'lags out'? What exactly does that mean?04:06
Compilingmdel_ try setting both MTUs to 57604:06
mdel_Loshki: gets slow to respond, keystrokes are behind04:06
elgiad007Does anyone get a periodic flashing of the screen, forcing a reboot, in the latest version of Ubuntu?04:06
mdel_Compiling: i saw that thread04:07
Compilingsounds like u have hardware issues04:07
Loshkimdel_: can't hurt to try Compiling's suggestion...04:07
Moggaanyone help with a kvm question?04:07
Compilingif you saw it or not is irrelevant if you didnt act upon it04:07
Compilingits not really a thread04:07
mdel_Compiling: well how can i set the mtu on the office machine...04:07
Compilingyou said its more or less sporadic04:08
Compilingwait till it works again04:08
Compilingdo you have an IP KVM?04:08
thune3Thalone: that's weird, ntfs-3g is part of package ubuntu-standard which i thought you would have had installed. Glad you got it.04:08
MaletorLoshki: /usr/sbin/sendmail points to exim404:08
Loshkimdel_: could be network constipation I suppose, but you'd expect that not to fail consistently at SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP...04:08
sneakersWhat is the best option for a live distro that already includes all the non-free stuff to play music, videos, commerical DVDs, flash player, etc?04:08
LoshkiMaletor: so you're running exim4 as well as msmtp?04:09
mdel_Loshki: i agree04:09
MoggaCompiling: sorry IP? i'm using kvm to host multiple vms on a server... have a question about file server setup concepts04:09
MaletorLoshki: I'm following this guide. http://klenwell.com/is/UbuntuCommandLineGmail04:09
MaletorLoshki: And it's not working04:09
Thalonethune3: i thought so too, curiously it wasnt though... thanks for the help though =)04:09
MoggaCompiling: you're thinking about display/keyboard kvms my guess04:09
Mogganot libvirt et al04:10
Compilingi was directing that at mdel, sorry mogga04:10
mdel_Compiling: IP KVM???04:10
Compilingsneakers: try superOS04:10
mdel_though you were talking to Mogga04:10
Compilingits more or less ubuntu with all the goodies04:10
Compilingmdel_ they are more or less standard when you manage servers in the corporate world04:11
Compilingits like a kvm04:11
Compilingbut u can use it over the internet04:11
sneakersCompiling, Linkie?04:11
mdel_are you talking like VNC?04:11
Compilingnot really04:11
=== max is now known as Guest3818
mdel_ah ok04:12
LoshkiMaletor: I use ssmtp with gmail instead, and it does work. http://www.nixtutor.com/linux/send-mail-with-gmail-and-ssmtp/04:12
Compilingsneakers: see also http://www.browserlinux.com/ and http://www.linuxmint.com/index.php04:12
Compilingi think mint comes with all that04:12
CompilingLinux Mint Live DVD: Contains additional software such as Java, VLC, F-Spot, OpenOffice.org-base, Samba, additional wallpapers and ttf-dejaVu fonts04:13
Compilingflash as well i believe04:13
Loshkimdel_: if the load on the office machine is unreasonably high, I would expect lag, and delay around the SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP since that's where all the heavy math starts to execute...04:13
sneakersCompiling, Yea but can it play .wmv does it have browser flash, etc?04:14
MaletorLoshki: well I can send an email with msmtp04:14
mdel_Loshki: it's just my workstation, there is no load04:14
* DarkStar1 bids everyone a goodnight/morning04:14
Compilingsneakers, mint should have all that04:14
MaletorLoshki: but this is about getting it to work with mailx04:14
CompilingVLC will handle most of whats thrown at it04:14
Compilingif not apt-get install mplayer04:14
fooUh, my refurbished 1TB hard drive that seagate just sent out went into read only mode and I see this in the syslog: kernel: [177056.427393] EXT3-fs error (device sdb1): ext3_find_entry: reading directory #41042621 offset 0 - any thoughts?04:15
Compilingfoo run a fsck04:15
LoshkiMaletor: mailx is just a front end, it should work with any sendmail compatible backend, including exim4 and/or msmtp/ssmtp or even sendmail. Is there anything interesting in the mail logs /var/log/mail.*04:16
fooCompiling: any idea what that means? I can do that, this is just a brand new refurb I got... and I wiped the old drive.04:17
Loshkimdel_: I can't explain it. Can you ssh into your workstation while it's bogged down and see what's going on that way?04:17
mdel_i cant get in at all now04:17
Compilingsounds like a simple offset error04:17
MaletorLoshki: I looked there. Just a bunch of spamd stuff. Also, I set the log for smstp to /tmp/msmtp.log and nothing shows up there04:17
Loshkimdel_: When you're at work, can you e.g. ssh from work to home, then vpn back in, so you can see what the workstation is doing?04:18
mdel_i guess i could04:18
mdel_but i had some important shit to do tonight that I didn't commit to the repo04:19
mdel_so i kinda need to figure something out now04:19
Loshkimdel_: for all you know, someone is running a huge torrent at work, after hours, and clogging the net...04:19
mdel_nah thats not it04:19
mdel_there's 3 of us04:19
Compilingssh uses little to nothing04:19
Compilingtorrents shouldnt cause that04:19
LoshkiCompiling: I'm kinda clutching at straws trying to explain the lag phenomenon...04:20
ennuiBah! I am trying to get write permission on a hfs+ partition. I disabled journaling but I still get read only.....04:20
mdel_Loshki: the lag isn't the bad part, its the fact that I can't connect04:20
Compilingmdel_ how long does the error take to pop up04:20
Compilingif its instant it probably isnt la04:20
mdel_there isn't an error, it just gets stuck04:20
Compilingthe machine is actively refusing it04:20
Compilingwhen you try to connect back in?04:20
Loshkimdel_: do you know if it's just your workstation? Can you reach anyone else's desktop?04:21
mdel_the lag occurred when i COULD conect04:21
Compilingyou dont get an error...04:21
mdel_Compiling: nope04:21
mdel_expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP04:21
mdel_that the last line in the outout04:21
clustyCompiling: how many connections?04:21
=== emma_ is now known as emma
clustyyou could clog the NAT table04:21
mdel_Loshki: no same problem04:21
mdel_its only ssh also, i can get into mysql just fine04:22
clustycilly: STOP FOKIN SCREAMING04:22
mdel_<cilly> QUESTION04:22
mdel_hahah that's funny04:22
profxaviercilly, can you be more specific ?04:22
mdel_cilly.... like silly04:22
mdel_har har har04:22
profxaviermdel_, thats why they are c[s]illy :D04:22
* Loshki thinks attention spans are shorter than usual tonight...04:23
cillyWhat is the path to the driver files in ubuntu 6.10?04:23
timemachine3030trying to make an errorformat that will match the errors produced by rhino, here is what I have and it is not working: http://pastebin.com/4HRgnd7q04:24
cillyFor example what file are the video drivers located in?04:24
timemachine3030sorry ... wrong window.04:24
MaRk-Icilly: /etc/X1104:25
tertl3cilly, it's in there, i promise04:25
MaletorLoshki: so nothing you can think of?04:26
MaletorLoshki: it's as if msmtp is being run without the parameters that mailx is setting04:26
iflemaubottu: tell cilly about edgy04:26
ubottucilly, please see my private message04:26
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
LoshkiMaletor: doesn't mailx have a -v (verbose) switch. Try it and see if there's anything obvious. Maybe pastebin the output?04:27
MaletorLoshki: yes it does but it doesn't log anything04:28
MaletorLoshki: this person solved it04:28
MaletorLoshki: but i can't figure what he means http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=780509&page=204:29
cillyI realize that.  But I found an old powermac G3 on the side of the road.  It has a rage128 video card.  The new releases of ubuntu dont have the driver for this card04:30
cillythat is why I am using 6.1004:30
bobthemilkmancilly: Uh, you could always download the sources from nvidia.04:30
cillyit is an ATI card.04:31
MaletorLoshki: ok ya that solved it. i just needed a different package of mailx. god that was confusing04:31
cillyand 10.04 does not have and xorg.conf to change the settings04:31
LoshkiMaletor: it's pretty appalling that there are two versions of mailx in different packages, and one works and the other doesn't...04:31
MaRk-Icilly: you can use the "ati" drivers, no desktop effects tho04:31
LoshkiMaletor: that explains why I've never had a problem with ssmtp....04:32
Vin73hi, is there a way to install adobe acrobat reader by means of apt-get on lucid?04:32
Zelozelosim lookin for a GUI for lm-sensors, i found ksensors but when i run it i only get a blank square im guessing kde is kubuntu desktop environment? anyhow what do i need i have ubuntu 10.04 runnin default everything w compiz and metacity04:32
digitalslaveanyone here running ubuntu with a newer docsis 3 motorola surfboard? im experiencing bad network lag but other computers on the modem fly (win7)04:33
ennuidoes anyone know how to get write permission on a hfs+ partition in linux? I went into OSX and disabled journaling on the partition in question as I had read in forum posts that this would allow me to write but upon booting into linux and mounting the drive I found this to be untrue. I have also tried chown which won't work. and using mount with -t hfsplus -o rw didn't work either... :*(04:33
bobthemilkmanVin73: I'd suggest against using Adobe Acrobat Reader unless you *really* need it.04:33
Zelozelosty MaRk-I . i searched lm-sensors, but gnome sensors didnt show, lemme search that one04:33
ryanpriorHey there. I can't get DAAP sharing to work between my Rhythmbox and my roommate's, who is on the same LAN and also using Ubuntu. How do I make this work?04:33
bobthemilkmanevince is superior, and should work fine for most applications.04:33
bobthemilkmanHowever, if you are *SURE* that you want to use Acrobat, here are the directions: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/06/23/install-adobe-acrobat-reader-812-on-ubuntu-804/04:34
MaRk-I!sensors | Zelozelos04:34
ubottuZelozelos: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.04:34
Vin73bonthemilkman: thanks...04:34
trismVin73: if you want it, it is in the partner repo, acroread package04:34
trism!partner | Vin7304:34
ubottuVin73: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:34
fodder70Zelozelos: gnome sensor applet04:35
cillySo if I can find the file with the old ati rage128 driver from 6.10  could I copy it into a newer version?04:35
Zelozelosjeez MaRk-I i already said i had lm-sensors, does it have a graphical interface?04:35
Vin73trism, ubottu: thanks...04:35
MaRk-IZelozelos: if you read the page ... you can see "sensors-applet"04:35
digitalslaveZelozelos, use conky or another gui frontend to query the info04:35
rwwZelozelos: there are several of them described on the page MaRk-I linked to.04:35
john38If an intruction file tells you to type --buildpkg [<distro>/<package>]04:35
john38how would i type the distro and package04:35
rwwhrm, well, two. I thought there were more :\04:36
Zelozelosahhh ok, ty guys04:36
cillyI dont see any drivers in X1104:36
ryanpriorI can't get DAAP sharing to work between my Rhythmbox and my roommate's, who is on the same LAN and also using Ubuntu. How do I make this work?04:36
MaletorLoshki: how can I set it up so that I can read my gmail via command line?04:37
frage1209I need to redirect the TCP traffic directed to to Any one knows how to do that?04:38
realubotVin73: I use Evince and have never had any problems viewing pdf files.04:41
LoshkiMaletor: Not many people want to do that, but I found this on google: http://lifehacker.com/275404/access-gmail-from-the-command-line04:41
john38can someone help me04:41
cillyoh well.  I give up for tonite.  I'm going to bed04:42
Vin73ubottu: I tried the command that you mentioned....but I don't see the repository getting added...and subsequently sudo apt-get acroread fails with invalid operation...04:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:42
MaRk-Icilly: try 8.10 it will detect it04:43
frage1209Any iptables guru on redirecting?04:43
Vin73realubot: I prefer using acrorread since I am more familiar with the same...04:43
MaRk-IVin73: you have to install acroread from the website, unless you have ubuntu tweak04:44
cillyalright, thanks.  I will do more work tomorrow.  good night04:44
MaRk-IVin73: and it's "sudo apt-get install acroread"   you missed install04:45
Vin73MaRk-I: what is ubuntu tweak?04:45
Vin73MaRk-I: ok, let me try again...04:45
trismVin73: you don't need ubuntu tweak, you just need to sudo apt-get update; after adding the repo04:45
trismVin73: then you can sudo apt-get install acroread;04:45
Zelozelosthe sensor applet is perfect ty again guys04:46
MaRk-IZelozelos: yw04:47
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ennuiQuestion: I have a lot of media files spread over several hard drives. These files are being seeded to different trackers. Would it be practical to set the HDDs as a raid array so that I can point my torrent client to a single directory for all these files? and would you advise using a software raid as opposed to real raid?04:49
Zelozelosok a q about the CPU freq Scaling Monitor applet, it it actually changing the mhz my processor is runnin at? or limiting it what is it doing exactly?04:50
john38Can somebody help me??04:50
Vin73MaRk-I: I tried sudo apt-get install acroread....but the result is "couldn't find package acroread"04:50
trismVin73: you need to update the package list after adding a repo: sudo apt-get update;04:51
Zelozelosjohn38 u should simple restate the issue every once in a while, if no body answered they dont know or havent read the issue yet04:51
dude007sudo apt-cache search "stringhere"04:51
Zelozelosjohn38, btw, what IS the issue again?04:51
john38If an intruction file tells you to type --buildpkg [<distro>/<package>]04:51
Vin73trism: which repostiory should I be adding inorder to have acroread?04:52
john38how do i type distro and package04:52
trismVin73: partner04:52
Zelozelosjoihn38 ill give it a shot, what instructions exactly?04:52
fodder70Zelozelos: the cpu freq scaler does not do FSB, and be careful of your pc fan doesnt turn off while doing some of your lm-sensor stuff04:52
trismdude007: you don't need to sudo to use apt-cache04:52
Vin73trism: can you please help me with the command to add this repository?04:52
john38no im just trying to install Ati driver\04:52
trismVin73: you're on 10.04 right?04:53
john38and i need to add --buildpkg [<distro>/<package>]04:53
john38how do i type distro and package04:53
Vin73trism: yes...that is correct04:53
trismVin73: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner"04:53
Zelozelosfodder70, i hope it dosent disable it, i only got the sensors because sometimes i forget to turn on my coolpad so i set a warning at 180degrees04:53
Vin73trism: thanks...04:53
xanguaVin73: justo go to system>preferences>software origins then in the 'ohter software' tab search and mark thr partner repository, you will be asked to update04:54
xanguaafter that you open the software center and install adobe reader04:54
Zelozelosfodder70, my lappie always overheats w/o the coolpad :(04:54
FloodBot1invitado: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:54
MaRk-I!es | invitado04:54
fodder70Zelozelos, add the fan sensor to gnome sensors applet for a few reboots in case04:54
ubottuinvitado: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:54
john38im using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS lucid04:54
Zelozelosgood idea ty fodder7004:55
Vin73xangua: I do not see software origins under system->preferences04:55
trismVin73: software sources04:55
trismVin73: and it is under System/Administration04:55
Vin73trism: ok04:56
Moggacan anyone help with an ubuntu kvm question... #virtualization is empty04:56
Flomasterim pulling my hair out trying to flash my bios using unetbootin and freedos anyone have any experience with it?04:56
frage1209iptables gurus, please put your hands up!04:56
Thalonedoes anyone know if there is a clock widget or something i could put on my desktop? (im running gnome)04:56
Zelozelosfodder70, is that another applet i need to install or just add to the panel?04:56
fodder70its a preference in the applet04:57
john38any ideas Zelozelos04:57
MaRk-IThalone: not sure but I think you have to install "desklets"04:57
fodder70if you are suffereing heat issues, "fancontrol" is a fan configurator04:57
Zelozelosi need to pull my heat-sink or whatever its called n clean it04:58
ThaloneMaRk-I: Nothing came up for "desklets" when i used apt-get04:59
Zelozelossorry john38 i didnt see what instructions you r trying to follow lemme scroll up04:59
Zelozelosahh the ati driver, can u link to me the page you're reading?04:59
xanguaThalone: try gdesklets04:59
john38actully its the readme file05:00
Thalonexangua: found it thanks05:00
upgrdmananyone here experienced with ups (battery backup)?05:01
Vin73trism: when I go to software sources and select the updates, there is no way to start downloading them (no start download button or similar)...when I click on close after selection, nothing happens05:01
UberpwnDoes this room also support Linux Mint05:01
Zelozelosjohn38 ul's never work for me pm me and paste it or goto pastall.org n paste it ure choice05:02
MaRk-I!mintsupport | Uberpwn05:02
ubottuUberpwn: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:02
trismVin73: so you checked the partner repository line on the other software tab, then closed the software sources but it didn't prompt you to update?05:02
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Vin73trism: no, it didn't05:03
upgrdmani have an 1100VA Belkin UPS that has served me well for almost five years now. I recently had a need for a second UPS and I bought a 1000VA APC UPS. If I perform the self test with my new APC UPS (or simply cut power) my computer shuts off immediately. The UPS only shows a load of about 20%, 269 Watts to be specific. The UPS is rated for 600W / 1000VA. Any ideas why my box shuts off?05:03
trismVin73: you can always manually: sudo apt-get update; although perhaps you already have it now, try: sudo apt-get install acroread;05:03
xevany way to resize "root.disk"?05:03
Vin73trism: I tried sudo apt-get install acroread...it did not succeed05:04
Flomasterim pulling my hair out trying to flash my bios using unetbootin and freedos anyone have any experience with it?05:04
MaRk-IVin73: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install acroread05:04
MaRk-Itry that05:04
trismVin73: then try: sudo apt-get update; then try installing again, if that doesn't work, you'll need to pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list05:04
Vin73trism: ok, let me try..05:05
MaRk-IFlomaster: no exp. with that05:05
hellrabbitupgrdman - Have you played with the S2 S3 power settings in the bios on the box that shuts down?05:05
MaRk-IFlomaster: it's not a dell pc is it?05:05
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upgrdmanhellrabbit, no i will look into that. thanks. what s2 s3 mean?05:06
avi_Hey guys, I'm irritated by the default Ubuntu extraction utility. I have to go through like 5 clicks after I download a file to unzip it. Is there some way to make Ubuntu "auto-extract" all downloaded files in /Downloads, or perhaps an alternate manager with a more simple UI? I don't like/need the clutter/extra clicks. Thanks!05:06
FlomasterMaRk-I: no its an zotac Ionitx-G-E motherboard05:06
trismavi_: you should be able to right click a group of files and click "Extract here..."05:07
MaRk-IFlomaster: oic I flashed one dell, there's some how-to's with flashrom but.... quite dangerous heh05:07
Zelozelosjohn38, stop pasting05:08
avi_trism: Right you are, but I'm talking about downloads from, say, Firefox. If I have it open after download, I have like 5 clicks to go through before I get it extracted, plus, I have to specify the directory to output to each time.05:08
xevany way to resize "root.disk"?05:09
hellrabbitHonestly I am not sure as to the spesifics on S2 and S3, I'm not around any production class machines right now... typically on Dell servers and HP those options tend to be the second to last tab in bios. I think it has to do with the type of backup power supply your using.05:09
Zelozelosjohn38, try ati-packager.sh --buildpkg im thinking05:09
MaRk-Iavi_: you can set FF to d/l all your stuff to a specific folder05:09
xanguaor just certain files avi_05:09
xanguammm i think that is only with an addon05:10
ThaloneAny idea why gDesklets wont launch? I go to Applications -> Accessories -> gDesklets and the loading cursor comes up and then goes away after awhile and nothing is there :X05:10
Vin73trism: I think apt-get update did it...thanks for help05:10
trismavi_: "Extract Here" (near the bottom) extracts to the current directory and doesn't ask you anything05:10
trismVin73: excellent, so it's installed now?05:10
john38Zelozelos the section starting from 4 is where im at05:10
Vin73trism: installing :)05:10
john38yeah just --buildpkg wont work05:10
avi_Mark_I: Yes, it does. Into /Downloads/. But why can't it auto-extract after downloading, without my permission? I know its possible on OS X.05:10
john38i need to add distro and package05:10
MaRk-Iavi_: security reasons??05:11
Vin73MaRk-I: thanks05:11
palami have a .pem file and a .p12 file from my payment gateway. anyone know which one i should install and where i can find instructions? i'm on 8.0405:11
avi_Trism: Yes. I love that functionality. I suppose what I'm looking for is it to auto-extract without my permission.05:11
MaRk-IVin73: yw05:11
avi_Mark-I: Why yes, of course. But I'm not worried about that. So is there any way to do it, anyhow?05:12
lolzorhi guys, how do I install google chrome? I tried with apt-get install chromium but it seems to be a game -.-05:12
lolzorShould I use the deb packages?05:12
xangualolzor: sudo apt-get install chromium05:12
MaRk-Iavi_: there might be, I dont know it tho05:12
lolzorxangua that seems to be a game, why? I can't open it either05:13
xangualolzor: if you use other language install chromium-browser-l10n05:13
avi_Mark-I: Ah, well thanks for the help anyhow.05:13
vagcan someone help me install ubuntu form windows?05:13
xangualolzor: ooh sorry, the package name is chromium-browser05:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:13
lolzorxangua I'm doing apt-get update, but it doesn-t find the package either.05:13
xangualolzor: and if you use other language besides english install chromium-browser-l10n05:14
jjast73try "apt-cache search chroium"05:14
lolzorxangua I think I need to add a new repository link, do you know which is the one that maintains the browser package?05:14
vagits-me-again do you need help installing ubuntu?05:14
xangualolzor: mmmm what version of ubuntu do you use¿¿05:14
lolzorpretty old one05:14
hellrabbitScripting question :) Looking for a keyword I can google for; when you write a script for a program that pipes information to a new file and you have your script automatically name that file based on time, date, or numerically?05:14
KnifeySpooneyHow do i set a default theme for the GDM screen?05:14
xangualolzor: chromium browser is in lucid's defaul repository05:14
KnifeySpooneydefault cursor theme*05:14
vagKnifeySpooney i like your name05:14
ITSa341good evening05:14
KnifeySpooneyvag: have you played KnifeySpooney before? :)05:15
lolzorxangua thannks, I'll try to find the repositories05:15
vagTHIS ... is a knife05:15
vag[shows spoon]05:15
KnifeySpooneythat's not a knife, that's a spoon05:15
zkriesseITSa341: hello05:15
vagI see you've played knifey spooney before ...05:15
xangualolzor: lucid is the latest version of ubuntu :S what version are you using¿¿05:15
vagbrb rebooting05:15
Loshkihellrabbit: it's done using the date +format command to generate a file name...05:15
hellrabbitThank you Loshki05:16
lolzorxangua I'm using jaunty05:16
lolzorxangua do you have the repos links? in order to add them in the source.list?05:17
MaRk-IKnifeySpooney: cursor theme or GDM theme?05:17
xangualolzor: i do not, it's in lucid's default repository05:17
ITSa341Any advice on using a Marvell Topdog a,b,g,n on Lucid 64 bit05:17
KnifeySpooneyMaRk-I, cursor theme of GDM, but I think i found it now05:17
lolzorxangua yes but what's the lucid new repositorie in order to add it to my source.list05:18
stewart_ubunutu newb here. I have an old version of me tv installed but cannot figure out how to upgrade to the newest05:18
MaRk-IKnifeySpooney: ok05:18
KnifeySpooneyMaRk-I, nevermind that wasn't it, do you have any tips? the information in /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme is correct but not being used05:18
racerdis there anyway to manipulate files that have root permissions?05:18
xangualolzor: you can not use repositories of one version into another05:18
MaRk-IKnifeySpooney: no idea, gdm theme is one thing , cursors are another05:19
KnifeySpooneyMaRk-I, well I have the custom theme installed as default for all users, but when logging out it gets reset to DMZ-White05:19
BranCQuick question: Can I use aptitude on a cli ubuntu install to install packages from a cd? The box has no internet connection.05:20
MaRk-Igdm theme is in System/administration/login window, and cursor are in system/preferences/appearance/customize button/ cursors05:20
xanguastewart_: have you looked for a me tv PPA in launchpad¿¿05:20
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stewart_I am relatively new to linux and have no clue how to add a PPA05:21
foohttp://pastebin.com/MeWC0ip8 - hm, guess that looks already. /me researches output05:22
jjast73sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily05:22
BranCQuick question: Can I use aptitude on a cli ubuntu install to install packages from a cd? The box has no internet connection.05:22
racerdwhat is that?05:22
nocturnusokay i'm back05:22
thune3upgrdman: are you using apcupds, and can you look at /var/log/apcupsd.events to see what event triggered the shutdown?05:22
nocturnusafter a long day's work05:22
jjast73its a web browser05:22
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stewart_sorry not sure if the command given was for me?05:24
jjast73yeah, sorry05:24
jjast73I'm being lazy, I just google'd " how to add a PPA ubuntu"05:25
xanguajjast73: not really good idea use the daily build05:25
xanguajjast73: this looks better https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/stable ppa:chromium-daily/stable05:26
stewart_xangua: I found https://launchpad.net/~me-tv-development/+archive/ppa but have no clue. I think I need to buy a book lol05:28
xanguastewart_: like jjast73 said: sudo add-apt-repository "ppa's name"05:28
upgrdmanthune3, it wasnt a shutdown. the pc turns off, as if it lost power. i could turn it back on, and it would work off of the battery power from the ups05:28
upgrdmanthune3, and i do not have any ups software installed except for gnome's monitor05:29
lolzorThere should be a way to use a lucid repositorie in order to install crhome in jaunty05:29
YTGhey how can i use a linksys wireless usb card to connect to the internet on ubuntu i found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=972060  but im not mutch of a computer person could someone explain it to me? :P05:29
xanguastewart_: in this case seeing the ppa you found it would be: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-tv-development/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:30
lolzorIn order to use chrome I'll have to download the chrome package in the lucid repos?, then use apt-get install locally? The orig.tar.tz05:30
xangualolzor: or just add the stable ppa https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/stable05:31
stewart_xangua: THANKS!05:31
thune3upgrdman: oh. i assumed you had some hookup to tell the os to shutdown when the ups battery got low. If the only connection from the UPS is the power to the computer, then is sound like there is enough of a power interruption (or low enough voltage) that your computer turns off.05:33
YTGhey how can i use a linksys wireless usb card to connect to the internet on ubuntu i found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=972060  but im not mutch of a computer person could someone explain it to me? :P05:34
sircaptaini was hoping someone could help.  i'm actually using mint, but i'm having problems with my wireless network card.  i have a broadcom 4312.  i have been through many tutorials on how to fix it, and am still not there.  if you have the time, i'd truly appreciate a step by step05:35
thune3lolzor: have you simply tried installing from www.google.com/chrome ?05:35
Zelozelosis there any that when i copy text to keep it on the clip board even if i closed the program i copied it from, as in, if i copied a few words out of a web page and then closed the browser to still be able to paste them somewhere?05:35
FraxtilI need to be able to view / edit ALL id3 tags in an mp3 file, including nonstandard tags used by iTunes like "Album Artist". What program should I use?05:36
racerdwhat is the command for creating files?05:36
jjast73racerd: touch05:36
macoFraxtil: audio tagtool can do it05:36
Fraxtilracerd: can you be more specific? do you just need a blank file?05:36
macoracerd: touch05:36
MaRk-IZelozelos: you can install either "klipper" (although is a kde app still works) or glipper for gnome05:36
racerdyes a blank file i can edit05:37
Zelozelosahh ok i tried to search for one, but didnt know what strings to pull on ;)05:37
xanguaZelozelos: use a clip board manager like parcellite or if you preffer the indicators use pastie (need to add a PPA)05:37
racerdfrom command line05:37
jjast73racerd: from a command shell type: touch05:37
xanguaMaRk-I Zelozelosglipper sucks :S05:37
Zelozelosxangua, why?05:37
jjast73racerd: %> touch "filename"05:38
jjast73racerd: if using the guild file manager, just right click and choose create document05:38
jjast73racerd: if using the*05:39
racerddoesn't work for root05:39
xanguaZelozelos: because it's last version was released almost 3 years ago05:39
jjast73racerd: show me the command u ran05:39
racerdsudo touch 99-android.rules05:39
MaRk-Isebsebseb: ??05:39
Zelozelosxangua, well age does not = suckiness to me, any specific reasons?05:39
jjast73racerd: ok what dir are u in?05:39
MaRk-Idont PM me without asking me first thanks05:39
Fraxtilmaco: unless I'm not seeing something, audio tag tool doesn't show nonstandard tags- just the usual ones, same as easytag for the most part.05:39
macoFraxtil: there should be a button to view all tags...05:40
MaRk-Isebsebseb: again DONT PM me without asking first, thanks05:40
xanguaZelozelos: well i remember i tried it and after some minutes purged it inmediatly05:40
xanguammm a long time ago05:40
macoFraxtil: like it shows the default ones and then theres a button underneath that says the number of nonstandard ones05:40
jjast73racerd were u prompted for a password when you used sudo?05:40
racerdwas using it earlier05:40
Fraxtilmaco: I see the "Advanced >" button, but none of my files seem to have any id3v2 tags at all. Maybe I'm missing a library?05:41
macosebsebseb: you know the rules about PMing05:41
racerdso terminal didn't prompt me again05:41
jjast73racerd: ok how about "touch /tmp/testing"05:41
Zelozelosxangua, mm ok, what ws the one u suggested and how would i go about gettin it?05:41
macoFraxtil: posssibly it just uses id3v1 in iTunes? hrmph05:41
jjast73racerd: then run  "sudo touch /tmp/testing2"05:41
xanguaZelozelos: sudo apt-get install parcellite05:41
jjast73racerd: then check the permissions05:41
racerdthen i ran05:41
racerdsudo gedit 99-android.rules05:41
xanguaZelozelos: there is also pastie if you like more the 'indicators'05:42
Zelozelosxangua, kk ill remember that i already installed glipper lemme check it out05:42
Fraxtilmaco: I edited all the tags in EasyTag, so they should be using id3v2.4 - it's just that easytag didn't remove the "album artist" field, which messes up my track order in iTunes.05:42
jjast73racerd: yup you can run gedit, vim, pico "filename"05:42
racerdi just need to create a rules file in a folder that had root permissions05:42
racerdi know :)05:42
racerdi used to use slackware05:42
macoFraxtil: i wonder if the album artist one is v1 though... i have removed nonstandard tags using audio tagtool's advanced button05:42
jjast73racerd, root owns all files.05:42
jjast73racerd: so how could you not create a file in /etc as root using sudo?05:43
racerdsudo is a root command05:43
racerdubuntu removed "root"05:43
racerdso it allowed me to make a root command in a root only permissions folder05:44
Fraxtilmaco: I see an option to remove all tags, which I guess would do the trick, but I don't want to have to rebuild the tags I want all over again.05:44
jjast73racerd: sudo is "super user do" it's not root. 2nd. the root account in ubuntu is still there.05:44
macoFraxtil: can you right click the unwanted one maybe?05:44
racerdit still works05:44
racerdwouldn't in the ui05:44
jjast73racerd: the ui is different.05:44
sebsebsebmaco: Was just looking at some back log,  and I noticed how he recommend 8.10 to someone earlier,  so told him it wasn't supported anymore.  Altough yeah I suppouse I can still reply to something from an hour or so ago in the channel, really.05:45
tucemiuxI want to edit a video in kino so I can upload to youtube, which video standard would give me the best resolution to use on a youtube video, NTSC or PAL?05:45
racerdi know05:45
jjast73racerd: ubuntu really doesn't want ppl using the root account from a shell05:45
Fraxtilmaco: I can't see any id3v2 tags (in simple or advanced mode), and the id3v1 tab shows all my wanted tags, but doesn't have an "advanced" option with which I can view the nonstandard tags.05:45
jjast73racerd: new users is more like it.05:45
racerdwell i am trying to get fastboot to work05:46
macoFraxtil: oh :-/ mmm maybe kid3 ?05:46
MaRk-Isebsebseb: you could've asked first, and he was using 6.10 on an OLD pc, it was a suggestion he could try05:47
rokyCan anyone help me with fixing my sound on my laptop? It plays but at such extremely low levels It's barely audible. With everything maxed. Any ideas?05:47
sebsebsebMaRk-I: Sure, but about as good as using 6.10 really,  since 8.10 isn't supported anymore either.  That was my point.  Altough I didn't get to say that in pm, but now I have in here.05:49
MaRk-Isebsebseb: point taken05:49
peepsi'm trying to use eclipse, but it just crashes every time I start to edit some code.  is anyone running eclipse successfully on lucid?05:50
Zelozeloshmm i dont see the glipper applet, how do i use glipper?05:51
racerdgot it to work :)05:51
racerdfastboot commands and adb commands work in the terminal directly05:51
xanguaZelozelos: try launching 'glipper'05:51
MaRk-IZelozelos: right click task bar and "add to panel" select glipper05:51
Fraxtilmaco: finally getting somewhere with a bash script I found on the net; combining the output from this with a binary called "id3v2" should solve my problem.05:52
macoFraxtil: alright. good luck05:52
racerdjjast73 | thanks for pointing me in the right direction05:52
Zelozelosxangua i tried glipper from a terminal, no command found, MaRk-I i trid that too, its not there05:52
MaRk-Iyou might have to restart your desktop05:53
MaRk-Ishould be there05:53
Zelozeloskk ill try tat05:53
=== thoffmeyer is now known as thoffmeyer|AFK
xanguajum restar¿ :S this is not windows05:55
MiescoHow do I set a parameter to a static kernel module?05:56
Zelozelosnope still no glipper, movin on to another one ;)05:56
MaRk-Ixangua: restarting a desktop is not the same as restarting the system/pc05:56
MaRk-IZelozelos: "Clipboard Manager"05:57
MaRk-IZelozelos: there's klipper and someone suggested parcellite which I have no exp. with05:59
Zelozelosi just got parcellite, seems pretty cool i think thats just what the dr ordered ty guys for the suggestions/helping05:59
ZelozelosYUP, thats exactly what i wanted 8-)06:01
fmei have an encrypted LVM and i need to reinstall ubunto on the system root volume06:01
fmeany idea on how i can do this? the alternate installer isnt playing nice06:01
jjast73fme: the process could take a very long time to resolve. is the data on that lvm backed up?06:03
john38i installed Catalyst Control Center for Ubunut06:03
thenappy_hi everybody06:03
john38when i run it says no video driver installed or malfunctioning06:03
thenappy_plz someone can help me06:03
fmejjast73 no, i have nowhere to backup 400 gigs of data06:04
thenappy_i wan install skype06:04
john38thenappy just go to Ubuntu Software Center06:04
john38type Skype its there06:04
IdleOne!skype | thenappy_06:05
ubottuthenappy_: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga06:05
xanguathat's only if you have the partner repository enabled john38 thenappy_06:05
xangua!partner | thenappy_06:05
ubottuthenappy_: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »06:05
thenappy_tks bro06:05
thenappy_tks so let me see it06:06
john38its enabled by default06:06
thenappy_tks ubottu06:06
kamal_how can i enable video chat?06:06
kamal_can i any1 tell?06:06
insomniac1trying to fix errors with linux-headers-2.6.32-23-generic06:09
Fraxtilwell, editing out the fields in iTunes under VirtualBox seemed to work just as well. Thanks for the help anyway.06:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:11
insomniac1can someone look at this pastebin and tell me what other information i can provide to get some help fixing my issue? http://pastebin.com/hxCz7Y5u06:13
fmedoes anyone have any idea on how i can reinstall ubuntu on to an encrypted lvm setup?06:15
abhi_navgooood morning!!!!06:15
fmei JUST need the sysroot partiion reinstalled, leaving my home alone06:15
SwedeMikefme: use the "alternate" (not desktop or server) installer, it can do that.06:15
Alazairanyone here know how to setup a webserver frontend to a file server?06:16
fmeSwedeMike i have tried06:16
fmeno luck06:16
fmeit just wants to make new partitions06:16
fmeand the resuce a broken system will not continue without selecitng a system root partition, and mine is currently corrupt06:16
ImaLamercan't config xscreensaver due to: xscreensaver-demo: 01:14:43: Gtk-warning: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated06:16
SwedeMikefme: delete everything but /home and do a new install and let it create partitions?06:17
insomniac1does anyone know how to find package configuration files that have changed?06:17
Zelozelosinsomniac1, did u try using the package manager to upgrade them?06:17
insomniac1that is, they are not the same as installed by the package?06:17
ImaLamersearch by date?06:17
fmeSwedeMike its an encrytped lvm, it will overwrite all my stuffs i think06:17
insomniac1Zelozelos: yes, same problem in aptitude06:17
insomniac1and synaptic06:17
ImaLamerwant to restore the original settings?06:18
insomniac1ImaLamer: was that directed at me?06:18
ImaLamerinsomniac1, yes sorry :)06:18
Akuma_sinsomniac1, I had the same issue long ago... I fixed it removing that file and doing an update...06:18
SwedeMikefme: so all the lv:s are in a single pv in a partition?06:18
insomniac1ImaLamer: yes, i'd like to restore to defaults06:18
fmeSwedeMike yea06:19
=== AaronMT_ is now known as AaronMT
hellosirhey guys06:19
Akuma_sinsomniac1, a backup also should be a good idea :)06:19
Zelozelosjust a thought :9 i tink the configs are in /boot06:19
ImaLamerinsomniac1, then apt-get purge i believe - then you can install again with defaults06:19
SwedeMikefme: then your best bet is to install a system on another drive, put in your old drive, open the encrypted pv/lv and copy all the data you still want to keep.06:19
fmeSwedeMike yea i think i could do that06:20
hellosirim trying to figure out a reverse ssh tunnel for local facebook development - is there a way i can debug it?06:20
LoshkiSwedeMike: fme: can't that be done from the live cd?06:20
fmei can only boot the alternate disc06:20
jjast73hellosir: try ssh -nNT -R 1100:local.mydomain.com:1100 remote.mydomain.com06:21
Sam_FisherHow do I make all audio files open in Rhythm Box instead of Movie PLayer?06:21
fmei should be able to reformate the corrupt sysroot partiion, then jus tmount and copy everything from an install on another drive though06:21
SwedeMikeLoshki: the live cd doesn't have lvm afaik06:21
hellosirjjast73: thats exactly what i did, and i also added GatewayPorts yes server-side06:21
fmeor cryptsetup06:21
hellosirit doesnt work right now so i was wondering if there was a way to debug it06:22
SwedeMikefme: that too06:22
fmeSwedeMike how would i reformat just the sysroot volume?06:22
Vin73hi, how to install libxml2 development package on lucid?06:22
insomniac1http://pastebin.com/qCXzm235  <-- output from package manager after i purged then reinstalled06:22
Vin73I have already installed libxml2...06:23
LoshkiSwedeMike: then I'd boot a 3rd party rescue cd, e.g. systemrescuecd  http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page06:23
SwedeMikefme: I don't know at what level I should answer that question.06:23
insomniac1there must be another package that's borked06:23
jjast73hellosir: try running the sshd server in debug mode and run the client in debug06:23
fmeSwedeMike well i can mount my home volume, but the sysroot one is toast. surely there is an lvm command that will reformat it? or do i reformat it before making it active in lvm?06:24
fmei know a little about this lvm and luks madness, but not a whole lot06:24
airtonixany reason why transferring files from ubuntu to windows 7 gives me at most 10kb/s ?06:24
jjast73airtonix: are you on wireless?06:24
SwedeMikefme: lvm doesn't do filesystem, it does block devices.06:24
airtonixjjast73, ethernet06:24
ZelozelosSam_Fisher, i think all u have to do is play them from rythembox, just direct rythmbox to their locations w the import folder option06:25
Loshkifme: what kind of toast? Corrupted files? corrupted fileSYSTEM? lvm layer issues, what?06:27
red2kicfme: Can you access CTRL+ALT+F3 in alternative mode?06:27
fmecorrupt filesystem06:27
hellosirjjast73: thanks, ill give it a try06:27
fmered2kic i havent tried, what is that suppsoed to do?06:27
red2kic!tty | fme06:27
ubottufme: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.06:27
Loshkifme: corrupt filesystem as evidenced by what? fsck?06:28
SwedeMikefme: cryptsetup luksOpen, then you'll be able to find the lv, you can mkfs it then to format the lv.06:28
jjast73nite all06:28
red2kicfme: If you can access in, I suppose you could luksOpen and then proceed with the alternative installer.06:28
fmelemme try this with the alternate installer06:29
ubuntu_i can mount my harddisk from my computer06:29
LoshkiSwedeMike: "lvm and luks madness". I couldn't have put it better myself...06:29
ubuntu_sorry i cant mount\06:29
Vin73hello how do I install nurses development package on lucid?06:30
SuNk8ubuntu_, what's the problem, any error messages?06:30
SuNk8ubuntu_, which06:30
ubuntu_SuNk8, iam using ubuntu with out install now06:31
SwedeMikeLoshki: I don't agree, I think it's perfectly logical. I've moved a working system from unencrypted multipartition to encrypted lvm, but I kind of cheated and left / unencrypted and only encrypted /usr and /var and /home put those on lvm06:31
SuNk8ubuntu_, u mean u r in Live Session?06:32
ubuntu_SuNk8,because before i restart used recovery some thing like these i think that was probloum06:32
Vin73hello, does anyone know how to get ncurses development package on lucid?06:32
SwedeMikeLoshki: encrypting / is a bit harder though, because there are so much things that need to work properly to have an initrd/busybox that has all the information and drivers to properly mount /, so I didn't bother with that.06:32
fmei got /dev/mapper/logic/sysroot formated with ext4fs06:32
fmewell mkfs.ext406:33
SuNk8ubuntu_, how does that partision show up in GParted or Disk Utility? is the filesystem recognised?06:33
fmehow can i tell the alternate installer to install there?06:33
ubuntu_SuNk8, when i switch the computer before grub coming it say (file error)06:33
ubuntu_SuNk8, GPARTED say unlocated06:33
LoshkiSwedeMike: we should probably move to -offtopic, but I see too many people come here with encrypted partitions they can no longer decrypt, or lvms they can no longer access. Combining the two just multiplies the complexity...06:33
SuNk8ubuntu_,  are you getting the grub prompt like 'grub>' or are you getting Error 17?06:33
ubuntu_SuNk8, no i get just this error06:34
SuNk8ubuntu_, the partition is messed up, r u dualbooting windows by any chance?06:34
fmered2kic I can unlock with cryptsetup but how do i tell the alt installer to use that decrypted lvm?06:35
red2kicfme: Point it to the correct path in partitions?06:36
SwedeMikeLoshki: yes, I agree, it's a lot harder to rescue such a system, especially if you add raid1 of the system drive in there as well. Security and flexibility is complex.06:36
fmeit only wants to make new partitions06:36
red2kicfme: Don't make a new partition? Don't delete it? I would suggest you to make a backup first.06:36
SuNk8Try running a sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda, do u see ur partition thr?06:37
SuNk8ubuntu_, Try running a sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda, do u see ur partition thr?06:37
Loshkifme: you know, if this data is so important, you should just go out and buy a 1TB disk and copy the whole thing. Disks have never been cheaper...06:38
dontputim also having problem :((06:38
ChangeLAkuma_s :P06:38
ChangeLia no? xD06:38
dontputsame problem*06:38
fmeyea but i also just moved halfway across the country, not exactly rolling in money06:39
red2kicfme: I'm downloading alternative iso for my own experiences.06:39
SuNk8ubuntu_, the partition table's really messed up. I had a similar problem once. Have u tried testdisk before?06:39
Akuma_sYa ChangeL06:39
SuNk8ubuntu_, In 99% cases, your data is still there.06:40
ubuntu_SuNk8,yess i think that was probloum06:40
Loshkifme: I sympathize, but it's pretty much your only solid protection against making some horrendous mistake while using the installer...06:40
ubuntu_SuNk8, what should i do?06:40
fmei know =[06:40
AfCWhat is the file in /etc (presumably) that dictates the locale of a system?06:40
SuNk8ubuntu_, go to http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step and try to recover the partition table using 'deeper search'. It worked for me.06:41
SuNk8ubuntu_, be sure to back up important data first...06:41
ubuntu_SuNk8, i dont know how using this application06:42
fmei opened another shell and unlocked the lvm06:42
fmeits showing up now06:42
fmeim going to use the alt installer to reinstall like normal06:42
SuNk8It's quite simple... That link is a step by step tutorial...06:42
SuNk8ubuntu_, It's quite simple... That link is a step by step tutorial...06:42
red2kicfme: Now you can install it?06:43
Moggajust messed up my /etc/network/interfaces file and i'm an idiot... how can i startup without network to adjust it?06:43
ubuntu_SuNk8, i afraid to lose them which are still i have06:43
SuNk8ubuntu_, that risk does exist... but thr's another thing...06:44
abhi_navMogga, clear what you want to do06:44
SuNk8ubuntu_,  do u need the whole partition? or some data from it?06:44
SuNk8ubuntu_, u can recover some data from that partition without messing anything up...06:44
Moggaabhi_nav: i tried to setup bonding using http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9517694&postcount=17 and now it's frozen on startup06:45
Loshkifme: ok, if it's anything like a regular install, there'll be an option 'manual partitioning' where you get to select which filesystems to use...06:45
fmeLoshki yea that's what im doing06:45
SuNk8abhi_nav,  मेरा भारत महान!!!06:45
abhi_navSuNk8, yes. I know. I copied my leaving msg? Its my copyright :P give me royslty. :P :D :)06:46
abhi_navSuNk8, **you copied**06:47
SuNk8ubuntu_, when u use testdisk, use p to list files and copy them to another portion on the harddisk, at least u'll get some data back...06:47
LoshkiMogga: how about: boot the live cd and then mount and edit /etc/network/interfaces ?06:47
fmethanks for the help, i think i can reinstall without overwriting everything06:47
rollmanwhat is going on when you are in a directory and you run a program in assembly that changes the directory to nothing but your still in the directory and can list everything in the directory and the program terminates with an exit and ends up back in the directory you started with?06:47
fmebut i need to get a hdd to backup everythign first, just in case06:47
Loshkifme: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145286&cm_re=500GB-_-22-145-286-_-Product06:47
ubuntu_SuNk8,it say there ia no file06:47
MoggaLoshki: that's my next step....06:47
Moggawondering if there's any other way06:48
fmeLoshki walmart has those freeagent drives, 500 gig for about $8006:48
fmenotebook drive size06:48
fmebed time, night night06:49
abhi_navSuNk8, chich city?06:49
ubuntu_SuNk8,  i need to recover my application not data06:49
LoshkiMogga: maybe a single user boot? If you can get a shell, you can edit the interface file...06:49
Loshkifme: best of luck...06:49
fmethanks =]06:49
red2kicfme: Just curious. Alternative have apt-get, aptitude, etc?06:50
red2kicfme: (In the terminal). Because boot.img.gz (netbook) does not. :P06:50
MoggaLoshki: how do i do a single user boot?06:50
fmered2kic no idea, laptop is shutdown for the night, work in 4 hours or so , its sleepy time06:50
Alazairso im attempting a http server for files like iso mp3 avi and just other exe and misc stuff any ideas?06:50
ubuntu_what i do to not losing my application that i downloaded06:51
IdleOne!warez | Alazair06:51
ubottuAlazair: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:51
abhi_nav!aptoncd | ubuntu_06:51
ubottuubuntu_: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline06:51
LoshkiMogga: with lucid, if you press <esc> while booting, you should get a grub menu, and there's usually an entry to boot single user you can select using the arrow keys...06:52
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
abhi_navMogga, yes as Loshki there is an entry for single user boot or recovery partition try that06:52
Alazairubottu its not for warez of any kind :P06:53
IdleOneLoshki: in Lucid its shift06:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:53
Sam_FisherHow do I make a music file open with Rhythm box instead of Music player? I see an option to navagate to a different player but I don't understand where Rhythm box is.06:53
Alazairits for when im not at home06:53
LoshkiMogga: no guarantee it will work, but once you've done it, you'll see it's quick and easy...06:53
Alazairblaw silly bot06:53
kopIdleOne, that was a little quick to judgment with out knowing the files in question06:54
LoshkiMogga: did you see above what IdleOne says? In Lucid its <shift>, not <esc> as I originally said...06:54
kopAlazair, look into mythubuntu06:54
ubuntu_ubottu, thanks good idea i remembered06:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:54
abhi_navSam_Fisher, right  click =properties =openwith=selectr your program06:55
ubuntu_ubottu, but i use live cd how i can burn ?06:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:55
MoggaLoshki: i'm running karmic...06:55
MoggaLoshki: more stable kvm06:55
Sam_Fisherabhi_nav, I don't know where to point it :-(06:55
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=== TannerBot is now known as TannerF
dontputcan someone help me? how to figure this out? ubuntu@login:~$ sudo fsck /dev/sda106:56
dontputfsck 1.38 (30-Jun-2005)06:56
dontpute2fsck 1.38 (30-Jun-2005)06:56
dontputfsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sda106:56
FloodBot1dontput: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:56
dontputim new to ubuntu linux06:56
Alazairkop isnt mythbuntu just a media player htpc media player and streamer i just want like a web page access to files doesnt need ot be fancy or stream06:56
abhi_navubuntu_, aptoncd first only creat iso image you can then save this imo image only and after resotre archives from this iso file only no need towrite this iso file tocd06:56
chantiI am using ubuntu10, Dell inspiron is my system, sound coming from head phone only, but not working inbuilt speakers, anybody help please06:56
LoshkiMogga: so you wanna try it? It's gonna be one of <shift> or <esc>. Try both...06:56
jonchi, can somebody assist me with a fresh install of 10.04 on an HP dv6000 laptop? i cant seem to get the network adapters working correctly.06:56
abhi_navSam_Fisher, there is all program listed06:56
LoshkiIdleOne: tx, btw...06:56
=== cot is now known as ishan
red2kicdontput: You can't fsck a live partition.06:57
abhi_navSam_Fisher, also when you right click on song=open with=last optiont=other application=select there your application06:57
ubuntu_aphi_nav, where i save iso ?06:57
ShapeShifter499is it possible to take 25 gigs of stuff and compress it into 10 gigs or lower? if so how?06:57
dontputso what im going to do?06:57
abhi_navubottu, when you use aptoncd it will automatically create iso for you you can give it location where to store06:57
chantijonc: did you observe notification area06:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:57
dontputi just followed some guide but its not workin06:57
Ranjanhello every body does any body know how to monitor temperature in ubuntu 10.04  any help would be of great help06:57
red2kicjonc: You sure it's not the wifi card? I recall a problem with that model (my sister's laptop)06:57
ShapeShifter499I want to back up my netbook system06:58
abhi_navohh sorry my mistake06:58
[Screamo]is it safe to uninstall rhythmbox, fspto ect?06:58
abhi_navubuntu_, , when you use aptoncd it will automatically create iso for you you can give it location where to store06:58
Alazairthere was an archiver for windows called like kdb or something like that that did insane compression ShapeShifter49906:58
jonc@chanti sorry im new - what notification area?06:58
abhi_nav[Screamo], safe means? they are just one of the aps? you can easily uninstall them06:58
dontputred2kic i just followed a guide. so what im going to do next now?06:58
=== john{workingBear is now known as john{showerBear}
Loshkidontput: please pastebin the output of 'fdisk -l' to http://ubuntu.pastebin.com. Note that it's a lower-case L in that command...06:58
chantijonc: top panel, mouse over beside battery icon06:59
ubuntu_ubottu, sorry but i meant to recover my last application that was in harddisk06:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:59
ShapeShifter499Alazair what about for linux06:59
Alazairim sure you could use wine06:59
holocenemp3 jpgs and other binaries will not compress much06:59
rollmanrhythmbox is cool can play my itunes downloads06:59
abhi_navubuntu_, also note that apton cd only backup the archieve of yoru 'installed' softwares. at the time of restore you manual have to install all software. apcon dont do anythign automatically. read aptocn guide first06:59
ubuntu_ubottu, now iam using live cd i dont have application to backup06:59
ubottuError: Unknown timezone: iam using live cd i dont have application to backup - Full list: http://ubottu.com/timezones.html06:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:59
[Screamo]i prefer exaile or audacious gtk =/06:59
MaRk-I!sensors | Ranjan06:59
ubottuRanjan: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.06:59
joncchanti: wireless networks: disconnected07:00
ubuntu_aphi_nav, i use live cd not my root session07:00
[Screamo]im just trying to free up space and want to uninstall some of the apps installed by default07:00
abhi_nav!tab | ubuntu_07:00
ubottuubuntu_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:00
abhi_navubottu, still you can use aptoncd.07:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:00
abhi_navoh no what is this going on07:00
chantijonc: go to notification area, then observe all networks are enabled or not07:00
abhi_navubuntu_, , still you can use aptoncd.07:01
ubuntu_aphi_nav, how where they are?07:01
abhi_nav!tab > ubuntu_07:01
ubottuubuntu_, please see my private message07:01
Clubfootis there a chat on this server with a discussions of gaming in ubuntu?07:01
ShapeShifter499Alazair I can't find that tool your talking about07:01
abhi_navubuntu_, you install aptoncd from ubuntu software center07:01
joncchanti: all connections are enabled07:01
Loshki[Screamo]: I've always been disappointed by how little space you save by removing apps. Are you sure that's where all your space has gone?07:01
ubuntu_aphi_nav, i did07:02
[Screamo]Think so07:02
chanti I am using ubuntu10, Dell inspiron is my system, sound coming from head phone only, but not working inbuilt speakers, anybody help please07:02
abhi_navubuntu_, use proper nicks. you can write some initials of nick and then press tab and nick will automatically complete. its needed to highlight here. so many traffic07:02
abhi_navubuntu_, you instaled aptoncd?07:03
[Screamo]wth is byobu window manager and why is it installed >.>07:03
ubuntu_Aphi_nav , yes07:03
Loshki[Screamo]: if you're running lucid, I think there's a diskspace usage analyzer in one of the menus...07:03
ubuntu_abhi_nav, yes07:03
dontputLoshki: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/RiJ1u5hj07:04
abhi_navubuntu_, I was just telling you that aptoncd is one software. you sure you wanted to do this only? I mean backing up archieve? if not plaease repet what you want to do.07:04
red2kic[Screamo]: You can greatly free up the space by purchasing more storages. It's efficient method.07:04
[Screamo]red2kic, indeed it is, but i am jobless and have no money07:04
chantijonc: open control panel, then type "sudo wvdial" , then give your password07:04
ubuntu_abhi_nav, i want to back up my application07:05
rollmanwhat is going on when you are in a directory and you run a program in assembly that changes the directory to nothing but your still in the directory and can list everything in the directory and the program terminates with an exit and ends up back in the directory you started with?07:05
ShapeShifter499Alazair I found something that seems to be the tool you were talking about07:05
ubuntu_abhi_nav, but my probloum is iam not in my root session i use live cd now07:05
abhi_navubuntu_, it will not backup your application. it will back your application's setup files. so that you can install those application later on. is it ok?07:05
ShapeShifter499Alazair its called KGB Achriver07:05
ShapeShifter499Alazair *Archiver07:06
holocenerollman, I believe you can not change a directory with a subprocess07:06
Alazairthat would be it :P07:06
Loshki[Screamo]: buyobu seems to be installed by default on lucid. No idea what it's for. Something to do with the "screen" program, which is kind of old technology...07:06
rollmanhmmm i did07:06
ShapeShifter499Alazair and they have an beta source that could be built on a linux system07:06
joncchanti: "sudo: wvdial: command not found"07:07
holocenerollman, you mean you deleted files in a directory?07:07
rollmanno their still there07:07
abhi_navubuntu_, you first go thruou apton cd guide so you will understand what it does. if it is what you want then you do.07:07
ShapeShifter499Alazair thanks for pointing it out, I'll give it a whirl07:07
holocenerollman, what was the purposes of the assy program?07:07
Loshkidontput: that's nice, but it's not what I asked for :-). I wanted to see the output from 'sudo fdisk -l'07:08
AlazairShapeShifter i used that on windows to compress wow's mpq files from 10gigs to like 900 megs07:08
ubuntu_abhi_nav, i dont want this to download all package again07:08
Alazairtook almost a week to do tho07:08
abhi_navubottu, it will not download anything from internet. I insist that you read aptocn help guide first.07:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:08
rollmanoriginally to execute a program but decided to try something different and used the system call to change directory07:08
ShapeShifter499Alazair a week?? D=07:08
abhi_navubuntu_, , it will not download anything from internet. I insist that you read aptocn help guide first.07:08
[Screamo]after 5 hours of waiting for it to compress a 100mb file i gave up =/07:08
abhi_navcan I tell him to change his nick? I guess its his temporari nick07:09
Alazairyea the mpq's are already compressed but 10gigs of already compressed into like 900megs is a feat :P07:09
dontputLoshki: look at your pm07:09
Alazairit was on a old amd 2800 with like a gig of ram box :P07:09
MaRk-Iabhi_nav: press tab twice or ubu then tab :P07:09
Alazairhad low priority to lol07:09
abhi_navMaRk-I, :)07:09
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: xz has incredible compression, but it takes a long time as well. I would use it over a proprietary option.07:09
ShapeShifter499Alazair I need to send this netbook out for repair ASAP, the web cam broke, and I need to backup like 25+ gigs of stuff07:09
ubuntu_abhi_nav,  i know that but i dont download all package again after i installed ubuntu07:10
MoggaLoshki: <esc> but the filesystem is read only07:10
Alazairwhy not just clone the drive?07:10
Alazairand use clonezilla to a nas?07:10
chantijonc: do one thing, " sudo apt-get install wvdial" in command prompt, then you have to give password07:10
Loshkidontput: Again, that's not what I asked for. You sent 'df -h'. I asked for 'sudo fdisk -l'07:10
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: What type of data do you need to back up?07:10
ShapeShifter499Alazair no space to put it D=07:10
abhi_navubuntu_, no at the time of restoration it will not download 'all' packages' from net. it 'may' need to downoad 'some' package to download but majority will be in your hdd only.07:10
Alazairyou dont have a networked pc laying around?07:10
ShapeShifter499Jordan_U: things like music, documents, etc07:11
abhi_navubuntu_, see as Alazair is suggestion clonezilaa is one option07:11
Alazairmy recommendation is this07:11
abhi_nav!clonezilla | ubuntu_07:11
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: Music won't compress to that extent since it's already compressed.07:11
LoshkiMogga: run fsck -p on it, then you can remount it rw, mount -o remount,rw or something, check your man page..07:11
Alazairgo to wallyworld or whatever go grab an 80gig usb drive and use clonezilla to image the drive so you dont have to completely start from scratch07:11
joncchanti: E: Couldn't find package wvdial07:11
Alazair80gig usb external is like 40 bucks now tops07:11
ubuntu_abhi_nav, i dont understood clonezilla07:12
abhi_navAlazair, can you please explain him what is clonezilla?07:12
ShapeShifter499alazair its better if I start from scratch07:12
Alazairwell your best route is to still get a external hd07:13
Alazairuhh Clonezilla is a drive imaging program07:13
ShapeShifter499alazair :/07:13
abhi_navAlazair, i mean to ubuntu_ ?07:13
dontputLoshki:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/mqYwwZQi07:13
Loshkirollman: still there?07:13
Alazairubuntu_ Clonezilla is a imaging software its like taking a picture of your hd and you can go back to in the future if something happens07:13
chantijonc: did you enter in root user or not07:14
abhi_navsomeone please execute that clonezila factoid. I dont know exact07:14
rollmanloshki yeah07:14
AlazairClonezilla, based on DRBL, Partclone and udpcast, allows you to do bare metal backup and recovery. Two types of Clonezilla are available, Clonezilla live and Clonezilla SE (server edition). Clonezilla live is suitable for single machine backup and restore. While Clonezilla SE is for massive deployment, it can clone many (40 plus!) computers simultaneously. Clonezilla saves and restores only used blocks in the harddisk. This increases the07:15
Alazairclone efficiency. At the NCHC's Classroom C, Clonezilla SE was used to clone 41 computers simultaneously. It took only about 10 minutes to clone a 5.6 GBytes system image to all 41 computers via multicasting!07:15
GonardFreemancan i do from ny ububtu 10.04 xubuntu 10.04 without reistalation, and how?07:15
Vin73hello, can someone tell me which is the default audio driver that comes with lucid, alsa or oss?07:15
s3r3n1t7Alazair, that solves a problem for my at work. Where can i find more info about this?07:15
abhi_navGonardFreeman, what? do you want to install xubuntu on ubuntu? if not please clear07:15
[Screamo]Vin73, i think is alsa07:16
macoVin73: ubuntu uses alsa. it's whats in the kernel07:16
s3r3n1t7Alazair, thank you07:16
MaRk-IGonardFreeman: you mean have xfce desktop?07:16
macoVin73: oss is not part of the upstream kernel07:16
Vin73maco: is there a command that lists the driver?07:16
chantijonc : you have to enter into root user. commands are "su" ,then you have to give root password07:16
ubuntu_i cant find clonezilla package07:16
macoVin73: lsmod | grep snd <-- will list the modules07:16
GonardFreemanabhi_nav, i've had xubuntu, and then i've update it, and now i have ubuntu( i prefer xubuntu)07:16
MaRk-IVin73: pulseaudio with alsa07:17
Vin73maco: thanks07:17
abhi_navubuntu_, see this http://clonezilla.org/07:17
abhi_navGonardFreeman, so now you have both xubuntu and ubuntu. ok. so what you want to do with them now?07:17
Vin73MaRk-I, Screamo: thanks07:17
Loshkidontput: you have no /dev/sda1. But you *do* have /dev/hda1. You can't fsck it though, because it's the system partition, so it's in use...07:17
GonardFreemanMaRk-I, no, before update i've xubuntu, but hten i've update it and nave it says that i have ubuntu)07:18
Loshkidontput: please don't pm or DCC chat me...07:18
joncchanti: "su: authentication failure" - i'm sure i'm entering the correct password07:18
GonardFreemanabhi_nav, i dont have both07:18
dontputLoshki:  Ok ok.. so what would i do next?07:18
ubuntu_thanks every onee07:18
abhi_nav<GonardFreeman> abhi_nav, i've had xubuntu, and then i've update it, and now i have ubuntu( i prefer xubuntu)07:18
GonardFreemanabhi_nav, there is only ubuntu07:18
Loshkidontput: remind me, what problem were you trying to solve?07:18
abhi_navGonardFreeman, ok so whats the issue now?07:18
MaRk-IGonardFreeman: if you did an "online" upgrade you should still have xubuntu, if you upgraded from an ubuntu cd instead of xubuntu you could install the xubuntu desktop07:19
GonardFreemanabhi_nav,  how i can update ubuntu xubuntu(if i can say that?)07:19
Loshkirollman: were you using chdir() in your program?07:19
dontputLoshki:  to fix and not using livedisk nymore?07:19
abhi_navGonardFreeman, first see what MaRk-I is saying. please clear us what is your situation07:19
Vin73maco: when I run the command, I see that oss is the built-in driver...as part of the command output I see snd_mixer_oss, snd_pcm_oss et al.07:19
GonardFreemanMaRk-I, oh, thx, i've made online update07:19
pookycan anyone recommend a good task management system for ubuntu? I tried tasque, but it seems to crash often.07:20
macoVin73: those are emulators for oss07:20
macoVin73: for old programs that dont speak alsa07:20
MaRk-IGonardFreeman: then you should have xubuntu , unless you unstalled "ubuntu-desktop"07:20
Joshmuffinanyone pro with dual monitors with an ati card in ubuntu10.0407:20
rollmanno i used movl $12, %eax07:20
Vin73maco: what is the command output that would inform me that alsa is available?07:20
Vin73maco: I don't see any output text that says alsa07:20
Loshkidontput: are you running from the live cd right now?07:20
chantijonc: no. you enter your user password, but you have to give root password07:21
rollmanthat's system call to chdir07:21
GonardFreemanMaRk-I, i have new qustion.  at start i write gnome panel to open task bar, is there some "xubuntu-panel"?07:21
macoVin73: i have patches in the alsa that's in ubuntu's kernel...07:21
Karen_msomething is weird;  on my lan.. after a while the ubuntu will set itself up as the 'router' or something.  With ubuntu plugged into the router, everything stops functioning after a period of time, as soon as I unplug ubuntu, the network is back to normal.  Has anyone heard of this?07:21
macoVin73: snd_* modules are from the alsa-kernel tree07:22
dontputLoshki:  yes07:22
MaRk-IGonardFreeman: no idea, but you can try, dont you have graphical login?07:22
Vin73maco: ok...so if you see snd_* output, it should inform you that alsa is present, am I correct?07:22
joncchanti: ok, figured that part out-i didnt have a password set.07:23
GonardFreemanMaRk-I, nope( long time ago i've exit from system and it disapears)07:23
macoVin73: believe so07:23
chantijonc: no way, you must give root password at the time of OS installation07:23
macoVin73: cat /proc/asound/version07:24
macoVin73: thatll tell you the alsa version07:24
Loshkidontput: from the live cd, it's ok to run: sudo fsck -p /dev/hda107:24
GonardFreemanabhi_nav, do u now is there some "xubuntu-panel", like gnome-panel?07:24
joncchanti: apparently it had only set the user password. i had to run "sudo passwd" and set root password. *shrug*07:25
chantijonc: No prob07:25
abhi_navGonardFreeman, better to ask in #xubuntu. I dont know much about xfce. never used it.07:25
Alazairhey i have a weird problem i cant unmount my 750gig data drive im trying to repartition it to ext407:25
Vin73maco: ok thanks a lot, the reason I asked was I need to install zoiper softphone on my system...and the softphone comes in both oss and alsa variants...so I will go ahead and install the alsa variant...thanks again07:25
Loshkirollman: chdir() runs in a child process created by the shell. The parent process (the shell) is unaffected by the chdir that happens in its child. Does that make sense?07:25
Alazairfstab has it auto mount but it wont let me unmount it even with gksu07:26
joncchanti: i tried wvdial again but under root - still the same07:26
* GonardFreeman cat /dev/ass > /dev/head)))07:26
rollmani can still list everything in directory but it's all white and program still runs and i can run it again and it takes dir further out and each time i run the program i have to exit each time for every run07:26
ubuntu_i recovered some files by testdisk but i dont know where they gone?07:26
indusAlazair, what message u get07:26
chantijonc: oh....., let me see07:26
Alazairi think i figured out why lol07:26
Morten_hey, how do I copy a file from a system that I have to access like #ssh asd@server1 #ssh asd@server2?07:26
Alazairhad vlc running on the big screen with a movie playing in the other room07:26
macoVin73: np07:26
rollmanit's weird program07:26
indusMorten_, using scp07:26
dontputLoshki:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/B72w0dng07:26
Morten_indus, but how do I get to server two using scp?07:27
Morten_that is my problem07:27
holocenerollman, whatis purpose of program?07:27
MaRk-IGonardFreeman: I agree you should try #xubuntu I'm not familiar either, but gdm gives you a choice of what desktop environment you want to use if you have more than 1 installed07:27
dontputLoshki:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/B72w0dng07:28
GonardFreemanMaRk-I, what is this GDM?)07:28
rollmanit was originally used to try run an example program but ELF wasn't found so i switched it to system call chdir07:28
indusMorten_, for example to copy to the remote system scp -p #portnumber  filename yourname@Remote host : directory name07:28
Loshkidontput: that's very bad. Try: sudo fsck -b 8193 /dev/hda107:28
hellosirum... sorry if this is a stupid question, but i got disconnected from an ssh session when i had stopped the ssh daemon - is there a way to get back in?07:28
indusMorten_, just follow this one http://www.hypexr.org/linux_scp_help.php07:28
MaRk-IGonardFreeman: the initial login window, graphical desktop login manager07:29
holocenerollman, so your program just does a chdir from assembly?07:29
holoceneThen the answer about child process is correct.07:29
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/07:29
MaRk-IGonardFreeman: Gnome Display Manager07:29
Morten_indus, thanks alot :)07:30
Vin73hello, how can I use a .deb file?07:30
GonardFreemanoh thx07:30
jagosixHello people07:30
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »07:30
GonardFreemanis there someone interesting, there xfce4-panel command, to run it)07:30
rollmani can exit it like it still is running weird07:30
jagosixwhat can I use for ipod and itunes07:30
dontputLoshki:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/uP2MRrdP07:30
jagosixinstead of windows software ?07:30
Loshkirollman: well basically I'm telling you that you can't use chdir to change your current directory because it doesn't work how you think...07:30
Voldenethm, isnt rhytmbox compatibile with ipod?07:31
jagosixis it ?07:31
rollmani wish someone told my computer that lol07:31
jagosixis there someone that has an ipod07:31
MoggaLoshki: thanks for the help07:31
VoldenetWell i'm pretty sure that "songbird" is alternative07:31
Vin73hello, would appreciate it if someone could tell me what to do with a .deb file...07:32
jagosixsongbird ?07:32
Loshkidontput: very bad I'm afraid. How did it get this way?07:32
LoshkiMogga: did you solve your problem?07:32
Voldenetah, not anymore07:32
jagosixhhmmm... I'll look into that ..thanks07:32
Voldenetsongbird was available on linux ;<07:32
Alazaircurious why is a freshly formated ext4 drive 11.16gigs used?07:32
dontputLoshki:  when i tried to let my computer up the whole night and when i woke up it freezed and i restarted it.07:32
VoldenetAlazair, is this disk 'brand new'?07:32
MoggaLoshki: got the network up and running again after fixing a typo but the bond is definitely not happy... lots of malloc errors on startup07:32
VoldenetUse s.m.a.r.t. to find out wtf07:33
Alazairnot the drive but the format yes07:33
dontputLoshki:  and there theres "init= bootarg" something to it07:33
Alazair0 bad sectors07:33
Alazair0 s.m.a.r.t. errors07:33
aristoVin73, .deb is a installer for debian based distributions07:33
LoshkiMogga: I bet the bonding code doesn't get exercised much...07:33
Vin73aristo: thanks, can I just execute the file?07:34
aristoVin73, you can double click on it07:34
nomad77Vin73: try sudo gdebi foo.deb or sudo dpkg -i foo.deb07:34
abhi_nav!deb | Vin7307:34
ubottuVin73: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.07:34
Loshkidontput: I'm worried that all your data may be lost. Was there anything important on that disk?07:35
Vin73ubottu: thanks, btw, what is kubuntu?07:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:35
dontputLoshki:  its like "Try passing init=bootarg"07:35
Vin73nomad77, aristo: thanks...07:35
VoldenetVin73, Ubuntu includes gnome07:35
dontputLoshki:  oh noese? so im not gonna retreive it..07:35
VoldenetKubuntu includes KDE07:35
Voldenetxubuntu includes xfce07:35
Voldenetfluxbuntu includes fluxbox07:35
Voldenetand so on07:35
abhi_nav!kde | Vin7307:35
ubottuVin73: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde407:35
aristoVin73, np07:36
rollmanthat was 1 program that like u said shouldn't have worked but somehow it did and one program i wished i didn't accidentally erased the source file for07:36
karma_policei have a dumb question... if i dl the ubuntu iso from the site is it the current kernel and fully updated or is it the same iso that was released on release day?07:36
Voldenetsame iso07:36
macokarma_police: at the moment, the same iso07:36
abhi_navkarma_police, same as that of on release date07:37
macokarma_police: on 29 july, 10.04.1 comes out, and that'll have all the updates up to that point included on the disc07:37
chantijonc: did you on the wifi button in you system07:37
dontputLoshki:  ok so what ima going to do?07:37
Loshkidontput: I don't think init=bootarg will help, but it's ok to try it. You can also try running testdisk07:37
jagosixdo some of you here use more than just ubuntu ?07:38
joncchanti: yep07:38
macojagosix: i use red hat at work07:38
joncchanti: however the LED does not change to indicate "on"07:38
holocenemaco, you didn't mean 10.04, right?07:38
karma_policeis there a daily build site to dl from? or a checkpoint date to wait on? the reason i am asking i use pendrive linux with persistence.. whenever i run an update that involes a ner kernal image it renders the flash drive useless and i have to start all over.. i'm a bit of a noob so i may be doing something wrong.07:38
aristojagosix, at work rhel and debian, at home ubuntu, debian, jolicloud and sometimes fedora07:39
macojagosix: used to use suse, solaris, aix, and debian at old job07:39
chantijonc: after installation, did you upgrade the system07:39
macoholocene: LTS have point releases every 6mo, starting 3mo after initial releases07:39
jagosixI use PCLinuxOS 2010.1, Ubuntu 10.04 PPC/PC, Mint 9,07:39
dontputLoshki:  after testdisk?07:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:39
macoholocene: those include the updates to that point. thisll be the first after 10.04's release, so 10.04.107:39
macojagosix: are you looking to compare distros?07:39
Loshkidontput: testdisk is a file recovery program: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step07:39
holocenemaco, ok now I understand. thnaks.07:40
karma_policei use pendrive ubuntu to troubleshoot windoze pc's07:40
jagosixI've already done that07:40
joncchanti: no, i just finished installing 10.04. i have not done anything other than attempt to get the the laptop online07:40
s3r3n1t7jagosix, maco, mind taking the discussion about distro's to #ubuntu-offtopic?07:40
=== [Screamo] is now known as [Screamo]offline
macos3r3n1t7: i think it ended07:40
jagosixIt's just that some distros install differently on some laptops07:40
hellosirdumb question - is there a way to get into a remote server to restart sshd?07:40
macojagosix: youll have to test out ubuntu's livecd to see its hardware support07:41
s3r3n1t7hellosir, i'm afraid that, unless you have setup another means of remote access, there is no such way.07:41
macojagosix: ubuntu's all ive run on hardware in recent years07:41
jagosixThe main problem I have with ubuntu is the video setup and configuration.07:41
s3r3n1t7maco, it appears it hasn't.07:41
macos3r3n1t7: except now it's about ubuntu07:41
hellosirs3r3n1t7: crap. thanks07:41
Voldenetjagosix, i'm guessing you're using ati, right?07:41
macos3r3n1t7: so it's ontopic07:42
chantijonc: ok fine. connect network wire. then type" sudo apt-get update" , then you to give password07:42
Voldenetwell, ati does not give a crap about linux users07:42
Loshkihellosir: probably not. Unless some idiot turned telnet on (unlikely)...07:42
=== rez is now known as Guest22713
jagosixati on my main computer and Nvidia on my worstation07:42
jagosixoops workstation07:42
indusjagosix, which ati model?07:42
joncchanti: doesnt appear that adapter is working either.07:42
jagosixhold a min07:42
aristojagosix, linux drivers are the only reason why i choose nvidia07:43
chantijonc: after update " sudo apt-get upgrade" command you have to type. It takes some time, depends on you net speed07:43
jagosixGforce 61XX series07:43
indusjagosix, no i mean the ATI07:43
dontputLoshki:  anyways if ill not want to save my data's, what ima going to do now?07:43
jagosixmy bad ..This is the one I have trouble with ubuntu on07:44
indusaristo, do you have an ATI card ?07:44
joncchanti: i got a bunch of failed to fetch messages and "could not resolve us.archive.ubuntu.com" messages07:44
dontputLoshki:  unmount cdrom? and im done?07:44
jagosixthe gforce 61xx series07:44
aristoindus, had07:44
chantijonc: that means network continuously failure there07:44
indusaristo, well have you heard of ATI open source drivers?07:44
aristoindus, yes, tried and didn't like it07:45
aristoindus, video tearing drives me mad07:45
indusaristo, have you seen its performance today ? or of the new catalyst 10.6 driver07:45
chantijonc: Type this command immediately "sudo apt-get update"07:45
aristoindus, recently no07:46
chantijonc: then type "apt_get dist-upgrade"07:46
indusaristo, for those who prefer an open driver, ATI Is miles ahead of anyone07:46
Loshkidontput: if you don't mind about the data, just reinstall from the livecd. When it asks, tell it to ignore any existing distros. Choose ext3 as filesystem type, and this time, make /home on a separate partition so if you have to reinstall again, you can keep your data...07:46
Voldenetjagosix, did you try official nvidia drivers?07:46
aristoindus, nouveau drivers are good07:46
indusaristo, and with the new 10.6 catalyst, the difference from older one is significant07:46
cggauravThis is a simple query , though I am unable to find the solution online. If I want to run a C++ program I do ./helloworld from the current directory. How would I do it from lets say home/ ?07:46
jagosixyep..sure did.07:46
=== [Screamo]offline is now known as [Screamo]
indusaristo, they aint as good as the ati ones yet but they will be\07:47
Voldenetcggaurav, what do you mean?07:47
jagosixI'll try it again later07:47
chantijonc: drivers are not installed into your sys. that is the main problem. you have to upgrade your system07:47
Voldenetcd to your home07:47
aristoindus, have to check catalyst 10.607:47
Voldenetand enter full path to program07:47
aristomaybe if i buy a nice 585007:47
indusaristo, yes its actually awesome relatively speaking07:47
Voldenetlike: /home/myprogs/helloworld07:47
cggauravVoldenet : Lets say the program sits in home/a/b/c/helloworld.cpp07:47
indusaristo, they fixed the maximise minimise bug07:47
prince_jammyscggaurav: the './' is just a path that simply means 'in the current dir'. if you are elsewhere, you can type the path to the file.07:48
cggauravVoldenet: How would I see the output without cd from home instead of c07:48
Voldenetgcc /home/a/b/c/helloworld.cpp -o /home/a/b/c/helloworld07:48
joncchanti: hahah - how ironic. gotta get online to upgrade so that i can get online. =D07:48
Voldenetthen cd ~07:48
indusaristo, some minor issues with compiz but i had that issue with nvidia also , dont like compiz :)07:48
Loshkijonc: you aren't the first.... :-(07:48
soreauindus: What issues exactly?07:48
cggauravVoldenet: gives me no output.07:49
MaRk-Ijonc: are you using wireless?07:49
aristoindus, what about video tearing and wined3d?07:49
cggauravVoldenet: though from c it does.07:49
VoldenetWell, put your sources on pastebin07:49
joncmark-i: im trying to get either wired or wireless working07:49
MaRk-Ijonc: oic, wired not working or is internet problems?07:49
indusaristo, ah no wine is still bad with ATI but i dont think that will be fixed, wine is anyway not a priority07:49
indussoreau, issues with ?07:50
aristoindus, no wine, no ati07:50
joncmark-i: both wired and wireless are not working. fresh 10.04 install on HP dv6000 laptop.07:50
MaRk-Ijonc: odd07:50
indusaristo, use windows for gaming, wine is anyway unsupported, i had nvidia before and that aint great either07:51
soreau<indus> aristo, some minor issues with compiz but i had that issue with nvidia also , dont like compiz :) <-- whatever minor issues you're referring to here07:51
indussoreau, yes, some black color boxes sometimes in menus07:51
aristoindus, why if i can play with wine, i have a steam account with 15 game07:51
indussoreau, with ATI though07:51
jagosixkde4 I use its features over compiz.07:51
soreauindus: Can you provide a screenshot?07:52
indussoreau, actually, one thing i notice is, window border tear for dark themes07:52
indussoreau, iam at work now, so07:52
indussoreau, are you a dev for compiz ?07:52
soreauindus: You could say that ;)07:53
indussoreau, ok,are you aware of the window border gap when using alt tab etc?07:54
chantiI am using ubuntu10, Dell inspiron is my system, sound coming from head phone only, but not working inbuilt speakers, anybody help please07:54
indussoreau, i can see a light passing through it :)07:54
indussoreau, otherwise no other big issues with it , and with ATI fixing their drivers, after many years i finally start using compiz07:55
=== palam_ is now known as palam
soreauindus: No, I'm not particularly familiar with that.. I thought you said black 'color boxes in menus' which is what I was hoping for a screenshot of07:55
indussoreau, ah thats a bit rare but even when i get that, on pressing prtscn it goes off07:55
MaRk-Ijonc: right now is the laptop connected wired or trying wireless?07:56
soreauindus: Right.. so you want your decorations to adhere to the windows when wobbling?07:56
indussoreau, for example, on ubuntuforums website, when i keep mouse over the thread, it provides summary in a box, but i had it all grey box07:56
joncmark-I: the laptop is connected wired07:56
indussoreau, ah yes yes exactly but no decorations, just plain window border07:56
soreauindus: window decorations *are* the window border in compiz07:56
indussoreau, oh heh ok07:57
indussoreau, i think it happens with lighter themes also but its not that visible07:57
MaRk-Ijonc: can you ping a website or your router?07:57
indussoreau, but you have email ? i can send you screenshot if possible for those window boxes in firefox sometimes happens07:57
joncmark-i: "network is unreachable"07:58
joncmark-i: it appears the NIC drivers are not installed07:58
soreau! paste | indus07:58
ubottuindus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:58
indussoreau, or ..... if iam online later (much later ) i can give you07:58
soreauindus: No need for email, see what ubottu has to say ;)07:58
indussoreau, its on home syhstem07:58
soreauindus: Use picpaste.com07:58
MaRk-Ijonc: did you have this problems with the livecd?07:58
indussoreau, iam at work now07:58
indussoreau, ok ill find you somewhere here and ping you07:59
indussoreau, what about the window border thing? is there some setting for it?07:59
soreauindus: Setting to do what exactly?07:59
indussoreau, so no light passes through :)07:59
airtonixif i want to add a new user that is used for 'auto login without password' how would i do this ?07:59
dontputLoshki:  anyways, thank you so much loshki. im runnin TestDisk.. damn this one kick-ass software.08:00
indussoreau, it loosk like a tear , llooks bad08:00
joncmark-i: regretfully, i didnt try the demo with livecd.08:00
indussoreau, with atl tab cover effect08:00
soreauindus: AFAIK, it's the way the driver handles things08:00
Alazairhow can i find the uif of a drive?08:00
arunkumar413please tell me the product id and vendor of this usb modem:     Bus 005 Device 007: ID 12d1:1001 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E620 USB Modem08:00
MaRk-Ijonc: oic, hmm odd hope you can get it to work08:00
Alazairso i can add a drive to fstab08:00
indussoreau,ok its driver issue hm08:00
dontputLoshki:  im currently copying my data.. and btw, any times for my next step?08:00
soreauindus: But I'd need to see a screenshot to know what you're talking about for sure08:00
joncmark-i: i'll keep playing with it. thanks you very much for your help!08:01
MaRk-Ijonc: paste the output of: sudo ifconfig08:01
chantiI am using ubuntu10, Dell inspiron is my system, sound coming from head phone only, but not working inbuilt speakers, anybody help please08:01
airtonixarunkumar413, device id are always two four digit numbers separated by a colon08:01
soreauindus: You can pm me with a screenshot, but here in this channel might get lost if I'm away for some time08:01
arunkumar413airtonix: then vendor?08:01
airtonixarunkumar413, actually two hexidecimal numbers speraated by colon08:01
indussoreau, ok so 2 things i mentioned, window border gap between border and main window, and 2. some times (rare ) black boxes in ff or menus probably08:02
airtonixarunkumar413, vendorid : deviceid08:02
Alazairhow can i find the uif of a drive?08:02
Alazairso i can add a drive to fstab08:02
airtonixAlazair, read the ubuntu wiki page about fstab... its also uuid not uif.08:02
indussoreau, hey i need one help ? how to do anti aliasing wiht compiz, my borders are all jagged and ugly08:02
xiaoguiHi, guys. :) I downloaded some Chinese text files, it came in .rar files and i unrared them, but when it open the files, the contents are just unreadable, any solutions? Thanks in advance!08:03
soreauindus: 1) Known issue, likely driver bug 2) You would have to find a way to reliably reproduce the bug, then submit a bug report08:03
MaRk-Ijonc: ugh never mind, if no internet how you're goint to paste xD08:03
joncmark-i: i was just thinking that. hahah08:03
soreauindus: There is no FSAA with the open radeon drivers yet AFAIK08:03
indussoreau, no no i use ATI proprietary driver08:04
MaRk-Ijonc: but there are NICs detected and have an IP ???08:04
MaRk-Iwith the ifconfig command I mean08:04
cggauravVoldenet: http://paste.ubuntu.com/460993/08:04
soreauindus: Then you would use amdcccle08:04
joncmark-i: its showing loopback08:04
cggauravVoldenet: Excuse me for the delay.08:04
MaRk-Ithat's it? no eth0, eth1, wlan0?08:05
indussoreau, oh, so i need to use it from that ? no control from compiz itself ?08:05
soreauindus: It should have all the AA settings you want. But, IMHO, the open radeon driver is better overall08:05
joncmark-i: it shows both wired and wireless adpaters when i use lspci. but for ifconfig, nothing.08:05
soreauindus: No, AA is all in the driver08:05
soreauindus: Compiz has no control over the drivers capabiliies08:05
indussoreau, it wont run games :) and even though i find the open source drivers till now great , 10.6 has changed my opinion08:05
joncmark-i: also when i click on hardware drivers, nothing shows up - completely blank.08:05
soreauindus: What wont run games?08:06
indussoreau, quake 4 wont run with open drivers08:06
MaRk-Ijonc: how did you install?08:06
soreauindus: In that case, you definitely need to ask in #radeon to get a better answer08:06
joncmark-i: via CD08:06
MaRk-Ijonc: try using the livecd mode, if it works then it might be a bad install08:07
indussoreau, i dont care about my drivers being open source :) but yes i asked in #radeon , just google for indus and radeon and it s first result from irc logs08:07
soreauindus: AFAIK, Q4 should run with open drivers, if not classic, then gallium08:07
joncmark-i: ok, i'll give that a try08:07
indussoreau, its not about the driver, its about bits in quake 4 whihc are proprietary and cannot be run by it , s3tc texture compression08:08
danjacHi, I've just done an upgrade on my Xubuntu install (Acer Aspire One netbook). Was working perfectly before. Now CouchDB immediately starts using up all the memory on start, and I have to kill it. Is there any good reason to keep CouchDB on my machine ?08:08
MaRk-Ijonc: good luck08:08
indussoreau, i burnt my fingers learning it :)08:08
indussoreau, so the game reports , s3tc extentions not found08:08
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MaRk-Idanjac: not familiar with xfce, should try the #xubuntu channel08:09
danjacI'm not sure the problem is Xfce though08:09
danjacIt looks like a memory leak in CouchDB08:09
napohi everibody08:09
soreauindus: I can help you with that..08:09
indussoreau, you can ? :D wow08:10
* MaRk-I afk...08:10
soreauindus: There is a lib for enabling this texture compression, sec08:10
indussoreau, i read about an external library called08:10
soreau(while I find the link)08:10
danjacbut will try that channel, thanks08:10
indussoreau, i know but its not proper, i asked in #radeon08:10
soreauindus: Indeed, but have you tried it to see if it helps yet?08:11
indussoreau, yes i compiled it installed it etc, but it didnt run , but i think that was probably my mistake , i didnt do it right probably08:11
cggauravVoldenet: I figured it out.;)08:11
indussoreau, ah no wait, i later installed a gui tool also :) damn easy08:12
Voldenetcggaurav, no problem ;P08:12
indussoreau, but i just couldnt run q408:12
soreauindus: If you installed the lib correctly, you should see this in glxinfo output I believe *checks*08:12
indussoreau, yes i did see it08:12
=== palam_ is now known as palam
indussoreau, but q4 still wouldnt run08:13
indussoreau, ther is actually a gui tool also to do it08:13
donriI installed kubuntu-desktop, now I don't want it; is there a simple and safe way to remove all packages installed as dependencies from kubuntu-desktop?08:13
indussoreau, yes package called DRICONF08:14
indus!Info driconf08:14
indus!info driconf08:14
ubottudriconf (source: driconf): DRI configuration applet. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.1-2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 95 kB, installed size 412 kB08:14
soreauindus: You shouldn't need to mess with driconf since the open driver is smart enough at guessing what you need already as defaults08:15
indussoreau, well , smart i dont know, but back a few months ago when karmic was in alpha, i was stuck with ATI card adn no q4 so tried all things08:15
indussoreau, because fglrx wont support new x server 1.7 yet08:16
indusor xorg 1.7 whatever08:16
soreauindus: fglrx sucks08:16
indussoreau, its good enough for me08:16
soreauindus: Which card sis you say you have?08:16
indussoreau, ATI 485008:16
soreauindus: Oh yes, driconf wont work with fglrx, you want amdcccle08:16
indussoreau, for me open source driver sucks, it cant  play nothing08:16
zoddanjust a long shot, anyone knows anything about ciso products? :P08:17
icerootzoddan: #cisco08:17
indussoreau, they are smooth for regular use and compiz but slow gaming08:17
zoddancisco :P08:17
indussoreau, dont know if gaming is good today on them, but i hear it s not a priority08:17
Voldenetwhat products?08:17
soreauindus: Yes but it is getting better all the time. hopefully, r600g will be a lot better than what it is now08:18
indussoreau, anyways, i think all graphics drivers suck on all platforms08:18
zoddanVoldenet: well i got a cisco asa 5510 but i dont know what i can do with it :P08:18
soreauindus: By this time next year, I mean (for r600g)08:18
scar_how do I use llvmpipe? is it a driver that i can set in xorg.conf or do I just need to recompile mesa?08:18
SonOfIslamsome one here is not a muslim???08:18
=== ben__ is now known as nbkr
icerootzoddan: Voldenet ##hardware. this is ubuntu support08:18
indussoreau, mine is r 700 isnt it ?08:18
SonOfIslamjust kidding08:18
soreauindus: Yes, like I said all drivers have their strong points and weaknesses08:18
indussoreau, i liked the older days when one driver was good enough for many things08:19
soreauindus: r600* works for r6xx AND r7xx cards08:19
VoldenetI'm not intrested in hardware.08:19
prince_jammys/join ##software ?08:19
soreauindus: Yes well we're not in those times, we're in these times and we need people to help out to make the driver better for everyone08:19
indussoreau, i will help if you need08:19
arunkumar413location bar shows icons.i want the path to be shown08:19
indussoreau, my probl;em who will solve :)08:20
indussoreau, i want s3tc support08:20
indussoreau, good one08:20
indussoreau, so i use fglrx08:20
soreauindus: First thing I'd recommend is removing the fglrx driver so the open radeon driver can work08:20
Vin73hi can anyone tell me how to install libwxgtk on lucid?08:20
indussoreau, in #radeon they said, even if s3tc works, all textures will be broken08:21
indussoreau, i play only 2 games ,q4 on linux, and bad company 2 windows08:21
prince_jammys!find wxgtk08:21
ubottuFound: libwxgtk2.6-0, libwxgtk2.6-dbg, libwxgtk2.6-dev, libwxgtk2.8-0, libwxgtk2.8-dbg (and 5 others)08:21
indussoreau, i set up a server too a few weeks back , come and play :)08:21
soreauindus: Well I give up. I would recommend giving the radeon drier another go by removing fglrx and installing a newer kernel (2.6.34 from ppa) and newer userspace components (from xorg-edgers ppa repo)08:22
indussoreau, i will install maverick alpha soon, so open driver i  will check there08:22
indussoreau, dont give up on things you believe strongly about :)08:22
indussoreau, hehe08:22
arunkumar413file browser location bar shows the icons instead of path08:23
indussoreau, but are you saying, the newer driver will run my game ?08:23
indusyou seem persistent08:23
indussoreau, iam happy with general performance of open driver even now08:23
indussoreau, its much smoother i know08:24
soreauindus: I don't give up on things I believe strongly about. I *do* give up on people who do not want to be helped ;)08:24
fodder70arunkumar413, hit ctrl+l for a list view08:24
nbkrVin73, sudo apt-get install libwxgt2.8-0 (for version 2.8 obviously)08:24
soreauindus: No, I am not saying the open driver will run any game, I'm saying if you cannot run something with the radeon driver, file a bug report on fdo and present it in an inviting manner to the radeon devs and you likely will get good support08:25
indussoreau, ok thanks for your suggestions, i will keep you in the loop08:25
Vin73nbkr: thanks08:25
hoarehi guys can anyone help me about mkinitramfs?08:26
soreauindus: For example I just got finished getting the radeon devs to fix compiz focus blur for my lowly rv350 card ;)08:26
hasenjhi, my ubuntu said i need to do a partial upgrade, after i did it and restarted, keyboard stopped working08:26
nbkrhoare, Just ask your question.08:26
hasenjnot even ctrl-alt-f1 work08:26
vaibhavwhat is the address of paste bin08:26
indussoreau, focus blur whats that one08:26
rambo3how do I create user home folder after I add him ?08:26
indusrambo3, automatically created08:26
nbkrvaibhav, pastbin.org08:26
hasenji remember there was a dpkg-reconfigure console-something08:27
nbkrrambo3, Just copy /etc/skel to whatever the homedir of the user is.08:27
soreauindus: It's a component in the Blur Windows plugin in ccsm. On r6-7xx, I don't expect it to work quite yet08:27
indussoreau, i try using it, but not sure what it did,08:28
rambo3nbkr, so:  mkdir /home/newuser && cp -r /etc/skel /home/newuser ?08:28
indussoreau, also whats bicubic filter ?08:28
nbkrrambo3, That should do. Don't forget the "chmod" afterwards.08:28
Anarchy7hi all08:28
Anarchy7askhader:  you here ?08:28
vaibhav    *08:28
vaibhav    * dragMargin : real08:28
vaibhav    * flickDeceleration : real08:28
vaibhav    * highlight : Component08:28
vaibhav    * highlightItem : Item08:28
FloodBot1vaibhav: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
nbkrrambo3, and the chown/chgrp of course08:28
vaibhav    * highlightMoveDuration : int08:28
soreauindus: It should render things like rotate cube and enhanced desktop zoom more clearly08:28
indussoreau, ok08:29
hoarenbkr: I cloned my /lib/initramfs/init script as init2 and edited many things in it. however when i execute mkinitramfs -f init2 -o .    command and I boot generated image in that folder, it still uses old init script..08:29
soreauindus: Possibly at the expense of speed08:29
indussoreau, i think your r 350 is nt supported by fglrx08:29
elrichey,guys can somebody help me with making my remote in lucid?08:29
indussoreau, how did you get the devs to fix it?08:29
indussoreau, that blur thing08:29
nbkrhoare, did you tell grub which image to use?08:29
soreauindus: You are correct. rv350 is not supported. All r1xx-r5xx is no longer supported by fglrx08:30
MaRk-Ielric: making what remote?08:30
hoarenbkr: nope. but it generates a initramfs file which is about 5mb.08:30
soreauindus: I got the devs to fix it by filing a bug and being there when they asked me to test patches against mesa08:30
indussoreau, ah hmm08:30
elricMaRK-I: ir remote control,the one u get with the laptos08:30
MaRk-Ielric: ah no idea sorry08:31
indussoreau, ok08:31
indussoreau, good for you08:31
indussoreau,i file only ubuntu bugs but they are never fixed08:31
indussoreau, or maybe they are more fit upstream08:31
indussoreau, havent filed one for years though08:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:32
soreauindus: There are so many bugs filed in launchpad (the place where ubuntu bugs are filed) many of them get disregarded08:32
indussoreau,i triaged a few, but its too much work :)08:32
indussoreau, need more volunteers08:33
bazhangindus, soreau please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic08:33
soreauindus: If you have a definite bug that you know is a radeon driver bug, you can file a detailed report on fdo (which means bugs.freedesktop.org) and talk to the developers in #radeon and #dri-devel08:33
soreaubazhang: This is not OT.08:34
nbkrhoare, This file has to go to /boot and you have to modify the grub config, so that the boot loader uses the new init script.08:34
bazhangsoreau, chatting about how many bugs you file certainly is08:34
soreauIt has directly to do with the fact that the radeon drivers are being heavily developed and ubuntu ships releases, not live builds08:34
soreaubazhang: It's not chatting, sorry. This is support.08:35
soreauIf you don't like it, kick me08:35
meatbunanyone happened to have acer 533 netbook? how it perform with ubunt?08:35
karma_policeis anyone familiar with pendrivelinux? or ubuntu with persistence on a usb drive?08:35
meatbunor the new 521 netbook08:35
abhi_nav karma_police you want to burn ubuntu to usb pen drive? or what else?08:36
hoarenkbr: I want to use it on another computer without modifying mine. how can I do that + how can I specify my own init script?08:36
hoarenkbr: in wheich folder should I execute my init script08:36
hoarenbkr: sorry ^ look at previous msgs.08:36
hoarenbkr: does it matter in which folder I exec mkinitramfs?08:36
karma_policegb persistence08:36
karma_policei have burned ubuntu to agb flash drive with 2gb set aside for casper08:37
karma_policekeep getting system error saying i have no space left08:38
nbkrhoare, No, that doesn't matter. It's only important to put the resulting file in the appropriate folder i.e. /boot. Afterwards you have to reconfigure grub2 to use the new file. Have look here to see how grub2 can be configured. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:38
micwi run an ubuntu lucid under xen ad domU. the kernel boots and displays all messages. the initrd loads and displays messages as well. the last lines i see are Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ...08:38
karma_policeusing 2gb for persistence and 2 gb for install.. should i have used 3gb for install and 1 gb for perststence on a 4gb usb?08:39
micwalle output after this is not shown in the xen console08:39
abhi_navkarma_police, to burn ubuntu it need approximately <= 1gb space.08:39
micwalthought it seems to boot fine08:39
micwsometimes i can see output from fsck08:39
micwand i can see the init-output when shuting down08:39
karma_policei don't know why i am having space probs then...  i have it split in half.. 2gb for install and 2 gb for casper rw08:39
micwseems that from when init is started all output is redirected somewhere08:40
karma_policei ran the update tho.. maybe thats where my prob is08:40
hoare_nbkr: does it matter in which folder I exec mkinitramfs?08:40
bullgard4[GNOME] I have an chocolate-brown  login display image in Ubuntu 10.04. How can I determine its filename?08:40
prince_jammysbullgard4: i'd snoop around in gdm's config files.08:40
karma_policewhat is more important when creating a usb live? the persistence space or the other?08:41
bullgard4prince_jammys: I'll give it a try. --  Thank you.08:41
prince_jammysbullgard4: welcome08:42
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optical_Hey all, I am trying to do 'apt-get install oidentd' but now the Ubuntu is saying it referrs to an old package, and has no installation candidate.  What am I to do?08:47
optical_E: Package oidentd has no installation candidate08:47
bazhang!info oidentd | optical_08:48
ubottuoptical_: oidentd (source: oidentd): replacement ident daemon. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.8-3 (lucid), package size 51 kB, installed size 220 kB08:48
franklinWhat's a good browser other then firefox ?08:48
ubottuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)08:49
icerootfranklin: the one you like08:49
franklinwhich one ?08:49
kim0Can we add chrome/chromium to that list :D08:49
icerootfranklin: chrome, opera, konqueror08:49
Jordan_Ufranklin: One not listed by ubottu since it's relatively newly available for linux is google chrome / chromium.08:49
bazhangchromium-browser is in the repos kim0 franklin08:49
prince_jammysfranklin: paste ones from the list above into google, and read reviews or see screenshots. or just install 'em and see.08:50
prince_jammysah, and chromium08:50
micwhow can i set up an network interface on ubuntu with kernel parameters (kernel autoconfiguration)?08:50
kim0bazhang, I meant add it to the bot08:50
micwwhat do i need to have in my /etc/network/interfaces?08:50
indusbazhang, would you recommend chrome , or chromium08:51
bazhangkim0, suggest something as a factoid then08:51
bazhangindus, whichever works for you08:51
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:51
bazhangkim0, ie !x is <reply> etc etc etc08:52
OuterSpacesup all08:52
Anarchy7How can I see if ATI is supporting my card in Ubuntu ?08:52
indusbazhang, iam seeking a recommendation here, that statement doesnt help much08:52
bazhangindus, please dont take polls here08:52
OuterSpacegoogle it anarchy708:52
bazhangindus, bestbot is for that08:52
OuterSpaceanyone here use backtrack 4 or phlax?08:52
grayhatgeek<OuterSpace> : yes08:53
prince_jammysOuterSpace: #backtrack-linux08:53
bazhangOuterSpace, bt4 support in #backtrack-linux08:53
OuterSpaceahhh yes08:53
indusdoes anyone know the difference bettween chrome and chromium08:53
grayhatgeekchrome is a browser , chromium is OS08:53
rwwgrayhatgeek: nope08:53
bazhangOuterSpace, /msg alis list *phlax* to see if they have a channel08:53
Jordan_Ugrayhatgeek: No.08:53
OuterSpaceim new to irc sorry08:53
bazhanggrayhatgeek, the reverse08:53
Jordan_Ubazhang: Not that either.08:54
grayhatgeekhttp://www.chromium.org/ ==> OS08:54
grayhatgeekhttp://www.google.com/chrome ==> browser08:54
Jordan_Ubazhang: grayhatgeek: indus: chromium is the open source project behind the proprietary google chrome.08:54
bazhangJordan_U, there is certainly a Chrome OS08:54
grayhatgeekthen no diff :D08:55
Anarchy7they dont have linux08:55
Jordan_Ubazhang: Yes, but the question was asking about the difference between chrome and chromium.08:55
indusJordan_U, so what would be the difference between the 2 browsers08:55
deusranyone know tell me if the driver sis 671/771 is engaged the effects of kubuntu?08:55
indusJordan_U, other that nthe open source part08:55
bazhangdeusr, try #kubuntu08:55
grayhatgeek<deusr> : try live CD first08:55
Jordan_Uindus: Practically, the only noticeable difference is lack of h.264 support in chromium.08:56
indusJordan_U, hmm08:56
Jordan_Uindus: Which with webm is now much less important than it used to be.08:56
indushearing a lot about webm08:56
grayhatgeekChromium is the open source project.08:57
grayhatgeekGoogle Chrome is the brand version based on it. Google adds some things of their own.08:57
grayhatgeekHowever both use the same rendering and JavaScript engines, so developing sites for one is likely going to work for all of them.08:57
grayhatgeekHowever, extensions are kind of a different story, as those are still being added to and reworked slightly (I think) and stuff.08:57
FloodBot1grayhatgeek: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:57
elricanybody here who can help me with lirc?08:58
bazhanghttp://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ubuntu_lirc_install elric for mythtv?08:58
elricactually for moovida08:59
MaRk-Ielric: have you checked this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LIRC08:59
bazhanghttp://www.moovida.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1555 elric check this09:00
elrici did.09:00
bazhangthat would seem to indicate a no-go then elric09:00
elricirw doesnt do anythin,as in it doesnt repsond to the buttons i press09:00
prince_jammyscheck the ubuntu help page first09:01
optical_hey all, can someone look at this screenshot and tell me why when i start oidentd its not using my switches specified in OIDENTD_OPTIONS?  http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/310/scr1278662485.jpg09:01
optical_i do /etc/init.d/oidentd start but it doesn't use the two -a flags09:02
rocket16Is there a faster replacement for Gnome-panels? I wish to use GNOME, but I tweaked it to run faster on my old 512 MB (RAM) laptop.09:02
optical_that i added09:02
mikubuntumy headphones are working, but not my speakers on my acer laptop running ubuntu.  they were working about a month ago, not anymore.  i've looked in the pulseaudio settings, and another sound preference setting in my system administration menu, and nothing is showing as muted, so i'm at a loss.09:02
norbi1hi guys, i have  a dell inspiron 910, i`m trying to install on it ubuntu09:03
rocket16Is Gimmie faster than Gnome-panels?09:03
norbi1but i`m getting i/o error09:03
joaquincilloalguien de mexico??09:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:09
kreyhello, jockey doesn't detect my nvidia card, but I can see it in lspci, how can I fix this?09:12
bazhangkrey, which card09:13
krey nVidia Corporation G96 [GeForce 9500 GT]09:14
bazhangkrey, you went into system admin hardware drivers? what version of ubuntu09:15
MaRk-Imikubuntu: this is related to 9.04 but might give you a clue http://monespaceperso.org/blog-en/2009/04/29/acer-aspire-6920-no-sound-on-ubuntu-jaunty-904/09:16
micwi wonder why on my minimal lucid system /etc/event.d/ is empty. might this be the reason that i don't have console output?09:16
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Alazairanyone know how i can go about setting up a web server for just files09:16
mikubuntuthx mark, i running 1004, but i will check it out09:16
mikubuntuMaRk-I: thx mark, i running 1004 but i will check it out09:17
kreybazhang: I don't understand the first question, lucid 10.0409:17
MaRk-Imikubuntu: check what's in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf  i09:17
bazhangkrey, menu:  system -->administration-->hardware drivers  (I have the 9400 and its well supported)09:18
zabkacould i automatically assign the cities to time zones? i'm looking for soemthing like perl's DateTime::TimeZone->names_in_country but with cities istead of iso code09:18
bullgard4prince_jammys: I cannot solve this problem: There are too many configuration files.09:18
=== anarchy_ is now known as Anarchy7
mikubuntuMaRk-I: not sure how to open it, can you give me a command?09:19
kreybazhang: I'm afraid I can't do that: 1. I don't use gnome, 2. X is kinda broken at the moment :(09:19
bazhangkrey, using what then?09:19
MaRk-Imikubuntu: just to see what's in there without editing:  gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf09:20
kreybazhang: I use compiz, but it dies with the nouveau drivers (which I'm using right now)09:20
kreybazhang: isn't  "system -->administration-->hardware drivers" jockey-gtk?09:21
bazhangkrey, iirc installing modaliases should help out here (in getting jockey to recognize more cards)09:22
MaRk-Imikubuntu: check if you see a line similar to this:  options snd-hda-intel model=auto OR options snd-hda-intel model=acer09:23
kreybazhang: cheers, lemme try that09:23
mikubuntuMaRk-I: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/461021/09:23
bazhang!find modaliases09:23
ubottuFound: bcmwl-modaliases, nvidia-173-modaliases, nvidia-96-modaliases, nvidia-180-modaliases, fglrx-modaliases (and 2 others)09:23
iksikanyone know mabe, how many place is needed for ubuntu repository mirror?09:24
kreybazhang: which ones should I install, need I reboot?09:24
bazhangkrey, not sure about the first, reboot once driver is installed, yes09:24
bazhangiksik, apt-mirror?09:25
kreybazhang: ok, thanks, lemme try this09:25
rwwiksik: how much space, you mean? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors#Releases%20Statistics09:25
iksikrww, i need to make local mirror for all packages09:25
bazhangiksik, what do you mean by places? is this hdd storage size? something other?09:25
iksiki've got about 8 desktops with ubuntu - there is no need to download everything 8 times, right? :-)09:25
bazhangiksik, or just aptoncd09:26
iksikbazhang, right... storage09:26
bazhangiksik, mirroring the repos for 8 computers seems excessive09:26
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MaRk-Imikubuntu: close the file09:26
funkyweaselGood morning!09:26
bazhang!aptoncd | iksik09:26
ubottuiksik: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline09:26
iksikbazhang, erm... i think ie. rsync is much simplier, then burning new CD with each package update ;-)09:27
Anarchy7I am using 10.04 lucid so which package is mine ? Ubuntu/jaunty ?09:27
mikubuntuMaRk-I: ok09:27
bazhangAnarchy7, not sure what you mean by that09:28
MaRk-Imikubuntu: now type: sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf09:28
funkyweaselAnarchy7: Ubuntu 10.04 is codename "Lucid Lynx".  The previous version is 9.04 is codename Jaunty Jackalope.09:28
mikubuntuMaRk-I: k, its open09:29
Anarchy7I typed sudo sh ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run --buildandinstallpkg Ubuntu/lucid09:29
Anarchy7so it will jaunty?09:29
MaRk-Imikubuntu: at the end of the file add this:  options snd-hda-intel model=acer09:29
bazhangiksik, rsync is for data, not to synchronize installs09:29
MaRk-Isave it close and reboot.... hope that works :D09:29
kreybazhang: ok so i've installed nvidia-current-modaliases, nvidia-185-modaliases, nvidia-180-modaliases, nvidia-96-modaliases and still nothing09:29
kreybazhang: ^ and rebooted09:29
bazhangkrey, this is openbox? flux? never did catch what you were using outside of gnome09:30
Alazairanyone know why i have a refresh line on my 1080p tv in nix but not in windoz?09:30
mikubuntuMaRk-I: k, saved and closed09:30
iksikbazhang, erm, why should i need to synchronize installs? i just need to synchronize new packages ( with updates ) from ubuntu repo, and install them on lan from local repo - one download (sync) 8 installs09:30
MaRk-Imikubuntu: try rebooting see if it works09:30
iksikpretty simple - i think09:30
Anarchy7funkyweasel,  how can I find the latest ati driver for 10.04 ?09:30
kreybazhang: I use compiz09:31
kreybazhang: but surely this has little to do with my windows manager09:31
mikubuntuMaRk-I: ok, don't leave me!  brb! thx!09:31
kreybazhang: I'm doing most of this over ssh anyway09:31
* MaRk-I leaving to africa...09:31
Anarchy7I have this one but as I am using 10.04 I think it is old for me ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_6409:31
funkyweaselAnarchy7: At the risk of sounding like a prick - google for "ubuntu lucid ati driver".  You'll usually find a ubuntuforum.org thread that can help you out.09:31
funkyweaselAnarchy7: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Lucid#Install_Latest_Nvidia.2FATI_drivers right off the bat09:32
rocket16Which is the most lightweight dock for Ubuntu? If possible, without using OpenGL?09:34
Anarchy7but I have ati09:34
Anarchy7this guy says lucid doesnt support latest drivers :S09:35
Alazairati has always had problems with linux09:36
funkyweaselAnarchy7: The OP is about 6 months old though.  That's a long time in ubuntu :)09:36
Alazairthey just dont release the drivers often enough09:36
bazhangkrey, not sure about the 9600 but for the 9500 (my own) I am using nvidia current from hardware drivers09:36
Anarchy7LoL cool09:36
kreybazhang: I see, but why won't jockey see my card if lspci does, and I'm full of modaliases now?09:37
opijare gforce graphics cards always compatible with ubuntu?09:37
mikubuntuMaRk-I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IqvxA7xaUI&feature=PlayList&p=173A9874C6614692&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=21 sounds good to me now09:38
funkyweaselAh that's what I came for.09:38
mikubuntuMaRk-I: :)09:38
funkyweaselHow do I move the notication bubble on lucid?09:38
MaRk-Imikubuntu: what's that link?09:38
mikubuntusong i'm *listening* to09:38
funkyweaselI work off a laptop and use a secondary monitor as my main and would like notification bubbles to appear there as well or instead.09:38
Alazairhey anyone know the odds of recoverying 6 files from when my drive was ntfs09:38
Alazairi just recently formatted it to ext409:38
MaRk-Ilol well hmm did it work?09:39
opijare gforce graphics cards always compatible with ubuntu?09:39
Anarchy7 funkyweasel  when I went to driver manager it said no proprietary drivers are in use ...09:39
mikubuntuMaRk-I: oh, yeah, that's what i meant09:39
kreybazhang: last time I enabled nvidia-current, terrible things happened, I couldn't even boot my way to the tty (black screen)09:39
funkyweaselAnarchy7: Sounds like you need to go install em09:39
MaRk-Imikubuntu: cool that'll be $5009:39
mikubuntuMaRk-I: i installed 1004 on my friend's desktop that her daughter gave her09:39
MaRk-Imikubuntu: j/k for future reference keep this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto09:40
Anarchy7funkyweasel,  yes and when I go to ati site I put in my gfx card but no download comes ...09:40
bazhangkrey, this is for a single card? I don't see any bugs for a single card but only for trying with dual cards (and that card)09:40
funkyweaselAnarchy7: Try the repo drivers.  Fire up Synaptic and search for ati, see what you find.09:40
kreykrey: yep, single card. I really don't want to reinstall my system :(09:41
nawkhi, how can I adjust the screen brightness on my netbook (lucid for netbook)?09:41
deltree_i have an acer aspire one netbook and ubuntu 10.04. I need to capture video with my webcam but cheese doesnt record video for me. any ideas what app i can download to capture video?09:41
mikubuntuMaRk-I: but, apparently the kids jammed a headphone jack in the plug and it broke off in there .. thats in the jack in the front, but theres also jacks in the back, but can't get them to work because (i think) that the computer thinks the front jack is in use.  you think?09:41
bazhangnawk, usually with the fn keys09:41
MaRk-Inawk: press FN+dimm/bright buttons?09:42
nawkbazhang, MaRk-I they're aren't working in Lucid09:42
bazhangnawk, which netbook09:42
MaRk-Imikubuntu: most likely yes, should get some needle nose pliers and see if you can get it out09:42
red__Hi I am running 10.4 and want to get my my machine to boot up fast how do I do this?09:42
Anarchy7funkyweasel,  I have them installed xorg09:42
s3r3n1t7nawk, check the power management settings.09:42
nawksamsung n12009:43
nawks3r3n1t7, I'll check it out09:43
mikubuntuMaRk-I: too tiny, couldn't get anything in there .. i was wondering if there was a commandline to disable the front jacks possibly09:43
MaRk-Imikubuntu: hmm no idea09:44
mikubuntuMaRk-I: oh, well, thanks for helping me with my  laptop09:44
MaRk-Imikubuntu: at least u have sound now ;^)09:44
mikubuntuMaRk-I: yup haha09:44
funkyweaselAnarchy7: Hang on, do you need these drivers?09:45
mikubuntuok, i go walk the dawg nite guys09:45
funkyweaselAnarchy7: Or rather - can you can the resolution and refresh rate you need?09:45
deltree_any ubuntu netbook users here?09:45
Anarchy7funkyweasel,  my computer is fine with colors etc., but movies are freezing if I install the graph card it will be better I think09:45
funkyweaselAnarchy7: Youtube, divx, or other movies?09:46
nawkbazhang, MaRk-I, s3r3n1t7: Usually, the shortkeys for adjusting the brightness are: fn + <uparrow>/<downarrow>09:46
nawkits not working in lucid for netbooks09:46
bazhangnawk, odd; works fine here on my first gen eeepc09:47
s3r3n1t7nawk, I know that is what you said. I have no netbook myself so I cannot check that. However, my laptop also has some funny quirks. I have to adjust my brightness level in the power management settings otherwise it will flip back in a matter of minutes09:47
opijare gforce graphics cards always compatible with ubuntu?09:47
saviohttp://www.h-online.com/security/news/item/Ubuntu-closes-root-hole-1034618.html ALL hurry and patch your systems ( if you have a sharing your machines with others !)09:47
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bazhangopij, how old?09:47
Anarchy7funkyweasel,  other movies ?09:47
opijbazhang: new09:48
Anarchy7funkyweasel,  it is freezing with bluray movies ...09:48
bazhangopij, should work then09:48
opijwhere's the compatibility list?09:48
bazhangopij, what is the card09:49
nawks3r3n1t7, I can't find that option in "Power Management Preferences"09:49
opijbazhang: i dont know yet09:49
MaRk-Inawk: system/preferences/power management09:49
s3r3n1t7nawk, then i think that is the reason your keys don't work. Apparently the power management features don't detect your system as a netbook but as a desktop09:49
MaRk-Inawk: oops nvm I misread09:49
TortexHi everyone!09:50
nawkhi Tortex!09:50
TortexNawk: It's kind of a pleasure to see that many Ubuntu users :)09:51
deltree_i have an acer aspire one netbook and ubuntu 10.04. I need to capture video with my webcam but cheese doesnt record video for me. any ideas what app i can download to capture video? plz forgive my spam im a crzy n00b09:51
s3r3n1t7nawk, do the other hardware buttons work, such as increase/decrease volume?09:51
opijbazhang: i dont know yet09:51
nawks3r3n1t7, I'm actually trying out the Lucid LiveCD right now.  Yes, the volume control (fn+up/down) works09:51
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:51
Tortexdeltree_: Hi! Is that you? deltree from lide.cz?09:52
s3r3n1t7nawk, not to be rude, but are you sure you are pressing the right keys for the brightness?09:52
abhaxhey people what does 2770 permission specify?09:52
deltree_if there is another deltree in the world ill poop a turkey09:52
abhaxif its given on a file09:52
deltree_but i have no idea what lide.cz is09:53
mtrgHi -- how to position my 2nd monitor/screen ?09:53
Tricksok I have a internal DNS server for internal clients which id finally working, I have a samba share and clients are able to ping this by hostname and Ip. I know that this is a windows question but why do the windows xp clients claim that the network path cannot be found when I try to map a network drive when I can connect to the server via run???? I HATE WINDOWS! >_<09:53
Tortexdeltree_ Yes there is xD09:53
Trickshas anybody had experience of this?09:53
deltree_W o w09:53
Tortexdeltree_ Sorry pal... :-D09:53
rwwabhax: as in chmod 2770 file? 2=set group ID, 7=user can read, write, and execute, 7=group can read, write, and execute, 0=others can't do anything09:53
nawks3r3n1t7, you've been real kind :-)   I'm sure I didn't press the wrong key-combination09:54
deltree_ive been using this handle since 199109:54
Tortexdeltree_ OK, moment...09:54
erUSULabhax: 2 --> sgid 7 --> rwx for user 7 --> rwx for group 0 --> --- for others09:54
erUSULabhax: man chmod09:54
erryI used keyboard preferences to swap alt with super. I then clicked revert ot defaults, and although the behavior for alt is "default" it's still swapped09:54
erryCan you help?09:54
nawks3r3n1t7, could you screenshot the option for adjusting brightness in "Power Management Preferences"?09:54
TortexHe is old only a year :-D09:54
abhaxit got the 7 part09:54
abhax sticky bit?09:55
erryi just have to swap them again09:55
errythat works09:55
nawks3r3n1t7, try imgur.com09:55
FloodBot1erry: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:55
nawks3r3n1t7, www.imgur.com09:55
erUSULabhax: 2 --> set group id09:55
s3r3n1t7deltree_, Tortex, mind taking the discussion that isn't support related to #ubuntu-offtopic?09:55
s3r3n1t7nawk, sure, a second.09:55
s3r3n1t7nawk, in the mean time, this may be a good read: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/57425009:55
nawkerUSUL do you need some help with webcam installation?09:55
Tortexs3r3n1t7: I'm sorry09:56
erUSULnawk: no09:56
nawkerUSUL,  okay :-)09:56
erUSULnawk: deltree asked about webcam09:56
Tortexs3r3n1t7: I'm here for the first time09:56
abhaxerUSUL, this would make the file spefic to that group?09:56
planetearthhey hi09:57
s3r3n1t7Tortex, no problem. This is the support channel so we try to keep support chatter here and everything else goes to #ubuntu-offtopic. Saves a lot on the filtering for assistance.09:57
planetearthhow to install oracle onunbuntu09:57
[Screamo]erm, any command to give me info about my ram?09:57
erUSULabhax: i do not know the exact semantics of that in a regular file. in dirs it makes files created within to be owned by the same group09:57
nawkdeltree_ do you need some help with deltree_?09:57
s3r3n1t7nawk, http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/5287/screenshotqj.png is what mine looks like.09:58
erUSULabhax: from what i get in the manual. is "ignored" in regular files09:58
abhaxerUSUL, so every file created in that dir would be owned by the same group as that of the person who created the dir?09:58
nawks3r3n1t7, right, I'm missing that "set display brightness to:" bar09:59
erUSULabhax: correct09:59
Tortexs3r3n1t7: Thanks for that channel, I'll ask when I got some problem with Ubuntu, bye09:59
s3r3n1t7nawk, i was afraid of that. A desktop usually doesn't have it. Did you read the bug report? The solution provided in there may also solve your problem.09:59
abhaxerUSUL, so if need to change and im not the owner would sudo do the trick?09:59
MaRk-I[Screamo]: sudo lshw -v memory  (i believe)09:59
erUSULabhax: yes sudo chmod ...09:59
MaRk-I[Screamo]: or sudo lshw -C memory10:00
abhaxthnaks erUSUL++10:00
erUSULabhax: no problem10:00
Anarchy7Screen keeps flickering : am I blind or he is false ? I dont see the "Advanced" in Administrator10:01
planetearthcan any  tell me how 2 install oracle on unbuntu10:01
nawks3r3n1t7, I believe that bug report will help me (or at least give me some insights)10:01
s3r3n1t7nawk, The only thing is that you cannot try this now. It requires a reboot for the changes to take effect10:02
nawks3r3n1t7, I'm on chatting on my desktop, while trying to install lucid(netbook edition) on my netbook :-)10:03
erUSULplanetearth: ask oracle support ?10:03
nawks3r3n1t7, how did you find that bug report?  Generally, how do you find relevant bug reports?  (just a simple google search??)10:04
s3r3n1t7nawk, pretty much yes.10:04
[Screamo]MaRk-I, arg, that doesnt gimme enough info, you know a command that list info about the mobo?10:04
MaRk-I[Screamo]: sudo lshw  -vv10:05
bullgard4[GNOME] I have an chocolate-brown  login display image in Ubuntu 10.04. How can I determine its filename? The gdm package has too many config files.10:05
erUSUL[Screamo]: sudo lshw | less and sudo dmidecode | less10:05
s3r3n1t7nawk, in fact, for this i did a google for "ubuntu brightness keys don't work", which led me to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks and when you scroll down to the N1xx machines there's a bug report link in there.10:05
nawks3r3n1t7, thank you for contributing to the Ubuntu Community :-)10:05
s3r3n1t7nawk, with pleasure.10:05
oCean_s3r3n1t7: nawk there are lots of issues re. brightness adjusting. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu10:08
oCean_hi petros10:08
petrosdoes anybody knows any channel with router or networks discussion?10:08
petrosbazhang, ;)10:09
bazhangpetros, also ##dd-wrt10:10
kreybazhang: Time to reinstall system, fuuuuck :(10:11
chazzwhat's the keyboard shortcut to open a run dialog?10:11
s3r3n1t7chazz, alt f210:12
bazhangkrey, please no cursing here10:12
kreybazhang: sorry :(10:12
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astroboyIs there a way I can remove the build dependencies of a package I installed from source and now I removed?10:23
JediMasterhey guys, I've got an odd issue (running lucid on kubuntu, but I think the issue isn't K related), just now I had to reboot 5 times before I could get into X(org), plymouth came up, even did a disk check on one boot and then the progress bar stops and nothing happens. I can't Ctrl-alt-F1 etc. however ctrl-alt-del then starts the reboot process and plymouth starts moving again10:23
JediMasterIt's been happening for quite some time now, but normally only 1 in 3 times, but just now literally 5 boots before X came up10:23
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, that sounds rather tricky. Are you sure the disk isn't corrupt?10:24
JediMasters3r3n1t7, yeah, the disk check was the first time it's happened in months10:25
ubottuUbuntu Netbook Remix is a slightly altered version of Ubuntu, optimised for small screens. For more information, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR - support in #ubuntu10:25
JediMasters3r3n1t7, no issues with the disk I know of, nothing in syslog to suggest it10:25
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, in months? From what I've seen happening there are so many reboots before an automatic check is done. I would suggest letting it run (it can take up to half an hour or so) and check for the result. And yes, it may appear to be doing nothing.10:25
JediMasterit appears that Xorg.log also doesn't get made, so looks like it's straight before X is supposed to load that it's getting stuck10:26
JediMasters3r3n1t7, it completed the disk check10:26
JediMasters3r3n1t7, then froze, that was just one of the 5 boots that froze before I had to hit ctrl-alt-del10:26
JediMasterit wasn't doing a disk check at the time it froze10:27
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, it did? Hmm .... Does the freeze happen before or after reboot? And can you ssh your way in? (unless you have no other pc to check with)10:27
JediMasterI power on the machine, it looks like it's about to get from plymouth into X and freezes indefinately until I hit ctrl-alt-del10:27
JediMasterctrl-alt-f1-f12 do nothing10:27
JediMasterhowever, I have managed to get ctrl-alt-f1 in before it happens and there's been a few messages, one sec got a photo =)10:28
rocket16Midori browser doesn't get flash working. Any solution?10:28
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, I've noticed those have indeed been disabled in the default X configuration. There's a setting you can add which will enable them again10:28
JediMasterlast thing on the screen is: "mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth"10:28
JediMasterthen it also freezes in the first terminal until I hit ctrl-alt-del10:28
JediMasterthen the login prompt appears and reboots10:29
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I've not tried to ssh in yet at the time it happens but it's possible10:30
JediMasters3r3n1t7, anything in particular to look for?10:30
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, if it happens again pleas try that and pastebin what dmesg says.10:30
arkheThis might be weird to ask here, but I'm looking for an art program that will work on Ubuntu. The main thing is that I need pressure sensitivity, when drawing with a tablet. Anyone have any suggestions?10:30
JediMasterI'll try rebooting now10:30
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, I'm reading a bug report which says there's a bug in mountall in combination with fsck. It's leading me to believe there's indeed an fsck going on10:30
rocket16Midori problem, can't use Flash plugin. Any help?10:30
JediMasters3r3n1t7, it completed just now without an issue (got to 100%)10:31
JediMasters3r3n1t7, and every other time it's not mentioned doing a disk check10:31
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, it's not the fsck itself, it's the combination of plymouth (whatever that is) and mountall, while doing an fsck10:31
JediMasters3r3n1t7, plymouth is the program that display the new boot logo10:32
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, Ah that explains their solution. Remove splash and quiet from grub10:32
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/57170710:32
JediMasters3r3n1t7, also prepares the screen resolution as best it can to match the X screen res so you don't have to change res10:32
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, we learn something new everyday. Can you try the splash and quiet removal proposal as done in the bugreport?10:33
JediMasters3r3n1t7, pretty sure it's not that bug though, as I said, it's not that it gets stuck on 99%, it doesn't run the disk check most of the time at all10:33
josh__is there any way to use sudo in cron(tab)?10:34
josh__or write a file as root10:34
oCean_josh__: various crons exist for users, also for root. Any script from root cron will be run as root user10:34
=== ubuntu is now known as TravisM
josh__how do i access root cron?10:35
nawks3r3n1t7, are the "splash" "quiet" options explained in a grub manpage or menu.lst?  I've always wondered what they do.10:35
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, However, the problem does seem to be very related to plymouth, would you agree?10:35
oCean_josh__: sudo crontab -e (will start with warning like no crontab for root, creating one)10:35
TravisMHi, I am trying to install Ubuntu -- and this time I want to dual boot (I have been Ubuntu only for the past 3+ years), however, I just got a new computer and since I dont HATE Windows 7 (just dislike it), I think I would like to keep it10:36
s3r3n1t7nawk, removing splash removes the logo and you will see some information. Removing quiet will also show any other output messages. Removing these 2 shows a lot of information going on while booting.10:36
JediMasters3r3n1t7, well plymouth is running when the machine boots and it's happening as the machine boots, doesn't confirm it's an issue with it10:36
JediMasters3r3n1t7, doesn't exclude it either10:36
soreauTravisM: So install 7 and ubuntu. done.10:36
TravisMAll the dual boot guides are long, and complicated looking... can I just use the installer click "manual" and then shrink the huge partition down to half size and then create the 2 partions I need for Ubuntu?10:36
atrkl_where can I configure mysql to listen in my private ip instead of
soreauTravisM: Yes, you can10:37
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, So i want to exclude it from being an issue by asking you to boot without the splash and quiet. Would it harm to try? And if it doesn't solve it, we'll at least have excluded this possibility.10:37
TravisMsoreau: thanks10:37
JediMasters3r3n1t7, yeah have changed the grub.cfg (feels odd somehow not being menu.lst anymore)10:37
JediMasteradded a different boot option without splash and quiet10:37
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, you can do a less permanent solution by doing it at boot time10:37
josh__if i run a command in sudo cron, do I have to specify sudo in the command or is it assumed?10:38
s3r3n1t7josh__, the cron tab you are editing will be the user who will be running the command. thus, editing the root's crontab runs the command as root10:38
oCean_josh__: a cron for root will be created, running all commands as root10:38
JediMasters3r3n1t7, as you can see I'm booted in at the moment (on the machine in question), so I'll try powering it off and rebooting10:38
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, I will be here. Let me know how it turns out.10:38
JediMasters3r3n1t7, thanks for the help, brb10:39
oCean_atrkl_: change value of bind-address in /etc/mysql/my.cnf10:41
MaRk-Iarkhe: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25151  something like this?10:41
JediMasters3r3n1t7, guess what, it's frozen on shutting down rofl10:41
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, can you ssh in atm? (the dmesg would be interesting ... i hope)10:42
JediMasters3r3n1t7, well not frozen, just not shutting down10:42
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I can switch to the first terminal and it says: Checking for running unattended-upgrades:  * Asking all remaining processes to terminate ..... [OK]10:42
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, and the last few messages from dmesg?10:43
JediMasterthen: * All processes ended within 1 seconds.... (great grammar!)10:43
JediMasterI doubt ssh is running still, but I'll try10:43
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, even better, pastebin the last 30 messages from dmesg if you wouldn't mind10:43
atrkl_oCean_: can I use comas, I mean bind-address            =,
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, which you can do with dmesg | tail -n30 > tmp10:44
JediMasters3r3n1t7, heh, I can ssh in =)10:45
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, the last bunch of messages if you wouldn't mind on pastebin10:46
JediMasterfrom just at the end of the boot until just now10:47
JediMasters3r3n1t7,  INFO: task python:2146 blocked for more than 120 seconds.10:47
JediMasterit's repeating that on the terminal now a few times10:48
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, are you sure it ends there? Just pastebin the entire thing please (yes it's huge, i'll filter through it)10:48
JediMasters3r3n1t7, yeah it did, but it's getting longer now10:48
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, just pastebin what's on there atm please, i'm missing the kill signal that should be in there10:49
JediMasters3r3n1t7, need it starting from 0?10:49
JediMasteras the scrollback in the bloody terminal isn't long enough lol10:49
JediMasternm, I'll dump it to a file and scp it10:49
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, that's what i was going to suggest10:49
s3r3n1t7dmesg > file10:49
mazzaneti'm running ubuntu netbook remix and trying to edit the main menu, but none of my changes (ie. hiding/showing) take effect10:50
JediMasters3r3n1t7, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/461045/10:50
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I can see it complaining about my nfs mounts, that could be the issue10:51
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, are you using cryptfs?10:52
JediMasters3r3n1t7, ecryptfs? yes10:52
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, then I think it is quite related to your disc. check http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/Kernel/2008-08/msg05324.html10:52
MaRk-I[  184.883416] ecryptfs_decrypt_page: Error attempting to read lower page; rc = [-4]10:52
MaRk-I[  184.883421] ecryptfs_write_begin: Error decrypting page at index [65288]; rc = [-4]10:52
s3r3n1t7MaRk-I, please don't copy information in here from a pastebin.10:53
JediMasterMaRk-I, thanks, but line numbers would have done =)10:53
toolbearhi.  i'm trying to create a simple chroot environment.  i put a statically-linked copy of dash in there, and bind-mounted the /dev directory.  i can chroot into the environment just fine, but i can't execute any other programs (despite the fact that PATH is set and contains the appropriate directories).  can anybody provide some insight?10:53
MaRk-II didnt flood anyways keep going10:54
JediMasterthat's a boot, and it's now shutting down that's the problem anyhow10:54
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, well ecryptfs takes a lot more read/writes, thus causes somewhat a delay. If the delay is long enough eventually that the kernel thinks its blocked it's goin to cause an issue.10:55
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I can see two defunct processes: [python] <defunct>, both running as my own user rather than root10:55
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, which are probably caused by the errors in your dmesg. Can you kill the parent processes?10:57
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I think I shouldn't be killing PPID 1 =D10:57
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, oh ... no ... that'd be bad10:58
JediMasteras one has a PPID of 1, that doesn't seem right for a python script10:58
JediMasteranyhow, the second one has the PPID of the first one10:58
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, if it's called from init, then no that happens10:58
JediMasterso killing them both10:58
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, kill the first one?10:58
JediMasters3r3n1t7, yeah but it's run as my user10:59
JediMasters3r3n1t7, not as root10:59
JediMasters3r3n1t7, a straight kill doesn't work, trying a -910:59
JediMasters3r3n1t7, likewise, -9 doesn't kill it10:59
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, it's probably somehow/what corrupted10:59
JediMasterhmmf, how do you terminate a process that can't be -9'ed?11:00
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, it's not a real process, but it is blocking your shutdown. Real as in, alive11:00
borgfishhi, whats the default ext version for lucid ?11:01
borgfish3 or 4 ?11:01
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, i'm tempted to say do a hard reboot, reinstall python and the likes, then another reboot and see how it turns out11:02
JediMasters3r3n1t7, looks like it's going that way, I'll try and unmount everything first11:04
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, that would be smart, and sync /11:04
JediMasters3r3n1t7, hmmf, can't umount the nfs shares =/11:05
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I think it's stuck in the middle of unmounting: /bin/sh /etc/rc6.d/S31umountnfs.sh stop11:05
JediMasteris running11:05
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, oh boy, that's quite a situation then eh =\ force umount?11:06
JediMasters3r3n1t7, -o force?11:06
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, -f (man umount)11:07
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, and if that doens't work, -l11:07
JediMasters3r3n1t7, neither work11:07
=== King is now known as Guest48133
JediMasternow I have a tonne of dead unmount processes11:08
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, that's very odd ... -l should work always ... it's like drop the reigns and never mind the rest ...11:08
=== Benwa is now known as Nwab
s3r3n1t7nfs ... can't you unplug the cable, sync root and reboot?11:08
=== Nwab is now known as Benwa
JediMasters3r3n1t7, it just sits there11:08
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, somehow i think there's more then "just" the reboots that you have to do during bootup. It starts to sound like something is rather wrong with your box.11:09
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I presume you mean network cable rather than SATA? =D11:09
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, well yes ...11:10
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, i presume you have common sense and don't jump of a building if i told you it'd fix your box?11:10
JediMasters3r3n1t7, nah11:12
JediMasterfar too little sense11:13
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, in that case i will mind my words ... _very_ carefully11:13
trojan_spikewell , how do i find out which OS i have?? i.e, jaunty , karmic etc?11:13
s3r3n1t7trojan_spike, lsb_release -a11:13
JediMasters3r3n1t7, haha, just kidding, have been using linux for 15 odd years on and off11:13
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, but you are right, I should have been more clear on what cable to unplug.11:14
JediMasters3r3n1t7, but I am stupid enough to start typing into ssh with the network cable unplugged =D11:14
JediMasters3r3n1t7, it's a hot day today here, brain is fried lol11:14
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, you sir, have made my day.11:14
* s3r3n1t7 throws a bucket of cold water over JediMaster's head11:15
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, any luck yet?11:15
JediMasterstill can't unmount, have to ctrl-c them11:15
JediMasterit's all foobared11:15
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, sync root and force reboot?11:16
JediMasters3r3n1t7, just noticed too, unmount -f -l /nfspath1 /nfspath2 is stuck there straight after the unmount process that it stuck11:16
JediMasterso looks like it's nfs stopping it all from rebooting11:17
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, kill nfs?11:17
JediMasters3r3n1t7, there's no processing running for nfs is there?11:18
JediMasterer yeah there is [nfsoid], guess that's the one?11:18
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, in all honesty, i would not know as I don't use NFS.11:18
JediMasters3r3n1t7, can't kill or kill -9 it11:19
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, is there something running with data that has to be synced? If not, just hard reboot it ...11:19
lg188I'm have installed an Ubuntu with live cd (9.04) and it' seems unable to boot with an gui. it stays in the tty1-6 and forces me to login. when trying to run firefox it complains about no display available11:21
lg188I have*11:22
lg188also i can't use alt+ctrl+F711:22
MaRk-IJediMaster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/276476   read from msg #55 and on11:22
terBotcan anyone point me in the right direction, i've got a PC running ubuntu 10.04, and I will like to run windows 7 on a virtual machine, how do i go about this?11:22
knoppieslg188, sounds like you dont have an x-server running. But I recommend you talk to somebody else about it, because Im no expert.11:23
knoppiesterBot, I recommend you look into using VirtualBox by sun microsystems.11:23
s3r3n1t7MaRk-I, #57 = Symptoms include not being11:23
terBotknoppies - thanks.. will give it a try11:23
s3r3n1t7able to log in via SSH or IMAP for the duration of the errors   <= He can login via SSH, and it should be fixed according to bug report.11:23
knoppiesterBot, Any time.11:24
MaRk-I#55 even affects 10.0411:24
=== elric is now known as elorcle
lg188knoppies: i tought the same, but i have no idea how to make it run11:24
pejyirani nist11:24
=== pejy is now known as arash
nucc1how can i log in to a remote desktop via xdmcp?11:25
arashirani nist11:25
JediMasterMaRk-I, thanks, don't see any solutions there though =/11:25
knoppieslg188, nor do I. I would personally try a fresh install. It sounds to me like something went wrong in your install (If you just installed it, as you imply). But other than that I have no idea.11:25
arashman kos mikham11:25
MaRk-IJediMaster: they marked it as fixed, I gues not11:25
JediMasters3r3n1t7, sync has frozen too, so going to hard-reboot11:25
MaRk-IJediMaster: try sysrq+ r e i s u b11:26
arashÇ?ÑÇæ? æ?ÓÊ11:26
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, see MaRk-I's tip above. And do an fsck11:26
JediMasterMaRk-I, what does that do?11:26
ddvladdoes anyone else experience pidgin constantly hogging up 15-20% of the proc while doing nothing? this usually happens after it's been open a day or so11:26
MaRk-Ishuts down gracefully :P11:26
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, syncs the FS thus allowing a safer reboot11:26
MaRk-IJediMaster:  http://kember.net/articles/reisub-the-gentle-linux-restart/11:27
JediMasternever actually used sysreq, is it ctrl or alt then pritscreen?11:28
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, print screen often functions as sysrq (at least it does for me)11:28
MaRk-Ihere is FN+del11:29
MaRk-Ialt+sysrq+ r e i s u b11:29
lg188knoppies: mhm now that you say that i do rememmber that i never saw a GUI after the install. i totatly forgot that.11:29
JediMasterMaRk-I, do you have to hold sysreq down?11:30
nucc1JediMaster, sysrq on my keyboard, requires the "fn" key to be pressed11:30
knoppieslg188, did you use the liveCD? or an alternate install disk? (I kinda remember you saying liveCD)11:30
JediMasteryeah don't have an FN key, it's a uk layout keyboard11:30
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, check the print screen button11:31
MaRk-IJediMaster: yes sir both keys and just press  r e s u b11:31
s3r3n1t7MaRk-I, misspelled, you're missing the i11:31
MaRk-Ir e i s u b   sorry missed the I11:31
JediMasteryeah, still not doing anything11:32
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, done all the keys?11:32
MaRk-Ilet it kill the process better than a dirty hard shutdown11:32
lg188knoppies: yup i used livecd but inside windows, i didn't want to risk losing my windows,  i still want to be able to play games11:32
s3r3n1t7MaRk-I, it's trying that (and thus far, failing)11:32
JediMasterlet me get this right, so I hit printscreen/sysreq then let go and r e i s u b11:32
lg188knoppies: next time i'm keeping an eye on the install11:32
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, also, alt11:33
JediMasterdon't need to hold sysreq down?11:33
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, yes, hold them down11:33
s3r3n1t7hold down alt + printscreen, do not let go11:33
JediMasters3r3n1t7, kk, pretty sure I trie it11:33
s3r3n1t7then press the keys 1 at a time with 5 second interval11:33
knoppieslg188, I understand. I would recommend using separate HDDs or partitions. I use old 10-80Gig HDDs for my linux installs. (except on my laptop where they are separate partitions) Keeping an eye on the install sounds like a good idea.11:34
trojan_spikei need a good fan control for mu asus MB,, have water cooling with fan going none stop11:34
JediMasters3r3n1t7, alt-gr and printscreen worked =)11:34
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, good to hear. Its rebooting?11:34
lg188knoppies: also a notebook, i cant plug some extre hardrives in you know11:34
knoppieslg188, yea. I almost used an external HDD11:35
JediMasters3r3n1t7, yes, rebooted, let it boot as normal with splash, no issues and no fsck or hang11:35
knoppieslg188, I hope your install goes well. If you need a hand dont hesitate to ask.11:35
JediMastergoing to force a disk check and reboot11:35
lg188knoppies: i don't have one that i can plug permanently in, so not an option xD11:35
lg188knoppies: alright thanks :)11:36
kreyhello, I'm trying to install ubuntu minimal from a usb drive but I can't get it to work, the computer won't boot from that drive, any ideas?11:36
lg188knoppies: lol uhm should i remove it back trough windows and then reboot and use the live cd installer ?11:36
knoppieslg188, Im not sure. I have never tried a wubi install. I have always booted from the disk (or USB image) and installed it to its own partition.11:37
lg188krey: is your bios set right ?11:37
knoppieslg188, or used a VM with a virtual HDD but thats pretty much the same.11:37
kreylg188: i think so, I changed the boot sequence11:38
JediMasters3r3n1t7, did a reboot after creating /forcefsck and no problems restarting this time11:38
lg188krey: that's wierd,11:38
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, hmm ... check for the latest updates?11:38
lg188krey: i don't know much more which could help you. good luck11:38
JediMasters3r3n1t7, was updated yesterday evening11:38
knoppieskrey, What USB device is it? HDD? external DVD? flash drive?11:38
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, give me 3 to fix a problem here, be back with you then11:39
kreyknoppies: flash drive11:39
JediMasters3r3n1t7, disk check is running now11:39
JediMasters3r3n1t7, np11:39
knoppieskrey, how did you put the image on the flash drive? (Im trying to see if it is set to boot)11:39
JediMasters3r3n1t7, fsck complete and no issues, started X fine11:39
kreyknoppies: dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdb11:39
JediMastergoing to power it off and see if I get the same issue11:40
atrkl_I can't access to my mysql from a client, I've just add GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO root@; but I still get Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server11:40
atrkl_any ideas11:40
wizard_anyone know anything about xbmc, it wont play video can only hear sound11:40
kreyknoppies: but I also tried unetbootin11:40
wizard_tried the ~xbmc channel think they are all dead no answer in 2 days lol11:40
* JediMaster is sure he can smell burnt gunpowder outside11:40
knoppieskrey, Ive never done that before. I normally use a windows machine and one of the pendrivelinux tools. (I have used some others, with success). I can look for a tutorial but I cant help you myself.11:41
GryllidaI save a file to a winows machine in the lan, the Windows machine user tries to open it and gets 'access denied' warning. Basically any file I save to that shared location is unopenable by that windows user, though I can open it. How can I fix?11:41
knoppieswizard_, (not that I can help you) what OS version are you running? (and while you are at it, the xbmc version as well)11:41
kreyknoppies: I tried pendrive linux, but it died complaining that my flash drive isn't big enough (256 of 700 MB) even though the image is 14 MB11:42
wizard_knoppies, running 10.04 - latest version11:42
knoppiesGryllida, the ownership/permissions of that file need editing. Not sure how to do it for a windows user. You might be able to find something useful on google.11:42
TricksI've just realised that I've mad a boo boo with the size of my partitions is there any way of resizing them?11:42
MaRk-Ikrey: reformat the usb you cant "burn" the iso if there's files on it oh and make sure its formatted to fat3211:43
knoppieskrey, that sounds odd. I wonder why it thinks it needs 700mb for a 14mb image.11:43
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
kreyMaRk-I: thanks, lemme try that again11:43
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, how's the reboot going?11:43
knoppiesTricks, I know that the gparted gui seems to imply that you can resize partitions, but I have always steered clear because I am worried I will kill my data. There should be gparted on all ubuntu liveCDs11:44
JediMasters3r3n1t7, rebooted fine 3 times in a row, so I powered it off, now it's stuck again, however, I'm sshed in11:44
JediMasters3r3n1t7, and the fsck I forced went through fine with no problems11:44
Gryllidaknoppies, urgh, when on network the file's permissions tab is not containing any info, 'this file permissions can not be determined'11:44
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, can you ssh in now it's stuck?11:44
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, once again, the dmesg if you please11:44
Gryllidaknoppies, I get that for info window for any file on that windows machine11:44
JediMasters3r3n1t7, I can see /bin/bash /etc/gdm/failsafeXServer is running11:45
JediMasters3r3n1t7, looks like it may be an Xorg issue11:45
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, can happen. Mind pastebinning it?11:45
Gryllidaknoppies, how can I try to fix/troubleshoot it?11:45
Tricksknoppies, yeah that's what I'm worries about... well to be fair it's a fresh install so it wouldn't be too bad it's a centos box though. I have gparted on a live cd so i'll have to do it that way11:45
Gryllidaknoppies, when I save that file locally and email it, windows user is able to open it.11:46
kudakzguys, when i make my screen resolution higher than 1024x768 it doesnt stretch to my screen and i need to use the mouse to get to the corners, any idea how to make it stretch ??11:46
knoppiesGryllida, I find it difficult to determine if you are looking at the file from windows or ubuntu, or if you created the file from windows/ubuntu. Im not actually sure how to fix cross platform permission problems. But my first step at troublshooting would be ubuntu forums and google. Not sure how to search for this kind of issue.11:46
knoppiesTricks, never used centos before. I would backup anything important/not replaceable. Good luck.11:47
kudakzcan anyone help me please with the screen resolution, i spent a whole day on this so far11:48
kudakzi can choose higher resolutions but they wont stretch to my screen11:48
Tricksknoppies, will do mate. centos probs best operating system I've worked with yet. rock solid11:48
masterkorpi have two monitors11:48
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, the thing is, there's probably a message in dmesg which tells you what went wrong when and how. once we isolate that we can fix it11:48
Gryllidaknoppies: 1) I make the file in gEdit on Ubuntu 2.1) save it to local location and copy to the shared one OR save to the shared one directly - windows user gets 'access denied' 2.2) save it locally and email - windows user can open it successfully11:48
masterkorphow can i confifure the X to display fullscreen apps only on one monitor11:49
Gryllidaknoppies: I'm not sure how to google for it at all11:49
Tricksknoppies, just finished configuring DHCP, DNS and samba share and it's all working beautifully :)11:49
GryllidaMetaBot: ping11:49
JediMasters3r3n1t7, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/461064/11:49
knoppiesTricks, that was quick. I wish you could do mine as well. I can never get a windows machine to access my samba shares. Permission issues most of the time. Im glad to hear your problem is solved.11:50
masterkorpany idea ?11:50
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, nothing wrong whatsoever. You said you think it's related to xorg, can you check their log file?11:51
JediMasters3r3n1t7, Xorg.0.log: xf86OpenConsole: VT_WAITACTIVE failed: Interrupted system call11:51
JediMasters3r3n1t7, that's what's killing X11:51
tux_hallo zusammen11:52
Tricksknoppies, yeah well the problem that took me 3 days to resolve was SELinux turn that bad boy off and windows xp could connect11:52
kudakzhow come when i make resolution higher than 1024x768 it wont stick to screen boundries and make me use mouse to scroll to corners??11:52
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, something like this? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=32350111:52
JediMasters3r3n1t7, btw that was a fatal server error11:52
chrispinHello there11:53
tux_leider ist ubuntuusers down, kann mir jmd schnell erläutern, wie ich grub wieder richtig installier. so dass auch win angezeigt wird?11:53
masterkorpi have two monitor, how can i set the fullscreen apps to display only on one monitor ?11:53
Tricksknoppies, need to find out why that is though but that ones for a later date11:53
guntbert!de | tux11:53
ubottutux: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.11:53
knoppiesthanks Tricks I will have a look into that.11:53
Lama_Chok@kudakz maybe you should change screen settings using monitor controls11:53
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, i suspected as much reading from this bug report11:53
JediMasters3r3n1t7, seems identical to my issue11:53
Tricksknoppies, no worries mate11:53
JediMastercould be kdm related then?11:53
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, it _might_ be, yes ... at least, these guys use kdm11:54
kudakzLama_Chok: my monitor doesnt have any options to change that11:54
JediMasters3r3n1t7, well this is kubuntu, didn't think it'd be the K causing the issue, but I guess it is =/11:54
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, it might, yes11:54
masterkorpi have two monitors, how can i set the full screen apps to display only on one monitor ?11:54
Lama_Chok@kudakz; i believe your monitor is not an LCD one11:55
JediMasters3r3n1t7, reboot, hope and file a bug report?11:55
kudakzLama_Chok: it is11:55
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, you can switch to gnome by installing ubuntu-desktop, which should default it to gnome automagically, or that11:55
chrispinI'm trying to configure object policy on ebox and I'm getting bad hour of the day value error. Could anyone out there be know the time format/value?11:55
Lama_Choktry to resize the screen settings using the buttons provided on the monitor11:56
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, apparently they think gdm is to bloated and slow compared to kdm to cause issues11:56
JediMasters3r3n1t7, no, frankly I'd rather live with rebooting 5 times in the morning than switch back to gnome =D11:56
kudakzLama_Chok: its not that it doesnt fit the screen, it goes beyond the boundries11:56
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, you know you can use kde from gdm right?11:56
JediMasters3r3n1t7, oh thought you meant run gnome, not gdm =D11:57
masterkorpi have two monitor, how can i set the fullscreen apps to display only on one monitor ?11:58
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, gnome and kde come after kdm/gdm. Reading back my wording was wrong. What i wanted to suggest was try out gdm instead of kdm11:58
Lama_Chok@kudakz; mostly this happens when correct display drivers are not installed11:58
chrispinHi guys, anyone with ebox configuration experience?11:58
JediMasters3r3n1t7, yeah that I can handle =)11:59
zykes-question, if one accidently rm's /dev12:00
zykes-smarted way to regenerate ?12:00
s3r3n1t7zykes-, reboot12:00
Gryllidachrispin: ask straight away, we might have had the experience, or just google out it for you as well.12:00
masterkorpi have two monitor, how can i set the fullscreen apps to display only on one monitor ?12:00
zykes-s3r3n1t7: thing is that /boot12:00
zykes-is missing...12:00
s3r3n1t7zykes-, so you didn't just rm /dev?12:01
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Lama_Chok@mastercorp : use different work space12:01
s3r3n1t7zykes-, yikes ...12:01
zykes-no kidding12:01
s3r3n1t7zykes-, rough thought and solution ... built a vm with vm-builder, copy that boot and pray that it works12:02
masterkorpi have two monitor, how can i set the fullscreen apps to display only on one monitor ?12:02
s3r3n1t7masterkorp, in the settings for your display set it to use seperate X sessions.12:03
JediMasters3r3n1t7, first boot into gdm has gone fine, I guess it's a kdm issue12:03
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, mind checking half a dozen times to be sure?12:03
JediMasters3r3n1t7, obviously nothing to do with the nfs issue earlier though12:04
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, which surprises me (but is obviously a good thing)12:04
masterkorps3r3n1t7, but then i have two sessions, i can move windows form one monitor to another12:04
chrispinGryllida, I'm getting Bad hour of the day value error when trying to configure http object policy. could you be knowing the right/correct value/time format?12:05
JediMasters3r3n1t7, err, weird, I can't shutdown from KDE now, can only log out to GDM12:05
s3r3n1t7masterkorp, it's a difficult situation (and quite different from windows) ...12:05
masterkorpyes, ai have searcher a lot12:06
masterkorpa no "clean" solution12:06
JediMasters3r3n1t7, ..... ARGGHHH12:06
JediMasters3r3n1t7, stuck shutting down again,12:06
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, ...12:06
JediMasters3r3n1t7, /bin/sh /etc/rc0.d/S31umountnfs.sh stop is running and unmount -l -f again12:06
JediMasterlooks like two bug reports to fill in12:07
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, do you happen to have a log somewhere? And yes, good idea12:07
Gryllidachrispin: possibly try #ebox12:07
symtab_how can i change the boot order in ubuntu 10.4 (i want to boot windows xp by default)12:08
symtab_i used to know how to do this with old grub12:08
symtab_but now i have no idea12:08
JediMasters3r3n1t7, yeah keeping track of the errors: [  360.850030] INFO: task pulseaudio:2183 blocked for more than 120 seconds.12:09
JediMasters3r3n1t7, same blocked errors12:09
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, somehow i'm still thinking this is related to your ecryptfs setup12:10
coz_symtab_,    not sure off hand but how about this   http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub-2.html12:10
JediMasters3r3n1t7, how does that stop nfs unmounting though?12:10
coz_symtab_,  or here   http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3107328.012:10
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, not specifically about nfs, but about the blocked processes12:10
JediMasterany way to remove the encrypted fs from the home dir?12:11
JediMasterwhile keeping the files!12:11
MaRk-IGryllida: are you sharing that folder with samba?12:11
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, create a new partition, copy all files over, mount over your old home dir?12:11
coz_symtab_,  if those done help you can go to the #grub channel :)12:12
JediMasters3r3n1t7, /home is mounted on the root partition (just one partition + swap)12:12
JediMasters3r3n1t7, not really mounted, it's in the root partition12:12
TahakkiHey guys, does anyone know which channel I should join to ask for testers for an application?12:12
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, the only way to "remove" ecryptfs from it is to copy it to a new fs on a seperate partition12:13
coz_Tahakki,  which appliation?12:13
JediMasters3r3n1t7, why a seperate fs?12:13
coz_Tahakki,   you could try ##linux...or if you want it tested on ubuntu either post it on theforum  or go to #ubuntu-offtopic?12:13
TahakkiIt's one I wrote in Python.12:13
coz_Tahakki,  ah ok12:13
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, because you want your home dir to have another FS then what you currently have, that is what you asked wasn't it?12:14
coz_Tahakki,   mm  well  can you post it on the forum?12:14
TahakkiIs there a forum in Ubuntu for announcing your own projects?12:14
coz_Tahakki,   mm let me check12:14
TahakkiThanks. :)12:14
JediMasters3r3n1t7, found a how-to to remove it =)12:14
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, goodies :)12:14
coz_Tahakki,     http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=31012:14
coz_Tahakki,  that may be the place for you :) if you post it give me the link I will test it here also :)12:15
coz_Tahakki,  no thats not the correct link hold on12:15
* lk29a says hello all from india12:15
DSpairGood morning all.12:15
myrkraverkGood morning Dspair.12:16
TahakkiThere's the link12:16
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coz_Tahakki,  oh ok... mm  I think maybe posting it on the forum in general...not to sure...but link people to the link you just gave me12:16
DSpairI need some help with setting http/ftp proxy settings in order to perform APT/Aptitude updates on a remote Ubuntu server. I added the "Aquire::http_proxy" information to /etc/apt/apt.conf, but I still cannot get through the proxy. I get an error that the proxy requires authentication. I have included the user/pass in the proxy settings.12:16
m1rhello. ubuntu 10.04 32bit, HPMini 2130, HDA Intel spurious response error on boot (any known fixes avilable?)12:17
TahakkiThanks man, I'll find somewhere.12:17
TahakkiMaybe link it on #ubuntu-offtopic too.12:17
coz_Tahakki,  wow that video is very very cool12:17
TahakkiHaha, I didn't make it.12:18
TahakkiBut that's what the app churns out - hopefully.12:18
coz_Tahakki,  absolutely cool :)12:19
Tahakkinow to post it somewhere :P12:19
SalahGoHi Guys!12:19
coz_Tahakki,  I will keep the origianl link you gave me to promote it when I can  after testing :)12:19
Tahakkibe sure and file a bug report if you find anything wrong, i've only been able to test it with one webcam.12:19
Tahakkithanks so much! ^_^12:19
coz_no problem12:19
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SalahGoWell, euh, can i ask something about WineHQ?12:20
TahakkiSalahGo, yeah, go ahead. :P12:20
SalahGoor it isn't the right place? :s12:20
Vasqlcan any one help me get rid of loging splash that after grub starts system?12:20
SalahGoWell... some apps launches a second .exe file to work after being launched themselves12:21
TahakkiOdd...which ones?12:21
SalahGo& This won't work with Wine since it loads Dlls & isn't able to launch more than 1 .exe file, if u don't ask for that12:21
MaRk-IVasql: you mean the "user login" ?12:22
ottermaton_I would like to be able to access files on my home computer from my laptop when I'm not a home. What should I look into?12:22
Vasqli want to my system booting in text mode12:22
TahakkiOh I see what you mean.12:22
jribottermaton_: ssh12:22
jrib!ssh > ottermaton_12:22
ubottuottermaton_, please see my private message12:22
coz_Tahakki,  is this only for lucid?12:22
jpdsalexi5: Hi.12:23
MaRk-IVasql: you have to remove "splash" and "quiet" from the grub12:23
Gordon_GekkoCan I install KDE applications on my Gnome desktop? Is it going to change anything on my system? I want to replace rythmbox with amarok12:23
alexi5do you guys know of anty player than can play shoutcast streams ?12:23
jribGordon_Gekko: sure12:23
Tahakki@coz The .tar.gz should work on any version of Ubuntu.12:23
coz_Tahakki,  great  thanks12:23
Tahakki@coz What distro do you use?12:23
Gordon_Gekkojrib, is it going to effect my system?12:23
SalahGoMy question is: how can i turn the 2nd .exe file into a dll lib so it can be launched with Wine with the 1st .exe file12:23
coz_Tahakki,  I use karmic at the moent  I wont use lucid    4 bugs still not fixed :)12:23
jribGordon_Gekko: well only in the sense that you'll have amarok installed12:24
Tahakki@coz Actually, the .deb should work on any version of ubuntu.12:24
TahakkiPreferably Karmic or above though.12:24
coz_Tahakki,  unresolvable dependencies  but I will attempt the tar.gz first12:24
TahakkiWhich dependencies?12:24
coz_Tahakki,  hold on12:25
SalahGowell, another question: any room for WineHQ? :p12:25
coz_Tahakki,    Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: python-gst0.10 (>= 0.10.18-1)12:25
TahakkiHmm, PyGST.12:25
Vasqlno one can help me?12:25
JediMastermmm REISUB goodness12:25
TahakkiThat latest version must be lucid-only.12:25
jribVasql: MaRk-I already did...12:25
Vasqlim struggle one week12:25
MaRk-Ialexi5: rhythmbox and banshee can play shoutcast streams you just have to add them manually12:25
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, hmm?12:26
coz_Tahakki,  right   no big deal :)12:26
TahakkiCan you try the .tar.gz and tell me which version of python-gstreamer you use?12:26
MaRk-IVasql: did you update grub?12:26
coz_Tahakki,  hold on12:26
MaRk-Ithanks jrib12:26
TahakkiIt'll mean I can change the .debs to work in Karmic.12:26
JediMasters3r3n1t7, had to sysrq-r-e-s-i-u-b it because it wouldn't shut down12:26
Gordon_Gekkojrib, thank you :)12:27
coz_Tahakki,   0.10.17-112:27
Tuna-Fish2I have a problem. My mother is using ubuntu, and the laptop she has has just booted into single user mode12:27
alexi5thanks MaRK-I12:27
Tuna-Fish2she's 300 km away12:27
Tuna-Fish2how would I even begin to diagnose this?12:27
MaRk-Ialexi5: do you know how to add them?12:27
Tahakki@coz Okay, does the .tar.gz work?12:27
jribTuna-Fish2: ask what she did last successful boot12:28
coz_Tahakki,   yes it does12:28
Tahakki@coz Can you check that webcam and compiling to video both work? If so I can change this for Karmic.12:28
alexi5MaRK-I:  using synaptic ?12:28
Dr_WillisI have to wonder what ever happened to that 'bullet proof X' thing we had a few releases back. :)12:28
VasqlMark yes i fix grub and splsh of grub got away but still can't logging in text mode just after grub starts i have black screen12:29
Dr_Willisseems that was designed to 'fix' a lot of the driver breakage of X issues ive been seeing the last few weeks12:29
MaRk-Ialexi5: rhythmbox is already installed by default (I think) I meant the radio stations12:29
jribTuna-Fish2: how do you know it's single user mode?12:29
VasqlI remove from grub "quiet splash"12:29
Tuna-Fish2jrib: no sudo12:29
Dr_WillisVasql:  theres also a 'text' mode you can use  instead of quite/splash. change 'quiet splash' to be 'text'12:29
jribTuna-Fish2: what do you mean by "no sudo"?12:29
alexi5maRk-I: installing the radio stations . No12:29
coz_Tahakki,  although now I cannot fullscreen the application and there is no maximize button12:30
Tahakki@coz That is deliberate12:30
coz_Tahakki,  ok12:30
TahakkiDoes webcam and video compile work okay?12:30
MaRk-Ialexi5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J0YvYQ09WI12:30
alexi5maRk-I: ok  thanks12:30
coz_Tahakki,  the webcam works fine  I havent tried the video compile yet12:30
VasqlI shuld put "quiet text" or just "text"?12:30
coz_Tahakki,  let me test it with a few photos hold on12:31
MaRk-IVasql: did you do "sudo update-grub"?12:31
Tuna-Fish2jrib: sudo wasn't recognized as a command. It appears that it is not actually in single user mode -- it is in initrd shell! the disk apparently broke12:31
VasqlMark yes12:31
Dr_WillisVasql:  just text12:31
Vasqlok i try again ty12:32
coz_Tahakki,  no film created  let me see if it sent it to home directory12:32
Dr_WillisVasql:  the 'text' option is sort of a 'failsafe' option - in case you are hacing some other issues.12:32
coz_Tahakki,  nope12:32
Tahakki@coz You have to type the path of the film12:32
coz_Tahakki,  I did that12:32
TahakkiWhen it tells you to12:32
Tahakkiand make sure it ends in .mp412:32
coz_Tahakki,    http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=31012:33
coz_Tahakki,  failed to link filmTheora with filmOggmux12:33
coz_Tahakki,  well it is karmic  so I can test this on the maverick machine on the other side of the room:)12:33
pierodo i install vlc12:33
Tahakkiplease do, thank you! ^_^12:34
io!vlc | piero12:34
ubottupiero: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs12:34
bazhangpiero, sudo apt-get install vlc12:34
Tahakkiit looks like it needs the latest python-gstreamer12:34
pierowhat command to use to install vlc12:34
Tahakkior the latest gstreamer12:34
bazhangpiero, I just told you12:35
pieroi used sudo apt-get install vlc but not working12:35
iopiero: In Terminal (Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal) enter "sudo apt-get install vlc".12:35
bazhangpiero, what version of ubuntu? check that the correct repos are enabled in software sources12:35
bazhangpiero, system administration software sources12:36
pierohow do i check that12:36
bazhangpiero, look at the menu I just gave12:36
Vasqlafter i remove "quite splash" and put only "text" then i do "update-grub" then "quite splash came back again into grub.cfg"12:36
Dr_WillisVasql:  i use the 'text' option from the GRUB menu. i dont normally set it as the default12:37
Dr_WillisVasql:  you are ediing grub.cfg by hand? you dont normally do that12:37
pierothank you12:37
VasqlDr_Willis, how can I do it?12:38
Dr_WillisVasql:  what are you wanting to do exactly? the Grub2 docs state to NOT edit grub.cfg by hand. edit the proper /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/XXX files12:38
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:38
io!software | piero12:39
ubottupiero: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents12:39
Dr_WillisVasql:  grub.cfg gets regenerated each time you rerun update-grub. if you edit grub.cfg the 'changes' will stay untill you rerun update-grub12:39
Tahakki@coz: If you're sharing it could you link them here?12:39
iopiero: I would suggest reading that if you have little experience with repositories and software management, to start with.12:39
coz_Tahakki,  couldnt get the cam to work on maverick  ... I will have to play with this12:39
TahakkiSame error message?12:40
zuscan i open a terminal in where ever  folder im in?12:40
zusi dont see an option to open a terminal and already be in that directory12:40
Vasqlok Dr_Willis TY so much i go play with it12:40
Tahakki@zus Are you using Docky?12:40
coz_Tahakki,  no the cam wasnt showing up at all and the photostory window shrank down12:40
zusTahakki,  i have yes12:40
Dr_Williszus:  theres a package in the repos that adds taht feature to the context menus12:40
Tahakki@coz Was it a different camera?12:40
Tahakki@zus there is a helper for Docky that allows you to do that.12:41
coz_Tahakki,  let me play with this for a few days... on maverick... I will report bugs12:41
Tahakki@coz Thanks! :)12:41
zusDr_Willis,  whats the name of the file?12:41
coz_Tahakki,  no problem  glad to do it.. I really like the idea of this application a great deal :)12:41
iozus: There is a package called nautilus-open-terminal in Universe that will do that.12:42
Carsten-hello. I am trying to use iptables to port forward, I have two IP's on my machine, how do I use iptables to forward from port 80 to 8080 on an ip of
Dr_Williszus:  no idea. use the pacakge manager search feature12:42
=== pjarnahomzz is now known as pjarnahom
zusio,  thanks12:42
* Dr_Willis thinks one can drag/drop a folder into gnome-terminal and it might cd to there. :)12:43
iozus: That package needs to be installed, then log out and back in (Ctrl + Alt + Backspace) then "Open in Terminal" should now be in the Nautilus context menue.12:43
Tahakki'coz Cheers. Remember if there are features you want you can make a blueprint. ^_^12:43
abstrusenickwhats the best browser on ubuntu?12:43
iozus: menu, even.12:43
s3r3n1t7Dr_Willis, actually it just pastes the link in there12:43
zusio,  thanks.12:43
Dr_Willisio:  that key vombo hasent worked by defaukt In ubuntu in ages. :)12:43
Dr_Williss3r3n1t7:  bummer :)  so much for features eh12:44
ioDr_Willis: I'm using 10.04 and it works for me. :-)12:44
s3r3n1t7Dr_Willis, well it's better then typing (especially for 10 folders down)12:44
zuslog out or can i restart nautilus?12:44
coz_Tahakki,  ok cool... it will take a few days  .. I may have to change systems for this to work... but I will let you know at some point :)12:44
s3r3n1t7!dontzap | io12:44
ubottuio: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap12:44
ioDr_Willis: And dragging a folder to Terminal does not make Terminal cd to that folder.12:44
Tahakki@abstrusenick I use Chrome, but Opera is very good too.12:44
iozus: Restart Nautilus/Gnome will work too.12:45
Tahakki@coz Thanks.12:45
abstrusenickcan we make ubuntu render font like mac?12:45
ios3r3n1t7: I don't need to know how to do it, I obviously already know that. :-)12:45
Dr_WillisYou got to do 'cd' then drag/drop and it adds the name here. oh wait that may be a terminator speciic feature12:45
coz_abstrusenick,  how does mac render font?12:45
s3r3n1t7io, obviously ... but you assumed it works by default, whereas the link shows you it does not.12:45
abstrusenickwith subpixel aliasing12:45
zusio,  cool, how do i do that again?12:45
abstrusenickits alot smootehr12:46
coz_abstrusenick,   /sytem/preferences/ appearnce  Fonts tab   Subpixel smoothing12:46
Dr_Willistype cd, then drag/drop, then hit enter. :) there ya go.  wonder if there a bash feature to auto-cd to a directory name when the name is entered.12:46
s3r3n1t7Dr_Willis, i doubt that, since it would hamper a lot when typing lots of dirs in combination with commands12:47
=== eloric is now known as elroic
TahakkiMy Ubuntu uses subpixel smoothing by default.12:47
ohirDr_Willis: type cd letter letter <tab> lette letter <tab> would be much faster ;>12:47
iozus: I haven't done that for years, does "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart" still work?12:48
io!hi | cheater9912:48
ubottucheater99: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:48
Dr_Willisohir:  unless its 30 folders nest3ed12:48
pierothank you12:48
s3r3n1t7io, zus, yes12:48
cheater99when i lock the screen my password isn't accepted anymore12:48
Carsten-I am trying to use iptables to port forward, I have two IP's on my machine, how do I use iptables to forward from port 80 to 8080 on an ip of
Dr_Williss3r3n1t7:  i mean when the only thing is a 'directory name'  but then you can get issues with dir names the same as command names I guess12:49
zusio thanks12:49
Dr_Willisat least drag/dropping isent doing a file://path/to/the/thing   like ive seen it do befor12:49
ThreeOfEightHallo, does anyone know how to set up Java to use a USB headset, by any chance?12:49
pepeehi. I compiled and installed a module. how do I make the system to load that module while booting?12:49
zuss3r3n1t7, thanks as well..12:49
s3r3n1t7Dr_Willis, i do like the feature as it is12:49
Dr_Willispepee:  does it load when you 'sudo modprobe modulename'  ?12:49
pepeeDr_Willis, yep, it's running now12:50
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=== elroic is now known as eloric
Dr_Williss3r3n1t7:  I was thinking befor. it dident add the single quotes. but that was some time back last i tried it12:50
ohirDr_Willis: could be12:50
ioCarsten-: Something similar to "iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080"?12:50
Tahakkipepee: Add it to /etc/modules, I think.12:50
ioCarsten-: Obviously change it to suit your setup.12:50
Carsten-Thanks IO.. only problem I have two ip's on this box I need to know how to do it for just one of the two ip's12:51
Tahakkipepee: Yep, add the name of the module to the bottom of /etc/modules. :)12:51
pepeeTahakki, yeah, thanks, that what I was searching for12:51
TahakkiNo problem...12:51
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pepeebe aware of this: http://downloads.securityfocus.com/vulnerabilities/exploits/41465.sh12:52
=== elorcale is now known as elorcle
TahakkiBy the way, chaps, what is the barrier for entry for a Ubuntu member?12:52
cheater99any ideas how to fix the password problem?12:52
TahakkiI've done lots of translations, but only a few bugfixes and no packaging.12:53
Pici!membership | Tahakki12:53
ubottuTahakki: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership12:53
Carsten-io: can i replace eth0 with the IP in question?12:53
s3r3n1t7pepee, further research shows this security hole is fixed and is only relevant for multi-user systems.12:54
pepees3r3n1t7, oh ok, good to know it :D12:54
TahakkiI've seen that page, just wondered what the barrier is? Roughly?12:54
TahakkiThe page isn't very specific.12:54
ioCarsten-: Before --dport add "-d IP" and instead of --to-port use "--to X.X.X.X:8080".12:54
ThreeOfEightDoes anyone know how Java's sound.properties works?12:55
PiciTahakki: There is no set barrier that you must exceed to be approved for membership.12:55
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* Carsten- goes crosseyed12:55
Carsten-io: may I pm you?12:55
Tahakki1600 karma on Launchpad?12:55
indus!PPA > thalib12:56
ubottuthalib, please see my private message12:56
coz_be back later12:56
ioTahakki: Significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu. Sustained usually means longer than 6 months.12:56
ioCarsten-: What is the problem?12:56
igeekyHi, Anyway to install IE8 on lucid ?12:57
TahakkiI think I've been translating for around a year.12:57
Carsten-im having trouble understanding exaclty what you mean... its a bit chaotic here12:57
io!wine | igeeky12:57
ubottuigeeky: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:57
bazhangigeeky, perhaps in wine; check the appdb and /join #winehq12:57
ioigeeky: Also see http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=25.12:58
PiciTahakki: Ask for advice in #ubuntu-translators or for more general membership questions, I guess #ubuntu-community-team would be a good place to ask.12:58
TahakkiOkay, thanks. :)12:58
=== pjarnahomzz is now known as pjarnahom
Carsten-io: im having trouble understanding exaclty what you mean... its a bit chaotic here12:59
zykes-anyways s3r3n1t7 thanks for the help12:59
=== pjarnahom is now known as pjarnahomzz
zykes-i fixed it by using MAKEDEV :)12:59
s3r3n1t7zykes-, good to hear12:59
ioCarsten-: I said above that something like "iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -i eth0 -p tcp -d --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to" should do what you want. That is of the top of my head though so check it and change it to suit your setup.13:00
igeekyThanks; I've checked it with playonlinux that is an improved wine but the Error says : It could not install on this operating system13:00
jerry_hi anyone know some application which can make me iso copy from my instaled ubuntu  please ?13:00
Carsten-io: i tried to do what you just suggested and got this error: iptables v1.4.4: IP address not permitted13:03
gezegencihi every one13:03
gezegencihello from turkey13:03
Dr_Willisigeeky:  use the winehq ppa/or debs and install it manually13:04
ioCarsten-: The manpage is at http://linux.die.net/man/8/iptables. I use something similar on my machine (without specifying the IP addresses) without any problems.13:04
ver_Dr_Willis, ty so much it works :)13:04
Carsten-io: I came across that page via google, but unfortunantly with my limited knowledge I could not makes heads nor tails of it13:05
Dr_WillisPlay on linux is a little weird/flakey in ways.13:05
jerry_how to make from current instalation ubuntu iso  for another install  ??? cant find any apps.  i did try remastersys and  it is  givin me to many errors13:06
ioCarsten-: We don't do homework, most knowledge in here exists from manpages and experience. Reading that website that I linked you to will explain the process so that you actually understand what you are doing.13:06
igeekyDr_Willis: what's ppa ?13:06
Carsten-io: again I have read it before I came here but it did nothing for me.. if you cant help thats fine just say so, I'll just keep asking every now and then...13:07
Picijerry_: AptOnCD would be helpful for that.  You'd need to install with a regular Ubuntu install CD, but you could use this to get all the extra packages.13:08
Pici!aptoncd | jerry_13:08
ubottujerry_: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline13:08
pieroi want a software that allow me to change ip13:09
jerry_ubottu  thank you i give try !! -)).....it will create standard iso  cd orr dvd which i can use for  another instalation ?13:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:09
Dr_Willis!ppa | igeeky13:09
ubottuigeeky: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.13:09
Dr_Willis!wine | igeeky13:10
ubottuigeeky: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:10
lg188hey, terug13:10
lg188hoe kan ik een hardeschijf waarvan partitie verloren is terug partitie geven ?13:11
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl13:11
lg188want dan kan ik gwn daar ubuntu op installen13:11
JediMasters3r3n1t7, so far no issues after removing ecryptfs, going to reboot a bunch of times to check13:11
s3r3n1t7lg188, !nl13:11
s3r3n1t7lg188, so english please ... also13:11
lg188oh oops forgot the -nel ssry13:11
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"13:11
igeekyDr_Willis: thanks :)13:12
iopiero: An anonymous IP?13:12
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel13:12
lg188s3r3n1t7: not that easy i think, it's a external hard drive13:12
s3r3n1t7lg188, where it is is not important, what FS it was on is much more important13:13
pieroyea An anonymous IP13:14
=== roo0t is now known as bihari
pierohow do i install it13:14
jpdspiero: What do you mean by that?13:14
lg188s3r3n1t7: alright d/l a tool13:14
iopiero: Use Tor, see https://www.torproject.org/.13:15
pierois there any  anonymous IP software13:15
jpdspiero: Yes; but nothing's untraceable.13:15
pierohow do i install it13:15
bobsomebodyhello #ubuntu13:15
iopiero: Read the website I linked you to.13:15
Dr_Willispiero:  state what you are trying to acomnplish exactly13:15
MaRk-Ibihari: any luck?13:16
bihariNOps sir13:16
MaRk-Ino response either?13:17
* JediMaster pulls his radiator off the front of his linux box to clean the fans/pipes for the first time since he got the water cooled machine in 3 years =D13:17
biharisome time i am just thiking to leav this  ubuntu :(13:17
bobsomebodyi think im having a 1d10t error with my screen saver, im using synergy to sync the screen saver initialization which preforms fine on the windows boxes but the linux box gives me a black screen (like power save mode, but i checked those options and they are not the cause) any ideas?13:17
MaRk-Ibihari: send pm13:17
bihariwell when i update something its says network problem13:17
s3r3n1t7bobsomebody, with a windows server for synergy i've never succeeded in fixing that13:17
Dr_WillisI tend to just disable screensacvers when using synergy13:18
ohirDr_Willis: or it can be done just by rightclick->Scripts->gnome2-terminal-here13:18
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Dr_Willisohir:  you really are lagged... :)13:19
bobsomebodybecause i swear i remember it working once upon a time then I decided to change things up so they didnt turn on13:19
airtonixbobsomebody, you have to run the synergy server as admin13:19
pierocan i use this command sudo apt-get install tor to install it13:19
ohirDr_Willis: scripts can be found at http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/13:19
Dr_Willis!tor | piero13:19
ubottupiero: Want to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks  More information available in #freenode13:19
bobsomebodyairtonix, i did that13:19
ohirDr_Willis: yep, I am. Still workday.13:19
Dr_Willisohir:  i have writen many a nautilus script13:19
Dr_Willisohir:  the whole nautilys scriopting stuff gets so overlooked and shorted,.13:20
airtonixbobsomebody, have you got the server set to "start on login"13:20
ohirDr_Willis: ok, so why advicing drag-n-drop to commandline ?;)13:20
Dr_Willisohir:  because its handy if you got a terminal open perhaps?13:20
bobsomebodyairtonix, yeah, i used run as to check if admin was the issue13:20
airtonixbobsomebody, then turn it off.13:20
Dr_Willisohir:  or if you want to do a 'some other command' and drag/drop it.13:21
ohirDr_Willis: thats a good excuse :)13:21
airtonixbobsomebody, i assume you are using windows vista or 7 ?13:21
bobsomebodyxp, to lazy to move to 7 just yet13:22
ohirDr_Willis: anyway 'how to open terminal here' is enough frequent to do ubottu factoid I think13:22
Dr_Willisohir:  spend some time just trying drag/dropping everything in gnome to whever it makes sence , or not so much sence. :) gnome has some DnD features taht are easy to overlook13:22
bobsomebodyairtonix, im gonna hold really still and let the screen saver kick in using run as non admin to see if that helps13:23
ohirDr_Willis: I am terminal dino, no need for wearing my joints with mouse :)13:23
airtonixbobsomebody, win7 has native virtual desktop support (just no interface for creating more workspaces like linux does) so when you make synergy run at startup it makes it a 'service' thus causing it to run in the admins userspace and not yours hence not on your screen13:23
bobsomebodyairtonix, same results13:24
airtonixbobsomebody, did you tell it to not run on startup...13:25
bobsomebodyinteresting, i never knew that about win7, i wonder if they made any powertoys for it, i know on xp you can get one for multiple desktop workspaces but things go south fast13:25
bobsomebodyi manually killed the app and ran it as a non admin user13:26
=== administrator is now known as Guest40017
airtonixbobsomebody, you'll always get the same problem unless its running as single user mode not as a service. check the advanced button13:27
bobsomebodyooooooooo i just had a stroke of genius... i think, brb13:27
Guest40017hello, i have problem with pidgin goes automatic on start up the computer and I want to stop it what code should i type in terminal?13:27
airtonixGuest40017, "automatic on start up" <<< what does this mean ?13:28
bobsomebodyim thinking compitz might be where its going wrong13:28
airtonixbobsomebody, i doubt it, because i don't have problems with that.13:28
bobsomebodyhrm, i think your right, i could have sworn there was something about screen saver in there that i was fiddling with13:30
StaRetjiFolks, is there a way to modify shortcut icon in Ubuntu Netbook lucid13:30
StaRetjiit's chromium icon13:31
StaRetjiI need to start it diferently13:31
StaRetjiin which file it is stored?13:31
StaRetjiall shortcuts13:31
airtonix!enter > StaRetji13:32
ubottuStaRetji, please see my private message13:32
haxxorz321because the resolution out-of-the-box was way bigger than my laptop's actual display, i had to use the "virtual" option in my xorg.conf file.  everything is fixed, but now everytime i fullscreen in chocolate-doom,zsnes, or anyother program that switches to low-res mode to do fullscreen makes a funky pattern across the screen that locks my out of my computer.13:36
haxxorz321because the resolution out-of-the-box was way bigger than my laptop's actual display, i had to use the "virtual" option in my xorg.conf file.  everything is fixed, but now everytime i fullscreen in chocolate-doom,zsnes, or anyother program that switches to low-res mode to do fullscreen makes a funky pattern across the screen that locks my out of my computer. any suggestions?13:37
osmarioHi all. Does somebody know how to force Rhythmbox to play stream webradios?13:38
haxxorz321third time: because the resolution out-of-the-box was way bigger than my laptop's actual display, i had to use the "virtual" option in my xorg.conf file.  everything is fixed, but now everytime i fullscreen in chocolate-doom,zsnes, or anyother program that switches to low-res mode to do fullscreen makes a funky pattern across the screen that locks my out of my computer. any suggestions?13:40
bazhanghaxxorz321, please dont repeat so quickly; if someone knows they will answer13:40
cheater99when i lock my screen, the prompt does not accept my password, even though it is correct. how can i fix this?13:41
kuttansHello friends anybody there to help me in fixing compiz problem.  im trying to install fglrx and its not being configured and throwing an error saying that some symlinks are not proper13:41
flambohi all, i have some spam bot requesting to add dozens of accounts to my yahoo and icq accounts on epiphany, how can i block/ignore icq or yahoo users?13:42
airtonixflambo, epiphany is a web browser... what does that have to do with icq ?13:43
flamboairtonix: arrg, sorry, empathy.13:43
bobsomebodyairtonix, i just noticed my screen saver wont initialize at all, i set it to 1 min, shutdown synergy, watched 3 min's click by and nothing happened13:43
airtonixflambo, can you not set your visibility to only those on your list ?13:43
flamboairtonix: not a clue,,13:43
airtonixbobsomebody, ? sorry i thought your windows side of the synergy was dissapearing into a hidden screen?13:44
bobsomebodyno the linux side of things is13:44
boumahello, im trying to help my friend with recovery of an external usb drive with an ntfs partition which was being accessed with ubuntu 10.04 successfully when the machine locked and afterwards the ntfs partition will not mount, it is not just the dirty flag ubuntu brings up a message saying that it is important to run chkdsk /f , but xp/win7 wont even enumerate the volume, and the best win offers is to 'initialise the partition table' no thanks. ub13:44
boumauntu shows the partition table is fine, mbr style, with one large ntfs partition and an extended reiserfs partition. any help on what software so i can mount this drive its a TB and so its got alot of important stuff on it13:45
bobsomebodythe windows box is the synergy server13:45
airtonixbobbytek, i thnk you need to describe the problem again for me13:45
airtonixbobsomebody, ^13:45
=== ndhawan is now known as GulabChand
=== GulabChand is now known as Seth
bobsomebody(lol everyone does that) but the problem is when the screen savers kick in, the linux screen acts like its going into power save mode13:46
=== yessir_turan is now known as dfder
airtonixbobsomebody, which screen saver ?13:46
arch1thanks for help : ciao alla prossima13:46
airtonixbobsomebody, so the linux screensaver.13:47
arunkumar413i cant create a folder in /usr/bin13:47
=== Seth is now known as nirvana
bazhangarunkumar413, why would you want to13:47
airtonixarunkumar413, you need to use sudo13:47
bobsomebodyyeah but now im finding out i cant get the screen saver to kick in at all13:47
airtonixbobsomebody, on linux ?13:47
arunkumar413airtonix: tell me the complete command, why cant i create using create new foldre option13:48
airtonixbobsomebody, i assume you've already checked : system > preferences > screensaver ?13:48
bobsomebodyits a fairly basic setup, nothing over the top or hackish13:48
oCean_bouma: well, ubuntu offers some ntfs utlities in ntfsprogs13:48
bobsomebodyyeah i set up all that stuff13:48
bazhangarunkumar413, explain what you are trying to do13:49
airtonixbobsomebody, how did you run the synergyc ?13:49
bobsomebodyits set to kick in on startup but i killed it to see if the screen saver would kick in or not13:49
arunkumar413bazhang: i need to create a folder for my electronic symbol libraries under the directory where the executable file is located13:49
arunkumar413bazhang: the executable file is in the /usr/bin13:50
airtonixbobsomebody, what i mean is on the linux machine are you a) using quicksynergy or, b) using /usr/bin/synergyc -f nameofyour-windows-machine.local13:50
bobsomebodyairtonix, b13:50
airtonixbobsomebody, and you say you have it "running on startup" << elaborate13:51
bazhangarunkumar413, installed via the package manager?13:51
Morten_which kernel does the newest ubuntu have?13:51
bazhang!info linux | Morten_13:51
ubottuMorten_: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)13:51
arunkumar413bazhang: ya13:51
Morten_thanks bazhang13:51
bobsomebodyairtonix, basically when my user logs in it executes the command to load synergyc13:51
airtonixbobsomebody, so you are using ~/.profile to run it ?13:51
bazhangarunkumar413, which app13:52
arunkumar413bazhang: gschem13:52
arunkumar413bazhang: its a part of gEDA13:53
bazhanggeda-gschem arunkumar413 this?13:53
bobsomebodyairtonix, yeah but its just the default stuff (your talking about the synergy config correct?)13:53
StaRetjiFolks, is there a way to modify favorites shortcut icon ( I need to modify chromium shortcut to start in kiosk mode)13:54
airtonixbobsomebody, i use aliases and bonjour hostnames for my config13:54
airtonixbobsomebody, here is what i would do first : 1) install openssh-server and screen on the linux machine 2) get putty for windows 3) login to the linux machine 4) run screen 5) then run : synergyc -f servername/ip13:54
arunkumar413bazhang: yes13:54
arunkumar413bazhang: for creating my own schematic symbols i need to create my own directory13:55
bazhangarunkumar413, just checking the forums13:55
boumahello is there a windows channel, or someone who can advise me on how to recover an ntfs partition which wont mount after being used under ubuntu which hung13:55
airtonixbobsomebody, its like workspaces for terminal... you can detach them and re attach them... and inside each workspace you can have running programs left alone after you logout from ssh13:55
bobsomebodyoh i thought that sounded familiar13:56
stevehedgehow do i get my Epson scanner/printer to work in Opensuse KDE 11.2??13:56
bobsomebodyi must admit im confused a bit on how this moves towards a solution with the screen saver not kicking in13:57
airtonixbobsomebody, you do it this way because all sorts of things go wrong on the remote machine thus using screen allows you to start up synergy in verbose mode and then detach from it when you don't need to see it13:57
icerootstevehedge: this is #ubuntu13:57
bazhangstevehedge, try #suse13:57
=== fulldarkness is now known as slim
airtonixbobsomebody, the verbose output of synergy might give you a clue as to exactly what is going wrong.13:57
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
arunkumar413bazhang: this is what i need to do inorder to create my own symbols:   http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/PCZY8uJY13:58
EgyParadoxstevehedge: I believe OpenSUSE is another distro, it is not supported here.13:58
=== Paulecas is now known as Paulo39
bobsomebodyairtonix, let me see if i can find the switch for synergyc's verbose mode13:58
airtonixbobsomebody, it is "-f"13:58
bobsomebodyi think i have that set at start up :S let me double check it13:59
bobsomebodyhuh, i guess i took it out, im gonna give that a go14:00
airtonixbobsomebody, on my desktop machine at home (running karmic) the screensaver kicks in after 10min i think. i don't think i have any power saving options turned on, but because i launch synergy under the currently logged in user via ssh > screen > synergyc -f remotehostname.local14:01
bobsomebodyairtonix, ill have to admit i figured getting glmatrix onto windows running through avast screen saver was going to be the hard part of this stupid idea lol14:01
bobsomebodythat was actually kinda easy14:01
Roy_hi all guys...I'm noob and not english-native language. I need a help: I running on ubuntu 10.04 and reading a "for dummies" guide that show me how to find a services panel, but in "systems - administration-..." there is not the "services" . Someone help me and explain how to reinstall this or how to find the same functions ?14:02
airtonixbobsomebody, when you say screen saver kicks in like power saving mode, do you mean the linux box suspends or just has a locked screensaver requiring you to enter you username and password ?14:02
=== dfder is now known as yessir_turan
abhi_navRoy_, system=>administration=>system monitor=>services14:02
bobsomebodyairtonix, the screen itself goes into the power save mode but the system itself does nothing different14:03
airtonixbobsomebody, and this is after a period of inactivity which causes the screensaver to launch. ?14:04
bobsomebodyno, it does absolutely nothing then14:04
bazhangarunkumar413 you want to add a schematic? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/gschem.1.html14:04
bazhangah he quit14:04
bobsomebodyonly if it gets the screen saver sync from synergy will it do that with the screen14:04
bazhangarunkumar413 you want to add a schematic? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/gschem.1.html14:04
airtonixbobsomebody, im not sure what you mean by that to be honest ? synergy communicates with screensavers ?14:05
bobsomebodywell remember how i had the screen savers synced with synergy?14:05
arunkumar413bazhang: no14:05
bobsomebodyon that event, (initialized by the windows host computer's screen saver kicking in) it will give me that power save mode on the linux screen14:06
airtonixbobsomebody, not really. does this problem happen regardless of the screensaver you choose ?14:06
lg188is there a kind of paicho in the games ?14:06
Roy_<abhi_nav : there is not. there are "system, process, resources and file system". in the option, there is not something to enable it. 8-(14:06
bobsomebodyyou know i didnt check that... let me try it, brb14:06
bazhangarunkumar413, then to add what ever it is you wish ( a folder one directory up apparently) you'd need to use sudo14:06
ja660k_does anyone know what folder firefox plugins are in?14:07
abhi_navRoy_, oh yah my mistake14:07
Roy_<abhi_nav no prob 8-)14:07
arandja660k_: ~/.mozilla/plugins/  but if you mean addons it's in ~/.mozilla/firefox/profilename/extensions I think14:08
abhi_navRoy_ are you in admin account? if not then crosscheck it from there because i am now in stadard account. so i can see14:08
Roy_I'm admin , I running on test notebook...14:09
JediMasters3r3n1t7, no problems with any reboots or shutdowns since installing gdm and removing ecryptfs14:09
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, good to hear :-)14:09
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, yet i still wonder what was wrong with it ...14:10
Roy_<abhi_nav I'm admin , I running on test notebook...14:10
frostburnis there a way to keep monitor settings persistent through sleep/hibernate?14:10
kanguwhat does data hook mean ?14:10
JediMasters3r3n1t7, that and I just removed 3 years of dust from the water cooling's tripple fan radiator, and there was a lot of dust!14:10
airtonixbobsomebody, ahh i never noticed that config option : screenSaverSync = {true|false}14:10
gotenksssubuntu the best14:11
gotenksssi love  ubuntu14:11
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, i doubt that has an effect on the software14:11
trojan_spikeubuntu love you ;)14:11
JediMasters3r3n1t7, well it's 30C+ in the room and I figured it can't help if it's overheating =)14:11
bobsomebodyairtonix, well this time it did absolutely nothing14:11
s3r3n1t7JediMaster, true14:12
bobsomebodyusing a different screen saver14:12
airtonixbobsomebody, that implies it requires the same screensaver software on both machines ? seems a bit retarded to me14:12
Phong_good morning everyone in the house.14:13
Phong_how are you all doing today?14:13
Phong_Thanks god is friday14:13
airtonixbobsomebody, i've never actually used that option though so im not too sure how to move forward apart from just not using it.14:13
oCean_!hi | Phong_14:13
ubottuPhong_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:13
bobsomebodyairtonix, no ive had it work in the past, starting back in ubuntu 6.10 using XP as a host14:13
slim1(notice) slim1 is not a registered nickname.  so what should i do to registe?14:13
bobsomebodyso i dont think it requires the same screensaver software14:13
airtonixbobsomebody, using any screensaver ?14:13
oCean_!register | slim114:13
ubottuslim1: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:13
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freenode-fananybody got TerraTec Cinergy XS (em2882) running on lucid ?14:15
bobsomebodyairtonix, yeah i had the glmatrix going on linux with xp running something retarded like starfeild i think14:15
bobsomebodybut it looked tacky so i had them set to power save14:16
airtonixbobsomebody, just a blank screen instead then ?14:16
tuliohmhi, anybody knows where is the Services Manager on ubuntu 10.04?14:16
GryllidaServices Manager?14:17
Gryllidawhat do you expect it to do?14:17
bobsomebodyairtonix, at first yes, but then i adjusted the power managment stuff on all 3 to power down the screens before the blank screens kicked in14:17
Gryllidasystem - administration - startup14:17
tuliohmGryllida, apache, mysql, etc...14:17
airtonixGryllida, tuliohm means the gui aspect of $ sudo service blah blah stop14:17
airtonixtuliohm, there isn't one.14:17
airtonixtuliohm, you could however make one yourself with python and pygtk14:18
tuliohmairtonix, hmmm, previous versions has it right?14:18
airtonixtuliohm, no.14:18
tuliohmairtonix, I remember o.O14:18
tuliohmwait a second..14:18
airtonixtuliohm, don't confuse that with user startup applications14:18
tuliohmairtonix, i know the different14:18
airtonix(which only start after you login)14:19
tuliohmairtonix, http://blog.ubuntu-tweak.com/2007/09/30/how-to-control-ubuntus-services-easily.html14:19
tuliohmtake a look..14:19
tuliohmwhen i was using the 9.1014:19
tuliohmit has14:19
tuliohm( srry for my english )14:19
airtonix!find services14:19
ubottuFound: upstart, atheme-services, dancer-services, ebox-services, ice33-services (and 9 others)14:19
airtonixtuliohm, pm ubuttu and use the find and info bang commands to find it... i think it might be in the repos14:20
tuliohmairtonix, ok ;)14:20
airtonix!es | usuario_14:21
ubottuusuario_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:21
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FloodBot3usuario_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:22
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php14:23
bobsomebodyairtonix, well it seems that ive disabled the power save mode but i cant seem to get it to do anything now14:23
torarneQ: After a fresh install of 10.04 the boot hangs with a blinking cursor, and booting in rescue mode shows a suspicious "Out of memory" for ureadahead, and ends up halting after the msg "Attached SCSI removable disk". Any idea what could cause this?14:24
airtonixtuliohm, sudo apt-get install bum14:24
airtonixbobsomebody, when you say "cant seem to get it to do anything now", does this mean that not even the mouse of keyboard attached to the linux box cause any response ?14:25
bobsomebodythere is no mouse or keyboard attached to the linux box14:25
bobsomebodywhen i say do anything i mean it wont even do the power save mode, it just acts like its not going idle14:26
tuliohmairtonix, I'm using it :P14:26
tuliohmbetter than the old one14:26
bobsomebodyno screen flicker, no screen saver, nothing14:26
airtonixbobsomebody, so the screen is not physically repsonding ?14:27
bobsomebodyit is, i just ment its not doing what it should14:27
bobsomebody(im talking to you on the linux box)14:27
bluebaron_anyone know why, when i try to open file with other application, set it as the default application, it goes back to toetem(avi)14:27
bluebaron_i want vlc14:27
ActionParsniptorarne: boot to root recovery mode with networking and use a wired connection (makes life easier). and get updated14:28
torarneactionparsnip: seems like i'm hitting this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ureadahead/+bug/59096314:28
ActionParsnipbluebaron_: right click the file, you can configure the default app there I believe14:28
airtonixbobsomebody, ok. so your only problem right now is that the screensaver sync is not actually syncing ?14:28
torarneactionparsnip: i just rebooted for the third time and now  i got the rescue console14:28
Dr_Willisbluebaron_:  that open with.. dosent set teh default.. its a one time thing.14:29
bobsomebodybluebaron_, system > preferences > preferred applications14:29
airtonixbobsomebody, and that previewing any of the linux screensavers does not give you a full screen preview ?14:29
bluebaron_Dr_Willis, then why is there a checkmark that says "Rember this application for \"AVI Video\" files"?14:29
bluebaron_bobsomebody, thank you14:30
bobsomebodyno preview works flawlessly and behaves just fine (no flickers, no redraw hiccups)14:30
airtonixbluebaron_, its not a checkmark its a radio box. and do not confuse the fact that it being highlighted means that you have set that entry as the default app.14:30
Dr_Willisbluebaron_:  try right clicking and set it that way then.14:30
bluebaron_airtonix, no you are wrong14:30
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airtonixbluebaron_, you actually have to click on the radiocircle14:30
bluebaron_airtonix, no it is a checkbox ... i am a developer .. i know the difference .. thank you for playing14:31
bobsomebodywell shit that wasnt good.... my slide out tray just fell off my desk brb 1 sec14:31
Dr_WillisI think he means the 'open with ... other application .... ' gui has a check bo.14:31
torarneactionparsnip: k, got into root + networking and did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, hopefully that will fix it14:31
ActionParsniptorarne: hope so, updates fix quite a lot14:31
bluebaron_"anyone know why, when i try to open file with other application, set it as the default application, it goes back to toetem(avi)"14:31
torarneactionparsnip: thanks for the tip14:31
airtonixbluebaron_, default ubuntu theme has that as a radio selector not a check box.14:32
ActionParsniptorarne: do a dist-upgrade too, will get you kernel updates too :)14:32
devihi everyone, can someone help me with installing my printer?14:32
airtonixbluebaron_, infact i think that regardless of the theme it will always be a radio widget and not a tickbox14:32
bluebaron_airtonix, a radio button implies there are at least two options ... please stop talking14:32
torarneactionparsnip: ah, thanks, no used to apt-get14:32
bobsomebodyok back, holy crap that gave me a heart attack14:32
ActionParsnipdevi: what printer14:32
ActionParsniptorarne: its good to use14:32
devia brother dcp135c actionparsnip14:33
airtonixbluebaron_, no you just made a new best friend14:33
ActionParsnipdevi: brother do linux drivers, head to the brother site14:33
sweetpibluebaron_: iirc it just adds the program to the list of known apps for that file type14:34
deviActionParsnip: I tried that, but what do I do once I downloaded the driver...?14:34
ActionParsnipdevi: most times they are debs so install them like any other deb14:34
bluebaron_sweetpi, ahhh .... yes .. that makes sense14:34
bobsomebodyairtonix, i must admit im about at wits end with this stunt lol14:34
deviActionparsnip: Whats a deb?14:35
bobsomebodytime vs actual coolness factor != worth it14:35
deviActionparsnip, I'm no computer wiz...14:35
samlhey, how can I install .deb package i downloaded?14:35
samldpkg -i ?14:35
ActionParsnipdevi: ubuntu doesnt expect you to be14:35
bobsomebodyairtonix, but i thank you for your help none the less14:35
ActionParsnipsaml: sudo dpkg -i file14:35
ActionParsnipdevi: what filename have you downloaded?14:35
bluebaron_How do I set the default application for avi files?14:36
samlActionParsnip, it fails because i don't have dependencies.14:36
deviActionParsnip, I just saw I doewnloaded 2 times the rpm files.. there r some deb too, should I try that?14:36
airtonixbluebaron_, because i love you : http://imagebin.org/10466014:36
abhi_nav!rpm | devi14:36
ubottudevi: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)14:36
ActionParsnipdevi: ubuntu doesn't use rpm.14:37
hahabhi how do i start memtest from the new ubuntu lucid live cd?14:37
devioohhhhh.... oops!14:37
abhi_nav!deb | devi14:37
ubottudevi: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.14:37
ActionParsnipdevi: run this command and it will be fine:    cd ~; wget http://solutions.brother.com/Library/sol/printer/linux/rpmfiles/lpr_debian/dcp135clpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./dcp135clpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb; sudo apt-get -f install; rm ./dcp135clpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb14:37
ActionParsnipdevi: that command will install it for you14:37
erryCan you get the closed-source Java from sun in 10.04?14:37
Armada64how do i daemonize a process14:38
ActionParsniperry: sure you just need to enable the partner repo14:38
bluebaron_airtonix, thank you for showing me how wrong you were ... you didn't read my question ... while that lets me know how to fix my issue, your telling me that i was wrong was wrong because you didn't read the question14:38
erryActionParsnip, which partner repo?14:38
Roy_I have a problem: on ubuntu 10.04 there is not the "services" voice under "system - administration". Someone know something about that ? someone can help me ?14:38
bobsomebodyairtonix, i know u said u dont use screen savers much but if you've ever wanted to get the linux ones over to windows i found this tonight http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~dastone/winxscreensaver/14:38
ActionParsniperry: THE partner repo, its in software sources14:38
airtonixbluebaron_, ragemoar14:38
bobsomebody(plus im sure someone will come in here wondering if and how to get them on windows)14:39
ActionParsniperry: http://www.clickonf5.org/linux/how-install-sun-java-ubuntu-1004-lts/777714:39
bobsomebodylawls @ ragemoar14:39
airtonixbobsomebody, all of them ?14:39
erryActionParsnip, ah, didn't run accross that when googling :P14:39
ActionParsniperry: try other search engines then....14:39
bobsomebodyairtonix, the default ones and t