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AnxiousNuthow do i add a new computer to my account i cant find any "add this pc" buttons on the site!06:00
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AnxiousNuthow do i get to this step https://media.one.ubuntu.com/media/2892/img/install/u1_add_computer.png?06:04
duanedesignhello AnxiousNut06:05
AnxiousNuthello there06:05
duanedesignAnxiousNut: that is a bug that some are experiencing. Fortunately the workaround is easy06:06
duanedesignfollow the three steps in the link06:07
duanedesignafter you run the command in step3 a browser should open and prompt you to add your computer06:07
duanedesignwith the button :)06:07
AnxiousNutfinally! for a moment i thought cant see well seeing that i couldnt find the button! BUT thanks a lot duanedesign! you're the best, without your help i would never be able to do it!06:10
duanedesignhappy syncing06:14
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duanedesignmorning all12:50
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duanedesignwhat kind of bugs should be assigned to the ubuntuone-ops+ team?13:11
duanedesigni have noticed that I usually assign -desktop+ or -foundations+13:13
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beunoduanedesign, -foundations and -ops have merged13:45
beuno-foundations is now just the syncdaemon client13:46
beunoand it's counterparts on the server13:46
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duanedesignbeuno: thank you14:32
duanedesignrye: honk14:35
ryeduanedesign, pong14:35
duanedesigni have a bug report where a user lost some Tomboy notes14:35
ryeduanedesign, bug #14:36
ryerodrigo_, ^14:36
rodrigo_duanedesign, yeah, bug #?14:36
duanedesignbug 59861714:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 598617 in ubuntuone-client "Bad Syncronization (affects: 1) (heat: 90)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59861714:36
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TyrielAnyone around?15:20
TyrielI can't access my Ubuntu One Account, my contacts are saved there and I cannot sync to my Evolution Client, neither access it through internet. why?15:21
TyrielSince I setup the 10.04 TLC it doesn't work15:21
beunoTyriel, couchdb replication has been disabled for a few weeks now due to performance issues15:22
beunorye, have a bug number for that?15:23
Tyrieljesus :(15:23
Tyriel2 months already :(15:23
ryebug #58553015:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 585530 in ubuntuone-servers "Desktopcouch Replication is disabled - evolution contacts and bookmarks are not syncing (affects: 59) (dups: 5) (heat: 361)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58553015:23
rye:-( grrrr15:23
ryeTyriel, you say you cannot access them via the internet, i.e. the web site?15:23
Tyrielit shows this error15:24
TyrielInvalid OpenID transaction15:24
ryeTyriel, is there anything else printed on the web page and what is the URL that this page is on?15:30
Tyrielone second actually it showed here to me to re-enter a new password15:30
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Tyrielnow I am on this Ubuntu Single Sign on and it doesn't get out of there... can't go further15:32
ryeTyriel, ok, can you try going to https://one.ubuntu.com again ?15:38
Tyriellet's see15:39
Tyrielfinally worked ;)15:43
Tyrielany eta of when it will work on the evolution?15:43
mr_chrisSo I just purchased an album from the music store. The songs show transferred on the Ubuntu one website. I see the files showing up in the command line. Rhythmbox still shows everything as "Transferring to you Ubuntu One storage".16:01
duanedesignhello mr_chris16:02
mr_chrisFor me, I don't mind so long as I get the music. However, I give Ubuntu to a lot of people with little computer experience and encourage them to support Canonical by using the music store. This will really confuse them.16:02
mr_chrisduanedesign: hello there16:02
duanedesignmr_chris: do you see the songs at https://one.ubuntu.com/files16:03
mr_chrisduanedesign: Yes. I also see them showing up in ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/. Rhythmbox is just showing the status incorrectly.16:04
duanedesignin the Purchased Music folder16:04
mr_chrisduanedesign: yes16:04
duanedesignahh ok16:04
mr_chrisI should also mention that you still have to manually refresh the My Downloads page to see the status change from "syncing" to "Transferring"16:07
duanedesignmr_chris: what version of Ubuntu are you running?16:09
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mr_chrisduanedesign: Songs are all downloaded now. Rhythmbox status still claims "Transferring to your Ubuntu one storage"16:22
ryemr_chris, is the status stays the same after you restart rhythmbox?16:22
mr_chrisrhy: It does16:23
mr_chrisrye: It does16:23
mr_chrisrye: Hello there. Thanks for the help again.16:23
ryemr_chris, ok, rodrigo_just told me that the default state for rhythmbox is to show "Transferring to your storage" and then it updates the string to show the real state, could you please try quitting the rhythmbox and starting it from the terminal16:30
ryemr_chris, then copy/paste the output from the terminal to http://paste.ubuntu.com and give the URL of the paste, maybe there's something that was not caught during the testing16:30
mr_chrisrye: Made your own pasting service I see. Nice. http://paste.ubuntu.com/461180/16:33
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