ScottLpersia, are you around yet?04:58
ScottLjussio1, what was the other irc channel you asked me to log into a couple of weeks ago?  it is the one where the interview was set up04:59
jussi01ScottL: #ubuntu-community-team06:12
persiaScottL: Kinda around now.14:48
scott-workpersia: there are a few items that i would appreciate your thoughts/input/suggestions, when would be a good time for you?14:56
scott-workthis evening or anytime almost this weekend would be good for me14:56
persiaI've 30-50% attention for the next couple hours, and more in the 12-15 hour range, or after about 19 hours.14:57
scott-work30-50% attention available or required of you?15:01
scott-workavailable would imply that later is better for us to talk15:01
scott-workrequired of you would imply that it would be better to talk now15:01
scott-worki can make it work either way...your discretion15:01
persialater is better, but now is easier to schedule :)15:03
scott-workunderstood, later is preferrable to me as well, i forget your timezone, however +8 hours from now is good or approximately +30 hours from now is good15:05
persiaI'm not sure I can do now+8, but I'll let you know when I awake.  now+30 ends up being the middle of the night before a scheduled morning engagement for me, so won't work either.15:07
scott-worknow+30:  I am available from now+30 probably through now+4015:10
scott-workwe have always have a time delayed conversation where i post questions to start the conversation and you respond when available.  it's worked before :)15:11
persiaThere's some uncertainty about the length of my engagement: I might be able to catch you in the now+38-now+40 range.15:12
persiaBut yeah, contentful pings are more useful :)15:13
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scott-workdetrate`: are you arround?18:00
detrate`hey scott-work, what's up?18:04
scott-workany word on the website update?  i'm hoping to clear up the hosting issues this weekend (or at least narrow the scope)18:07
scott-workdetrate`: i was hoping stochastic would be available to help, but alas, he is not apparently18:07
detrate`honestly, I've kind of abandoned it in favor of other work waiting to hear back on the situation18:07
detrate`I didn't want to move forward with a wordpress site if we couldn't deploy it18:08
scott-worksorry, heading out to lunch, i'll catch you in an hour18:08
scott-workunderstandable about not moving forward, bbl18:08
scott-workdetrate`: sorry 'bout that, as i was saying to have a clearer idea of where we are going after this weekend19:31
scott-worki've been trying to get in contact with cory kontros also but haven't had much luck in the past few weeks19:31
scott-workoops "as i was saying, i hope to have a clearer..."19:32
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