Agu10I do music composition as a hobby04:04
Agu10but I like to use professional or semi-pro tools04:04
Agu10is it OK with the programs I can find for linux?04:04
Agu10or do I need Windows?04:04
Agu10and can I run some programs in Wine and connect / sync them with the ones on ubuntu?04:04
Blank__Agu10, depends... i've never done composition myself04:14
Blank__i'm probably not the best person to help, but considering no one else seems to be saying anything...04:14
Agu10why do most people use a Mac for this stuff?04:14
Blank__you might be able to use something like rosegarden or muse04:14
Blank__Agu10, presumably because of the amount of programs available for it04:15
Blank__i personally think there's an underlying psychological trend towards mac amongst creative types, whether people know it or not04:16
Agu10aren't there more for windows?04:16
Blank__subtle marketing and of course, jobs' reality distortion field04:16
Blank__there might be, but people associate cost with quality04:16
Blank__and mac has that kind of "quality" in spades04:16
Agu10I've heard people saying "garage band" is really good04:16
Blank__yeah... no04:17
Agu10I personally don't know about mac04:17
Blank__garage band is fine for simple stuff (or so i've heard), but you'll never catch me using it04:17
Agu10but even professional artists prefer to use macs04:17
Agu10on the other hand, I don't see why the competition will refuse to make pritty designs, as apple does04:18
Blank__i'm also guessing that they like to make themselves look contemporary and sophisticated by using apple's stuff04:18
Agu10I have an ipod touch :)04:19
Agu10that's all I have from apple04:19
Blank__unfortunately apple have a very good design team - their whole ideology revolves around sugar coating things04:19
Blank__then charging exorbitant prices for them04:19
Agu10yes, that's ok, but I don't understand why they're the only ones who achieve something eye-candy04:20
Blank__i guess you could say that different people gravitate towards different platforms... as such the focus of each is different04:20
Agu10I think it's like having jewels04:21
Blank__linux isn't really about eyecandy as much as it is about functionality; that scares some people away04:21
Agu10it's the feeling it gives them of having something really expensive and pritty04:21
Agu10and that everybody values it in some way04:21
Blank__(often "functionality" includes trying to get things working at all, regardless of the platform)04:21
Agu10I sometimes start to feel like that04:21
Blank__that's why proprietary software is so successful - it has an intrinsic value, least of all in cost04:22
Agu10but then I think: what a stupid thing04:22
Agu10for example, I have a friend that likes to buy games, even if he's not going to play them04:23
Agu10because he claims it 'feels good'04:23
Agu10but that only happens when you have too much money to spend04:23
Agu10that's why you don't see many macs here04:24
Agu10but you get to see many in europe, for example04:24
Agu10there's a lot of Ipad Ads on the streets in germany, but really a lot04:24
Agu10from little ads in the subway, to big buildings with an ipad picture04:25
Blank__that's one major factor... advertising04:25
Agu10while there aren't any here, in Argentina04:25
Blank__for the most part anything else isn't heard of04:25
Agu10noone has seen an ipad in a store here04:25
Blank__so people are bombarded with ads, and that sets up a trend in their mind...04:25
Blank__i'm sure a lot of people would like to know about alternatives but just don't bother to research04:25
Agu10and those ads don't even say anything about it. it's just a picture of a futuristic device that's a touch screen04:26
Agu10and it shows the ipad using Youtube and facebook04:26
Agu10Blank__, yeah04:26
Blank__i also can't stand touch-only devices.. give me my keyboard :o04:26
Blank__on screen things are no replacement to buttons in my opinion04:26
Agu10I wanted to buy the iphone because it has a lot of users, which would allow me to code cool stuff for it04:26
Blank__tide's turning in that regard04:27
Agu10but then I realized of the closeness of it. don't have a mac to code for it04:27
Blank__yeah, i always found that requirement ridiculous04:27
Agu10now I'm looking into android04:27
Agu10specially nexus one, but I'm waiting for nexus two, or something04:27
Blank__the thing about android is that it's not perfect, but it's really gaining market share right now04:28
Agu10I'm trying to run osx in vmware at the moment LOL04:28
Blank__and that in itself is a downfall; older devices get left behind when new software comes out04:28
Agu10and it's based on linux04:28
Agu10and it has a lot of open source community support04:28
Blank__i like to think of that as a win for the community :p04:28
Agu10but I want to buy the google cellphone, because it's the official one, and the one to get the latest updates of firmware and everything04:29
Blank__i think something that fuelled the uptake of android was the fact that the iphone was locked into at&t04:29
Blank__people wanted something similar, on their own provider04:29
Agu10Blank__, I believe Google is taking advantage of OS community against Microsoft04:29
Blank__Agu10, good on them :p04:30
Agu10Blank__, well, there's no AT&T here04:30
Blank__yeah... i think i meant the US04:30
tucemiuxoh wow, we have visitors today04:30
Blank__that's where it's most popular so far04:30
Agu10but carriers would charge ridiculous prices for the iphone anyways04:30
Agu10more than buying it unlocked04:31
Blank__unfortunately android isn't very widely known here in australia, where there's about 40 iphones to every android phone04:31
tucemiuxmy next phone is going to be an android phone, that's for surely04:31
Agu10Blank__, it's very popular here anyways04:31
Blank__in fact, probably closer to 40004:31
Blank__when i got my G1 about a year ago, the shop i was at had sold just one before mine04:32
Blank__but they were shuffling iphones out the door every day04:32
Blank__the funniest thing i've noticed though, is that sometimes people stop and ask me about my phone when i'm on the train for instance04:33
Blank__almost everyone i talk to agrees about apple being too restrictive04:33
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Agu10where can I find a puredata irc?17:23
Agu10I'm trying pure data, but it doesn't make any sound17:45
Agu10I can still watch videos with sound, and hydrogen works fine too17:45
Agu10I have sound on every other program I trieda, except pure data17:45
Agu10what should I do?17:45
eggandchips i want to install rakarrack on my opensuse kde 11.2.  i have tried before and always run into difficulties with JACK etc. What is the best way to get rakarrack going19:50
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