SineDeviancei only have about 15 running processes now00:00
SineDeviancei have killed all else00:00
David-Atop or htop or "ps -aux | sort -k4" can you see what use the most?00:01
SineDevianceps -aux | sort -k400:02
SineDevianceer .. lol brb00:02
SineDevianceirssi is using the most @ 0.9%00:02
SineDevianceDavid-A: thats what i was saying. the numbers just dont add up.00:03
SineDevianceyou think it could be a kernel bug?00:03
pteaguehow much ram do you have?00:03
SineDeviance512 meg00:03
SineDevianceso this is using roughly over half my ram00:03
SineDeviance... for absolutely nothing00:03
SineDeviancemaybe i should reinstall again00:04
knomeSineDeviance, for running the system00:04
knomeSineDeviance, the minimum requirements are not 0MB for a reason ;)00:04
SineDevianceknome: i know the system shouldn't use 300 megs of ram just to run a text interface.00:05
SineDevianceshould be closer to 100 megs00:05
SineDeviancemy server is running crunchbang 9.04.1 in text mode and is only using about 150 megs of ram, thats with apache/mysql and such running.00:05
SineDeviancei am going to try a different kernel i think00:06
knomeSineDeviance, i suppose there is still some more services running in xubuntu00:06
knomeSineDeviance, though you are right that 300 is somewhat much, but still :)00:06
SineDevianceknome: i killed all of those processes00:06
SineDeviancethere is nothing except irssi and htop running on the system in userland now. and i killed most of the root threads. there is no gui-related stuff running.00:07
SineDevianceincluding all the kernel threads, i show about 30 processes in htop00:07
knomeSineDeviance, the kernels are not optimized, eg. they have stuff you don't really need00:07
SineDevianceer 70, sorry00:07
pteagueyou're also running various hardware modules... if you really want to run lightweight you should look at compiling things yourself & using uclibc i think it is? been a while since i did floppy based firewalls00:07
SineDevianceguys, none of this explains why it was only using 200 megs running xfce4 at idle yesterday and now it's using 400 megs00:08
knomepteague, have you tried looking at alsamixer (re: audio)00:08
SineDeviancesomething has changed00:08
knomeSineDeviance, you probably did some updates?00:08
SineDevianceknome: i installed two packages. openoffice was one of them, and openttd was the other.00:09
pteagueknome, yeah, it's only showing front mic, surround, center, lfe, side, & mic as being muted, everything else (including front) is not muted00:09
SineDeviancethose programs aren't even running so that doesnt mean anything00:09
SineDeviancethis is for all intents and purposes a fresh install00:09
pteaguewtf? hold on... i just changed something & suddenly heard sound \o/00:09
pteagueknome, yep, that was it... surround... which apparently didn't matter before now suddenly matters00:10
SineDevianceeven after i did a full apt-get upgrade of the system and rebooted, it was only using ~200 megs of ram00:10
knomepteague, please, do not use even non-family-friendly abbreviations :)00:11
pteaguefudge is yummy00:11
David-Apteague: do you have one of those new computers with 5 or 6 colored audio plugs at the back? i mean is surround settings mattered?00:12
SineDeviancei just rebooted the system and like magic it's only using 142 megs of ram00:14
knomeon my audigy 2 platinum ex, i have to turn up "analog mix" to hear *anything*00:14
pteagueDavid-A, yes i do, but i've not changed any of my mute settings for a while which is why i'm somewhat dumbfounded... i think pulseaudio must have been doing something & then crashed... & then the updates i downloaded today before my reboot must have either changed the mute settings or changed how they worked00:14
David-Apteague: good it works no. i am no fan of pulseaudio. i think it tries to be smart. fun on ubuntu: open alsamixer in terminal, change volume in panel, watch master and pcm in terminal.00:22
knomeDavid-A, best fun on ubuntu: do not use a gui mixer00:23
pteaguei'm hoping that it was pulse audio that was causing my volume to be insanely low... i couldn't hear low voices in movies... had to play them on the other box & pipe the sound in via line-in (i'm too lazy to move the headphone jack around between boxes)00:24
pteaguenow that i'm looking at the mixers... i'm noticing that surround isn't on my xfce mixer which means it didn't have any affect on anything before... i went through & mute/unmuted the various channels & removed the "useless" channels from my mixer00:27
SineDevianceDavid-A, my system is fine now. dunno what happened. maybe a memory leak in the kernel?00:29
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pteagueSineDeviance, you just needed to wait until i was able to resolve my issue before yours would auto-resolve ;)00:42
SineDeviancemaybe so :D00:42
David-Ahat dot-files to keep, or to skip, when moving from xubuntu to fedora? (a list of dot-file-names, or a program to produce such a list)01:02
pteagueDavid-A, in ~ ?01:08
David-Apteague: yes, dot-files and dot-dirs. I have made a list of what I THINK i want to keep, but i am not sure, so i would like a definite list by somone or from a program.01:10
pteagueshould be able to keep all of them depending on versions01:12
neozenmeaning..... a mapping from .files/dirs to applications which created them....... name should be understandable01:12
pteaguemay also depend on what packages are available... i.e. if you've got some plugin on 1 that isn't available on the other it might cause a problem depending on how the program is set up01:13
David-Apteague: fedora choked on a complete copy of home, and looked strange on a big subset.01:13
pteagueDavid-A, how different were the versions?01:13
neozenDavid-A: choked how exactly?01:13
David-Axubuntu 9.04 -> fedora 13 xfce01:14
pteagueno, versions of the software... i.e. there's a difference between subversion 1.4 & 1.601:15
David-Aneozen: choked, login fails and comes back to login screen. nothing in .xsessionerrors (could be some locale not installed yet)01:15
neozenDavid-A: ....bad times..... strange that login would completely fail01:17
neozenDavid-A: *seems strange01:18
knomegood night and good luck with all the problems01:18
David-Apteague: currently there is about 58 dot-files on my keep-list. i am sure a lot of them has new versions in fedora 13 compared to xubuntu 9.0401:18
pteaguei know i had problems with my kde config files between i think it was hardy & intrepid01:18
pteaguexfce only had some slight issues between jaunty & koala i think it was01:19
neozen....well... if they're newer.... they should be able to process / update older format of config files..... AFAIK that's best practice when you change your config file / DTS01:19
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David-Ahas (pl) -> have01:19
ChaorainI:m looking to join a wireless network. I can:t find the button04:03
Raggson the panel to the left of the clock?04:04
Chaorainuh I don:t see any panel. I:m running Mythbuntu which uses xfce if that makes a difference04:05
Raggsi dont know how similar the too are04:06
Chaorainoh wow, its there but the theme makes it impossible to see04:10
Raggsglad it is there04:10
pteagueChaorain, you figure it out?04:17
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GonardFreemanhi people)07:26
GonardFreemanany body know, is there some "xubuntu-panel" command , like gnome-panel?07:27
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/07:28
danjacHi, having a problem with my Xubuntu 10.04 install on Acer Aspire One. Was working perfectly before, but latest upgrade seems to have broken CouchDB. After reboot it immediately uses up all memory, so I have to kill it. Is there good reason to keep CouchDB on my install, or can I safely remove it ?08:12
well_laid_lawn!info couchdb08:14
ubottucouchdb (source: couchdb): RESTful document oriented database, system DB. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.0-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 10 kB, installed size 84 kB08:14
well_laid_lawnseems it might be ok to remove - just check what has to go with it08:14
danjacMight be safer to remove from startup programs until bug is fixed.08:17
danjacthis looks like this bug: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149847408:27
danjacalso this: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/reviews/2010/05/lucid-dream-ars-reviews-ubuntu-1004.ars/908:32
danjacit could be that Gwibber needs to be removed as well.08:32
danjacOK, couch and gwibber removed, works fine. Don't understand why Canonical don't just use SQLite for desktop storage.08:36
err_sqlhi. anybody here?08:55
err_sqli have a xubuntu 6.06 installed on an imac g3, and i can't install 3 mobile broadband08:56
Sysi!6.06 | err_sql09:07
ubottuerr_sql: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support will end in June 2011. See !upgrade for upgrade instructions09:07
bazhangthat maybe should be !ppc09:10
bazhangerr_sql, any reason not to try the much more recent builds of ah he quit09:11
Sysig3 is low-end09:13
bazhangerr_sql, any reason not to use a much more recent version of xubuntu? perhaps a more recent kernel would have support for that09:14
Sysi6.06 repos are mostly down, and it has old kernel and networkmanager09:15
bazhangthats an ancient kernel09:19
Sysiancient OS :p09:19
mtrgHi, how to position my 2nd monitor?09:52
bazhangmtrg, using xrandr?09:54
mtrgbazhang: any GUI?09:57
bazhangmtrg, does xrandr have a gui? is that your question? have you read the wiki for it?09:58
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1209:58
mtrgX.org is complicated10:07
mtrgARandR worked great -- thanks10:07
mtrghow to make my track pointer faster?10:08
mtrgmore sensitive10:08
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mtrgwhat is the window manager xubntu uses?12:18
mtrgTheSheep: I want to use a theme that happens to use metacity WM -- should I replace xfwm4?12:20
TheSheepuse it on ubuntu12:21
mtrgubuntu uses metacity wm?12:21
mtrgwhy shouldn't I use it on xfce -- just replacing xfwm412:21
TheSheepbecause xfwm4 is part of xfce12:22
mtrgthat's weird then..12:22
mtrgthat's it12:23
Sysiyou lose xfce features if you use metacity12:23
TheSheepthat's a gtk theme, not window manager theme12:23
TheSheepyou don't need a specific window manager to use it12:23
mtrgi know12:23
mtrgbut there, it says "metacity theme included"12:23
Sysiyou can find nice looking xfwm theme12:23
mtrgso then that must be an xfwm theme12:28
mtrgis there any xfwm theme named metacity12:29
mtrgwhere should xfwm themes be placed?12:29
Sysiyou need to create that hidden folder yourself12:30
mtrgyeah, did it works12:30
mtrgwell, it then seems that guy wants me to use metacity12:30
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mtrgxubuntu is fine distro13:30
mtrgonly because it's bloated with apps so I can test them13:30
mtrgi'll go to gentoo when i know what's there and what i need :D13:30
sealivehi from Germany -> got a Quest about connecting a Xbuntu Hardy via ethernet to share the internet connection of a lucid Desktow with wlan access17:53
sealivesomeone can help me please ?18:05
likemindeadYou want to set up an adhoc network?18:06
likemindeadMore: http://duckduckgo.com/?q=adhoc+Ubuntu18:07
sealiveissue a lucid i386 has www access thru a wlan . a xbuntu is connectet to the lucid via eth cable and can ping it18:08
sealivei did http://pastebin.com/2ZJg1MV9 on the lucid18:08
sealivelikemindead: no this is not a adhok sorry iam german18:09
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php18:11
likemindeadI'm sorry, I'm not sure what it is you're trying to do, sealive.18:11
likemindeadAh! Try ics I suppose! ;-] (Thanks, bazhang.)18:12
sealivelikemindead: ok thanks18:12
sealiveYES you got it !18:13
sealivehttp://pastebin.com/2ZJg1MV9 this is my lucid setup that is the -s ip for shoudent this be 0.118:13
sealivei do not now why but it works18:16
sealiveso by18:16
GonardFreemanhillo to all19:18
GonardFreemanwho knows, how to install theme with extention .tar.gz?19:19
Sysiright click → extract here19:20
Sysicreate (hidden) folder named .themes to your home folder19:21
Sysiand copy it to there19:21
PrebenRwhy isn't thuar the default program when one choose "open container folder" in firefox download? I tired of closing easytag20:09
shawn1I have a question about the minimum system requirements of ubuntu20:12
shawn1I'm trying to run it on the following system and it fails20:12
shawn1Intel Celeron (Covington) Processor 266Mhz/66Mhz FSB, 3 GB Hard Drive, and 256MB of RAM20:13
PrebenRbetter try : damn small linux, puppy linux or tiny core linux20:14
PrebenRubuntu would run extremely slow on it20:15
PrebenRor you could try arch linux20:15
PrebenRlatter is advanced, but you will learn a lot20:15
PrebenRI would recommend you start with puppy linux20:17
ecchow do you span across multiple monitors? ubuntu desktop works fine but xubuntu won't let me23:20
Kangarooohello what about alpha 1 ? cant download from xubuntu23:21
RaggsKangarooo,  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/maverick/alpha-2/23:22
Raggsalpha2 though23:22
Tuna-Fish2without pulseaudio and with 2 alsa sound devices, how can I choose which one I want to play something back to?23:23
Kangaroooah ok so the newer the better i want to try that 10.10 but in website that link then is wrong23:23
Kangaroooalpha1 link doesnt work. or it should be maybe better removed and new info posted23:23
Sysidaily works ~always23:24
Sysii installed it via netinstall, grub install failed so i installed LILO, now i was able to install grub from booted system23:25
eccright now the image is mirrored on both  monitors, i just want to use each separate23:25
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1223:26
Sysi!info arandr23:26
ubottuarandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR 1.2. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.2-2 (lucid), package size 31 kB, installed size 208 kB23:26
ecclots of options trying to find the one to split the two23:31
Sysiusually --left/right-of23:33
eccxrandr --output FOO --right-of BAR23:33
Kangarooowhen i put xubuntu cd in comp in xubuntu then where to look to see witch date release it is?23:33

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