* jenkins really should ask brandonj about those fish01:13
jenkinsnight all01:36
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hannieThe Dutch translation team have translated 50% of the manual07:59
dakerhello @all13:11
dakerhello EgyParadox13:12
dakerEgyParadox, Arabic ?13:12
EgyParadoxI cant speak Arabic here I believe.13:12
dakerenglish pls, so everyone can understand you13:13
dakerAre you working on the translations ?13:14
* daker want an arabic version of the manual13:14
EgyParadoxActually I havent started yet.13:15
EgyParadoxBut I have read through the manual, I really liked it, I am currently busy actually.13:16
dakerwhat i suggest it that we make a team to translate the 10.10 manual's13:16
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EgyParadoxdaker:Back, actually there is a team who is currently responsible for translating13:53
dakerarabic translations ?13:53
dakerah no do i mean a team that is focused on translating just the manual13:57
* daker is going to the beach13:58
dakersee ya14:05
humphreybcIf i'm not in the meeting tomorrow, it means i've slept through it17:29
humphreybci'll try to be there though :P17:29
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dakerthe meeting will be in ?20:27
godbykThe meeting will be in here in 30 minutes.20:28
nisshhi new there was a reason i stayed up till 4am tonight :)20:29
dakerwhere jenkins ?20:32
nisshhhe was definitely going to be here, im sure he will turn up20:34
nisshhi hope some doc team guys and stuff turn up20:34
nisshhotherwise this meeting is useless20:34
* zkriesse is here20:35
nisshhzkriesse: yay, we are all saved! ;)20:36
* zkriesse feels awesome then20:37
zkriesseoh crap20:37
zkriessegotta go for just a few20:37
j1mci'm here from the doc team20:37
zkriessemeeting is in 30 minutes though right?20:37
j1mczkriesse: 23 min from now, but yeah20:37
zkriesseok cool20:37
zkriesseI should be back by then20:37
j1mci hope people don't mind that i moved the stuff from the etherpad over to the wiki20:38
j1mcwe had so much info on the wiki, i thought it'd be best to keep it in one spot20:38
zkriessethank you good sir20:41
j1mchttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-support-and-learning-center/meetings too20:42
dakermeeting in 12min20:48
nisshhsurely more than one person from the docs team?20:53
nisshhoh geez20:53
dakermeeting in 7min20:53
j1mcwell, i've been the one writing most about it20:53
ChrisWoollardMaybe they will be fashionably late :)20:53
ChrisWoollardOr even on time20:54
nisshhj1mc: well, at least someone from the docs team showed up, last time no one did20:55
doctormowell learning team is here20:55
nisshhdoctormo: oh good20:56
semioticrobotichi all20:59
nisshhhey, semioticrobotic20:59
semioticroboticI'm not too late, am I?21:00
j1mcis the meeting in this chan, or in #ubuntu-meeting21:00
semioticroboticthis one, I believe ... -meeting is booked21:00
j1mcshall we begin?21:01
nisshhgeez, where the hell is jenkins21:01
* pleia2 waves21:01
j1mchi pleia2!21:01
* nisshh waves back21:01
j1mcshaunm !21:02
shaunmhey j1mc21:02
nisshhshaunm: docs team?21:02
j1mcshaunm is the fearless leader of the gnome doc team, inventor of mallard, maintainer of yelp21:02
shaunmnisshh: sort of21:02
shaunmwhat j1mc said :)21:03
j1mche can also block a german corner kick just by looking at it.21:03
semioticrobotichey pleia221:03
doctormoWon't having the inventor of mallard here put a bit of a bias on the discussion?21:03
semioticroboticpleia2, how are Ubuntu users days going?21:03
pleia2semioticrobotic: going well, thanks :)21:03
zkriesseoh hey pleia221:03
ChrisWoollardI believe the agenda is here -> http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/collaborationmeeting21:03
j1mcdoctormo: i don't think we should have him leave21:03
doctormoI don't think so too21:03
j1mchttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-support-and-learning-center/meetings too21:03
j1mcplease keep the agenda and stuff on the wiki21:04
shaunmdoctormo: I'm not the one making decisions. I'm just here to provide information.21:04
j1mclet's start21:04
nisshhwho is chairing?21:04
dakergodbyk, ?21:04
godbykI thought jenkins was, but he appears to be away at the moment.21:04
ChrisWoollardWhat happened to Jenkins and the others?21:04
nisshhno idea21:05
* daker is here21:05
MootBotMeeting started at 15:05. The chair is godbyk.21:05
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]21:05
nisshhjenkins went off somewhere a while ago21:05
* zkriesse is here...To listen21:05
godbykI guess we'll get started. Hopefully others will show up soon.21:05
j1mcwe had put syntax up at the top of the list21:05
godbyk[TOPIC] Format/syntax for the documentation pool21:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Format/syntax for the documentation pool21:06
godbykI think this is probably the first major issue we need to settle.21:06
nisshhcan someone fill the rest of us in as to where this decision is at?21:06
* semioticrobotic nods21:06
doctormoI think so too21:06
godbykSo far, it appears that the two biggest contenders are docbook and mallard.  With honorable mentions to DITA and a couple others.21:07
j1mcwith regards to the mallard notes ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-support-and-learning-center#Mallard )21:07
j1mcsome of the comments aren't quite correct21:07
j1mcshaunm has started work on a mallard > latex converter21:07
MootBotLINK received:  http://gitorious.org/projectmallard/mal2latex21:07
godbykFrom what I have seen in the discussions, it seems that Mallard is more apropos for the Ubuntu docs topic-based help work, while docbook is more apropos to the Ubuntu Manual work.  I'm not sure which format would best server the learning team.21:08
j1mcand there is a GSOC project that is working on developing a web-based mallard editor21:08
pleia2I've worked some with docbook for some test things for the learning team, I think it could work great with some good style sheets21:08
godbykI can provide some idea of what the manual team needs, but I'll have to rely on the other teams to address their own concerns.21:09
doctormoThe Ubuntu Learning team need formats which produce both pdf printable materials, html based websites and are splitable into topics and combinable into books.21:09
j1mcshaunm: some time ago, you had a picture of some yelp conditional stuff...21:09
godbykWow, so, doctormo, you guys need a bit of everything, eh?21:09
MootBotLINK received:  http://blogs.gnome.org/shaunm/2010/04/26/faceted-navigation/21:09
j1mcshaunm: what is the status of that?21:09
j1mcin terms of mallard support21:09
shaunmj1mc: I proposed a run-time conditional system on mallard-list. it's largely stalled on getting community input on useful types of conditions21:10
doctormogodbyk: Our use cases are kind of interesting, teacher documents, lesson plans, practical worksheets, cheat sheets, graphics and example files as well as your standard descriptive documentation.21:10
shaunmI'd also note that a docbook-esque build-time conditional system would be very easy to layer on top of mallard using external-namespace attributes21:11
j1mcshaunm: sorry... could you rephrase?21:11
godbykHow difficult is it to convert from docbook to mallard?  Is docbook a superset of mallard or completely orthogonal?21:11
pleia2shaunm: docbook is very flexible and it probably pays for that flexibility in terms of how complicated that is, how does mallard compare to these considerations?21:12
godbyk(I have a feeling this meeting may turn into a 'bombard shaunm with questions' session.) :-)21:12
* pleia2 gives shaunm some cookies to make up for it21:12
shaunmj1mc: the system I proposed is one where a viewer like yelp would decide what to render on the fly. docbook's and dita's systems are more geared towards filtering on conditions during a build, before delivering to the user21:13
epkugelmassIs there an agenda for this meeting?21:13
godbykepkugelmass: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/collaborationmeeting21:13
shaunmgodbyk: I have the rough beginnings of a docbook->mallard converter laying around somewhere. how difficult it is depends on how much of docbook you want to support21:13
godbykshaunm: I was wondering if we used docbook as the backend format, if we could easily convert docbook to mallard for the ubuntu docs team to use.  (they'd probably have to restrict themselves to some subset of docbook, I guess.)21:14
shaunmpleia2: I think mallard is differently flexible than docbook. it's less complicated up front, but you can add on to it to make it more complicated21:15
godbykthe in-line elements seem fairly straight-forward (formatting, etc.).  how about the structural elements, though?21:15
j1mcgodbyk: what types of structural elements do you have in mind?21:15
shaunmgodbyk: if you restricted it to a certain subset of docbook, the conversions would be relatively easy, with one caveat21:15
godbykj1mc: I'm not sure I know enough to be able to answer that question. :)21:16
godbykj1mc: For instance, the ubuntu manual team will be producing books, primarily.  the ubuntu docs team will be producing topic-based help.21:16
godbykthere's different structures to topic-based help and a more linear narrative manual.21:17
shaunmwhat makes mallard nice is the extra dynamic linking mechanisms, and those are more than can be inferred from a hierarchical book structure. so either you'd want to encode extra mallard link info in the docbook, or you'd have to add that in a (possibly human-done) post-process step21:17
godbykshaunm: what caveat is that?21:17
shaunm(sorry, took a moment to type)21:17
godbykshaunm: can you give me a concrete example?21:17
godbyk(no worries)21:17
shaunmum, do you have yelp 2.30 and empathy installed?21:18
godbykshaunm: yes.21:19
j1mcgodbyk: i've contributed to a "book" using mallard.  http://gitorious.org/swfk/swfk21:19
shaunmopen yelp, press Ctrl+L, and enter ghelp:empathy#create-account21:20
j1mcyou can clone the repo, then do  "yelp ~/path/to/dir/"21:20
shaunmthere's link trails at the top, indicating parent relationships21:20
shaunmthere are two paths to this topic. in a linear book, there's inherently one.21:20
godbykshaunm: Ah, I see.  So it's more of a graph instead of a tree structure?21:21
shaunmand you've also got the see-also links at the bottom21:21
doctormoNot something totally untranslatable though.21:23
j1mcmallard is xml-based, so it is easy to translate using existing tools21:23
j1mclaunchpad, transifex... whatever21:23
godbykI think that that sort of structure is something that we could/would allow for on the site.21:23
shaunmif you were to use docbook as a source to create mallard, I would recommend using docbook 5, because then you could just directly embed mal:link elements inside db:info elements21:24
shaunm(or any other mallard metadata elements)21:24
godbykThe way I've been (vaguely) thinking about the doc store is that it's a collection of these topics/pages/whatever.  And when you want to create a product like a linear manual or help system, you can pull in the pages you want to establish the structure (how they're linked together).21:24
shaunmgodbyk: do you have ideas on what you would use to pull them together?21:25
godbykshaunm: Nope. Trying to figure that out. :)21:26
shaunmhave you looked at either docbook assemblies or dita bookmaps?21:26
godbykshaunm: In the end, it'd have to be translatable to mallard for ubuntu docs and tex for ubuntu manual and lots of different things for the learning team.21:27
godbykshaunm: I haven't looked at either of those yet.21:27
shaunmok, and how much of the material that you'd like to reuse would just be gnome material?21:27
j1mcgodbyk: is the manual team set on latex?  there are xsl-fo > fop conversions, though i don't think they provide as nice of an appearance as LaTeX.21:28
godbykI think the docs team will be reusing as much of the gnome material as possible.21:28
godbykThe manual team tends to write its own stuff or modifies existing docs to fit into the linear book-like style.21:29
godbykj1mc: I don't know that we're set on latex, but it does produce the best output so far.21:29
godbykj1mc: Of everyone on the manual team, I'm probably the one who's most concerned about the appearance of the output (typography, etc.).21:29
nisshhcyas, im off to bed21:29
godbyknisshh: g'night!21:30
nisshhgodbyk: cya21:30
shaunmbut then, if there is sharing of content, how much will the manual team have to adapt docs team stuff to fit a linear book style?21:30
shaunm(or, conversely, how much will the docs team have to modify manual stuff to be less booky?)21:30
godbykshaunm: there will have to be some modification (both ways), I'm sure.  how much is an unknown at the moment.21:31
godbykshaunm: ideally, it'd be nice if there were some notion of branching and revisioning so that if some modifications are made to fix an underlying bug in the source doc, it could be picked up or propagated to the tweaked versions (book-style vs. topic-style).21:32
godbykbut that may be wishful thinking on my part.21:32
j1mcgodbyk and shaunm - DITA has a transitional text feature that allow for filler language between topics. http://www.ditainfocenter.com/eclipsehelp/index.jsp?topic=/org.ditausers.infomanager.ArchSpec1.1/topicover.html21:32
j1mcit's the "printonly" option21:33
j1mc(toward the bottom of the page)21:33
godbykj1mc: I'm not seeing the link or whatever I should be reading.21:35
shaunmdoes there actually need to be a single source format?21:35
j1mcgodbyk: sorry, click on "transitional text" and then go to the bottom of that page21:36
godbykshaunm: I don't think it has to be. It'd just be easier to share docs if it were.  And it'd mean we only need to create one editor and one set of tools to manipulate that format.21:36
doctormoIn learning we have found that topics are split up into part, explanatory, descriptive, instructional and demonstrative sections.21:36
j1mcshaunm: i think that's the goal - as much content re-use as possible21:36
godbykj1mc: ah, I see it now.21:36
shaunmj1mc: well, what I was suggesting was that, with the right tools, any sane source format could be reused in whichever contexts21:37
shaunmyou could create a book with a docbook assembly that references some files written in docbook, some in mallard, some in dita, some in html, etc21:38
shaunmof course, you need a good build tool to handle them all21:38
j1mci haven't looked into docbook assemblies in any meaningful way, but i think it would be best to limit what syntaxes we use.21:39
doctormoIs it possible to compile a docbook from something more simple? The source format we have to consider has to be more about editing and structure of meme than the resulting format or publishing.21:39
j1mci get your drift, though... you're suggesting that we have at least *some* flexibility21:39
shaunmdoctormo: well, you're not going to get more semantics out of less. but you convert to docbook, just maybe not to its more structured modeling elements21:40
j1mcdoctormo: when you say "something more simple" are you speaking of something like your use of ascii-doc?21:40
shaunmdoctormo: e.g. I could take a mallard <code> element and turn it into a docbook <programlisting> element, but not very easily into a docbook <classsynopsis>21:41
godbykHey, jenkins!21:41
jenkinso sorry! I forogt21:42
dakerwelcome jenkins !!21:42
jenkinshow is it21:42
j1mcwe're discussing source formats21:42
jenkinssorry everyone, thanks to who ever took over21:42
doctormoshaunm, j1mc: You guys are talking about tech specifics, I'm trying to make sure that what ever format we choose there is a way to separate out elements so they can be recombined in different circumstances.21:42
godbykshaunm: So we should use the more semantically-rich format for the base, right?  Which format would that be, in your opinion?21:42
shaunmgodbyk: all the formats have certain things that aren't easily represented in the others21:43
godbykdoctormo: I think that the separation of topics will have a little bit less to do with the markup format and more to do with the website/database structure.21:43
shaunmbut on the whole, docbook probably has the most21:43
j1mcdoctormo: to make sure i understand what you're referring to, could you clarify what you mean with "different circumstances"?21:44
shaunmthe question is, do you actually care about the information you get in e.g. classsynopsis?21:44
doctormogodbyk: Your probably right, so markup is important in this discussion, linking and other externals isn't so much.21:45
godbykdoctormo: I think the linking is very important and something we'll need to figure out soon, too. but I think it's a separate topic.  (there is a little bit of an overlap as the format will come into play there, too, though.)21:46
* jenkins can't believe i forgot after all the reminding i did on it21:46
* godbyk couldn't believe it either. :)21:46
shaunmI think the hardest problem you're going to have to deal with is differences in writing style for different targets21:46
dakerjenkins, http://pastebin.org/38868921:46
godbykshaunm: I think that will be an issue.  What I'd like to see there is that the site maintains a relationship between the original doc and the modified version.21:47
godbykSo you could tell that this section of the manual is derivative of this gnome doc topic, for instance.21:48
doctormoshaunm: Actually writing style can be solved more or less with the text's class plus a tabloid method of progressing complexity.21:48
jenkinsthanks daker21:48
j1mcdoctormo: could you rephrase?  i'm not quite getting that.21:48
dakerjenkins, np21:49
c7pare you still on meeting >21:49
j1mcc7p: yes21:49
doctormoj1mc: You have some content, it's one of the classes I mentioned above: explanatory, descriptive, demonstrative or instructional (which is a database thing) and in the text there is a progression so the first sentences are easy and simple and the later are complex and in depth.21:50
j1mci think what shaunm was getting at was that a manual is written in a different style than user docs21:51
j1mcor at least it typically is21:51
j1mcanyway... i don't mean to get side tracked.21:51
godbykdoctormo: that format is good for learning materials, but may not be suited for step-by-step instructions on resolving a problem or following a procedure.21:51
godbykj1mc: right.21:52
j1mcthere are a couple of things i want to point out...21:52
doctormogodbyk: Depends, that sounds like an instructional work to me.21:53
godbykI guess at this point, my question to the group is: Do we have opinions on which format would be best? Or do we need to get more questions answered?21:53
j1mcgodbyk: i'm thinking the same thing21:53
j1mcperhaps doing some mockups - small drafts using each format21:54
doctormogodbyk: It's just semantics, I go with docbook fragments.21:54
j1mcwould work well21:54
j1mctake a sampling of content from the docs, manual, and learning teams...21:54
j1mc... and put them into each format21:55
shaunmif you do docbook as a source format, I would strongly recommend docbook 521:55
j1mclook at output, workflow, etc.21:55
ChrisWoollardThat sounds like a good idea.21:55
j1mcshaunm: agreed21:55
j1mcthere's no sense in starting any new project using docbook 4.x21:55
godbykJust to get an idea of what folks are thinking: What objections are there to using docbook 5 for the base format?21:56
j1mcwhat do people think about the sample mockups?  i think it's necessary to make an informed decision.21:56
godbykj1mc: I'm all for sample mockups as long as we don't spend too much time on them.21:57
jenkinsso we are doing mock ups in docbook 5 of each teams work? i still feel a bit out of the loop21:57
godbykWe'd want samples in what formats? docbook and mallard?  dita?21:57
j1mcgodbyk: yeah - that makes sense.  we should be able to have them together in a week.21:57
j1mcgodbyk: i think all three would be good.21:58
godbykIs anyone here from the ubuntu docs team?21:58
* j1mc o/21:58
godbykj1mc: ah, great! :)21:58
godbykdoctormo: Are you willing to create some mock-ups in the different formats for some ubuntu learning team materials?21:59
shaunmnot to throw any more wrenches in, but you could also consider xhtml5 as a source format, provided people stuck to certain styles and structures21:59
j1mcgodbyk: i'm thinking that we need to have a mockup that includes info from all three projects.21:59
godbykshaunm: true. we'd need to define some classes for that, thoguh.21:59
shaunmj1mc: so could all three projects provide a sampling of their content?22:00
godbykshaunm: yeah.22:00
jenkinsshould the content be the same topic?22:00
shaunmand then whoever is interested in a source format can look at each project's sampling22:00
ChrisWoollardThat might make c omparison easier22:01
j1mcjenkins: i think so22:01
j1mcat least the same topic area22:01
jenkinsright what topic have we all covered then?22:02
j1mci'm least familiar with content for the learning team...22:02
jenkinshas the learning team done any of the default aps?22:02
doctormoj1mc: Me too ;-)22:02
j1mcdoctormo: any suggestions?22:02
doctormoWe have a systems administration course22:02
doctormoIt's in ODF22:02
MootBotLINK received:  http://doctormo.org/2009/07/15/ubuntu-system-admin-class-command-line-basics/22:03
godbykthere's already mallard docs for empathy, apparently.22:03
godbykshould we work on a topic related to empathy?22:04
jenkinsthe manual does not have any system admin stuff but does have command line basics22:04
j1mcubuntu-docs has a "using the command line" section22:04
doctormosounds like common topic22:04
godbykokay.  intro to command line then?22:05
jenkinsdon't see why not, am I correct in thinking this is to compare writing styles?22:05
j1mcsure... and we don't even need a full-on complete section...22:05
jenkinshey humphreybc22:05
godbykWill a week be enough time for everyone?22:05
humphreybcnow, am I an hour late or on time?22:06
j1mci'm thinking that it's more to see the syntax and how it could work as a "content pool"22:06
jenkinswhat format are we doing these sections in?22:06
dakerhumphreybc, 1h & 05min22:06
jenkinshumphreybc: I was 40mins late :(22:06
humphreybcoh well22:06
godbyk[ACTION] Each of the teams (docs, manual, learning) will provide samples of their work on using the command line in each of the following formats: docbook 5, mallard, dita, and html5.22:06
MootBotACTION received:  Each of the teams (docs, manual, learning) will provide samples of their work on using the command line in each of the following formats: docbook 5, mallard, dita, and html5.22:06
j1mcs/html5/xhtml5  :)22:06
godbykj1mc: sure. I figured they'd killed straight html by version 5. :)22:07
jenkinshow long a page? half a page?22:07
j1mci'll handle the dita part, actually.22:07
godbykjenkins: whatever you need to do to get a feel for the format and use a variety of tags, etc.22:07
j1mcgodbyk: agreed22:07
j1mcshaunm: would you like to handle the mallard?22:08
jenkinssounds good to me22:08
j1mcyou could probably give it the most proper presentation.22:08
j1mc... if you wouldn't mind doing that22:08
godbykIt'd be great if we could gather all that up in a week, if possible.22:08
godbykShall we move on to the next topic on the agenda then (finally)? :)22:09
j1mcnot yet22:09
godbykj1mc: What else do we need to discuss?22:09
j1mcto make sure we understand...  i was thinking that we would be *combining* content from learning, docs, and manual...22:09
j1mcinto one sample doc in the multiple formats22:10
humphreybcj1mc: yes22:10
j1mcso that way we're getting the best idea of content re-use.22:10
j1mcbut that's all i wanted to say22:10
j1mcmaybe what we do is give ourselves a couple days to get some standardized content from all 3 sources22:11
j1mcso combine all three sources into one22:11
j1mcthen work to get them into the different formats...22:11
j1mcone person do docbook, one do mallard, one do dita, one do xhtml522:12
j1mcgood/bad idea?22:12
ChrisWoollardwho is doing what?22:12
j1mci could handle any but xhtml522:12
j1mcwe could get a phil bull from the docs team to do mallard22:12
j1mci could do dita22:12
shaunmj1mc: I could do handle mallard, if phil can't22:13
j1mcshaunm: thanks22:13
shaunmI mean, I could do any of them, I suppose22:13
j1mcmanual team... could you do xhtml?22:14
godbykj1mc: Sure.22:14
godbykj1mc: I can take xhtml 5.22:14
j1mcshaunm: docbook5?  i haven't given a good look at v.5's special features22:15
j1mcif you are too busy, tho... or would rather do mallard22:15
j1mci know you aren't even formally affiliated w/ ubuntu22:15
j1mc... i'll ping out to the docs team for docbook522:16
j1mcsurely someone can handle it22:16
godbyk... in a timely fashion. :)22:16
shaunmit's not substantially different from 422:16
j1mcsyntactically (is that a word?) no... but there are some featuers.22:17
j1mcok... so have the standardized sample content this week...22:18
j1mcperhaps we could dump each project's content into a bzr repo (text only)22:18
j1mcno markup22:18
j1mcthen we do the markup samples22:18
j1mcsound good?22:19
jenkinsyep does to me22:19
jenkinswhat team should own the branch though?22:19
godbykworks for me.  do you want to set up the repository and email us the info, j1mc?22:19
jenkinsdoc team we are all in that right?22:19
godbykanything else under this agenda item?22:20
j1mci think we can move on22:21
godbyk[TOPIC] The use of multiple IRC channels22:21
MootBotNew Topic:  The use of multiple IRC channels22:21
godbykjenkins: what's this one about?22:21
j1mci think we're on into manual-only territory, so i'm going to step out.22:21
godbykI'm not sure what territory it's in.  It was on the agenda for this meeting, though. :)22:22
godbykIf you have to take off, that's okay, j1mc.  Thanks for showing up!22:22
godbykWe'll be in touch throughout the week as we figure out this format stuff.22:22
jenkinsI thought that as..22:24
jenkinswe are all talking about the same thing would it make more sense to use one channel? What are peoples thoughts22:24
jenkinsie #ubuntu-manual and #ubuntu-doc22:24
jenkinswe do have a few issues about what to do with ops and channel topics but it is easy to make one point at the other.22:25
godbykWell, #ubuntu-doc seems pretty quiet most the time.  If they don't mind, we could have our USLC discussions there.22:26
humphreybcI have no problem with us hanging out in #ubuntu-doc more often22:26
humphreybcbut i'd like to keep this channel around22:26
godbykOtherwise, it may be a good idea to have separate channels for the different teams still.  For instance, the #ubuntu-manual channel is also home to the Quickshot discussions.22:26
godbykUSLC = Ubuntu Support and Learning Center.22:26
jenkinsthe quickshot stuff does make this channel off topic22:26
godbykthe temporary name for this website we keep going on about.22:26
ChrisWoollardwhich temporary name?22:27
c7pjenkins: quickshot is crucial part of the project, isn't it ?22:27
humphreybcThe channel set up we have now is fine, but we should hang out in #ubuntu-doc more often22:27
zkriesseyeah you guys should22:28
jenkinsquickshot is important to docs in general but i am rather biased. I do agree with humphreybc22:28
godbykChrisWoollard: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-support-and-learning-center22:28
zkriesseIf i may say something?22:28
godbykzkriesse: Sure, jump in.22:28
jenkinsgo for it22:28
zkriesseOK, while I know i haven't been with you guys that long I feel that we should have chanserv in here22:29
zkriessemake a few ops and such22:29
jenkinswe have ops, there is not much use for chansevr we just /msg it22:29
jenkinssorry that appears rather blunt22:30
jenkinswhat was your thinking zkriesse?22:30
ChrisWoollardOk. What happens now /next?22:33
godbykWas there anything else on the IRC channels issue? Or did we answer your question, jenkins?22:33
jenkinsthats fine thanks godbyk22:33
godbyk[ACTION] Changes in Maverick22:33
MootBotACTION received:  Changes in Maverick22:33
godbykjenkins: Any idea what this one's about?22:33
godbykOr is it manual-only stuff?22:33
jenkinsI *think* its manual only not for this meeting22:34
godbykfair enough22:34
godbykjenkins: Same with 'Maverick/Lucid Branch merge/replace'?22:34
godbyk[ACTION] Other business22:34
MootBotACTION received:  Other business22:34
jenkinsI was hoping jasson would come so we could ask to be sure22:34
godbykAny other business that needs to be covered for this meeting?22:34
semioticroboticNot seeing any :)22:35
godbykI'll take that as a 'no' then. :)22:35
godbykThanks to doctormo, pleia2, shaunm, and j1mc for coming!22:36
jenkinsThanks to all for coming and thank you VERY much to godbyk for chairing.22:36
godbykAnd with that...22:36
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:36.22:36
semioticroboticnice work godbyk  :)22:36
jenkinsI do think you have a better grasp on this all than me kevin, its rather more comples than I imaged22:36
c7pnice guys22:36
jenkinshey c7p22:36
semioticroboticone of our most efficient and focused meetings yet!22:36
c7phey jenkins22:36
humphreybcsemioticrobotic: probably because I wasn't around for most of it :P22:37
godbykHeh.. yeah, when in doubt, blame humphreybc. :)22:37
jenkinssorry everyone I have become rather busy with stuff the last few days and have no real idea why22:37
semioticrobotichumphreybc, nonsense :)22:37
humphreybcbe back shortly22:37
semioticrobotichumphreybc: I think it was a combination of the new voices and lots of prior discussion coming into the meeting22:37
godbykjenkins: You should just quit school, forget about a job, join a monastery (with Internet access), and work on Quickshot and the manual full-time.22:38
jenkinsgodbyk: lol, I have loads of stiff to do before I start work :(22:38
godbykjenkins: Me, too! :)22:39
* godbyk wishes his dissertation would write itself.22:39
jenkinsI need to get some sleep as I have to be up on time, does anyone want me for anything?22:39
semioticroboticgodbyk, what's your dissertation about?22:40
c7pjenkins, i think you can go and rest :)22:40
godbyksemioticrobotic: No clue yet. :)22:41
jenkinsgodbyk: did you not have it to start when you joined the team?22:41
godbykjenkins: Pretty much, yeah. I'm only here as a way to procrastinate on my dissertation.22:42
humphreybcWell I just can't seem to get my login time any faster22:42
semioticroboticgodbyk, no worries, right?  :)  When is your estimated defense window?22:42
godbykSadly, I need to start on it soonish so I can graduate someday.22:42
godbyksemioticrobotic: That all depends on when I get started!22:42
semioticrobotichumphreybc, I was just reading your blog post about this22:42
jenkinsI did more manual team work whilst revising than i have done in a long time22:42
semioticroboticgodbyk: Ha!22:43
godbykjenkins: Procrastination is a wonderful thing, isn't it?22:43
jenkinsyep, I love it22:43
zkriessesorry had to get the mail22:43
semioticroboticI'm starting coursework on a PhD next month (wow, that's the first time I've said that!), so the diss is a long way off22:43
jenkinsnight all, may see you tomorrow please e-mail me if you need anything o/22:44
c7pgodbyk, what else do we have to do for the trasnlated manual ?22:44
c7pnight jenkins22:44
semioticroboticI should run, too.  Need to format and set up this shiny new 750GB drive.22:45
semioticroboticbye all22:45
c7pbye semioticrobotic22:45
* humphreybc is still trying to figure out why his login time sucks22:45
c7pgodbyk: are you around ?22:49
godbykc7p: not really. I had to get back to work on other things.22:52
godbykc7p: I think the only things remaining are the bugs you mentioned.22:52
godbykc7p: I'm going to try to work on it later tonight or tomorrow.22:52
godbyk(the glossary stuff is rather irksome.) :)22:52
c7pyap ( http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/3sIwez7O8A  )22:52
c7pyes it is, topo can fix it if you want22:53
c7ptry to work on these things for anything you want send me an e-mail.22:54
c7pnight all22:55
ChrisWoollardGoodnight all.23:41

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