humphreybcAnyone else having an issue with the new AppMenu applet, where it won't display anything other than "File Edit" when any application is open, and just "Desktop" when it's on the desktop?06:56
humphreybcIt works fine on my Lucid netbook, but not on my lucid laptop.06:57
ccmhi there09:51
ccmis there a best method for configuring the icon panel size in unity?09:52
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vishhttp://imagebin.ca/view/6388it6j.html  are we blocking on OSX?   :D16:28
vishnot my screenshot though^16:29
qensegood afternoon16:32
diekiHey, is there a blueprint for window indicators anywhere? I've looked and looked, but I couldn't find it.16:36
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mptdieki, there's a specification <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ayatana/Windicators>, but no blueprint as far as I know16:38
mptvish, http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/AAAAAAAAA!16:39
vishmpt: sometimes i wonder how many bookmarks you really have! ;)16:41
mptI stopped using bookmarks in 1998 when I discovered Google16:42
nigelbmpt: lol @ google17:22
nigelbAlso, nice page :D17:23

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