djusticeis there any click-n-run place for [k]ubuntu?00:00
James147djustice: click-n-run what?00:02
djusticeJames147: liek apps.. say i dont have root permissions.. and i need gimp.00:04
James147djustice: like an app store?00:05
djusticeJames147: ya.. except i dont have root permissions to use said app store ;)00:05
James147djustice: there are plans for mavrick to intrgrate an app store into kpackaekit but i donot know if it will allow rootless installs00:05
djusticeclick-n-run bundles. like 0install, chakra's .cb, pcbsd's pbi, pclos's .cnr00:06
djusticeJames147: hm. kk. thx.00:06
zusDoes anyone use ubuntustudio packages over kubuntu?00:08
jcgshi, do any of you guys know where the gnu make manual might be installed on my system00:09
jcgsfound it! needed to install make-doc, pretty obvious, really00:11
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valoriehas anyone reported difficulty right-clicking00:54
valoriesince the beta  updates yesterday?00:54
valorieso far, I've only seen it in parts of Amarok00:54
valoriebut I haven't changed Amarok at all00:54
valoriejust the KDE updates00:55
Typos_Kingsince I use 9.1 :)00:56
James147valorie: not noticing any `difficulties` right clicking on anything... what beta updates? Do you mean the kde RC2 ones?00:56
blainno problems here00:57
blainnot using rc200:57
blaini dont use pre-final stuff in production environments00:57
James147valorie: what difficulties are you seeing and what version of kde?00:59
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anditosanI installed startup manager in kubuntu and changed some options, now my computer starts but there is no x session01:14
anditosanI can't run commands or anything01:14
anditosanit boots but the screen stays black01:14
anditosanwhat can I do?01:14
James147anditosan: alt+crtl+f1-6 should take you to a command line01:14
anditosanit doesn't01:15
anditosani tried it01:15
James147anditosan: then booting in to failsafe mode should work (you can do that from the grub menu)01:15
anditosanI tried it as well, and it gets stuck01:16
anditosanI can't run any commands after that01:16
James147anditosan: then something is seriously wrong :S01:16
anditosanand that's what I want to figure out01:16
James147anditosan: at a push you can boot a live cd and chroot into your installed system :S but from there I do not know what you would do to fix it01:17
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anditosansorry, what was that last line?01:17
James147anditosan: at a push you can boot a live cd and chroot into your installed system :S but from there I do not know what you would do to fix it01:17
anditosanthat;s what I am running right now01:18
anditosanbut I don't know what tools to get to fix the problem01:18
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James147anditosan: you can effectly use your system to make changes by chrooting into it - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot... but I do not really how to fix it without more details on what you did to mess it up :)01:20
anditosanI know01:21
James147O-o virtuoso-t is taking up 542MiB of ram even though nepomuk is ment to be limited to 50MiB01:33
genfoolJames147, thanks for the help earlier, my last issue was the box not shutting down all the way, by it's self.  It cleared up and went away....luv it when issues correct themselves  :)01:42
James147genfool: as do i :)01:42
valorieJames147: sorry for asking my question and not sticking around for your feedback01:59
valorieit was dinner time01:59
valorieI was speaking of Version 4.4.92 (KDE 4.4.92 (KDE 4.5 RC2))01:59
valorienot only can I not right-click in parts of Amarok01:59
valorieI also can't use the menus!02:00
James147valorie: same here, but not seeing the difficulties you mentioned :S02:00
valoriegoing to restart Amarok and see if it really is an Amarok only problem02:00
valoriewhile I'm at it, has anyone else reported oddness with sound levels?02:01
valorieI have to start up alsamixer every day02:01
valoriebecause my top volume keeps getting reset to 50%02:02
valorieon the Master channel02:02
valoriemost annoying02:02
James147valorie: why not use kmix to change the sound levels?02:02
valorieit doesn't do anything02:02
valoriesays it is at 10002:03
valoriethis is a laptop, and 50% is barely audible02:03
James147valorie: kmix is set to restore volumes at login... have you set all of the volumes controls in kmix to max?02:04
valorieI just did02:05
valorieI guess I'll try a restart and see if that works02:05
valoriethanks for your help02:06
jcgshi, my krunner keeps freezing up, is that normal?02:06
valoriethe restart of Amarok seems to have fixed the menu issue02:07
James147jcgs: what kde version?02:09
jcgsJames147: Lucid02:10
James147jcgs: so.. kde 4.4.x? My guess would be its nepomuks fault :) had problems with it before upgrading to kde 4.5 (krunner randomly freezing) it helped to disabled nepomuk from the krunner plugins (as well as anyother plugin that i dident need)02:11
James147jcgs: you can disable it by unchecking the appropate box from krunner > the config icon (looks like a spanner)02:12
jcgsJames147: Interesting. nepomuk definitely seems to have been problematic (zombie processes and the like)02:12
James147jcgs: havent really had an issue with it since I upgraded to kde 4.5 :D look to be finially reached a usable state (and 4.5 is still RC)02:13
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LinuxPerplexedQuestion:  Is the "alternate" cd usually bootable?02:19
Joshua_^_Dunamisyes it is02:19
LinuxPerplexedhaving some issues with a bluray drive an old ide drive and a usb drive - somtimes not booting one or the other cannot read the cd's02:20
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LinuxPerplexedtotal pain - example - the usb reads a mint live cd and boots - but wont read the alternate Kubuntu - both written on CDRW's02:20
LinuxPerplexedare cdrw's an issue?02:20
Joshua_^_DunamisI don't know it02:21
Joshua_^_DunamisIs th live cd bootable in your pc?02:21
James147LinuxPerplexed: I tend to use usb flash drives now... get a cheap 1gig stick and install live distros to that... I found it much less hassel then dead cds :S02:22
LinuxPerplexedok i think the website said I need a 2g stick for Kubuntu?02:22
James147LinuxPerplexed: otherwise make sure you burn the immage to a cd at a slow speed... usually give a better change at working02:23
LinuxPerplexedyea I have been burning at 1-3x max02:23
claydoh|werkI find cdrw's to be problematic in general for burning install disks02:23
James147LinuxPerplexed: i only use 1gig sticks :p... the cd image is onlt 700mb so that all you really need :)02:23
LinuxPerplexedok could be the issue, ok lets go this direction- what iso do I need and what software do I need to make a 1g usb stick bootable?02:23
LinuxPerplexedI am downloading via torrent - 10.04 desktop iso02:24
James147LinuxPerplexed: and .iso... + usb-creator[-kde] in [k]ubuntu or unetbootin for windows/other distros (or ubuntu if you rpefure it)02:24
claydoh|werkfor Ubuntu cd's, the builtin usb-creator for other distros, unetbootin02:24
James147LinuxPerplexed: note taht i think unetbootin will auto download the image, but i am not sure havent useed it in over a year02:25
LinuxPerplexedok  - format stick as fat32?02:25
James147LinuxPerplexed: both programs will format the disk for you02:25
LinuxPerplexedmaking this from winblowz02:25
James147(at least i think unetbootin will)02:25
LinuxPerplexedlet me get usb creator02:26
claydoh|werkLinuxPerplexed: i think there may be a unetbootin for windows, not  sure02:26
mcurranI just tried UNetbootin to put a WIN7 Install DVD iso on a usb, and it worked, but it says something about missing drivers when I get to the disk selection (install medium) section...02:26
James147LinuxPerplexed: usb-creator is ubuntu onlyu02:26
LinuxPerplexedlet me see if unetbootin is simple02:26
claydoh|werkLinuxPerplexed: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/02:26
robertzaccourhow do i reset kde panel? somehow the stuff on the right shifted left02:26
James147robertzaccour: kde 4.4.x not easily (you need to reset the whole plasma-desktop) kde 4.5.x you can right clickk > add panel > default panel02:27
LinuxPerplexedso with unetbootin and the laternate iso I am good to go at 1gig stick?02:27
robertzaccourJames147, how do i do that?02:28
James147LinuxPerplexed: you should be, i havent had problems with a 1gig02:28
LinuxPerplexedok thanks - I am excited to try KDE it seems to look smoother and more elegant than Gnome to me02:28
valorieamen, LinuxPerplexed02:28
James147robertzaccour: reset plasma-desktop (thats all your widgets on your desktop and you wallpapaer)? rename or delete ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc02:29
robertzaccourJames147, how do i do that?02:29
James147robertzaccour: rename or delete ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc ?? through dolphin :S or "rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc" in commandline02:30
James147note the above command will permintally remove the file02:30
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James147robertzaccour: you may or may not need to also remove plasma-desktop-appletsrc or plasmarc from the same location02:31
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James147or anything with plasma in the name at that location :)02:31
claydoh|werkLinuxPerplexed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#From%20Windows02:32
robertzaccourJames147, sudo apt-get remove ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc ?02:33
James147robertzaccour: that would appempt to uninstall ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc... which isent a program :S so wil fail02:34
robertzaccourJames147, thats what you just told me to do02:34
LinuxPerplexedJames147: Thanks getting my image now and will be loading soon.02:35
James147robertzaccour: "rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasm*"  will delete any files starting with plasm (note the LACK of sudo since you are removing a file owned by your self)02:35
James147robertzaccour: and I told you to remove the file, not try to uninstall it :)02:35
robertzaccourso i need to "remove ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc?02:35
James147robertzaccour: yes... but the remove command is called rm... the exact thing you try is "rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasm*"02:36
James147robertzaccour: or do it through dolphin02:37
robertzaccourJames147, it didn't appear to do anything02:37
James147robertzaccour: rm only outputs on error02:37
James147robertzaccour: (like most unix commands)02:37
robertzaccourJames147, so how do i remove it?02:37
robertzaccouri just need to reset it so the stuff is back to the right side02:37
James147robertzaccour: to see if its still there "ls ~/.kde/share/config" and see if its listed... (you already have removed it if you ran the previous command)02:38
James147robertzaccour: note you will need to restart plasma-desktop to see the effects (killall plasma-desktop && sleep 5 && plasma-desktop) << that will kill plasma-desktop wait 5 seconds and start it again02:39
James147robertzaccour: your desktop should disapear for 5 seconds then come back again (if it dosent alt+f2 and try plasma-desktop to start it again)02:39
LinuxPerplexedFonts: I was reading some older articles about Linux fonts lood bad compared to apple.  They were talking about eneabling sub pixel smoothing or rendering or something...does anyone know if this has been addressed since like 2006 versions?02:39
robertzaccourJames147, it said no precess found02:40
James147LinuxPerplexed: :S I quite like the kde fonts :D and they do now use truetyped fonts02:40
LinuxPerplexedk - I think it would have been addressed by now, cool02:40
James147robertzaccour: (or you can logout and logback in to do the same thing)02:41
robertzaccourJames147, so if i log out then back in it will be restored?02:41
James147robertzaccour: hopefully :)02:42
* James147 finds himself answering that question enough that he really really should know the effect of deleting the different plasma* files... and goes off to test02:44
valorieI have a picky little question about the Weather Forecast applet02:48
valoriewhen I display the whole applet, there is always an "N/A" displayed over the weather icon02:49
valorieI've set everything in settings, but that N/A won't disappear02:50
erosswhat's best way to install kde4 into 10.04? I see so many kde4's in synaptic, it's confusing02:53
James147eross: from ubuntu? install "kubuntu-desktop"02:53
LinuxPerplexedJames - isnt that thought to be less stable sdoing the KDE install that way vs getting Kuubntu itself?02:57
erossack.. should i run gdm or kdm by default02:59
James147LinuxPerplexed: dont see why... and havent heard it being less stable02:59
erossmust be kdm for kde?02:59
James147eross: which ever you prefure02:59
James147eross: it dosent really matteryou can launch gnome session from kdm and i think the same the other way around02:59
James147although kdm might play better then kde, but I dont know how03:00
genfoolLinuxPerplexed, is fine, I have kde, gnome, fluxbox, xfce, xbmc, lxde   all controlled by kdm...gdm works fine also.03:00
erossoh just the login portion..03:00
erossgoing to restart and see how laggy quake live is now03:06
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James147!away | xfact03:27
ubottuxfact: You should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»03:27
xfactI apologize, for the message... this was unintentional interruption03:30
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xfactBy the way I need that away message from some other short IRC channel, where I am having admin alike position, and I am using Konversation, is there any way to disable this away message for only this channel? :)03:31
valorienot that I've seen03:32
valorieI <3 Konvi03:32
valoriebtw, there is a #konversation chan03:33
xfactI love Konversation too03:34
xfactAnd thanks for channel info03:34
vbgunz_the application launcher is really crazy imho, lancelot I think is even crazier in some sense. are there any other menu applications for plasma or KDE4?03:42
James147vbgunz_: you can change the default one to the old style menu (as in kde 3.5.x) otherwise I think there might be a few others cant remember their names off hand03:43
xfactBye guys see you soon :)03:43
James147vbgunz_: although, if anywhere has one it will be at http://kde-look.org/03:44
vbgunz_James147: I lose my favorites when I do that otherwise I would probably prefer it03:44
vbgunz_I mean there there03:44
James147vbgunz_: :( i tend to just use alt+f2 now :D rarly use the menu at all03:45
cato37i am still having problems with my laptop cd/dvd rw burner. it will not recognize cd's except for the cd kubuntu install disk03:45
James147cato37: blank cds?03:45
James147vbgunz_: you cvould try the old style menu + http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Favorites+Launcher?content=11763903:46
vbgunz_im gonna see if I can have 2 classics03:47
cato37any cd except for a kubuntu install disk. i origially used a kubuntu 10.04 iso burned onto a dvd, and since then cd's dont come up in the gui. they spin around and are read, or at least make noises like they are being read, but they dont communicate the info to the os.03:47
vbgunz_for some reason though I almost doubt it03:47
vbgunz_holy crap I think I can do it03:47
James147vbgunz_: you can have as many launchers as you want :D03:47
vbgunz_James147: im trying this out now, seems like my idea just might work I hope03:48
James147vbgunz_: you can even have them on the desktop :D03:48
James147cato37: does the kubuntu cd come up in the gui?03:50
cato37 James147 yes, but blanks don't03:51
James147cato37: .... blanks wont appear... just open k3b it should be able to burn to them03:51
cato37James147: my main goal is to be able to read my data and audio cd's, and it doesnt03:57
James147cato37: dont see why it would be able to read the kubuntu cd and not your other data/audio cds (it wont show blank cds though)03:58
cato37i installed kubuntu using an cd iso burned onto a dvd. i think that is what did it.03:59
James147cato37: do see why.... kubuntu shouldent care what method it was install by04:00
cato37is there a way to get kubuntu to recognize it r/w both cd's and dvd's?04:00
James147cato37: you can try mounting it maunally: insert the disk then in a terminal type "mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /cdrom"  (where /cdrom is where you want to mount it)04:02
James147cato37: then you should be able to navigate to /cdrom (or where you mounted it) and browse the contents of the disk (given it mounted correctly and mount dident throw an error)04:03
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James147cato37: sorry, add "sudo " to the start of that command as it need to be run as root (sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /cdrom)04:05
cato37James147: k04:05
vbgunz_is there any way to assign just the meta key to open my system menu?04:06
James147vbgunz_: not easaly...04:06
vbgunz_you would have thought this would have been tackled by now04:07
James147vbgunz_: afraid its the way lower level stuff handels the meta key... most people dont really care about being able to use it to open the men04:08
vbgunz_for about 8 years I've used the meta key to open a menu, heh04:08
James147vbgunz_: think the application launcher opens with alt+f1 by default?04:08
vbgunz_nah, nothing mapped to it04:09
vbgunz_its all good, more curious than anything else04:09
James147vbgunz_: you can right click it > configure... and add a shortcut that way (just not meta only)04:10
vbgunz_got it04:11
James147vbgunz_: i got too use to alt+f2... krunner is the best launcher i have seen :D04:11
cato37James147: i ran it twice first time the command went thru, second time i got the response that it was already mounted or busy04:13
James147cato37: you have to unmount it before you can mount it again (sudo umount /dev/cdrom)04:14
James147cato37: if you run "mount"  it will list all mounted devices so you can check to see if the cdrom is mounted04:15
cato37no cdrom04:16
cato37James147: ok, after running mount. but now my dvd's dont show04:16
cato37James147:  *dvd's wont play04:17
vbgunz_James147: heh, I mapped krunner to scroll lock alone along time ago04:17
James147cato37: play in what?04:17
cato37the data dvd's dont show up.04:18
vbgunz_James147: I also mapped pause/break to xkill04:18
James147vbgunz_: lol04:18
James147cato37: show up in what?04:18
cato37James147:  the data dvd's dont show up in dolphin04:18
vbgunz_heh, it's pretty cool having one key access to some stuff04:18
James147vbgunz_: you know alt+crtl+esc is also maped to xkill?04:19
macoJames147: not when i try it...04:19
vbgunz_James147: it's too much04:19
vbgunz_I end up forgetting too as I rarely kill stuff04:20
James147vbgunz_: :) you shouldnt need to use it `that` much04:20
James147maco: really?04:20
macoyeah my mouse didnt change to the xkill skull & crossbones04:21
James147maco: is "kill window" under kwin in the global keyboard shortcuts maped to anything?04:22
macooh i dont use kwin :)04:24
macoi thought xkill killed whole processes though, not just individual windows04:24
macoso id expect it to be a kde-wide shortcut, not a window manager one04:24
cato37James147: the café closed 20 minutes ago, i am heading accross the street to continue04:26
James147maco: i think its jsut kwin launching xkill04:26
macoah ok04:26
James147maco: even if its a global shorcut soemthing needs to launch it :)04:26
macoplasma? *shrug*04:26
James147maco: like how krunner seems to be incharge of ctrl+esc for the progess manager... dont know who chose that :S04:27
cato37theo@Sophia:~$ sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /cdrom04:27
cato37mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr0,04:27
cato37       missing codepage or helper program, or other error04:27
cato37       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try04:27
cato37       dmesg | tail  or so04:27
FloodBotK1cato37: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:27
James147cato37: does "mount" list /dev/cdrom  (or /dev/sr0?) also is the disk a blank disk?04:28
cato37James147: no04:29
cato37James147: no to the mount command, yes, the disk is a blank cd04:31
macoJames147: i didnt know about ctrl+esc. i just use top :P04:32
James147cato37: you cannot mount a blank cd... nor will the device notifier display a blank cd... the only thing you can do with a blank cd is to burn to it and k3b should beable to see it04:32
cato37James147: k. kb3 will recognize a blank cd. :)04:34
James147maco: i find hitting ctrl+ecs quicker then launching a terminal, opening yakuake then opening top :) and its easier to read04:34
macoah i dont have to open a terminal, just go to workspace 104:35
macoi *always* have a terminal...or 3... open04:35
James147maco: i always have yakuake open (thats the point of it :D ) but its still less effort to hit crtl+esc :D04:35
macoi have friends that say X exists to be able to display multiple terminals at once04:36
macoi often agree04:36
James147maco: and run screen in each of them :)04:36
macono actually04:37
macoi use terminator, which is written for gnome, to get split screens04:37
macoits splitting is much nicer than konsole's04:37
macoand it has no chrome... there are no buttons or borders around it04:37
James147maco: any reasoon why?04:37
macoterminator, you split whats in a tab04:38
macoand you can drag the subterminals around to rearrange04:38
macoin konsole, you have splits and tabs too, but every pane has ALL the tabs04:38
macoand so you can end up with two panes showing the same tab, which is horribly confusing (and the default when you split!)04:38
macoterminator, when i split, launches a fresh terminal in the new pane04:38
James147maco: heh, thats weird behavour :D04:39
macoand like i said... no toolbar, no menubar... if i used a window manager that had titlebars, itd just be a titlebar and a shell04:39
James147maco: mine has no toolbars or menus (or it would have no menus if it launched properly :S04:40
James147maco: then i tend to hit alt+ctrl+m to hide the menus04:40
James147maco: hell, use to have it running without a boarder as well, and just launched multiple konsoles when i wanted a split view :S04:41
macoand since i use a tiling window manager that *would* work04:41
macobut i like the drag n drop terminals i get in terminator04:41
macoJames147: http://ostatic.org/files/images/terminator-mad.png04:42
James147maco: :) you know kde 4.5 now has tiling support?04:42
macobut its a bit wonky04:42
macoand it only does a spiral algorithm04:42
macoi like xmonad's default algorithm for most things04:42
James147maco: yeah:( but like every other feature i will be useable by about 1 or 2 version later ;)04:42
cato37James147: sorry, i thought kb3 was recognizing a blank cd because it had a menu selection for it. but when i try to burn a cd it reads: please put in a suitable medium.04:42
macoby a bit wonky, i mean i saw someone try to demo it at an event, and it made space for 5 windows to tile... while 2 of the 5 were tabbed together...so it only needed space for 4...so there was just a gap of wallpaper where window shouldve been04:43
James147cato37: are you trying to burn a cd to a dvd?04:43
cato37James147: i am trying to burn data files to a blank cd04:44
James147maco: also dosent do well on dual screen :(04:44
James147cato37: make sure you open the right option... burn to dvd wont show cd and burn to cd wont show dvds... but other then taht i dont know why it would list them in the menu and not let you burn to them04:45
James147cato37: tryed it for 5 mins, you cant move the tiled windows to the other screen and floating windows normalise when you drag the other windows about... but hell its the first version of it :)04:46
cato37James147: thanks for trying. i am going to go home and try again tomorrow,04:49
James147maco: am 1/2 temped to get konsoles source to see if the split view can be improved :S04:49
macogo for it. i dont know c++04:50
cato37have a good night all.04:51
corebreakerHello all I seem to have got my self a problem, when I change the plasma activaty settings to Folder View, I can't scroll through my desktops, is there something I need to turn on or off?04:55
corebreakerDoes anyone know what im talking about?05:00
James147corebreaker: works here, there is a mouse action in right click desktop > folder view settings > mouse actions: vertical scroll -> switch desktop... if it isent there click "input here" and scroll the mouse....05:01
vbgunz_how do you temporarily disable dri in xorg?05:05
vbgunz_im going through my logs and see I am loading dri and dri205:05
vbgunz_could I disable them? I just want to check something out05:05
James147vbgunz_: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf would be my guess :) but I dont know the spifics of what you need to add/change in there05:06
vbgunz_James147: I used to have the line in there but its not there anymore and in my logs it shows dri and dri2 are loading05:07
vbgunz_I am googling it, I just want to test something05:07
vbgunz_well, gonna try it out, brb05:13
LnxPrplxdWow, Kubuntu looks polished compared to Ubuntu!  First boot here and liking it.05:20
LnxPrplxdI loaded the propreietary nvidia driver and now my nice fonts are tiny - what went on here?06:03
mueslihttp://blog.chris.de/archives/299-The-X.org,-NVidia-KWin-Situation.html <- if anyone is experiencing weird issues with kubuntu & nvidia, please join the discussion and help us figuring out what's going on06:04
trax_Eveing anyone here know the Broadcom 4318 chipset that's willing to give me a hand with setup?06:21
trax_it worked under Ubuntu 10.04 without any tweaks and also under fedora 13 but now that i switched to Kubuntu its not functioning06:23
trax_Drat no one?06:30
gyenesHungary ?06:56
valorietrax, have you googled around a bit?07:00
* valorie can't help07:00
valoriebut I notice that a few hours ago, it was active here07:01
valorieand now it's asleep07:01
valorieso presumably the experts are snoring07:01
poyntzkontact crashes when i start it up. any ideas? i'm using kde 4.407:11
troopperipoyntz: its a bug, read this there is workaroun that might help http://osdir.com/ml/kdepim-bugs/2010-06/msg00685.html07:24
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noaXessgood morning07:45
noaXesshow can i mount a external usb hd as user?.. in kde it works automaticlly over device notifier... but if i have no kde or no other X.. how can i do that in console?07:46
noaXessor can than only root do that.. sudo mount...?07:46
valoriemykleman: if you know vaguely what sort of channel you want, /list whatever will get you better results08:27
valoriethere are so many, you'll want to narrow it a bit08:27
myklemanthank u valorie08:28
myklemannew to this08:28
valorieyou are very welcome08:28
valorieit took me awhile to learn that08:28
myklemanjust looking for gtkpod support to use my iphone on kubuntu08:28
valorie#ipodlinux might be useful08:30
myklemanta. i am there now.08:31
valoriethere is a #gtkpod also08:31
myklemanthat was me lol08:31
valoriekeep in mind that devels sleep sometimes08:31
jussivalorie: in future you may want to point people to: /msg alis help08:59
valoriejussi, is alis a bot, or what?09:01
valorievery cool, I didn't know about that09:01
jussivalorie: yeah, kinda. its a network service bot, like nickserv/chanserv etc09:01
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=== ping__luce is now known as faLUCE
nebulasHow do I startsraft 2 beta ...?09:37
nebulasHow do I startsraft 2 beta ...?09:55
gunsofbrixtonhi, in kmail, where do I set that messages should not be grouped by date?09:56
valoriegunsofbrixton: support is in #kubuntu09:57
well_laid_lawnheh :]09:57
valoriewe ARE in Kubuntu09:57
valoriemethinks I'm getting tired....09:57
gunsofbrixtonthanks :)09:58
gunsofbrixtondoes kontact work well with exchange calendars? do invitation sending/receiving work?10:02
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nicklas_Hello. When a new version of kubuntu is released, will you get a message? I mean in kubuntu you cant set up what versions to search for like in regular ubuntu. And 10.04 is a LTS, so it will only search for LTS?10:48
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TaosLatest ubuntu update has a broken command-not-found support11:30
steven__hi everyone, please someone can email me a 32bit via-rhine.ko ?11:31
steven__there is no /lib/modules/2.6.26-2-486/kernel/drivers/net folder on the debian netinstall usb image !11:41
TaosHow can i fix the command not found bug in 10.411:45
ionutin joomla hi, whenever i try to install a template i get this error Warning: move_uploaded_file(D:\Inetpub\webs\mauromarcosimonazziit\tmp\yoo_beyond_1.5.tar.gz) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in D:\Inetpub\webs\mauromarcosimonazziit\libraries\joomla\filesystem\file.php  on line 34511:50
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gnaderihow config terminal that use tor filter cracker like firefox?12:14
gnaderihow can install virtual box in forbidden country like Iran?12:15
gnaderihow can install virtual box in forbidden country like Iran?12:15
gnaderihow can install virtual box in forbidden country like Iran?12:15
FloodBotK1gnaderi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:15
gnaderiwhat is the fastest  Virtual machine in linux?12:28
blainesx or xen12:32
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rusomoskowhow to block fu***ing flash??????????   in firefox!!!!12:37
rusomoskowI do not see fu***ing menu to do it!!!12:37
jillsmittdisable adobe flashplugin12:37
jillsmittin the Addons menu12:37
rusomoskowwhy firefox deny to easy  blocking of flash??????12:38
jillsmittit is easy blocking12:38
gunsofbrixtonuhm, audio to my headphones works fine in config test and amarok, but not with flash videos... any ideas?12:38
rusomoskowNO!   I want to block flash onlo on one huge site12:39
jillsmittrusomoskow: there are many addons to you, just check it out from Addons search12:39
rusomoskowheavy ырше сшеу12:39
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solangebonjour tout le monde j'ai un petit probleme avec un aspire 5315 pour connecter le wifi quelqu'un aurais des sugestion j'ai retourner le probleme dantout les sens13:20
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
solangel'os est kubuntu lynx13:21
eagles05138755hey guys what do yall recommend for an sftp server?13:40
thomasfustonAloha, i got a short question (dunno if it reall support), i got a problem it deKorator, it dont install the theme i gave him (it is a deKorator theme), is there a way to do it by my self ?13:40
eagles05138755!vsftpd | eagles0513875513:43
blainhey charlene_13:44
blaineagles0513875 vsftpd13:44
eagles05138755blain: thanks 2nd person to confirm13:45
eagles05138755is it in the repos blain13:45
eagles05138755nm answered my own question\13:45
blaini know13:45
blainit's in the reps13:46
blainapt-cache search vsftpd13:46
eagles05138755or apt-cache policy vsftpd :)13:46
blainthere are tons of ways in linux to achieve the samething13:47
eagles05138755blain: ya i never really had to setup ftp before so this is something new for me13:50
blainproftpd is easier13:50
eagles05138755tbh i would prefer to have a secure connection to the server13:50
* eagles05138755 is confused about ftp13:53
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xfactHello guys14:04
blainhey indian14:04
xfactI have another question: How to change the default Kubuntu pointer? :)14:04
James147xfact: system settings > mouse&keyboard > mouse > curser theme... or somewhere similar14:05
James147although thats only for your user14:05
* xfact looks up14:05
xfactWell, thank you very much for the help14:08
xfactComing soon with more questions :)14:08
xfactByee :)14:08
blainhope not14:08
Torcheagles0513875: sftp is ftp over ssh14:11
Torcheagles0513875: you need an sshd for that14:11
eagles0513875_Torch: ya i realized after the fact hehe14:15
munzirHi, can I spellcheck two languages in kate or similar editors?14:19
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=== Guest67037 is now known as assential
=== assential is now known as assantial
=== assantial is now known as assantianal
assantianalCan somebody help me to find a job?14:21
James147munzir: in kate > tool > change dictionary  i think might do it14:21
munzirJames147: sure but one language at a time. My documents are multilingual so they contain mixed languages. Those programs should detect the lang and enable the dic automatically, no?14:22
James147munzir: afraid that is as much as I know about it :p14:23
FloodBotK1assantianal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:27
assantianaldo not flood  ыыыыыыыы14:27
assantianalтрам пам пам14:27
munzirJames147: np14:27
assantianalmunzir   ыыы14:27
assantianalютф8 ?14:28
assantianalбыдло  ыыыыыыыыы14:28
Misterio*ubuntu channels shoud have auto-language-detection to PM users with local channel...14:32
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RaGNORAKhi how do i set up a network with my desktop running kubuntu and linux and my laptop running windows14:48
RaGNORAKi know there is a software i should use i just forgot the name..... :|14:48
James147RaGNORAK: using a router is easiest :P otherwise knetwork manager `should` beable to connect them (if wireless then through an ad-hoc connection)14:50
RaGNORAKi am using a router14:53
RaGNORAKwait let me just set the stuff up and if i cant figure it out on my own ill ask a more specific question :|14:53
James147RaGNORAK: if both are connected with the router then they should already have a 'network' between them :) try browsing remote:/ in dolphin or konq14:55
=== Assurbanipal_ is now known as Assurbanipal
James147RaGNORAK: for browsing files on a windows mechiene you will need to use samba shares (smb:/)14:56
James147RaGNORAK: for broswing folder on your linux mecheine you will need to install samba and configure some shares14:57
RaGNORAKthank you14:57
James147!samba | RaGNORAK14:58
ubottuRaGNORAK: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.14:58
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gunsofbrixtonso I told nepomuk to index my files, how do I actually search for stuff? do I need to install strigi?15:44
blaingunsofbrixton locate15:45
blainbut first run updatedb15:45
gunsofbrixtonblain: does that use the strigi file index?15:46
blaini dont think so15:46
gunsofbrixtonuhm, so should I use strigi to index my files at all?15:47
lelamalHi all, for a couple of days I've been having problems with two plasmoids: ublog and picture frame (set to pic of the day). At start up, they're both not displaying anything.15:48
James147gunsofbrixton: locate does not use nepomuk at all :S to seach nepomuk use dolphin's search bar (NOT crtl+f) or krunner plugin15:48
lelamalThe only workaraound is to move from Timeline to Replies and back in ublog (this shows messages but not my pic), and change the provider of the pic of the day to refresh the picture frame. Has anybody experienced anything like this, or know how to fix it?15:48
gunsofbrixtonJames147: ok cool... does the k menu search use strigi as well?15:50
James147gunsofbrixton: not sure, dont use it :) but I dont thnk so15:50
James147gunsofbrixton: easy enough to test, just to the same search in dolphin and kmenu and see if they return the same results :)15:52
Xand3rwe have amarok for music, digikam for pictures, is there a application like them for videos?15:56
MamarokXand3r: dragonplayer or kaffeine15:58
Xand3rMamarok: they dont manage my videos15:58
MamarokXand3r: then you probably lack some codecs15:59
James147Xand3r: dont know of any application that "manages" videos, most people just play them :p15:59
Mamarokoh, you mean a video editing software? kdenlive would be the one15:59
Xand3rJames147: yea but i have some series an want them sorted, auto renamed and all that stuff16:00
MamarokXand3r: I don't think you can do that with a video player16:00
Mamarokthat would be rather something to do in Dolphin16:00
James147Xand3r: I tend to do that manually... as far as I know there is no software to auto manage videos16:01
Xand3rhmm ok16:01
James147Xand3r: not sure if some video formats can srote meta data alike music files can16:01
Xand3rJames147: yea but it could use a database16:03
James147Xand3r: it could... but the amount of people that have large collections of digitised videos that require a database to sort isent that great :(16:03
MamarokXand3r: theoretically you should be able to do it with digikam, too16:04
James147at once point I was considering writing one... but its too much effort for little reward16:04
Xand3rtoo bad16:06
slinker1how bout linuxmce is it still around?16:08
jillsmittmaco: is there any news about amarok?16:08
jillsmittmaco: hello16:08
Mamarokjillsmitt: what news?16:09
jillsmittMamarok: about depends in kubuntu, amarok needs gtk - it is wrong16:10
Mamarokjillsmitt: of course it doesn't need gtk, where does that say so?16:11
jillsmittMamarok: one of plugins in the amarok metapackage needs gtk in kubuntu16:11
macojillsmitt: its not wrong16:12
James147Mamarok: its in its dependencys... libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.14.0), libgpod4 (>= 0.7.0), libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.8.0)  :S16:12
macojillsmitt: i told you yesterday, its for ipod support16:12
Mamaroklibglib yes, libgtk2 not16:12
macoMamarok: i told him i'd ask lydia16:12
macoand lydia said gtk is for ipod support16:13
Mamarokmaco: well, you could ask me, I was going to explain that16:13
jillsmittmaco: sorry, but it must be choise16:13
Mamarokjillsmitt: what is wrong with the libgopd dependency?16:13
macoMamarok: its the gtk dep jillsmitt doesnt want, they want a pure qt system16:13
jillsmittMamarok: i need... yes16:13
Mamarokjillsmitt: *sigh* don't you exagerate a bit there?16:14
* maco doesnt see whats the difference between asking Mamarok and asking Lydia...theyre both amarok people16:14
Mamarokmaco: as you like, I am just more often in here than Nightrose :)16:14
jillsmittMamarok: it hardly to say16:15
jillsmittwhat does exagerate mean?16:15
Mamarokjillsmitt: well, Amarok needs libgpod for the media devices, else that doesn't work, so why is gtk bad?16:16
jillsmittMamarok: gtk is not bad, but dont have pod-devices and why we (users who do not use it) must install it with favorit player?16:17
jillsmittthere is no logic16:17
Mamarokjillsmitt: because the developers choose so, and there are a lot of users who need that, it is very logical, on the contrary16:17
Mamarokwhy should we write a new library in Qt if there is a well working one that uses a gtk library? That makes not much sense, but you are welcome to write one16:18
Mamarokjillsmitt: but Media Devices are a full element of Amarok, removing that dependency would strip Amarok of one of it's basic functionalities16:19
jillsmittMamarok: i have archlinux at home on the desktop, and amarok great without all this gtk plugins there16:19
Mamarokjillsmitt: of course you are free to use another player if you don't like that, your choice16:20
jillsmitti am16:20
Mamarokeven on archlinux you need libgpod16:20
jillsmittbut there is must be a choise16:20
Mamarokwell, there is a choice of something like 0 other media players16:20
jillsmittyou can say it for me, but there is a right way: if it is plugin then let it will be plugged by the user16:21
Mamarokjillsmitt: it is not a plugin, how difficult is that to understand?16:21
MamarokMedia Devices is an integral üart of Amarok and if you want to use Media Players, you need these libraries16:22
jillsmittkubuntu is kubuntu16:22
LightningHello. I'm getting an error while trying to select a directory in Mixxx.16:25
LightningQFileWatcher can't find path or omething like that16:25
LightningAny fixes? It's a common problem I've noticed, bt I can't find anything but bug reports on it.16:26
jillsmitthow to create wireless network connection point?16:26
jillsmittwith networkmanager16:26
Lightningjillsmitt: Try #wireless They wold know more about this stuff16:27
LightningNo help here?16:34
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Riddell** packaging with the ninjas on shortly in #ubuntu-classroom with elite kubuntu ninja shadeslayer16:53
jhutchins_ltWhat's the current version of apache?17:01
=== root is now known as Guest31803
Guest58494jhutchins_lt: Server version: Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu)17:16
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blowfishhi. i need help with a javachat, i did yesterday, but ir doesn't work http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com/ any idea of why= i can't test in work becasue i haven0t got java17:37
Piciblowfish: Whats the question then? Are you trying to get java installed?17:39
blowfishi'm trying to someone test that javachat, i have it in home17:40
blowfishbut i need in 10 minutes17:40
blowfishPici: please, tell me if it loads17:40
Piciblowfish: What does this have to do with Kubuntu or Ubuntu?17:40
blowfishit makes /home/user/Documents/test/file.txt with chat logs17:41
blowfishit's a project17:41
Piciblowfish: This channel isn't for testing your projects in.  If you'd like, you can try #ubuntu-offtopic or #kubuntu-offtopic17:42
blowfishPici: JOIN IN MY CHAT NOW http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com/17:47
FloodBotK1blowfish: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:47
Riddellthanks Pici17:48
PiciRiddell: no problem17:48
BluesKajshould be banned from freenode , period17:48
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donaldbrascohello, can anyone help me set up my iphone os4 on kubuntu 10.04?18:04
donaldbrasconothing happens when I plug it in - I've installed kubuntu-restricted-extras and gtkpod18:04
michel_hi all18:05
michel_can i play 3d games in wine using 'ati' driver?18:05
jojo2008hi all18:08
jojo2008i have been having trouble setting up compiz-fusion18:09
James147donaldbrasco: I think you should be able to copy media to it thorugh amarok... but I dont know the current state of i* support18:09
donaldbrascojames147: kubutnu won't even recognize that a device has been plugged in, though18:10
=== c is now known as Guest92654
James147donaldbrasco: what tells you that? kubuntu's device notifier only notifies you of removable media (flash sticks, decent mp3 player ;) ) I beleave the I8 stuff need a spical protacall to communicate with it so wont show there18:11
thomasfustonAloha, how to install a qtcurve.setup file? i searched a bit online but didnt found something18:16
venkateshi want to install kubuntu on a completely new HDD without burning an ISO image to a CD or a USB18:17
venkateshis it possible to do it?18:17
blainonly using wubi install i think18:18
blainbut i've never done it18:18
venkateshno i mean i don't want windows..18:19
venkateshi am already on kubuntu on one disk18:19
venkateshi want to install kubuntu on another disk18:19
venkateshis it possible to do it?18:19
venkateshwithout buring a CD/USB?18:19
blainis might be but it's complicated18:19
venkateshjust was curious to try it out18:20
slinker1grub would be the issue i think18:20
James147venkatesh: unetbootin   i think it has an option to use your hd as the boot meada18:20
blaini was actually thinking about something like disk dump18:20
venkateshjames147:let me try it right away18:22
James147venkatesh: http://www.my-guides.net/en/guides/linux/147-how-to-install-linux-from-windows-using-unetbootin << its for windows but its prety much the same method for linux i beleave18:25
venkateshcool.. let me try it james18:25
James147except to uninstall it you have to rerun unetbootin on the orignal os18:25
donaldbrascojames147: so, do you know what I have to do?18:28
James147donaldbrasco: if amarok dosent see it I am not sure :S I dont have an iphone nor have worked with one18:29
donaldbrascojames147: ok, thanks18:29
venkateshjames147: ok james18:30
venkateshjames147: james i have the external hd mounted on which i want to install kubuntu18:36
venkateshi am not getting the option of selecting the hd at all in18:36
James147venkatesh: on unetbootin? did you change the "Type" to "Hard disk"?18:38
venkateshi just see /18:38
venkateshi am confused, i guess it is pointing it to the current disk18:41
blaintry not to wipe your current disk18:42
slinker1good advice :)18:43
venkateshi'll better use the USB approach :) but i seriously wanted to give a try18:43
blaini've done18:43
blainbut it involved copying the livecd i was using18:43
yao_ziyuankubuntu guys, do this test:18:45
yao_ziyuanstart a konsole, maximize it, type 'ls /usr/bin',18:45
yao_ziyuanminimize it, and then click it again to restore it.18:45
yao_ziyuanhow long does it take to restore?18:45
thomasfustoni changed the colors of kde, after done that, all of my gtk apps are complete black except the window decoration, any idea?18:46
blainyao_ziyuan subsecond18:47
yao_ziyuanshould take less than 0.1 seconds18:48
yao_ziyuani left kubuntu because it took too long for this test18:48
yao_ziyuanwhich reflected it didn't compile kde very well18:49
Piciyao_ziyuan: Do you have a support question ?18:49
yao_ziyuani wonder how kubuntu does this test now18:50
Piciyao_ziyuan: I ask because what you're describing could be a symptom of having the wrong video drivers enabled.  If you aren't asking how to fix that, but rather complaining, then you don't understand the purpose of this channel.18:50
James147venkatesh: thats all I see and I think is what you want... but if you are unnsure I couldtry running a test for you18:51
James147venkatesh: basically I thnk that its going to install to your root partition (aka '/')18:51
naftilos76hi everyone, what firewall fo you propose for kubuntu? I mean a GUI app! Like firestarter but for KDE!18:54
James147!firewall | naftilos7618:55
ubottunaftilos76: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.18:55
felskyBoa tarde , algue  ai tem um tutorial para configurar o zoneminder18:58
Riddell** Qt Quick talk in #ubuntu-classroom shortly19:00
aguinaldoI am with problam in Kubuntu with apt-get update19:06
aguinaldoI am received error messenger19:07
James147aguinaldo: what error?19:07
aguinaldojust moment I will look the log19:08
aguinaldoError Type:19:08
aguinaldoError Value: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, exceptions.SystemError found19:08
aguinaldoFile : /usr/share/PackageKit/helpers/apt/aptBackend.py, line 2216, in19:08
aguinaldoFile : /usr/share/PackageKit/helpers/apt/aptBackend.py, line 2213, in main19:08
FloodBotK1aguinaldo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:08
aguinaldorun(args, options.single)19:08
aguinaldoJames147 I posted in http://paste.ubuntu.com/463090/19:11
aguinaldoI am using the Kubuntu 10.0419:12
James147aguinaldo: :S dosnt sound like apt-get (what hapens if you run: sudo apt-get update?)19:12
aguinaldothe problam in apt-get update is medibuntu.org19:13
aguinaldothe autentication is not correct19:13
thomasfustonI change colorscheme of kde, after that gtk2 apps completly black, after changed back to default colorscheme gtks apps still black, i reinstalled qtcurve, but no effect still gtk apps are black and not usable any idea?19:16
thomasfustonno one any idea do i really have to reinstall the whole system ??19:20
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isti37hello everyone, anyone knows why kopete isn't working with Yahoo, it crashes when It tries to get my list.19:53
=== andrea is now known as Guest8406
dillonanyone know some good themes/20:28
Marbleplease help me20:33
ridinhi ask your question20:34
ridinasking to ask is not helpful for us to help you20:34
Marblewhat shud i do to play .mkv and .rmvb and other formats to play in kubuntu20:35
Marblei am a new user in linux20:35
Marblei dont know any thing deeply20:35
James147Marble: Install "kubuntu-restricted-extras"20:35
James147Marble: what will allow you to play most things including .mkv20:36
Marblewhere can i find it to install20:36
Marblei am not havin a net connection in my house20:37
Marbleso can i download it here and use in home??20:37
ridinmarble, ?20:38
mimmoich sterbre20:38
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes20:39
ridini have no clue the language20:39
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.20:39
mimmonon ce nessuno20:39
Marbleso i was askin if i download the restricted extras can i install it in my home where i am not havin net20:39
ridini'm not sure, i'm not very good with linux20:40
Marbleok man20:40
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD20:41
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline20:41
James147Marble: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+package/kubuntu-restricted-extras  for lucid20:41
ridinyeah, i was about to say that20:41
CQhello, I have the problem with virtuoso-t eating cycles like crazy... I found the bug report, but how do I fix it locallyß I don't inderstand the suggestion inthe bug20:41
Marblethanks guys20:41
CQthe bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-runtime/+bug/57821520:42
Marblehey james20:42
Marblekubuntu-restricted-extras 36 in i386 (Release)20:42
Marblekubuntu-restricted-extras 39 in i386 (Release)20:42
Marblewhich shud i download20:42
FloodBotK1Marble: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:42
ridinthe latest one20:42
Marbleno man20:43
Marblethese must be something like win 32bit or 64bit like that20:43
ridinthey are both 32bit20:43
PiciMarble: kubuntu-restricted-extras is a metapackage.  You'll need all the pacakges that it depends on.20:44
Picihttp://apt.alturl.com/ can get that for you, but it is going to be a lot of packages and isn't going to be quick to download.20:44
Marblei am new to linux20:46
Marbleso wat you mean is i have to download all things in the list20:46
Marblethat i get in search20:46
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mcurranAnyone still using kde3 here?20:54
=== che_ is now known as Guest72776
Guest72776hey i cant get amarok to play mp3s21:06
Guest72776can anyone help me21:06
James147Guest72776: install "kubuntu-restricted-extras"21:07
Guest72776oh ok thank you!21:07
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vbgunzIs Kubuntu still working on papercuts?21:32
vbgunzI need to report a bug about how hard it is to report a bug on launchpad... seriously?21:42
jussivbgunz: extremely simple21:43
jussivbgunz: what package is the bug in?21:43
vbgunzyou don't do it at launchpad do you?21:43
vbgunzits not a bug, a frigging paper cut that burns me up21:44
jussivbgunz: which package?21:44
vbgunzjussi: in konqueror21:44
jussivbgunz: help -> report bug (or similar wording)21:45
jussivbgunz: alternately: ubuntu-bug konqueror21:45
vbgunzbut its not really a bug in the sense of broken. more in semantics. I thought this would be a papercut and probably forever ignored at kde21:46
jussivbgunz: that process sends it to LP21:47
vbgunzthanks, I didn't know that. just its not really a bug, just a severe annoyance. I was hoping the papercuts idea had it's own submission process21:47
yofelvbgunz: we have a papercuts project for simple annoying issues, https://edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts (should be made more public I guess)21:54
yofelvbgunz: did you already file the bug?21:55
greenman35i got a question21:56
greenman35how do u uninstall kubuntu21:57
vbgunzyofel, yeah I submitted the bug, which most likely belongs in papercuts, see here what I mention https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24454421:57
vbgunzyofel: thanks for the link, I'll probably submit there too21:57
yofelvbgunz: give me the papercuts bug then too, you can link both on launchpad21:58
vbgunzyofel here it is on launchpad https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/60518022:02
vbgunzits really just a semantic bug, it's not broken just doing it wrong imho. I think it definitely fits the papercut idea22:04
yofelI was just trying it here (KDE 4.5rc2) and when I open the find files dialog the edit box has the focus, so that seems fixed already22:05
yofellet me find someone else to confirm it22:05
vbgunzman if it's fixed in 4.5, it's about time22:06
James147yofel: vbgunz: yeah same here, Find files/folders focues on "Named" field when it opens from konq on kde 4.5 RC222:09
yofelgood :)22:10
vbgunzman, thats awesome, we just need somebody with 4.4.5 to confirm I aint crazy22:12
vbgunzKDE 4.5 RC1 had some serious nvidia regressions, did any of you experience them and have they improved in RC2?22:13
yofelI'm using maverick with 4.5 and nvidia and it *is* slow, but that's mostly noticible in gtk apps, I'm not sure if it's an nvidia issue22:15
vbgunzyofel you using the nvidia binary from the repos?22:15
yofelyes, meaning 25622:15
James147yofel: #ubuntu+1  for maverick support :)22:16
vbgunzme too22:16
vbgunzyofel have you tweaked out your xorg for some performance?22:16
vbgunzyofel it helps plenty22:16
yofelvbgunz: if you really want to discuss that let's move to +1 ^^22:17
MaVewhy did they have to name it maverick22:17
MaVeit nickalerts me22:17
James147MaVe: :) can your client not do case sensitive searcing?22:17
MaVeJames147: no, I wished it had some kind of ignore list22:18
MaVefor nickalerts22:18
James147MaVe: what are you using?22:18
MaVemIRC with nbs-irc script22:18
vbgunzyofel did you get my messages?22:21
ravhello. i just enabled public_html in apache and the php scripts in it are not been parsed. all browsers ask to save or open the file. is this a bug on lucid?22:28
ravphpmyadmin works, for some reason22:33
donaldbrascocan anyone here help me set up my iphone os4 on kubuntu 10.04?22:34
donaldbrascokubuntu doesn't seem to recognize it anywhere22:34
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fartboneranyone alive to help a newbie?22:41
James147!ask | fartboner22:42
ubottufartboner: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:42
fartbonerhaha okay. I downloaded NVIDIA drivers for my card from nvidia.com and i can't seem to run it via terminal; it's saying i don't have permissions22:43
melissawmfartboner: have you tried using sudo in front of the command?22:43
James147fartboner: chmod u+x FILENAME   then ./FILENAME22:43
James147fartboner: sorry, the last one should be sudo ./FILENAME22:44
fartboneri've tried using sudo, it then says command not found, but i'll try James147's solution22:44
fartbonerwell damn, thanks guys22:44
James147fartboner: what chmod u+x FILENAME dose is it give the owner of the file (which should be you) premission to execute the program22:45
fartboneri appreciate the help, thanks again22:45
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fartbonerOkay, now i have another problem. I have to kill X, but im not really sure how.22:47
=== tendo is now known as dunga
fartbonerI used ctrl+alt+f1 to attempt to install, but not too sure how to kill x server from there.22:48
James147fartboner: logout (not needed but its cleaner to do taht first) then press alt+crtl+f1  this will take you to a virtual terminal, then run "sudo service kdm stop" top stop kdm (and x)22:49
blainps aux | grep xserver22:49
fartbonerokay, i'll try that. i'll come back if i have anymore trouble22:49
James147fartboner: to start it again run "sudo service kdm start" then alt+ctrl+f7 (possibally 8 or 9.... if 7 dosent work) if the previous command dosnt take you back to the loginmanager22:49
fartbonerokay brb22:50
darthganeshwhere is X11R6 located in kubuntu22:55
=== josh__ is now known as fartboner
jcgsdarthganesh: which bit of X11R6 are you referring to? there is an X executable in /usr/bin if that's what you mean?23:02
darthganeshjcgs: I am installing program named 'sis'.In it default location for x11 is /usr/X11R6 in makefile. I don't found any such folder there.23:05
jcgshmmm, presumably it is trying to find the X11 libraries to link with23:07
jcgsdo you have the xorg-dev package installed?23:08
darthganeshjcgs: right now I m installing it23:08
[daemon]Whitor: then why do you blame it on her23:09
jcgsdarthganesh: also, sources probably shouldn't provide you with a makefile directly, thhe configure script should generate it23:09
darthganeshjcgs: there is no configure script in it23:10
BenPAI am trying to reinstall grub on harddrive with livecd ... how do I find the harddrive ... I sought out faq used hda and sda but I am missing something23:13
darthganeshjcgs: Actually I m trying to install program 'ALLCN'. which I downloaded from here http://www.princeton.edu/~cad/projects.html . I really require help to install it.23:13
fartboner_having a bit of problem with my nvidia install regarding /usr/src/nv/nvidia.ko23:13
darthganeshjcgs: I installed xorg-dev. What now I should do.23:15
James147BenPA: harddrives in lunix are at /dev/[h|s]d[a-z]   meaning /dev/hda or /dev/sdb... (note newer drivers tend to be sd.. i havent seen one listed as hd is along time23:19
James147BenPA: with a being your first harddrive, b your second23:20
BenPAJames147: correct that's what I used and it saud device for /boot" Not found or not a block device23:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:21
James147BenPA: Spifically: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20GRUB%20223:22
James147BenPA: given you are running karmic or lucid with grub 2 :)23:22
fartbonerI fixed my previous problem with my Nvidia driver install. It has installed now, but upon returning to my desktop, it throws me back to tty1. To get back here i had to edit xorg.conf and change the driver to fbdev.23:32
fartbonerupon viewing /var/log/Xorg.0.log: (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)23:35
darthganeshI run make command for installing perticular software. It displays lot of messages. And at last I got make: [all] Error 1 (ignored)23:35
darthganesh.How should I find where error occured23:35
fartbonerdarthganesh: depends on the software, most logs would be found in /var/log23:36
James147fartboner: I had that problem when I tryed the onces from the nvidia site :( I ended up not bothering with them and jsut using the ones in the repos. Although the problem is probally fixable I dident want to spend the time on finding one :)23:37
fartbonerJames147: how might i uninstall the nvidia drivers from the site?23:38
James147fartboner: nvidia-uninstall if i remember right (as root from terminal without x running)23:39
fartbonerJames147: ah thanks, might you know how to enable my wifi without kdm running? i hate going back and forth, logging in when i can just use ircii from the terminal23:40
James147fartboner: then delete the /etc/X11/xorg.conf and rerunning kdm. Once in kde again you can easaly install the nvidia drivers using jockey-kde23:41
fartbonerJames147: jockey-kde? is that supplied or will i have to apt-get install that?23:42
James147fartboner: not really have looked into it breafly but could never be bother to try to get it to work :)23:42
James147fartboner: its installed (listed as hardware drivers un kmenu)23:42
fartbonerJames147: alright, here goes nothing; i'll be right back to report my results23:42
ownerhave a headphones with a microphone and i cannot get it working in Skype can some 1 help me pls23:49
darthganeshwhat is error 127 in make23:57
fartbonerit's me again. after uninstalling my nvidia and deleting xorg.conf i can't login.23:58
fartbonereverytime i try to, it shows the harddrive portion of the KDE loading screen then throws me back to the login screen after a little bit of display corruption23:59

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