mtaylora private team can apparently not review merge-proposals00:56
wgrantI hate doctests.02:02
spm3 words. so much ... emotion unsaid yet understood.02:03
wgrantSee, I want to fix a trivial ordering edge case (bug #604842). But the only tests for the method are doctests where I can't really fit a retry. If only they were unit tests :(02:05
_mup_Bug #604842: BinaryPackageBuildSet.getBuildsByArchIds orders inconsistently <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/604842>02:05
mtaylorwhat do I need to do to make a branch private?04:19
mtaylorsorry - wrong channel04:19
lifeless_wgrant: change em to unit tests ;)04:30
wgrantlifeless_: I was going to ask if it was impolite to bloat a one-line branch into a few hundred lines by rewriting tests, but I presumed everyone would be asleep.04:31
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lifelesswgrant: I'd spin a new branch for it04:32
wgrantlifeless: One branch to redo the tests, and a followup with the one-line change plus new test? Perhaps.04:33
lifelessits a little more work but - JFDI04:44
lifelessits not a lot more04:44
wgrantI replaced several hundred lines of doctests yesterday. It seems to be becoming a bit common.04:44
wgrantNasty things.04:45
lifelessthe meme has caught on05:23
lifelessand muhaha, its now my job to start memes ;)05:23
lifelesswgrant: that doctests are actively harmful05:23
wgrantThe anti-doctest meme?05:23
wgrantI now hate them with a passion.05:23
wgrantA few months ago I merely mildly disliked them.05:23
* cody-somerville has slowly been seeding an SOA meme.06:23
wgrantHas it caught on yet?06:24
cody-somervilleSeem to be06:24
cody-somervilleAlthough I think lifeless might extinguish my efforts :/06:24
cody-somervilleI remember briefly skimming minutes for a meeting I missed that noted that lifeless thought splitting launchpad up into smaller, discrete services was a distraction.06:25
wgrantIt is a distraction. But probably a beneficial distraction.06:26
cody-somervilleIndeed. Which is why I hold out hope that the comment isn't as fatal sounding as it does.06:26
mtaylorcody-somerville: fwiw, I support your interest in splitting06:39
mtaylorof course, I have ZAROO vote06:40
mtaylorbut smaller discrete units is pretty much a best practice, especially when you want to scale (hi facebook)06:40
cody-somervilleor hello amazon06:41
mtayloror really anyone06:42
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thumpermtaylor: morning07:06
thumpermtaylor: how's your summit going?07:06
spmthumper: we have a project that has been renamed. we're trying to reset the lp:<project> alias; but that failed. now, whenever we try and re-create 'trunk' we keep getting 'you are being stacked on <junk branch as placeholder>' which is painful. suggestions?07:27
thumperI'm just relocating, back in a few minutes07:28
thumperpastebin more details please07:28
poolierockstar, https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/DynamicConfiguration07:57
rockstarpoolie, thanks07:58
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mwhudsonbigjools: where did you go?08:43
bigjoolsmwhudson: haydn08:45
mwhudsonbigjools: want to talk about buildd-manager now, or busy with other things?08:45
bigjoolswe're talking about derived distros, might be useful for you?08:45
mwhudsonah sure08:45
mwhudsonbe along in a sec08:45
bigjoolsbut yes I'd like to talk about that too :)08:45
wgrantjml: We still can't renew our memberships. Maybe you could reset everyone to not expire?09:56
wgrant(you just changed the default for new members, it appears)09:56
deryckgmb, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~deryck/launchpad/move-bugs-js-files-again/+merge/2977610:18
jmlwgrant, there isn't a control for that10:29
wgrantjml: It's not exposed through the API?10:30
jmlwgrant, I don't know.10:30
pooliehi wgrant11:09
wgrantHi poolie.11:09
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pooliebenji, leonardr: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpadlib/+bug/604963 for this issue11:36
_mup_Bug #604963: shouldn't need to close window and press enter after authenticating <launchpadlib :New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/604963>11:36
jmllifeless, noodles775: btw, if you want to see some tests that use fake objects rather than the database, lp.code.xmlrpc.tests.test_codehosting (tests for the fake & real implementations); lp.codehosting.vfs.tests (tests that use the fake); lp.codehosting.inmemory (the fake itself)11:38
jmlrunning the test_codehosting tests makes the database overhead for testing really obvious11:39
poolieleonardr, http://sourcefrog.net/tmp/1y/closeme.html11:40
noodles775jml: will do, thanks.11:42
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jtvjam: hi!  Partial work on dropping BranchRevision.id: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462977/  Still failing these tests or a subset thereof: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462978/14:21
jamjtv: thanks for the headsup14:21
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leonardrmars, src/lazr/restful/tales.py:from epydoc.markup import DocstringLinker16:40
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mtaylormorning all19:32
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lifelessmtaylor: hai20:29
lifelessmtaylor: I'd like to suggest a warm up task for you, in lp stuff,if I may.20:29
mtaylorlifeless: yes!20:32
lifelessmake it fast20:32
lifelesscan you see http://people.canonical.com/~stub/ppr_test.html?20:33
mtaylorlifeless: ok20:33
thumperhi mtaylor20:33
mtaylorlifeless: I would like lp to be fast20:33
mtaylorhi thumper20:33
mtaylorthumper: did you see the bug I just filed? :)20:33
thumperwhich one?20:33
_mup_Bug #605130: subscribed team cannot view private branch <Launchpad itself:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/605130>20:34
thumpermtaylor: probably because the branch is owned by a private team20:34
mtaylorthumper: probably20:34
mtaylorthumper: but bzr branching it works20:34
mtaylorthumper: I probably won't care anymore by the time you have time for it - but I thought I'd point it out :)20:35
lifelessthis is the same as PPPA access20:35
thumperthat's because the code path for accessing the branch over bzr doesn't look at the team20:35
lifelesswe're going to be adding a 'Traversal' permission.20:35
lifelesswhich will be used to make sure such pages can render reasonably. granting read access to something with a url path containing private things will imply access to traverse them20:36
lifelessand traversing means 'show the url and a human name for the thing'20:36
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lifelessmtaylor: so, can you see that page?21:06
mtaylorlifeless: yup21:23
lifelessmtaylor: and see how its got blueprint bits in it ?21:25
lifelessmtaylor: and see how 99% of blueprint pages complete within 200 sql statements ?!??!121:26
lifelessand 3.2 seconds ?21:26
lifelessthats pretty slow ;)21:26
lifelessmtaylor: and with that, gnight21:27
mtaylorlifeless: mk21:27
mtaylorlifeless: I will fix21:28
lifelessmtaylor: mean is 50 sql statements, which is still pretty terrible.21:28
lifelessmtaylor: yeah, if its fixed, be in a good position to add features.21:28
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