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Quintasanwgrant: maybe you could help me, can I somehow force stripping in PPA build? I need dbg libs for Project Neon :)00:36
wgrantQuintasan: Not really... but I was working on that over the weekend, as it happens.00:36
wgrantIt's mostly done.00:38
Quintasanwgrant: well, I'm doing that via dh_strip --dbg-package=project-neon-qt-dbg00:39
wgrantI guess that works.00:40
wgrantBut it'll be automatic and less awful soon.00:40
Quintasanyeah, I thought it would work in PPA too00:40
wgrantIt doesn't?00:41
wgrantWhy not?00:41
Quintasandh_strip --dbg-package=project-neon-qt-dbg00:41
Quintasandh_strip debug symbol extraction: disabling for PPA build00:41
Quintasandh_strip debug symbol extraction: not doing anything since NO_PKG_MANGLE is given00:41
wgrantI guess pkg-create-dbgsym's overridden dh_strip doesn't work like that.00:43
wgrantI wonder if it would work if you used dh_strip.pkg-create-dbgsym (the actual debhelper version) instead.00:44
Quintasanwgrant: huh, I can't find that command00:45
wgrantQuintasan: It only exists when pkg-create-dbgsym is installed.00:47
wgrantpkg-create-dbgsym diverts the original dh_strip.00:47
Quintasanwgrant: I should add that to build-depends as well?00:47
wgrantQuintasan: It's already installed in the buildd chroots, so there's no point. Perhaps get debian/rules to call dh_strip.pkg-create-dbgsym if it exists, but otherwise call plain dh_strip.00:48
wgrantOf course, this may not work at all :)00:48
Quintasanwgrant: well, I'll try that, thanks. Better this than nightly builds with no dbg libs00:49
wgrantWell, you could have a convenient checkbox on the PPA page in a month, if all goes well.00:49
Quintasanoh, month is a looong time00:50
QuintasanI think I will get the builds ready by then00:50
MTecknologywgrant: if priority never changes on a build and the queue stays full - what are the changes of me waiting for days to get the amd64 versions built?00:57
wgrantlamont: Why does i386 have so many builders, and amd64 so few?01:00
lamontluck of the draw, pretty much01:01
wgrantlamont: Can I remove the slave's architecture and just make it believe the master, so this can be fixed by clicking a couple of buttons in LP?01:01
lamontonce you fix LP so that the buildd uses the LP answer as gospel, instead of having its own hardcoded copy of the answer....01:02
lamontthere's a bug about that01:02
MTecknologyI've been waiting about 9 hours now for a build that will just be superceded right away - It wouldn't bother me if I had some indication that it'll eventually get there - like the priority going up.01:02
lamontwgrant: that is, we have some buildds that could do amd64/i386/lpia, and some that can do i386/lpia01:03
wgrantlamont: I have a branch to do that... I should get it merged.01:04
bp0so no lp staff showed up yet?01:07
lamontbp0: how so?01:08
bp0help contact i guess it is called01:08
bp0i was told there would be one here at 401:08
bp0but it is 7 now01:08
wgrantbp0: I replied to you not two second after you left the channel :(01:08
wgrant08:42:01 -!- bp0 [~bp@unaffiliated/bp0] has quit [Quit: Leaving]01:09
wgrant08:42:03 < wgrant> bp0: The Launchpad developers are all in Prague at the moment, so there won't be anyone around right now.01:09
wgrantWhat's the issue that you're having?01:09
bp0i was trying to post a bug and it times out01:09
bp0not possible to post bugs01:09
wgrantAgainst Ubuntu, or something else?01:09
bp0against gnome-control-center01:10
wgrantIn Ubuntu?01:10
bp0package in Ubuntu01:10
wgrantTry using a shorter summary to start with. Once it gives you the list of duplicates, you can put the whole summary back in.01:10
wgrantThat may work around it.01:11
wgrantBut I haven't seen this issue for quite some time.01:11
MTecknologybp0: any reason apport won't work?01:11
MTecknologywgrant: if a project is private, should anyone be able to pull the bzr branches?01:12
MTecknologyor better yet.. see the branches01:12
wgrantMTecknology: There's no such thing as a private project (yet). Projects can have private branches, however.01:12
bp0i dont use apport01:12
wgrantbp0: Why not?01:13
MTecknologywgrant: how do you set a branch to be private?01:13
bp0I don't like it01:13
wgrantMTecknology: You need an admin to do it, or to configure your project to have private branches by default.01:13
wgrantbp0: You need a very good reason to not use it.01:13
MTecknologywgrant: I thought if you did the commercial thing then anything in the project was private01:13
wgrantIt is the way Ubuntu bugs are meant to be filed.01:13
MTecknologywgrant: thanks for the info - definitely an oversight on my part01:14
MTecknologywgrant: and I suppose you can't do it for me?01:14
wgrantMTecknology: I've no special privileges, no.01:15
bp0filing a bug in launchpad is straightforward, apport uses mystical questions that are never accurate enough, its always guessing, and then it attaches unnecessary information01:16
bp0not liking it is a good reason.01:16
MTecknologybp0: there are (probably) millions of bugs in the database for the ubuntu project. When you're filing a bug it searches through every one of those to find a duplicate.01:17
wgrantbp0: The questions are there for a reason.01:17
bp0launchpad also tries to do that, but it always times out01:18
MTecknologywgrant: I still wish I was smart enough to get that pretty white hat..01:18
bp0well not always, i've seen it happen once or twice01:18
bp0that it gives a list of possible duplicates01:18
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exarkunbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~exarkun/pyopenssl/trusted/".03:08
exarkunI reckon it is though.03:08
exarkunIt was a few minutes ago at least.03:08
exarkunOh no.  My mistake.  In my haste to complain about launchpad bugs I missed the extra "ed" on the end.  It really isn't a branch.  My apologies.03:09
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mtaylorwhat do I need to do to make a branch private?04:19
wgrantmtaylor: Is your project set up for them?04:19
mtaylorwgrant: it's set up as non-free and has a payment voucher applied to it04:20
mtaylorwgrant: is there another step?04:20
wgrantmtaylor: An admin needs to set up a branch privacy policy.04:21
wgrantI'm not sure if that's done normally.04:21
mtaylorah. lovely. probably my bad for not pinging someone then - I thought it was automatic04:21
mtaylorwgrant: should I file a question?04:22
wgrantspm: What's the process for this?04:22
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spmmtaylor: wgrant: it's usually done automatically (manually, but) as part of getting a commerical whatsit05:06
micahgspm: can you fix PPA builders?05:06
micahgspm: https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/shipova05:07
spmwoo. no, can't fix that. aiui, that needs a serious h/w level power stab05:08
spmmicahg: however, I can ask someone who can stab. that should be happening RSN. :-)05:11
micahgspm: thanks :)05:11
wgrantspm: It should resolve itself if you disable it, let buildd-manager run through a whole iteration (normally a few seconds, but currently several minutes), then reenable it.05:11
wgrantSince that will fire the reset trigger.05:12
spmwgrant: really? that's worth a try.05:12
wgrantIndeed. I think it's worth a test, if it means you don't have to poke GSAs as much in future...05:12
spmfor sure!05:14
spmwgrant: hrm. is 'disabled' == to Not builder state ok, or Not Active? I assume the former.05:15
wgrantspm: The former. Unchecking 'active' just hides it from the listings.05:15
spmheh, I thought so, but... well.. this *is* soyuz. :-)05:15
wgrantI will be interested to see if this works. It depends on how badly the builder is wedged. There's a case or two that won't work yet.05:16
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wgrantspm: You can try flipping it back on now, since buildd-manager has finished with it.05:26
wgrantWe are up to >11min cycles :/05:26
spmheh, was just about to - we're tailing the log in great interest :-)05:26
wgrantAh, yes, that capability could be handy.05:27
spmI've found it so, now and then. :-D05:27
wgrantSo, it should be trying to abort the build now.05:27
wgrantThat might work.05:27
wgrantOh, well, when it gets around to that builder again, I guess...05:28
spm10-15 minutes. :-)05:28
wgrantOnly 180 times slower than it's meant to be :)05:28
spmis there any value in restarting the buildd-manager? or is the problem elsewhere in some way shape or form?05:32
wgrantNo point doing that. It'll just start the cycle from the start again.05:33
mtaylorspm: so...05:40
spm010-07-13 05:45:06+0100 [-] Builder 'shipova' rescued from '7fc224047f7daec3ad6ec408fd4e039814fe2665': 'No job assigned to builder' \o/05:49
micahgspm: awesome, thanks05:50
wgrantspm: It remains to be seen whether the builder will respond.05:50
wgrantBut it was responding to queries before, so there's a good chance it will.05:50
wgrantWe really should make it hit the reset trigger when aborting a virtual build, but the architecture makes that somewhat difficult :/05:51
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bilalakhtarLaunchpad should set the status of a bug to 'fix committed' once it is fixed in the devel focus branch. Opinions?08:00
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spivbilalakhtar: it depends :)08:25
bilalakhtarspiv: Atleast, there should be an option for project maintainers to enable such a feature08:27
spivThat would be nice.08:28
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malcolmciHey guys, I've tried multiple times, but gpg is reports errors every time I try to decrypt the validation email sent to me. I'm on Maverick atm.12:09
malcolmciAt the moment, the error is: gpg: CRC error; 89342B - DC389312:09
malcolmcigpg: quoted printable character in armour - probably a buggy MTA has been used12:09
malcolmciJust tried revalidating, now the error is "gpg: malformed CRC. gpg: quoted printable character in armour - probably a buggy MTA has been used"12:12
wgrantmalcolmci: How are you decrypting it?12:13
malcolmciIt's being sent to my Gmail address, from which I'm selecting "Show Original" (text version), then copying the text from and including ----BEGIN to ---END into a text file using gedit, then running "gpg --decrypt test.txt"12:13
wgrantDoes "Show Original" show the message source?12:14
wgrantYou shouldn't be using the source. You should be using the text in the message itself.12:14
malcolmciIt just shows the text version of the email, so yeah headers and all12:14
malcolmcino, it's not showing markup if that's what you mean12:15
wgrantThere is HTML markup, since it is a text message.12:15
wgrantBut the source is an encoded version of the text.12:16
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malcolmciOK, that's strange. Didn't know about that behaviour. Copied the text from directly from the email this time, now gpg is telling me 'You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for..'12:18
malcolmcioh wait sorry12:18
malcolmcididn't notice the prompt12:18
malcolmciThanks wgrant :)12:18
geserdo the buildds support the "[linux-any]" limitation in the build-dependencies?12:43
wgrantI saw discussion of that on debian-devel last week. I suspect not.12:47
wgrantI meant to check.12:47
* wgrant tries acpid.12:47
geserwgrant: when I read http://launchpadlibrarian.net/51835076/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.glib2.0_2.25.11-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz correctly, the buildds don't support it12:48
wgrantgeser: dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: libselinux1-dev12:49
wgrantThat doesn't look related...12:49
geserlibselinux1-dev [linux-any],12:49
wgrantOh, right.12:49
geserbut the buildd installs "libgamin-dev [!linux-any]" from some reason12:50
geserdoes it believe it is !linux-any?12:50
wgrantIt is.12:50
wgrantIt's far too old.12:50
wgrantBoth Soyuz and launchpad-buildd need support.12:50
wgrantunstable's acpid source is not uploadable.12:50
wgrant(it's Architecture field is linux-any)12:50
geserdo you know if there is a bug for it? Didn't see one on launchpad-buildd (or soyuz)12:54
wgrantThere's no bug, no.12:54
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* geser files one12:55
wgrantIt needs two.12:56
wgrantOne for Soyuz, one for lp-buildd. They're different issues.12:56
geserbug #604981 for the lp-buildd issue13:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 604981 in Launchpad Auto Build System "The buildd doesn't support [linux-any] in build dependencies (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60498113:00
geserwhat's the soyuz issue? I'd file a bug if I'd know the problem13:01
wgrantgeser: Some sources (like unstable's acpid) are 'Architecture: linux-any'13:02
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wgrantgeser: At least the sbuild side should be pretty trivial.13:15
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MTecknologyI think there's a bug in the LP Login13:49
MTecknologyI can't log in at all13:50
MTecknologyI can log into login.launchpad.net but can't get from there to launchpad.net13:52
wgrantI really hate Perl.13:55
geserthen replace it with Python13:55
wgrantIt's sbuild :(13:55
geserwgrant: bug #605002 for the soyuz issue14:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 605002 in Soyuz "Soyuz doesn't accept upload with "Architecture: linux-any" (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60500214:03
wgrantgeser: Thanks.14:04
MTecknologySo.. I have a project with private branches. I'm not able to push to those branches anymore. I'm told 'You can't create branches in "~team/project"14:22
MTecknologyI'm in the team that owns the project.. I should be able to push to it.. right?14:25
alopenerpneed help from launchpad team, i have private branch that doesn't work, it's well known bug i already had in the past, you need to fix it manually14:36
alopenerpwe already did that fix in the past14:36
MTecknologyalopenerp: what's your issue with the private branches?14:41
alopenerpimpossible to create private branches14:42
alopenerpthey are public, it's a known bug14:42
MTecknologyany link to the bug report? I'm having that issue too14:42
alopenerpi have two project one that works one that doesn't14:42
MTecknologyI'm trying to push a new (private) branch to a project, my first time14:43
alopenerploook it should display this14:43
alopenerpNew branches you create for OpenERP Security are private initially.14:44
alopenerpif it doesn't it need manual fix from launchpad team14:44
alopenerphttps://code.launchpad.net/openerp-int here it doesn't14:44
alopenerpMTecknology: what is your project name ?14:48
MTecknologyalopenerp: sounds like we're both having issues at the wort possible time. LP guys are busy with a summit I think.14:48
MTecknologyalopenerp: https://code.launchpad.net/kalliki14:48
MTecknologyalopenerp: when I try to create a new private branch I get told I'm not allowed to14:48
MTecknologydanilos: did you come here to help us out?14:49
alopenerpYou don't have the notice at the top it wont work, same bug14:49
alopenerplook this one is ok https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-security14:50
alopenerpcause it has the notice on top14:50
alopenerpsee that ?14:50
alopenerpwe already had the problem in the past, but they fixed here from here14:50
MTecknologyalopenerp: I don't see any notice like that14:50
alopenerpMTecknology: ah then you only see it when loggued14:54
alopenerpMTecknology: but you should see such a notice on your own project page14:55
MTecknologyalopenerp: alrighty, I'm sure someone will be around to help us soon :)14:55
MTecknologydepending on various definitions of soon :P14:56
alopenerpMTecknology: :)14:56
* alopenerp a few centuries later...15:00
danilosMTecknology, I didn't, but I can try :)15:08
danilosMTecknology, what is the problem you are having?15:08
danilosMTecknology, (we are all together in a big room having a meeting, but I am sure I can find someone who can help you if I can't :)15:09
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MTecknologydanilos: I can't push to a private branch15:26
MTecknologydanilos: alopenerp was having the same issue - she said there's supposed to be a notice about branches being pushed being private ont eh code.lp.net/project page15:26
danilosabentley, rockstar, thumper: hey, can you guys help MTecknology and alopenerp?15:27
MTecknologydanilos: thanks, I actually only bugged you because you came in with a LP hostmask :P15:28
danilosMTecknology, not to worry :)15:28
thumperMTecknology: which branch, and what is your lp id?15:29
MTecknologythumper: I'm trying to push new branches to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/kalliki - my id is MTecknology15:29
MTecknologythumper: The branches were just made private by default yesterday15:32
MTecknologywow...   Start 2010-07-14 (2505)15:34
thumperMTecknology: I can see why15:34
MTecknologythumper: did I break something?15:34
thumperMTecknology: who should be able to push branches for kalliki15:34
thumperMTecknology: no it wasn't you :)15:34
thumperMTecknology: the policy hasn't been set up right15:34
MTecknologythumper: anyone in the ~kalliki team15:34
thumperMTecknology: done now15:35
MTecknologythumper: Yay :) - thanks15:35
MTecknologythumper: was it setup for just me to be able to - but then I couldn't either because i wasn't part of the team?15:36
thumperMTecknology: just not set up properly15:36
thumperyou don't want to know the details :)15:36
MTecknologyalrighty :P15:36
MTecknologythumper: is it possible to also have blueprints and answers kept private or how does that work?15:37
thumperMTecknology: not yet15:37
MTecknologythumper: ok- thanks15:37
MTecknologythumper: you say alopenerp having the same issue?15:37
thumperMTecknology: was it for the same project?15:38
MTecknologyno it was for https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-security i think15:39
MTecknologythumper: oh.. I was also going to ask - I thought it was possible for PPA builds to get a little extra priority for projects that are being paid for - am I wrong about that?15:40
bigjoolsit's possible15:40
bigjoolswe just don't have a policy15:41
MTecknologyoh, I thought I read something about that in the build queue wiki15:41
MTecknology36 hours is a long time for a build queue...15:43
MTecknologyI take it the builders that weren't building yesterday were taken offlline15:44
wgrantSomeone needs to throw some of the i386 builders back onto amd64.15:44
wgrantOh, all the builders are gone now.15:44
thumperMTecknology: are you involved with the openerp projects?15:45
MTecknologythumper: no, that person just came in here with the same problem shortly after me15:45
* thumper nods15:45
MTecknologywgrant: my package will take less than 10min to build once it starts building :P15:46
MTecknologywgrant: the good news is that they're keeping full - there's no builders just sitting idle for long15:46
MTecknologyexcept for the two armel15:47
MTecknologythumper: "Building private source" - That's what I was thinking of. I'm guessing a private ppa costs either more money - or needs to have a specific reason?15:48
thumperMTecknology: I don't really know, but I didn't think so15:48
* thumper looks at bigjools15:49
MTecknologybigjools: :)15:49
* bigjools speaks to thumper in person15:50
thumperMTecknology: if you have the private voucher thingy, you can have a private ppa15:51
bigjoolsbtw we're down on builders temporarily15:51
thumperMTecknology: you need to make a ppa and before you upload anything, we have a losa mark it private15:51
bigjoolsor me :)15:51
MTecknologybigjools: any chance you could do that for me?15:51
MTecknologyI'll make one for this quick15:51
bigjoolsonce private, always private BTW15:52
bigjoolsyou can't switch gto15:52
bigjoolsyou can't switch to public15:52
MTecknologybigjools: alrighty - I just made a ppa for private specifically - https://edge.launchpad.net/~kalliki/+archive/internal15:53
bigjoolsMTecknology: ok it's private now15:54
MTecknologybigjools: thanks :D15:55
MTecknologyThis is an exciting day for me :P15:55
MTecknologyI no longer need to try to manage our own code and bug server15:55
ricotzbigjools, hi16:04
ricotzbigjools, is it possible to remove old build in the ppa system, like this one https://edge.launchpad.net/~mono-testing/+archive/ppa/+build/151692316:05
ricotzbigjools, in this current builders-situation they are very annoying and it seems there are several build like these present which are over one year old16:06
bigjoolsone year?16:07
ricotzbigjools, this build was published on 2009-05-3116:07
ricotzbigjools, https://edge.launchpad.net/~mono-testing/+archive/ppa/+packages16:08
bigjoolshmmm interesting16:08
ricotzand seems to be building over and over again16:08
ricotzthere are more like this16:09
wgrantIt's not depwaiting on debhelper 7, is it?16:09
wgrantLots are doing that.16:09
bigjoolsyes, it is16:09
ricotzso builds like these should be marked failed or something to stop this16:10
wgrantWell, we should fix the bug that causes them to be retried every hour.16:10
bigjoolsthey're not supposed to get dispatched until deps are met16:11
wgrantBasically, debhelper 7 is in hardy-backports. The retry script notices this, so tries to rebuild your package.16:11
bigjoolsah THT bug16:11
wgrantBut the script doesn't realise that your PPA doesn't use -backports.16:11
wgrantOh, sorry, I thought you knew it.16:11
bigjoolsI did, I'd forgotten16:11
ricotzit is not my ppa, i just wanted to point out this thing which uses ressources16:12
bigjoolsso what do we do when -backports is not available, leave it getting checked for dependencies forever?16:12
wgrantbigjools: It retries every time the script runs.16:12
bigjoolswhen I fix the script I mean16:12
bigjoolsit'll still get considered16:13
wgrantIt will.16:13
wgrantAlong with lots of other stuff.16:13
wgrantUntil the series goes obsolete, I guess, although I'm not sure that even that's excluded at the moment.16:13
bigjoolssomeone can't have noticed that it's waiting for a year now16:14
wgrantThere are quite a few builds around like it.16:14
ricotzwgrant, just curious, how many?16:14
bigjoolsI could change the script so that if it's been depwaiting for > N days, then kill it16:14
wgrantbigjools: If you do that to the primary archive, people will be most displeased.16:15
bigjoolshow big does N need to be?16:15
bigjoolssurely it's not infinite, even for Ubuntu16:15
wgrantI don't know. I'd first be checking if it's actually a performance issue yet.16:15
MTecknology30 days?16:16
wgrantWe can obviously exclude obsolete series for primary and PPAs, and non-development Release pockets for primary archives. I'm not sure if either of those are in place at the moment.16:16
MTecknologyYou guys know of anything that could teach me python in a retardedly simple and easy way?16:16
wgrantAh, so it already skips obsolete series.16:17
wgrantbigjools: Is it really slow?16:17
bigjoolsMTecknology: google diveintopython16:17
bigjoolswgrant: yes, it hammers the DB every hour16:18
bigjoolswhich makes all of LP slower16:18
bigjoolsI shifted a load of the queries onto slaves. but still ...16:18
wgrantHow many builds are there that it considers each time?16:19
bigjoolssh^Wa lot16:19
wgrantIt currently materialises a whole lot of extra stuff, since it doesn't exclude Release pockets in the initial query.16:19
MTecknologybigjools: thanks :)16:20
bigjoolstoo much stuff to fix, not enough lifetimes to do it in16:21
MTecknologybigjools: indeed, for rund 2 I think I'm going to take it easy :P16:22
bigjoolswhen you know Python, come and fix some Soyuz bugs :)16:22
wgrantYes, JOIN US!16:23
bigjools<deep voice>16:23
* StevenK belts wgrant with the Free Software song16:24
StevenKAlso known as "Assilimation doesn't hurt a bit ... *twitch*"16:24
MTecknologybigjools: I've been wanting to help with LP dev16:25
MTecknologyI also need to learn a little bit of C to finially finish another year lkong project - it's beeno no the back burner about 11mo16:26
wgrantStevenK: Ow.16:26
StevenKwgrant: Which bit? :-)16:28
wgrantStevenK: D) All of the above.16:28
MTecknologyYou guys use vim/emacs for writing python or something else?16:31
StevenKMTecknology: Both, mostly vim16:33
MTecknologywgrant: any special plugins that make it easier or not so much?16:33
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* bigjools chuckles at StevenK's mis-spelling16:38
bigjoolswgrant: are you using the vim pyflakes plugin?16:39
wgrantbigjools: No. Where's that?16:39
bigjoolswgrant: on vim.org16:40
bigjoolsit's the best plugin I have for vim16:40
MTecknologyI've yet to actually us a vim plugin..16:40
loolHmm I need someone to witness a bug16:40
MTecknologyin 4+ years of using it :P16:40
loolSee the milestones16:40
loolThe same milestones is listed twice, instead of listing the two milestones we have16:40
loolI fear this is a cache issue16:41
wgrantI see -0 and -1.16:41
wgrantSo yes, probably caching.16:41
MTecknologylool: heh.. I've seen this too - and it was cache16:41
bigjoolsMTecknology: I started with vi, 21 years ago.  :o16:41
MTecknologybigjools: I was 1 then16:41
StevenKlool: Looks perfectly fine to me?16:41
wgrantbigjools: Your vi skills are older than me :(16:42
loolIn the list of milestones below16:42
loolNot in the graph16:42
loolMilestones and releases section16:42
loolI see the -0 one twice16:42
loolafter reloading as hard as I can16:42
loolbut not with w3m, sigh16:42
mwhudsoni guess i've been using emacs for about 2/5ths of my life now16:43
MTecknologylool: ya... I would file a bug at least, I've seen that before - it's not just firefox - anything thata caches has that issue16:43
loolLP #60506116:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 605061 in Launchpad itself "Wrong cached milestone information (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60506116:47
wgrantNight all.16:57
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JoshBrown I'm working with Bazaar on Launchpad and was wondering how the branch, change, commit, merge process goes? Currently I am pulling from the branch, working on it, then pushing it back, is this 'best practice'?17:15
geserwgrant: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2441 (pyflakes.vim)17:18
mtaylorJoshBrown: depends17:21
mtaylorJoshBrown: is it just you? if so, that's probably fine... if you're aiming on working with a team of folks there are some other ways you can address this?17:21
JoshBrownmtaylor: I'm working in a small team ( lp:codemonkey ), what's wrong with this method for a team?17:28
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shadeslayerhttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/kdelibs/kde4 << can someone help with that ?18:44
shadeslayerthe import fails for some reason18:45
Quintasanjames_w: I have asked about this earlied but I can't remember why it is like this. I'm using {revno} in my recipe, the directory name still contains {revno} but the tar.gz is created with proper revision number, I can't do source format 3.0 like this. Is there a known workaround for this or I have to manually copy it and create a .orig.tar.bz2?18:59
james_wQuintasan: source format 3.0 (quilt)?18:59
Quintasanjames_w: ^19:01
james_wQuintasan: bzr-builder only supports native packages currently, so I don't think you can do it19:02
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BlackZthere's a typo in the "Subscribe someone else" button, move your cursor on it (without clicking it) and you will see "Launchpad will email that person whenever this bugs changes", s/bugs/bug19:03
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alopenerpany here from the lanuchpad support team ?19:38
beunoalopenerp, what's up?19:41
alopenerpi need somebody from launchpad team to fix my project, it's a known bug and we already ahd it in the past, it's a paid propritary project, and there no way to create a private branch, i know that you have to tweak something to make it work19:42
beunobac, you around?19:43
alopenerpproject https://launchpad.net/openerp-int doesn't work, i also have https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-security this one work, you see the difference, there are no notice on the code page19:43
beunoalopenerp, the launchpad team is having a team-wide sprint at the moment19:44
alopenerpboth are paid, https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-security you see a notice about private branches, https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-int no notices19:44
beunolet me see if I can find someone who knows about this subject19:45
beunootherwise I'll have to deflect you to a support email19:45
alopenerpbeuno: i know but it is supposed to have somebody on duty for such kind of problem19:45
alopenerpbeuno: they say that irc is preferred over email19:45
beunoright, except for the one week a year they all sprint19:45
beunobut, hold on a minute19:45
beunoflacoste, ^19:46
alopenerpbeuno: ok i can send a mail19:46
alopenerplast time they fixed it from this channel19:46
alopenerpthat's why i come here19:46
beunoalopenerp, let me see if I can find someone19:46
alopenerpbeuno: thanks19:46
alopenerpbeuno: are you part of that sprint ?19:47
beunoalopenerp, no, which is why it's taking me a little while  :)19:48
alopenerpQuintasan: hello are you from launchpad team ?19:54
Quintasanalopenerp: nope, but I'm angry at LP19:55
alopenerpQuintasan: about ?19:55
alopenerpQuintasan: they are all busy with the summit right now19:56
alopenerpQuintasan: a launchpad sprint/summit happening this week19:56
Quintasanyes, I know that19:56
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rduivenvoordehi all, trying to submit a bug, yesterday and today, but I get Timeout erros oll the time (Error ID: OOPS-1655A1315)20:33
flacosterduivenvoorde: try putting a shorter title initially20:38
flacosterduivenvoorde: you can change it once it's filed20:38
rduivenvoordeah, that's possible :-) I kind of trying to be a little verbose ...20:38
flacostesome duplicate searches trigger bad performance in the query20:39
flacostealopenerp: you should be set-up now20:52
rduivenvoordeflacoste: thanks this worked, additional question: how to add multiple files as attachment?21:02
rduivenvoordeI see reports in which all files are in one comment, but I can just add one file per comment21:02
alopenerpflacoste thank you i hceck21:06
flacosterduivenvoorde: you can only add one attachment at a time through the web UI21:09
flacosterduivenvoorde: the web API can be used to bundle multiple files in a comment, but it's not exposed in the UI21:09
flacostethe reports you see were likely filed through apport21:09
flacostewhich makes use of the underlying API21:09
rduivenvoordeah, clear21:09
alopenerpflacoste: You are not allowed to create branches in OpenERP-int21:10
alopenerpflacoste: tried from web, and bzr push21:11
alopenerpflacoste: even worse than before because we could create branche althought only public ones :)21:15
bachi beuno21:16
beunohola bac21:16
bachi beuno!  make it quick the hotel internet is crap21:17
beunobac, it's all taken care of21:17
beunoso thank you21:17
alopenerpbac: can you fix my private branch problem ?21:17
bacbeuno:  ok.21:17
bacalopenerp:  perhaps.  can you tell me what the problem is/21:18
alopenerpbac: both are paid, https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-security you see a notice about private branches, https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-int no notices21:18
alopenerpbac: impossible to create private branches in openerp-int21:18
alopenerpbac: openerp-int was paid recently (2 weeks ago or something)21:18
alopenerpbac: last time we had a paid project we also had a problem and it was fixed from here21:19
flacostebac: mbarnett is on the issue21:23
flacostembarnett: both are now Private only21:23
flacostebac, alopenerp: both projects are now Private branches only21:23
flacostealopenerp: that's how openerp-security is setup21:23
flacostealopenerp: do you want to be able to create public branches on openerp-int?21:23
alopenerpflacoste nope i want to push a private branch21:24
flacostealopenerp: do you want only to push private branches?21:25
alopenerpflacoste: yes bzr push bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp-dev/openerp-int/test21:25
alopenerpflacoste: gives:21:25
alopenerpflacoste: bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~openerp-dev/openerp-int/test/": : You cannot create branches in "~openerp-dev/openerp-int"21:25
flacostealopenerp: that i get21:25
flacostemy question is do you want to be able to create public branches in addition to private branches on that project21:26
flacostenow it's setup for Private only21:26
alopenerpflacoste that's ok21:26
flacostewe need to investigate why you are denied permission21:26
alopenerpflacoste we have many other projects for public branches21:26
alopenerpflacoste: thanks21:26
flacostemakes sense21:26
flacostegood night lifeless21:27
alopenerpflacoste: most of our work is publis only a small subset must be private, that's why we need openerp-int for internal stuff21:27
bachi alopenerp21:38
alopenerpbac: hi21:39
maxb11 active mercurial code imports, 499 active git code imports22:08
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bdrungwhat's the difference between those two merge requests: https://code.launchpad.net/~lfaraone/ubuntu/maverick/memtest86+/4.10-1ubuntu1/+merge/28594 and https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/lucid/qemu-kvm/memleak-fix/+merge/2864522:15
bdrungi can change the status for the first one, but not for the second one. I am member of the ubuntu-sponsors team22:16
mbarnettalopenerp: heya, so, you can't create branches against openerp-int?22:21
beunombarnett, is this maybe a project vs a project group thing?22:22
beunoI *think* you can't create branches in project groups22:23
beunoflacoste or sinzui would know22:23
flacostebeuno: no, that's not related22:27
MTecknologyThis has been in the build queue for 15 hours how...23:02
MTecknologyAnd only 3 hours to go.... which is what it said this morning...23:04
MTecknologywhat the heck is going on?23:04
MTecknologyoh.. priority is STILL only 2505 - it's supposed to increase as it sits in the queue ??23:04
alopenerpmbarnett: fixe by bac23:21
alopenerpmbarnett: fixed by bac23:21
mbarnettalopenerp: did he subscribe the correct teams to the project?23:21
alopenerpmbarnett: beuno; it's now working, bac did the manual setup23:21
alopenerpmbarnett: yes i tested it ~openerp-dev and ~openerp23:22
alopenerpmbarnett: thank you for worrying about me :)23:22
mbarnettheh, np23:22
beunoalopenerp, we all worry about you!23:23
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