tj83thanks fellas, wife demands we go to store.... I will be parked, feel free to PM any thoughts or suggestions, I will follow up soon.00:00
yofelok, it's a gnome change00:01
penguin42buy chocolate!00:01
yofelhere in KDE the drive mounts without showexec00:01
tj83yofel, so you think the change takes place somewhere in gconf...... eek00:03
yofeldrat, I once knew where that was set... can't remember -.-00:04
penguin42one of nautilus or udisks I guess00:05
yofelpenguin42: you're spot on00:05
yofeludisks (1.0.1-2) unstable; urgency=low00:06
yofel* Add 00git-vfat-showexec.patch: Enable the "showexec" vfat mount option, to avoid data files being executable (which causes confusing question dialogs in nautilus which only have one sensible answer). Patch taken from upstream git head. (LP: #14335)00:06
yofelas was I for the reason *g*00:06
yofellp 1433500:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 14335 in Nautilus "nautilus wants to execute all text files on vfat and ntfs drives" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1433500:07
penguin42hmm odd solution00:07
penguin42now, how to find out why metacity seems to believe that the 'z' key is a binding for some sort of search00:08
penguin42hmm was set in gconf, I wonder if that was me00:09
yofelthey actually hardcoded that...00:11
yofelsrc/device.c:static const char *vfat_allow[] = { "flush", "utf8=", "shortname=", "umask=", "dmask=", "fmask=", "codepage=", "iocharset=", "usefree", "showexec", NULL };00:11
yofeland src/device.c:static const char *vfat_defaults[] = { "uid=", "gid=", "shortname=mixed", "dmask=0077", "utf8=1", "showexec", NULL };00:12
penguin42yofel: I've not found much anywhere for configuring udisks behaviour00:16
yofelme neither00:16
penguin42yofel: I upgraded my dad from 8.04 kubuntu to 10.04 ubuntu today, he has the same problem as me; lack of configurability - he had tweeke dKDE 3.5 just the way he liked it; KDE 4 is totally unusable to him, he can just about get gnome the way he can use it, but it feels like such a step back for him00:22
yofelI did use KDE3 for a while so it's not like I don't understand him, but I find KDE4 pretty usable at 4.4 (well, if you leave akonadi aside. . .) to me it's actually gnome that's unconfigurable (and I don't really like hacking around in gconf)00:25
penguin42yofel: The machine he's  using is quite an old machine and it just doesn't cut it for 400:26
yofelah, that's understandable. Efficiency isn't a strength of KDE4 :/00:26
penguin42and neither of us have much liking for 'bling'00:27
Jordan_Uyofel: There are patches for btrfs support in grub2 (though they're still in the legal limbo that's been delaying btrfs support for almost a year now).01:39
tj83yofel, nice on the udisks bug find. I did search google, I checked udisks --help not sure where to make the modification.01:50
tj83read the manpage for udisks too now.01:51
tj83I assume the rules for udisks is stored somewhere in a config file >< still searching.01:52
yofelJordan_U: ah, thanks01:53
Jordan_Uyofel: You're welcome.01:53
yofeltj83: no, the default rules for vfat are hardcoded in udisks. If it's possible to change it then you would have to find out where udisks gets called and see if you can edit that command01:53
tj83oh my.01:54
yofelor patch the udisks package, but that wouldn't be worth it01:54
tj83then i believe this itself is a bug to those with specific uses of their SD cards01:54
yofelI still don't see the bug, if it's python, simply run 'python <script.py>'01:55
yofelor use another file system01:55
yofelwell, you can always file a bug against udisks that they shouldn't hardcode the mount options01:56
tj83I'll take a step back, why is it that I can do python file.py but not ./file.py ? so this is to prevent what, the user from executing files from SD (or other) ? because i dont see the point if that is the same effect.01:57
tj83and yofel thanks, i see no problem running that way. what would be the difference?01:58
yofeltj83: no, without the showexec option, you can double click a 'Vacation.odt' in nautilus for example and nautilus will ask you if you really want to execute the file -> ridiculous01:58
tj83never even tried with nautilus i was using the cli just ./file.py this normally works for me.01:59
cwillu_at_worknautilus bases that question on the execute permission01:59
yofeltj83: the only difference is that you need to know and call the interpreter yourself, instead of relying on the shebang line02:00
tj83ok, i get it with the nautilus thing, agreed that previously that would be retarded. but I mean why effect the common execution of scripts with ./02:00
cwillu_at_work$(head -n 1 $1) $0 :)02:01
cwillu_at_worktj83, there's not really any way to avoid that, no?02:01
cwillu_at_workif you want the execute bit to mean something, and you have a filesystem that doesn't support it...02:01
tj83cwillu_at_work, i dunno, i thought anything was possible in linux, seems that is a easy way out of fixing the real problem.02:02
cwillu_at_worktj83, linux isn't magic, you can't fix a problem unless you can figure out what the fix should be02:03
tj83if FS = vfat     dont ask02:03
cwillu_at_worktj83, what's the fs of /foo/bar/baz/bing/bob?02:03
cwillu_at_workdid you really want every access to have to go up the chain?02:04
cwillu_at_workspecial cases are annoying and buggy in general02:04
tj83i'm good, i mean for the general community, yofel gave easy fix for my personal use.02:05
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tj83are there any medibuntu repos for maverick ?02:33
MFenif i have packaging questions, what would be a good place to ask?03:02
MFenand please don't tell me anything that begins with #debian.03:03
ajmitch#ubuntu-packaging, possibly #ubuntu-motu03:03
ajmitchthe first is preferred I think03:03
MFenthanks! that sounds fine03:04
MFenbefore i go there.. are they like the #debian people?03:04
IdleOneMFen: no03:04
MFenok, sounds good then03:04
ChipacaI'm experiencing a big performance slowdown in disk throughput in maverick compared to lucid :(03:23
VigoWhat is the terminal call to display the MD5 and such?04:13
LucidFoxOkay! I have a need for a Maverick user for testing Pinta, since I'm currently at work and can't04:27
VigoI am not currently testing or running Pinta.04:28
Vigolet me look that up....04:30
VigoA Paint thing?04:30
LucidFoxyes, right now it isn't updated to the latest version in Maverick (although I suspect 0.3 will do the job too)04:31
LucidFoxCould you install it? On my home machine, the canvas is grey and doesn't paint, a regression from Lucid04:32
VigoLucidFox: This one says 0,3,2? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/maverick-changes/2010-May/000977.html04:32
LucidFox0.3 is the latest in maverick right now04:33
VigoLucidFox: That may report or post says 0.3.204:34
LucidFox-2 is the Debian/Ubuntu revision04:34
LucidFoxthere was never a 0.3.2 upstream release, it's just 0.304:34
VigoI stand corrected, thank you.04:34
LucidFoxVigo> Could you run Pinta and tell me what color the canvas is, and try drawing something on it?04:46
VigoLucidFox: Download got throttled by ISP, re-doing now....04:49
LucidFoxVigo> On second thought, no need to04:51
LucidFoxI reproduced this bug in Lucid now, by installing Maverick's Cairo04:52
VigoLucidFox: Looks like a drab gray palette?04:52
VigoI have never used that before, does Cairo fix it?04:54
LucidFoxCairo is what caused the regression, it worked with the Lucid version of Cairo04:54
VigoI am testing way to many systems now, but am happy you figured that one out.04:56
Fudgehi, has there been any pulseaudio mods in last 24 hours. im using up to date maverick but with a vinux lucid system and pulse audio was set to run system wide. i have lost mysound and have had a sighted person look at the system and other than openning up the mic i have no sound at all.06:23
Fudgerunlevel N 206:50
LucidFoxVigo> Fixed version of Pinta just built in Maverick, could you install https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pinta/0.4+dfsg-1ubuntu1/+build/1866400/+files/pinta_0.4+dfsg-1ubuntu1_all.deb and verify it fixes the unusable canvas bug?07:09
LucidFoxafter that you can uninstall the package if you wish07:11
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duffydackthinkin about installin maverick as dualboot with lucid.  am I right in thinking if I choose not to install grub during install and then boot to lucid and update-grub it`ll add maverick to boot menu and boot it ok?13:38
BUGabundo_remoteduffydack: correct procedure13:50
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TazzypillarHello, I don't need help or anything, but I'm going to try out Unity on a VM and I decided I wanted to ask around and see what the verdict on it is so far14:40
IdleOneTazzypillar: we keep +1 discussion in here or we would end up supporting way to many alpha users who should not be running alpha14:40
TazzypillarYeah, I understand14:41
IdleOneTazzypillar: haven't tried it :/14:41
IdleOneI'm sure others have14:41
TazzypillarI see~14:42
TazzypillarThat's alright, it's only to feed my little obsession anyway14:42
TazzypillarAnd that is what I'm getting the VM for, I suppose~14:42
IdleOnehehe eat away14:43
IdleOnetry it and report bugs if any to launchpad14:43
TazzypillarI've been meaning to ask14:43
Tazzypillarhow do I do that?14:43
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots14:43
TazzypillarI see, all right14:44
Tazzypillarand just to be sure; I'm running on a macbook, right now, so14:44
Tazzypillarthe things that don't work right away in virtualbox would be the same as the ones coming from a seperate partition, right14:44
TazzypillarJust in case so I don't file any regressions or advances where there might not be14:45
IdleOneI presume all test cases are welcome. The more hardware it is tested on the better.14:45
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starts in 24 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:36
VigoAre all the Vesa packages being removed or updated?17:25
VigoThank you.17:48
IdleOneAnybody know why when doing update/upgrade from one repo I get nothing and after switching repo I get 70 package updates?18:08
penguin42IdleOne: Shouldn't happen, but it's possible one of them has sync'd updates before the other one18:09
IdleOnepenguin42: it's strange because this repo has always been very stable for me18:10
IdleOnecould be they just haven't synced in a couple days18:10
penguin42IdleOne: Then it's probably just hasn't got around to syncing them yet; I'm not sure what the timing of these thigns is, but I bet they don't all do it at once18:11
IdleOneI wouldn't think so either18:11
rippsCan someone explain how to configure postfix, I'm trying to file a Debian bug using reportbug, but postfix keeps getting connection timed out whenever it tries to send a mail to anyone.18:11
knittlhi. does anyone still have those cpu spikes?18:21
yofelknittl: I do from Xorg, haven't restarted since yesterday though18:30
knittlyofel: i've had them for a week at least18:31
yofelme too18:32
knittldoes sleep with nouveau work for you?18:33
yofelI'm using nvidia18:38
knittlah, i see18:39
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h00kI'm pretty sure I'm going to upgrade my last stable machine to Maverick right now.19:39
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phillwhi, is tasksel still going to be shipped with 10.10, it seems to be missing from the daily build.20:09
yofelphillw: not on the live disk afaik20:30
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DaekdroomIs binutils package broken?21:03
yofelDaekdroom: not here (amd64)21:07
Daekdroomyofel, aptitude held it back21:08
DaekdroomIt forces removal of oprofile and a lib related to it.21:08
yofellemme check21:08
Daekdroom!info oprofile21:08
ubottuoprofile (source: oprofile): system-wide profiler for Linux systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.6-1ubuntu9 (maverick), package size 1389 kB, installed size 5212 kB (Only available for i386 ia64 alpha hppa powerpc sparc amd64 arm armel mips mipsel s390)21:08
geserah, oprofile probabably needs a rebuild again21:09
yofelI don't have that installed, will check after updates finished installed21:09
yofelyeah, seems so21:09
DaekdroomI have no clue of what oprofile is, altho..21:09
penguin42Daekdroom: Performance monitoring tools21:40
penguin42Daekdroom: Glues the performance counters int he processor to something you can work with21:41
Daekdroompenguin42, I guess it's pretty much useless to have if I have 0 packages depending on it, am I right?21:41
penguin42Daekdroom: If you don't know what it is it's unlikely you want it21:41
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duffydackhttp://img820.imageshack.us/img820/5617/soundindicator2.png  that would be cool....22:02
Daekdroomduffydack, it looks kinda similar to that.22:05
DaekdroomThe pause/next/last controls are below, and look different..22:06
Daekdroomdifferent as in poorly done, where the pause button doesn't change to a Play button if you pause.22:06
yofelhi, if anyone else is running KDE: open konqueror, open the 'Find files..' dialog and tell me what element has the focus when opening. The edit box or the 'find' button22:07
duffydackDaekdroom, well there are a lot of ideas as to how it can look, but I`m leaning towards the cover art inclusion22:08
penguin42unfortunately my maverick vm really doesn't want to start kde22:09
Daekdroomduffydack, cover art inclusion? It's already here.22:09
yofelnvm, got it confirmed22:10
duffydackDaekdroom, oh?  never seen it..   well anyway, the current buttons look ugly to me as well..22:10
DaekdroomThey should use the same icons as rhythmbox22:11
duffydackDaekdroom, I know its trivial but I`d like it to look a bit cleaner and just use 1 'look' for whatever app its controlling.22:12
duffydackDaekdroom, either way, its all still a good idea and I`ll use it no doubt.22:13
penguin42yofel: It's quite odd, in the vm kwin is not happy, even when desktop effects disabled or set to XRender, I know OpenGL isn't happy in this VM but I'd not had any 2d problems on Gnome22:22
penguin42If I do a metacity --replace I can see what looks like an otherwise OK desktop, with the panel and widgets on the backdrop22:23
knittlyofel: spikes seem to be gone22:26
knittlhad an xfreeze, so i was forced to reboot22:26
knittlfinally cpu temp goes below 50 °C again22:28
knittlgood night! :D22:28
penguin42yofel: Ah, I've got it to work, I had to replace the splash by the simple one22:29
penguin42yofel: By 'Find files' how did you get to that - I see a Find... option, but not find files22:30
yofelpenguin42: open the home folder, press ctrl+f (or go to Tools->Find...)22:31
penguin42yofel: I don't have a 'tools' menu; I have edit->find or ctrl-f brings me the same thing22:32
penguin42yofel: and they give me a bar at the bottom with a red x  Find:  entry box  next previous  options22:33
penguin42yofel: Witht he focus in the entry box22:33
yofelpenguin42: enter '/' in the url field -> enter -> ctrl+f22:34
yofelthe interface behaves differently when browing the web and folders22:34
penguin42yofel: Ah right, yes, that give s me focus in the 'Named:' entry field at the top22:34
yofelgood, thanks22:34
penguin42yofel: With it set to disable desktop effects and to use the simple splash it actually seems to be working ok, except for some rather nasty artifacts rendering images in konq22:36
yofelwhich VM btw?22:37
penguin42yofel: KVM on lucid host22:38
yofelhm, don't have maverick VM at hand, will try it tomorrow22:41
penguin42yofel: It's pretty good actually, the only problems I have is with 3d stuff which is completely screwed22:41
penguin42yofel: But I don't get it, the graphics driver is a very very simple Cirrus it's emulating I think, so the guest shouldn't be even trying to do 3d22:41
yofelI seriously don't know for kvm, maybe it's actually attempting to provide 3d now22:42
penguin42nah, it's just emulating a cheapo Cirrus graphics card which just about knows how to plot pixels22:43
* penguin42 disappears for a few mins22:45
* yofel remembers the cirrius card in his first pc ever22:47
yofelthat had, what, 1MiB memory?22:47
yofelargh, that made me remember Win95... worst OS I ever used22:48
DaekdroomWindows Me here :O22:49
Jibadeehai had a Cirrus Logic video card in my old pentium classic 150Mhz23:01
Jibadeehacould do 1024x768x25623:01
penguin42well, it's claiming to be a Cirrus 5446 with 9MB of RAM I think, doing 1024x768 at 32bpp23:04

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