holsteinso add i915.modeset=100:00
holsteinafter quiet splash00:00
Melodicdaydreamson the same line?00:00
holsteinright after it00:00
holsteinwith a space00:00
holsteinlike the rest of the 'arguments' are spaced out00:00
Melodicdaydreamsmine just says quiet, no splash   should i add spalsh also?00:00
holsteinnot yet00:01
holsteinwe'll have to do something else to make this persistent00:01
holsteindont reboot either00:02
Vantraxanyone here a grub2 expert?00:02
holsteinjust do ctrl+x00:02
Melodicdaydreamsokay, added i915.modeset=1 right after quiet (no splash)00:02
holsteintry it00:02
holsteinif it works, we know how to fix it00:03
Melodicdaydreamshit control+x got no reaction  is that a save function?00:03
holsteintry esc?00:03
holsteinyou need to get back to the main screen00:03
holsteinand boot00:03
holsteintheres no way to save from here00:04
holsteinthis is ust a temporary troubleshooting step00:04
MelodicdaydreamsI hit esc and am looking at kernel list00:04
holsteinno you should be able to boot that kernel00:04
holsteinbe sure00:04
holsteinyou boot the one you just edited00:04
Melodicdaydreamsgo ahead and boot it?00:05
Melodicdaydreamshere goes....  starting up00:05
Melodicdaydreamsgrrrrrrr  back to black screen00:05
* holstein is no expert Vantrax , but whats the issue?00:05
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: drag00:05
Melodicdaydreamsheading back to menu.....00:06
holsteinget to the console00:06
holsteinsome terminal00:06
holsteinand let me konw00:06
Vantraxholstein, need to password protect the grub menu, remove all entries but the primary boot option, and prevent it from using UUID for anything00:07
holsteinyeah, out of my area Vantrax00:07
Melodicdaydreamshead in via recovery mode and log on??00:07
Vantraxyeah... need a grub2 expert00:07
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: sure00:07
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: at this page00:08
holsteinlets try Workaround B: Switch to -vesa00:08
Melodicdaydreamsam logged on and looking at terminal style prompt00:08
holsteinits about half way down the page00:09
holsteinand i'll tell you how to undo the changes we make00:09
VantraxAnyone know how to log into cups directly through the browser00:09
holsteinif it works or not00:09
VantraxI get login errors00:09
Vantraxas in through
holsteinVantrax: i ALWAYS have a password error there it seems00:09
holsteini usually get in00:10
holsteinbut i just keep trying things til it works00:10
VantraxI dont00:10
Melodicdaydreamsholstein: trying workaround B?00:10
holsteinso i dont really remember any good tips :/00:10
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: yeah00:10
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: in the terminal00:10
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=== Guest51557 is now known as Robin________
holsteinsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:11
holsteinand let me know when you get there :)00:11
Melodicdaydreamsshall I enter the /etc/X11......00:11
Melodicdaydreamsenter exactly as you have written?00:11
holsteinwe are saying00:11
holsteinas SU00:11
holsteinopen the file xorg.conf00:12
holsteinfrom the /etc/X11 dir00:12
holsteinand open it with nano00:12
holsteinthre shouldnt be an xorg.conf ther00:12
holsteinso we will just be making one00:12
Robin________Hello guys. I accidently dd'd my windows 7 boot sector (sdb1) with around 384bytes :s, i've tried all repairing options from the windows install cd, and also ran update-grub in ubuntu. My actual windows 7 partition is still in tact. Is there anyway of booting into it?00:13
Melodicdaydreamsokay...entered and am looking at a page with a lot of # down the side00:14
holsteinRobin________: sudo update-grub should just go see it, and make an entry00:14
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: you need to add00:14
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: is the file empty?00:14
Robin________holstein: it doesn't find a windows installation00:15
MelodicdaydreamsThere is a disclamer and looks like it goes down the page.  Is there a phrase I should be looking for00:15
holsteinRobin________: i would probably try something like http://gag.sourceforge.net/00:15
holsteinRobin________: you dont have to install GAG to see if it will boot your windows partition00:16
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: it should be empty00:16
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: if you press ctrl+v00:17
holsteinyou can go to the next 'page'00:17
Melodicdaydreamsbar at top of screen: GNU nano 2.2.2 File: etc/X11/xorg.conf00:17
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: SO its not empty, right?00:19
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: this is a text editor00:19
holsteinfor the command line00:20
holsteinjust think of it like 'notepad' or whatever00:20
Melodicdaydreamsdoesn't look empty.  If you define empty as in blank of course00:22
holsteindo you see something that says 'driver' ?00:23
holsteinsomething like00:23
holsteinSection "Device" Identifier      "Configured Video Device" Driver          "vesa"00:23
holsteinis it just a bunch of #'s ?00:24
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: use ctrl+v00:24
Melodicdaydreamsthose are alongsideside the disclaimer warning of impending doom if i make changes00:24
holsteinto look at the entire file00:24
holsteinand make sure00:24
holsteinctrl+y is page up00:25
Melodicdaydreamsi have.  i have configured video device and configurec monitor but no driver mention00:26
holsteinim not sure what you feel comfortable doing00:26
holsteini would probably try adding a driver section00:27
holsteinDriver          "vesa"00:27
holsteinto that file00:27
MelodicdaydreamsWell, considereing this is Mom-in-laws laptop and it's useless unless I fix it.....00:27
holsteini would try renaming that file so ubuntu wont use it00:27
holsteinall in the spirite of troubleshooting00:28
holsteinand i would run a live CD00:28
holsteinand if it boots00:28
holsteini would look at the /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:28
holsteinwhich probably wont be there00:28
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: what do you think?00:28
MelodicdaydreamsCan I download a version of the OS on my mac and throw it on a memory stick?00:29
holsteinin theory00:29
holsteinif the laptop in question boot USB devices00:29
MelodicdaydreamsPreservation of saved files is no longer a priority :)00:29
holsteinif you had a live CD?00:29
holsteinand it booted00:30
holsteinthat would tell us a lot00:30
MelodicdaydreamsI don't have any other removable media than my usb....  in-laws are moving and this is a last ditch to fix the pc00:30
holsteinyou could try the first solution00:31
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/intel-driver00:31
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:31
MelodicdaydreamsHow do I get back to the prompt?00:31
holsteinctrl+x should do it00:32
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: you might need the other one00:32
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/855gm-fix00:32
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms00:33
holsteinyou got an 855gm00:33
holsteinin theory it wont hurt to try both00:33
holsteini would do the 855 one first00:33
Melodicdaydreamsstart with the whole line for the 855?00:33
holsteinthats my vote00:34
holsteinthis is pretty easy too00:34
holsteinjust copy, and hit enter and wait a minute00:34
Melodicdaydreamserror {Errno -2] Name or service not known00:35
holsteinthats from running00:36
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/855gm-fix00:36
holsteindid you type it exactly?00:36
holsteinare you online?00:37
Melodicdaydreamsnot with that machine00:37
holsteinthats the deal00:37
holsteincan you be online?00:37
Melodicdaydreamsit uses an aircard00:38
holsteinno way to wire it?00:38
Melodicdaydreamsnope...  room with router inaccessible00:39
Melodicdaydreamsnow way to make the aircard work?00:39
holsteinprobbaly :)00:39
holsteini dont know how to do it from the command line though00:39
holsteini should00:39
Melodicdaydreamsbrb, let me see if i can get in there00:41
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: i'll see if i can find the .debs somewhere for you00:41
Melodicdaydreamsokay.  only one LAN.  If I disconnect from the router, my Mac will lose connectivity....00:43
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: which ever way you want to GO00:43
holsteinlet me00:43
holsteingive you the link to the debs too00:44
holsteinin theory, you can downloan them on the mac00:44
holsteinand move them over00:44
holsteinand install them with dpkg or something00:44
holsteinthat top one00:44
Melodicdaydreams'in theory'' is starting to get scary, lol00:44
holsteinits more on my end00:45
holsteini dont want to say a blanket statement00:45
holsteinwhen i dont have the hardware in front of me00:45
holsteini think the easiest thing is to move it over00:45
Melodicdaydreamsyeah, I understand00:45
holsteinand run those 2 commands00:46
Melodicdaydreamslet me clear my memory stick to prevent interence00:46
holsteinwhile its online00:46
holsteinyou might need dependancies00:46
holsteinit could get tedious00:46
holsteini would bookmark that page00:46
holsteinand try hard wiring it first00:46
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/855gm-fix00:47
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms00:47
holsteinthen you can get back on here if that fails00:47
holsteinand i will have left by then to avoid you :)00:47
* holstein totally kidding ;)00:48
MelodicdaydreamsOkay, give me a few :)00:48
holsteinyou might have to restart it00:48
holsteinto get it to use the LAN00:48
MelodicdaydreamsI'll take it in there and see what I get00:48
Melodicdaydreamslol ur funny00:48
Melodicdaydreamssudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms  is this 2 separate function?00:49
holsteinbut the &&'s00:50
holsteinlet them run in order00:50
holsteinso you can put that whole line in at once00:50
Melodicdaydreamsreally?  sweet00:50
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: i would run sudo apt-get upgrade too00:50
holsteinwhile your at it00:50
holsteineither way00:50
holsteinyou can just get the problem fixed first00:51
holsteinthat upgrade can take a while00:51
Melodicdaydreamsso yes for the sudo apt-get upgrade?   is 'upgrade' a part of that line?00:52
holsteincan be00:53
holsteini would wait00:53
holsteinyou just did the upgrade from 9.10 right?00:53
holsteinso you should have new packages00:53
holsteini was thinking this was an install from the CD for a minute00:53
holsteinjust run00:54
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms00:54
holsteinafter adding the PPA00:54
holsteinthe PPA is just adding a repository00:54
holsteinso you can install those hopefully 'fixed' packages00:55
Melodicdaydreamsif I have to reboot for the LAN, then I'll need to sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf?00:56
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: nah00:56
holsteinading the PPC00:56
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/intel-driver00:56
holsteinand installing the software00:56
holsteinwill do it00:56
holsteinits this PPA00:57
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/855gm-fix00:57
holsteinand then00:57
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms00:57
holsteinthen reboot00:57
holsteinand come back if that doesnt just auto-magically straighten it out00:57
MelodicdaydreamsSo first: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/intel-driver, then: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/855gm-fix and: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms  and then reboot00:58
holsteinyeah, i messed up there before00:59
holsteinyou just need00:59
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/855gm-fix01:00
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms01:00
holsteinMelodicdaydreams: it wont hurt thoug01:01
holsteinwhile your there01:01
holsteinsince you have to move the computer around01:01
holsteindo all of it01:01
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/intel-driver01:01
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:01
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/855gm-fix01:01
Melodicdaydreamshold on....  Mom in law, asks if we could bypass all this by downloading the 9.10 again and reinstall?01:01
holsteinand sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms 855gm-fix-exp-dkms01:01
holsteinbut this is really not that bad01:02
holsteinand much faster01:02
holsteinif it works01:02
holsteini would call that 'plan B'01:02
holsteinand reinstall if this doesnt do it01:02
Melodicdaydreamsokay...  Give me a few and I'll give it a shot01:02
Melodicdaydreams>>you better be here when I get back<<  :)01:03
kermiacholstein: I only just finished reading the backscroll. It looks like Melodicdaydreams may still be using grub1 - that's probably why CTRL+X didn't boot with those kernel options.01:05
holsteinkermiac: i think hitting esc works though right?01:06
holsteinas long as it doesnt reboot01:06
holsteinand it boots the kernel with the arguments?01:06
kermiacholstein: from memory it was something like CTRL+b to boot with those kernel arguments, but it's been a while since i was using grub101:09
holsteini know01:09
kermiacanyway, hopefully that PPA will help :)01:09
holsteinand i dont have one up to test with01:09
kermiacholstein: seems like a *lot* of intel users are having issues with upgrades. another kernel argument that has helped a few people is "vga=771 noapic i915.modeset=1" (although using 'noapic' really  sux)01:13
holsteini have an EEEpc01:13
holsteinand i tested an upgrade on it01:14
holsteinworked fine01:14
holsteinyeah, that PPA looks promising01:14
holsteinand its not that hard really01:14
kermiacyeah, diff intel chipsets probably. at work I did half a dozen & they all worked fine, but 2 were a real pita to workaround01:15
holsteinif he comes back, will have him try ctlr+b in grub101:15
holsteinand try and find the right argument to pass01:15
holsteinid really like to know if a lucid live disc 'just works' too01:16
melodicdaydreamsI'm back....01:16
holsteinmelodicdaydreams: whats the good word?01:17
melodicdaydreamsurl could not be opened GRRRRRRR01:17
holsteinfor the PPA?01:17
melodicdaydreamsand my husband would lose his mind if he knew I'm starting to understand this stuff...01:17
melodicdaydreamsfor the intel-driver01:17
melodicdaydreamshe hacked this pc for his mom and now he's on assignment in Africa01:18
holsteinwell, if you can get back to that grub screen01:18
holsteinwith the kernels listed01:18
melodicdaydreamsokay.. heading back to Grub01:18
holsteinkermiac suggested that ctrl+b might make the added arguments boot01:18
holsteinand kermiac suggested another argument for you to try01:19
melodicdaydreamsokay, at kernel list01:19
holsteinso press e01:20
holsteinand lets add01:20
kermiacit could be also be just "b", not CTRL+B01:20
holsteinand try pressing ctrl+b01:20
melodicdaydreamsif i hit b... it will boot.  r u ready?01:21
* kermiac crosses his fingers01:21
melodicdaydreamshere goes...01:21
melodicdaydreamssorry kermaic.  fingers didnt help :(01:22
melodicdaydreamsblack screen  ^&*(^&*%*&%&01:22
holsteinyour really not learning anything til you break your box and have to re-install ;)01:22
holsteingood times :)01:23
holsteinkermiac: what do you think about renaming the xorg.conf ?01:23
kermiacholstein: yeah, that was my next suggestion. lucid doesnt need xorg.conf01:23
holsteinmelodicdaydreams: you can try what you just did01:24
holsteinand use01:24
holsteinvga=771 noapic i915.modeset=101:24
holsteinOR we could go to the terminal and rename xorg.conf01:24
melodicdaydreamsI think I need to call it a night.01:27
melodicdaydreamsShe wants me to put windows back on it now01:27
holsteinits not all that bad01:27
stlsaintmelodicdaydreams: you try livecd prior to installing?01:27
holsteinyeah, i bet a lucid live CD would just boot01:28
holsteinand you could install from there01:28
holsteinOR put 9.10 back on01:28
melodicdaydreamshow would I get a CD for that?01:28
holsteinyou cont want to put xp back on01:28
holsteinits a business meeting away from being obsolete01:28
holsteinmelodicdaydreams: you can go to http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download01:29
melodicdaydreamsno HATE windows....01:29
holsteinand burn the iso to disc in OSX01:29
holsteinuse 'copy'01:29
holsteinfrom something like http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html01:30
holsteinand while its downloading01:30
holsteinyou can rename the xorg.conf01:30
holsteinand try rebooting01:30
holsteinbut, you dont want to upset the in-laws01:31
kermiacmelodicdaydreams: i agree with holstein, a lucid live cd should "just work". Upgrades can get messy01:31
holsteinits tough01:31
holsteinto make sure that ALL machines will just update properly01:32
holsteinits getting MUCH beter every release though01:32
holstein               better*01:32
kermiacyes, it is :)01:32
melodicdaydreamswill give that a shot.01:32
holsteinmelodicdaydreams: :)01:32
kermiacmelodicdaydreams: good luck! If you have any more questions please feel free to come back :)01:33
melodicdaydreamsYou've been awesome!!01:33
melodicdaydreamswill do!01:33
kermiachope she tries the lucid live cd before resorting to re-installing windows :) anyway, time for me to go back to work01:39
holsteinkermiac: laterx :)01:39
* phillw is always puzzled why people do not use the liveCD first :-\01:45
holsteini think it should say that somewhere01:45
phillwtrue, it is something we know to do, but it is not explained for newcomers01:46
holsteinthe live-cd phenomenon realy helped me get a functional install when i was learning01:47
phillwwell, if your system has a problem, you can at least get on line and ask - which is more than certain other operating systems can manage01:48
phillwThe editors blog in one of UK computer magazines said that he used the lubuntu live CD to rescue his windows machine, he was that impressed that he has left it as dual boot -- hey, ubuntu is gradually getting there :-)01:50
phillwsorry, not lubuntu, me just too used to typing that, it was a ubuntu live CD01:52
spandanfor some reason my radiance theme stopped working on ubuntu 10..0402:17
spandancan someone help me02:17
spandanalso, my sense (elementary) theme stopped working02:18
AlexiusHello to everyone!09:54
Puck`hi Alexius10:02
duanedesign'lo all10:07
Puck`hi duanedesign10:10
duanedesignhey there Puck`10:15
Puck`how's it going_? (:10:15
duanedesigngood good10:16
duanedesignjust doing some bug triage10:16
duanedesignand trying to get ready for the meeting later today10:16
Robin______Hello guys. I've just had to install windows 7 on my ubuntu machine (ubuntu 10.04 installed first), but of course windows gets rid of grub2. how do i get my boot menu back?11:01
Robin______oh its dual booting too.11:01
Robin______is it possible to update grub from live usb?11:10
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BekmandHey community. I've finaly found out to get two screens to work with nvidia gfcard. I'm using TwinView, but now i cant seem to play any games through Cedega. Is this related or?14:35
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zkriessehello duanedesign15:39
zkriessetab fail....ARGH15:39
zkriesseducky: hello15:39
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zkriessehello alien_18:09
alien_how is ur day so far ?18:10
alien_hot down here,Puerto Rico is too hot today18:12
alien_what Linux are u using ?18:12
zkriesseUbuntu 10.04 Lucid i8618:14
alien_ok is like linux mint 9,sword of right ?18:16
alien_some apps i can use from ubuntu18:17
zkriessealien_: I'm sorry?18:18
zkriessealien_: What's your native language18:18
zkriessealien_: Ok ask your question in spanish18:18
alien_thats why mi english is kind of crazy18:18
alien_tu entiendes latino ?18:19
* zkriesse shall use Google Translator..it's awesome for this18:19
alien_what u mean18:19
alien_open the site18:19
alien_o from here18:19
alien_copy paste18:19
zkriessealien_: No, yo no entiendo Latina y el español, pero puedo usar traductor de Google .. es fácil de us18:20
alien_i understan very good18:20
alien_eres chika o chiko ?18:20
alien_anyway no importa18:21
zkriesseLo siento, ¿qué?18:21
alien_veo qeu vas una milla extra por la gente18:21
alien_y eso me agrada18:21
alien_if ur a guy or girl ?18:21
zkriesseOh ningún problema .. tratando de hacer más fácil que el ... además de que quieren aprender español así que lo que una manera de aprender ¿no?18:22
zkriesseSoy un tipo18:22
alien_de cualquiera amigo no importa la ma facil para ambos18:23
alien_tu latino esta un poco loco18:23
alien_sigamos en ingles18:23
alien_te entiendo mas jajjaa18:23
zkriesseEh yo puedo hacer esto ... español es más fácil para ti estoy seguro18:23
alien_im wondering if i can install starcraft in my linux buddy18:24
alien_i love that game18:24
alien_cant be with out it18:24
alien_i miss it18:24
alien_i fell like having a multyboot so i can play starcraft on windows side18:25
alien_is kind of old18:25
alien_but my favorite18:25
alien_starcraft + warcraft18:25
zkriesseNever played it18:25
alien_u control a hole army18:26
zkriessesearch for you game there18:26
Jameralien_: I've run Starcraft on Linux before.18:26
alien_make maps18:26
JamerIt works fine.18:26
alien_play online18:26
alien_is kind of cool18:26
alien_is that using wine ?18:26
alien_how ?18:27
alien_see im a little dum with wine18:27
alien_the dumest ever i said18:27
alien_never work with that because i dont undestand18:28
JamerYou could try this site, I think it has instructions for how to get it running.18:28
alien_tried but not succed18:29
alien_thats wats up men18:29
alien_i need to read a lot but if i can make it work,,is worthfit18:29
JamerI wish you luck, alien_.18:31
alien_i need more then that jaaj18:31
alien_thanks for the link18:31
alien_very usefull18:31
alien_what about ipods18:32
alien_any software for that18:32
alien_to put music in my ipod18:32
JamerI think Rhythmbox will work with most iPods.18:32
alien_if i can get that no more windows for me ever again18:32
alien_is that rigth ?18:32
alien_never tried18:32
JamerI've used it for my iPod Nano.18:32
JamerAnd it works great.18:32
alien_thats more new then my's18:33
zkriessealien_: What ipod type18:33
alien_is a 80G18:33
zkriessewhat make though18:33
alien_kind of like the 160G18:33
JamerAn 80G will work fine with Rhythmbox.18:33
alien_but the old one18:33
Jamerzkriesse: An 80G is fifth generation.18:33
alien_what if i wnat to boot linux from my ipod too18:34
alien_can i ?18:34
zkriessealien_: No idea on how to do that one18:34
alien_i read something about it some place18:34
alien_dont remember18:34
Jameralien_, you might try this website: http://www.ipodlinux.org/18:34
alien_i think thas the site18:34
alien_let me see18:34
JamerThey probably have their own IRC channel.18:35
alien_yep thats the site18:35
alien_im using linux min 9 isadora18:35
alien_is it lie ubuntu18:35
alien_the apps18:35
alien_im i gona have more trouble using mint18:36
alien_whats the best linux18:36
alien_i have a multy boot that have all vertions on it18:36
zkriessealien_: well depends on your taste + computer hardware18:36
alien_i see18:36
alien_so that means that all work the same18:37
alien_no one is bettet then the other one18:37
alien_just looks and thaste18:37
JamerOne could be better than another, depending on your needs.18:37
zkriessealien_: Yes some are better/easier/neater18:37
JamerBut I don't think there's a definative "best".18:37
alien_ok i see,so i work with all18:38
alien_i do videos converting18:38
alien_any goog software18:38
alien_i record my desktop sometimes to do a little demo to friends on how to do18:38
alien_but is ogg18:38
alien_i cant convert video to avi or mp418:39
alien_dont know how ?18:39
alien_thas the mos common format18:39
JamerMaybe some project based on ffmpeg or mencoder?18:39
alien_how to use mencoder18:39
alien_is that on erminal18:39
JamerMencoder itself is on terminal, but someone might have written a GUI for it. I don't know much about video converting, though.18:40
alien_i like to share,,thats why i want to convert videos18:41
alien_make them easey to see,i dont believe there is a chance to see ogg videos on windows18:41
alien_never heard about that format until i used linux18:42
alien_is there codecs pack for linux18:42
alien_???????? thats something i wanted to ask for a long time too18:43
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biharii have saved a file in my home directory folder i am using this command in terminal cd ~/Roo0t but its not opening20:22
ridinbihari, use tab completion20:23
phillwbihari: if you just saved a file, it will be just a file, not a directory?20:23
ridinlooks like speedy and quick wins this round20:24
bihariyes i have saved it to  homedirectory20:24
phillwls Roo0t20:25
biharihow to do that tab completion ?20:25
ridinpress tab20:27
ridinmake sure it's close to desire and then press tab20:27
ridinso no need to typos20:27
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