penguin42I'm confused; there seems to be a launchpad OpenOffice project - what goes in that launchpad project as opposed to either upstream or in the ubuntu package entrY?00:03
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EzraRif a bug is reported 3 years ago and is fixed now in lucid but karmic, jaunty, etc... still suffer from it should I close it?04:59
micahgEzraR: if it is definitely a bug that was fixed in Lucid, Fix Released, if people still need it in a previous release, they can nominate and follow the SRU procedure05:00
EzraRok, thanks05:01
bolsterQuick question on a bug submission; I've found some out of date documentation in the gnome-help package, but it is ubuntu specific information. How should I go about reporting this?05:41
micahgbolster: ubuntu-bug followed by the package name05:46
bolstermicahg, any reason it wouldn05:48
micahgbolster: ?05:48
bolstermicahg, any reason it wouldn't go under ubuntu-docs **05:48
bolster(having lots of fun with UK keyboard mapping on a US device)05:49
micahgbolster: oh, the bug is about the gnome-help package :), sorry I'm a little tired as it's late where I am05:49
micahgbolster: ubuntu-bug gnome-help :)05:49
bolstermicahg, ok, cheers!05:50
bolsterdoesn't matter, already reported anyway :)05:52
micahgbolster: k, but you can subscribe for updates and/or mark it as affecting05:53
bolsteralready done :)05:55
EzraRa bug that was opend against gnome-vfs but we now use gio/gvfs should be marked fix released or invalid? it wasnt ACTUALLY fixed in gnome-vfs but seems to be fixed because of the move06:25
micahgEzraR: that would be invalid if nothing was fixed and it's not applicable anymore06:27
EzraRmicahg: thnx06:28
drew212ddecator: or micahg: got a minute?07:42
micahgdrew212: sure07:42
drew212micahg: if i ask the person in bug 604857 to use apport-collect command, will it give us extra files we need to check her plug ins and add on's that we need?07:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 604857 in firefox-3.0 (Ubuntu) "flash player plugins chronic crash; installed latest version, uninstalled, redownloaded, reinstalled--can't get to function (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60485707:43
micahgdrew212: try my flash collect response, most likely the user has flash 9 installed as well07:43
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micahgdrew212: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/462848/07:45
micahgdrew212: bottom is a note for you07:45
drew212thanks =) should i also include the apport-collect # command?07:46
micahgdrew212: nah07:47
drew212will that use the necessary hooks?07:47
micahgdrew212: idk if the hooks are in hardy07:47
drew212why do people still use hardy? Isn't 10.04 the new LTS?07:48
micahgdrew212: LTS to LTS upgrade doesn't happen to .107:48
SwedeMikedrew212: because some people still have problem with 10.0407:48
drew212to .1?07:49
micahgdrew212: 10.04.107:50
micahgdrew212: and it's supported till April 201107:50
* drew212 confused look07:50
micahgdrew212: it gives the devs 3 months to get any release bugs fixed, LTS is supposed to be high quality07:51
tnt217hi all09:29
tnt217please help me with my problem09:29
tnt217i can not install autoconf version 2.64?09:30
ejatanyone can comment on this : http://imagebin.ca/view/6388it6j.html10:24
vishhmm , OSX is evil???10:38
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trinikronoping ddecator11:08
trinikronodoes anyone think bug 517729 should be closed?11:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 517729 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "Doesn't really work on 1GB drive (affects: 1) (heat: 28)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51772911:10
trinikronoalso guys please look at bug 60455411:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 604554 in ubuntu "sudo tasksel remove lamp-server (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60455411:48
trinikronothe reporter is saying that the command: sudo tasksel remove lamp-server11:49
trinikronois actually removing ubuntu-desktop instead11:49
trinikronosounds serious lol11:49
yofeltrinikrono: the latter one reminds me of the one arand filed, let me check11:56
yofeltrinikrono: dup of bug 574287 IMO11:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 574287 in tasksel (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "tasksel uninstalled my system! (affects: 2) (heat: 59)" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57428711:56
trinikrononice thanks yofel11:57
trinikronobut still scary11:57
trinikronoi am going to mark it as a dupe of your bug11:58
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penguin42can someone give me a hand with bug 60448212:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 604482 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "OOo Draw: changes to one objetc are applied to all objects (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60448212:32
penguin42it's turning from a straight bug into somehting that isn't clear on the menu, but not sure what to recommend12:33
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starts in 24 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:36
* micahg wonders if there's a meeting17:14
charlie-tcaMessage sent out said there was17:14
charlie-tca17:00 UTC17:15
pedro_is at 1700 yes17:15
pedro_45 mins from now on17:15
* micahg forgot to change the alarm17:16
micahgin that case, it looks like I'll miss half the meeting, but cest la vi :)17:16
* pedro_ waves17:59
* charlie-tca waves17:59
pedro_Hello folks, who is here for the BugSquad monthly meeting?18:00
njinpedro_: holaaa, I'm ready to start18:00
pedro_njin, good timing!18:00
* GrueMaster sits in the back like a new inductee.18:00
* yofel waves18:00
njinpedro_: it' is the minimum18:01
charlie-tcaI'm here this time18:02
pedro_om26er, hggdh, nigelb, vish, kamusin, around?18:02
pedro_let's start18:02
pedro_the agenda for today meeting is at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Meeting18:02
pedro_so far we have:18:02
pedro_# Mentorship program update from Mentors18:03
pedro_# Update/Make new Triage videos18:03
pedro_# Open Discussions.18:03
pedro_let's go for the first item18:03
pedro_Mentorship program update from Mentors18:03
qenseI'm a mentor!18:03
pedro_how many mentors we have in the room ? ;-)18:03
charlie-tcaone here18:03
pedro_don't make me hunt you :-P18:03
qensepedro_, vish and om26er are mentors as well18:04
pedro_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors <- our list of mentors is available here18:04
qenseand that was a student leaving!18:04
pedro_qense, charlie-tca, vish, om26er any updates you want to share re your students?18:04
charlie-tcaI have been moving and have not even been on line for a week18:04
om26ermy student is a learner and gets things in no time.18:05
qenseMy student was focussing on the Synaptics input driver, but he felt a bit lonely there. There weren't much people working on those kind of drivers.18:05
qenseMine's learning quickly as well.18:05
vishqense: when me?18:05
qensebut dinner time now, got to go, or someone will be angry!18:05
pedro_qense, ruuuun! :-P18:05
qensevish: you don't have a student?18:05
nigelbI lost contact with my student a few days after initial contact.  part of it, was my hardware trouble, he didn't report back later18:06
vishqense: ;p18:06
qensevish: do some work!18:06
pedro_vish, any updates on your students?18:06
om26erwe started with empathy as I am subscribed to, so that if he makes any mistake, I could be there18:07
vishpedro_: i dont have any students.. i thought i mentioned it.18:07
pedro_om26er, sounds great :-)18:07
* vish already in too many places :(18:07
nigelbvish: oh, about time you had one18:07
pedro_vish, so we can assign all the remaining students to you ? ;-)18:07
* vish hides18:07
hggdhpedro_: called me?18:07
pedro_hggdh, yeah we're having the bugsquad meeting thought you might be interested ;-)18:08
* hggdh bluhes18:08
pedro_hggdh, do you have any students ? any updates you might want to share?18:08
hggdhI have one -- after initial contact, no news for the last 3 weeks18:08
hggdhI am considering dropping him18:09
pedro_that sounds fine18:09
pedro_ok my update: I'm currently having two students 'elopio' and 'njin'18:10
vishnigelb: i should be like you , take up a task an not do it ;p18:10
pedro_the first one is actively working on bug days and bugs without a package18:10
pedro_lately he has been working on gwibber and gnome-media, so far so good18:10
nigelbvish: that should be about cheese18:10
pedro_and i'm just starting the work with njin ( we did our first conversation here during the meeting)18:11
pedro_so welcome njin ;-)18:11
om26erhello njin :)18:11
njinThanks and good things to everyone18:12
pedro_alright let's have a look to the students queue18:12
pedro_is anybody having time to work with any of them?18:12
hggdhpedro_: since I will drop mine, yes, I can get one18:13
pedro_kamusin, what about you? don't hide :-P18:13
pedro_hggdh, awesome!18:13
* kamusin runs18:13
hggdhyou can run, but you cannot hide. I hope ;-)18:13
kamusinI can help to DrKenoby.. . last time I saw him working with gwibber reports18:13
pedro_kamusin, sounds great18:14
om26erinterest area: 'any' ... that dont sound good to me, that sounds like a one day show :p18:14
pedro_heh well some people doesn't really know in which area to focus so they put any or nothing18:14
vishhggdh , pedro_ : so this was the reply I had prepared for de-activating inactive students : http://pastebin.com/EeS2TPSn18:15
vishcharlie-tca: ^18:15
pedro_vish, cool, may you add it to our stock responses? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors/Stock18:16
hggdhvish: s/has tried to contact you/has had no contacts from you for some weeks/ ?18:16
pedro_seems like hggdh is going to be the first one in using it :-P18:16
vishhggdh: sure ,can you edit it?18:16
charlie-tcalooks good18:17
vishpedro_: neither of bcurtiswx's students  responded either18:17
awardlehggdh: Sorry for not contacting you earlier, I've had a lot of work on. I agree that it is best to let some one else have my place as I'm going to be busy with school work for a while.18:17
hggdhawardle: ah, there you are ;-)18:18
pedro_alright folks anything else regarding our mentoring program?18:19
pedro_anything else to share?18:19
pedro_ok let's move on18:20
hggdhawardle: you can always send me/us questions, and we will answer them18:20
pedro_* Update/Make new Triage videos18:20
awardlehggdh: Okay18:20
awardlehggdh: Thanks18:20
pedro_we discussed this at the past UDS, we thought it might be a good idea to start doing short clips on how to triage bugs18:21
pedro_like assigning bugs to the right component, how to set up the tools to work on a bug day, etc18:21
pedro_what do you guys think about that?18:22
om26ervideos are much better than reading..18:22
pedro_there's one at http://blip.tv/file/3219368 by Brian but the audio isn't the best18:22
* charlie-tca dislikes videos greatly. I would rather not bother than to have to watch them18:22
pedro_what i'd like to do is set up some videos and also add english subtitles to those so they can be translated into another languages18:23
pedro_and being used for local bug jams for example18:23
* om26er would have never learnt packaging if it was not for those videos from dholbac18:23
njinBut for us that don't know anythings it can be helpfull and faster18:23
penguin42charlie-tca: Yeh it's very difficult to do videos in the background and you tend to have to listen as well18:23
charlie-tcaI read. I do not do well watching18:24
awardleIt is more difficult to follow a video that step-by-step text18:24
charlie-tcaI would suggest insuring we have both, videos and wiki pages18:24
pedro_right, we don't want to delete the documentation or anything like that18:25
njincharlie-tca +118:25
kamusinom26er, true true..18:25
pedro_ok shall we do a call for topics on the bugsquad list?18:26
om26erkamusin, ;)18:26
pedro_then we can choose from those topics which ones we're going to record/publish18:26
charlie-tcapedro_: +118:26
pedro_awesome, i'll send an email asking for those shortly18:27
pedro_let's move to the next topic on the agenda18:27
charlie-tcaAnd, for anyone wanting to hurry up and start, maybe they could start with hug day procedures18:27
pedro_* Open Discussions18:27
pedro_true ;-)18:28
pedro_any extra topics for the meeting?18:28
awardleThis is going back to the mentorship program. I think it would be useful to send a student a message when they apply to join the program that it may be a while before they get a mentor.18:29
kamusinremember that this thursday is pidgin bugday so if you can help us santa will give you a nice present this xmas :)18:31
vishkamusin: pidgin? wasnt it kde day?18:31
pedro_that was yesterday18:31
vishrather isnt it...18:31
pedro_awardle, noted, we say that on the wiki page but not when they want to join the team18:32
pedro_kamusin, can i get a pony for xmas?18:32
pedro_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20100715 <- that's the bug day page18:32
vishi want more hrs in a day!18:32
pedro_ok friends, anything else?18:33
pedro_otherwise let's wrap up18:33
pedro_ok ! thanks everybody for attending!18:33
vishpedro_: thanks!18:33
charlie-tcaThanks, pedro_18:34
* pedro_ hugs the bugsquad18:34
pedro_time to lunch now ;-)18:34
njini'm ready to lunch18:34
qenseanyway, hello!18:34
vishqense: maybe you can also direct simar to ubuntu-x , they could also help18:35
* hggdh tries to remember what 'lunch' feels/tastes like...18:35
vishhggdh: that what too much smoke does.. ;p18:36
* vish hides18:36
njinExcuse a minute i've to help my wife in cooking18:36
qensevish: I've done that several times, be he has to get used to waiting for a response, I guess.18:36
* hggdh looks around for vish...18:36
qenseIt seems meetings on this time of the day are often interfered by eating-related-circumstances.18:36
simarvish, I know thats a *shame* but anybody seldom responds there . :(18:37
simarqense, hi18:37
vishqense: we indians seem to always be in a hurry ;)18:37
qensesimar: I know, it can be quite frustrating at times to never get a response.18:37
qensesimar: and hello18:37
qensevish: Because you do so much!18:37
qenseit's amazing what you all pull off18:38
simarqense, ya :<18:38
vishsimar: usually folks dont watch the irc , and often respond even a day later :)18:38
vishqense: i seriously need more time in a day! i need sleep :s18:38
qensevish: Ah, sleep. Quite important.18:39
qensesimar: After a while people should start to answer. But it helps if you formulate your question understandably in one sentence. Sometimes people will look at it after you're gone and do things to the bugs even when you're not online anymore.18:39
qenseAlthough it should be possible to get a response in a reasonable time for most of the questions.18:40
vishsimar: they leave irc client running 24x7 and the timezones are always a problem18:40
qenseYeah, some have IRC client servers that are connected all the time so they don't miss anything.18:40
simarvish, qense ya i see ..18:40
simarqense, vish vish, I have decided to get working with kernel team (touchpad), I think i can get better response there .. I have talked to Jfo about this18:40
qensesimar: Good! You've been looking around on your own. I appreciate that. The kernel team is indeed the most useful place to go for if you're interested in the bugs you've been triaging.18:41
qenseThey are happy with any triager who wants to work on bugs related to the kernel, so you'll be very welcome if you decide to do some work there.18:41
qenseEvery traiged bug helps18:42
qenseDon't forget that, you don't have to triage 50 bugs a day if you don't have the time or the energy to do so. We appreciate every contribution.18:42
simarqense, Ya i'm more intrested about hardware related things .. about that i have been replying to your email (i mean my mail eventually)18:42
qenseI'm happy you're finding out what you like to work on.18:43
vishhggdh: so this is the final version: http://pastebin.com/xjwKSJSM , sound good?18:43
vishfor the reply^18:43
hggdhvish: sounds perfect, thank toy18:44
vishhggdh: thanks.. and I'm deactivating awardle too :)18:45
hggdhqense, my dyslexia sometimes produces weird results ;-)18:45
vishhmm , did maco give any updates on here students?18:46
macoim at work18:46
qensehggdh: I hope you don't have much other trouble with it.18:46
simarqense, thanks for your  your encourging attitude :))18:46
qensesimar: You're welcome. I'm happy to help you. :)18:47
* vish says "Sense" in Chinese accent ;)18:51
qensevish: Chinese?! Why would anyone ever do that? :P18:51
macoqense: i suspect "because they're chinese"?18:52
qenseI know I once said it sounded a bit like 'sensu', but that was before I heard how people pronounce THAT in English.18:52
nigelbvish: can deactive saby too?18:52
nigelbvish is Indian :D18:52
vishnigelb: why? have you tried again?18:52
nigelbI have to try again?18:52
nigelbi.e. is there a process?18:52
vishmaco: back to work ;p18:52
nigelbvish: when is your session again? friday? *nudge* :D18:53
qensevish: try your Dutch accent18:53
* micahg is wondering what happened in the meeting (will have to wait 7 minutes for IRC logs) :)18:53
vishnigelb: oh! session!18:53
vishdarn it!18:53
* nigelb missed most of it18:53
nigelbvish: hahaha18:53
vishqense: i prefer thinking of your name like > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensei18:55
qenseMe in my mentor role. :)18:55
simarqense, I want a bit of your time about a bug where there is a conflict b/w thinking of two triagers ...https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/554980  ...18:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 554980 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "two finger scroll/multitouch not working on lenovo thinkpad w510 having SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad.. (affects: 9) (heat: 70)" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:55
qensesimar: Are you one of the triagers?18:56
micahgso are we still in meeting?18:56
simarqense, ya18:56
qensemicahg: Not really.18:56
vishmicahg: mentor update and then video tutorials are planned18:56
qensesimar: And who is the other? What is the conflict about, according to you?18:56
vishin meeting18:57
micahgk, well can someone reassign my mentees please, I can answer questions if I'm around, but no real time to mentor right now18:57
vishmicahg: have they contacted you?18:58
vishor MIA?18:58
qensesimar: lookinga t it18:58
micahgvish: I'm MIA :)18:58
simarqense, He dinnt use good words .. he's not right (may be thats a diff in thinking) .. actually there is a short term bad remedy and a good actual fix. He's abstucting me to mark the bug as a duplicate ..18:58
vishmicahg: well , thats another issue ;p .. but i dont think i'v seen them around...18:59
qensesimar: I left a comment. You're right, I don't even think that the proposed 'patch' (it is not a patch) should even be distributed by us. Go ahead, and mark the bug as a duplicate.19:06
simarqense, thankyou very much .. :))19:07
simarqense, feels like a king ..19:07
qensesimar: I would like to give you advice: use less final stops and try to use a bit more paragraphs. Good-looking formatting of your texts makes them look more professional, which would make you more convincing. :)19:07
qensesimar: Also, a tip: you can link to bug reports on Launchpad in comments and bug descriptions by just typing, e.g., bug #30819119:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 308191 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Multitouch support not available for -synaptics (affects: 35) (dups: 3) (heat: 228)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30819119:08
qensethe text 'bug #number' will be linked by launchpad.19:08
simarqense, I note it for now. Your such advices are always welcome :)19:08
simarqense, Another good tip. I just need it.19:09
qensesimar: Professional looking and sounding texts are important because we are often the only face of the Ubuntu Community that is seen by our many users and because it distinguishes us from the rest of the comments, which aren't always written in regular English. :)19:09
simarqense, Ya I think I need to work on it, a bit.19:11
qensesimar: Don't worry, no one sounds perfect and we don't want to sound like machines or bureaucratic company support staff. But of course we can always improve ourselves.19:11
simarqense, True19:12
vishpedro_: what was DrKenobi's time available?19:14
vishi recall having seen it in the wiki19:15
* vish searches page info19:15
vishoddly he seems to have removed it!19:16
vishearlier it was 00:00 -03:00 UTC19:17
vishmicahg: oh ,you meant you say , you havent yet contacted them???19:56
vishmeant to*19:56
vishgot it mixed up :D19:56
micahgvish: yes :)19:58
vishuh oh!19:58
vishi wonder how many other mentors havent yet contacted :s19:58
vishpedro_: yeah , so I dont see anyone available for DrKenobi , micahg is busy we already have to switch his students. at least until we get we get an update from maco or greg-g  , they are the only other folks in that timeslot20:04
pedro_vish, let me send DrKenobi an email to ask him about the times again20:05
vishpedro_: cool , thanks! and probably a mail to the BC list , regarding mentors update?20:06
pedro_vish, will do ;-)20:06
vishpedro_: awesome!20:06
njinpedro_: can we start somenthing20:08
pedro_njin, sure let me send a blog announcement and i'll be back to you, one sec20:09
njinpedro_: ok20:09
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njinpedro_: sorry conn problem21:55
pedro_njin, no worries ;-)21:57
hggdhpedro_: I need a new tag, for work-intensive triage (mostly for the server team, but could be generic). Any suggestions?21:57
njinwas right my last triage ?21:58
hggdhall: please chime in ^21:58
pedro_njin, yes that's ok :-)21:59
pedro_njin, move to another on the list and let me know if you have any questions21:59
njinoh, now i have to leave becouse tomorrow i start working at 7:00 o'clock21:59
hggdhpedro_: I cannot seem to come up with a small-enough, descriptive tag... the best I got so far is 'work-intensive' :-(22:00
pedro_njin, sure whenever you can ;-)22:00
njintomorrow i'm here again.22:00
pedro_njin, yeap see you tomorrow! have a good rest of your day22:00
njinHave a fantastic day !22:00
pedro_hggdh, heh work-intensive sounds perfect to me :-P22:00
hggdhcool. I will set it in, then22:01
pedro_hggdh, remember to add it to Tags page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags22:02
hggdhpedro_: I will22:02
trothigarHi when confirming bugs on bug days should one test on the current stable ubuntu release, or ubuntu+1?22:20
trothigar    /set irc_conf_mode 123:31
stlsaintddecator: still waiting ;)23:33
hggdhtrothigar: testing on the reported release (to confirm) and then on the development would be very good23:40
trothigarhggdh: ty23:46

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