doctormopaultag: Did you see the massive commits to gc today, I remember vaguely going around the super market buying things with a pleased but vacant expression this evening.04:15
nigelbdoctormo: in answer to your query yesterday, yes I lead reviewers team along with dholbach04:45
doctormonigelb: Ah, your a man of many hats :-D04:46
nigelbdoctormo: heh, the user days and classroom is a team of a bunch of us btw :)04:46
* nigelb is only a "recruiting specialist" there :D04:47
doctormonigelb: I hear the most from you, besides, your the one that roped me into teaching a subject I barely know, (I would have gotten jono :-P)04:47
doctormonigelb: So, what _do_ you think of my purple revision to the deb guide cover? http://doctormo.deviantart.com/#/d2tvebj04:48
nigelbdoctormo: haha, I mostly do the recruiting bits.  The others do a lot of the heavy lifting.04:48
nigelbdoctormo: you wanted the purple for effect or an ubuntu touch?04:49
doctormonigelb: Less boring, if it was for ubuntu I would have gone with Ubuntu purple.04:49
nigelbIn that case, it fits04:50
nigelbI may be partial to purple though, I like purple second best as a color :D04:50
nigelbdoctormo: oh oh, try debian blue?04:51
doctormonigelb: linky?04:51
doctormonigelb: Do they have an svg of that anywhere?04:54
nigelbno clue04:54
nigelbask somone in #debian-ubuntu on oftc maybe04:55
doctormoWow that took a second to find lol04:58
nigelbdoctormo: you're the artwork man ;)04:58
doctormonever forget that svg is a very powerful google term04:59
doctormonigelb: Are you saying that this is better: http://imagebin.ca/view/jQqmN3i.html ?05:16
* nigelb pokes pleia2 to take a look too05:17
nigelbdoctormo: OMG! It is awesome!05:17
pleia2ah nice, using the background :)05:18
nhandlerdoctormo: Wow. You might want to capitalize Debian though05:18
nhandlerAnd you need a much bigger check list05:18
nigelbnhandler: lol @ bigger checklist05:19
doctormonhandler: There are two problems with that, 1) the debian logo uses a proprietary $300 font and is only available in it's svg state and 2) trademarks need to be kept authentic to their original design.05:19
doctormoI used a nice look-a-like font for the packaging part and adjusted the dimensions and stroke to give a good impression.05:20
pleia2wow, I had no idea they were using a proprietary font05:21
nigelband they're wary about us using the new ubuntu font, gah05:21
doctormonigelb: At least the ubuntu font _will_ be free :-D05:22
doctormoI think I'll keep the purple for another guide.05:23
doctormoWhat a productive day, I think I'm happy with that last minute change.05:25
dpmgood morning everyone07:10
nigelbmorning dpm, kim0 :)07:14
kim0nigelb: Morning man ;)07:15
dpmhey nigelb07:15
dpmmorning kim0 :)07:15
kim0dpm: hey .. morning07:16
* nigelb wonder if dholbach is still sleeping after UDW :p07:17
dholbachgood morning07:31
kim0dholbach: Morning07:33
dholbachhey kim007:33
kim0hey .. had fun at UDW yesterday ? :)07:34
dholbachyeah, it was amazing07:34
dholbachloads of people, lots of good questions07:34
kim0great news07:35
dholbachmorning ara07:48
aragood morning all!07:48
aramorning dholbach07:48
dholbachhow are you doing?07:49
kim0Morning ara07:49
aramorning kim007:49
aragood thanks, yourself?07:50
dpmgood morning dholbach, buenos días ara!07:51
dholbachvery very tired07:51
dholbachbut I guess I'll survive :)07:51
arabon dia dpm07:51
dholbachhey dpm07:52
dholbachakgraner: did you mail mbudde? if not, I'll do it - although he probably doesn't have access to the google calendar either08:14
duanedesigndholbach: great UDW sessions yesterday08:28
dholbachthanks duanedesign08:28
* nigelb clicked "send" - a lot of people will cry spam about now :D08:48
nigelbdholbach: its ok if you aren't around for the session.  I can do it :)08:49
dholbachthanks nigelb08:49
dholbachhi randa_, czajkowski09:44
czajkowskihow's folks?09:45
randa_hi all09:45
czajkowskiranda_: hey!09:45
SaryJussi , are you around !10:12
nigelbwel, well, that is indeed the extreme of IRC-ing :)10:28
nigelbjussi: poke10:28
nigelbczajkowski: hola10:30
dholbachnice, somebody massaged my session yesterday into something readable: http://ubuntutalk.tumblr.com/post/803190646/ubuntu-developer-week-getting-started-with-ubuntu-develo :)13:56
dholbachmanish sinha13:57
jcastrohi dpm14:12
jcastrowelcome back!14:12
dpmhey jcastro, thanks! How are you?14:12
jcastrohey, I am ahead on my work items14:12
jcastrojono recommended I take some of yours14:12
jcastrodo you have any I can do?14:12
dpmlet me have a look14:13
jussiJust so you are all aware, Im taking a little time off, got a lot of things on my plate at the moment. Ill see you all in a week or so.14:17
dholbachjussi: all the best with that!14:22
* dholbach hugs jussi14:22
dholbachhope we'll get you back quickly again :)14:22
jussidholbach: its nothing serious, we are in the process of buying a house, preparing for our wedding and moving into said house, so there are higher priority than being available on IRC.14:23
dholbachoh wow, yeah I can imagine14:23
Pendulumjussi: I hope all goes smoothly :-) *hugs*14:24
jussiPendulum: yeah, its been hard work so far, but looks like it will all work out now.14:25
jcastrojussi: cheers!14:27
jcastrodholbach: can you hear me?14:27
IdleOnenigelb: Thank you for the mention on the ML :) was my pleasure14:28
dpmjcastro, they're all quite specific on translations. Here is the list - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/462979/ . The one I've marked with [] are some that you could do if you've got time, that'd be very helpful. The first one is about looking at the main https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/ page and rewriting it so it is actually useful. I wouldn't want to give you such a big task, but if you just give me some feedback on how to make it useful for14:29
dpm someone willing to contribute to translations who lands there, that'd be awesome. The second item is about asking developers (probably ubuntu-devel, -devel-discuss or individually) what content they would like to see on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Internationalisation14:29
jcastrodholbach: ^^14:31
akgranerdholbach, I PM'd him on IRC I didn't email him14:56
dholbachok, I mailed him14:56
dholbachseems like there's still the recurring event in the google calendar, but it doesn't have actual events part of it14:56
dholbachso you can't see it in the calendar, but it's still there14:56
dholbachand in the ical feed14:56
dholbachso it needs to be fixed somewhere, but it's unfortunately not trivial15:12
dholbachonly solution for now is: never use recurring events15:12
kim0dholbach: umm, now that jussi is away, who can help make #ubuntu-cloud an official channel ?15:52
dholbachnhandler: ^ can you confirm?15:55
jcastrokim0: tsimpson perhaps?15:57
kim0jcastro: thanks15:57
kim0tsimpson: Hi there .. Can you help setup #ubuntu-cloud as an official channel15:58
paultagkim0: look at dholbach's link15:59
paultagkim0: and nhandler here is on the IRCC ( I thought I saw him around )15:59
paultagyeah he was around 8 minutes ago16:00
paultaghe might be back soon if you hang on16:00
kim0sure thing16:01
nigelbIdleOne: We always point out extraordinary stuff, your was one of them.16:01
nigelbDoing a session a moment's notice isn't easy16:01
Picikim0: That link is correct, although https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels has more detailed information.  One question though: A lot of the UEC testing and support happens in #ubuntu-server currently, have you spoken with those folks about this new channel? Or is this not related?16:03
kim0Pici: AFAIK .. it's not really new. It's just dead and we're trying to refresh it16:04
kim0Pici: thanks for the link16:04
nhandlerdholbach: What's up?16:08
nhandlerkim0: What is #ubuntu-cloud for?16:08
nhandlerAh, Pici is here ;)16:08
kim0nhandler: It should be become the official channel for discussing ubuntu in UEC/EC2 cloud contexts16:08
kim0nhandler: instead of redirecting to #ubuntu-server16:09
kim0jono asked to set it up as an official channel which I'm trying to get done16:09
paultagnhandler: thanks :316:14
nhandlerkim0: Have you talked to the server team about this to see what they think about moving cloud discussion to its own channel?16:15
paultagnhandler: sounds like jono wanted it16:15
jcastroit makes sense16:16
jcastrokim0 is the new cloud horseman16:16
jcastro(in case no one knew that)16:16
paultagthere is one critical question16:16
kim0nhandler: well I haven't yet ..16:16
paultagkim0: do you like death-metal?16:16
kim0hehe no :)16:16
nhandlerjcastro: I thought so, but I don't remember seeing a blog post like you did for the last addition ;)16:16
kim0OMG >:)16:16
paultagkim0: :)16:16
jcastronhandler: yeah he is behind16:16
kim0So what's the process16:17
Picikim0: Let me get control of the channel since the person who registered it is idle16:18
Picikim0: Then I'll give you access to do whatever needs to be done.16:19
nhandlerkim0: You should be all set.16:23
kim0nhandler: Thanks folks :)16:23
nhandlerMake sure you update the channel list on the wiki and inform the server folks about the channel16:23
kim0Will do16:23
* dholbach slaps paultag16:26
dholbach… again16:26
paultagdholbach: what?16:27
dholbachgetting disqualified for not liking death metal16:27
nigelbpaultag: something to do witht death metal16:27
nigelbin that dholbach isn't qualified I think16:27
paultagdholbach: I hate the stuff, but every one of the horsemen seem to love it16:27
paultagnigelb: me neither16:27
nigelbhe called metalica "scratching"16:27
paultagdholbach: so that becomes the acid test16:28
paultagnigelb: I would as well16:28
* nigelb too for the record16:28
PendulumI'm surprised it hasn't shown up on the job requirements for anything that involves working with jono yet :P16:28
paultagdholbach: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC65ufGUvKM16:28
paultagPendulum: it's an unwritten law16:29
nigelbPendulum: I think jono disqualifies those who like it16:29
nigelberr, dislike16:29
nigelbdholbach: that is awesome ;)16:29
nhandlerkim0: You might also consider reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorGuide and idling in #ubuntu-irc (at least until you setup some more channel operators)16:31
kim0nhandler: okie16:31
qensegood afternoon16:32
nigelbhello qense :)16:32
qensehi nigelb!16:33
nigelbI hope you got my mail :)16:34
qenseLets see if it's somewhere in the pile!16:34
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starts in 24 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:36
akgranerdholbach, I'll have to pick my daughter up at Drivers Ed in about an hour and a half so I will be in and out between 17:30 and 18:30 UTC - just wanted you to know16:48
dholbachakgraner: no worries16:48
dholbachshadeslayer and dpm said they were all set, Laney too16:49
akgranerI just posted a blog post with links to yesterdays sessions  - and I'll try to do the same this afternoon for today instead of doing it in the am16:49
dpmyep, I'm all set - I might have to go before my session, but I'll be back on time16:50
* dholbach hugs akgraner16:50
dholbachakgraner: I wrote a small summary myself, which I'll put into UWN by the end of the week16:50
dholbachakgraner: humphreybc wanted it for OMG Ubuntu too16:50
akgranerawesome - b/c I was hoping you would write it...16:50
nigelball of us are hit with a lazy wave16:51
JFowow, you guys really go the extra mile for OMG Ubuntu16:51
* nigelb points out the reader base of OMG Ubuntu16:52
nigelbIts pretty big :)16:52
macoit is?16:52
JFojust an observation16:52
qenseDo we have figures?16:52
JFoI think it a bit odd that we do that for them and not for all of the possible bloggers16:52
macoi just occasionally see inflammatory and sensationalist articles from it being linked on identica16:52
JFoI agree maco16:52
nigelbWhen we installed ubuntu at work, some how everyone tuned in there16:52
JFoI see a lot of bad info there16:53
* nigelb doesn't even look at it16:53
macoyeah i dont want to give them the page hits...16:53
jcastrowhat do we do special for them?16:53
nigelbah, that way16:53
macothey're like those nasty rumour mags you see in line at the grocery store16:53
nigelbmaco: we can as well post in on the fridge16:53
* nigelb think akgraner would <3 it16:53
JFomaco, my thoughts exactly16:53
JFojcastro, just observing that it seems OMG Ubuntu gets tons of extras from us when most of what I've seen from them (that I cared to look into) was bad info16:54
JFojust wondered why that was16:54
akgranerThe summaries will hit the Fridge as well16:55
jcastroafaik benjamin hunts down people for information *shrug*16:55
JFowas just curious16:55
qenseWe should make an indepedent blogger resource page.16:55
JFonow I'm back to what had my attention before :)16:55
jcastroI encourgaed him to participate in the fridge when he applied for membership16:55
JFoqense, I think that sounds good16:55
nigelbJFo: frige ftw!16:55
qenseNot send information to a few blogers, but start a 'Press Centre'.16:56
JFonigelb, :)16:56
jcastroqense: yeah but alot of these guys like having a scoop16:56
qensejcastro: But we shouldn't constantly be giving a scoop to the same website.16:56
* JFo wanders off16:57
qenseWe could occasionally give scoops, but to different blogs.16:57
jcastrowho is giving out scoops?16:57
jcastroit looks to me like they just apt-get upgrade alot faster than most people16:57
nigelbwell, apt-get upgrade didn't talk baout the design change, but they did16:58
jcastroiirc a bunch of people were invited to millbank to see the new design16:58
jcastroubuntu-uk people, etc.16:58
jcastroI think a few days before it was announced or something16:59
nigelbjcastro: not putting you in the spot, but can we have a community managed resource like fridge do that?16:59
jcastroiirc popey was there16:59
JFoat any rate, I think the fridge should have any scoops that go out. not random bloggers. If they see it first and get something out, then they were 'first'16:59
jcastronigelb: it was actually announced on the design blog16:59
jcastroand the pics were on the wiki16:59
JFoI have no further opinion :)16:59
nigelbjcastro: omgubuntu anncounced before that16:59
jcastro(because the wiki went down)16:59
PendulumJFo: unfortunately, the fridge doesn't seem to work that way. Usually they pick up other people's blog posts17:00
Pendulum(or interviews)17:00
qenseThe Press Centre could also link to the different blogs (Design blogs, Canonical Voices, Planet X, Planet Y) and explain what they are, to make it easy for bloggers to find sources.17:00
JFoPendulum, only when no one gives them anything to work with If I am not mistaken17:00
* nigelb adds to agenda for fridge meeting17:00
akgranerthe new fridge will do all of that17:00
PendulumJFo: that's true.17:01
jcastroI don't see where having 3rd party websites competing for content is a bad thing17:01
nigelbakgraner: \o/17:01
JFojcastro, I only do when they are competing with something near to our hearts (the fridge)17:01
jcastroa better fix would be reminding design and other teams to use the fridge17:01
nigelbakgraner: we can probably have more aggressive journalists :)17:01
nigelb(or we can be more aggresive :) )17:02
qenseI barely look at the Fridge, honestly. Maybe we should make it easier for teams/people to get their important blog posts there, or someone to write more content. (Or are those plans already in action?)17:02
jcastroI would do more fridge things if it wasn't this drupal failboat17:02
JFoqense, I get it in my RSS feed17:03
nigelbjcastro: aren't we moving to wordpress?17:03
qenseYeah, I'm not that fond of Drupal. Wordpress is much better for blogs and news sites.17:03
nigelbalso, drupal rocks :D17:03
JFoit is the only one I get now, due to those massively wrong posts from OMGUbuntu I mentioned17:04
jcastronigelb: yes, I am looking forward to that!17:04
qensejcastro: Wait, what? Are you also involved in the Fridge? :O What aren't you involved in?17:04
nigelbdrupal just needs a bit of effort to make it awesome17:04
qensenigelb: Idem17:04
nigelbqense: fixing bugs17:04
jcastroqense: no, my only fault is starting it and not maintaining it. :p17:04
qenseWas it orphaned? :(17:05
qenseWell, the idea was nice! :)17:05
nigelbqense: hey, fridge is actively maintained.17:05
jcastroyeah but we're redoing it I guess? akgraner would know17:05
nigelbYes, the new design is quite cool.  I got a preview :D17:05
qensejcastro: In case you didn't notice my excessive pinging last night: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok100U4Fo3Y>17:05
jcastroqense: I saw, and Liked!17:05
qenseyou did!17:05
qenseIt was quite a positive talk for the European policies, but its general message was nice.17:06
jcastroI think as long as fridge's wp is easy to use and uses lp creds so teams can submit stuff then we should be fine17:06
nigelbjcastro: I think akgraner has some awesome plans for it.  So we just have to wait partly :)17:06
qenseI trust akgraner to have awesome plans.17:07
paultagwoo! I just optimized the system wherein people can ask that I do things :)17:07
paultagWhups, wrong channel, sorry guys :)17:07
paultagI don't want any of you guys knowing about that one, doh :X17:08
nigelbwait, what was the rgiht channel17:08
qensepaultag: Congratulations anyway!17:09
paultagnigelb: no no no, it's based on Whube code, I was telling whube, doh!17:09
paultagqense: oh gee, thanks :)17:09
nigelbpaultag: ah, I thought we could overload you with tasks :D17:09
paultagnigelb: I'm not giving you the URL!17:10
paultagI wrote it this morning to avoid working on the website. Grr, I hate english17:10
nigelbpaultag: LOL17:11
nigelbI know the feeling.17:11
qensepaultag: So let me get this straight: you aren Italian in America, studying/having studied something Computer Sciency, and now you have to write texts for some website?17:12
paultagqense: my family is from Italy, I was born in America, I go to school in Ohio, live in Boston, I love CS, and now I have to write plaintext ( no html ) for a college I don't go to17:12
qensepaultag: Ah, so you feel a bit displaced now?17:13
paultagqense: yeah, that and I killed off like 2 or 3 projects they had that were supposed to take me a few months in a day. So instead of keeping me active and working on cool problems, I have to type stuff up17:13
qenseThat's lame.17:14
paultagqense: :/17:14
qenseThat is just incompetence of the teachers.17:15
paultagqense: I'm working in the datacenter17:15
paultagqense: it's OK. Last summer I did research and it was the best thing I've done in my life. Wrote two papers on AI stuff17:16
paultagqense: they are going to a conf. in Brussels called "ANTS"17:16
qenseAh, that name sounds familiar, although I don't know anything about it.17:16
paultagqense: http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~ants/17:17
qenseOf course, ants! :P Now I remember.17:17
paultagqense: :)17:17
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you tomorrow17:18
* dholbach hugs you all17:18
paultaglater dholbach17:18
nigelblater dholbach :)17:19
dholbachbye guys :)17:19
doctormopaultag: what time?17:46
paultagdoctormo: I'm leaving here at 3 sharp, and heading down17:47
doctormopaultag: See you at 3:30 then17:47
nigelbdoctormo, paultag: meeting up?17:47
paultagdoctormo: yessir17:47
* nigelb jealous17:47
paultagnigelb: yup, we like to hang out at a local tea place17:48
nigelboh, I need your help this weekend when we meet up for ubuntu hour17:48
nigelbI have no clue what t do17:48
paultagnigelb: sure, whatever you need17:48
paultagnigelb: well, trick is to keep it low-key and low pressure, but be prepared17:49
paultagnigelb: I usually use my time to sit with other nerds, and get community work done over good conversation17:49
paultagnigelb: I do 90% of my fluxbox work at Ubuntu Hours17:49
paultagon a related note, I should get to working on that again17:49
paultagnigelb: just bring CDs, and any swag you have17:50
paultagnigelb: never know who you will meet, so be prepared17:50
nigelbI'll probably just give a short note on how to start contributing17:50
paultagnigelb: yeye17:51
nigelbqense: any update on ubuntu wanted?17:51
nigelbwhat do you plan to build it in/17:51
qensenigelb: At the moment I'm quite busy with other stuff, I'll look into it later. :)17:52
nigelbif its php, I'd like to help.  If its not, I'm not approaching with a 10-ft pole :D17:52
qensenigelb: It's Python of course, PHP was tried at first (Drupal), but it didn't work out really well.17:53
nigelbqense: er, you've done drupal development?17:53
nigelbI mean before this?17:53
qensenot before Ubuntu Wanted17:53
qenseBut there is no Launchpadlib in PHP.17:53
nigelbAh.  But REST?17:53
paultagREST <3 <3 <317:54
qensenigelb: I'm not going to write my own implementation of the Launchpad API in PHP when there is a more powerful language available with bindings maintained by someone else!17:54
paultagI'm with qense on this one :)17:54
nigelbok, django then17:55
paultagnigelb: but don't forget one thing17:55
paultagnigelb: not you17:55
nigelblets pound on mhall's door17:55
paultagqense: don't forget one thing17:55
paultagqense: that launchpad uses openID. You can OpenID someone really easy17:55
nigelboh, crap17:55
qenseYeah, but Ubuntu Wanted would need more than OpenID.17:55
paultagqense: and you can pull data from the open ID after they login via a backend, if you wanted to17:55
nigelbI just git rest --hard HEAD^ instead of HEAD17:55
paultagqense: very true, and I'm not designing it :)17:56
qensenigelb: Fun!17:56
nigelbwell, it was my entire day's work which I forgot to commit every 10 minutes like I usually do17:56
paultagnigelb: FOR SHAME17:56
paultagnigelb: you can always push later17:56
paultagnigelb: commit often17:56
nigelbpaultag: no pushing, local tracking17:57
paultagnigelb: so?17:57
paultagnigelb: git clone nigel@localhost:git/project.git17:57
paultagnigelb: and just use that for local stuff, and track it outside of the working directory17:58
paultagnigelb: so you can always re-clone if all gets fscked17:58
* nigelb hugs paultag 17:58
nigelbthank you17:58
paultagnigelb: sure :)17:58
nigelbpaultag: connection refused :x17:59
paultagnigelb: is sshd online?17:59
nigelban, no sshd17:59
paultagnigelb: it works over ssh :)17:59
nigelbinstall openssh-server?17:59
paultagor git17:59
paultagnigelb: sudo apt-get install ssh17:59
paultagnigelb: if you want to get fancy, I've linked /git/ to /var/vcs/git, and /bzr/ to /var/vcs/bzr, so I can clone via git clone vcs@host:/git/project.git18:00
paultagnigelb: you create a project by cd'ing into the dir, and do a mkdir project.git, cd project.git, git init18:01
paultagnigelb: and that's it18:01
paultagnigelb: push before you clone, btw18:01
paultagthen a `git remote add origin foo@bar:/baz/frob.git`18:02
paultaggit push origin master18:02
nigelbpaultag: I lost it somewhere on the way, lets continue in PM18:03
paultagnigelb: yessir18:03
dpmI need to run, goodbye everyone, have a nice rest of the day!19:02
doctormonigelb: Re last night about fonts, the ubuntubeta font is being used on that front cover too for the "How to Understand" part19:11
nigelbdoctormo: oooooh19:12
paultagdoctormo: he's fast asleep19:12
paultagnigelb: WTF'EN F19:12
nigelbnah, doctormo woke me up19:12
paultagnigelb: get to bed19:12
nigelbI just got back from a "before-bed shower"19:13
doctormopaultag: Stop interupting my evil plan!19:13
* nigelb goes to bed for real19:13
paultagthwarted again, nyah!19:13
qenseIs there anything at home with Jono this evening?19:23
qenseHe isn't even on IRC!19:23
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czajkowskihighvoltage: ping21:59
highvoltageczajkowski: pong-but-I'm-just-about-to-leave-but-I'll-be-back-in-like-8-minutes22:03
czajkowskihighvoltage: just wondered re eMEA notices22:03
czajkowskihighvoltage: poke when yer back22:03
doctormoczajkowski: *hug*22:40
czajkowskiwhat I do to deserve that ?22:46
czajkowskidoctormo: ?22:48
highvoltageczajkowski: for the UWN? yeah I was kind of bummed about that yesterday22:52
highvoltageczajkowski: where could I get the mootbot logs?22:53
czajkowskilet me go see22:53
czajkowskion frenode where all the others are I think22:54
czajkowskihighvoltage: what day was it last week ?22:55
highvoltageczajkowski: Tuesday22:56
czajkowskihighvoltage: 6th July ?23:00
czajkowskihighvoltage: here is the list but can't seem to find them http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/23:01

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