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robert-ancellRAOF, I just dis-upgraded and my video is broken, any ideas?01:04
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RAOFrobert_ancell: What card?01:25
RAOFAlso, urgh.01:25
* RAOF was just about to break his video in the interests of science.01:26
RAOFAlso, “broken”? :)01:26
desrtRAOF: smoke is coming out01:26
RAOFUnlikely to be my fault, then :)01:27
robert_ancellRAOF, black screen on bootup.  Can see mode changes but doesn't seem to be working01:27
robert_ancellRAOF, I'm running now in vesa01:27
robert_ancellVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M92 [Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series]01:27
* RAOF shall plug in his ATI-using system and see.01:28
RAOFDid you try disabling kernel modesetting?01:28
robert_ancelldesrt, hey, how are you01:29
robert_ancellRAOF, no01:29
RAOFWere you on Lucid before, or is this the recent upgrade to radeon 6.13?01:29
desrtrobert_ancell: sickly lately :/01:29
robert_ancellRAOF, on maverick, been dist-upgrading each day01:30
desrtmostly working on things that don't require too much thinking01:30
desrtglib cleanups, etc01:30
robert_ancelldesrt, :)01:30
desrtjust about to crack open the dconf shm problem again though01:30
robert_ancellRAOF, what is the command to disable KMS?01:30
desrtgonna get it licked this time, i think01:30
RAOFrobert_ancell: Pass “nomodeset” to the kernel from grub.01:30
robert_ancelldesrt, hey, do you know the story with the latest glib, it says in the NEWS that it has API breaks that "require a new GTK+".  i.e. do I need to upgrade GTK+ to make it work together?01:32
desrtmclasen dropped a new gtk today01:32
desrtit only affects GtkApplication01:33
desrtso if you're running pre-GtkApplication gtk then you need not do anything01:33
robert_ancelldesrt, oh, that explains why my system has not melted down :)01:33
robert_ancellRAOF, I'll try when I get a chance to restart01:33
desrti change some GVariant API01:33
robert_ancelldesrt, also, did the latest dconf intentionally reduce the gio requirement?01:34
* RAOF goes back to breaking his video.01:34
robert_ancellit went 2.25.10->2.23.1001:34
desrtoops :)01:34
desrtsomeone sent some configure.in fixups01:34
desrti committed them almost without looking01:34
desrtactually, i just screwed up01:35
desrtentirely my fault01:35
desrtit wasn't part of that patch01:35
robert_ancelldconf-editor is now not completely broken in this release!01:35
desrtthat's one of the reasons i did the release01:35
desrtseb mentioned it :p01:36
TheMusoWoohoo! Cally finally a part of clutter!01:36
robert_ancellheh, learning vala and battling GtkTreeModel is a dangerous combination01:36
robert_ancellTheMuso, nice!01:36
desrtyou should have used libmodel :)01:36
robert_ancelldesrt, yeah, didn't think of that01:36
desrtwhat's the story with gee?01:37
desrtsome people have complained about that01:37
robert_ancelldesrt, we could remove it.  They're just nicer collections than the GLib ones.01:37
desrtwell, no panic or anything01:37
desrtstill a lot of time left in this cycle :)01:38
robert_ancellvala and gee seem to go together01:38
desrti wondered if you considered making the editor more schema-oriented01:40
desrtmaybe even using the gsettings API01:40
robert_ancelldesrt, I totally think it should be gsettings....01:42
desrtwith some recent gsettings API changes it should be possible01:42
desrtyou can enumerate all the keys in a schema and all the installed schemas on the system now01:42
robert_ancelldesrt, the only feature that *may* be useful that gsettings probably wouldn't expose is keys in d-conf without schemas.  But you could have a command line tool to show "orphaned" keys01:42
desrtsome sort of 'cleanup' feature might be neat01:43
robert_ancelldesrt, do you think it should be part of glib or a separate module then?01:43
desrtwe have the commandline tool in glib01:43
desrtobviously we can't have a gtk application there....01:43
desrtcould be a really nice UI, i think01:44
desrtvery much nicer than gconf-editor type of thing01:44
desrtwe could even add summary/description for the schemas themselves01:45
* mclasen had thought that putting it in dconf was kinda odd01:45
desrtmclasen: i think of it like the gvfs-* tools being in gvfs...01:45
desrteven though they are really just using gio01:45
mclasenI don't think the gvfs tools are well-placed either01:45
desrtonly other place it could really go is gtk...01:45
mclasenin fact, adding a 'gio' tool has crossed my mind recently01:46
robert_ancellgconf-editor is a separate module currently right?01:46
robert_ancellmodules are cheap, we might as well keep it separate01:46
desrtgsettings-editor? :p01:46
robert_ancellmclasen, what sort of gio functions?01:46
desrtmclasen: probably should call it gfile, i guess01:47
desrtotherwise you might give up the game about what  'gio' truly means :)01:47
mclasena single tool that combines gvfs-ls/copy/move/etc01:47
mclasenmaybe gvfs would be the right name01:48
robert_ancellmclasen, like a debug file browser?01:48
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robert_ancellRAOF, works with nomodeset02:14
RAOFrobert_ancell: Did you see cjwatson's post to ubuntu-devel about the recent GRUB modesetting change?  That's a good candidate for testing, too.02:20
robert_ancellRAOF, well, grub works in both cases, so guessing not the issue?02:21
RAOFIt could be - grub's now not switching the display into text mode before launching the kernel - this could possibly be freaking out the radeon module.02:22
RAOFWhich causes vesafb to kick in, which _shouldn't_ cause problems.  If all goes well… :)02:24
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robert_ancellRAOF, what authorizations does out X server support?04:24
RAOFUm.  The standard ones, IIRC.  I don't think we set anything fancy.\04:25
robert_ancellRAOF, and the standard ones are?  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 and ?04:25
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RAOFman Xsecurity suggests XDM-AUTHORISATION-1 and SUN-DES-104:27
RAOFWell, and host-based security.04:29
RAOFI'm pretty sure there's an SHA based one, too.  Hm.04:29
* TheMuso is setting up VMs atm, and looks forward to the day that vmgl is properly supported in kvm, and integrated everywhere. :)04:29
robert_ancellRAOF, ta04:30
RAOFTheMuso: KVM should kinda almost mostly support vmwgfx, too.04:30
RAOFAlthough we don't build either the X 2d driver nor the 3D state tracker for it.04:30
TheMusoRAOF: It does, but you need a patched VNC, and the SDL viewer is not yet supported.04:30
RAOFYou're obviously better informed than me then.  Go about your business ;)04:31
TheMusogrrr. Something going on with GTK apps and focus, particularly to do with accessibility.04:31
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* TheMuso was just reading up on vmgl, since I'm setting up some VMs. I've also fallen in love with virt-manager.04:32
RAOFvirt-manager rocks.04:33
TheMusoOnly thing thats slightly cumbersome is setting up storage via virt-manager.04:34
TheMusorobert_ancell: How are you finding your new found freedom? :)04:51
robert_ancellTheMuso, freedom?04:52
TheMusorobert_ancell: freedom to upload your own changes without needing a sponsor./04:52
TheMusoi.e core-dev04:52
robert_ancellTheMuso, oh, it's nice :)04:53
TheMusoYeah I felt the same for a while after getting core-dev myself.04:54
robert_ancell"for a while"04:59
RAOFThen people started to bug you for uploads? :)05:00
robert_ancellI guessed as much :)05:00
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pittiGood morning05:25
TheMusoMorning pitti.05:26
TheMusoWhats the weather like in Europe these days?05:26
RAOFHowdie, pitti.  Looks like that makes it lunch time!05:26
pittiTheMuso: like ice cream and sunburn05:26
pittiTheMuso: it keeps being > 30 degrees05:27
pittihey RAOF05:27
tremoluxor, sleep time!  ;)05:27
* TheMuso wonders whether Prague is getting similar weather...05:27
tremoluxhi pitti, hey folks05:27
pittiTheMuso: probably; it might all be different next week, of course05:27
pittiTheMuso: we have had this heat for over two weeks, time for a change05:27
TheMusoyeah such is weather.05:27
pittihey tremolux05:27
pittibut oh well, we'll be stuck in the climatized hotel most of the time anyway05:28
TheMusoMay be better than outside anyway. :)05:35
robert_ancellTheMuso, do we want the latest libcanberra?05:59
TheMusorobert_ancell: doing it now actually.05:59
TheMusoi.e uploading right now.05:59
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robert_ancellTheMuso, what's the name of the debian tool that generates/checks debian/changelog?06:32
robert_ancelldebian/copyright I mean06:32
TheMusorobert_ancell: I don't know.06:34
TheMusoThere is lintian, but that checks the whole package.06:34
robert_ancellThere's some magic tool that scans all the source files but I can't remember the name...06:35
RAOFI think. :)06:36
robert_ancellRAOF, thanks!06:37
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didrocksgood morning06:59
TheMusoHey didrocks.07:03
didrockshey TheMuso, how are you?07:04
TheMusodidrocks: Well thanks. Yourself?07:04
didrocksTheMuso: good, slowly recovering from a very busy last week ;)07:08
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and471morning all08:19
and471mvo, here is your dialog :) http://imagebin.ca/img/43PZ2w.png08:19
mvogood morning and47108:20
mvoand471: *nice*08:20
and471mvo, :)08:20
and471mvo, there are 3 issues I need to discuss08:20
and471mvo, first, the ubuntu logo is not from the 'distributor_icon' gtk icon, it is one I downloaded off of design.canonical.com08:21
and471mvo, I feel it needs to be used instead of the humanity styled one, as it needs to be 'official' as you are giving away you uname and password08:21
and471mvo, this means if no other package does, we need to ship it with software-center08:22
mvothat is ok, its currently a ubuntu only feature anyway08:22
and471mvo, we could also speak to vish about this when he gets on, to see if humanity can ship it, but with a different name08:22
and471mvo, cool08:22
and471mvo, second issue08:22
and471mvo, in these mockup, you can see what mpt plans for the bottom of the dialog08:23
and471however the hbuttonbox at the bottom of the dialog means that if we put that in, it looks all funny08:23
* mvo nods08:24
mvoit would be nice to have something there, showing e.g. a spinner while trying to connect08:24
didrocksgood morning and471, mvo08:24
and471mvo, http://imagebin.ca/img/av-rFD.png08:24
and471didrocks, morning08:24
mvoinstead of what we do now iirc to just make the dialog vanish08:24
mvohey didrocks08:24
and471mvo, see the buttonbox makes all children homogeneous and it looks silly08:24
and471(for lack of a better adjective)08:25
mvoand471: maybe we just get rid of the hbuttonbox and use a nomal hbox?08:25
mvosilly is the perfect word to describe it :P08:25
and471mvo, unforntunately in glade we can't delete it08:25
and471"You cannot remove a widget internal to a composite widget."08:25
mvo*grumpf* silly glade!08:25
and471mvo, yup08:25
and471mvo, I can delete the action area (hbuttonbox) in pygtk08:26
and471mvo, but then I don't know how to add a hbox in its place08:26
and471mvo, though I haven't played for it that long so if may be possible08:26
mvoand471: I guess removing the dialog_action-area_login and just adding a new hbox should work08:28
and471mvo ah wait a min, I think I have it..08:28
mvoand471: cool08:28
and471mvo, okay I can see how to do it now, I assumed the hbuttonbox was a direct child of the dialog, and so there was no way to pack_start, but there is a vbox between it and the dialog and so it is possible (ignore my ramblings :D)08:30
and471mvo, okay the third issue, which is really just a matter of opinion08:31
and471mvo, the dialog needs to find out if the user has an internet connection, would the best way to do this be a dbus call to network-manager?08:31
mvoand471: yes, NM should be the authority on this now08:33
and471mvo, ok08:33
mvoand471: the very best is to download a known (tiny) bit of text from a known url08:33
and471well I shall get to work08:33
mvoand471: this has the advantage that we also figure out if people are behind a pay-wall (e.g. in a hotel)08:33
mvoand471: I think ev from #ubuntu-devel discussed setting up such a service in the past08:34
and471mvo, I don't if that applies though becuase there is one state if there is no internet connection, and then another if the server can't be contacted08:34
mvoaha, ok08:34
mvoyeah, then NM should be good08:35
and471mvo, otherwise we could me telling the user there is no internet connection, when there is one configured is network-manager - that really annoys me :)08:35
and471mvo, okay then, thanks for the advice and I shall get to work08:35
mvothanks a bunch and47108:35
didrocksmvo: do you think that ViewManager should create item groups and enable sorting them by group (not particularly related to a node, but groups)?08:35
mvodidrocks: do you have a example?08:38
didrocksmvo: well, oneconf will use that, for instance, when adding new computers, I think it will be good to sort them by name (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=installed-software-computers.jpg)08:39
didrocksso the case is:08:39
didrocks- adding items after Installed Softwares (hence the idea of placeholder)08:39
didrocks- sort them in alphabetical order08:40
didrocks- some can be added/removed during USC lifetime08:40
mvodidrocks: aha, thanks. it sounds like we want a ViewGroup or something, but that gets a bit over-engineered for the ~5 computers that people have max :)08:45
mvodidrocks: maybe register_view(insert_before=None, insert_after=None, sort=True)?08:46
mvodidrocks: then the view can put it into (after, before) ?08:46
didrocksmvo: so, you have to get the before viewid, even for generic items08:46
didrockslike Installed software08:46
didrocksand we remove placeholder08:46
* mvo scratches head08:49
mvoits anoying for you to get the installed software viewid, right?08:49
mvoeasiest would be to default to the last element :) but then the spec says something different08:49
asacdidrocks: could you poke debian to take a look at http://bugs.debian.org/588244?08:50
asacits really painful for us to maintain this in a ppa as it constantly gets superseded ;)08:50
asacor let us upload to archive08:50
didrocksmvo: we can maybe, in refactoring the code, instead of using range(6) to generate viewid for generic items, and get them in plugins?08:51
didrocksasac: no pb, I can try to ping them. But I was thinking that alf__ talked to the DD?08:51
mvodidrocks: absolutely, that is the plan, see lp:~mvo/software-center/viewmanager for a start, but its definitely planed to not have the (ugly) range() left after the viewmanager is in :)08:52
mvodidrocks: unfortunately the branch is very very empty08:52
mvodidrocks: just the bits from the etherpad page08:52
asacdidrocks: not sure. the bug didnt get any attention for a week ;)08:52
alf__didrocks: My emails have been ignored and kov in debian-gnome said he could not make that decision, so I opened debian #58824408:52
ubot2Debian bug 588244 in clutter-1.0 "Clutter eglx packaging" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/58824408:52
didrocksmvo: so, if I can import the generate viewid in a dict from USC, I'm happy with it08:52
didrocksalf__: asac: apart from kov, I don't have any other clutter debian guys connexion…08:53
asacif debian isnt cooperative we have to upload it to ubuntu.08:53
didrocksmvo: ok, sounds good with insert_after and insert_before so, and let's forget the placeholder08:53
asacwe wait one or two more days08:53
didrocksasac: I won't do the merge in ubuntu afterwards, I'll let that to you guys :)08:54
mvodidrocks: ok, cool08:54
mvothanks didrocks!08:54
didrocksmvo: you're welcome, thanks for the work on it :)08:54
and471mvo, off the top of your head, do you know what the propertyname is in pygtk that is "padding" in glade?08:55
mvoand471: iirc its set_padding()08:55
and471mvo, thanks08:56
and471mvo, err it isn't, thanks anyway, I shall find out08:56
asacdidrocks: guess thats probalby fine then. though unfortunate of course09:00
asacwhat team is maintaining clutter in debian?09:00
didrocksasac: debian-gnome, hence the ping to kov09:01
asacalf__: did kov say who could make a decision?09:01
* asac poinged kov ... lets hope he isnt unhappy about getting pings from all sides ;)09:03
alf__asac: No, just that he couldn't do it09:03
asacok. lets see what he says09:03
alf__asac: in what channel did you ping him?09:04
didrockssalut seb128, il fait plus frais ?09:23
seb128lut didrocks, oui09:23
seb128hey rickspencer3, slomo09:23
seb128didrocks, how are you today?09:23
slomohi seb12809:24
didrocksseb128: I'm fine and more rested than yesterday, thanks :) you?09:24
seb128didrocks, I'm fine, overslept a bit and had to wait for disk checking before starting my day so slacked a bit09:25
ftasince the last update (maverick), if i put the mouse cursor above any gtk window, it starts blinking like hell and the cpu sky rockets (the app, Xorg, the w-m)09:27
ftaand the cursor disappears after a few secs on other non-gtk windows (like regular xterms)09:29
seb128fta, try stopping unclutter?09:31
seb128fta, what did you upgrade in that upgrade round?09:31
ftaseb128, kill? or is there a pref somewhere?09:32
seb128sudo apt-get remove unclutter09:32
ftaseb128, i upgrade everyday, but i don't restart daily (just when there's a new kernel09:32
seb128or stop the process just to try09:32
ftayep, far better when killed09:33
seb128you still get flickering and cpu use?09:33
rickspencer3hi seb12809:33
seb128or what you call far better is non buggy?09:33
ftaseb128, nope, cpu is back where it should be, and no more cursor flickering09:34
seb128fta, ok, nice09:34
seb128fta, bug #1649209:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 16492 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 3 other projects) "Mouse pointer should disappear when keyboard is in use and mouse isn't (affects: 25) (heat: 142)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1649209:35
seb128fta, that's the bug requesting to have unclutter by default09:35
seb128you can probably add a comment there and open a bug against unclutter if there is not already one09:36
ftaehhh, that's a crazy idea. i use follow focus and no auto-raise, i need to see where the cursor is09:37
fta(auto_raise=false, raise_on_click=false, focus_mode=sloppy, focus_new_windows=smart)09:38
ftaand metacity of course09:38
seb128don't argue there, I don't agree with the change09:39
seb128comment on the bug saying that ;-)09:39
pittigood morning seb12809:46
pittihey rick09:46
seb128hey pitti09:46
ftaseb128, done09:46
ftaseb128, also, when i hover the clock, i see a weird yellowish background, unreadable when using Ambiance09:48
seb128I don't confirm that one09:49
seb128well it's highlighted on mouseover but not yellow there09:49
ftaseb128, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/clock-ambiance.ogv09:51
seb128did that start recently?09:52
ftayep, 1h ago09:52
seb128ok, I didn't upgrade yet today09:52
and471fta, yuck :-#09:52
seb128let me see how it goes after upgrade09:52
ftawell, i restarted my desktop today, but the update could be a few days older09:52
ftad'oh! my previous restart was 2 weeks ago (but with daily updates)09:55
ftaxchat now crashes on exit.. it's not my day10:24
ftain dbus_connection_dispatch()10:24
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pittiseb128: it seems that gtk/librsvg still open the acual .svg icon files even if there is an icon cache, is that expected?11:13
seb128I think it is11:13
seb128it caches png files but not svg files IIRC11:13
seb128dunno why or a reason it could though11:13
pittiright, makes sense; thanks!11:13
seb128pitti, yw11:14
seb128pitti, do you have a minute to join #telepathy?11:14
seb128pitti, to explain how apport catches python crashes11:14
and471mvo mpt what I have done so far http://videobin.org/+1hk/1qn.html (only 30 secs)11:18
and471mpt, I will make the email and password stuff insensitive when continue button is clicked in a bit11:18
mptmvo, hi, when I try to run software-center trunk it won't work: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462923/11:18
mvompt: thanks, let me fix that11:18
mvoand471: nice!11:19
mptergh, Chromium's video playing is buggy11:20
mvompt: fixed in r90211:21
* mvo is off for lunch11:21
mptthough there's also something not quite right with that video, it's apparently 6:48 long but only 0:40 long11:21
mptthanks mvo11:21
mptand471, that looks great, well done!11:21
mptand471, is "Continue" the default button?11:21
and471mpt, yeah something is wrong, ah well11:27
and471mpt, don't think, so, I shall correct it tho11:28
* and471 is also off for lunch11:28
seb128pitti, thanks for joining on #telepathy ;-)11:29
pittiseb128: no problem :)11:29
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* and471 is working on SC to pay off his debt to mpt - he doesn't come cheap :D11:31
mptand471, you owe me anything? I had no idea11:31
and471mpt, the question I asked you the other morning11:31
mptoh, right11:31
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geserif someone is looking at the glib2.0 or gnome-applets FTBFS: the buildds don't support [linux-any] yet in build dependencies13:03
cassidyseb128, I just released empathy, you should pkg this one instead of 2.31.513:18
seb128cassidy, ok thanks13:22
seb128geser, ok thanks13:22
seb128geser, do you know when they will?13:22
geserseb128: no, I filed bug #604981 just a few minutes ago13:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 604981 in launchpad-buildd "The buildd doesn't support [linux-any] in build dependencies (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60498113:23
seb128geser, thanks13:24
seb128I guess I will workaround that in glib for now13:24
seb128geser, thank you for pointing it13:24
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dobeyanyone want to see a neat firefox bug?13:59
desrtdobey: entertain me?14:03
dobeydesrt: load a page like planet or something so the vertical scroll bar shows up, click and hold the mouse button down on the scroll bar, move the mouse outside of the window, and right-click while still holding the first button down14:05
desrtneat menu!14:06
kenvandinedobey, oh weird14:07
kenvandinethat is a crazy menu :)14:07
dobeyit's the entire firefox context menu14:07
seb128kenvandine, did you tell you need vala and telepathy-glib changes?14:43
seb128kenvandine, can I help getting this in?14:43
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kenvandineseb128, not yet... i have it built in my ppa for now15:21
seb128kenvandine, ok15:21
kenvandineseb128, there is a problem building vala on the buildds for now... so you have to add valac as a build-depends15:22
seb128kenvandine, well patching the generated .c should work15:22
* kenvandine is glad didrocks pointed that out before i spent much time figuiring it out :)15:22
seb128but yeah, we did that with didrocks previously as well15:22
kenvandineseb128, true... but there might be an upstream release before i have this ready for main anyway15:23
kenvandinei hope15:23
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bjfrickspencer3, when is your weekly meeting these days?15:45
seb128bjf, 1h45 from now15:45
bjfseb128, thanks15:46
pittiseb128: I won't be able to make today's meeting, sorry; do you have some questions for me?16:00
seb128pitti, ok, not really16:05
seb128pitti, do you come next week?16:05
pittiseb128: yes16:05
seb128pitti, excellent, will be nice to have you there ;-) feel free to add items to the wiki if there are things you want to work on next week16:08
pittiseb128: re (sorry, was in meeting)16:24
pittiseb128: I guess I'll spend a lot of time with Florian to work on an OEM project, since during that week I have the chance to work on the real hw16:24
pittiseb128: but of course I'll also hang out with us desktoppers16:24
seb128pitti, yeah ;-)16:25
pittiand I want to buy you a beer!16:25
* pitti hugs seb12816:25
* seb128 hugs pitti16:26
seb128not sure what I did to deserve this one but I will not say no to a beer ;-)16:26
seb128I have to pay you some of those as well ;-)16:26
seb128I will buy mvo some tea as well16:27
* seb128 uses edit-patch right now16:27
* seb128 hugs mvo16:27
mvohm tea!16:27
* mvo hugs seb12816:27
pittigood bye everyone, see you tomorrow16:29
seb128pitti, bye16:29
pittioh, right, I need to buy mvo a beer as well16:29
pittian "apt compressed indexes draught" or so :)16:30
didrocksbye bye pitti16:30
mvopitti: its in experimental16:30
pittioh, wow! I didn't see the MP closing16:30
* pitti hugs mvo16:30
mvopitti: its not in maverick yet, but that is a matter of the merge, its scary how much good stuff donkult did16:31
pittimvo: "David Kalnischkies"? just reading the changelog, indeed!16:31
pitti"do not fail von double close" -> is he German?16:32
* pitti has to run now, bye!16:33
diekiHey, is there a blueprint for Window indicators anywhere? I've looked and looked, but I can't find it.16:33
seb128hey dieki16:34
seb128try asking #ayatana16:34
seb128they are the ones working on such changes16:34
diekiOkay, I'll try there. Thanks.16:34
seb128this channel is about landing work in Ubuntu16:34
nigelbseb128: great session yesterday :)16:34
seb128nigelb, thanks ;-)16:34
and471mvo, I went a bit dialog crazy and so I have transferred two dialogs (dependency alert when removing and a broken apt cache) into a glade file16:36
and471mvo, I have made them comply with the spec, but I can't test them easily, is there an easy way to do this?16:36
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
mvoand471: cool16:46
mvoand471: yeah, you can test the broken cache by e.g. installing "4g8" that has a libnet1 dependency. if you then run "sudo dpkg -r --force-depends libnet1" you get broken dependencies16:47
mvoand471: so the broken apt cache dialog16:47
mvoand471: for removing you can install 7zip and then remove it again, it has a rdepends on file-roller16:47
mvoand471: and push your code ;)16:48
and471mvo, cool16:48
mvoso that I can merge it16:48
and471mvo, well it is not quite finished yet but when it is, I shall16:48
mvothanks \o/16:48
and471mvo, I am not confident on dbus and I need for the login dialog to connect to network-manager's dbus and connect a callback to a signal16:48
and471mvo, if I put all the code in place, when I push, can you write this code?16:49
and471(all the GUI code that is, then you write in the dbus stuff)16:49
and471mvo, in the login backend, what does the signal need-username-password signify?16:55
mvoand471: need-username-passowrd means, that the UI should make the passowrd fields sensitive, it may have stored credentials. in this case the user does not have to enter something16:56
* gicmo pokes mvo16:56
mvohey gicmo16:57
and471mvo, is there a signal to say that the username and password are not correct, this should be different from when SC cannot contact the server16:58
gicmomvo, how is it going?17:00
mvogicmo: hungry, its almost dinner time for me :)17:01
mvogicmo: and you?17:01
mvoand471: I think currently there is only login-failure17:01
mvoand471: best is to extend that to login-connection-refused or somesuch17:01
mvoand471: but I gtg (dinner time)17:01
and471mvo, ok, I shall put in the neccessary GUI code but comment it out17:02
and471mvo, cool see ya17:02
mvoand471: cool, looking forward to that branch :)17:02
gicmomvo, pretty busy17:02
gicmonot much fun hacking these days17:02
gicmobut lots of interesting neuroscience things coming up ;-)17:03
mvogicmo: oh, i see - cool stuff!17:05
gicmomvo, yeah, but lots of new stuff as well so learning, learning .. ;-)17:07
and471mpt, am I correct in assuming in this dialog https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=review-single-sign-on.jpg unless the radiobutton selected is the first one, that the status stuff in the bottom-left hand corner doesn't need to change ?17:21
mptand471, no, there'd still be "Not connected to the Internet" sometimes17:22
and471mpt, yeah okay apart from that17:22
mptbecause you need an Internet connection to do either registration or password recovery17:22
and471mpt, no like 'opening your web browser'17:23
and471.. to register/to recover password17:23
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
mptand471, I don't know17:27
mptI hadn't thought about that before17:27
and471mpt, ( :-017:27
mptI suppose if the registration or recovery is happening in a Web browser, USC has no idea when you've finished17:28
and471mpt, it doesn't really matter from coding point of view17:28
mptor whether you gave up17:28
and471mpt, I was just asking quickly17:28
mptyeah, but it matters for the design17:28
and471mpt, true, I don't think it could find out17:28
mptand471, so, how about this:17:29
and471mpt, the reason I thought about it, is that firefox lags behind when I open it afresh17:29
and471mpt, and so the user might be wondering what is happeninf17:29
* and471 is listening intently17:29
mptwhen you click "Continue" in either of those last two cases, you get a spinner and "Opening browser…" for five seconds17:29
mptThe browser opens, hopefully in front17:29
seb128hey there17:30
seb128it's meeting time17:30
mptMeanwhile, once that five seconds is over, the dialog stays open but resets itself to its default state.17:30
* kenvandine waves17:30
seb128ArneGoetje, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, kenvandine, everybody I forgot to list: meeting17:31
seb128Riddell, ^17:31
seb128rickspencer3 is busy today so I will handle the meeting17:31
seb128hey everybody ;-)17:32
seb128we will see each other next week so keep that one short17:32
seb128no outstanding actions it seems17:32
seb128kenvandine, ready for the partner update?17:32
kenvandinefor OLS, they think the desktop client for single signon is going to slip17:33
kenvandineso if anyone is depending on that, now is the time to yell :)17:33
kenvandineand for DX we plan to disable the duplicate menus for appmenu this week17:33
kenvandineif we get a fix for mutter causing the submenu problem17:34
kenvandinethat is all i have17:34
ftagrrr, more gtk artifacts on maverick.. http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=4896317:34
seb128kenvandine, speaking about ols did they roll any update yet this cycle?17:35
fta(oops, meeting time? sorry, i leave)17:35
seb128kenvandine, is there anything coming from them? when?17:35
kenvandineyeah, quite a few17:35
kenvandineweekly updates of u1 client17:35
kenvandineand a couple other packages17:35
seb128oh right17:35
=== warp10 is now known as warp10-captato
seb128you don't upload those nowadays so I didn't count them for some reason17:36
kenvandinethe biggest thing coming is some file sync changes17:36
seb128I did notice the "ubuntuone is disabled" on every nautilus dialog I have though17:36
kenvandineyeah :)17:36
kenvandinethat is terrible17:36
kenvandinethey are working on that17:36
kenvandinethat means that folder isn't syncing... which is confusing17:36
kenvandinethey are changing the text17:36
kenvandinedon't click enable :)17:36
* kenvandine did that on his ~/Downloads folder17:37
seb128ok, thanks kenvandine17:37
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, too late for me too17:37
kenvandine2G of junk i don't care about17:37
chrisccoulsoni clicked enable on the folder where i have all my source pacakges, and now i just ended up having to purge U1 ;)17:37
seb128other questions for kenvandine?17:38
seb128ok, seems not, thanks kenvandine17:38
seb128Riddell, hey, how was akademy?17:38
seb128nice ;-)17:39
Riddelllots of useful talks, sessions, discussions etc,17:39
Riddellmobile a big theme not surprisingly17:39
RiddellKDE SC 4.5 RC 2 got packaged in my absence17:39
seb128and out of akademy, what's new in kubuntu? ;-)17:39
seb128I noticed, nice!17:39
RiddellKDE PIM doesn't seem like it'll get updated to 4.5 in time for maverick, we'll stick with 4.4 I expect17:40
Riddellwe have some further shuffling to do with the Qt packages, QtMultimedia into qt-mobility and QtWebkit needs synced with Debian which means all the rdepends will need a rebuild17:40
Riddellalso Qt isn't building on ARM, needs doko to look at the ICE in that compile17:41
Riddellalthough on that topic NCommander ran a good session about KDE on ARM at Akademy17:41
seb128I guess you will probably be able to grab doko directly next week if required ;-)17:41
Riddellyes, good idea17:41
seb128Riddell, ok, anything else?17:42
Riddellwe gave out 2000 CDs and about the same number of pens which was well received17:43
Riddellthat's all :)17:43
seb128impressive number of CDs ;-)17:43
seb128thanks Riddell17:43
seb128 17:44
seb128didrocks, hey17:44
seb128UNE update next? ;-)17:44
didrocksNothing realling fancy this week, new release yesterday as I wasn't there last week17:44
didrocksMostly bugfixes, dynamic and static quicklist items to come soon17:44
didrocksNeed designers input to know what to add to desktop files for static quicklist items, that will wait for the platform rally I guess.17:44
didrocksthat's it for now  :-)17:44
seb128you already adopted the new sprint wording? ;-)17:45
seb128thanks didrocks17:45
seb128nice to see the bugs fixed in UNE this week17:45
didrocksseb128: yeah, I updated my vocabulary :)17:45
seb128tremolux, hey17:45
seb128tremolux, I see you wrote a nice update on the wiki, thanks ;-)17:46
* seb128 is reading it now17:46
tremoluxseb128: thanks, lots of stuff17:46
tremoluxI have paste a summary:17:46
tremoluxBuy Something: All teams report good progress, everyone feels on track for end-to-end integration at Prague sprint17:46
seb128tremolux, any short summary for the channel as well?17:46
tremoluxUI Enhancements: New gtk-based appdetails view now in place, navigation history feature updates done, refactoring for new AppDetails model class, kiwinote good progress on apturl integration (GSoC)17:46
tremoluxNew Apps: Additional test apps added to app-review-board PPA, displayed in software-center main screen17:46
tremoluxGeneral: Plugin support moved to trunk, didrocks using it to add OneConf17:46
tremolux(as usual, please see wiki for detailed report, thanks!)17:46
seb128is there anything to do for the new application category to work?17:47
seb128it's empty there17:47
seb128I guess that has not landed to maverick yet?17:47
tremoluxwe actually should hide that panel when it is empty17:48
tremoluxI'll make a note to make that fix for the next release17:48
seb128well I guess it will not be empty rsn so it should be a non issue ;-)17:48
tremoluxsure  :)17:48
seb128great work from you, mvo and others17:48
seb128seems s-c is on track for a great milestone in 10.1017:49
tremoluxthanks, everybody's working hard, it's a great team17:49
seb128thanks tremolux17:49
seb128ok next, status update17:49
=== fta_ is now known as fta
seb128we are not doing great there...17:49
seb128we had some people on holidays or at conferences or travelling17:50
seb128but I expect we will catch up during the sprint17:50
seb128(or rally for didrocks)17:50
didrocksthanks :)17:50
seb128but please don't forget to update your workitems regularly17:50
seb128and try to spend some times on those if you are busy with other things as well17:51
seb128speaking about the sprint next week17:51
* ccheney notes most of his are very interrelated and hopes to have about half of them done by EOW17:51
seb128if you have anything you want to talk about or work on you should put it on the agenda17:51
seb128 17:52
seb128ok, I think that's it from me17:52
seb128does anybody has any questions?17:52
seb128you are all ready for the sprint? ;-)17:52
seb128will be great to see everybody again17:53
kenvandineyup :)17:53
seb128ok, seems nobody has questions17:53
seb128so let's wrap now ;-)17:53
seb128thanks everybody17:54
didrocksthanks seb128 :)17:54
vishccheney: hi , regarding : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-maverick-openoffice , there is a TODO for papercuts , which bug[s] is that regarding?17:55
ccheneyvish, it would be about any that david comes up with that are high priority, i don't think any have been identified yet17:55
vishccheney: well , there are a couple of papercuts  , let me find the bug#17:56
ccheneyvish, specifically netbook menu related ones, iirc17:56
ccheneyvish, ok if you know of a few let me know and i will take a look17:56
tremoluxthanks everyone!  see you in Praque!17:56
vishccheney: Bug #525670 is one17:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 525670 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "[upstream] When overwriting a file with the OpenOffice.org save dialog the message popped up doesn't specify the filename (affects: 1) (heat: 28)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52567017:57
ccheneyvish, ok17:58
* vish wonders where the other one is hiding17:59
* ccheney has to run to lunch, have more meetings starting in ~ 1hr17:59
ccheneyvish, feel free to msg me if you find any others that need to be fixed, iirc the blueprint was more focused on netbook papercuts but didn't elaborate on that18:00
vishccheney: ok , sure thanks18:00
and471vish, hi how are you?18:03
vishand471: hey.. good , and you?18:03
and471vish, not bad, I went a bit dialog crazy today in SC...18:04
and471vish, I had a question that maybe you can answer18:04
* and471 is waiting for imagebin...18:05
vishccheney: found it > Bug #392600 , those are the two ones iirc , if i find more I'll let you know18:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 392600 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "[upstream] OOo navigation button icon does not scale and gets cut (affects: 1) (heat: 9)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39260018:05
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and471vish, okay so in SC, we now have a dialog to let users log into their ubuntu single sign on accounts for all sorts of things18:06
and471vish, http://imagebin.ca/view/a13EvJ.html18:06
and471vish, the ubunut logo is used here as it has to be official, they are giving away their uname and password18:06
and471vish, (that is why distributor-logo in Humanity is not used)18:06
and471vish, we can just ship this icon in SC, but I don't feel that is useful to the OS18:07
and471vish, should this sort of thing be included in Humanity as a separate icon?18:07
vishand471:  that icon is also shipped in ubuntu-mono18:08
vishs/also/ /18:08
and471vish, oh really? the offcial COF?18:08
vishand471: that is the one SC uses in the sidebar as well18:09
and471vish, oh okay, lemme look for it...18:10
vishand471: ubuntu-mono/ubuntu-mono-dark/apps/24/distributor-logo.svg18:10
and471vish, ah cool18:11
vishand471: we can add the bigger icon too if required18:11
and471vish, the trouble is that that logo doesn't get used at bigger sizes18:11
and471vish, yes please :)18:11
and471vish, the size is 48x4818:11
and471vish, ok then, I shall remove the local COF and tell SC to use distributor logo18:12
and471vish, thanks18:12
vishand471: probably needs a bug for the 48px to be included18:13
and471vish, okay I shall file it18:13
* didrocks waves goodnight18:16
didrockssee you on Thursday (tomorrow is off there)18:16
* tremolux waves to didrocks18:16
seb128didrocks, have fun tomorrow18:19
and471vish, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mono/+bug/60509218:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 605092 in ubuntu-mono (Ubuntu) "Please ship the Ubuntu COF (distributor-logo) at 48x48 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]18:19
vishand471: cool!18:20
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and471good night18:42
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om26erkenvandine, hi! Just a little time of you: gwibber-service should depend on 'gwibber' fixes bug 579840 and 53901720:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 579840 in gwibber (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Still receiving notifications despite being uninstalled (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57984020:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 539017 in gwibber (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "gwibber-service should depend on gwibber (affects: 2) (heat: 37)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53901720:27
=== zyga__ is now known as zyga
kenvandineom26er, gwibber-service shouldn't depend on gwibber21:02
kenvandinethat would be circular21:02
om26erkenvandine, people remove gwibber but still recieve notifications21:02
chrisccoulsonom26er, that's not a good reason to add a dependency (and is not what depenendencies are for). Package A should only depend on package B if package A does not function without package B21:10
chrisccoulsonthat clearly is not the case21:10
kenvandineom26er, yeah they should disable notifications in that case21:10
om26erchrisccoulson, thats also the case.21:10
kenvandinegwibber-service works fine without gwibber21:11
kenvandineom26er, i just commented on bug 53901721:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 539017 in gwibber (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "gwibber-service should depend on gwibber (affects: 2) (heat: 37)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53901721:11
chrisccoulsonom26er, like kenvandine said, gwibber-service does not depend on gwibber to function21:11
chrisccoulsona dependency there is inappropriate21:11
kenvandinethat is a real bug, the public lib provided by gwibber-service shouldn't import from something provided by gwibber21:11
kenvandineom26er, so we just need to fix that21:11
kenvandinebut that doesn't break the service... just things that import that library outside of gwibber21:12
kenvandinewhich sucks, for sure...21:12
kenvandinebut is fixable21:12
om26erkenvandine, aha great.21:12
om26erthanks kenvandine21:12
kenvandineom26er, np21:15
kenvandineom26er, thx for all your awesome bug wrangling, always appreciated!21:15
tedgkenvandine, Where is the Gwibber PPA I should be running to not spam facebook?21:33
kenvandinetedg, it is in maverick already21:34
kenvandineand in lucid-proposed21:34
* tedg checks if I have proposed21:35
kenvandinetedg, that won't make facebook magically not reject your queries... but the more people we get using the non-spamming version the sooner we get back under our allocation21:35
jcastrotedg: they throttle per-app, not per user21:35
kenvandineour number of rejected requests has actually gone down a little since last week..21:36
kenvandineso there must be more people using propsed that i thought :)21:36
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, I realize.  I just want to be one of those "good guy" types ;)21:36
kenvandineit is still over 10M though21:36
kenvandinetedg, indeed... we all appreciate it21:36
* kenvandine is using a different API key now :-D21:36
tedgkenvandine, You're on maverick, right?  What xulrunner do you have?21:37
kenvandinebut that was out of desparation... sure is hard to collect statistics when facebook kept rejecting me21:37
tedgkenvandine, Do you by chance know if we're going to go to 1.9.3?21:39
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chrisccoulsontedg - that will never happen, there is no such thing now21:52
chrisccoulson1.9.3 is renamed 2.0 now, which will become FF4.021:52
tedgchrisccoulson, Ah, okay.21:52
chrisccoulsonmaverick will release with xul1.9.2/FF3.621:52
tedgchrisccoulson, Would you consider merging this changeset?  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31134021:53
ubot2Mozilla bug 311340 in Widget: Gtk "Clipboard data is lost on exit (Should implement the freedesktop.org specification for clipboard management)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]21:53
tedgchrisccoulson, It's committed, but not in the 1.9.2 release.21:54
chrisccoulsontedg - we prefer not to do that, but rather get them to merge it in to 1.9.221:54
chrisccoulsonthat's possible with a lot of fixes once they have some testing21:54
tedgchrisccoulson, Oh, so they'll release something like a 1.9.2.x ?21:54
chrisccoulsonand that looks like a good candidate for that21:55
micahgchrisccoulson: they don't seem to want it on 1.9.2, but I can request approval21:55
chrisccoulsontedg - yeah, we get 1.9.2.x releases every few weeks or so21:55
tedgchrisccoulson, micahg, The reason is that aganice is helping with a GSoC project to maintain clipboards.  So that is one patch we'd like to get in as part of that project.21:56
tedgShe's tested the patch and it does seem to fix the issue.21:56
micahgtedg: she tested it on xul192?21:57
tedgmicahg, I don't think so, I think she grabbed the new one.  aganice?21:57
aganicemicahg, no, all i tested was that firefox 4 beta, which has the patch, no longer exhibits the problem21:57
aganicemicahg, i could definitely figure out how to apply that patch to 1.9.2 and test if it might be worth applying as a ubuntu-specific patch21:58
micahgaganice: we can't do Ubuntu specific patches for Firefox without upstream approval21:59
tedgmicahg, Do you think there's a good chance with that one?  Since it's already in trunk?22:01
micahgtedg: seems kinda big to take on branch, that's probably why they didn't originally plan to take it22:02
tedgmicahg, Does asking cost us anything?  I mean, it is a pretty annoying bug that does really effect users.22:03
micahgtedg: I'm checking now to see if it applies to 3.6.7 cleanly, if yes, I'll request landing, doesn't really hurt to ask especially since it's an annoyance22:04
tedgGreat, thanks micahg!22:05
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
micahgtedg: one hunk of the patch is really off, I don't think they'll take the patch on branch, I can ask upstream if they'd consider a revised version for branch landing22:17
tedgmicahg, Yeah, maybe if we could ask informally if it'd be worth back porting.22:18
tedgmicahg, That way we don't get tied up in process.22:18
micahgtedg: k, I'll try to let you know tomorrow22:19
tedgmicahg, Cool, thanks!22:19
lamalexwe can't do our own firefox patches?? what?22:21
micahglamalex: correct due to the nature of the branding, hence Debian has iceweasel22:21
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