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slangaseklamont: hmm, remind me why 'inet protocols = ipv4' is still the default in postfix? :)00:41
lamontany bug from lintian telling me that I'm not using quilt will cause me to go back to version 1.0 packaging00:42
lamontsorry.  just reacting to ubotu00:42
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lamontbut then, hey, that's what lintian overrides are all about, right?00:44
cjwatsonhonestly?  I think if you aren't actually making use of quilt, then for the most part it makes more sense to use 1.0 packaging; otherwise you're basically just doing 1.0 transliterated into 3.0 (quilt) and it doesn't really help all that much00:44
slangasekunless you want to use it for the bz2 support00:45
slangasekor the binary diff support00:45
cjwatsonthe exception is if you want to have binary files in the Debian delta, in which case a 3.0 format is useful00:45
lamontcjwatson: well, I got this really nicely worded bug asking me to switch to 3.0(quilt)00:45
cjwatsonor that00:45
lamontwhich I promptly tagged wontfix, and then reconsidered00:45
lamontI have a vcs.  I don't need another vcs in the source package00:45
cjwatsonI find them to be usefully complementary, but I guess I can't really be bothered to get into a religious debate. :-)00:46
cjwatsonbut briefly, the quilt approach lets me store evolving information about a logical patch (which may change over time) without having to rebase my history to death and render it incomprehensible00:47
lamontI like to have my source where I can bisect it, and do other useful diff-like things, without needing to delve through patch files to notice things00:47
lamontbut yeah, it's at least largely religious.  as long as you don't modify an older patch which patches files that are in later patches (that'd be a rebase of the parent branch, and that's just evil)00:48
cjwatsonso do I, and 3.0 (quilt) is the first patch-system format to give me that property00:48
cjwatsonbecause I store the package with patches applied00:48
lamontthat does have some potential00:48
slangaseklamont: so ipv4-only is just a 'because'?00:49
lamontI do admit that I interpreted "quilt" as that old piece of crap that implements about 1/2 of a 1980s VCS and (correctly) claims to be better than dpatch as its only selling point00:49
lamontslangasek: ipv6 is real.  people are using it.  I got tired of the complaints.00:50
slangasekthat setting is going to cause an increasing amount of grief over the next couple of years :)00:50
slangasekyes, ipv6 is real, and I am using it, which is why I'm asking about the default to *not* allow it in postfix00:50
lamontor are you saying ipv4-only is the current default?00:50
lamontoh, that's total crack00:50
lamontI should fix that00:50
slangasekwhich caused me to accidentally drop mail from Patty's laptop on the floor over the weekend when I reorganized the ipv4 network, oops00:50
lamontmeh.  actually, ipv4-only is an upstream default.  I guess I get to poke wieste about it00:51
slangasekbecause I thought nothing cared about the ipv4 IP of that server anymore :)00:51
cjwatsonquilt is certainly not exactly a brilliant vcs - I don't really think of it in that category00:51
lamontand lack of testing caused you marital grief?  ouch00:51
slangasekno, she's on percocet this week for wisdom tooth post-op00:52
slangasekso she's happy - I'm the one unhappy about unreliable mail ;)00:52
lamontcjwatson: the use model of dpatch that evolved into quilt was 100% around what basically amounts to a VCS.  and then I had a task of importing quilt/dpatch patches into SVN, and we discovered the pain that is gratuitous rebases00:52
lamontslangasek: when she's done being high, that's when you're in trouble... :-p00:52
cjwatsonit's a patch queue, which is not quite the same as a VCS00:53
lamontcjwatson: except in how people used it00:53
cjwatsonin particular it makes no pretence of being able to retrieve older versions of things (assuming you don't regard patches as static)00:53
lamontbut yeah, it led to a kneejerk reaction to any sentence involving "patch system" or "quilt"00:53
cjwatsonhttp://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/ucgi/~cjwatson/blosxom/debian/2010-03-25-thoughts-on-3.0-quilt-format.html is a summary of my initial experiences00:54
cjwatsonas a historic patch-system-hater00:54
lamontah, added point: my pain was from the debian kernel package, which _did_ endeavor to do exactly that...every past verison of the package was recoverable from the current version00:54
* slangasek is reminded again that he needs to work on getting the patch delta down so he can move pam to 3.0 (quilt)00:54
lamontat least in the then-time00:54
slangasekwell, that's a special case00:55
lamontslangasek: special in the committed sense00:55
slangasek"you need to be GPL compliant and you're doing *what*?!"00:55
cjwatson(also, the most common complaint about quilt is answered by 'quilt shell'00:56
* ScottK is sure he'll get over it eventually, but unpacking with patches applied does not work at all well with his mental model of a package.00:58
cjwatsonunpacking with patches unapplied was the reason I was a conscientious objector to patch systems. ;-)01:00
cjwatsonI feel very strongly that users should not have to run funny commands (and run untrusted code from a package they just downloaded, often!) in order to see what code is going to be compiled01:01
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flupkehello, what is the trick in ubuntu's alsa that makes flashplugin use pulse ? I'd like to keep this functionnality with the latest alsa drivers02:10
TheMusoflupke: As long as you don't remove/modify any files in /usr/share/alsa then it will continue to work./02:12
flupkeTheMuso, thanks for the info, alsa-lib sources do write files in /usr/share/alsa, I'll try to keep the ubuntu package that owns these files02:16
TheMusoflupke: Ok. The files in hte Ubuntu package have been modifed to load an extra file which checks to see if pulse is running. If pulse is running, then the default device is created that redirects alsa apps to pulse.02:18
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flupkeTheMuso, works like a charm by just keeping /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf, thanks a lot02:30
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pittiGood morning05:24
pittitkamppeter: hello05:24
pittitkamppeter: I'm on an early shift this week05:25
pittitkamppeter: nice work on the fingerprint additions to the printing DB!05:58
pittihey ion05:58
LucidFoxIf I'm making an -Xubuntu1 upload, but not going to include any of the previous Ubuntu changes, do I need to include previous Ubuntu debian/changelog entries, or can I leave in just the Debian changes?06:02
micahgLucidFox: is it currently -XubuntuY?06:03
LucidFoxyes - to be more precise, it's pinta 0.3-2ubuntu1, and I'm going to upload 0.4+dfsg-1ubuntu1, which is -1 with a new patch, and the old Ubuntu changes merged upstream and dropped06:03
micahgLucidFox: so why does it need an ubuntu1 upload?06:04
LucidFoxBecause the Debian version is broken on Maverick as is06:04
LucidFoxneeds a patch for cairo 1.9.x06:04
LucidFox(for that matter, the current version in Maverick is broken too, but it wasn't discovered before Debian packaged a new release)06:06
micahgLucidFox: ah, ok, so I would think it won't hurt to keep the changelog since we're keeping an Ubuntu change06:06
LucidFoxmicahg> But we aren't keeping the existing Ubuntu changes, only introducing a new one06:06
LucidFoxThe Ubuntu changes in -2ubuntu1 were merged upstream.06:06
micahgLucidFox: right, but as long as we're carrying any changes, why not keep the history in the changelog?06:07
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didrocksbigon: re:brasero-tracker. on it, thanks06:58
dholbachgood morning07:31
pittihey dholbach, good morning07:31
dholbachhey pitti07:31
baptistemmhi there07:42
baptistemmStevenK, around ? I would you to renew my membership to bluetooth group07:42
bilalakhtarCan someone please get https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krename/4.0.4-2ubuntu1/+build/1864396 rebuilt?07:43
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bilalakhtarCan someone please get https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krename/4.0.4-2ubuntu1/+build/1864396 rebuilt?07:50
micahgbilalakhtar: you should ask in -motu07:51
pittibilalakhtar: done07:52
micahgor maybe not :)07:52
bilalakhtarpitti: thanx again, apporty!07:52
pittithat's the first time someone calls me that07:53
bilalakhtar.query pitti07:53
tkamppeterpitti, hi07:58
tkamppeterpitti, thanks for uploadfing the Epson key, seems that the Epson guys are firewalled out of the public key server network.07:59
pittitkamppeter: good morning08:02
tkamppeterpitti, now the OpenPrinting web server is ready for automatic download, and it is your turn to fix/update Jockey, once to let Jockey only search and download the printer driver when a printer is detected and second, the signature support.08:04
pittiI saw the bug, thanks08:04
bilalakhtarpitti: it appears that the armel build failed again. What could be the direct solution? Package builds fine in other architectures.08:05
tkamppeterpitti, early shift? Does Canonical establish a 24/7 developer presence now?08:05
pittitkamppeter: heh, no; I just have to get up at 6 this week, so I can just as well start early08:06
pittitkamppeter: but given how we are distributed around the planet we have that round-the-clock coverage anyway08:07
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apwi have a recently upgraded maverick system in which the cursor is being turned off after approx 1s everywhere on the screen ... like it used to do inside an gnome-terminal only09:08
apwi also think its causing a flickering cursor over gnome-terminal and menu items after approx 1s of stationaryness09:09
pittithis is from the unclutter package, I think09:09
pittiit was added right before alpha-209:09
apwpitti, hrm ... any idea if it has any configuration?09:09
pittino, I never used it so far; I'm still on lucid09:10
apwas it seems to be turned on without my permission09:10
* pitti redirects complaints seb128wards09:10
cjwatsonfor me it mostly causes a problem in evince, where it spikes CPU activity09:12
cjwatsonwhich is bug 385034 I guess09:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 385034 in unclutter (Ubuntu) "unclutter: cursor flashes repeatedly over GTK apps., takes 100% CPU" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38503409:12
pittihm, I'm on lucid, no unclutter, and the mouse cursor still disappears in gnome-terminal after some seconds09:13
pitti(which is good IMHO)09:13
apwcjwatson, confirmed ... killall unclutter sorts out the issue09:13
pittibut I'm not sure where I configured this09:13
pittior _if_ I did09:13
apwright ... thats a default i think, but configurable.  unclutter is busted poo which is halving my battery life ... grrr09:13
pittiah, it disappears as soon as I start typing in a terminal09:13
pittiapw: it might just have been an experiment; I think there were more complaints09:14
* pitti summons seb12809:14
cjwatsonadding -noevents to /etc/default/unclutter gets rid of the flicker09:14
apwcjwatson, eah i see that mentioned in the bug ... hrm09:15
apwi want to know how to configure it, as turnign off my mouse cursor everywhere is new behaviour i may not want09:15
cjwatsonman unclutter09:16
apwcjwatson, current install is utter garbage ... joy09:33
apwplymouth is triggering a kernel panic09:33
cjwatsonapw: on mode switch?09:35
cjwatsonor on something else?09:35
apwcjwatson, looks to be closing something, the framebuffer from the stack trace ... so perhaps when its quitting09:35
apwremoving splash sorts it out09:36
cjwatsonbut kernel bug rather than X bug?09:36
apwcjwatson, yep kernel should never panic :)09:36
cjwatson... that's what I thought09:37
cjwatsonwas it triggered by GRUB starting the kernel in graphics mode?09:37
apwcjwatson, no this is a vanilla grub09:37
cjwatsonapw: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-July/030995.html09:39
cjwatsonif it's 1.98+20100710-1ubuntu1, it may be starting in graphics mode by itself09:39
apwahh i see, i susepct the issue is not grubs fault though.  the panic is pretty severe, using this mutex the one at 0, bang09:40
pittiseb128: good morning09:46
pittiseb128: cjwatson and apw have some problems with unclutter09:46
seb128like flickering and cpu use?09:47
apwseb128, i would describe it as wholy broken :/09:47
apwyep and eating my battery yes09:47
pittiseb128: at least in gnome-terminalaand gedit the mouse cursor already disappears when typing; this is on lucid without unclutter; shouldn't this be enough?09:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 16492 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu Maverick) "Mouse pointer should disappear when keyboard is in use and mouse isn't" [High,Triaged]09:48
seb128comment on this bug09:48
pittiwill do09:48
seb128don't blame the messenger, I don't agree with the change but it was a sabdfl request09:48
apwseb128, so is someone going to fix the fact it eats ones machine ?09:49
cjwatsonI don't particularly care about the change as such, FWIW09:49
cjwatsonit's only the implementation problems09:49
apweven if we ignore the fact its a rather gratuitous change without a graphical ticky to turn it off09:49
seb128apw, I guess we will either fix it or roll it out of the default installation09:50
seb128depending of the ressources we have to fix issues09:50
seb128but it's nice to have feedback and know about its issues to start09:50
apwwell its a very severe effect, it halves my battery life09:50
seb128I can't confirm that09:50
pittiseb128: subscribed and commented, thanks for the pointer09:50
apwdo you not see it on your maverick installs ?  which of course all your machines should be by now09:50
seb128pitti, you can install it on lucid btw09:50
seb128pitti, if you want to test09:50
pittisure, but I'm actually quite happy as it is now09:51
seb128apw, no, my laptop and mini don't have that issue09:51
pittiI could install it to test flicker/battery life, sure09:51
seb128apw, they both are intel boxes though if that makes any difference09:51
* apw wonders how that can be09:51
apwseb128, mini ?  mini 10v ?09:51
apwseb128, on my mini10v i am seeing 500 wakeups per second with 100% occupancy of max MHZ, which all stops when i hit killall unclutter09:52
seb128well to be fair I don't watch battery use09:53
seb128and that box doesn't have a fan to tell you there is something eating cpu09:53
seb128but I don't notice flickering09:53
apwthe flickering over gnome-terminal is impossible to miss.  i also see it on menu items after 1 sec09:53
seb128how do you see the wakeups?09:53
apwit appears as rescheduling interrupts09:53
seb128well no flickering there09:53
apwdo yo uhave the degfault config for unclutter?  -noevents is slated to fix it09:54
cjwatsonseb128: I don't use gnome-terminal, but I noticed flickering in evince09:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 385034 in unclutter (Ubuntu) "unclutter: cursor flashes repeatedly over GTK apps., takes 100% CPU" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:54
cjwatsonyes, I found that bug during this discussion today, see scrollback09:54
apwyep thats sounds like the bug09:54
cjwatsonah, I guess you joined after that09:55
cjwatsonand that option does indeed work around that problem, as I also said in scrollback09:55
seb128it doesn't happen to everybody for sure and I can't confirm it there09:55
seb128but it might be trigger by some external factor or other running software09:55
apwso does one09:57
apw o09:57
apwof the affected users need to fix it then?09:57
seb128apw, I will try to debug a bit but could be something we can work on next week during the sprint09:59
* apw takes his test box off his keyboard :(09:59
apwseb128, ok09:59
apwcirtianly i can reproduce it at will with a gnome-terminal, as i can use that to run the two options and show the difference10:00
seb128apw, did that start today?10:00
seb128we have unclutter on since before alpha210:00
seb128I'm wondering if something triggered the issue for people who didn't have it before10:01
seb128I've no upgraded yet today so maybe it will start being buggy as well after updates ;-)10:01
cjwatsonI noticed it a couple of days ago, I think10:02
apwseb128, this machine was updated to maverick this morning, so all new to it10:04
DreadKnighti get some lame internet laging in 10.1010:10
DreadKnightit occurs often10:10
crankyadminHey, does anybody have any idea when Ruby1.9 will become default in 10.04 LTS?10:13
dupondjedholbach: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pybootchartgui/+bug/596475 -> it does have the change from -3 ?!10:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 596475 in pybootchartgui (Ubuntu) "Upgrade to upstream version r141" [Wishlist,New]10:15
dholbachdupondje: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/50625726/pybootchartgui.debdiff10:15
dholbachdupondje: not in the changelog - it does not apply10:15
dupondjeah the changelog indeed :) tought the change in the code :)10:18
dupondjewasn't clear :)10:18
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* mvo stares at pyhon-support and wishes it would be less silly. why - oh why - does it try to byte-compile gnome-codec-install on python2.410:42
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geseris there a reason that sync requests are processed slowly in the recent days?11:00
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tumbleweedgeser: ack-sync them yourself?11:01
LaneyI've noticed this actually11:05
gesertumbleweed: if it's expected now that we upload our syncs now oneself, I can do it, but isn't the syncpackage script is some "grey zone"? It works but the archive admins prefer not to see it used.11:07
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BlackZbdrung: ping11:31
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tumbleweedgeser: oh, I wasn't aware of that - I've been using it11:43
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Kanohi, when will http://packages.ubuntu.com/ work for maverick?13:48
geserKano: it's in the work, the hard part is to find someone who has access to it13:50
Kanoalso when will libdrm 2.4.21 be in maverick? thats required for libva for intel13:50
Kanoyou can update nouveau too then13:51
geserKano: if you don't get here an answer, try asking in #ubuntu-x13:52
dholbachshadeslayer, dpm, Riddell, Laney: ready for later on?13:52
shadeslayerdholbach: go go UDW :D13:53
* shadeslayer just started on notes13:53
dholbachawesome - I' m so looking forward to it13:53
dpmdholbach, not yet, but I'll be! :-)13:53
shadeslayerdholbach: you didnt ping Rhonda :P ... well.. shes not here anyways :P13:54
dholbachand zyga neither :)13:54
shadeslayeryeah :D13:54
* shadeslayer looks up super secret ninja links in kubuntu wiki13:55
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dholbachdoes anybody know where this comes from?14:41
dholbach E: Invalid Release file, no valid components14:41
dholbach E: debootstrap failed14:41
dholbachit's with maverick's debootstrap (used by pbuilder)14:41
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dholbachmvo, cjwatson: ^ do you have an idea about my question above?14:55
ogradholbach, http proxy ?14:56
ograor any broken local archive14:57
dholbachara: ^ do you know which mirror it uses?14:57
aradholbach, I am using de.15:02
* ara changes to the main archive to see what happens15:03
araah, no, I was using the main archive15:04
mvodholbach: seems to be working for me (tm)15:06
mvono idea what is going on15:06
mvodholbach: if its reproducable, have you tried with --verbose15:07
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arait is me who is having the issue, I will try that15:07
aradholbach, sudo debootstrap --verbose --variant=buildd maverick /var/chroot/maverick15:14
ara worked just fine15:14
arait seems to be an issue in pbuilder15:14
micahgcan I please get an SRU ack for a Mozilla security upload? bug 56353515:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563535 in thunderbird (Ubuntu) "thunderbird -g fails due to invoking "$LIBDIR/$META_NAME" instead of "$LIBDIR/$META_NAME"-bin" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56353515:15
dholbachara: I hope you get a chance to work on your original problem now :-P15:15
aradholbach, hehehe, first I need to see if their is such a bug reported in pbuilder and, if not, report it ;-P15:20
jdstrandmicahg: fyi, I'm not on the ubuntu-sru team, but that bug is not formatted according to StableReleaseUpdates and therefore won't show up on their reports. perhaps I am missing something?15:22
micahgjdstrand: no, I thought we just need an ack for the ones that go through -security?15:22
* micahg can format it15:23
jdstrandmicahg: I have no context here. there isn't a formal policy for putting SRU material through -security. we did it in the past as an exception15:23
jdstrandmicahg: if this is a regression caused by the recent tbird security update, we just fix it in -security15:24
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micahgjdstrand: no, this was a problem in 3.0 release version15:24
* jdstrand is still lost15:25
jdstrandmaybe I am dim15:25
jdstrandmicahg: this is an upstream bug?15:25
micahgjdstrand: no, this is a bug in our wrapper script that I added for 3.0 in Lucid15:25
jdstrandmicahg: so that sounds like a regular SRU then. is there a pending upstream security update that you are just trying to fix along the way?15:26
micahgjdstrand: yes, 3.0.6 next week15:26
jdstrandmicahg: I see. I would either format the bug so that it ends up on their radar or ask a member of the ubuntu-sru directly15:27
micahgjdstrand: k15:27
dupondjedholbach: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pybootchartgui/+bug/596475 I attached new debdiff15:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 596475 in pybootchartgui (Ubuntu) "Upgrade to upstream version r141" [Wishlist,New]15:29
dholbachdupondje: I'll have a look tomorrow if nobody else beats me to it15:29
dupondjefine :)15:30
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bigonthe "new" version (v4) of dhcp client/server is in debian , will maverick have it? or are we still use the v3?16:26
cjwatsonI guess Caesar should advise on that16:28
ari-tczewslangasek: thanks for sponsoring16:32
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starts in 24 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:36
dokoasac, fta: are there thunderbird-3.1 packages somewhere?16:37
asacmicahg: ^^16:37
ftadoko, there're use to be one in the mozilla-daily ppa, but it's staled. micahg will work on it16:37
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ftadoko, i'm no longer an active mozilla maintainer btw16:38
dokofta: ahh, ok16:38
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dholbachzyga: ready for later on? :)16:41
dholbachRiddell: all set for later on?16:49
Riddelldholbach: yes I am now16:50
Riddelldholbach: people should install qt4-qmlviewer, is there a place to advertise that?16:51
dholbachRiddell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Sessions16:51
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micahgdoko: I'll try to have TB3.1 in the PPA this weekend17:13
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Caesarbigon: there's some divergence between the Ubuntu and Debian versions of DHCP17:52
Caesarpitti has patched it in the past17:52
CaesarI'd love to see it in Maverick, but I personally dislike some of the patches that have been added in Ubuntu17:53
Riddellslangasek: you blacklisted sabayon from syncs, could you comment on bug 598380 ?17:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598380 in sabayon (Ubuntu) "Sync sabayon 2.30.0-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59838017:57
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joaomello_Hi guys, i want to help developing ubuntu, i know python and a little C language, where should i start?18:10
arandjoaomello_: The currently ongoing ubuntu developer week might be of interest? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek18:14
joaomello_thanks for the link18:15
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slangasekRiddell: IIRC, sabayon was blacklisted because it had been removed from Debian, no?18:25
Riddellslangasek: that's what the comment says18:25
slangasekRiddell: in which case it's fine to unblacklist now that it's available again18:25
slangasekshall I go ahead and do that?18:25
Riddellslangasek: please do18:26
RiddellI'll do the sync then18:26
slangasekRiddell: blacklist updated18:27
Riddellgroovy, sorted18:28
mdzneat: [ 1181.314999] chromium-browse[3502]: segfault at 42ddd671 ip 42ddd671 sp 42ddd671 error 4 in DejaVuSans.ttf[aca0a000+9b000]18:30
mdzI never saw a segfault in a font before18:31
slangasekttx: regarding your change to samba-common.postinst - rather than throw a message telling users to copy the default smb.conf over when the file is missing, why not do this for the user?18:37
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ttxslangasek: ISTR someone raised a policy argument against that solution, lemme check the bug18:46
slangasekwell, the policy argument is weak :)18:47
ttxslangasek: then I misunderstood you back then: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/312449/comments/618:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312449 in samba (Ubuntu) "samba-common fails to upgrade if smb.conf is deleted" [Wishlist,Fix released]18:49
slangasekttx: or perhaps I'm being inconsistent!18:50
ttxslangasek: I wouldn't suggest anything like that :)18:50
slangasekttx: tried to dig up context for that comment from me and failed.  Policy does say that local changes to config files must be preserved during a package upgrade (Policy 10.7.3), but it's debatable whether nuking the config file and rendering the package uninstallable should count...18:55
slangasekttx: btw, is the comment accurate?  Does the install actually fail now, or does it just complete with a non-existent config?18:56
slangasekheh - it looks like 'start smbd' returns success, and then smbd dies afterwards :/18:58
slangasekdarn foregrounded process supervision18:58
Laneyping re: the sync queue — looks like it hasn't been processed for a while18:58
geserLaney: looks like Riddell is processing it right now18:59
Riddellthat I am18:59
Laneyah, sexy18:59
Riddellalthough I'm about to stop for a bit to do an exciting talk on declarative UI programming in #ubuntu-classroom19:00
ttxslangasek: it fails. The message allows for easy spot of duplicated and we have a canned response to handle those now19:00
slangasekttx: are you sure it still fails since the conversion to upstart? :)19:00
ttxslangasek: ah19:01
slangasekbecause my testing says it doesn't19:01
ttxslangasek: well, no19:01
* Laney does love a bit of declarative programming19:01
slangasek(and that this is a bug)19:01
ttxslangasek: you tested it more recently than I did.19:01
ttxslangasek: about context for the comment: I took it back then from one of the multiple duplicates of this bug, that's all I remember19:02
YokoZarcould someone on Lucid with ATI open source drivers please echo $LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH  for me19:04
YokoZar(on amd64)19:04
* Laney sees 8 new LP mails :)19:05
Laneysyncs be good19:05
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asidhello me and my friends are 4 people in need of a project to work on, and all seem to suffer from ideas block.....we've have limited experience in using linux(but a few months time to familiarise with it) .....could you  guys suggest some ideas for  a project (perhaps a feature you want to implement in linux)19:29
Laneyasid: there are many many ideas on brainstorm.ubuntu.com19:33
asidthanks for the link......am looking at it .....if you guys have any idea for a project for ppl please give suggestion19:35
ari-tczewnow on maverick, update-manager shows description instead package name. is it a bug or new feature?19:41
sladenasid: thank you for your interest.  Work in Ubuntu is generally done either in response to fixing a bug report requiring the change ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs ), or planned via specifications19:41
ari-tczewasid: I think that you can start with Ubuntu development - syncs, merges, security updates :)19:43
asidthanks for replies.....well bug fixes really doesnt sound like an idea for a project...also we do not need it to be automatically incorporated into the next release of  Ubuntu, we just need  an idea for a  reasonably sized project to work on that could be useful in Ubuntu19:46
apacheloggerpitti: ping19:52
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highvoltageanyone else having trouble accessing Canonical's website?20:12
apwcjwatson, ok this is a prototype of a new approach: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/misc/fbcon-handoff2.ogv20:13
ionhighvoltage: Worksforme™20:13
apwcjwatson, this one works on the assumption that the empty areas of the VT are transparent and not updated20:13
ionLooks nice20:15
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BlackZbdrung: ping21:12
bdrungBlackZ: pong21:18
BlackZbdrung: do you have the time to look at bug #554823 ?21:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 554823 in logrotate (Ubuntu) "Please merge logrotate 3.7.8-6 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55482321:19
ccheneyis there a format for the preseed file documented anywhere?21:34
cjwatsonccheney: in the installation-guide21:37
cjwatsonappendix b21:37
ccheneyok thanks21:37
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bdrungBlackZ: slangasek already commented the merge request.22:01
BlackZbdrung: oh, I'm not subscribed there, sorry22:03
BlackZsubscribing now22:03
BlackZthanks slangasek22:03
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bdrungBlackZ: you need to subscribe ubuntu-sponsors once address slangasek's questions22:17
BlackZbdrung: yes, I will. I didn't see the bzr branch, sorry. However I emailed Daviey to see if he still wants to do the merge22:20
hvis the "blank screensaver" broken? if you happen to click or press a key when it starts fading to black, it does not stop.22:26
ccheneycjwatson, it keeps popping up asking me for the country, isn't that supposed to be resolved with the following?22:49
ccheney - d-i console-setup/ask_detect boolean false22:49
ccheney - d-i console-setup/layoutcode string us22:49
ccheneyit seems to not be enough :-\22:49
ccheneyand is there anything i can look at source-wise to be able to determine what i need to override if I see something like this again?22:50
slangasekcountry != keymap ?22:51
ccheneyhmm maybe so, i see at the bottom of the docs it tells how to dump all questions that should help i suppose22:51
ccheneyslangasek, i tried adding more and it still gets stuck at the question asking 'origin of the keyboard' http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463202/23:05
slangasekccheney: what's the source for those preseed values?  I wasn't aware that there were any keyboard layouts called 'USA'23:06
slangasekbut I'm generally not current when it comes to d-i preseeding info, sorry23:06
ccheneyi tried running: debconf-get-selections23:07
ccheneybut perhaps i need the --installer variant which seems to not work on my box due to cdebconf being missing23:07
* ccheney wonders if just installing that package would show me the needed info23:07
ccheneyhmm, no23:08
ccheneydebconf: DbDriver "di_questions": could not open /var/log/installer/cdebconf/questions.dat23:08
ccheneyperhaps i need to run that off a cd23:09
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bigonCaesar: regarding dhcpv4 it brings ipv6 support both on server side and client + in networkmanager23:59

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