Pendulumhiya, I'm not sure who I should poke about getting a log bot into #ubuntu-accessibility?00:14
nhandlerPendulum: Send an email to rt@ubuntu.com. The Canonical Sys admins run that log bot00:15
Pendulumah, okay, thanks :-)00:15
bilalakhtarDoes anyone over here know about whats going on inside Ubuntu Saudi Arabia LOCO?14:13
bazhangbilalakhtar, a bit14:13
bilalakhtarbazhang: I am not the team leader, but everyone is mistaking me to be.14:13
bazhangbilalakhtar,  a user approached a few days ago by the nick of s4ry to try and reclaim it14:13
bilalakhtarbazhang: the irc channel and mailing lists are dead14:13
bilalakhtarbazhang: I tried it myself some time ago, then gave up.14:14
bazhangbilalakhtar, he/she says that there are around 25 or so users that wish to reclaim the channel14:14
bilalakhtarPlease read https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2010-July/004678.html14:14
bazhangjussi, would know the issue better than I, I am guessing14:14
jussiplease talk to topyli. Im not here.14:15
bilalakhtarwe should come on #ubuntu-loco14:16
bilalakhtarbazhang and topyli: please read https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2010-July/004678.html14:16
bazhangbilalakhtar, topyli would be the one to talk with about this14:17
bilalakhtartopyli: u there?14:17
bilalakhtaroh, he is away14:18
bilalakhtarok, can anyone tell me the address of the ML of LoCo HQ ?14:19
Pendulumbilalakhtar: there's #ubuntu-locoteams and you can find the loco council in there14:23
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vishhrm , why is -hardened  not logged ?19:36
Picivish: If it should be contact rt@ubuntu.com to get ubuntulog in there.19:38
vishPici: cool , thanks!19:39
rwwalthough I'd imagine the channel's ops should probably be the ones to do that ;)19:39
vish i was actually expecting a reply "For security reasons"  :D19:40
vishseems like someone just forgot!19:41
rwwvish: not necessarily. logging isn't mandatory :)19:41
vishrww: yeah , probably they had a tougher time with the security than worry about logging :)19:42
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