manjoJFo, can you regenerate your top 50 list ?00:13
manjoJFo, I did a bunch of work but it does not reflect on that list, if You can refresh it, I can see what else I need to look at 00:14
manjobjf, in case JFo is out for the day... is this something you have access to ?00:15
ogasawaramanjo: I might be able to run in locally and post the html page, gimme a sec00:17
bjfmanjo, nope00:17
manjoogasawara, thanks00:19
manjobjf, np00:19
ogasawaramanjo: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/tmp/kernel-buglist-top50.html00:31
manjoogasawara, thanks00:31
ogasawaramanjo: let me know if that doesn't look correct00:32
manjoogasawara, looks good thanks 00:32
JFofwiw, it runs every hour00:50
JFoso it will refresh every hour00:50
fbondHi, the linux-input maintainer is ignoring my patch. Does Ubuntu have any interest in it? https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/102708/03:13
fbondI'm not sure if there's something more appropriate for me to do with it.  If there is, I'd appreciate advice.03:14
fbondE-mailing Linus seems like a rocky proposition. ;)03:14
fbondThe patch may very well be bone-headed.  I'm just trying to get it submitted to help out folks with that hardware.03:15
fbondIt seems that no good deed goes unpunished.03:15
RAOFHm.  That looks like you've pinged at appropriate intervals.03:19
RAOFI'm not familiar with the input side of the kernel, though, so I'm not sure what secret handshakes, if any, are expected.03:20
fbondRAOF: Yeah, I've never dealt with linux-input before.03:21
fbondRAOF: I'm not sure if perhaps the issue is that I mentioned that the device manufacturer recommends the fix; perhaps03:40
fbondthat introduces copyright concerns?03:40
RAOFNo.  That patch is too small to be copyrightable.03:40
fbondThat's what I figured.03:40
fbondRAOF: Is it something I should submit to ubuntu-kernel?03:41
fbondOr is that useless given upstream's disposition?03:41
RAOFYou could bring it to the list.  I don't think that we're likely to apply it without some indication that it'll go upstream, but perhaps someone on the ML will know the secret handshake.03:42
fbondRAOF: Okay, thanks.03:43
achiangfbond: dmitry can be... unresponsive at time04:28
achiangfbond: did you cc him directly?04:28
fbondachiang: Yes, my last message was sent directly to him.04:29
achiangfbond: yeah, i've had a really hard time in the past getting dmitry to respond. i'd say ping again, direct mail + public list Ccs?04:30
achiangfbond: sorry, not very helpful, i know04:30
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fbondachiang: Oh, wait ... I sent it to Jiri.04:32
fbondWho's dmitry?04:32
achiangfbond: dmitry torokhov is the input maintainer04:32
achiangerm, not sure i got the spelling right04:32
fbondachiang: Jiri is listed as the HID CORE LAYER maintainer.04:33
fbondI guess hid-input.c changes should go to dmitry?04:33
* achiang reads patch again04:33
achiangfbond: sorry, you are right, i saw "input" and thought dmitry. jkosina is indeed the correct maintainer04:35
fbondachiang: No problem.  Any help is welcome.04:35
achiangfbond: pinging jiri on irc now, give me a sec04:35
fbondachiang: Oh, thanks.04:36
achiangfbond: it's entirely possible that he's on holiday too. how long did you wait between the mails?04:36
achiangoh wow04:36
achianga long time04:36
fbondYeah. ;)04:36
achiangwell, between 7/8 and today is only 4 days04:36
fbondAlthough I only sent mail to him directly once.04:36
achiangyou know europeans, with their 26 weeks of holiday per year... ;)04:37
fbondachiang: Ah, yes, I've heard of this before. ;)04:38
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cooloneysmb: morning, man08:19
cooloneyi've pinged GrueMaster to test the security updates for fsl-imx5108:19
smbcooloney, Ok, cool08:19
cooloneysmb: will you bring beer to prague this time? haha08:20
smbcooloney, I generally just send the mails your and ericm|ubuntu 's way as sort of fsl and mvl authorities. Sorry man, I am flying. :-P08:21
smbAnyway it would be wasted anyway. Theirs is good and cheap08:21
ericm|ubuntusmb, ok08:22
cooloneysmb: no problem, German beer is always good08:28
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smbRAOF, Are you around?10:07
TeTeTsmb: might you be available for some help with building a kernel in a PPA tomorrow? I've tried now several times and always failed with the ABI. I now copied older ABIs to the most recent kernel name and wonder if that helps. Just in case it doesn't, would you be available?10:50
smbTeTeT, I guess I should be available. Give me a sec, maybe we got a page that is helpful10:52
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TeTeTsmb: I found the kernel for idiots page already :)10:52
TeTeTsmb: it has been very helpful so far10:53
smbTeTeT, That is good. but there is one where we documented abi check avoidance10:53
maxbTeTeT: kernel for idiots? link please? :-)10:53
TeTeTmaxb: ^10:54
TeTeTthx smb10:54
* maxb bookmarks10:54
smbTeTeT, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenance#ABI10:54
smbTeTeT, I would think option 2. for ABI and modules would be what you want10:55
TeTeTsmb: ok, if my new build fails I'll try it tomorrow10:56
TeTeTsmb: problem is I'm on the road and only have UMTS for new uploads, otherwise I'd parallelize it10:57
smbTeTeT, I will be around. If you can have things in a place I can access them10:57
TeTeTsmb: I'll place the needed patch on chinstrap if need be, thanks10:57
smbTeTeT, It might be worth having your repo pushed to zinc and do the upload and packaging there10:58
TeTeTsmb: it's really only a patch, for the Esprimo E bug, 58632510:59
smbbug 58632510:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 586325 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[i965q] Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E: changing resolution results in non working X (affects: 1) (heat: 88)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58632510:59
TeTeTsmb: customer wants a production kernel before the SRU lands, so they can do their roll out in time10:59
smbTeTeT, Ok, They just should be aware to be careful with updates until a fix is really in updates11:00
TeTeTsmb: agreed, but they run their own repo - I'll tell them to not sync kernel updates until the patch made it into mainline11:03
smbTeTeT, Ok then11:04
ShapeShifter499I'm tryin to install the e100 driver with no luck via the "make install" command any help?11:04
apwShapeShifter499, as in modifying an ubuntu version?11:08
ShapeShifter499well I don't know....I'm trying to get my ethernet port working, currently wifi is only working11:10
apwso where are you getting the source code you are trying to install from11:10
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ShapeShifter499I'm getting the source from intel's website11:10
apwShapeShifter499, which release kernel are you trying to add it to11:11
ShapeShifter499no wait....11:14
ShapeShifter499e100 is all ready on my system11:14
ShapeShifter499it just wasn't being loaded for some reason11:14
ShapeShifter499just got it up and running via modprobe 11:15
ShapeShifter499brb just need to test the port11:15
ShapeShifter499eh its not working11:28
ShapeShifter499but I g2g bye11:28
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TeTeTsmb-afk: my PPA will fail again, see https://pastebin.canonical.com/34554/ and https://pastebin.canonical.com/34555/ for the contents of the abi directory. I'll send you the patch now12:48
=== smb-afk is now known as smb
smbTeTeT, Is it possible for you to have a differently name PPA or are there other packages already there that require you to keep it? I am asking because you started to upload with a incremented ABI number which I rather would avoid. But I you have to stick to that PPA we cannot go back13:41
TeTeTsmb: I can simply erase all packages there, no problem. or even delete the PPA and start from scratch13:42
smbTeTeT, I believe deleting the packages does not help against needing incremental numbers. But if you can use a different PPA I can create a src package for you with the numbering being better (at least IMO)13:43
TeTeTsmb: that would be great. I called the first package I tried 2.6.32-24~lvm0, but it did not build. Can you simply put any PPA in place and upload the src there so it builds? I really only need the resulting PAE package and headers, not much else13:45
apwsmb, i think if you delete and then wait 'long enough' a ppa can at least have stuff which is only newer than the archive13:46
smbTeTeT, i would place a srcpkg on zinc for you to sign. You can copy it and then use debsign -r for that and then upload from zinc13:46
smbapw, Hm ok. In most cases I did not wait long enough then13:47
TeTeTsmb: do I have access to zinc?13:47
smbTeTeT, The version number you used seems to miss the upload number so that would not work13:47
smbTeTeT, Hm maybe not. Maybe upload from chinstrap works the same13:47
TeTeTsmb: ok, I guess I did something wrong13:48
smbTeTeT, I would usually use a version number like 2.6.32-24.38+xxx13:52
apwsmb, know anything about WPA/WPA2 support ... and whether there is card support required for them ?13:56
smbapw, Not really much. I think you would need card support for it done in hw but the wpa_supplicant would do it otherwise. But that might be wrong13:57
TeTeTsmb: the + to make it newer? So far I used ~ to make it smaller13:58
smbTeTeT, Yeah, depends what you base version is. As I base the package on 2.6.32-24.38 it is sort of newer. If I'd use 2.6.32-24.39 it would need to be smaller13:59
smbapw, tgardner 15m until TB meeting14:41
tgardnersmb, ack14:42
tgardnerapw, did anyone ever take a serious stab at getting psurbhi's async rootfs/boot patches upstream?14:45
psurbhiapw, have you sent your patch upstream?14:45
apwtgardner, psurbhi, that is on my list of things to do ... i noticed they have a couple of warnings which need cleaning up in them14:46
apwperhaps i'll do that at sprint, as we'll be off the grid14:46
psurbhiapw, thanks :)14:47
apwpsurbhi, yeah they need to go as a set as they don't make sense without so i'll do them together if that works for you ... obviously your signoffs are on your ones14:47
psurbhiapw, yes sure it does :)14:47
hrwapw: any suggestions to patch from bug 603087 (stage1 support)?15:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 603087 in linux (Ubuntu) "Allow to build just linux-libc-dev (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60308715:01
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* ogra wonders if tgardner's recent ureadahead fix in lucid might be the magical fix for Bug 600359 ... somehow smells related15:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 600359 in ureadahead (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "ureadahead generating oom messages during boot. (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60035915:14
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bjf## Kernel team meeting in two hours16:03
* abogani waves After Zinc upgrade I receive this error (http://paste.ubuntu.com/462958/) pushing new stuff into my git tress. Is it something which I should care?16:06
apwabogani, you need to mark that as a bare repo on zinc ... bare = true in config16:06
tgardnerabogani, the new git version complains if you don't have a bare repository.16:07
smbDepending whether it is a bare repo16:07
smbYou also could have one with a working tree, and then would need to set that config mentioned16:07
manjosconklin, iirc you made a presentation about video at one of the sprints, where can I start learning about video?16:11
manjosconklin, if you can point me in the right dir ... very much appreciated 16:11
sconklinmanjo: let me look. That was based on the years I spent writing device drivers, I'm not sure where you could get a good overview of the whole pipeline.16:12
aboganiapw, tgardner, smb: Thanks!16:15
manjosconklin, thanks. wish I had made notes that day :)16:15
achiangfbond: just pinged jiri; our theory that he was on holiday was correct16:15
achiangfbond: he said he'll get around to processing his backlog "soonish" after responding to his inbox16:15
fbondachiang: Ah, okay, thanks.16:15
sconklinmanjo: all the stuff I talked about is interesting, but mostly not related to the parts of the linux drivers that cause the most pain. Still, it's useful to know in general how things work16:16
smbTeTeT, Ok, source package parts are now in my home dir on chinstrap for you to copy, resign and upload. I believe with the right config there you can directly upload from there16:24
manjotgardner, I think its bzr launchpad-login16:28
TeTeTsmb: thanks, let me see how far I get16:31
TeTeTsmb: would you happen to know how resign the packages on chinstrap? debsign is not installed on chinstrap16:35
smbTeTeT, You likely want to use debsign -r from you local machine16:36
smbThat downloads only the .dsc and changes16:36
smbTeTeT, debsign -k<yourkey> -r <host>/<dir>/*.changes16:36
TeTeTsmb: ok, giving it a try16:37
smbTeTeT, Actually debsign -k<yourkey> -r <host>:<dir>/*.changes16:38
tgardnerapw, bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-70455952:///~scott/ureadahead/trunk/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport16:43
ogratgardner, its owned by Keybuk accroding to the URL16:45
ograi'd create my oen branch and file a merge request16:45
ograif there isnt an ubuntu-core-dev one16:46
tgardnerogra, yeah, I've just followed that route16:47
ograthough i wonder, is that the branch thats mentioned in debian/control ? 16:48
ograit should point to a public one16:48
tgardnerogra, its a bit weird because ureadahead is the upstream repository and is not a debian package16:51
ograthe branch should be ubuntu-core-dev owned 16:52
apwogra, isn't that the packaging branch .... which should be16:52
apwincluding the debian directory16:52
ogralooking at debian/copyright and debian/control it doesnt even mention any upstream location16:52
ograbad bad Keybuk !16:53
ograapw, we dont separate upstream development and debian branches anymore for native ubuntu packages16:53
apwogra, what about packages which arn't just native ubuntu packages16:54
ograthings like casper, livecd-rootfs etc that are native ubuntu stuff usually have the debian dir included16:54
apwie ones like upstart which are in debian as well but not sync'd16:54
ografor these you usually have two branches, yeah16:54
apwso i think thats what he has here, an ubuntu packaging one, which he merges this one into16:55
ograeither way copyright and/or control should mention the actual upstream location16:55
apwi think ... not htat i have a clue how you'd find it should you need to update it if he was away16:55
ograogra@osiris:~/Devel/branches/jasper-initramfs$ grep Bzr debian/*16:56
ogradebian/control:Vcs-Bzr: lp:jasper-initramfs16:56
ograthats the usual way to point to an upstream source16:56
apwogra, yep but which one, the upstream upstream, or the one with the debian packaging16:56
ogradepends 16:56
apwsee and therein lies the uslessness of the thing ... we cannot ever find the right branch even if its listed16:57
ograjasper for example carries the debian dir in it 16:57
ogra(my above example)16:57
ograit isnt usable without images built in the ubuntu infrastructure16:57
ografor rootstock where i'm upstream upstream i have a separate packaging branch, and no Vcs-Bzr: in control, but the location of the upstream branch in copyright16:58
apwogra, i wonder if it is allowed to have two in there, that would make some sense16:59
apwpointing to both the packaing and the code branches16:59
ograyou can do that, i think they are different Vcs-Bzr tags 16:59
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TeTeTsmb: uploaded the sources to a new PPA, thanks! fought a little bit with dput on chinstrap :) will report to you tomorrow if the build run well, going to the hotel now17:04
ogasawaraJFo: I just realized you have an ubuntu dev week session tomorrow on kernel triage17:18
apwjfo what time is that going on ?17:19
smbJFo, And there is a kernel bug day?17:19
JFoplanned to go over the new tagging scheme etc17:19
JFosmb, indeed17:19
smbJFo, Btw, can you add that to kernel-team calendar?17:19
JFosmb, I can indeed17:19
apwJFo, presenting the "triage levels 1-3" ?17:19
* JFo digs the time up for apw17:19
smbJFo, Thanks :)17:19
* apw cracks the whip17:19
JFoapw, looks like 9PM your time17:20
JFoit is 4PM EST17:20
* JFo adds the triage session to the kernel cal17:20
smbDefinitely beer o clock my time17:20
apwJFo, then you'll have to hastle other kernel peeps to keep you company!17:21
JFono sweat apw17:21
JFoI hadn't actually planned to pester you guys17:22
JFoI think I have more than enough to discuss :)17:22
JFoplus I gave an intro to the kernel on Saturday17:22
JFofor Ubuntu User Days17:22
JFok smb, it should be there now17:23
smbJFo, The triage session is. Though I am sorry to have been unclear (that one is good too) but there was aksing to have the kernel team bug day effort there as well to remind people17:25
JFooh hah! :)17:25
JFoI'll add that too :)17:25
smbJFo, Many thank yous :)17:25
JFomy pleasure17:26
bjfJFo, when do you take off for prague?17:27
bjf## Kernel team meeting in 30 minutes17:28
JFoI'm leaving Thursday morning for Dallas to hit a meeting, then leaving Friday for Prague17:28
smbpoor meeting17:28
JFoogasawara, is the kernel bug day showing up right for you on the cal?17:29
JFosmb :-P17:29
smbJFo, Its showing on mine. Thanks17:29
JFoshould be 8 AM17:29
JFocool sm17:29
JFoerr smb17:29
bjfJFo, so you get into prague Saturday and have a intro to the kernel meeting that day17:29
ogasawaraJFo: yep, showing 8am-11am for me17:29
* smb feels a bit sm17:29
JFono, the intro was this past sat bjf, sorry for the confusion17:29
JFoogasawara, cool17:29
JFosmb, heh :)17:30
bjfJFo, was thinking you were more insane than usual17:30
JFooh no, no more... no less17:30
JFoheading to CLT tomorrow since my flight on Thursday is early17:30
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simarJFo, Hi i have been working on triaging bugs related to touchpad xserver-xorg-input-synaptics. I have folowed your class in Ubuntu OPen week but now don't know where to start. I know how to package but where should i start and what should i do now??17:44
JFosimar, have you read the wiki documentation we have so far on bug triage?17:44
* JFo gets the link17:44
JFosimar, these pages https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage ?17:45
JFokeep in mind that they are being reworked so they may not be complete as yet17:45
simarJFo, I have not but i will that by tomorrow ..17:45
JFolet me know if yo uhave questions as you read :)17:45
JFoor if something makes no sense17:46
JFoI want to get them as clear as possible17:46
JFothanks simar :)17:46
simarJFo, Ok17:46
JFosimar, we are about to have our weekly meeting in #ubuntu-meeting. You are welcome to join us and see what all we discuss in these meetings17:47
JFoif you are interested, that is17:47
simarJFo, Now i can really see a way to contribute ... I hope so :)17:48
JFoI hope so too :)17:48
simarJFo, one general question. Is there any diagnose tool that can display information right from touchpad ie from the kernel driver in 'as is' form , when i produce events like touch .. currently what i know of is evtest?17:50
JFosimar, the best person to talk to would be cnd, but I don't know off the top of my head :)17:51
simarJFo, ok, so should i ask him now?17:53
simarJFo, i think he's online17:53
JFowell, it is entirely likely that he is busy17:53
JFoas he does a lot of hardware work17:53
JFoit may be a better idea to send an e-mail to the kernel list and ask there.17:53
JFothat way he can answer as he gets the time17:54
sconklinsevere tstorms here, if I drop that's why17:54
JFok, keep the grounding rod handy sconklin :)17:54
simarJFo, thanks i see some more ways ..17:56
JFocool :)17:56
simarJFo, I 'm already joined the kernel mailing list ..17:56
JFoexcellent! :)17:56
simarJFo, thanks.. 17:57
JFomy pleasure17:57
cndsimar, I can answer here17:57
simarcnd thanks17:58
bjf## Meeting about to start17:58
simarcnd  Is there any diagnose tool that can display information right from touchpad ie from the kernel driver in 'as is' form , when i produce events like touch .. currently what i know of is evtest?17:59
cndsimar, yes, I use evtest for that purpose17:59
simarcnd but it doesn't do it in a live manner .. like xev do for x drivers18:00
cndsimar, I'm not sure what you mean18:00
cndwhen I use it, I touch on the touchpad and I get events spit out18:00
simarcnd actually i get some properties and in the end theres a message Testing ... (interrupt to exit) . I want to use it for touchpad ..18:03
cndsimar, what kind of device is it?18:03
cndsome of the x drivers lock the evdev interface from the kernel18:04
cndif you jump to another VT you should be able to see events for those devices18:04
simarcnd, sorry i dinn't get VT18:05
simarcnd synaptics touchpad .. I want to fix the multitouch support which is not recognised by kernel . it shows SYnaptics Capabilities 10100 ..18:05
simarcnd though it is multitouch capable . There are a lot of bugs filed about this always ...18:06
cndsimar, to switch to a different VT, use ctrl+alt+<number>18:07
cndX normally resides on VT 718:07
ogradepends how insane your distro is :)18:07
ogra(some use vt1 nowadays )18:08
* cnd hopes simar isn't trapped in another VT and can't find his way back :)18:08
ogramaps.google.com ;)18:09
simarcnd is still dinn't get it. Seems to be something new for me . I will google it . You could resume with your imp work and thanks for your generous support ...18:11
cndsimar, np18:11
simarcnd, thanks again18:13
* JFo goes to grab grub.18:18
=== bjf changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Maverick Kernel Version: 2.6.35 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - July-27 - 17:00 UTC
bjflag, if you'd use "*" instead of "-" for your status, i'd appreciate it, that makes it a straight cut and paste for me18:31
smbbjf, Maybe I should convert to that too18:32
bjfsmb, there is no hope for your status :-)18:32
bjfsmb, if you can make it look reasonable in moin that would be fantastic, but don't go to any great effort18:33
smbLets see for next time18:33
apwbjf do you have a table conversion in your scripting ?18:34
apwsmb's stuff is essentially a table, but || ppo || bar || is very ugly18:34
bjfapw, been working on one, so yes, partial18:34
apwthough i guess as long as he spaces it out nicely it would look ok on here18:34
smbWell I should be able to make it directly into one18:34
apw|| karmic          || v2.6.32-rc1       || 5 pending ||18:35
bjfapw, right, needs to look sane in text, convertible to moin and convertible again to html (for blog)18:35
apwgah ... bibble, to hard18:35
bjfthe sane in text is just for the meeting, if you've noticed the email i send out it's straight moin and I don't care how it looks :-)18:36
bjfso if you can make it moin, that doesn't look too bad in the meeting, that's fantastic for me18:37
apwyeah i recon a moin table, but with the internal spacing so it lines up in IRC18:37
lagbjf: No problem18:42
bjflag, thanks18:42
* manjo getting lunch will be back soon18:43
NCommanderPing, is there anyone around who can help sort out kernels with marvell? I need to upload the latest SRU kernel to maverick to use as a base18:54
NCommanderpgraner: ping, do you have any objections if we copy the lucid SRU kernel to maverick?19:03
rippsThe wacom driver in the kernel is out of date. I made a dkms package that builds a new wacom module from upstream using dkms, but when I tried to submit the package to debian, they said that I was just working around the kernel development process. Does anybody know how I can patch the kernel wacom source to new version?19:11
rippsThe new module is needed for the Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch models to work.19:11
apwNCommander, which kernel what ?19:14
apwsmb, ^^19:14
smbapw, Don't know what is in Maverick (mlv-dove wise)19:15
NCommanderapw: smb: lucid release kernel :-/19:16
apwNCommander, you proposing a pocket copy ?19:19
NCommanderapw: yeah, from lucid-updates -> maverick19:19
apwNCommander, are we expecting a kernel update for mvl-dove before release ?19:20
apwas .32 is damn far behind userspace19:20
apwNCommander, as we already have a .32 kernel in maverick and the one you are proposing to copy is at least better security wise it doens't seem like a bad idea.  i don't think we can make any guarentees about it working with maverick userspace though19:21
smbAs the current mvl-dove for Maverick is a pocket-copy either, I cannot see much harm19:21
NCommanderapw: that's fine, I'll hold onto both pieces should they break in two19:22
apwNCommander, but tell me there is a plan to update the kernel19:22
NCommanderapw: there is a plan being planned19:22
apwjjohansen, yo ... did that AA push go out20:00
jjohansennot yet been doing the server team meeting20:02
apwahhh doh :)20:02
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apwsmb, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/misc/fbcon-handoff2.ogv20:12
smbapw, Looks quite smooth and a nice addon effect seems to be to retain messages on the vt that were there on boot20:14
apwright, as they really are there on the VT its just not updated20:14
apwand that is why they dissappear ... cause we switch to VT7 which doesn't have them20:15
jjohansen-> Lunch with kids20:29
JFoenjoy :)20:29
* ogasawara lunch20:34
JFo^^ with kid ;)20:34
manjoJFo, can you add the bug mumble tomorrow to our calendar ?20:47
JFobug mumble?20:48
manjobug review that we are supposed to have tomorrow morning ?20:48
JFooh, it isn't a bug review20:52
JFoand it is already on the calendar20:52
JFoit is a Team bug day20:52
JFofor about 3 hours in the channel here20:52
=== sconklin is now known as sconklin-gone
keesogasawara: are you back this week?23:37
ogasawarakees: yep23:37
keesogasawara: cool.  I sent https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2010-July/011633.html earlier today, but I've since added another patch on top of those for another bug.  Should I send a separate pull request, or will you pull everything since 78e9e77809943546ba9db28bfacce07ecfaecfe0 in that tree anyway?23:39
ogasawarakees: I can just pull everything since 78e9e7723:40
ogasawarakees: I'd actually already pulled the first two patches, so I'll just pull the last one you've added23:41
keesogasawara: okay, cool, sounds good.  I'll leave that tree alone now.  ah, perfect, thanks.23:41

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