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nisshhjenkins: before you push any of your work on the dev manual to lp, grab the latest revisions ok?10:18
jenkinsnisshh: yep as always :)10:18
nisshhjenkins: cool10:18
nisshhjenkins: i did some restructuring of the code yesterday and i dont want the branch to break :)10:19
jenkinscool, makes sense10:19
nisshhaquarius: do you have a minute? i just have a few questions about what you had planned for the dev manual10:25
aquariusnisshh, sure10:44
nisshhaquarius: on the wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/10.10/DeveloperManual10:45
nisshhyou have listed a basic outline of the chapter10:45
nisshhwhat i want to know is about the first point listed10:46
nisshh"when to use desktopcouch"10:46
nisshhaquarius: can you expand more on that?10:46
nisshhim about to write the desktop couch chapter10:47
aquariusOK. Have you seen the existing desktopcouch documentation?10:47
nisshhsome of it yes10:47
aquariusessentially, I planned to do that, but in more detail and with more examples10:47
nisshhaquarius: right10:48
aquariusI planned to show how to add a new desktopcouch backend to an existing piece of software, and how to write a new program that used desktopcouch exclusively as its storage system10:48
nisshhah. yes10:48
aquariusand talk a little about slipcover, and how to find out whether DC is replicating OK10:48
nisshhaquarius: you were planning to base it off this?: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch/Documentation/SimpleGuide10:50
nisshhah, the slipcover app, right10:51
aquariusyep, the simpleguide and the other DC documentation: there's some stuff in there about how DC works under the covers, which is probably not necessary in the Manual10:57
aquariusbut there is stuff in there explaining how to choose a database, what record types are for, and so on10:57
nisshhright, thanks for clearing that up for me aquarius :)10:59
ChrisWoollardping godbyk12:32
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jenkinsevening all20:21
jenkinshey ChrisWoollard20:28
jenkinshows you?20:28
ChrisWoollardgood thanks20:29
ChrisWoollard'tis quiet here this evening.20:29
jenkinsyea, I think we are all busy as usual20:29
ChrisWoollardI am going to work on some bugs in a bit.20:30
jenkinsI had noticed the bug mail filling my inbox :P20:31
jenkinsnice to see work being done20:31
c7phello all22:10
zkriessehello c7p22:11
c7pfor about a half week the channel is pretty quite :-/22:12
c7phi daker22:13
dakerdutchie, are you around ?23:37
dakerdutchie, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual-website/+junk/ump-planet-theme23:39

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