EzraRwhat package would the default sudoers file be in?00:15
EzraRor better yet what is the command that will tell me?00:16
EzraRdpkg-query -S sudoers00:18
sbeattieEzraR: it's created in sudo's postinst script; you can see it in /var/lib/dpkg/info/sudo.postinst00:20
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fabrice_sphi porthose are you processing the sponsor queue?06:06
porthosefabrice_sp, was actual fix to head to bed06:07
fabrice_spporthose, ok:_ just ot know as I was beginning to look at a sync that you ack, so I just wanted to know if 2 people werer processing the queue to be more carefull :-)06:08
fabrice_sphave a good night then ;-)06:08
porthosefabrice_sp, you to :)06:09
micahgLucidFox: maybe ask fabrice_sp if you want a second opinion06:09
fabrice_spI just woke up ;-)06:09
micahgfabrice_sp: don't worry, easy Q06:09
LucidFoxhello fabrice_np06:09
fabrice_sphello :-)06:09
LucidFoxI have a question!06:09
fabrice_spI just woke up so I may be slow :-)06:10
LucidFoxRight now Maverick has pinta 0.3-2ubuntu1, the Ubuntu changes were merged upstream, so we were just going to sync 0.4+dsfg-1 from DEbian06:10
fabrice_spsounds the right thing to do06:10
LucidFoxBut now I discovered a new grave bug, and while discarding the old Ubuntu changes, I'm going to upload -1ubuntu1 with a new patch06:10
LucidFoxShould I keep the changelog entry from -2ubuntu1?06:11
fabrice_spI did the same some time ago, and kept it06:11
fabrice_spbut I added in the last entry: Merge with Debian. Nochanges left06:11
fabrice_spand added my entry06:11
fabrice_spbut I think it's more a question of taste06:12
fabrice_spas actually, requesting the sync would have deleted them06:12
LucidFoxGreat, for some reason none of the patches from git apply, even though the code is exactly the same :(06:17
LucidFoxguess I'll have to apply them manually06:17
fabrice_spI may be because of debsrc3.0?06:18
LucidFox*facepalm* I'm stupid06:18
LucidFoxI was trying to apply them not from the source directory, but from the one above06:18
fabrice_spit's a common error :-)06:18
fabrice_spI usually do it when a debdiff comes from bzr as it has to be applied as p0, and not p106:19
LucidFox+// This function should not be public! It is only like this to minimize the diff.06:36
LucidFox+// It should be changed to protected in upstream git here and in all derived classes.06:36
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dholbachgood morning07:31
somethinginteresI'm fixing a bug here (needs to be submitted to debian so I am following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cheese/+bug/604636 I just want to check that the correct way to get the source for submitting to debian is 'apt-get source cheese' b/c I am getting this output in terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462834/07:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 604636 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Description: Cheese is too "cheesy"!" [Low,Confirmed]07:31
somethinginteresI orginally downloaded the source from bzr but when I used 'submittodebian' it complained about no 'orig.tar.gz' so I checked the wiki and saw they say to use apt-get souece07:32
dholbachif you run    bzr bd -- -S -us -uc    it should get you the orig.tar.gz07:33
dholbachbut apt-get source cheese should work too07:33
somethinginteresdholbach: thanks. I assume that the version I am wanting is the mavrick one b/c that is 'active development' but when I ran dch -i it had 'lucid' written for my changes and mavrick for everyone elses but I did bzr brach the active development tree (hope this makes sense)07:44
dholbachsomethinginteres: are you still running lucid?07:45
somethinginteresdholbach, yeah I am atm07:45
dholbachyeah, that explains it07:45
dholbachjust branching off   lp:ubuntu/<package>  should give you the latest07:45
somethinginteresyeah I did umm lp:ubuntu/cheese and edited the required files but if I submit my fixes is that going to get to mavrick as well or will it only fix for lucid I just want to make sure I am fixing the right then :)07:47
somethinginteres* thing07:48
dholbachsomethinginteres: once you're done and documented your changes, run debcommit, then bzr push lp:~<your ID>/ubuntu/maverick/<package>/<some branch name>07:49
dholbachthen bzr lp-open and click on "propose for merging"07:49
somethinginteresdholbach, I would do that but last time I pushed to a branch and did a merge proposal I was asked to instead send it to debian07:50
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dholbachmaybe this helps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/WorkingWithPatches07:52
dholbach(if you need to decide when to upstream something)07:52
somethinginteresdholbach, it's going to be upstream then b/c the bug is the software centre description07:53
dholbachaha, so in that case it'd go to debian, right07:54
somethinginteresMmm.  I just wanted to confirm I was not fixing an outdated package using apt-get source or or bzr bd or whatever, but if that is OK and will give me the correct stuff then I'm good to go07:56
somethinginterescould you just explain the bzr bd -- -S -us -uc command for me?07:58
somethinginteresI've not used that before :) *n00b*07:58
dholbach"bzr bd -- -S -us -uc" creates a source package (.orig.tar.gz, .dsc, .diff.gz) from the branch07:58
dholbachit passes -S -us -uc to debuild07:58
dholbachit's basically because we're living in two worlds right now: branches, building from branches, etc. on the one side and source packages, patches, etc. on the other side07:59
dholbachthat's why we have to deal with stuff like that right now07:59
somethinginteresah right.. so I run that command to pull down the source from the branch.. make my changes and submit08:00
dholbachit will use the latest code in your local branch, then get the tarbal from some location, then generate the .diff.gz (with your changes) and then the .dsc file08:01
somethinginteresoh ok so I still run bzr branch blahblah first make changes then run that command - right, i'm with you08:03
dholbachlet me know how it goes :)08:03
somethingintereswill do - thanks, good class yesterday btw :)08:03
dholbachthanks a bunch :)08:04
bilalakhtardholbach: I have a help request. Could you please examine why https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krename/4.0.4-2ubuntu1/+build/1864396 is repeatedly failing?08:09
bilalakhtarIt is working for other architectures, including both amd64 and i38608:10
dholbachdid you ask the kubuntu folks if they have an idea? or maybe ask in #ubuntu-mobile too, if it's just arm failing08:11
bilalakhtardholbach: ok, will ask kubuntu-devel fist08:12
dholbachgood luck08:12
bilalakhtar /join #kubuntu-devel08:12
bilalakhtarsorry ^^ typo08:12
bilalakhtar.join #kubuntu-devel08:12
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RhondaHmm. There's something fishy with planet.ubuntu. It plants the ubuntu logo into my feed reader and I have no clue where it takes the icon from. It definitely isn't favicon nor is it referenced in the rss file.08:44
Rhonda… and the feedback link at the end of the planet page yields an 404 not found error08:56
somethinginteresblast! http://paste.ubuntu.com/462883/09:11
Rhondasomethinginteres: Missing build-depends on cdbs?09:13
somethinginteresRhonda: probably.. how do I get that?09:14
RhondaTake a look at debian/control.09:14
RhondaThe gimp package in the pool though has that Build-Depends.09:15
Rhondableah, wrong link :)09:15
Rhondahttp://packages.ubuntu.com/source/lucid/gimp of course#09:15
Rhondahighvoltage: Why used you the link for my blog entry from planet.debian instead of from planet.ubuntu? They differ, and the one on planet.ubuntu is the more "correct" one that I prefer. :)09:16
somethinginteresRhonda, installing cdbs now :)09:17
Rhondasomethinginteres: Actually I thought debuild does complain about not installed Build-Depends …09:17
Rhondahighvoltage: Also, at least for me it wasn't related to Zack's talk. It is spinning around in my head at least since I wrote this: http://rhonda.deb.at/blog/debian/2009/10/16 - note the date. ;)09:19
somethinginteres'dpkg-source: error: syntax error in gimp-2.6.8/debian/control at line 45: line with unknown format (not field-colon-value)' that's the line with the description for GiMP that I just changed09:23
RhondaHow did you change it?09:23
somethinginteresjust replaced  the old description with the one suggested at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gimp/+bug/599785 using gedit09:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 599785 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Gimp's description is too confusing" [Low,Triaged]09:25
sebnerRhonda: ohh, I'm pretty late. congrats for being MOTU now09:25
Rhondasomethinginteres: Did you try to forward that to Ari from Debian for fixing it in there?09:25
somethinginteresRhonda, no I haven't.09:26
Rhondasomethinginteres: But I think you might have b0rked the spacing. Please notice that the Description: line shouldn't have any space infront of it, the long description after there though (the rest of the description) has to be indented by one space.09:26
Rhondasomethinginteres: It might make sense to coordinate that update with the Debian packager to not create a workload for future updates in case the description gets changed in Debian resulting in merge conflicts and the likes.09:27
somethinginteresOk then how would I best notify him of the proposed change? Link him to the LP report or..?09:28
Rhondasomethinginteres: There is some wiki page on how to forward patches. First, generate one that works and doesn't give you that error ;)  Then let someone dig out the BTS howto for you.09:36
Rhondasomethinginteres: And make sure to join Laney's and my talk this evening on exactly this topic. :P09:36
somethinginteresRhonda, I plan to, thanks :)09:37
Rhondasomethinginteres: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Bugs is a good entry point09:38
RhondaAnd https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Usertagging09:39
rippsAny MOTU's here willing to checkout my wacom-source package on REVU. It creates a wacom-dkms package that builds a new wacom kernel module, something desperately needed for anybody using any of the new Wacom Bamboo models, as they don't work on Ubuntu Lucid/Maverick with it.10:17
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highvoltageRhonda: still around?11:56
RhondaSure. :)11:57
highvoltageRhonda: your link from planet ubuntu and planet debian look the same to me12:01
Rhondahighvoltage: http://rhonda.deb.at/blog/2010/07/12#motu.en is from planet ubuntu12:02
Rhondahttp://alfie.ist.org/blog/2010/07/12#motu.en is from planet debian12:03
highvoltageah, when I copied and pasted they looked the same (updated now)12:03
rippsAny MOTU's here willing to checkout my wacom-source package on REVU. It creates a wacom-dkms package that builds a new wacom kernel module, something desperately needed for anybody using any of the new Wacom Bamboo models, as they don't work on Ubuntu Lucid/Maverick with it.12:48
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Rhondaripps: For a start, the patches don't have the meta header information (author, description, ...).13:00
rippsI can fix that, but I was under the impression that was mostly optional.13:01
RhondaSecond, the package doesn't have any long description, at all.13:01
RhondaIt is optional in the way that you would need a very good reason to leave it out. ;)13:02
RhondaYou wrote "is licensed under the GPL, see `/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL'."13:02
RhondaPlease be more specific than that, include GPL version you want to have it covered under, potential including the "or later" part.13:03
RhondaAlso you don't mention /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2 for the upstream copyright.13:03
RhondaThe debian/install file looks weird.  A * wildcard and an additional file?13:04
RhondaAh, because that's debian/*, scratch that last remark. :)13:04
RhondaHmm, I probably should put that into the comment box instead of here. %-)13:04
RhondaAnd I think REVU has issues with source format 3.0, is that possible?13:09
Rhonda"Warning! This package could not be extracted; there's no browsable directory for it on REVU."13:09
geserRhonda: yes, REVU doesn't support v3 src packages13:18
Rhondasebner: Thanks btw. :)13:19
sebnerRhonda: haha, better late than never :P13:19
rippsRhonda: okay, I'm uploading an updated package now.13:22
rippsRhonda: hmm.. patch headers weren't exactly dep-3 compliant. updloading a version with better fields13:37
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rippsRhonda: see anything else wrong with the package?13:47
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Rhondaripps: I'm not familiar with dkms, and neither with cdbs. People discourage usage of cdbs magic these days.13:48
rippsRhonda: yeah, but I couldn't get dkms to work with dh713:49
shadeslayeroh.. you already got hold of Rhonda :P13:52
Rhondashadeslayer: I'm out of the boat now. I just didn't want to get ripps depressed because he asked three times within 24 hours without any response.13:56
shadeslayerRhonda: hehe :D13:56
rippsThings on REVU have a habit of getting ignored. I'm trying to be a little more forceful with this because alot of users need this fix.13:57
RhondaOut of curiosity, why isn't this in Debian at all?13:58
rippsI don't know, I haven't found a bug report with a similar problem in Debian. If there was, I would just try to get this into Debian.14:00
rippsMaybe nobody in Debian uses Wacom Bamboo Pen/Touches14:00
RhondaIt doesn't work with xserver-xorg-input-wacom?14:03
RhondaAh, wait, that's only the input driver - the kernel is the issue here, right?14:04
geserRhonda: IIRC, yes. A friend has this device and he got problems to run it with Debian.14:04
rippsgeser: he should have filed a bug report14:05
rippsthe current method recommended is to compile a new module manually: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/wacom-bamboo-ctl-460-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html14:06
rippsthis is messy and it has to be redone every time the kernel is updated. So I created a wacom-dkms package in a ppa. I've been told it works, and I'm currently try to spread the word. But some people just don't like using ppa's14:07
rippsare there any motu's who are familiar with cdbs/dkms? I know alot of people need a real fix for this, not just a PPA or guide on how to compile kernel modules14:13
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gesermicahg: another candidate for the mozilla package set or removal from the archive: instantbird (Instant messaging client based on XULrunner and libpurple)15:19
micahggeser: thanks, I need to chat with chrisccoulson about it15:20
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chrisccoulsongeser - thanks. i will review that later and see if it's something that we want to keep (but i suspect it probably isn't)15:27
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starts in 24 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:37
DktrKranzLucidFox: hi, do you need sponsoring for valknut_0.4.9-1 in Debian?17:09
LucidFoxDktrKranz> Indeed!17:10
DktrKranzLucidFox: if you can give it a quick look (e.g. bump Standards-Version, and thelike) I could give it a go17:11
LucidFoxOkay, moment!17:11
Rhonda\o LucidFox17:14
rippsHi, can someone please sponsor my wacom-source package in REVU? It creates a wacom-dkms package that builds an updated wacom module. This is essential because Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch tablets have been broken since Lucid because the Kernel's default wacom module doesn't support them.17:14
* Rhonda smirks at ripps17:15
RhondaThe times between your requests start to get shorter. I wonder when you'll travel back in time. ;)17:15
rippsRhonda: hey, I waited almost 4 hours. I think I might just keep doing this every 4-6 hours until I get a sponsor, or someone explains to me why it won't be sponsored :P17:17
rippsI've been poking at this about since mid-June, I'm just not taking silence as an answer anymore (that and I'm feeling kinda proactive today)17:18
RhondaMaybe you could try #debian-mentors on OFTC network too. It really looks like something that would be well suited within Debian, too.17:20
joaopintoripps, unfortunately REVU does not get much attention17:22
rippsjoaopinto: I'm aware, that's why I'm being aggressive and bugging everybody here ;)17:23
joaopintoI decided to try Debian's ITP's, I hope it works better :P17:23
rippsjoaopinto: I've had success with getting packages into Ubuntu through Debian, but there isn't a bug related to my problem in Debian (although I've been told problem exists there too) and Debian Mentors want a Debian bug to be closed before they accept a package.17:24
joaopintodo you need to go through Debian Mentor's ?17:25
joaopintocan't you simple use the Intent to Package Process ?17:25
rippsjoaopinto: unless you get debian developer to sponsor your package, how else are you supposed to get it in?17:26
rippsDebian Mentors makes it easy to get a sponsor17:26
joaopintoripps, no idea, I am just following the process as documented on the web, some will have to sponsor it,17:27
joaopintootherwise the process should not exist17:27
Laneyripps: err, you can just file the ITP yourself17:27
Laneyreportbug -B debian wnpp17:27
joaopintothat's what I did :)17:27
Rhondaripps: Then open a bugreport yourself? :)17:30
rippsI'm doing that now.17:30
joaopintoITPs also have a huge backlog, so I am keeping limited expectations17:34
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Rhondajoaopinto: Erm. ITPs means that the people who filed them are working on them. Backlog would mean that some person might actually not be really working on them and one could take them over.17:38
joaopintoRhonda, so I am missing something, I have filled an ITP, what are the next steps ?17:38
joaopintoerm, wait, it's on Debian mentor's FAQ :P17:39
RhondaPackage it and get it uploaded. :)17:40
RhondaITP stands for "Intend To Package" - and if one doesn't have that intent (any more) the bugreport should rather either be closed if noone is interested, or renamed into a RFP (Request For Packaging)17:41
joaopintook, I am reading the get it uploaded part :P17:42
rippsI hate reportbug, I never know if it sent my ITP or not17:44
joaopintoripps, didn't you specify your email ? You will get a message17:44
rippsjoaopinto: yeah, still no email17:45
LucidFoxDktrKranz> Updated package, now going to pbuilder and check it for lintian warnings17:45
rippshow do I know if sendmail worked or not?17:46
rippswait since I didn't recieve a copy, that probably means it didn't....17:47
joaopintoripps, assuming you are using a local sendmail, check your logs ?17:47
joaopintoRhonda, are you familiar with the "Free Art License"  ?17:47
rippswhere are the sendmail logs?17:48
joaopintohttp://wiki.debian.org/DFSGLicenses#TheArtisticLicense states that the original version is free, the documentation describes version 1.217:48
joaopintoripps, /var/log/mail.log17:49
rippsyeah... it seems I'm getting connection timed out17:49
rippsJul 13 11:45:13 ripps-desktop postfix/smtp[14004]: A3FD8229A2: to=<ripps818@gmail.com>, relay=none, delay=551, delays=445/0.26/106/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to alt4.gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com[]:25: Connection timed out)17:49
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rippsso, I guess my postfix is broken17:50
Laneyripps: set smtphost in ~/.reportbugrc17:57
rippsLaney: set it to what?17:57
RhondaHmm, if people ask me something and don't wait for an answer for a few minutes it gets a bit … depressing. :/18:01
c_kornRhonda: joao had to leave.18:02
rippsArgh.... I hate this postfix senmail reportbug crap.18:05
rippssomeone please explain how to setup postfix18:07
rippsI went through dpkg-reconfigure, still not working18:07
Laneyripps: You should be more patient. Use your ISP's server.18:20
Laneyor reportbug.debian.org18:20
RhondaWhat is reportbug.debian.org meant to be? :)18:21
rippsLaney: well, I'm just wondering why postfix doesn't work. It seems postfix keeps trying every couple minutes, and it fails to send to both debian.org and gmail18:21
* Laney shrugs18:21
LaneyI use ssmtp as a simple mta18:21
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rippsLaney: woo, I got it working18:28
rippsI had to set my relayhost = mail.charter.net18:29
rippsI wish the confiure dialog had warned me that ISP's block port 2518:31
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rippsYeah, okay. So a Debian Dev just snuffed my ITP.19:05
rippsbasically, he says I'm working around both the Kernel Development process and the problem should be fixed directly in the mainline kernel, not working around it with a dkms package.19:06
rippsI would love to have the kernel fixed directly, but I have no idea how to write a patch like this for the kernel19:07
micahgripps: have you tried asking the kernel team for guidance?19:08
rippsmicahg: I've asked about it in the #ubuntu-kernel before, but I was never responded to.19:09
micahgripps: what about the kernel team ML?19:11
rippsmicahg: haven't tried that yet...19:11
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LucidFoxDktrKranz> Okay, valknut updated, verified to build in sid without lintian warnings, and uploaded to mentors19:57
omidtrying to make package for pecl-cairo for php, but get this error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463116/20:01
micahgomid: it's using a static path to install instead of under the build dir20:06
omidmicahg, how can I solve it?20:07
micahgomid: idk20:08
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omidmicahg, thanks :)20:17
=== fta_ is now known as fta
shadeslayersimar: poke20:25
shadeslayersimar: ok,first up is getting the info you need to start working,checkout the topic of this channel20:26
shadeslayerloads of stuff needs fixing20:26
shadeslayerunfortunately im about to crash and burn on the keyboard :S20:27
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, Hi i'm simar now simar_mohaar temp20:29
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: ok,btw im from india as well ;)20:29
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: just check out the links in the topic20:30
shadeslayerthe last one is pretty good for starting20:30
shadeslayerfixing ftbfs errors20:30
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, Good to know that ..20:30
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, I'm sorry which topics .. I dinn't get :(20:31
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: type : /topic20:31
shadeslayerand hit enter20:31
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, ya I can see now20:31
shadeslayergood :D20:31
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: see the last one20:31
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: for eg. right now im fixing kdiff3,have a look at the build log20:32
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdiff3/0.9.95-6/+build/181196120:32
shadeslayerclick on buildlog20:32
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, ok20:32
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: itll load loads of text and fancy stuff20:33
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: just go along the build log and look at what happens20:33
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, ya that is what danial explained yesterday. :)20:33
shadeslayerthats why im telling you to have a look at this :P20:34
shadeslayersince you did this yesterday :D20:34
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, One thing before this from where to get more such bug to fix ...20:34
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: again,/topic20:34
shadeslayerthere are loads of ftbfs errors waiting to be loved20:34
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, Tday in morning i tried to fix these but dinn;t find any :(20:34
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, ok, Now i'm getting the stuff20:35
shadeslayersee when you open the last link,it loads up a list of packages20:35
shadeslayerit has 3 links,PTS == package tracking system ( debian ) , LP == Launchpad BTS == debian bug tracking system20:36
shadeslayerfor every package20:36
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: you will want to look at the LP links first and then at lp build log20:36
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, As you find good :)20:36
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: well.. ive gtg.. need some sleep,will be back tommorow to help,ive given you enough info to get started i think20:37
shadeslayerbut just poke around the channel and someone will help20:37
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: pick a package and start hacking20:38
shadeslayerno matter how long it takes,keep at it :P20:38
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, how to poke and really thanks for your help20:38
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: well.. just ask people around for help20:38
shadeslayerlike suppose you have xyz error20:38
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, thanks again ...20:38
shadeslayerpost that error here and then someone who knows will help20:39
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: np20:39
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, thankyou we will catch tommorrow ..20:39
shadeslayerim online a bit more.. 10-15 mins,then gone for sleep :)20:40
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, ok20:40
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, I think i will look at kdiff as you said earlier .20:41
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: its not that easy :P20:41
* shadeslayer is still struggling....20:41
shadeslayerbut sure go aheahd20:41
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, Please tell me some eary first.20:42
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, One more thing I'm running Lucid and not Maveric does this make sense ??20:42
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, Or do I need Virtual machine ?20:43
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: yeah,you just need a pbuilder20:43
shadeslayer!pbuilder | simar_mohaar20:43
ubottusimar_mohaar: pbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto20:43
simar_mohaarpbuilder with -dist or just pbuilder -create20:43
simar_mohaar!pbuilder | simar_mohaar20:44
ubottusimar_mohaar, please see my private message20:44
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mgltools-bhtree20:45
shadeslayerthat looks good20:45
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~lucas/ubuntu-nbs/64/gst-plugins-bad-multiverse0.10_0.10.18-0ubuntu1_lubuntu64.buildlog20:45
shadeslayersee one of the install files in debian/ needs fixing20:46
shadeslayerdh_install: cp -a ./debian/tmp/usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstxvid.so debian/gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse//usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/ returned exit code 1 << means it could not find the file it needs to copy20:46
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, ok that fine .. I got it. :)20:47
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, Probably i will fix it by tomm. :)20:47
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, By the way what these package are. These are for Lucid or Maveric ??20:47
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: these are package for maverick that failed to rebuild20:48
shadeslayerdue to some changes in another package maybe20:48
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, But i have created the chroot enviroment using pbuilder -create  . I think this will create for Lucid base tarball20:49
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: that depends on your pbuilderrc20:49
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, let me check20:49
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, How to open this file. I mean where it is located?20:51
dupondjesimar_mohaar: /var/cache/pbuilder :)20:51
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: open : .pbuilderrc : in your ~20:52
shadeslayerdupondje: pbuilder rc :D20:52
dupondjeI recommend using pbuilder-dist20:52
dupondjethis is a wrapper to make build environments for lucid/maverick etc20:52
dupondjequite easly :)20:52
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, I have this in it COMPONENTS="main universe multiverse restricted"20:52
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, Do i need to build another chroot20:53
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: set DISTRIBUTION=maverick20:53
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: then just do sudo pbuilder update20:53
shadeslayerdupondje: around to help?20:53
dupondjeyea :)20:54
simar_mohaarok thanks. Now i think I can work right away ..20:54
shadeslayerdupondje: need to sleep :D20:54
dupondjehéhé :)20:54
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, thankyou verry much for your great help20:54
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: dupondje will be able to help with queries :D20:54
shadeslayersimar_mohaar: np20:54
dupondjeenjoy :)20:54
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, dupondje Thats great20:54
shadeslayerdupondje: hehe :D20:55
simar_mohaarshadeslayer, But I think I will need some work on my part on one package to fix..20:55
shadeslayerdupondje: the error is a simple cp -a error,from dh.. he probably will be able to fix it himself,tho might need info about what .install files actually do :D20:56
shadeslayerok then.. bye all :D20:56
simar_mohaarok bye20:57
omidtrying to make package for pecl-cairo for php, but get this error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463116/21:05
dupondjedid you try looking at another php 'addon' package ? :) should be quite the same way21:06
omiddupondje, mmmm, nice idea :> thanks21:10
omiddupondje, how can I find debian/rules of a package21:39
dupondjeapt-get source 'package'"21:40
EzraRany motu want to review a package on REVU? The package is for Mangler, a ventrillo client for linux. Its already got one advocation and all issues should be fixed!21:40
omiddupondje, thanks :)21:50

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