douglI keep getting seg fault when starting mythfrontend on my mythbuntu install - any suggestions?00:52
superm1dougl, first things first, enable autobuilds00:54
superm1see if it's happening with a current build00:54
douglsuperm1, system is up to date and yes it is still happening.02:48
superm1dougl, do you by chance have an older CPU?03:01
superm1dougl, what i would recommend is turning on apport (edit /etc/default/apport and then sudo /etc/init.d/apport start)03:01
superm1that will let the crash detector catch the scenario and help you file a bug report03:01
douglI rebooted and cannot get it to seg fault again...03:03
douglcopied and avi movie to /var/lib/mythtv/videos but I cannot play movie in myth says there are no files found03:04
douglhow/where do I put movies to play in mythtv?03:04
rhpot1991dougl: hit m and choose scan for changes03:17

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