akgranernhandler, not yet but it will be :-)14:54
zkriesseakgraner: hey ya there?16:06
akgranerI am but working on a blog post and getting ready for Developer Week Day 2 what's up?16:09
nigelbzomig, I have to do a session tomorrow or the day after, totaly forgot :D16:13
zkriesseakgraner: oh just had some questions but it's not important16:16
akgranerzkriesse, just ask them and I can answer when I finish up or you can email me or PM  - I'll get to them as soon as I can :-)16:18
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akgranerzkriesse, if you are a round I have a few minutes now....19:46
zkriesseakgraner: ok19:46
zkriesseakgraner: I don't know if you know anything about the Ubuntu Youth project?19:46
akgranerI've heard of it, but that is about all19:46
akgranerand I think my daughter looked it up once19:47
zkriesseOk well I've since taken over/trying to revive it19:47
zkriesseWanted to know if you'd be interested in putting a piece in the UWN on it?19:47
zkriesseand your daughter looked into it? tell her to come back!19:48
akgranerIt would be interesting  - do you have a blog?19:48
zkriessenot for the team i don't thats my personal19:48
zkriesseI can make one for the team though no biggie19:48
zkriessebut that's about it19:50
akgranerno you don't have to have a team one :-)  I'll write something about it and see if we can get the word out on it19:50
zkriesseOk thanks ma'm!19:50
zkriesseAnd if your daughter is still interested tell her to come and check it out again19:50
zkriesseI'm reviving it so it might prove a little more intersting19:50
zkriesseand if she wants to help revive it that'd be SWEET!19:51
* zkriesse is always accepting help19:51
zkriesseThanks akgraner!19:53
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scott_evit looks like ,u meds are gonna get straightened out this week, so I shouldn't miss anymore UWN releases20:45
akgranerscott_ev, great hope you are feeling better!20:59
scott_evI am slowly21:20
scott_evthis is going to take quite awhile.  It's finally time to get off the pain meds and I was taking high doses of extremely potent stuff.  But we (my dr and I) finally have a plan to limit my aggony21:21
zkriessehey Vantrax22:47

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