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macowhered the !puregnome factoid go?03:44
macoIdleOne:  answered03:44
Jordan_Ucommodor in #ubuntu05:28
Jordan_UIs there anyone awake that can deal with commodor in #ubuntu? He's been trolling for almost an hour.05:52
Jordan_UNow tolkad is trolling about where to buy licenses for linux from SCO (also in #ubuntu).05:56
abhi_navTm_T, ping08:55
Tm_Tabhi_nav: hi08:55
abhi_navTm_T, hi08:55
abhi_navTm_T, yesterday we talked about ibus. but it is not updated yet. atleast I request you to add that wiki link?08:55
abhi_navTm_T, ??08:56
Tm_Tah, yes, could you provide the whole line you want to see as a factoid?08:56
abhi_navTm_T, yes08:56
abhi_navTm_T, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus08:57
Tm_Tmy last version was: ibus is <reply>IBus is used to allow input of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) characters among the other writing systems  and languages in !GUI applications. More information in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus - See also: !SCIM08:57
abhi_navTm_T, hmm08:58
abhi_navTm_T, IBus is an input method (IM) framework for multilingual input in Unix-like operating systems. The languages are including but not limited to Chinese,Japanes,Korean,Indian(Devanagari and Dravidian),European, African08:59
abhi_navTm_T, ^^08:59
abhi_navTm_T, hmm09:00
jussiwhy mention each individual language? just say characters other than latin?  osomething similar?09:00
abhi_navjussi, wiat09:00
Tm_Tperhaps, also that "unix-like operating systems" is prolly just confusing people more than helping09:01
Tm_T...this heat is killing my last braincells09:01
abhi_navjussi, language mention is necessary  because ibus is new and here i have experience that few people know about it. so they thought that its only for chinesl like languages. thats hwy09:01
knomeTm_T, what? you still had some left?09:01
Tm_Tknome: two09:02
mneptokabhi_nav: i think "non-Latin" covers more than Chinese.09:02
ikoniait's not really for all unix's though is it09:02
knomeTm_T, more than me :(09:02
abhi_navTm_T, IBus is an input method (IM) framework for multilingual input. The languages are including but not limited to Chinese,Japanes,Korean,Indian(Devanagari and Dravidian),European, African09:02
ikoniaibus is really for "linux" as Solaris/HPUX/AIX work different on their local input (I've not done a ton of research on ibus)09:03
abhi_navmneptok, actualy here in India we have two scipts namely Devanagari and Dravidian. so we need to clear that ibus can use to write in both scripts09:03
mneptokand i don't think the acronym helps anything09:03
jussiI mean is sounds a bit silly to mention those specific languages, then euro/african09:03
abhi_navikonia, hmm09:03
abhi_navjussi, mneptok what my point is ibus factioid shoudl imply that user can use it for his own language. user should not need to go on net and search that if ibus works for his language or not09:04
jussiabhi_nav: then there should be a link to a page listing the languages.09:04
Tm_Tlike https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus ?09:04
mneptokabhi_nav: and there are more scripts in India than Dravidian and Devangari09:05
abhi_navi wll tell you my case. when in 9.10 i see that there is no scim and wonder now how to type in my language. becaseu ibus state that its for chinese language. but after that my one friend told me that ibus has all language support that way i come to know.09:05
abhi_navTm_T, yes sure09:05
abhi_navmneptok, they are the major.09:05
mneptokabhi_nav: tell that to the Tamils09:06
abhi_navmneptok, ??means?09:06
abhi_navmneptok, tamil comes under Dravidian09:06
abhi_navohh n09:07
abhi_navohh no sorry peoples i am in wrong channel i just realise htat09:07
abhi_navactualy i should be in #ubuntu-bots channel. now what should i do?09:08
abhi_navTm_T, ^^09:08
ikoniano, this is the right channel09:08
abhi_navikonia, i need to talk about factoid update?09:08
ikoniayes,this is the right channel09:08
abhi_navikonia, ok09:08
* abhi_nav waiting...09:10
ikoniafor what ?09:10
abhi_navikonia, his reply Tm_T 's reply09:10
ikonialooking at the wiki Tm_T has linked to, is ibus still only in a PPA on 10.04 ?09:11
mneptokabhi_nav: you have been updating the iBus page a lot recently, and introducing spelling mistakes and awkward terminology like "Autoexec script"09:11
abhi_navmneptok, ikonia that toubleshooting part is taken as it is from their web site09:11
abhi_navmneptok, can you please please point me spelling mistake one by one? i then correct then now ?09:12
ikonia!info ibus-pinyin09:12
ubottuibus-pinyin (source: ibus-pinyin): pinyin engine for ibus. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 131 kB, installed size 668 kB09:12
mneptok"Chinese" and not "Chines" for a start09:13
ikoniawhy are there instructions for 9.10 to add a PPA, but the top line of the page says 9.10 has it included by default ?09:13
mneptokabhi_nav: and wholesale copying and pasting of content from one site to the Ubuntu wiki is not a good idea if the owner of the other site has not explicilty stated license terms for their content.09:13
mneptokabhi_nav: just link to the other site. that's how the web works. ;)09:14
abhi_navikonia, let me check09:14
abhi_navikonia, yes link is there. should i remove it?09:15
abhi_navmneptok, so i now remvoe that troubleshoot part and give it as link?09:15
mneptokabhi_nav: i would do that for any content you have copied and pasted from another site. keep things simple.09:16
abhi_navmneptok, ok wait changing now09:16
mneptokabhi_nav: otherwise, when the oswer of another site updates their content with new information, Ubuntu wiki users will not see it.09:17
abhi_navmneptok, hmm09:17
mneptokabhi_nav: the edits you have made for a simple input method controller make its article longer than the article for Firefox: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Firefox09:19
abhi_navmneptok, updated09:19
abhi_navmneptok, yes yes now updates now its small09:20
mneptokfor instance, instead of talking about the PPA and then listing instructions for every release the PPA supports, just say there is a PPA, link to the PPA, and link to the wiki article on PPAs09:20
mneptoktry not to duplicate information as much as possible.09:20
abhi_navmneptok, ok09:20
mneptokmakes things simpler. simple is good.09:20
abhi_navmneptok, yes09:21
abhi_navmneptok, shold i give this link for help on ppa https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA or there is another ubuntu wiki?09:25
abhi_navmneptok, now page is updates.09:28
abhi_navTm_T, mneptok page is updated. Please see it09:29
Tm_Tsorry I have to be AFK for a while, it's way too hot here09:29
abhi_navTm_T, so whome I should contact? or should I wait for you?09:31
abhi_navHello guys. now I updates that ibus wiki page someone please can update !ibus factoid now?09:32
ikoniawhy is there confliciting info09:33
abhi_navikonia, where?09:33
ikoniait still says 9.10 it's default install, yet links to 9.10 PPA09:33
abhi_navikonia, that one if for ibus 1.0 if anyone wants old ibus for them.09:33
ikoniawhy would they want the old one if the new one is supported in official repo?09:34
abhi_navikonia, its just for their info. nothing else. sometimes if any problem is newer version etc. you you tell then i remove that09:34
abhi_navikonia, no to what?09:35
ikoniasorry, I'm not comfortable with that09:35
abhi_navikonia, means i should remove that info or not?09:35
ikonialinking to PPA's over supported version, or having it as a reference for "incase the stable version doesn't work, yes the PPA"09:35
abhi_navikonia, you want me to remvoe that?09:36
ikoniaI'd like the page to "flow" a little more09:36
ikoniatake out things like smileys09:36
ikoniaremove un-needed information09:36
abhi_navikonia, I am not getting you. I am not fluent in english. what is page to "flow"?09:36
ikoniahighlight information around stable releases rather than PPA's09:37
ikoniaabhi_nav: I appreciate English isn't your first language, that's not a critisism of you09:37
abhi_navikonia, hmm09:38
ikoniaI'll spend some time on it today and see if I can make some updates09:38
abhi_navikonia, ok. thats for wiki. what about factoid09:38
ikoniathe factoid I think needs to have a valid wiki entry09:39
ikonia(personal opinion)09:39
abhi_navikonia, ok. but what about the insertion of the word 'multilangual'? which wil imply that ibus can be used for all lanaguages?09:39
ikoniaI don't see a problem with that09:40
abhi_navthats is my main concern09:40
abhi_navikonia, it is still stating that ibus can be used for ch,jp and kr langauage. thats incompelte information. i cam here for that09:40
ikoniaok - well, lets sort the wiki out then do an update09:43
ikoniaI'll have that done before the end of my day (BST here)09:43
mneptokabhi_nav: i just did a major cleanup of the wiki article - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibu09:44
ikoniamneptok: kudos09:44
ikoniamneptok: MUCH better09:44
ikoniayour wiki-fu is much greater and quicker than mine09:45
abhi_navmneptok, ikonia ok thanks :)09:45
mneptokabhi_nav: all the information an Ubuntu user needs to get started with iBus is still there. and that's all that should be there. if someone needs more, let them go to the existing resources on Google Code.09:46
abhi_navmneptok, ok09:46
abhi_navmneptok, good. :)09:47
abhi_navmneptok, ikonia so wiki problem is now solved.09:47
ikoniayeah, much nicer09:47
mneptokabhi_nav: the crucial element here is to keep things *simple*09:47
mneptokdon't say with 400 words what can be said in 10.09:47
abhi_navmneptok, yah09:48
abhi_navmneptok, learning. that was my first attemp to  write wiki. :)09:48
ikoniaabhi_nav: good effort09:50
abhi_navikonia, :)09:50
mneptokabhi_nav: did you install your system with English as the default language?09:59
abhi_navmneptok, yes09:59
mneptokabhi_nav: you might want to set up a VM or use another machine, and install with Hindi (or your native, non-Latin character language)10:00
abhi_navmneptok, but why?10:01
mneptokif iBus is not started by default when doing so, i would consider that a bug in debian-installer10:01
mneptok"Here's your system in Hindi. Please type with the Latin alphabet."  bad idea.10:01
abhi_navmneptok, oh isee. i cant test it because i have 64 bit lucid iso and my cpu only supports 32 bit virtualisation10:02
mneptokhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent  ;)10:03
abhi_navmneptok, ok. but then this testing will need some time. is that ok?10:04
mneptokof course10:04
mneptokif you don't want to test, that's OK, too.10:05
abhi_navmneptok, but if i dont taste then what about factoid and wiki?10:05
mneptokbut getting iBus started by default for users of non-Latin character languages would help everyone10:05
mneptokthe wiki is fine as it is. but if you test and a bug is found and fixed, maybe that "you have to add it to your startup apps" section can go away in the future.10:06
abhi_navmneptok, np. i wll download 32 birt iso todat night.10:06
abhi_navmneptok, yes ok i wll do it10:06
mneptokand you will be a hero in east Asia ;)10:06
mneptokOK, bedtime for me. it's 0300.10:07
abhi_navmneptok, ohh ok. but ibus wll be used by many user like me who instaaled os with default english. for them that part should be there?10:07
abhi_navbye friends. :) meet you tommorow ;)10:18
indusiam here to discuss my ban12:25
indusikonia, hi12:26
ikoniaindus: his12:38
ikoniasorry, I was away from my desk for a while12:38
ikonia"hi" even12:38
ikoniaindus: give me a nudge when you're free, I'm back now12:38
ikoniaah great.12:39
ikoniaindus: I guess the question is, 24 hours have past, you've clamed down, fo you feel you can follow requests and instructions from the community and operator team in #ubuntu related channels ?12:40
ikoniacalmed down sorry12:40
indusi was calm yesterday also12:40
ikoniaok, it didn't come across that way, so apologies for miss-understand that12:40
indusand i always try my best to follow the rules but yesterday's kick was sad12:41
ikoniaindus: it wasn't nice to have to kick you12:41
ikoniathat is not the intention at all12:41
indusi have been on #ubuntu for many many months ,maybe years also, some courtesy should have been extended for repeating a word hi more than once12:41
indusa year ago when you kicked me, i agreed on it12:42
industhis one i do not12:42
ikoniaindus: you where told in #ubuntu-ops a few minutes before the incident to keep the noise down, you then started a bit of an issue in ubuntu with "hi"12:42
ikoniaI asked/told you to stop - the courtesy would have been to do so, rather than publicly refuse12:42
ikoniawhen you publicl refuse like that, you leave me no choice to but to quiet you and remove you from the channel12:43
indusikonia, i stopped the hi , please read the log12:43
ikoniaindus: you read the log where you say "never" when I tell you to stop12:43
indusyour problem was with me disagreeing on 'stop saying hi'12:43
ikoniaindus: yes12:43
indusyes you missed the context12:43
ikoniano - I didn't12:43
ikoniawe went over this yesterday12:43
indushow can you know what context i speak in ? lol12:43
indusfirst and foremost, stop this attitude of knowing everything12:44
ikoniaindus: I'm not arguing this, I'll make this simple. You need to agree to follow instructions in the channel without issue. If you have a problem with them, you are welcome to come and talk to us in #ubuntu-ops12:44
indusyou dont respect other user's on channel12:44
ikoniaindus: I pay a great deal of respect to people in the channel, that's why I spent time with them at all levels12:44
indusi ll repeat again, i dont have a problem(nor does any regular member in there ) following rules12:45
indusits the way you enforce it for the most trivial things12:45
ikoniaindus: then when someone tells you to follow them - you should not respond with "never"12:45
indusis disrespect to a regular helper12:45
ikoniayou're not a regular helper12:45
ikoniayour help input is questionable at best12:45
indusbye man12:45
ikoniaok - bye12:46
indus'questionable' at best?12:46
ikoniaindus: bye12:46
indusyou are saying this to me when iam taking time out to help others in the channel ?12:46
ikoniano matter how much you help - that does not give you the right to break the rules12:47
indusdifferent point12:47
indusquestionable at best12:47
ikonianot really12:47
indusquestionable at best12:47
ikoniayou can keep saying that, it won't change it12:47
indusyou said it12:48
indusnot me12:48
indusyou just like to do this regularlt dont you12:48
ikoniasorry, I don't understand12:48
industhere are many people in there who's inputs are questionable12:49
ikoniayes, there are12:49
industhats how a community is.12:49
ikoniabut they are not being disscussed here, or using it as an agrument point12:49
ikoniaI'm only interested in discussing your issues and resolving them12:49
ikonianothing more12:49
induswell, a personal statement you make which is nothing short of an insult12:49
ikoniano, I'm stating a fact,12:50
indusits not about the answer it self but the attitude to volunteer which makes ubuntu the place it is12:50
ikoniathat is a part of it, I %100 agree12:50
indusit can be fact or your fiction , is beyond the point12:50
ikoniagiving up your time is very commendible12:50
ikoniaindus: you brought it up stating your a regular helper12:50
indusikonia, yes iam , practically every day12:51
indusikonia, i never mentioned the quality of help i render12:51
indusiam not perfect and neither are you ,  but that line is the limit12:51
ikoniayou're not in every day, but we are digressing here12:51
indusi dont know how you can stay here with your insults12:51
ikoniaindus: if you want to make an issue out of something - please do so, I just want to resolve your behaviour and ban12:51
induswhat about your behaviour12:52
ikoniaif you wish to complain about it, you know the process12:53
indusi have solved many many people's problems in the channel and i surely dont appreciate an op telling me my work is questionable12:53
ikoniayou've also messed up peoples machines or given miss-leading advice12:53
indusikonia, proof12:53
indusmisleaading sure12:53
induswhich machine did i mess up, if i did i will fix it12:54
indusso you see, i dont claim i know everything12:54
ikoniais it really going to get this petty12:54
ikoniaindus: I'm interested in resolving your ban - nothing more12:54
ikoniaindus: you know the complaints process if you are not happy with anything I've said12:54
indusresolve it with some respect then12:54
ikoniaindus: you need to look at what you expect with respect, and look at how you talk to people12:55
ikoniaindus: I'm interested in resolving your ban, nothing more.12:55
indusif funny when you come in voluntarily to offer time and support and get told yourwork is questionable12:55
ikoniatell you what, I'll leave it there12:55
indusok ill calm down then12:55
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops indus cannot progress ban futher12:55
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:55
indusbut i will complain about this12:55
ikoniaindus: I'll leave it alone. Please complaing and I'm sure it will be resolved12:56
induswhat is this ?12:56
ikoniasorry, I thought you know the appeal/complaint process12:56
ikonia!appeal | indus12:56
ubottuindus: If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.12:56
industhe appeal is another matter for yur attitude12:57
ikoniathey are both the same process12:57
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:57
indusyou provoke a person and then expect what12:57
ikoniaindus: please follow the complaints/appeal process. We are done in this channel12:57
indusfor what?12:58
ikoniaindus: for your ban, and your complaint against me12:58
industhe ban and the appeal is different matter12:58
ikoniaindus: they are the same process12:58
indusyour complaint i will appeal12:58
ikonianow you're not making any sense12:58
induswhy you banned me is different reason altogether12:58
indussorry last line didnt make sense12:59
ikoniaindus: I can't progress your ban any futher with you, so you need to follow the appeals process12:59
ikoniabecause I refuse to12:59
indusah yes sure12:59
ikoniaI don't believe we are getting anywhere12:59
indusyou dont help either with it, why dont you get another op i can talk to12:59
indusits the process in forums13:00
indusmakes sense13:00
ikoniaindus: that is in the process13:00
indusits obvious i have a problem with you13:00
indusikonia, give me the email, i will appeal, and to hell with the ban iam not interested anymore13:00
ikoniaindus: it's in the url you've been given13:00
indusyou shouldnt be here as an oo13:00
indusand do come to the appeals process and say i was banned for saying hi more than twice13:01
ikoniayou know that's not why you where banned13:01
ikoniaso I'll certainly give input13:01
ikoniakeep in mind - that I've also offered to unban you multiple times in this conversation13:02
indusi dont care about the ban now, i help users in email anyway13:02
ikoniaok - then, I guess we are done here13:02
indusill reach to them in other ways13:02
indusyour moderation is questionable btw13:03
ikoniaok - you've said that13:03
ikoniaif there is nothing else to talk about your ban, we're done here13:03
indusand learn some respect for others , maybe read the COC13:03
elkyikonia, maybe we need to put that "when helping, help" section of the CoC in h1 tags.13:08
elky(or is that in our guidelines, either way)13:08
* elky needs sleep, heh.13:09
IdleOneGood morning14:02
IdleOnebazhang: RE; Ubuntu Saudi Arabia LOCO, a user names Sary was removed from here 2? nights ago for idling14:25
bazhangIdleOne, s4ry iirc14:25
IdleOneno the nick used in here was Sary14:25
IdleOneI did not see any s4ry but to close to be a coincidence14:26
bazhangseems to be on the way to resolution, at any rate14:26
IdleOnejust thought I would mention it, in case it had any relevance14:26
PiciAs of 1 hour ago topyli was still dealing with it.14:31
bazhangjungli I am betting14:34
IdleOnewell, ubottu responds to ping14:34
IdleOnegood to know14:34
jpdsubottu: ICMP ECHO REQUEST14:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:35
bazhangterry was the one asking for 'girls' the other day15:03
PiciThat was yesterday.15:03
IdleOnethanks for catching that15:09
Picibazhang was faster than I15:10
IdleOneI didn't even see bazhang's15:11
IdleOnebut glad someone caught it15:11
bazhangnoooob seems to be pushing it15:40
bazhangall righty then15:43
MamarokIdleOne: I hope you do not use that acronym in Ubuntu channels...15:43
IdleOneyou mean the lmao15:44
IdleOnenot often only when I really am laughing15:44
IdleOneand not in #u ever15:44
Mamarokwell, you shouldn't in other channels either, why is that different?15:44
IdleOneMamarok: I see what you are saying15:45
IdleOneI will not use it anymore, sorry if I offended15:45
bazhangMamarok, that was his nick if you are referring to nooooob15:45
Mamarokbazhang: not at all15:45
IdleOnewait what?15:45
IdleOneI'm confused15:45
bazhangMamarok, what was it then?15:45
Mamarokbazhang: IdleOne saying lmao15:46
IdleOneok so I did understand.15:46
IdleOneagain Mamarok sorry if I offended and I will not use it anymore15:46
MamarokIdleOne: I am not offended, I just think we should be careful with our wording, matter of credibility as an op15:47
IdleOneMamarok: indeed, the acronym uses bad language15:47
Mamarokespecially in logged channels or when dealing with users, regardless of which channel it is15:47
bazhangin here? or in #ubuntu ? I can not see it15:48
IdleOnebazhang: I used it in here earlier15:48
IdleOnewhen I typoed shift15:48
IdleOneMamarok is correct. I should not use that acronym15:49
Piciikonia: fyi, indus told me he accidentally joined #ubuntu earlier, and then left because he had autojoin on another computer whose address was not banned.  he just wanted to say that he wasn't evading on purpose.15:49
ikoniaPici: no problem16:00
IdleOneis there a ylmf channel we can point those users to?16:06
bazhangnot afaik16:10
bazhangthey chat a lot about it in -cn16:10
bazhangdon't think its officially supported in any Ubuntu channel, but locos are not our baileywick correct?16:13
bazhangour area of sayso16:14
IdleOnebazhang: I suggeted -cn because I believe they would be better suited to help/help them find help16:14
IdleOneLoco channels can support any OS they want I suppose and there is no hard and fast rule that says they have to be Ubuntu only16:15
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)16:21
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (person mistakenly banned by floodbots, please unban)16:22
IdleOnethe command scriptwarlock offers to reset panels is it necessary to rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel ??16:25
IdleOnesecond time this morning I see him offer16:25
PiciIdleOne: It should be fine.16:31
PiciIt does nearly the same thing as the gconftool reset stuff.16:32
IdleOnePici: ok, I was asking more if it made a difference in a practical sense. I didn't think it would harm anything16:35
topylideleting gconf keys is useless during session, because gconfd will restore them16:39
topyliif you log out and do it in a console  it eorkd16:39
IdleOne gconftool-2 --shutdown ....   rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel  .....  pkill gnome-panel16:40
IdleOnethat is the full command16:40
IdleOneso doing the rm while still in session is useless?16:40
IdleOnehmm wait16:41
topylii think gconfd will restore status quo at logout16:41
IdleOneI was just curious really16:41
IdleOnelosing interest quickly16:42
topylibut i don't know --shutdown does16:42
PiciYou really shouldn't use --shutdown17:14
IdleOnePici: perhaps you could tell/ask scriptwarlock about it17:15
PiciThe manpage even says "17:15
Pici    status=$?17:15
Pici    if [ $status -eq 0 ]17:15
Pici    then17:15
Picier. No, thats not the manpage, thats the script I was working on.17:16
Pici"Shut down gconfd. Don�’t use this option without good reason."17:16
marienzif you want to mess with gconf while in-session you should probably just use gconftool-2, which has a --recursive-unset command17:22
ikonia that's a cool trick to know17:22
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »17:23
marienzyeah, that17:23
Picilike that ^^17:23
marienzI'd expect gconfd to not like messing around in ~/.gconfd while it's running, and gconfd is started on-demand. So killing it and then messing with its storage is racy at best.17:23
PiciHe took that nicely.17:24
IdleOnethank you for handling that17:25
PiciSorry, its my default pronoun.17:25
PiciI think we need to do something about the ylmfos users.17:29
PiciI've checked my logs, the people joining in the past few days aren't from the same IP.17:37
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
larojasee http://supremosjavachat.tripod.com17:52
IdleOneusing webchat to spam webchat17:57
IdleOneto bad freenode doesn't put your ip in17:58
IdleOneoh wait it does17:58
Picimarienz: Dunno if you're still around, but you may want to keep a heads up on spam related to that link above.  I already had to ban a user (not a bot) from two of our channels for trying to get people to connect/join it18:07
* marienz adds a hilight18:08
Picibazhang: Have you ever used ylmfos?18:38
bazhangPici, not yet; it is Ubuntu with an XP theme18:39
bazhangwonder if it automatically is set to join #ubuntu though (much like guadalinex)18:40
PiciThats what I've been trying to figure out.18:40
PiciI think I'm just going to have to download and install it in a VM to check.18:40
PiciI can't seem to find a place to log bugs for their packages though.  They have forums, but I can't seem to find anything other than that.  And google translate is having a bit of a hard time with that.18:41
bazhanghah. a google or ylmfos returns logs from #ubuntu and several familiar names asking a ylmfos user being asked to stop requesting support18:47
PiciProbably from you and I.18:48
bazhangyou and idle one actually18:48
h00kIdleOne: I saw you swear in #ubuntu :) It was a typo19:20
h00kbazhang: you haev this one?19:22
bazhangh00k, icebreaker?19:22
h00kbazhang: yeah, sorry19:23
bazhangh00k, he seems to have calmed down. there are likely -ot operators around if not19:24
h00kbazhang: are you an -ot op?19:24
bazhangh00k, no :)19:24
h00kah, I thought you were.19:34
h00kI am.19:34
joobonghow do i configure quanta plus19:51
PiciI hate lmgtfy20:46
ubottuinfo in detail is on this wiki page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MoBlock20:57
bazhangAmaranth, nonetheless its a channel rule.21:27
bazhangare we scrapping the !wtf factoid then?21:30
ikoniaIdleOne: you there ?21:42
IdleOneikonia: I am now21:58
ikoniaIdleOne: hey, you removed the ban forward on jungli in -ot, have you spoke to him ?22:00
ikoniaIdleOne: actually - never mind22:01
ikoniaI've read it wrong22:01
ikoniaI made a mistake, sorry22:01
IdleOneikonia: has he been acting up in #u again?22:04
ikoniaIdleOne: I removed him from -ot yesterday, and thought I'd put a forward on him to talk about him trying to play silly games hilighting my and bazhang22:05
ikoniaI didn't put the forward on though22:05
IdleOneoh, well I haven't been in -ot since yesterday and I couldn't remove it anyway22:05
ikoniait's my mistake, don't worry. My apologies22:06
IdleOneno worries22:07
* h00k worries22:12
* funkyHat worries h00k 22:23
h00kfunkyHat: it's true. sometimes you do.22:25

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