TheMusolamont: You said that the DC's powerpc buildds don't like lucid occasionally. What happens exactly? I'll see if I can reproduce locally.13:33
lamontTheMuso: not quite sure - I haven't looked at the console during such an event recently..  OTOH, its pingable, but otherwise dead13:35
TheMusohrm ok13:35
TheMusoFeel free to give me a poke if you want something tried/tested.13:35
lamontwill do14:02
lamontand next time it dies, I'll have to make sure we capture the screen14:02
lamontlikewise, if you have any clues on getting an XServ onto serial console, that'd be lovely...  I smacked my head against the wall for a day or 3 a while back with no success.14:02
lamontmeanwhile, afk for breakfast14:03

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