trondpeterim going to give it to a small business.. lol  :S   Ill just tell them that this is a great moneysaver.. screen and kebaord not even neccesary ehh possible  :D   But servers should only be connected with etehrnet and power anyway.. :)00:00
billybigriggercan someone help me out with an ssh key problem00:04
billybigriggerim trying to ssh-copy-id [user@host] from my friends machine to my server, trying to allow him access..but i keep get pubkey denied error messages00:04
billybigriggercan i just copy/paste his rsa key into his ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on my server?00:04
trondpeterOK hooked my server up with a keyboard and a screen.. The only thing that shows up on screen when I boot it is:  fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2     /dev/sda1: clean 765765/87658765 files, 765765/7657658765 blocks00:16
trondpeterwhen I press escape  Ubuntu 10.14   . . . .   (startupscreen in ascii shows up)00:18
trondpeterim now in tty7  (always used ssh or tty1 before this problem appeared.. tried to start from older kernel.. didnt work either.. :\00:20
trondpetersearched all the web for answers too :\00:23
EvilTrekanyone know where I can get support for the openssh-server package/sshd?01:11
EvilTrekspecifically with a security question01:12
NightDragonok who knows IT systems management really well? :)01:32
=== EvilTrek is now known as Mithos
=== Mithos is now known as EvilTrek
coxnEvilTrek: fire up an openbsd system and it will point you to their bug tracking... "approach01:41
coxnor, you know: http://openssh.org/01:41
trondpeterhi guys     framebuffer is nessesary on a server edition??01:42
trondpeterwhi wirte lsmod  vga16fb is listed...01:43
trondpeterwhen write *01:43
=== NightDragon is now known as Underbyte
trondpeterI can blacklist vga16fb right??    having some problems with boot  and trying to find the error.01:44
trondpeterbfcon is also running... hmm strange.. I havent activated any graphics that I know about :\01:47
qman__trondpeter, while I think you could disable it without issues, it is enabled by default01:54
buckelijI'm trying to get libpam-ldap authentication working on 10.04. 'id username' works for most users, but fails for user without the givenName attribute with 'no such user'. any idas?01:55
ShapeshiftrErm, I don't know if there is a SFTP channel or something to post this in, but...02:33
Shapeshiftrhow can I use SFTP if it's not auto-sudo?02:33
EvilTrekShapeshiftr:  erm.. .what?02:33
twbSFTP is a module of SSH.02:33
EvilTrekShapeshiftr:  SFTP doesnt need sud o.o02:34
twbThe SSH channel is #openssh.02:34
ShapeshiftrI get a "write permissions denied" error whenever I try to copy any files from this compuier over.02:34
EvilTrekdepends where you're copying to02:34
twb11:34 <fsbot> tell us EXACTLY 1) what you typed; 2) what you saw; and 3) what you expected to see.02:34
ShapeshiftrJust a home/user/02:34
EvilTrekLinux to Windows?02:34
ShapeshiftrWindows to linux.02:34
EvilTrekor Linux to Linux?02:34
EvilTrekWindows to Linux?02:34
EvilTrekShapeshiftr:  make sure you have ownership of /home/user02:35
ShapeshiftrError:/home/administrator/levels/two.lvl: open for write: permission denied02:35
ShapeshiftrError:File transfer failed02:35
trondpetermy server doesnt want to boot locally  (ssh works)  it "hangs" saying fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2   /dev/sda1: clean 50667/366480 files, 320366/1454676 blocks   Anyone can help me with a solution?  looked everywhere for help..02:35
EvilTrekyeah use sudo there Shapeshiftr, because sftp doesnt mean sudoftp :P02:35
twbtrondpeter: are you running lucid?02:36
EvilTrekShapeshiftr:  since I assume your user you're using doesnt ahve ownership of the destination folder /home/administrator02:36
ShapeshiftrI've logged into the SFTP as administrator02:36
ShapeshiftrNo, I do.02:36
ShapeshiftrI AM administrator02:36
EvilTrekhrm interesting...02:36
twbShapeshiftr: does an SFTP GET work?02:36
EvilTrekcheck ls -l /home/02:36
EvilTrekthat too02:36
Shapeshiftrhrm, twb ?02:37
EvilTrekmake sure that the administrator folder though is owned by your user02:37
Shapeshiftrhow would I go about doing that?02:37
trondpeteryep   server edition  with samba kerberos authentication in a winblows AD domain02:37
EvilTrekShapeshiftr:  its a function: within SFTP... GET <remote file>02:37
EvilTreki think02:37
Shapeshiftrum, EvilTrek , I've logged in to the STFP client as administrator02:37
ShapeshiftrSo of course I have permissions :302:37
trondpeterls -al ?  :)02:37
EvilTrektrondpeter:  not fer ya, :P02:38
trondpeterchown user:group file02:38
ShapeshiftrOk, so I'm using FileZilla02:38
ShapeshiftrI drag and drop a file from my computer to the remote server computer.02:39
ShapeshiftrAnd, write permission error.02:39
ShapeshiftrWhat does ls do, btw?02:39
qman__Shapeshiftr, just because you _should_ have permission doesn't mean you _do_ have permission02:40
qman__ls -al will tell you who owns and has permission to the files02:40
ShapeshiftrWell, how would I not have write permissions for my own home folder? ...02:40
ShapeshiftrOk, running, one sec.02:41
qman__you could have write to /home/administrator but not /home/administrator/levels02:41
qman__or, /home/administrator/levels/two.lvl specifically02:41
twbtrondpeter: did you upgrade in-place from a previous release?02:41
ShapeshiftrAh, the folder i'm trying to copy to is set to root.02:42
ShapeshiftrYeah, /levels02:42
ShapeshiftrHow would I change that?02:42
qman__Shapeshiftr, sudo chown -R administrator:administrator /home/administrator/levels02:43
Shapeshiftr3 seperate lines?02:43
qman__one line02:43
ShapeshiftrErm, I mean, spaces in between each line?02:44
Shapeshiftrof course, that was a stupid question.02:44
qman__exactly as I have written it, in a terminal02:44
qman__that sort of thing happens when you use sudo to create directories or files02:44
ShapeshiftrI'll remember that for next time.02:45
qman__not a big deal, but you need to fix it if you want user-level access02:45
ShapeshiftrIt's a personal server, I'm really the only user besides root02:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #604845 in dhcp3 (main) "cannot connect to wireless networks using iwl3945 and network-manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60484502:46
ShapeshiftrOk, thanks everyone.02:46
bogeyd6no one gave shapeshifter the website to the documentation :)02:48
twbbogeyd6: what documentation?02:51
qman__his problem was a typical permissions issue02:51
qman__I wasn't aware there was any documentation to recommend there02:51
twbRUTE, perhaps02:51
trondpeteranyone wants to see my dmesg?  :p   http://pastebin.com/EanDAvmp        Sorry fell out a bit.. might have missed some messages02:53
trondpetersafe to blacklist lp module?02:55
twbtrondpeter: so the machine booted fully?02:57
twblp is the parallel port; I wouldn't bother blacklisting it.02:58
bogeyd6!serverguide | twb02:58
ubottutwb: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/02:58
twbbogeyd6: I don't think the server guide covers POSIX DACs.02:59
trondpeteryeah,, i acess it from ssh.  but not possible to access it locally02:59
bogeyd6twb, i was talking about asking about "ls"and etc....02:59
qman__trondpeter, did you try pressing escape?03:00
qman__for some reason, lucid server likes to add the stupid graphical loading screen and hiding all messages03:00
qman__that might be hanging you up03:00
twbqman__: it's a "feature" that we can't remove :-/03:02
twbEven if you comment out splash in the boot options, it still runs plymouth -- all that you disable is the chvt 703:02
qman__first thing I always did on my servers was remove 'quiet splash' from the boot line03:03
qman__invaluable when things break03:03
twbAND, in plymouth, hitting ESC makes it print the full history, without clearing the screen first -- so if you only have five lines, and you hit ESC a few times, it prints it over and over in a confusing way03:03
twbYou also have to opt-out of fbcon now, and you *can't* opt out in d-i images.03:04
qman__I understand that vanity is an issue for desktops, but for server, come on03:04
twbqman__: allegedly "it's not just splash"03:04
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qman__I would be happy if they simply added an option that with a specific boot line it shows all messages the old way03:10
qman__I don't really care what's under the hood as long as I get the information03:10
qman__the way it is now is a total pain03:11
peugi2Greetings! I have a question regarding network aliases for eth0, do they all have to be in the same subnet? If they do, how do I create eth103:51
peugi2ie, I just got new range of ips from my ISP, but I'm having trouble adding them to my interfaces file03:52
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peugi2can anyone please help with ip addresses?03:55
Underbytehey guys04:24
Underbytewhat happenin04:24
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fridgeratorhello, anyone here?05:23
fridgeratori have a question/issue, is anyone available to help?05:27
fridgerator i install ubuntu server 10.04, and set up ssh to log in remotely, everything installs and runs without a hitch.... when i restart my computer, after post, i get what looks like a blinking cursor " _ " then my screen goes blank and nothing else happens05:38
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-server's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots05:57
CppIsWeirdi cant seem to get xen installed on ubuntu server because xen-tools is missing06:15
Underbytehey guys, how do i check for the number of file descriptors compiled in kernel?06:22
Jordan_UUnderbyte: What problem are you actually having / trying to solve?06:24
Underbytei'm filling out an IRCD application06:25
Underbyteand that is one of the questions06:25
Underbytei've never heard a question like that06:25
ChmEarlCppIsWeird, grab it from a karmic repo06:32
ChmEarlCppIsWeird, its confirmed missing from lucid06:33
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pthsWorkAnyone know of any good templates for documenting patch panels/switches cabling?07:41
tnt217hi all09:32
tnt217please help me to install autoconf version2.6?'09:32
tnt217i try with command :apt-get install autoconf?09:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #604941 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.3 failed to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso post-installation script ha restituito un codice di errore 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60494110:36
dokohi, what is the ubuntu-server-qa/regression-test ppa about?10:40
crankyadminHi there, Will ruby1.9 every become the default version in 10.04LTS server edition?10:45
twb10.04 is released, therefore it is stable.  That's "stable" as in "does not change".  So if it isn't already the default, it's unlikely to become so.10:48
crankyadminCool thanks.10:50
RoyKtwb: that definition of "stable" is nonesense - feature-freeze != stable10:57
RoyKbut then, 10.04 _is_ fairly stable10:57
twbFreezes happen before the release.10:57
RoyKyeah, but "stable" != "feature-frozen"10:57
twbAs at the release, it becomes stable.  There are exceptions (notably, security patches), but these are exceptions.10:57
RoyKyou said `That's "stable" as in "does not change"`10:58
RoyKthat's abusing the word `stable`10:58
RoyK"does not change" is "feature-frozen", and has nothing to do with the word "stable"10:59
RoyKthe only other place I've seen mixup of that was from the AsteriskPBX guys, but then, that project is a mess and is pretty far from any type of stability10:59
crankyadminSo am I correct in assuming that 'apt-get install ruby' will never install ruby1.9?10:59
RoyKcrankyadmin: there might be other repositories if you want it from a package11:00
twbcrankyadmin: on 10.04, that is a reasonably safe assumption.11:00
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twbcrankyadmin: for a security update to change ruby from 1.8 to 1.9, it'd have to be something both critical and impossible to backport.11:02
twbOf course, it you have stuff like lucid-backports or PPAs enabled, you might accidentally get 1.911:02
RoyKcrankyadmin: http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/11:02
RoyKcrankyadmin: sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1-full11:03
RoyKit's all in lucid already11:03
p1l0tSo I changed my ssh and sshd to RSAuthentication yes and password authentication to no. However I still invalid user messages in my auth.log... did I miss something?12:47
p1l0tIf you change ssh_config and sshd_config to RSAuthentication yes and Password Authentication to no why would auth.log still be showing invalid user attempts? (My key is several thousand bits long and one week old I highly doubt its been brute forced yet)13:38
Jeeves_Mossis there a CLI only picture comparison program that will search through a directory of a few hundrad thousand files and look for duplicates?13:57
Jeeves_md5sum ?13:58
alvinJeeves_Moss: fdupes can do that, based on checksums, but if the picture is a duplicate with a different resolution, that will not work13:59
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DrPoOwhat do u guys recommend for setting up automatic security updates on a server?14:16
joschiDrPoO: unattended-upgrades maybe...14:22
DrPoOjoschi, is that a package?14:22
joschiDrPoO: yep14:23
rahmanis there a quick way to get the user name who is running a process?14:25
Jeeves_ps uax ?14:25
rahmanI now the name of process: "named"14:26
rahmanSo how to learn who is running "named"14:26
Jeeves_ps uax | grep named14:26
Jeeves_The first column is the user running it14:27
Jeeves_bind, usually for named14:27
rahmanJeeves_: thanks, its what I need14:27
* patdk-wk is lazy, stat -c %U /proc/`pidof named`14:28
patdk-wkthough, I normally use the uid numbers14:29
Jeeves_patdk-wk: That's not lazy, that inefficient :)14:29
patdk-wkwell, depends on what your using it for14:29
patdk-wkI normally use it in scripts14:29
patdk-wkps aux | grep named would need something to filter columns14:29
patdk-wkI guess I could modify the ps output also14:29
p1l0tblain: If you change ssh_config and sshd_config to RSAuthentication yes and Password Authentication to no why would auth.log still be showing invalid user attempts?14:29
jefferaizul: apachelogger pointed me your way about a problem we've uncovered14:30
jefferaithe problem is that libmysqld is distributed in a separate pic-enabled package14:30
jefferaibut, mysql_config --cflags doesn't have -fPIC14:31
jefferaibecause the main package isn't built with -fPIC14:31
jefferaiso if you use mysql_config to get your build requirements your build will fail14:31
zuljefferai: can you open a bug in launchpad14:32
jefferaiagainst what package?14:33
jefferaimysql or the libmysqld-pic one?14:33
jefferaizul -- sorry, against mysql-server or mysql-dfsg?14:40
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
jefferaimysql-server doesn't exist..14:41
zulmysql-5.1 please14:42
rahmanhi I get this error in my slave dns server: http://pastebin.com/XU1QRBTN14:44
sherrI am using 10:04 server with KVM and virsh - trying to "hot add" an LV "disk" to a guest, but having problems.14:45
sherrIf I use virsh - and "attach-disk", the disk is "attached" but the gurst hangs and I have to destroy it.14:45
sherrattach-disk DOM /dev/vgserver/disk vdb14:46
sherrThis creates a disk XML block :14:46
sherr<disk type='block' device='disk'>14:46
sherr<driver name='phy' type='virtio'/>14:46
patdk-wkrahman, fix your master dns server14:46
sherrBut the guest is dead now.14:46
sherrDoes anyone use "attach-disk" with KVM/virsh?14:47
patdk-wkhmm, actually I think it's the tmp file, guess named doesn't have write permission14:48
sherrIf I try and restart the guest (start), I get an error :14:48
rahmanpatdk-wk: master has allow section for slave and it doesn't report any error in syslog for slave14:48
sherrerror: internal error unsupported driver name 'phy' for disk '/dev/vgserver/rum-disk-server'14:48
rahmanJul 13 16:18:09 artvin named[647]: client transfer of 'artvin.edu.tr/IN': AXFR started         Jul 13 16:18:09 artvin named[647]: client transfer of 'artvin.edu.tr/IN': AXFR ended14:48
patdk-wkya, I just noticed the tmp file failed14:48
sherrThere is very little documentation for the "--driver" and "--subdriver" options to "attach-disk" ...14:48
patdk-wkfix your filesystem permissions14:48
rahmando I need to give -wrx permissions to "bind" user for /tmp dir?14:49
jefferaizul: ok, done: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.1/+bug/60502114:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 605021 in mysql-5.1 "mismatch in mysql_config output and libmysqld cflags" [Undecided,New]14:50
patdk-wkwhat exactly did you do to your /tmp?14:50
patdk-wkand I wouldn't know, I don't use named, I hate named14:50
patdk-wklast I saw, named used chroot, dunno if that is the case in ubuntu14:51
zuljefferai: thanks14:51
rahmanpatdk-wk: :) well its a fresh installed bind9, I don't know where "named" is trying to write tmp-mAacM75gcD14:51
jefferaizul: sure...now I just have to figure how to work around this breakage for people for now14:52
rahmanor trying  to read it from14:52
patdk-wkI wouldn't know either :)14:52
rahmanpatdk-wk: thanks anyways :)14:52
smoserjdstrand, ping14:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #605021 in mysql-5.1 (main) "mismatch in mysql_config output and libmysqld cflags" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60502114:56
jdstrandsmoser: yes?15:00
smoseryou're archive admin? i think.15:00
smoserhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/605013 is in need of help if you had some spare time.15:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 605013 in cloud-init "[MIR] cloud-init (legacy-grub-ec2)" [Undecided,New]15:01
jdstrandsmoser: I am, but my day isn't until Friday (see ArchiveAdministration). what do you need?15:01
smoserjdstrand, sorry, i didn't know of days. i'm ok to bug jonathan or wait.15:02
jdstrandsmoser: I should mention that I (or jonathon for that matter) are not on the MIR team15:03
smoseroh. sorry. yeah, i was confused.15:03
smoserso never mind then. thank you.15:03
smoserjdstrand, can you verify for me that legacy-grub-ec2 should at least be in universe at the moment ? it does'nt seem to be in the archive right now, but i'm under the impression that no other buttons need pushing to get it there.15:05
jdstrandsmoser: sure, np :)15:05
smoserhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+queue?queue_state=3&queue_text=cloud-init shows component universe for that version15:05
jdstrandsmoser: is legacy-grub-ec2 a binary provided by the cloud-init source?15:06
jdstrandsmoser: was legacy-grub-ec2 added in a recent cloud-init upload?15:06
smoserbefore this morning it was in the NEW queue15:07
jdstrandsmoser: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init shows grub-legacy-ec2 (as opposed to legacy-grub-ec2) for 0.5.12-0ubuntu515:07
smosergrub-legacy-ec2 is correct.15:08
smoserupdating bug15:08
jdstrandsmoser: it is in LP. when did it get deNEWd?15:09
smoseri'm a moron15:09
* smoser apologizes for stupidity15:09
smoserthank you for catching my bad package name. it is in universe.15:09
jdstrandsmoser: heh, no worries. happens to the best of us :)15:10
p1l0tIn sshd what is pubkey authentication?15:50
patdk-wkrsa/dha key exchanges15:51
p1l0tOK so pubkey must be allowed to use RSA or DSA15:51
p1l0tIf you change ssh_config and sshd_config to RSAuthentication yes and Password Authentication to no why would auth.log still be showing invalid user attempts?15:52
patdk-wkAuthorizedKeysFile     %h/.ssh/authorized_keys15:52
patdk-wkdo you have any authorized keys?15:53
p1l0tYes I have a working key, I am just curious as to why random (hackers or bots probably) are showing up in auth.log with invalid user attempts15:53
p1l0tcrackers I should say15:54
patdk-wkcause it's invalid :)15:55
p1l0tlol yeah I guess that makes sense.15:55
p1l0tI was expecting it to say invalid key rather than invalid user I guess15:56
patdk-wkis the user valid?15:56
kozmundI don't believe sshd exposes the fact that keyboard-interactive is disabled, just like sshd won't expose that the username someone is attempting doesn't exist.15:56
p1l0tkozmund: Yes for security that would make sense15:57
patdk-wkhmm, I don't get that15:58
patdk-wkwith mine, configed with passwordAuthenication = no15:58
patdk-wkit doesn't attempt passwordauth at all, on the client side15:59
patdk-wkno error messsages logged15:59
p1l0tmine too. Some attempts say invalid key, which would be expected, but some say invalid user which I guess I don't how they got that far with password attempts disabled15:59
patdk-wkya, I get invalid user16:00
patdk-wkbut the user check happens long before the password check16:00
patdk-wkas it needs to know hte user, to find the directory for the certs16:01
p1l0tbefore the key check even?16:01
patdk-wkyou can't find the key, without looking in the users home dir for them16:01
p1l0tAh, that makes me feel better16:01
p1l0tI was worried I had missed disabling something. I have had so many brute-force attempts that I felt I needed key based authentication16:02
patdk-wkheh, simple firewall based rules normally do good with that16:03
patdk-wkif not, fail2ban16:03
p1l0tYeah I would like to set a number more like 316:04
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p1l0tMaybe set a banner too.. with idle threats of prosecution. (since most of these attacks are coming from China and Korea)16:08
rahmanwhat is the dfeault working directory for bind in 10.04? I get a named[23441]: the working directory is not writable when I restart bind and could'nt find where the option is set.16:12
Jeeves_Mossalvin, sorry, I was AFK, I'm looking for something that'll take into account the diff sizes, res, etc.  I have ~300,000 pics that I don't want to manually go through16:15
ccheneyttx, you happen to know much about the uec provisioning cgi script?16:20
ccheneyttx, i'm running into a problem with it executing powerwake, tried to contact kirkland but he appears to be afk for a while16:21
AlanI'm running 10.04 server, 64-bit, with software RAID5, and i'm finding that occasionally some operations take like 10 seconds to complete16:25
Alanfor example closing vim or logging out of SSH16:25
Alanbut only occasionally, and just that one operation16:25
alvinJeeves_Moss: I found a utility 'findimagedupes' in universe. I didn't try it, but it looks like what you're searching for16:25
Alanand then it's back to being funke16:26
Alanhas anybody else hasd this happen before/16:26
talcitehi guys. I have a program that's giving me a weird error in bash. I've seen it before but I can't remember what caused it16:31
talciteI don't understand why it doesnt' execute pclient. It's chmodded 75516:34
Jeeves_Mossalvin, thanks, I'll research it.16:36
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DrPoOis there a way of creating a temporary partition in swap?16:43
patdk-wkdrpoo, tmpfs :)16:53
DrPoOpatdk-wk, tmpfs?16:53
DrPoOcan one create a tmpfs on a ssd?16:54
patdk-wktmpfs is a swap backed ramdisk16:54
patdk-wkyou said in swap16:54
DrPoOya my swap is on an ssd16:54
patdk-wkwell, it's a ramdisk that can get swapped16:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #605062 in autofs5 (main) "(lucid) autofs had a strange behaviour with paths" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60506216:56
sherrQuestion about KVM and LV - In Xen, an LV is seen/inserted into a guest as a partition (e.g. xvda1). In KVM, an LV is is seen as an entire disk in the guest i.e. /dev/vdb.16:59
patdk-wkactually, in xen it's optional16:59
patdk-wkI do it both ways16:59
patdk-wkI personally feel inserting it as a partition is evil16:59
sherrIs there a problem (downside) to not putting a partition table on the LV inside the guest (vdb1) and just a filesystem on the entire device vdb? This seems "cleaner".16:59
patdk-wksherr, generally you will be fine17:00
patdk-wkbut some things will freak out, and *install* a partition table for you17:00
sherrThanks - it seems to work OK, but just planning.17:00
patdk-wkI have run without a partition table on systems for awhile, and it works17:00
sherrI *am* concerned about compatibility and data safety.17:00
patdk-wkbut when I tried openfiler, it wipes the drive if it doesn't have a partition table17:00
sherrThanks. I will note that concern about things like OpenFiler - don;'t think it will affect me.17:02
patdk-wkya, openfiler I know will screw it up :)17:02
patdk-wkhaven't had anyhting else yet, but I normally don't use gui stuff17:02
sherrI think I am going to have to search LP for bugs and probably log one though - trying to use "virsh" to "attach-disk" (hotplug) will hang the guest.17:03
sherrNot a show-stopper for me, but a shame.17:03
patdk-wkya, I haven't used kvm at all, but lots of xen17:03
patdk-wkswitching them all over to vmware though17:04
sherrI use Xen too ... but have had to switch to KVM because of new hardware.17:04
sherrDebian Stable/Xen - unsupported h/w. Debian Testing/Xen - unstable ... so, on Ubuntu Lucid 10:04 now :-)17:05
patdk-wkI'm still in 8.0417:05
patdk-wkcause of xen17:05
patdk-wkonce the move to vmware is good, it will all be 10.0417:05
patdk-wksome have already moved17:06
sherrI don't know VMware well enough. And I need to provision a new server this week - with something I can support ...17:08
oru_workI exported a database before running a script which caused problems, now i want to restore it to what it was before I ran the script. I exported databse in phpmyadmin, so how can I go about restoring it?17:09
sherroru_work: don't know phymyadmin, but isn't there a "restore db" section/button as well?17:16
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zeeeeeeHow do i disable the initial password to my server-  if i remote reboot, I lose connection, and have to manually take my keyboard and plug it into my server box and enter a password...18:54
SpamapSzeeeeee: like, a BIOS password?18:56
zeeeeeehmmm it seems like it's some sort of hd access password- once I enter it, it gives me the ubuntu-server main info page18:57
zeeeeeebut there's no way (that I've figured out) to enter the password remotely18:58
zeeeeeeupon rebooting18:58
zeeeeeesurely it was some setting I enabled during install18:58
patdk-wkyou can't19:07
patdk-wkif that is a harddrive password19:07
patdk-wkthat has to be entered long before ubuntu starts19:07
patdk-wkto disable it is annoying, if possible19:08
zeeeeeeit's harddrive encryption that i installed w/ubuntu server.  oi vei..  is there some encryptfs file I can delete?19:13
patdk-wkwhole disk encryption?19:14
patdk-wknormal encryption setup by ubuntu is on the user level, not the whole system19:14
patdk-wkseems really pointless to have an encrypted system, where the system can boot without a password19:16
patdk-wkI can only guess your used cryptsetup to do it19:16
patdk-wkand in that case you need to modify your /etc/crypttab file19:16
patdk-wk3rd field, sets the password19:18
patdk-wkyou will have to remake your initrd files19:19
billybigriggeranyone aware of a network stats program similar to top, and iotop?19:26
billybigriggerthere we go :)19:27
patdk-wkthere are like 10+ of them19:27
billybigriggerpatdk-wk, thanks19:27
giovanior bmon :)19:27
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keessoren: did you ever publish gfsharefs ?20:01
lowridahdoes anyone know the specific directive for a ks file so that server only installs base by itself?  not development or other parts, just base20:01
lowridahwould it be %packages then @base without anything else?20:03
lowridahin 10.04 it seems to install a bunch of development libs if I do that20:03
SpamapSlowridah: you could just use the mini iso. ;)20:06
lowridahthat's a workaround, I want to know how to do it right =)20:07
lowridahi'll just bang my head on it some more20:07
lowridah(right is probably by passing a preseed file I know)20:08
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sorenkees: I doubt it.20:19
sorenkees: It seems not :(20:19
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webPragmatistif you moved your /var/www to /srv/www (www is it's own partition) would you consider symlinking /var/www ?20:31
webPragmatistor maybe mount --bind20:32
orudiehow can I check php log ?20:39
SpamapSwebPragmatist: I'd change the configs20:40
webPragmatistSpamapS: well i have to do that anyway because i have like a jillion sites :)20:40
SpamapSwebPragmatist: but given the amount of stuff that expects to be served from /var/www ... a symlink is probably in order. :)20:40
webPragmatistSpamapS: doesn't httpd stuff like a default site in there20:41
webPragmatistoh no it's just this index.html20:41
keessoren: if you send me a copy, I'd be happy to publish it!  :)20:41
SpamapSwebPragmatist: no20:42
orudiephp logs anyone ?20:42
lowridahturn on error reporting because I don't think there are php logs20:43
lowridahyou should see the errrors in the httpd logs20:43
lowridahor edit your php.ini and add it20:43
lowridahhere's a really good link about it20:44
Pici!google | lowridah20:45
ubottulowridah: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.20:45
lowridahyou seriosuly tell people not to google simple strings?20:45
lowridahthat's ridiculous20:45
Picilowridah: Thats the way we do things around here.20:46
sorenkees: Appreciated :)20:46
lowridahwow here kinda sucks then20:46
sorenkees: I wonder where it is :-/20:46
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keessoren: nooo20:49
keessoren: no losing it!20:49
sorenkees: I'm thousands of miles from home right now. I'm sure it's on one of my laptops at home.20:51
sorenkees: Remind me in a couple of weeks.20:51
keessoren: hah, okay.  you in the states right now?20:52
sorenkees: Oui. Austin.20:53
sorenkees: I can see Dustin from here.20:53
sorenkees: :)20:53
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guntbert!away > Underbyte20:57
ubottuUnderbyte, please see my private message20:57
peeps[work]i restarted my server, and apache did not appear to start as normal.  i was able to start it manually, but i don't know why it didn't start on it's own, it worked ok before21:05
peeps[work]i also noticed this yesterday on my laptop running ubuntu, that boincd did not start when I rebooted.  is this a recent bug in ubuntu21:06
peeps[work]not sure if that issue is related but it seems like it21:06
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qman__could be a race condition problem, but you'd have to do some testing to make sure21:10
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peeps[work]qman__, how would i test such a thing?21:12
qman__I'm not exactly sure of the best way to go about that, far as logging the information21:13
qman__but a race condition is when something (ie apache) tries to start before something it depends on (ie the network) has finished starting, and fails21:14
peeps[work]if it attempted to start during boot and failed, would it be in any particular log file?  i don't know very well what everything in /var/log relates to21:14
qman__but then would start fine once the system is booted and you try it manually21:14
qman__it would21:14
qman__probably messages or syslog21:14
qman__there would also probably be something in apache/error.log21:14
peeps[work]qman__, what files configure what is run on startup?21:21
qman__I don't know where they're at now, since the change to upstart21:22
qman__looks like I still have /etc/init.d/apache221:23
peeps[work]how does it know to call /etc/init.d/apache2.  is there a file that lists what to call in init.d, or what order?   or does it just automatically call everything in etc/init.d21:24
qman__well, there used to be sysvinit configuration, but now it's all upstart21:25
qman__looks like apache is still started the sysv way, just through upstart21:25
peeps[work]actually i had boinc on this server as well, and that doesn't start either21:28
qman__ah, it still has the rc?.d file structure21:28
qman__update-rc.d should work too21:28
peeps[work]*sigh* i don't understand this well enough.  i just don't get what could have broken it when it all worked fine before21:29
peeps[work]dammit i'm a software developer not a sysadmin21:30
qman__well, if you still have /etc/rc[2,3,4,5].d/S91apache221:31
qman__it's telling apache to start21:31
peeps[work]qman__, ://paste.ubuntu.com/463152/21:32
peeps[work]i don't have any rc*.d/*apache21:33
qman__well, that explains it21:34
qman__not sure how it happened21:34
qman__sudo update-rc.d apache2 defaults21:35
qman__ought to fix it21:35
qman__sudo update-rc.d apache2 defaults 9121:35
peeps[work]what's 91 for?21:36
qman__that's the ordering21:36
qman__without it, it defaults to 20, which could cause it to start before it can run21:36
peeps[work]ahhhhhhh, cups is down too.  nothing freaking works21:44
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peeps[work]qman__, i was mistaken, that find command did not work like i though it did.  I already have S91apache2 file21:52
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osmosiswhat is "committed" memory?22:15
webPragmatistif i had to make an uneducated guess it would be memory that has been used by a process22:22
webPragmatistor "committed" to a process22:22
peeps[work]what is the pae in package linux-generic-pae ?  i've never seen this before22:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #605172 in libvirt (main) "virt-manager fails if target system uses tcsh as root shell" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60517222:36
peeps[work]it has the same package description as linux-generic22:37
CppIsWeirdis git unsupported in ubuntu server 10.04?22:41
thesheff17__CppIsWeird: I use git all the time with no problem22:42
CppIsWeirdwhat package do i install to get it?22:43
thesheff17__sudo apt-get install git-core22:43
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qman__peeps[work], it has PAE enabled, which allows non-x64 kernels to use more than 4GB of RAM22:46
qman__aside from performance tweaks, the only place it can cause problems is with badly written drivers22:47
CppIsWeirdthesheff, thx22:49
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thesheff17__if you can't find a package you can always do apt-cache search packageName22:49
peeps[work]still don't know how to fix my upstart issues22:50
thesheff17__what service is not working throug upstart?22:50
peeps[work]apache2, cups, boinc-client, maybe others that i haven't noticed yet22:51
peeps[work]they worked fine days before.  i restarted today and they did not come up automatically22:51
thesheff17__well I really new to 10.04 but I have still been using /etc/init.d/ scripts fine for apache2 and boinc22:51
peeps[work]and i tried another reboot and they didn't come up again22:52
qman__apache is still a sysv script, but upstart is doing all the sysv work now22:52
thesheff17__eventually will the init scripts go away?22:52
peeps[work]i have some cron jobs i added recently, which might take a long time to run, could this possibly cause problems?22:53
peeps[work]that's the only thing i can think that's really changed22:53
thesheff17__apache should be instant22:53
qman__only if they run on startup22:53
peeps[work]i just put them in cron.daily, cron.weekly, cron.monthly.  i don't know if those get called on startup or not22:54
thesheff17__what is the method for adding a service to startup...I'm assuming update-rc.d is going to go away as well22:54
thesheff17__you shouldn't be starting services through cron22:54
qman__he isn't22:54
thesheff17__well for startup at least22:54
peeps[work]i'm not starting service through cron, i'm just saying the only thing that's changed is i added some cron jobs, they back up my files22:55
thesheff17__oh ok22:55
qman__anything in cron.daily, etc would only run on startup if you start up at the time it picked arbitrarily to run daily jobs22:55
qman__which would only be about a one minute window in the day22:55
thesheff17__do you still use update-rc.d for starting scripts on reboot?22:56
thesheff17__services I mean22:56
qman__for sysv-style ones22:57
qman__not sure about upstart jobs22:57
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peeps[work]i tried asking for help in #upstart, but it's dead in there23:10
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