lfaraonedfarning: for ankur, you should say "use whcihever is the most recent"01:40
* lfaraone will be back in 1h30.02:02
lfaraoneAnybody around?03:43
dfarningIan_Daniher, how are you?03:45
dfarningIan_Daniher, anything interesting going on?03:46
lfaraonedfarning: I saw your additions to the tasks page. Is there a reason you included activities already present in Debian in the table?03:47
lfaraonedfarning: "Sugar Activities" is under "New packages", there's a section above (untabilized) named "Package updates" which might be more suitable, but I'm not sure what you're looking for.03:48
dfarninglfaraone, yes -- this a meant as a semi-long term task tool.  So manu and I can keep track of who is doing what and how they are coming.03:49
lfaraonedfarning: okay. that might belong under a separate table that is more suited to the task (no pun intended)03:49
dfarninglfaraone, did you look at the table again recently?03:51
lfaraonedfarning: I'm looking at it right now.03:51
lfaraonedfarning: a table with things like "ITP number" and "Ubuntu Version" isn't really well-suited to what you're looking for, right?03:52
lfaraonedfarning: I'm not saying that's not the right page, I'm just not sure it's the right table for that information.03:54
dfarninglfaraone, we can just leave ITP and Ubuntu version blank where they don't apply03:57
dfarninglfaraone, Yah I think I expanded the table beyond what you intended.03:58
dfarninglfaraone, Is the a reason for keeping track of 'ubuntu version'?03:59
lfaraonedfarning: well, it origianlly provided us with the information as to what we wer basing our work off of.04:00
dfarninglfaraone, yes and now all of those packages have been started by someone.04:02
dfarningdipankar, good morning:)04:03
dipankardfarning, good evening :).04:04
lfaraonedfarning: right. what I saw the table as was a list of activities / software / packages we were trying to get into debian, get reviewed, etc.04:04
dipankarlfaraone, hi.04:04
lfaraonehey dipankar .04:06
dipankarlfaraone, what is the use of debian/install then?04:07
dipankarlfaraone, * just went through your review04:08
lfaraonedipankar: if you didn't use CDBS, debian/install tells debhelper (a collection of scripts used by CDBS and by maintainers direcly) where to manually install files into a package direcotry04:08
dfarninglfaraone, yes I think it still does that well....  I am going to add another colume with a link to the existing package if it all ready exists in debian.04:08
lfaraonedfarning: maybe a modification of http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/multidistrotools/sugar.html would be more useful?04:08
dipankar* sorry was going through mails and links04:16
dipankarlfaraone, dfarning : we have not been assigned any activities on the Sugar/tasks page. Any reason?04:25
dfarningdipankar, I just put it together about and hour ago -- manu will assign tasks -- but feel free to volunteer.04:26
dipankardfarning, okay. I was thinking of the taking up the browse-activity.04:28
dipankardfarning, also the sugar-presence-service; as I packaged it for ppa too :)04:29
* dipankar is away: I'm not here04:32
dfarningdipankar, on second thought -- we better wait til we hear from manu.04:33
dfarningkandarpk, good morning.04:41
kandarpkdfarning: good morning04:42
dfarningkandarpk, what do you have planned for today?04:43
kandarpkdfarning: Manusheel sir had sent some links for studying Network management04:44
kandarpkdfarning: will go through them right now, and will ask you my doubts next morning when you get back04:44
dfarningkandarpk, sounds good.04:44
kandarpkdfarning: hope it works out04:45
* lfaraone is out for the night. See you all in the morning.04:59
* dipankar is back (gone 00:32:39)05:04
dipankarkandarpk, good morning05:05
kandarpkdipankar: good morning05:05
dipankardfarning, ok. Lets wait for Manu Sir's e-mail. :)05:06
dipankardfarning, continuing work from last night, why tomeu suggested using 'less'? why can't /usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-gabble' be opened through gedit?05:10
dfarningdipankar,  real hackers use less, cat, vim, and sed.  People lie me use gedit:)05:13
dfarningdipankar, people like me use gedit:)05:13
dipankardfarning, can't I use gedit too? :(05:14
dfarningYou are a much better hacker than I every will be.... So the use or hacking tools will help you become more effective.  gedit is fine for now, but with in a couple of months you will be using the experts tools.05:15
kandarpkdfarning: what topic do I pick up first for studying networking ?05:16
kandarpkthe list has presence service, telepathy, network manager ....05:16
dipankarkandarpk, just go in the order manu sir sent you the lins05:17
dfarningkandarpk, I think I would start at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Telepathy that is the framework which sits below http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Presence_Service and above network manager.05:18
dipankarkandarpk, that way you will find the topics related to each other. If taken at random, there will be a problem in relating.05:18
dfarningdipankar, did you get a chance to read the logs of kandarpk and my conversation from last night?05:19
dipankardfarning, going through them.05:21
dfarningdipankar, for me at least, it make a lot more sense to think of the presence-service, telepathy, connection managers, and network manager as part of a stack similar to the osi model.05:23
dipankardfarning, ohk.05:26
kandarpkdfarning: we do not need to touch telepathy05:27
kandarpkdfarning: so basically we need to study it to understand its functioning ?05:28
dfarningkandarpk, yes, but one of the most important points is how telepathy can automatically switch back and forth between connection-managers.05:29
dfarningkandarpk, see the part under connection managers on the telepathy page.05:30
kandarpkdfarning: if telepathy is hidden from sugar due to the presence of Presence Service and sugar.presence( on which we need to work), how will the study of functioning of telepathy help ?05:31
dfarningkandarpk, depending on the situation, telepathy choses between gabble and salut05:31
dfarningkandarpk, It seems that a lot of the bug are related to gabble and salut.... or they at least show up in the stack trace.05:32
kandarpkdfarning: I am a bit confused now.05:33
kandarpkdfarning: if telepathy works ok in other environments, why is it failing in sugar ?05:33
kandarpkwe must be using the same module ?05:34
dfarningkandarpk, I am not sure -- I think it was orginally created for sugar and is just now moving into gnome.05:34
kandarpkdfarning: does that mean telepathy too needs some modification ?05:36
kandarpkI mean which layer do we need to modify assumiong others are working fine ?05:36
kandarpksugar.presence -> Presence Service -> Telepathy05:37
dfarningkandarpk, tomeu sent a link to a telepathy developers manual.... which I can't find right now.05:37
dfarningkandarpk, We can not assume that any of them are working 100%05:37
kandarpkdfarning: I mean, which layer needs to be fixed first ?05:38
dfarningkandarpk, I think it will be an iterative process or gradually improving the entire stack.05:39
kandarpkdfarning: that is what I thought after asking the question05:40
dfarningkandarpk, on the plus side the telepathy is pretty sell supported by a strong community.05:40
dfarningis pretty strong05:40
dipankardfarning, ok, last last's discussion was a bit confusing.05:47
dfarningdipankar, ok which part?05:48
dipankardfarning, the part sugar.presence and presence service.05:48
dipankardfarning, btw are you looking for this link : http://people.collabora.co.uk/~danni/telepathy-book/05:50
dfarningdipankar, yes thanks.05:52
dipankardfarning, just curious, is there any link b/w telepathy and empathy? they both have same icon.05:57
dfarningdipankar, http://live.gnome.org/Empathy  .  It looks like empathy sits on top of telepathy05:59
kandarpkdipankar: I think empathy uses telepathy just as sugar does05:59
dipankaryup, it is XMPP alright06:00
dipankar*is on06:00
dipankardfarning, what is the task for today? to through the guide, then?06:07
dfarningdipankar, yes i would suggest taking another look at the http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Presence_Service and http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Telepathy pages and following the links.  with emphasis on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Telepathy_Gabble and http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Telepathy_Salut06:10
kandarpkdfarning: is D-BUS just another software which enables message passing between different applications ?06:11
kandarpkby providing standard modules ?06:11
dfarningkandarpk,  then when tomeu come on line explain what you have learned and ask for help again.  he will be impress by the preparation you have done before asking for help again:)06:12
dfarningkandarpk, oops typo I didn't dipankar and tomeu work together yesterday.06:14
dfarningbut anyway working together with him will be good.06:15
dfarningkandarpk, yes, dbus is just another IPC system.06:16
dfarningkandarpk, but it came about as an effort to minimize the differences between gnome and kde.06:16
kandarpkdfarning: ok.06:17
kandarpkdfarning: didn't know gnome and kde were so different.06:17
dfarningkandarpk, historically they were pretty different.  http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/ was a joint project designed to bring them together around certain standards.06:19
dipankardfarning, I went through a page on D-BUS(can't remember exactly which one). It mentioned there that D-BUS can also be used for device detection sort. Like if a USB drive is inserted.06:19
dipankardfarning, so D-BUS is not limited to networking only, I guess06:20
dfarningdipankar, http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/dbus dbus  ... does not 'detect' the device rather it passes message that 'something' detected new hardware.06:22
dipankardfarning, yup ^^ that is the site :)06:23
kandarpkdfarning: Sugar provides a wrapper interface to the D-Bus API in the Python module sugar.presence.06:23
kandarpkwhat does it mean ?06:23
kandarpkI am not able to understand the use of sugar.presence06:23
dfarningdipankar, any service can send a message using dbus.06:24
kandarpk*functionality of sugar.presence06:24
dfarningkandarpk, what was the context of your last question.06:24
kandarpkdfarning: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Presence_Service06:25
kandarpkdfarning: the Presence Service is responsible for detecting different users06:25
kandarpkwhy can't applications directly interact with presence service06:25
kandarpkand remove the sugar.presence module layer06:26
dipankarkandarpk, Python activities (and Sugar) make use of the sugar.presence module to interact with Presence Service. sugar.presence provides an API for accessing Presence Service over the D-Bus session bus. <from the wiki.laptop.org>06:26
dipankarkandarpk, oops I thought you didn't check the site06:27
dfarningkandarpk, i believe they can interact directly.. but there are several commonly reoccurring 'things' that activities need to do such as invite, share ....06:28
dfarningkandarpk, see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activity_sharing06:29
dfarningkandarpk, check out http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Presence_Service_DBus_API for what api presense_service offers.06:31
dfarningdipankar, kandarpk good night guys.  thanks for everything06:33
kandarpkdfarning: good night.06:33
kandarpkdfarning: pleasure working with you.06:33
dipankardfarning, good night. I will go through the links deeply this afternoon IST06:33
kandarpkdfarning: hopefully I'll have some doubts.06:34
* dipankar is away: I'm not here06:53
* dipankar is away: I'm not here10:31
dipankardfarning, good morning13:58
dfarningdipankar, good morning14:06
dipankardfarning, how are you doing this morning?14:07
dfarningI am good and you.14:09
dfarningdipankar, tomeu is waiting to go over yesterday bug with you again:)14:09
dipankarI am also doing good :)14:09
dipankardfarning, I still couldn't use less to open up the file.14:10
dfarningdipankar, I would guess that is has something to do with fonts.14:11
dipankardfarning, I am going through the manual here since tomeu wasn't sure of my linux knowledge :( http://en.flossmanuals.net/CommandLineIntro/MovingAround14:11
dfarningdipankar, but you know a lot more today than yesterday.14:11
dfarningdipankar, good idea.14:11
dipankardfarning, I tried a lot to open up the file in 'less' whenever it opened, it shows only '@'s all around14:12
dipankardfarning, btw I still don't know what the bug is related to?14:14
dfarningdipankar, yes that is a font thing.  just used gedit of vim for now:)14:14
ishandfarning , hi14:14
dipankardfarning, :) thanks.14:15
dfarningishan, good morning.14:15
dipankar* thats was a comforting14:15
ishandid i miss something14:15
kandarpkdfarning: good morning14:16
dipankarkandarpk, hi :)14:17
dfarningkandarpk, good morning.14:17
kandarpkdipankar: how is your progress regarding networking ?14:18
dipankardfarning, what is the bug you pasted last night (IST)? I am not clear with that.14:18
dipankarkandarpk, so-so, Its pretty tough to understand thing in one go.14:18
dfarningdipankar, it was the same one you were working on with tomeu.14:19
kandarpksame here14:19
ishankandarp, hi14:19
kandarpkishan: hi14:19
kandarpkishan: how are you ?14:19
ishankandarp, fine14:20
ishantrying to understand networking14:20
kandarpkishan: you can use tab to autocomplete the nickname14:20
ishankandarpk, okay14:21
dipankardfarning, I mean, what is the bug on Sugar? What does it affect? :)14:21
dfarningdipankar, I think it prevents me from connecting to a jabber server on my computer:(14:23
dipankardfarning, ohk.14:23
kandarpkdfarning: I found studying the manuals very hard14:24
dipankarkandarpk, +114:24
ishankandarpk,  +114:24
kandarpkdfarning: they have too much info.14:24
dfarningYes, I suggest a couple of hands on debugging sessions with tomeu:)14:25
kandarpkdipankar: what do you say ?14:27
dipankarkandarpk, dfarning I am up for it. But last night's interaction with tomeu really set me back a bit14:28
kandarpkdipankar: can me and ankur join from where you left in debugging with tomeu ?14:28
dipankarkandarpk, As far as I know ankur is assigned with networking14:29
kandarpkdipankar: oh yes, not ankur but ishan14:29
dipankarkandarpk, sure why not. There is nothing to ask in that14:29
kandarpkdipankar: I mean did you make any progress that we might find hard to catch up ?14:30
dipankarkandarpk, ishan : Till nothing much has been covered. I was advised by tomeu to go through 'Linux command line' tutorial first.14:32
dfarningdipankar, don't worry about it.  It is an iterative learning process and we all understand that.  We are all just glad you guys are taking on these tasks.   One thing to remember.... on IRC we are often doing several things at once.  So frustration can easily be misdirected:(14:32
ishandipankar, any particular tutorial adviced by tomeu14:33
dipankardfarning, I was thinking of that only. I guess tomeu was involved deeply in some other thing :)14:34
dipankarishan, nope. But walterbender did suggest using flossmanuals.net14:35
dfarningdipankar, +114:35
dipankardfarning, hows is tomeu today? I hope he is _really_ free...14:35
ishandipankar, okay14:35
dfarningdipankar, you will just have to ask:)14:36
dipankardfarning, aww. thats tough!14:36
kandarpkdipankar: don't worry14:37
kandarpkI know some command line14:37
kandarpkyou just ask14:37
dipankarok, here goes nothing.14:38
dipankardfarning, oh. I lost the link to the paste. Can you please provide it again?14:39
dfarningdipankar, http://pastebin.org/39019514:40
dipankar* guys please join in #sugar. I am feeling lonely14:42
kandarpkdfarning: what should we do now ?14:53
kandarpkdfarning: studying tutorials and understanding them will take a lot of time14:53
dfarningkandarpk, one moment14:53
* lfaraone waves.14:59
dipankarhi lfaraone :)15:00
kandarpklfaraone: hi15:01
lfaraonehey dipankar, kandarpk.15:01
dipankarlfaraone, how are you this morning?15:02
lfaraonedipankar: decent, you?15:02
dipankarlfaraone, I think good :), its just we are having a tough time in networking.15:03
lfaraonedipankar: okay. let me know if there is anything I can help with.15:30
dipankarlfaraone, sure. I saw you are also busy on #sugar15:32
* ishan is away for dinner15:32
dfarningdipankar, kandarpk, did you follow my conversation on #sugar?15:47
dipankardfarning, I am trying. its a bit tough15:47
dfarningdipankar, me too:(15:49
dfarningdipankar, I think the next step is to figure out what ---- this looks to me as a wart in dbus+dbus-python: PS wants to call gabble, dbus starts gabble, gabble dies shortly after, dbus-python tries to introspect, introspection fails, dbus-python tries anyway to call it, marshalling fails because it's guessing the signature wrongly, logs confusing error15:49
* ishan is back15:49
kandarpkdfarning: Its very confusing15:51
dfarningdipankar, kandarpk I am going to take a short break... be back in a few minutes.15:51
dipankardfarning, no problem15:52
dfarningkandarpk, dipankar does everyone have plenty of tasks in the queue to stay productive....15:55
manusheeldfarning: Yes. Luke has provided good code reviews.15:56
manusheeldfarning: Improvements need to be made in packages accordingly.15:57
kandarpkdfarning: and we can take up other activities when we finish the ones we are working on15:57
manusheelkandarpk, dipankar: The networking related tasks will require regular effort from our side.15:58
manusheelLet us take things step by step.15:58
dipankar_dfarning, did I miss anything15:58
manusheelIn the beginning, things might look hard and difficult to gather.15:58
kandarpkmanusheel sir: networking seems to wide to cover15:59
manusheelNo one is expecting a 100% understanding of the context. We'll take things step by step.15:59
dipankar_<dipankar> dfarning, I was just viewing the shell.log while sending a friend request to ishan and got this:15:59
dipankar_1279031604.881226 DEBUG s-p-s.server_plugin: friends subscribed15:59
dipankar_1279031604.881913 DEBUG s-p-s.server_plugin: friends group synced15:59
dipankar_1279031618.053936 WARNING s-p-s.presenceservice: Error fetching aliases: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.15:59
manusheelkandarpk: It is actually not very wide to cover.16:00
dfarningmanusheel, kandarpk +1 networking/collaboration is the single most unique feature and benefit of Sugar.... OLPC and SL have been working on it for several years and not gotten it to work.16:00
dipankar_manusheel, Sir the problem is with lack of hands on session16:00
=== dipankar_ is now known as dipankar
manusheeldipankar: Hands on session will come. We just need to be patient and work towards whatever we have. No one has developed hands on session in networking related development.16:01
manusheelPerhaps, that is an opportunity too.16:02
manusheeldipankar: It is very much like a research problem, where we have a set of resources available.16:02
dipankarmanusheel, ok..16:02
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I found it tough because16:02
kandarpkwe need to work on sugar.preservence, Preservence service, Telepathy, D-BUS16:03
manusheelWe need to develop an objective statement and an approach. We'll be able to do it once we try and analyze the different parameters involved in the context, their use-cases and importance. We'll define priorities accordingly.16:03
kandarpkmanusheel sir: each one being big enough to study16:03
manusheelkandarpk: It is way too early to say it is tough.16:04
kandarpkmanusheel sir: you are right16:04
kandarpkwe haven't put in much yet16:04
dipankarmanusheel, Sir I would put it, its tough for first go.16:05
manusheelkandarpk: You'll need to spend time. Take things as they come. Accept it, reject it or wait till you have a better answer. Get to the level of details step by step or adhoc depending upon the resources available.16:05
manusheelAnd, then arrive at a defined approach and implementation steps.16:05
manusheeldipankar: This is one step forward from packaging. Some challenges ought to be there. We should like challenges and develop an approach as we work.16:06
dipankarmanusheel, ok Sir.16:07
manusheeldipankar: Some of the areas will remain open to analysis and debate. We'll need to focus on what we can gather and put it into perspective accordingly.16:07
manusheeldipankar, kandarpk: So, be patient. Networking is a core research area. You'll need to spend time and energy on this aspect along with your ongoing tasks.16:08
manusheelI personally feel you'll enjoy this experience.16:09
kandarpkmanusheel sir: actually, being completely new to networking, we found it a bit challenging16:09
kandarpkmanusheel sir: but I am sure we will learn a lot with time16:10
manusheelkandarpk: You are not new to networking. You are new to this paradigm of networking in reference to Sugar.16:10
manusheelkandarpk: Well, everyone is, in the beginning. No one comes with a whole set of tools available. Networking in reference to Sugar is an area of importance. I would like you to learn what you can, and try to put this into context through assignments, bug fixing and documentation.16:12
manusheelWe'll then move into feature enhancement requests.16:12
manusheelYou'll need to get comfortable with these things, before we start focusing on the design and feature enhancement requests.16:13
dipankarmakes sense Sir16:13
manusheeldipankar, kandarpk: Great. Good luck.16:14
manusheeldipankar: Also, discuss amongst yourselves as you learn things. Will help you build up that base, which is very much required.16:14
manusheelkandarpk, dipankar: After all, we are working on collaborative models :-)16:15
dipankarmanusheel, thanks Sir. will try our best :)16:15
kandarpkmanusheel sir: :)16:15
* dipankar is off for dinner16:23
* dipankar is away: I'm not here16:23
dfarningankur ankur_ hello16:59
dfarninghow is your connection today16:59
ankurdfarning,  hello . good morning :)16:59
ankurwell it seems good as far .i didn't got disconnected .17:00
ankurhow are you?17:00
dfarningankur after debugging with tomeu, I needed a nap:)17:00
dfarningankur the networking/collaboration stuff makes my head spin:(17:01
kandarpkdfarning: you had proper rest ?17:01
dfarningkandarpk, yes:)17:01
dfarningkandarpk, I guess we will do a bit more reading and try again tomorrow.......17:02
dfarningkandarpk, how is the packaging coming?17:02
kandarpkdfarning: Networking kept me too busy17:03
ankurdfarning,  i just came , and i will be working till late today , can you help me catch up on what we did today ?17:03
dfarningkandarpk, Let's put networking on a lower priority for a day or so...... We will be working on the for the next 12 months and we have plenty of other pressing tasks.17:05
kandarpkdfarning: ok.17:05
dfarningankur tomeu helped us debug a problem.... but none of us understood enough to know what he was talking about:(17:06
ankurwell working on it help us get it in future i hope, i was not there so i cannot comment much :(17:07
dfarningankur so I was going to go over the logs this afternoon and try to understand it betters so we can return with smarted question in a couple of days.17:07
ankurdfarning,  i too will go over the log and see what i can understand :)17:08
dfarningkandarpk, does everyone have a good queue of packages?  Are there things I can do to help anyone who is stuck?17:08
kandarpkdfarning: most of us have some practice of packaging now17:09
kandarpkdfarning: I don't think packaging should be a problem now17:10
kandarpkdfarning: let me correct the packages I've already pushed17:10
kandarpkwill seek your help if I get stuck somewhere17:10
dfarningkandarpk, did you see I added some more packages to http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/tasks#preview17:10
kandarpkdfarning: yes, I saw them17:11
kandarpkdfarning: that is why I think we have plenty of work at hand17:11
kandarpkdfarning: you've added read-activity as well, which Jonas is maintaining17:12
dfarningkandarpk, these activities are all ready packaged in debian. They will just need to be updated and added to collob-maint17:12
kandarpkdfarning: we need to merge the activity present at collab-maint with the latest one ?17:13
dfarningkandarpk, and some from seeta to 'maintain' or be responsible for them.17:13
dfarningkandarpk, You will need to talk to lfaraone about the exact process.17:14
ankurdfarning,  also chat activity was packaged by jonas (and it was latest version)17:15
kandarpkdfarning: ok, but the activities( outdated ) are present at collab-maint ?17:15
dfarningkandarpk, these are debain issues that we will have to work out with lfaraone.17:16
kandarpklfaraone: around ?17:16
* lfaraone will be back, lunch.17:16
dfarningkandarpk, at this point the list represents the packages that I think we want to ship.17:17
kandarpkdfarning: ok, got your point17:17
kandarpkdfarning: we need to have latest packages of these activities at collab-maint17:18
dfarningkandarpk, they may be en various states of packaging by different people.  But, I would like to see if we can work with jonas and lfaraone to get them on collab-maint.17:18
dfarningkandarpk, yes... i type too slow.17:18
kandarpkdfarning: ok.17:19
dfarningkandarpk, by moving them all to collab-maint and packaging them all in a uniform manner we can reduce our future maintaince burden (cost).17:19
dfarningkandarpk, can you assign and track work until we hear back from Manu?17:22
kandarpkdfarning: I'll assign one activity each till Manu sir replies17:24
dfarningkandarpk, Ok great, I am going to try to come up with a better plan for how to learn about collaboration.17:26
dfarningkandarpk, I'll talk to you again in the morning.17:27
ankurlfaraone,  are you around?17:39
lfaraoneankur: for a little while, what?17:39
ankurokay , i needed to ask some questions , some quickies17:40
ankurwhen you mention "*" rule17:40
lfaraoneankur: okay.17:40
ankuryou refer to the portion where we have written Files : *17:40
ankurin copyright file ?17:40
lfaraoneankur: yes.17:42
kandarpkankur, ankur_ : Neeraj has packaged write and record ?17:42
lfaraoneankur: see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/#index2h317:42
ankurand you mentioned to include years as well17:43
ankurso in that case where i have not mentioned year or say i have not got year, i will take or assume it as 201017:43
ankurlike in case of setup.py17:43
ankurof in "*" case17:43
ankurkandarpk,  i dont have any idea about that . i will see if i can find him online17:44
manusheelkandarpk: around?17:45
kandarpklfaraone: after specifying 3.0 (quilt) source package format, do I need to build the package again ?17:46
lfaraonekandarpk: well, you should do so if only to verify the package still builds, no?17:46
kandarpklfaraone: right.17:46
ankurkhurana_lfaraone,  can you answer about year that when we are not provideed with years then i should take it as 2010?17:49
ankurkhurana_i got disconnected :(17:49
ankurkhurana_in case you answered17:49
lfaraoneankurkhurana_: use "first release date of the package"/17:49
ankurkhurana_okay. and i do not have a debian/source folder17:50
lfaraoneankurkhurana_: you should create one.17:50
ankurkhurana_lfaraone,  thanks :)17:51
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hello sir17:51
manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.17:51
kandarpkmanusheel sir: You were looking for me ?17:52
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manusheelkandarpk: I would like you to work on Read and Pippy package after you complete your current set of packages.17:52
manusheelPlease add your name.17:53
manusheelankur: Around?17:53
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok, I worked on read before as well, so no problems17:53
manusheelkandarpk: Great.17:54
manusheelankurkhurana__ : Ankur, have you completed your set of packages?17:54
ankurkhurana__manusheel sir after the review i am changing my packages accordingly , there were some mistakes . So rectifying them.17:55
manusheelankurkhurana__ : How long do you think it will take you to complete these tasks?17:56
manusheelAn estimation only.17:56
ankurkhurana__I will be able to complete them today , in case some technical problem arise which i am not able to do by myself , by tommorow afternoon at max17:56
manusheelOk, great.17:57
manusheelLet me assign you the next set of packages.17:57
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manusheelankur: You'll be working on Write and Record activity.17:58
manusheeli.e. packaging these activities.17:58
ankurkhurana__manusheel,  it will be great :0 . packaging can get bit monotone :)17:58
ankurkhurana__sir , i think neeraj have already packaged them as i talked to him last night17:58
ankurkhurana__he hasn't pushed them yet17:58
ankurkhurana__if not17:58
manusheelankurkhurana__: Ok.17:59
ankurkhurana__i will push them up17:59
manusheelankurkhurana__ : I would like you to get started on Sugar's human interface guidelines.18:00
manusheelLet me send you the link - http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Human_Interface_Guidelines18:00
ankurkhurana__will be glad to do so , sir you said you will send a link of the guidelines .18:00
ankurkhurana__okay , i am bit late :)18:00
manusheelankurkhurana__ : I would like you to study them in detail. Once you are ready, we'll touch base with Gary on UI paradigm of Sugar.18:01
manusheelYou'll be first solving UI bugs. Then working on feature enhancements.18:02
ankurkhurana__manusheel right sir . I will start working on them once i upload these packages .18:02
manusheelankurkhurana__ : Sure. Please also confirm the current status of Read and Record activities.18:03
ankurkhurana__neeraj is here :)18:03
manusheelneeraj: Hi Neeraj.18:04
neerajhi manusheel sir18:05
neerajhi ankurkhurana__18:05
manusheelneeraj: What is the status of packaging of Read and Record activities?18:05
manusheelHave you submitted them for review?18:05
neerajSir just doing that.. got struck while filling ITP that day..18:06
neerajankur is helping me in that18:06
manusheelankurkhurana__ : The next activity that I would like you to package after completing this set of activities is Paint.18:06
manusheelneeraj: Ok.18:06
ankurkhurana__manusheel,  will do it :)18:07
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=== ankurkhurana__ is now known as ankur
manusheelankur: Thanks Ankur.18:14
kandarpklfaraone: around ?18:15
ankurmanusheel sir, for ?18:15
manusheelankur: For starting with paint activity package. I am sure it is going to be an interesting effort.18:18
ankurmanusheel sir , thank you sir :) . i will be glad to do so .18:19
kandarpklfaraone: getting error while pushing : http://pastebin.org/39228318:24
lfaraonekandarpk: did you pull in my changes before you started working?18:25
kandarpklfaraone: yes18:25
lfaraonekandarpk: the "non-fast-forward" bit says otherwise.18:25
kandarpklfaraone: I used18:26
kandarpkgit pull git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-memorize-activity.git18:26
kandarpkbefore working18:26
lfaraonekandarpk: okay. run that command again now.18:26
kandarpklfaraone: it says already upto date18:27
kandarpkFrom git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-memorize-activity18:27
kandarpk * branch            HEAD       -> FETCH_HEAD18:27
kandarpkAlready up-to-date.18:27
lfaraonekandarpk: I'm looking at http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-memorize-activity.git;a=summary, ant it appears your commits are there.18:28
kandarpklfaraone: yes, commits are present18:28
kandarpklfaraone: what errors were reported then ?18:29
lfaraonekandarpk: in pristine-tar and upstream.18:29
lfaraonekandarpk: "git pull git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-memorize-activity.git pristine-tar" then "git pull git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-memorize-activity.git  upstream"18:30
kandarpklfaraone: do I need to push again after running the above two commands ?18:31
lfaraonekandarpk: you shouldn't since you didn't make changes.18:38
lfaraonekandarpk: but see if you still get the error.18:38
* lfaraone will be back later.18:38
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ankurdfarning,  one problem is coming in packaging19:12
ankurwhen i generate copyright_hints file19:13
ankurDEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules pre-build19:13
ankuri am not able to open the copyright_hint file19:13
ankurGedit says format not recognised19:13
dfarningankur what is the result of ls -la19:14
ankurdfarning, http://paste.ubuntu.com/463093/19:15
ankuri done it in aactivit folder19:15
ankurnot in debian folder19:15
ankurwhere was i supposed to give that command in debian folder?19:15
ankurpasting that also19:16
ankurdfarning,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/463094/19:16
ankurthis is in debian folder19:16
dfarningankur I don't  see a copyright_hint file19:17
ankurdfarning,  one min , i will paste new one .19:18
ankuri might have deleted it while checking19:19
ankurdfarning,  i am not able to again create copyright_hints file19:20
ankurif you excuse me for some time19:20
ankuri will get back to you19:20
dfarningankur sure19:20
neerajdfarning, while submitting itp I made one mistake http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?msg=5;bug=58894919:23
neerajpls see ur inbox..19:23
dfarningneeraj, what is wrong with it?19:24
neerajsee the url part19:25
dfarningneeraj, Don't worry about that.  An ITP is just a notice that you send to the list to let others know you will be working on a particular package.19:26
neerajdfarning, ok..19:27
kandarpkankur: around ?19:28
kandarpkankur: how do we generate copyright_hint ?19:29
dfarningneeraj, and it is also a reminder.  If you let a ITP sit too long without completing the package, people will start to bug you:)19:29
ankurkandarpk,  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE = 1 fakeroot debian/rules pre-build19:29
ankurthen rename copyright_newhints file19:29
ankurto copyright_hints19:30
ankurkandarpk,  i learned this from reading the conversation between you and luke in logs :P19:30
kandarpkankur:do we need to add pre-build to debian/rules ?19:30
ankureverything is done autmatically19:30
ankuri want able to see where the arguement of pre-build go in rules file19:30
ankurmay i didnt inspected it fully19:31
ankurkandarpk,  were you able to push your changes19:31
ankuras i was getting same problem as you19:31
ankurof fast forwareded packages19:31
ankurthat you just asked luke19:31
kandarpkOk, I didnt try the same package again19:31
ankurdid pulling from both and master and upstream worked19:31
ankurwhen you try19:32
ankurplease do tell me19:32
ankuri pushed some package to git19:32
kandarpkankur: I didn't push the same package again19:32
ankurkandarpk,  will ask you later then19:32
ankurwhat are you working on as of now?19:32
kandarpkankur: correcting the packages I had pushed19:33
ankurkandarpk,  ok19:33
kandarpkpoll, connect, memorize19:33
ankurkandarpk,  did you fully understand the conceot of copyrights?19:34
ankuri am confused int that19:34
ankurmay you can help me out if you asked luke some of the same questions i wonder19:34
kandarpkankur: I just list down all the files19:34
kandarpknothing else19:34
ankurcan you send me your copyright file after you work out your package19:34
ankurhow do you do that?19:34
ankurany particular procedure19:35
ankurdo you check all files personally19:35
ankurkandarp try this19:37
ankurin your activity folder19:37
ankurlicensecheck --r -copyright *19:37
ankurand do these match with copyright_hints19:37
ankuractually i was confused19:37
ankurbecause they show somewhat different things19:37
ankurand luke also said to make sure that we dont miss out on one19:38
neerajdfarning, in control.in depends field $(python-abiword:Depends) will be fine?19:38
ankurkandarpk,  around?19:39
kandarpkankur: yes19:39
dfarningneeraj, I think that you just need to replace EXTRA_DEPENDANCIES with python-abiword19:39
neerajwhile building I used only python-abiword..19:40
dfarningneeraj, did it give and error.19:40
neerajok.. I was just trying to modify all file acco to lfaraone reviews to other packages19:40
kandarpkneeraj: its correct19:41
dfarningthe ${...} is bash for a calling a variable.19:41
kandarpkjust use this19:41
ankurdfarning,  so we use   ", python-abiword"19:41
ankuror " , ${python-abiword:Depends}"19:42
ankuror even EXTRADEPENDENCIES19:42
dfarningankur, the firstone19:42
kandarpkDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${python:Depends}, python-abiword, ${misc:Depends}19:42
neerajdfarning, kandarpk I was just trying to modify it acco to this comment of lfaraone http://paste.ubuntu.com/463108/19:42
neerajkandarpk, yes.. initially I used only this :)19:43
ankurneeraj,  that means that you have to give ' '(space) after19:43
ankurthe ','19:43
kandarpkneeraj: you might have put commas in wrong places19:43
ankurdfarning,  copyright thing is still confusing . :(19:43
dfarningankur i agree.19:44
neerajkandarpk, I am not getting ny error.. I am just asking whether that method is correct or not..19:44
neerajanyways.. leave it as of now :)19:44
kandarpkneeraj: put commas in correct places19:44
kandarpkI think rest all is fine19:44
ankurdfarning,  can you help me find the correct version of paint19:49
ankurhere it says 2719:50
ankurand i cannot find any other info abt version19:50
ankurdfarning,  got it in activity.info19:50
ankurit is 2719:50
ankuri will be proced with it . It will be right ? , just confirming though19:51
dfarningankur I belive so.... just to be on the safe side please send an email to godiard@gmail.com and Ashita Dadlani <ashita@seeta.in> they are the current maintainers of paint.19:53
ankurwell that git is maintained by Manusheel sir, wont he know19:53
kandarpkdfarning, ankur, neeraj : good night19:55
ankurkandarpk, good night19:55
dfarningankur manusheel passed maintains off to the two people I just listed above:)  he has not had time to hack for a while19:55
dfarningkandarpk, good night and thanks19:55
neerajkandarpk, good night19:55
ankurdfarning,  i will send a mail to Ashita then.19:55
kandarpkdfarning: dont say that, feels embarrassing19:56
neerajankur, what change should I make in copyright file?20:00
ankurneeraj , well what i do was to run thin sommand20:01
ankurDEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules pre-build20:01
ankurthen it lists all the copyright holder name20:01
ankuri copied them from terminal in proper forma20:01
ankurthought i have to confirm about this from luke that if i follow this procedure i will follow in right side of rule20:02
ankuri have sent Ashita a mail to confirm though20:05
ankuri wil find if bert is available at this or not. :)20:05
ankurdfarning,  he is not available as of now.Shall i send a mail to him as of now as i need to confirm about it's version as well20:06
dfarningankur yes, and just introduce yourself devs like to know the people who package their work.20:09
ankurwell what will be the proper way of introduction ? if you dont mind20:10
dfarningankur Hi, i am packaging paint for debain and ubuntu.  I just wanted to say hello:)20:12
ankurdfarning,  i will compose a mail and send it to you and and again send it  to Bert after you nod on it. :)20:12
dfarningankur sure20:13
ankurdfarning,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/463125/20:22
ankurDoes it require any changes ?20:22
dfarningankur looks good20:23
ankurdfarning,  then i am sending it :)20:23
ankurdfarning,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/463129/20:32
ankuragain the copyright_hint file error20:32
ankuri produced it by method luke told20:32
dfarningankur try 'less copyright_hint'20:34
ankurit worked20:34
ankurbut is less an editor20:34
ankurdfarning,  i will fix the copyright issue of all the packages later when luke returns tommorow20:35
ankuras of now it is bit confusing20:35
dfarningankur rather then gedit I suggest that you get in the habit of using vim.20:35
dfarningankur it is a little confusing to learn.... but very fast to make quick edits.20:36
ankurdfarning,  i know that vi is used by most of the core developers20:36
ankuri tried to learn it but then gedit seemed mush easier20:36
ankurdfarning,  i will learn20:36
dfarningankur great20:36
dfarningankur great20:36
ankurwill start working on vim :)20:37
ankurdfarning,   i was little confused by packaging commands so i created some scripts to help me out :)20:37
ankurit works wonder20:38
dfarningankur very nice.  a nice library of personal scripts is incredibably handy.20:38
ankurdfarning,  i will be waiting for bert and ashita reply20:44
ankurand put them in queue as well tommorow20:44
ankuri have uploaded other activities as of now20:44
ankurwill learn more abt copyright tomorrow from luke20:44
ankurgood night20:44
lfaraonedfarning: so, anything else on the docket for reviews? right now I have log and flipsticks (re-review) in the queue. aside from that, I'm working on python-elements so we can get physics in.21:10
neerajlfaraone, I will push write activity now..21:13
dfarningneeraj, nice.21:14
neerajlfaraone, dfarning please see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/463146/21:14
dfarninglfaraone, and several people have expressed confusion about copyrights....  Could you clarify that with neeraj?21:14
neerajIf I have tried my best to make changes as per lfaraone reviews to packages push by other members21:15
neerajdfarning, did u tried the record activity on ur lucid?21:19
dfarningneeraj, no not yet.  did you send it to me and I missed it?21:19
neerajyes i sent that on the same day when I packaged write21:21
neerajlemme send u again21:21
dfarningneeraj, awesome both write and record worked on lucid.21:32
dfarningneeraj, did lfaraone help you with http://paste.ubuntu.com/463146/21:33
neerajI think he is not around.. Now i m creating a repository for sugar-write-activity21:34
dfarningneeraj, nice work.21:35
neerajhe can review it and tell me the changes which are required21:35
neerajdfarning, approximately after how much time sugar-write-activity repository will be available on git?21:47
dfarningShould be just a few minutes.21:47
dfarningneeraj, ^^21:48
neerajdfarning, ok21:48

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