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aragood morning all!07:48
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davmor2morning all11:38
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moustafacr3, fader_, good afternoon21:53
fader_moustafa: Hey dude!  How goes it?21:54
moustafaIt goes rather well, I'd say21:54
moustafahow's about you, fader_?21:54
fader_moustafa: not bad... busy busy busy21:55
moustafafader_: Cool cool.21:56
fader_moustafa: You caught me as I'm getting ready to leave for the day :(  Don't be a stranger dude!21:57
moustafafader_ I'll do what I can :)21:57
moustafaTale care fader_!21:57
fader_You too!21:57
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cr3moustafa: hey dude, glad to hear it goes rather well22:01
moustafaHey cr3, gotta run, but I was wondering if you'd wanna go out for lunch on Thursday?22:02
cr3moustafa: sounds good, I'm available22:02

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