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RAOFEveryone should have at least 2 machines.  That way, when X dies with an EQ overflow, you can grab interesting data :)03:47
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Kanowhen will libdrm 2.4.21 be in maverick? thats required for libva for intel13:52
Kanoits in debian experimental already13:52
jcristauwhen somebody gets around to it, i guess14:32
jcristaui don't think libva is anyone's priority14:32
Kanothe other requirement is kernel 2.6.35, that would be fine already14:38
Dr_JakobSarvatt: Hey17:53
Dr_JakobSarvatt: pushed a fix for http://pastebin.com/6LBMjuEV to mesa some hours ago.17:54
SarvattDr_Jakob: updated mesa uploading now17:58
Dr_Jakobdoes it include 04453a32?18:01
Sarvattincludes everything on master at the moment18:06
Sarvattup to 962da13ba30d66bd8b9a28ba5f06c66ceec1ce9218:06
Dr_Jakobok thanks18:08
Dr_JakobSarvatt: ok so 2D should work with the new driver, there is a weird bug with dlopen that is stopping 3D now.19:41
Sarvatthaven't finished installing it yet but 2D was working last I tried - http://sarvatt.com/downloads/vmwgfx.txt19:46
Dr_Jakobhmm wierd maybe you didn't build with LLVM then..19:48
Dr_JakobOr maybe that was before we started using llvm for software vertex shading.19:48
Dr_JakobOh well19:48
Dr_JakobIt should work, haven't tested the LLVM part other then building it and checking the symbols.19:49

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